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the three adhd moods
  • can’t do it because im bored and nothing is interesting
  • can’t do it because im overwhelmed and im one slightly dissapointed glance away from crying for the next week
  • can’t do it because this one thing has had my full entire attention for the past three days and i think ive gotten two hours of sleep in that time and my blood has been replaced with coffee
the types as posts made by shitpost generator

intp: abandon astrology / reblog to legalize evangelion / kinky robots

infp: sad Communism / my goal is to straight up suffer / adam sandler must be destroyed

istj: sometimes i can’t stop judging all porn / DO  NOT STOP STUDYING THE LAWS. / remember your suburban taxes

isfj: reblog if you gently post about dogs / please do not disrespect the moon / turns out it’s okay to suffer for your people

entj: my sum of money is beautiful / 61 simple steps to enjoying pizza / how to eat feelings

enfj: you can’t make me destroy / attempting to avoid unacceptable beef / look at this slightly dissapointing taste of humanity

estp: im gonna mail your friends the football / *seductively punches a shitty face* / destroy the moon

esfp: glorify goku / likes: simple everything / imagine a dog

intj: Guess who’s about to write a fucking symphony. / i love creating confusing games / *cooks my husband* well shit

infj: the angel of sapiosexuality / tragedy must be feeled / *kissses your humans* why are you so fucking disgusting?

istp: too many people / guess who’s about to hate shit / i’m too fucking disgusting to look at love and tolerance

isfp: why can’t we just get along and shitpost about TvTropes / what’s the point of abandoning art theft? /  it’s okay to resist the handsome god of aesthetic

estj: I’m not going to eat your piece of shit marxism. / watch me profit from the moon / guess who’s about to bully your hamster

esfj: im gonna be a princess / *remembers disgraceful friends* dude / cause of death: attempting to dissapoint nerds

entp: do aliens eat ass / sometimes i love remembering beef / jokes are really just unwanted little babies

enfp: desperately romanticize that tasty cartoon / you are awful and my taste of humanity is perfectly good / here we bully the capitalist goverment

Sorry about not uploading in a while, I’m a little busy with some projects lately! I’m kind of dissapointed that in the DLC pack you can’t play as zelda, so I made designs of my own that (hopefully) make sense. If you can’t read my messy writing, I’ll type it out below:

Princess Zelda:
- can use “magic” because of left over triforce power residue
- wears simple clothing to blend in with everyone else
- while she doesn’t have as much stamina as link, she can run faster
- better with bows and arrows and long distance weapons
- using long distance weapons deal twice as much damage as they would if you used link
- however, using close combat weapons will deal half the amount that link deals because she doesn’t have as much power or stamina
- like link’s master sword, zelda’s staple weapon is the bow of light
- also her hair is always perfect for selfies

I’m sorry if this doesn’t match up with in game zelda, but I really like to daydream :)

Remus Lupin
  • Remus was twice as nervous as the other kids when he got on the Hogwarts Express for the first time
  • He felt as though “werewolf” was branded into his forehead and they’d all scream and run away
  • He didn’t want to lose one of the few good things to happen to him in a while
  • He almost had a heart attack when Peter asked to sit with him on the train
  • How could this kid want to sit with him and not scream in fear
  • Didn’t he know what Remus was hiding
  • Remus was very close to straight up leaving the compartment once James and Sirius barged in
  • They kept asking Remus questions
  • He saw how left out Peter looked though and deflected them to him
  • He accidentally made three new friends
  • Remus had no breath when he saw Hogwarts for the first time
  • How could something so beautiful be so accessible to him
  • He spent the first night ignoring the other boys as they chattered on… and on… and on…
  • Remus didn’t get much sleep
  • He woke up the next morning fairly grumpy
  • But tried his hardest not to get angry when they kept pestering him
  • Remus spent a lot of time in the library
  • Trying to keep his grades up
  • It wasn’t until he realized that Peter actively tried to seek him out that he confronted him
  • Peter confessed to trying to get his attention to be friends
  • Remus reluctantly agreed to sitting with the other boys during their meals but that was it he was just doing it to help Peter be more social
  • Peter was glad that he’d started breaking the resolve surrounding Remus
  • It took a few months for Remus to realize that he’d been staying up later and later at night talking to the boys
  • He only figured it out once he saw the sun rising
  • Remus chuckled, realizing that they’d pried their way into his circle
  • He sobered up fairly quickly though when he got a streak of fear
  • Because what if they found out
  • He shook it off though
  • There was no way. None at all
  • When his first year at Hogwarts, he went home with three addresses in his pocket to owl
  • His father had shook his head
  • “You know I love you, but do you really think that these people will want to be friends with a monster?”
  • His mother had saved them from the fire and given them to him under a piece of brownie
  • “Your father doesn’t know what he’s saying; go owl your friends”
  • During his second year, Remus almost had a heart attack when Peter slammed a book about various creatures on the desk in front of him, opened to a page about werewolves
  • “I swear, I won’t tell anyone Remus” Peter said, fingers crossed behind his back
  • He’d tell the other boys if it was necessary
  • Which it was, when Remus showed up in class the day after the full moon looking like he’d run face-first into a tree
  • Remus almost killed Peter when James, Sirius and Peter all told him they’d become Animagi to help him out because it took you the whole damn year it wasn’t necessary
  • In third year, Remus wondered when exactly Sirius had started looking so attractive and fuck he needs to stop running his hand through his hair he’s killing me and that smirk tells me he knows it
  • Fourth year presented a challenge in the form of Peter trying to ask out Mary
  • His advice from Remus to just “go for it” wasn’t really working
  • Sirius decided to give Peter some flirting tips
  • Unfortunately, Remus was in the room at the time, and Sirius being very obvious, if the fact that they were having a staring contest while Sirius spoke was any indication
  • Peter scrapped Sirius’ suggestions when he saw how flustered Remus was getting and knew that Sirius had much different intentions
  • Remus was a Prefect in fifth year
  • Dumbledore had hinted that one of the reasons for this was so that he could try and keep the other three Marauders at bay
  • Remus figured that it would be better for everyone if he stop being involved
  • It might discourage the Marauders, but he’d be able to keep his friends
  • Friends that he had become very worried about losing over the summer
  • Peter hadn’t written because he was in America for the summer
  • James was forbidden to send owls by his parents, who had found out about a certain prank that had happened and were severely disappointed in James
  • And Sirius… Remus didn’t know why Sirius hadn’t written, but if the choppily cut hair and the various scars he spotted on his slightly-more-then-friend when he came back were any indication, it wasn’t anything good
  • Speaking of being slightly more then friends, Remus wasn’t sure as to what the relationship status between him and Sirius was
  • At least, he wasn’t until he found himself cornered one evening on Prefect duty
  • His partner pretended not to notice the various red marks on Remus’ neck when they met up at the end of the night
  • The whole school tried and failed to ignore the matching one’s on Sirius’ the next morning
  • It was very obvious to everyone(including Remus) as to what the relationship status between the two boys was
  • And Remus was quite pleased
  • In sixth year, Remus was happy to hear that Sirius had escaped to live with the Potters
  • Peter had finally asked Mary out on a date
  • The two were celebrating their three month anniversary a little bit after sixth year started
  • Sirius and Remus were going strong
  • And James
  • James was still trying to get Lily
  • Remus tried to give him suggestions
  • But James was set in his ways
  • It wasn’t until Lily called him and egotistical asshole who didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself that he started changing
  • The pranks lessened
  • He and Remus had more study sessions
  • And Remus found much more chocolate on his bedside table then usual
  • In seventh year, Remus was slightly dissapointed to find that it was James, and not him, who had been selected as Head Boy, but didn’t let envy over-take him for long
  • After all, James had worked hard to deserve it
  • It’s not like Remus was the tamer one
  • That he worked hard every single day
  • That he was struggling all of the time but still managed to do fairly well
  • Peter had had to take Remus aside to talk to him after Remus swung at James
  • Sirius had the unfortunate task of informing James of what was wrong
  • The next week was a bad mix of glares and almost hissing
  • It was only when Lily threatened to slap Remus that he apologized
  • He’d seen the receiving end of Lily’s slaps before
  • James had had to keep an ice-pack on for a couple days
  • As soon as he’d apologized, James quickly pulled him into his arms, and the two stood in the middle of the Common Room, hugging for about an hour
  • Sirius was crying
  • Peter was timing them
  • And Remus knew that whatever happened after Hogwarts, he’d at least have his friends for the rest of his life
  • How wrong he was
NCT-127/U Reaction To You Not Wanting Them To Meet Your Family Because You Have A Bad Relationship With Them


 I feel like Taeil would be a bit dissapointed, prefering to have a somewhat more traditional/stereotypical relationship, wanting your parents approval of the relationship and therefore might push you to try and fix your parents relationship, but if it was something you really couldn’t/didn’t want to after talking to him about it, he’d probably leave it be despite his disappointment.

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 Another one I can see questioning you and wanting you to try and talk to your family, though he’d probably be very supportive and try to understand your feelings after you explained. He’d possibly slightly disappointed but would try not to show it, wanting you to be happy and comfortable first and foremost. 

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He would likely be the most casual about it, taking it in and understanding that you didn’t have a good relationship with your parents. I don’t think he’d be too bothered that he couldn’t meet your parents, realising they weren’t a big part in your life and focusing more on things that you did want him to be involved in.

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He’d likely accept it, and not mind it too much you didn’t want him to meet your parents, but only after you’d talked to him and explained why. If you didn’t tell him it was because you had a bad relationship with them, he might get concerned you were ashamed of him or didn’t want them to know about him, but after a talk to set things straight would be much more understanding. 

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I can see Doyoung being slightly annoyed, maybe not understanding, and wanting you to try and speak to your parents at first. However, after explaining and talking to him he’d be more understanding and tell you he supported you in whatever you felt about your parents if you felt it was justified, putting his disappointment aside to care for you.

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I feel like Ten might be slightly relieved, maybe trying to joke with you that it meant he didn’t have the stress of giving a good impression if he didn’t have to meet them. He would probably be supportive of you too, trying to make sure you were happy and wanting you to feel you had a place in his family if things ever got serious in your relationship, and with however you wanted to go about your relationship with your parents. 

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Jaehyun might feel upset for you at first, more worried that you had a bad relationship with your parents rather than that he couldn’t meet them, even if he was slightly dissapointed. Being caring and loving as he is I feel like he’d want to include you more in things he did so you felt you could rely on him and weren’t alone.

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I don’t think he’d be too upset when you told him you didn’t want him to meet your parents, letting you take  your time to explain and being understanding of your opinion. He’d want to make sure you weren’t upset or having a difficult time, being extra affectionate and trying to make sure you felt loved.

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Being younger, I can see him preferring to avoid the subject so as not to upset you. However, after he found out he’d likely try and show his affection for you more so that you knew he still loved you regardless, always offering a listening ear or shoulder to cry on if it ever upset you. 

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Similar to Mark, I can see Haechan preferring to avoid asking you too much about the situation with your parents so he wouldn’t accidentally upset you. Instead, he’d try and hang out with you whenever he could, or with the dream members too if you were a similar age, so you felt you still had some sort of make shift family and new you were cared about. 

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the rfa draging a drunk & sentimental mc home and she starts thinking they'll leave her?

It’s been days since this was asked and I have been working on it on and off ~Madre Mod


  • He is actually is giving you a piggy back ride home
  • he blames jumin for all the wine he had at this party
  • Mc can’t even talk right, but yoosung can guess what you’re trying to say
  • but he’s not prepared for when you starts crying and nearly starts choking him because you tighting you arm hold around his neck
  • “Yoosung love me!!”
  • “I love you MC, please lossen your arms please..”
  • :Don’t leave m e! My body you want? Love???”
  • “Mc i’ll never leave you, ever. You are the only one I need.”
  • you end up a sobbing, babbling mess.
  • Yoosung loves you even more and tried to express that more often

❤Zen❤ (I swear i could make this into a fanfic)

  • you are his princess/prince and he’s gonna carry you like one
  • you are telling him your weird drunken thoughts on the way home and zen humoring you
  • “Zen….what if Jumin……and you were a couple???? Wouldn’t that be weird???”
  • “That would be very weird if me and him were a couple.”
  • “but like….hate sex is a thing.”
  • “If im not mistaken I think you want me and jumin to become a couple?”
  • at this moment zen knew
  • he fucked up
  • “Wait….you don’t love me anymore?????”
  • Zen is panicking o K
  • he doesn’t know what to DO
  • “I love you my princess/prince!”
  • “Don’t leave me for that rich bitch! I can’t function right without you!!”
  • Your crying
  • zen wants to cry because you look so heart broken
  • he comforts you though, and he brings you back to your strange drunken topics.
  • such as how you were going to bring zen the moon

❤Jaehee ❤

  • she had you over her shoulder
  • she strong
  • you were just laughing up a storm.
  • somebody could tell you the most blandest joke ever  and you would still laugh at it
  • she doesn’t know why or how but you ended up crying
  • You’re remembering the times when you were freindzoned
  • “Jaehee why don’t you love me??”
  • “Mc what are you talking about we are dating. for two months now.”
  • “Then why won’t you return my feelings??”
  • you started crying harder
  • Jaehee started panicking
  • “Mc I return your feelings..Does that make you feel better?”
  • in between sobs you managed a yes
  • when you both got home jaehee cuddled the SHIT out of you
  • just so you never forget that she loves you and only you


  • so much wine
  • you consumed soooo much wine
  • you were leaning on a somewhat sober jumin
  • you and jumin are at a rfa celebration for another successful party
  • then someone totally wasnt seven brought up the does jumin han is gay rumor, and you took that to heart
  • “JUMIN??? YOUR GAY???”
  • “What?? MC no i’m not.”
  • “Then why is there a rumor about you being gay??? Are you leaving me for some other guy??????”
  • “Mc….it’s a silly rumo-”
  • cue zen choking on his beer and seven dying of laughter
  • “Me..cheat on you…..wITH THAT THING??? That’s hilarious mc.”
  • you’re actually crying
  • Jumin doesn’t understand??? He thought you were joking???
  • “Mc please calm down..”
  • poor bean side hugs you because he doesn’t know what to do
  • he ends up taking you home with driver kim driving because jumin can’t drive for shit
  • you are still crying
  • you are also weakly hitting jumin
  • “No! You are leaving me for zen! He is everything im not!!”
  • “Mc please calm down, I love you for your commoner ways.”
  • bad move there jumin
  • “Mc please..”
  • he holds you close and softly sings to you, hoping you calm your drunk ass down (if you don’t know what song this is then im slightly dissapointed. go on soundcloud and look up Jumin Han singing. I have gone to sleep with this song)
  • it works! You’re calm and half sleep!
  • “There there mc. it’s ok, I love you.”


  • You two were celebrating one of his successes from his bullshit agency
  • he brought out the good shit that he saves for when he successfully hacks into something (he probably hacks space stations for the hell of it)
  • you both were pretty drunk
  • but seven still had his mind in tack
  • unlike you who went to bother helpless saeran
  • poor boy
  • he was being poked by you
  • after seven hauled your ass away from saeran and dragged you to yall room
  • you saw this picture of you and seven that was taken from the amusement park
  • but your drunken mind didn’t register that it was you
  • so you shoved it in his face
  • “Luceil who is this??? And why do you look so happy with them??”
  • “mc thats us, from when we went to the amusement park.”
  • “No it’s not! I’m not as pretty as she is! Look she even has mouse ears! ;-; you don’t love me anymore……”
  • as much as he wanted to record this moment who am I kidding he was as soon as you was poking saeran’s face
  • you were crying and trying to take your stuff but you were grabbing his stuff instead
  • he simply picked you up, put you on the bed and started treating you like a cat.
  • belly rubs here, a little scratch here, bopping the nose once in a while, and cute little reminders of his love for you. Until you calmed down and went to sleep.
  • Seven had some funny shit to show you in the morning
  • and he won’t let you live it down
  • ever
I may have a small suprise

Aaron huffed as he walked through the front door.

“Rough day at work?” Y/n yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah” he called, sniffing slightly at the smell of food filling the house. Aaron looked around waiting to see Jack appear, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Where is Jack?” Aaron asked y/n as he took his shoes off and put away his gun in the safe.

“He is at a friends house for a sleep over. So we are alone tonight.”

Aaron rounded the corner and entered the kitchen.
Y/n stood at the kitchen bench with tight blue jeans on and one of his white shirts.
She turned to him and smiled as Aaron stood staring at her attire.

“I hope you don’t mind me wearing it. I just missed you too much.”

Aaron grinned and moved slowly over to her.
“I don’t mind at all.” He whispered in her ear and started to pepper her face with kisses.

“What is the occasion?” Aaron asked,pointing at the amazing dinner y/n had layed out on the table.

“Hmmmm I may have a small suprise.”
She spoke as she gestured for him to sit at the table.

“Will I like this suprise?” Aaron asked curiously.

Y/n bit her lip. “I hope so.”
She grinned widely. “Lets start eating first”

Aaron smiled and reached behind him into the cupboard, pulling out a bottle of red wine and two glasses.
Aaron started pouring the wine and placed the glass in front of y/n.

Y/n stared at the glass and furrowed her brow.

“Don’t you like red wine?”
He spoke slightly dissapointed.

“No it’s not that. It’s just…I can’t really have it right now.”

“What do you mean?” Aaron asked as he held the glass to his lips.

“I’m pregnant.” Y/n whispered.

Aaron paused mid sip and looked up from his glass.
His eyes widened and he lowered his drink.

“Are you serious!?” He exclaimed.

Y/n smiled and laughed “yes.”

“OH MY GOD!” Aaron jumped up and pulled y/n from her chair, hugging her tightly.
Aaron started peppering her with kisses again.

“We are going to have a baby!”
Aaron was ecstatic.

Y/n giggled as his lips pressed against her face.
“I love you Aaron.”

“I love you too. And you!” He yelled as he leant down and kissed y/n’s stomach.

Daddy's Home Kitten

     She was the only thing on his mind as he drove down the road in his Porche. The tension building up in his stomach as he got closer to his house. Closer to his baby girl. Being the CEO of his own record company was something he has always dreamt of, but it required hard work and time. He was never the one to complain about working, that is until he mether. From the first time he laid eyes on her, all he ever wanted to do was to treat her, spoil her and love her unconditionally.

    After what felt like eternity, Michael parked his car and made his way up to the penthouse they shared. He opened the door quickly and yelled out “Y/N! Daddy’s home kitten!” He was slightly dissapointed that she wasn’t here to greet him at the door considering he has been away for 2 weeks. “I’m upstairs!” He heard her say. Slowly, he made his way upstairs looking for his princess. Once he stepped in their room, he was greeted by a sight that made him week on my knees. There she was, his little girl, in those white thigh high socks that he loved. You were wearing his favorite lingerie, your kitten ears and a choker He bought you as a gift that says “Daddy’s girl”. 

      He was brought back to reality as you started to walk towards Michael, looking like an actual innocent angel from above, all for him. You gave him one of your heart warming smiles, the smile he fell in love with. “Hi daddy” you said as he pulled you closer by your waist. “What’s all this for kitten?” He asked, stroking your now flushed cheeks. You blushed and looked down at your feet. “I just wanted to surprise you” He caught you by surprise and scooped you in his strong arms, carrying you to the king sized bed. “You definitely did sweetheart.” He murmured kissing down his baby’s neck as you let out a giggle. Michael smiled at the sound of your giggle, his favorite sound in the world. He kept kissing down your body thinking how he got lucky to have you all to himself. 

    He was fascinated by your beauty and your innocence. You sucked on a breath as you felt his lips ghost over your thighs. “I almost don’t want to take this off of you sweetheart.” He said as he traced his fingers over the waistline of your light pink panties. You let out a whine and he chuckled at your impatient state. “Be patient my love”. He pressed a kissed at your clothed core and slowly took your panties off, throwing them on the floor. You were already a moaning mess under michael. He teased you a little by kissing down your thighs, leaving purple love marks to show everyone that you are his. His gorgeous kitten. He put his hands on your hips to prevent you from moving around and started licking and sucking on your clit without giving you a heads up. You let out a loud moan and grabbed his hair. Michael looked up at you under his lashes and watched you come undone for him. Only the sight itself made him hard, the love and lust he felt for you was overwhelming. You felt like you were in an other dimension where it was only the two of you and no one else. Michael was working his magic with his tongue as you edged closer to your orgasm. You were so close to find a release when Michael pulled away with a smile on his face. You whimpered at the loss of contact. “Shh babygirl, I’m gonna take good care of you” With that his hands were on you once again, exploring every inch of your body. He pressed a tender kiss on your forehead as he pulled down his pants slowly.

      His gaze on you was so intense and made you feel somehow exposed. Even tho yours and michael’s sex life was no where near vanilla and you have seen eachother naked many many times you still got shy about it. Feeling somewhat exposed, you tried to cover your upper half with your arms. Michael looked at you with confused eyes then raised and eyebrow. He took your hands in his larger ones and moved your arms from your body. “Don’t hide kitten.” He left a lingering kiss on the valley of your breasts, “Daddy’s just looking at what’s his.” A smile crept over your face, he lent in and kissed your nose lovingly. His hands went to the back of your thighs, he pulled your hips up and settled between your legs. “Ready princess?” You nodded not being able to speak, just wanting to feel him. He smirked. “Use your big girl words baby girl.” He knew you were never bold with your words when it came to dirty talk, you weren’t as experienced nor confident as Michael. “Please daddy.” It was enough to drive Michael crazy. He let go one of your thighs to intertwine your hands together as he slowly pushed inside. No matter how many times you made love with michael, he still managed to make it feel like the first time. He let out a loud whine and kissed your lips as he kept thrusting. You were feeling pure bliss. You have missed Michael so much, him being away for work was something you never liked but had to get used to. All that mattered was that now he was home. He was your home. 

       Michael’s lips found your forehead as he fastened his movements, your name leaving his lips in small whimpers. You put your hands on his shoulders to steady yourseld as he pulled you closer by your thighs. You gasped at the new position and let out a moan. He kept thrusting as you both came closer to your climax. Moments later, Michael was laying beside you, trying to catch his breath, looked over at you with a lazy smirk on his face. “Rest a few minutes princess, we’ve got 2 weeks to catch up..”

      Next morning you woke up alone in bed. Once you were finally awake, you thought about last night. The love of your life coming home, him taking you to another world all night long.. You quickly put on one of Michael’s button ups and made your way downstairs to the kitchen. As you stepped in, you wrre greeted by a shirtless Michael cooking breakfast. You took your time to study how good his back looked or how his pale skin was glowing with the sunlight. “You could just take a picture.” Michael said as he sent you a wink. You let out a chuckle and wrapped your arms around his torso from behind, taking in his scent. He turned around smiling and pecked your head. “Morning baby.” You smiled and snuggled closer to his chest. You felt his torso vibrate as he chuckled at the sweet gesture. He let out a sigh of content and wrapped his arms around you. “My little sunshine, aren’t you?” You blushed at his words and hid your head further into his chest. He chukled again. “I love you baby girl.” “I love you too Mikey.” You felt him firmly squeeze your butt. “Who?” He asked with a smirk. You rolled your eyes backing away to go and get changed. “Whatever.. Daddy.” You heard him let out an over exaggerated fake moan and let out a laugh. Your man was home and you were both happy.

wingsfreedom  asked:

Do you think Griffith felt offend when Rickert rejected him? Maybe a little shocked too. I think his desire to know Rickert motives of that slap because he wanted to understand *why*. But Rickert answer end up hurt his ego even more, I think. What's your thoughts on that?

I mean if this was human Griffith, Hell Yeah.

Neo-Griffith is honestly really hard for me to understand. Like what’s going on in that mind of his, it’s so difficult to tell.

I’m not really sure about offended because he didn’t seem angry to me just dissapointed and slightly deflated but I do think he was shocked, much like most of us didn’t see that slap coming.

However I don’t think that Rickert’s refusal came as a complete surprise to Griffith, he’d already considered the possibility, he’d already said “It’s possible you may hate me after knowing the truth…”

But it’s interesting that he didn’t say probable. That’s most probably Griffith’s personal desires warping the truth of the facts around him. Griffith wants to go back to that stage in his life when he had it all figured out, and the Band of the Hawk was by his side. He wants to think that Rickert may chose to join him because he Wants Rickert to join him. All his actions with the Neo Band of the Hawk reflect his desire. He’s trying to rebuild what he’s lost. But They are empty replacements, and so to have Rickert back , a real part of the past he’s trying to recreate is important to him.

It reminds me of two lines from the Manga which have been recurrent themes

Don’t abandon what you can’t replace

Even if you painstakingly put something back together piece by piece it will never be the same.”

They were said with respect to Guts but I feel are highly applicable to Griffith right now too. And is I feel one of the many parallels between them that we get.

So in conclusion, yes the slap was definitely a harsh reality check for Griffith. Which is precisely why he’s playing it cool and saying it doesn’t matter. But yes he’s shaken and contemplative now.

When he first saw Rickert in Falconia, You could see the enthusiasm in Griffith’s body language. It was self delusional yes. But he dropped everything and practically ran to him. He’d obviously been looking forward to seeing him.

Also I think he’d taken it for granted that the fact that Rickert came at all meant he had already decided to accept. I mean most people don’t come all that way, braving monsters and climbing a million stairs just to deliver a well deserved slap.

He opens the conversation grandiosely,  many words and poetry. Exposition and greeting. He’s already expecting things to go up from here, they have been for sometime after all. Nothing has changed he wants to believe that. Then the refusal comes and all that comes out for the rest of the interaction is a muted ‘so it is’ because I think he’s coming to come to terms with the fact that truly? Everything has changed.

@bthump Because you always have the best neo-griffith thoughts. :)

Hate To Love You

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Request: “My request is for a John x Reader (I am Laurens TRASH) where they are in a love-hate friendship and have blowout arguments and then one day they get to a REALLY bad fight that ends with the reader crying and a love confession and a kiss and all the drama and cheese you can handle”

Warnings: Swearing, angst

A/N: This got real, really quick, and I don’t know why I made it this angsty so I’m so sorry y’all, onto the story! (P.S., it’s a longer story so hope y’all brought some snacks!)

“Being the only one is this debate who was actually born here, I think I know more about my country’s history!” 

Alexander’s face contorted, you couldn’t tell if he was ready to scream, rant or hit Thomas. Or quite possibly, all the above. You felt your heart tighten for a moment at your brother’s jab, don’t get it twisted, you didn’t like Alexander by any means necessary, but it also wasn’t fair to insult him on something he couldn’t control.

You stepped in between them, placing a gentle hand on Thomas’ shoulder.

“Hey, lay off a little. Just be the bigger man and walk away.” You gave a warning look over your shoulder at Alexander, who stood a mere few inches from you, glaring. “It’d be best for you to do the same.”

These confrontations between Thomas and Alexander were a common happening, and you usually always jumped in to defend your brother. Well, your legal brother.

You had been taken in by the Jefferson’s when you were around five. Your parents were both heavy drug users and you had been taken away from them, placed into foster care within a week. You could still remember the fear you felt, five years old and wondering if you’d ever get to see your father’s face or feel your mother’s loving arms around you ever again. 

You remebered the day about two weeks into being in foster care when the Jefferson’s came to adopt you, and something you were positive you’d never forget; the first time you saw Thomas.

The strange woman, this woman that you had never met, the woman you trusted. She had come and visited you along with her husband for a few days now, each time bringing a new coloring book that you completed with exuberence. Each visit she and her husband would ask you different questions about yourself while you colored, like what your favorite color was, what food you liked to eat, what your favorite dessert was. You answered each with enthusiasm, it never crossed you as strange that these people would want to know so much about you, you were raised to respect adults and do what they asked.

Then, on their final visit, they had said they brought a surprise. Expecting it to be another coloring book, you glanced at their hands, slightly dissapointed when you didn’t find one. You turned your gaze back up to the woman’s smiling face.

“Um, miss? What’s the surprise?” You sheepishly inquired.

She winked at her husband, then parted away from him;only to reveal a little boy behind them.

He was a little taller than you, with a head full of frizzy brown hair that spang from his skull like a group of springs. His eyes shined and you couldn’t help but stare; you’d never seen brown in that shade before. You found it much prettier than your brown crayon. 

He smiled at you and stuck out his hand. “Hi! I’m Thomas! What’s your name?”

You nervously dropped your eyes to your feet, fidgeting nervously. “U-um…I’m (Y/N)…” You couldn’t seem to bring your voice above a whisper. 

“(Y/N)? Mommy and Daddy have been talking about you! Are you going to come live with us?” Your eyes shot up.

“Thomas, we haven’t asked her about that yet.” His father scolded him. He smiled sheepishly then dropped his gaze to his shoes.


The woman ruffled his hair, which made him lift his eyes back up and to you. She kneeled down so that you could see her face up close, she had the same eyes as the little boy. “(Y/N), would you like to come live with us?” your eyes widened in surprise. Live with them? You thought you were living here? 

It was then that you realized; you weren’t going to go back home. You thought for a moment, maybe you could still see your mom and dad if you went to stay with these people, you were sure your parents would like them. The lady had kind eyes, like your mom. And the man had a warm smile, like your dad. And Thomas, he seemed nice enough, even if he was a little, like your mom would say, enthusiastic.

 You decided that it would be okay to live with these people for a while, they seemed nice enough. And you trusted them, not like the people that sometimes came to visit the house. Now those people you wouldn’t be okay with living with.

But, you did want to know something. 

“Um, miss?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yes dear?”

“Can I bring my coloring books?”

She and her husband both chuckled, then she nodded. “Of course you can honey. Of course you can.” You smiled.

“Then sure!” You looked at the boy, who like his father, had a warm smile. “Do you like to color too?”

He nodded. “Yeah! Come one, I can show you some of them when we get home!” He grabbed your hand and held it, and you giggled at his excitement.

For the first time in two weeks, you had a feeling that things were gonna be okay.

Ever since that day eleven years ago, you and Thomas had been practically inseperable. The man and woman who you’d later learn to call Peter and Jane often joked that you two were more like best friends than brother and sister. But it was true, you two did everything together, which also meant that Thomas could be extremely protective, sometimes to a fault.

But you were also protective over Thomas, because you knew along with his big heart, he had a big mouth. Which  is why you found yourself once again between him and Alexander, breaking up another heated argument.

“Don’t tell him what to do, especially since you weren’t even involved.” Someone stepped out from behind Alexander. 

Just fricking great. It was John Laurens.

John was as protective over Alex as you were over Thomas, and he often felt the need to butt in just at the wrong time. Just when things were dissapating.

But it wasn’t just the fact that he did this that caused your irritation towards the freckled-faced man, he always seemed to be taking jabs at you. Whenever you posed a theory in your A.P. Literature class on an interpretation of the text, he always had to shoot it down, to prove you wrong. Even when you knew you were right, hell, even when he knew you were right.

You two basically couldn’t stand each other as much as Thomas and Alexander couldn’t stand each other. Which made you even more frustrated when you found yourself getting flustered and blushing when his body accidentally brushed against yours.

It wasn’t that you had a crush on him, no that couldn’t be it. You just really liked the way that he walked, the way that he always tried to help someone in need, the way his hazel eyes sparkled when he was excited about something, the way that strands of his wild hair would sometimes fly out from the restraints of his ponytail…

Okay, fine. Maybe you had a crush on him. But he was such, such a nuisance that you knew you could never act on or acknowledge your feelings, even if now, as he stared at you with those eyes of his, you felt a blush creeping up your neck.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “Butt out Laurens, you weren’t involved either.”

“But I’m actually defending someone who isn’t wrong here.” He challenged, cocking a brow. You turned your body so that you were completely blocking Thomas and completely facing Alexander and John. 

“If you could just learn to shut your mouth and actually listen, maybe you’d realize that your buddy there isn’t completely innocent in what hapeened with my brother.” You shot back. 

Alex sighed, trying to calm John down. “It’s not even worth it anym-”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so quick to jump in and defend someone that’s not even your real brother, you’d realize that he’s the one who started it!” He angrily retorted.

Time seemed to stand still as his words ripped through your heart like a lead bullet. Not many people knew about your biggest inseecurity; never truly feeling like you were good enough for the Jefferson’s, even Thomas at times. But you had learned to get over that, because even if they lived in a bigger house than you had ever seen, and even if the price tag on the clothes they wore made your eyes almost pop out of your head, you had come to think of them as your family.

Tears formed at your eyes, and your thoughts became muddled. You couldn’t think of anything to shoot back, all you could hear was his words replaying over and over in your head.

Not even your real brother.

The tension in the air could be cut with a knife as the tears you fought so hard to hold back spilled down your cheeks. John’s face turned from one of anger and hostility to one of regret. “(Y/N)-”

But you didn’t give him time to finish, instead you ran from in front of Thomas, sprinting down the hall to an abandoned closet you often hid and did your homework in before class the day it was due.

Once inside, you leaned up against the wall and wiped your face with your sleeve. You knew that John didn’t like you, he made that apparent the day he met you, but you never thought he’d stoop so low.

Maybe…you were also hurt because you felt betrayed by your crush.

It was a double blow to your heart, one that kept the tears coming. After a few deep breaths though, you managed to calm yourself down enough to where you stopped crying, and started doubting. 

Maybe it was obvious that you didn’t belong with the Jefferson’s. Maybe you truly weren’t good enough for them. Maybe Thomas didn’t even like you, he just put up with you because he had to all these years. Maybe-

Your thoughts were interrupted as the door was flung open, John was shoved inside, and then slammed shut. You let out a surprised yelp and prayed that you couldn’t tell that you had been crying. But as he nervously lookedup at you with concerned eyes, you knew it was obvious.

You moved as far away from him as you could, then crossed your arms defensively over your chest, refusing to meet his pitiful gaze.

Silence hung in the air like a storm cloud about to go, and he was the first one to break it.

“(Y/N), what I said out there, I didn’t mean-”

“I know exactly what you meant John.” You curtly cut him off.

You saw his shoes take a step towards you.

“I-I don’t know why I even said that, look, I’m really sorry, it was a really shitty thing to say. And I know it’s not true-”

You chuckled bitterly, lifting your eyes to meet his. “Technically, it is Johnathan. I was taken away from my druggie parents, thrown into the foster system and then humbly saved by the Jeffersons!” You dramatically exclaimed. “But Thomas, he is my real brother, he’s the only one I can trust in this going to shit world and for you to even suggest that he isn’t,” you walked up to him, jabbing a finger into his chest, “You must have balls the size of coconuts. Don’t you ever talk about my family again, or I’ll do something alot more serious than just talk to you. And before you get involved in something that you have no place being involved in, you should learn what’s going on. Yes, Thomas made a dickhead comment, and yes, it was unnecessary but Alexander started it. And I was actually jumping in to defend him.” You huffed, breathing heavily. Your heart pounded angrily and you clenched your fists to stop them from shaking.

He stared at you, not saying a word. Then suddenly, he broke out into a wide smile. Then, he started laughing. You were perplexed and frankly, a little concerned. “What the hell are you laughing at?”

“I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, but you’ve got the same strong argumentative skills as your brother. Maybe that’s what draws me to you so strongly.” He smirked. 

You felt a hot blush creeping up your neck and settling on your cheeks. Draws him…he’s drawn to you?

“S-stop trying to flatter me just so you don’t feel like a dick.” You muttered, dropping your eyes to your shoes.

“But I’m really not trying toflatter you. I’m being serious.” You cocked a brow.

“But you hate me, you always have.”

He scratched his neck shyly and looked away. “I uh…I’ve never hated you, okay? It’s just, you’re Thomas Jefferson’s sister, and I’m Alexander Hamilton’s best friend…”

“Okay? Your point is?”

He sighed, then turned his eyes back to meet yours. “I’ve never hated you. I hated the fact that I can’t have you, becuase the truth is,” he took a deep breath, “I’m in love with you.”

You gasped and felt your heart conflicting. “You…why haven’t you ever said anything?”

“Because, Alexander, he wouldn’t understand. And Thomas,” he chuckled, “He’d kill me. I thought if I convinced myself that you were this terrible, unlikeable person, that I wouldn’t feel that way anymore. But the truth is, I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I couldn’t stop loving you.”

All your previous anger dissolved, taking its place was something you’d hidden away ever since you tried to push away your feelings for John. For the first time that day, you smiled at him. “Me too.”

He furrowed his brows. “You too what?”

“I tried to convince myself to not love you. And,” you grabbed his hands in yours, “I failed miserably.”

He smiled, then wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and twirling you around, whcih proved to be a bit difficult in the small broom closet. You shrieked and laughed, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “John!”

No sooner than he had put you down, Thomas and Alexander burst through the door, Thomas looked ready to fight while Alexanader just looked amused.

“LAURENS! HANDS OFF MY SISTER!” He seethed, stepping towards him.

You quickly escaped John’s arms and blocked Thomas, holding him back.

“No! Thomas, let me explain! He wasn’t hurting me!” 

He glared at John. “Then what the hell did I just hear and see?”

Alex chuckled, then laid a hand on your brother’s tense shoulder. “I believe we just interrupted something Jefferson.” He sent a knowing wink your way.

Thomas’ face went from angry to confused, looking between John and you. “Wait, interrupting what exactly?” Your blush grew darker.

You felt John’s arm snake around your shoulders. “You kind of interrupted a mutual confession of love bro. Kind of killed the mood.” John chuckled. 

He looked between you two again, and it finally clicked. He cringed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Um, are, is that, what?” You sighed.

“Thomas. I love him. He loves me. That’s what mutual means.” He rolled his eyes and Alexander chuckled next to him. 

“Come on Jefferson, let’s give these two love birds some privacy.” Thomas glared at him, then turned his attention back to John.

“If you even think about hurting her, I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to talk right again, got it?” He threatened. John nodded. 

“I won’t.” 

Thomas nodded, then sighed. “Good. Now I’m just gonna leave and pretend I never saw any of this and try to ignore the fact that my baby sister is dating my rival’s best friend.”

Alex nodded. “Same. By you guys!” He and Thomas walked out, shaking their heads. John turned back to you, smiling.

“Where were we?” You blushed, leaning in.

“Right about,” you stood on your tiptoes, gently pressing your lips to his, ignighting the spark that had turned into a full on raging fire, “here.”

He smiled against your lips. “I really am sorry for what I said earlier.” 

You smiled, looping your arms around his neck. “All is forgiven. But don’t mess with Thomas, I don’t think he’s joking about that threat.”

He chuckled, brushing a few strands of hair from your eyes. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Like that day so long ago, you had a feeling things were gonna be okay.

Seventeen [VOCAL UNIT] reacting to you wearing a sexy costume.

A/N: I’ll be taking Halloween/Autumnal  Reactions/Scenario Requests all through October! So go anticipate now! [More Information -> HERE]

Woozi: You’d leave slight hints to what your costume is all through the night and when you enter the room in your sexy maid costume, his breath would hitch in his throat, leaving him absolutely speechless & flustered. “Not what I was expecting…”

Jeonghan: He’d be absolutely obsessed with the outfit you chose and take endless pictures of you all through the spooky night. 
“Definitely not as scary as it’s intended to be.”

Joshua: He’d love your costume but would slightly worry about it’s length, since you’re invited to a Halloween Party with Seventeen. 
“Don’t you think the boys will stare?”

DK: He’d be slightly dissapointed that you didn’t go for anything scare to match his but would still take every chance to take a glimpse from your sexy outfit and give you compliments.

Seungkwan: gif


So, what we have is a game that NEEDS to get its word out. it’s GOOD. People are LIKING it. and for once, a review that doesn’t compare Danball Senki to Custom Robo!

also, I’m super happy that Level 5 managed to at least keep Instrumentals of the OPs and EDs from Seasons 1 and 2 of the show, as well as the fact that they’re actually keeping some of the more mature plotlines like the Prime Minister Assassination.

and while I am also slightly dissapointed in the lack of Online Multiplayer, I would have been MORE upset at a lack of LOCAL Multiplayer. I’m sure I can find some people to play along with.

Spread the Word: LBX is worth Getting for RPG Enthusiasts, Robot lovers, and anyone who likes Customizing things.

Misunderstood (Part 2)

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Enjoy and love me pls. Feedback is highly appreciated. 

Summary: I hate asshole Bucky and ur gonna hate him too.

You were furious. Not angry, not mad, furious. You were having trouble understanding who the hell he thought he was. He thought he could humiliate maybe even upset you. He was wrong. If he wanted to play dirty, you could play dirty.

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“No matter what I say… You won’t change your decision right?” The young Pharaoh mumbled, sounding slightly dissapointed.

“No matter what I say, you’re not going to stop acting like I’m dead already?” Larry shot back, his words harsh but his tone soft, as well as his expression.

“No…” Ahkmenrah mumbled, looking down at the floor and crossing his arms. “Don’t leave me please… If you become immortal… I don’t have to miss you.”

Larry sighed, leaning over and grabbing Ahk’s arm, pulling him into his lap. “I would prefer if you would stop missing me while I’m right here, bud.”

As soon as Larry pulled him into his lap a dark blush crossed Ahkmenrah’s face and he hoped Larry wouldn’t see it. “I wish I could… But I can’t. Death is nature’s way of saying ‘your table is ready’.”

Because Larry isn’t immortal I wanted to draw something sad (actually based of an rp). Especially now Larry’s getting old and is getting heart problems. Ahk worries about him and even though Larry will probably have many years left he’s already missing him. :(

I Love You
  • Sasuke: Sakura... I-I don't know how to tell you this...
  • Sakura: What happened Sasuke-kun?!
  • Sasuke: I- um... I...
  • Sakura: *blushing,furiously* It's alright Sasuke-kun. I get it. You don't have to force yourself to say it. I love you too.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sakura: That's not what you were gonna say was it?
  • Sasuke: I ate all the tomatoes in the fridge.
  • Sakura: ... *expression changes to a slightly dissapointed one yet carries a fake smile*
  • Sasuke: But I-
  • Sakura: It's alright Sasuke-kun. I get it-
  • Sasuke: *kisses her out of the blue* I love you Sakura. And I won't ever hesitate to say that.
  • Sakura: Dammit Sasuke-kun! Why are you so hot?! *jumps on him and kisses him furiously*
  • Sasuke: I am amn't I?
  • Sakura: hot and mine.
7. Definitely


No matter how hard I try, I always end up being late.

“Welcome to work,” Keri grumbled, not bothering to look up at me but instead back and forth between the document on her desk and the computer. I rolled my eyes, plopping down in one of the chairs directly across from her desk. I cross one of my legs over the other, setting my purse down on the chair beside me.

“Damn, I forgot our coffees,” I groan. “Rushing to get here.” Coffee is something I needed if anybody wants me awake for at least majority of the day. If  there was one thing that kept me up; coffee was it.

“Oh, Chris brought you one.” Keri stated, pointing to her left and there was a coffee cup with my name neatly written on the side.

“For what?”

“He said he owed you one.” She smirked.

I nodded, hesitantly reaching over and grabbing the cup with my name neatly written on the side. It smelled like vanilla and it was still hot so it had to be fresh. Shrugging, I took a sip and almost moaned at how good the coffee tasted. I don’t know how, but it tastes exactly how I liked it.

I had honestly forgotten he downed my coffee the other day. He never gave me another one so why hold onto the past. It’s sweet that his still remembered to get me one though, and today it was needed.

“This is good.” I said. She said nothing, continuing to type away at her keyboard. The unecessary attitude she was giving me was unexpected. The silence on the room continued as the tension grew.

“Mhm, he buying you coffee now.” I could sense a hint of annoyance in her tone. Why? I have no clue.

“I’m not having sex with Chris is that’s what you’re thinking.” I blurted out with more attitude than I intended. Before I could restate what I meant she cut in.

“I never said you were Robyn,” she retorted, still keeping her eyes focused on the computer screen. I subconsciously rolled my eyes as my phone vibrated in my pocket

I Ignored her shitty attitude, stuffing my hand into the pocket of my blazer pulling out my phonecall. Keri watched me type away on my phone. I sent Chris a simple thank you text for the coffee, returning my phone back into its original place.

Christopha: yo welcome beautiful

Christopha: Have lunch with me

I looked up at Keri but she just kept on finishing up whatever she was doing. Shrugging, I began typing my response.

Me: okay at 12


By noon I was ready to go home and sleep the rest of this day off. I’ve had to leave this building at least ten times because of Keri, and she just continued typing away on that damn computer. My feet are killing me from standing all day and I was tired of dealing with all these people, pulling me left and right like I was their assistant.

Just as I was walking back to her office, Chris popped out of nowhere, his smile showing all 32 teeth. He stood in usual jeans and t-shirt, his hat turned backwards. “You ready to go to lunch?” He smiled.

He is so cute.

“Umm…” I trailed off. I’d forgotten all about agreeing to lunch with him. Pulling my phone out, I shot Keri a text to tell her I was leaving before looking back up at Chris with a smile.

“Is that a yes?” I looked up to see him smiling, dimples and all. Nodding, the two of us headed for the elevator. Chris smiled, he me by surprise smoothly sliding one of his arms across my shoulder, but I made no attempt to stop him.

“We can take my car.” I announce, once we’d reached the main floor earning a nod from Chris.

Side by side we walked out of the building toward my car parked neatly on the corner. His cologne smelled amazing and I was slightly dissapointed once he pulled away but it was only to open the door for me.

“Nice.” He complimented once I popped the locks.

After making sure I got in okay, he was sliding in on the passenger side. Setting my purse comfortably in my lap, I dig through to retrieve my keys. I start the car up and Beyoncé immediately blared through the speakers. She’s been all I’ve been listening to for the past month almost.

"So, where you wanna go?” I trail off, glancing at Chris.

“Depends, on what you want and what time you gotta be back?”

I’m positive Keri wouldn’t mind my lunch being a little longer than usual, especially today.

“No specific time. But I’d usually never take longer than an hour.” I shrug, stopping just as the light turned red. “But I want some Red Lobster.”

“Red Lobster it is.”

I start fiddling with the knobs on the radio but nothing caught my attention, so I ended up turning my Beyoncé cd back on. ‘I was here’ was just now ending so I skipped to ‘Dance for you’ one of my personal favorites off the album. I still don’t understand how people say this album was bad. I turn up the volume so it blared through my speakers.

“Loving you is really all that’s on my mind,” I sing along to the chorus of the song, dancing in my seat. “I wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch.” Chris just watched in amusement as I danced to the song.

I continued singing along until the last verse began. I reached out to turn the volume up a little. I sing a little higher, matching Beyoncé’s pitch. I’ve sung this song so many times I know every note she hit by heart.

“You really like this song huh?” I hear Chris chuckle beside me. I forgot about him for a second actually.

“Yes, Beyoncé is queen and I will forever love this song.” I laugh.

“You a freak, huh?” I feel my cheeks began heating up so I ignore him.

About five minuets later we were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant. “We’re here.” I announce, unhooking my seatbelt while Chris remained in his same position, staring at me. “You coming?” I ask finally looking up. He smirks before unbuckling his seatbelt  and getting out. We both walk into the restaurant to be seated immediately by the hostess and told our waitress will be right with us.

My eyes look over the menu but I already know what I’m getting. I’ve been here plenty of times and always got the same thing.

“Hi, my name is Rachel and I’ll be your waitress this evening. Anything to drink for you?” She says, happily.

“Yeah, can I just have a regular lemonade?” Chris smiles making me roll my eyes. Typical man. The waitress smiles back then directs her attention to me.

“A strawberry lemonade. I say dryly. She writes it down on her notepad and goes to retrieve our drinks.

"So, how old are you?” He asks.

“23, you?”


“Damn you’re young,” I giggled. Chris rolled his eyes focusing his attention back on the menu.

“You like a year older than me, chill.”

The waitress comes back setting our glasses down and I stir my beverage with the two straws provided, taking a long sip. We order our food and the waitress leavs again.

“How you get this job at 21?” If my math was right he’d still have a year to go for his bachelor’s degree. He didn’t seem to have a problem with the question cause he responded as if it was something he’d answered many times.

“I graduated early, so I’ll be done with my degree end of the semester.” He explained.

“That’s dope.”

“But you never answered my question though.” He states.

“What question?”

“Are you a freak? Cause you were singing that song like you knew exactly how she felt.” He chuckles. My face heats up slightly and I put my face in my hands laughing.

“I should’ve changed that song.” I laugh.

“So, answer it.”

“You’ll have to find that out for yourself, Chris.” I grumble, even shocking myself. The dimples in his cheeks made their appearance as the smirk began creeping its way across his face. He takes a long sip of his drink and winks at me. My cheeks heat up just as my phone loudly vibrates making me sigh in relief.

“Saved by the bell.” Chris smirks. I see Mel’s name flash across the screen this time and hurriedly slide my finger across the green bar to answer.

“Hey,” I smile into the phone.

“Hey boo, I’m getting off early so I think we should do a little shopping. You know you can never turn down shopping.” And she was right. Clothes and fashion were my addiction.

“Yeah we can. I’ll call you back though because I’m about to eat.”

“You at home?” She asks.

“No, out with a friend.” I smile.


“Chris.” The line goes silent for a few seconds before she yells something in my ear that I didn’t quite catch.

“Finally, Bitch okay, call me later.” She yells making me laugh.

“Bye.” I hang up the phone and I go back to the conversation at hand. “Sorry, that was Mel.”

“So, Ms. Fenty, Tell me something about yourself?” Chris spoke, his brown eyes fixated on me the whole time. “Something I don’t know.”

“I’m from Barbados,” I responded after taking another sip of my drink. That was usually the one thing everyone seemed to be excited about when I told them.

“Word?” He asks, licking his lips. I stare at them for a split second but Chris noticed because the simple in his left cheek deepened as he smiled.

“Yeah.” I mumble.

“I been trying to figure out where you from since I met you. Damn, island gal.” He tried imitating my accent only making me look at him.

“That was bad.” I stated, attempting to stifle my laughter but his loud one rang out and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. We had people in the restaurant looking at us like we were crazy, but neither one of us could care less. Before either of us could say anything else, the waitress placed our food down in front of us. My plate was looking good right about now.

After our laughter died down, we ate our food in a comfortable silence. Occasionally Chris would make a joke that would have the both of our stomachs hurting. I feel like I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. Chris’ whole vibe was just so refreshing.

Don’t even get me started on that smile. He could make you mad in a second but once he flashes that smile he’ll make you forget whatever he did in the first place.

For the rest of the time we were there we made small talk while Chris continuously flirted with me. I didn’t mind at all though. Chris pays for the bill-even though I argued with him not to-and we got back in my car. Gladly my park from earlier was still here so I pulled right up.

“We’re back.” I say, putting my car in park. The both of us get out, Chris sliding his arm across my shoulder again.

I could get used to this.

We swipe our key cards and walk straight to the elevator. The two of us reach our floor and Chris still holds onto me, despite the states we’re receiving from everyone on the floor.  

I was a bit taken aback when Chris pulled me into a  hug, but I returned the gesture. “Can I call you later?” He mumbled into my ear, his arms still loosely wrapped around my waist

I smiled, “Definitely.”


It was going on twelve thrifty so after applying lotion to my smooth legs, I threw on the rest of my pajamas and climbed into bed. I reached over to my nightstand, picking up my phone that had been ringing since I got in the shower. A little part of me wanted it to be Chris that was calling but looking at the illuminated screen, all there was were 3 missed FaceTime calls from my mom. I hadn’t talked to my family in a little over two weeks so she was bound to call me sometime.

I press the number so that I could call back. As it rung I positioned the phone so that I could lay comfortably while also talking to my family. I watched as my mom’s face came into view.

My mom was a beautiful woman, other than my gran gran. She was the one I called whenever I needed advice or just of I missed home. My dad hasn’t been in my life as much as I’s like but that’s not important.

“You can call your mother to tell her you alright?” My mom sasses, giving me the sternest look she could muster up. I only giggled scooting down in my bed a little more.

“I’m sorry mommy I’ve been busy.”

“You ain’t never too busy to call your mama.” She responded, mugging me once again. My mom has to be the most overprotective woman in the world.

“I’m sorry, mommy. What are y'all up to? Why you up so late?” My mom and my brothers Rajad and Rorey are the only ones in the house at the moment. I have other sibling but rarely do I see them; I don’t even mind it that way.

“They went out to some party so I’m waiting up. I swear sometimes Rajad gon’ give me a damn headache.” She groaned, earning a laugh from me. My brother was wild but he’s young, of course he’ll be a handful. “Anyway, how’s everything been?”

“I’ve been good, ma. I’ve applied to a few openings for a few facilities looking for therapists. I’m trying to put my degree to work.”

“That’s good, Robyn. You think Keri wants you to leave?”

“I haven’t told her yet,” I mumbled.


“I haven’t told her yet, mama.” I stated louder, releasing an exasperated sigh. Nobody seemed to get that I don’t want to be an assistant all my life. I promised I’d be working somewhere withing a year after moving to Atlanta and its been three.

“Robyn, of you so get the job you should tell her before hand. Don’t just up and leave your friend without any help.” She preached, making sure to look directly at me while she spoke.

“I wasn’t planning to, ma.”

“What else you been up to?” She injured, munching on some chips right in my face.

“I met a g-”

“You met a boy and ain’t tell me? Girl I should kill ya. Who is he?” Her accent was coming out thick because of the excitement.

“Ma, calm down, okay? It’s nothing serious. We’re just talking right now.” I informed shrugging my shoulders just a little. My mom started speaking all fast but I understood evey word she said.

“My baby getting a boyfriend.” She cooed making me groan.

“I will hang up,”

“Okay baby, I quit. But, is he making you happy?” My mom was always the one trying to get evey detail. She needed to know everything and anything about a situation.

“It’s only been a week.”

My mom and I caught up on what’s happened in the past two weeks or so that we hadn’t talked. My mom had this aura about her that was so sweet and just made you wanna hug her. She’s been through so much but still remains positive.

She’s my inspiration.

“Okay I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll let you go. Don’t go another two weeks without calling you hear me?” She warned.

“I hear you mama, love you.”

“Love you too. Bye baby.” My mom smiled into the camera one last time before the call ended.

I released a sigh pushing the lock button on the top of my phone. I hooked it up to my charger so it’d be complete charged in the morning. Pretty soon I was dozing off but not before my phone vibrated. Groaning, I snaych my phone up holding the screen away from my face.

Christopha: open the door