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awww i'm sad the the tattoo au ended but IT IS SO GOOD AND PURE!! i love it so much ♡

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO GLAD you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  but what did kala say!!!

!!!!! Kouda can’t actually talk to animals, he can only control them! But Baku is Baku and as usual his knowledge of his classmates’… everything is approximative at best haha

Anon said: omg that bakugou with cat is so cute!!! (fun fact tho! kala mean fish in finnish so its a cute name for a cat)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s actually adorable!!!! *O* thank you for telling me!!!!

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Can you rant about what you don't like about HR please?

GLADLY. here’s my top ten (which has a bunch of sub points…. whoops)

  • he’s racist.
  • he’s unnecessary. i’ve gone over this before, but he is quite literally doing nothing. it was even highlighted in the last few episodes.
  • he bosses everyone around and uses everyone for his own personal agenda and gets upset when things aren’t serving him, actively wasting the team’s time and efforts and resources. do we even know how he funded the star labs museum to this day??? and we know it’s gonna fail so like. what he doin. this is a good gif set.
  • he wanted to come to earth-1 because he was bored of being an entitled rich dude on earth-19. sure, asking the multiverse of wellses if any of them wanted to uproot and come help out on earth-1 (even though we really don’t need a regular wells, tbh… i love tom on the show but we gotta come to terms…) is a little sketch, but voluntary. hr knew he didn’t fit the requirements but got upset at them for not just letting him do whatever the fuck he wants.
  • he put the team IN DANGER because of his boredom of being an entitled rich dude on earth-19 (granted, bless for bringing cynthia, but if cisco wasn’t there bein cute they’d be fuuuucked)
  • he’s supposed to be the “light of the show” but all he does is take screentime from the other characters. easy little things, like relationships outside of barry, iris being able to show her job, where the fuck is singh??? i feel like there’s more but i can’t remember them off the top of my head, it’s somewhere in the tag but man. you know who’s the actual light of the show (with everyone complaining cisco’s too busy being rightfully bitter lmao)??? wally motherfuckin west.
  • he’s just kinda… taking plot lines and screen time in general. all we needed hr for was helping wally with his powers at first and then bringing cynthia. but cisco could’ve done that??? it was a perfect place emotionally for both of them and they could’ve been engineering bros but ok… and his job could’ve been done by iris!!!! more efficiently tbh.
  • that thing with cecile!!!!!!! on joe and cecile’s date!!!!!!!! WHAT.
  • using the team as part of his own plot for his book or any use really (the hologram, for example) without telling them or asking. the only one who seems really charmed by it is barry, but i’m pretty damn sure that’s the ptsd talking lmao.
  • having a wells is forcing people to relive trauma, which is more of a writing thing (granted everything’s a writing thing “but i digress - gabbi”). they keep bringing up eowells but acting like he was the actual original wells on the team even if it was eobard and comparing him to hr without bringing up the actual trauma??? and they keep making jokes about it like it’s fine, it isn’t, and hr has to be constantly reminded of the fact that it’s not a joke, and that it’s not funny, it’s not his to joke about. everyone on og team flash’s been through the trauma but him. harry acknowledges on a deeper level that that was a horrible, nasty experience for them and finding out that a version of him (even though it wasn’t him) was a mass murderer who manipulated the team for years. hr wants to know how he brushed his teeth.

anyways if you want me to elaborate on any of the points or sub points lmk!!

also shoutout to @jedifinnrey for putting up with my bullshit and coming up with the last bullet and proof reading and stuff like bless