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Thinking Out loud/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Why aren’t you afraid?” The infamous Peter Pan asked me.

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       okay so let’s write a novel talk about actual trainwreck of a character Jack Sparrow in this movie. so there are spoilers under this so don’t read if YOU DON’T WANNA BE SPOILED because I’ve been waiting months to write this and now I finally can:

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prompt ~ Emma discovers that Regina is actually a huge dinosaur nerd (inspired by the framed picture in her mansion) and Regina gets embarrassed but Emma thinks it's adorable

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma spends the first few days of living in the mansion simply exploring. Since she lives here now, she figured she best know the place inside and out. It’s been incredible to see all the things she never took to notice - the things that make up her home…their home. 

She smiles as she wanders into a dining room near the back of the house frowning in confusion at a framed picture of a dinosaur. It seems strange and out of place given that most of the photos in the mansion are family ones or ones of animals. 

“Are you exploring again?” Regina asks appearing in the doorway, “Have you settled on a favourite room yet?” 

Emma grins, “I think we both know my favourite place in this mansion is in your arms.” 

“You’re so cheesy,” Regina tells her. 

“I am…you inspire cheesiness,” Emma replies walking over and kissing her lovingly, “So…dinosaurs? Random?” 

Regina blushes slightly, “Henry went through a dinosaur phase?” 

“When he was seven, he told me…but that’s not his.” 

“How do you know?” 

“Because if it was his he’d have it in his room with the rest of his nerdy posters - this is yours.” 

“How do you know?” 

“You’ve framed it and put it on display in your dining room which means you like it…you’re a dinosaur nerd.” 

Regina’s blush darkens as she ducks her head away, “I…I simply find them fascinating. We never had anything like that in the Enchanted Forest and when I found out about them I wanted to know everything…why are you smiling at me like that?” 

Emma beams wrapping her arms around her as she replies, “Because I love learning these things about you…my dinosaur nerd. Hey…does this mean I can put my Jurassic Park movie poster up?”

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Ok. So, to find out when the game itself takes place, you've gotta know when the studio was open. At first, I assumed that Bendy was a rubberhose toon from the height of that style of cartoons. That would put their timeline between 1925 and 1935. Since Sammy recognized Henry but Henry didn't know about the studio extensions in the basement, Henry would have had to leave the studio sometime around 1928. However, Henry also wasn't around for the instillation of the ink machine,… (Mo 1)

(2) which Sammy said was build “over their heads”. So Sammy was either: 1.) downstairs when the ink machine was built, or 2.) the tape recorder was moved downstairs. We also know from Wally’s recordings that Joey had “everyone” donate something from their workstations, so the employees at that time were pretty few. Each item can probably be associated with a specific person; the book is Joey’s the record Sammy’s, and I imagine the doll belinged to the guy who did toys. (Mo)

(3) But based on how small the company was at the time (and modelling it off Disney’s early years) I can’t imagine Henry wasn’t working there at that time; in fact, the inkwell could be his. So where’s the overlap, and how did Joey publish a book if the company was that small? Demonic hijinks definitely accounts for some of it, but the timing is weird. If (basing this assumption off Wally’s first recording) the ink machine was put up very soon after the pedestals, … (Mo)

(4) then it’s possible Henry left between the pedestals and the ink machine. That still doesn’t leave a lot of time for Henry knowing and being super close to all his coworkers, but it works. UNTIL I saw someone notice the “Buy Bonds” mark I hadn’t seen before on one of the episode posters. When I researched, I couldn’t find any examples of cartoon propaganda in WWI. WWII, however, is well known for it. Now we’d have to rework what we already figured out for a new timeperiod. (Mo)

(5) First off, why would this studio still be using rubberhose-style animation long after it had gone out of style? They probably started the studio right before rubberhose went out, and wouldn’t or couldn’t update it. That puts them starting the studio in the 1934-1935 range. That’s good, because it gives plenty of time between the founding to when it went mad. Wally said that the animations weren’t being finished on time anymore, which means they had a time schedule. (Mo)

(6?) A time schedule like that would probably be imposed by a distributer. At this time, probably the studio was doing a lot of work for the government and military and being funded by them (hence “Buy Bonds”). This is probably about the time that Joey really stopped caring about the actual animations. The extensions probably also happened around then. So when did Henry leave the studio? Probably right before the studio was doing animations for the military. (Mo)

(7) At that time, Joey was probably already starting to slip. There were probably already plans for an extension to the studio, and rudimentary plans for the ink machine. This would’ve been about 1940-1941. Henry would have been really familiar with everyone there, maybe to the point of leaving behind a keepsake that could later be used for the pedestals. The extensions are built, the ink machine installed, more employees hired, and the studio went under probably late 40’s. (Mo)

(8; last one, promise!) Whether the studio went under because of money or demonic issues is up for interpretation. So, assuming that demonic stuff means that Henry went back exactly 30 years after he left the studio, the game may take place in 1970 or 1971. All of that is, of course, a guess. I’ve found it fun to try to connect the game to the actuall history of animation. I guess only time and new chapters will reveal what really happened! Thanks for letting me do this. -Mo💚

Dang when you said it was the length of a novel you weren’t kidding.

Anyways, let’s try and go through this one thing at a time.

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Book Release Party (Sam Drake x Reader)

Summary: You are a history nerd, and a particular book catches your attention. It’s about pirates? An island? A pirate utopia? You were going to find out more about it in its release.

word count: 1,930

a/n: I got these ideas but then I’m not entirely sure if I can’t write them, but I decided to give it a try because why not? I must challenge myself! + This is my first one shot.

The lovely Alexandra @nadinesass edited this for me and I’m so grateful, thank you so so much for helping me <3

warnings: english is not my mother language but I’m trying my best.

y/c: your city

You were closing the tour guide’s office, your shift was over and you were eager to head on home. It was lovely working at a place full of art with people who were as passionate about it as you were. The (Y/C) museum of art history was the place you always wanted to work, now you were living your dream and you couldn’t be happier.

You got out of your car and started walking through your apartment’s building, everything was the same, the old wrinkled flowers, the filthy hall floor. This building was really in need of some better cleaning personnel. You took out your apartment’s keys and rolled them into the door, opening it to reveal your dark apartment. The familiar feel of comfort and coziness of your home overwhelmed you as you flopped down on the couch to rest your eyes for a bit.

After taking a long shower, preparing some pasta and eating dinner, you sat on your couch to read your e-mails. Most of them were newsletters from some of the stores you were subscribed to. A particular e-mail caught your attention. At first glance the first word that stood out was ‘Pirates’

“Libertalia - the lost pirate utopia.

  This book is expected by several historians to be very controversial but it also wakes the curiosity towards the infamous legendary pirates, Henry Avery, Thomas Tew, Anne Bonny and many of the other greats. Samuel Drake, self proclaimed adventurer and treasure hunter, releases his first book next week, September 9th, on our store! Join us to know more about an adventure of a lifetime. The writer is our special guest and we will host a 1 hour Q&A session. ”

Your inner history nerd was on fire right now. You really wanted to go, but you didn’t know if you could make it to the library due to your work schedule next week. You called your coworker Rose as soon as you could informing her of the shift exchange you had in mind, just your luck, she wasn’t very compliant. You’d talk with someone else about it.

While washing the dishes, you were still thinking about it. “Samuel Drake? Never heard about him… Any chance he’s related to DF Fortunes? Is Libertalia real? And what about those new paintings from Madagascar? What the hell?” You decided to save it for the Q&A and dropped the matter for now.


One week has passed. It was September the 9th, the day of the book release party. Rose didn’t exchange with you but Max did when you almost thought it was impossible to leave the museum. You were more than grateful for that shift exchange. No book release has excited you this much since you were a kid.

You finally chose a simple black t-shirt dress with a belt to frame your waist,  paired with your favorite heels and a dark blazer, dressing as humbly as you could. You wanted to look as professional as you could, you were representing your city’s museum, after all.

Arriving to the library was really easy, but finding a place to leave your car was a nightmare. You found a spot in a street parallel to the store and you convinced yourself that it would do. You immediately regretted wearing heels when you saw how wet and muddy the ground was from the recently fallen rain.

The store was decorated with fake pirate coins, posters and cards. It looked pleasing to the eye. The book released was displayed everywhere. You immediately picked one and inspected it: it had a hard cover with a beautiful picture of a mountain and waterfalls surrounding it, the book title font was really delicate and it was covered in gold paint. You smiled while touching it with your fingers to feel the texture. Little things like that send you the best energies. 

“Miss? Would you like to sit in the first chairs? The store is going to be full by the time Mr. Drake arrives.” The lady interrupted your thoughts.

“Oh yes. Sure! Thank you.” you smiled.

You sat in one of  the middle chairs of the second chair line - the first one was for photographers and magazine article writers. The book was on your lap and you ended opening it. The book had really cool chapter titles, which only intrigued you more. The first one was “A panamanian jail”, followed by “The lure of adventure”, “Sic Parvis Magna”, “Pro devs qvod licentia”… you already in love!

Before you knew it, the front lights were on and the store lady announced that Samuel Drake had arrived. You didn’t notice but, all the chairs were already occupied. It only showed how caught up you got in the chapter titles.

The woman next to you was whispering to her husband, you just understood one part “he’s going to be alright”.

You discreetly turn your head to get a look at their faces and you almost gasped as soon as you remembered them. You recognized them. Next to you, the legendary Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from DF Fortunes. You admired their work, you bit your lip surpressing asking them questions right now and decided you’d save it for later.

You felt your face heating up from staring too long and you snapped your head back at the stage. When you least expected it, Sam Drake walked on stage. He was tall, really good looking, he was wearing a denim jacket and a grey shirt underneath it. His hair was so perfectly in place you started wondering how much time he spent it. Mentally scolding yourself, you drew your attention away from his appearance.

“Hello everybody!” he said before people stopped their round of applause, “it’s amazing to be here with you all. This is my book as you can see…” he laughed softly. “I bet I’m not the only thief who writes books right?" 

People laughed and you couldn’t take your eyes of his mouth in the entire speech. ‘(Y/N), what are you thinking?’ you thought to yourself. ‘You don’t know about hi-…I mean, the book is also about his life and it’s fascinating…Ah! Stop! He’s like (X) years older than you!’ 

Your thoughts were interrupted by the lady once more. "And now we are ready to start the Q&A! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, Ladies and Gentlemen.”

People started asking him questions about his life, the climbing, how terrible was to not finding the treasure, how fantastic was to find a whole city after being in prison for thirteen years, why he decided to write the book. Without thinking twice, you put your hand in the air to ask.

You felt every second of his face looking at your direction like it was an eternity, you could feel yourself blushing already.

“The beautiful lady over there next to my brother.” he said pointing at you.

The store lady gave you the mic and you stood up, trying to quench your fears.

“Yeah, Hi! Um, I’d love to know how scary was to find those letters of Henry Avery and, weren’t you afraid of having the same faith as his? Losing your own mind over a lost treasure?”, you sat back down again as you stopped speaking, awaiting his response.

“Oh I uh- Tough question.” he said, quickly furrowing his brows once he put your question at thought. “My brother right there can answer you, he was the one who stopped me.”

Nate laughs and waves it off, indicating for Sam to tell you himself. Sam reluctantly keeps going “All my life spinned around that treasure and being close to it damaged my capability to think… yeah.”

You smiled at him and thanked him for answering your question. He didn’t give you a full answer and upon second thought on the question, maybe it was too personal. Too late now, anyways.

It was over and time for people to go home, you shook hands with Nathan and Elena and introduced yourself.

“So you work at the musem here?” Nathan asked.

“Uh yeah, downtown! We have the newly found pirate paintings, some of them are portraits from Madagascar? You should check them out if you want, I’m a tour guide there.”

“Yeah, if you’re talking about the same paintings I’m thinking, I’d love to see them again.” he smirked.

“You’ll be seeing us rather soon then… Our daughter she’s definitely taken a liking to artifacts.” Elena said glancing to Nate at the mention of artifacts.

“Sure!” you smiled. “I’ll be waiting for you, door’s open.” You mentioned the museum’s hours before smiling and saying your farewells.

When you finally left the library, you remembered that you had to cross the street all over again so you walked cautiously, paying attention to each step so much that you didn’t notice someone approach you. You felt a hand on your shoulder which made you jump, turning around a little bit startled.

“Hey, sorry if I scared you.”

You looked at the person and you couldn’t believe that it was him, the author you had recently gawked at like the village fool. No shame, right? You couldn’t blame yourself, he was nice to look at.

“Mr. Drake? Hi.” you could feel your face getting red again

“Call me Sam” he smiled softly. “Uh so, uh, did you like the book?”

“You came here to ask me if I liked the book?” you laughed. “Yes, I’m sure I’ll love it. I still have to read half of the chapters but it seemed like an amazing adventure.”

“Yeah, it was really hard though…” he paused to light his cigarette. “So what’s your name darling?”

“(Y/N)” you answered putting out your hand.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” He shook your hand, sending a tingle feeling at contact, “You work at the downtown museum?”

You were blushing again. “Thank you I er…” You paused, flattered from his compliment, was he just being nice? “And yes, I do. Need some information from there?”

“Uh, actually no but, I saw the way you were reading the book before I got on stage” He remarked.

“Oh…” you covered your face with your hands. “What about it?” your brows knit in confusion.

“There are some things that I didn’t put in that book.” he said with a grin.

“W-What?” you were really into his choice of words, were you getting the wrong idea here?

“We really did find Avery’s treasure.”

You stopped in the middle of the street and looked into his eyes. “I don’t understand. Why are you telling me this?” You chuckled lightly.

“I thought you’d like to heart about it y'know, you were practically devouring the book in that seat.” he laughed.

“Come on, start talking!” You smiled.

“How about I tell you over a coffee?” He proposed, raising his brows.

“Hm I see what you’re trying to pull, Sam.” you looked away and left a sigh.

“I have some coins of trade from Libertalia…”

“Ahh stop! Okay we can drink coffee!” you finally said, not allowing him to go on.

After trading phone numbers, you went home thinking about the one and only, Samuel Drake and what stories were waiting for you at that coffee shop.

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You have to wonder why A&E chose Robin Hood of all characters to bastardize. On this show, all the things that make him who he is have been pushed to the periphery of the show and distant from the character himself. Marian & The Merry Men are of little importance, Sherwood Forest will be getting a mere cameo appearance, and he's done no stealing to help those in real need. He's just a man with a bow given the title of Robin Hood to add some importance to a poorly developed original character.

Anon, you are right, and know not what you unleash.

Representations of Robin Hood - I’m going to take a whistle-stop tour through the ages.

We’ll start with Robin and Marian because, despite what an OQer of pick’n’choose knowledge insists to select just one very late ballad about a shepherdess as Robin’s real love (she didn’t take off), that’s where it starts; not even with the earliest ballads we have (which are just the first written records of Robyn Hode); with European paganism, spring time celebrations, the delights of the greenwood - these are regular features of seasonal life. Like most of Europe the Anglo-Saxons have been Christianized and the early Church adopts their magical springs and shrines, often keeping iconography of the pagan past. Then the Normans invade in 1066 and smash early English democracy with feudal law, and it feels like the Orcs have taken over Middle Earth. But many traditions continue. Celebrations of Robin and Marian are being recorded for posterity by the 1100s (and also in France), eventually evolving into the May Day festivities we recognise as heritage.

Robyn, Robin, Robert - there’s no need to get into the many historical possibilities of a real man with the name of Hood because we’re dealing only with how he’s represented. Every age does something different to add to the folklore we inherit. We celebrate the yeomanry of the early medieval period. We are not serfs of our Norman conquerors, we are free artisans and choose to march behind foreign kings if it suits us. We won’t speak their French, but we’ll take some words and add them to ours, and eventually they’ll be speaking our language. Look, we are the literal swashbucklers – we carry bows and swords and swash our bucklers as we walk. And if it doesn’t suit us we’ll walk away, be outlaws and live off the deer they claim as their own in the forest. We sing each other our adventures in our evolving language, but we haven’t written them down yet.

So now, like the Norman introduction of surnames, Robin Hood is getting established - his class, his skill with the bow and sword, his Marianism (Marian is a greater archetype than Robin by her association with the Virgin Mary), his respect for women (the tradition of male reverence for goddesses; England is never a fatherland, always a mother); his enmity with Nottingham’s sheriff; his entertaining habit of robbing rich churchmen and greedy merchants, so that many a real bandit of the medieval period is tempted to take his alias.

The literate among us write the songs and stories as ballads. The oldest ballad to survive dates from the 1400s. The Merry Men are settling - Little John, Scathelocke (Scarlett), Much… Marian’s name is written in a more bawdy context and here comes Friar Tuck. By the 1500s minstrels and jesters will even tell tales of Robin and Marian at Henry VIII’s court. Eventually the bards will insert themselves as Alan-a-Dale. The make-up of English society has evolved. We have given a lesson in how to be conquered - we absorbed our conquerors. We’re no longer oppressed, we are all in this together, right? So it’s safe and even desirable to ennoble Robin by literally ennobling him - he can be an earl like Huntington who gives up his privilege to fight local injustice. While we’re at it we can promote Marian’s class to match, and she can be the daughter of a nobleman, the sheriff’s ward or some-such (note: an OQer uses this to argue that Regina is a better Marian for Robin because of Regina’s aristocratic status. Feel free to point and laugh at that).

As the centuries go by and drama evolves into what we recognise as modern genres, we make both tragedies and comedies out of these heroes. Robin Hood also enters pantomime, and children are still watching these cross-dressing, gender-bending performances today at Christmas. The nineteenth century impact is big. Robin’s legend (for by then that’s what it is) is firmly dated to the 1100s, so it’s been enough centuries to safely address conquest and class, and the Victorians re-visit the English struggle under the Norman yoke. Robin is an heroic Saxon fighting Norman oppression.

Then Sir Walter Scott writes Ivanhoe and yet again there’s a shift: Robin is a follower of good King Richard - and look, by now Richard is not Coeur de Lion, he is Lionheart (we’re all English now, don’t forget!) Robin becomes of national consequence, fighting tyranny in the good King’s absence until Richard returns to pardon him and restore the lands a bad Sheriff/bad Prince John confiscated. This is the incarnation that 20th century Hollywood grasps. Errol Flynn epitomises - his Robin is a swashbuckler without a buckler. He is pretty and brave and charming, and Marian is worthy because she is as much his foil as the sword he deploys like a Restoration rake, appreciating his wit while playing hard to get.

In 1976 Britain and America collaborate on a much more interesting film (Robin and Marian) to remind us that kings can’t always be trusted, middle-aged people count as protagonists, Robin Hood isn’t a fairy-tale, and to give an historical lesson on the role of a nun as a rare place for medieval women to be powerful and safe (a lesson Miranda Richardson also passes on to Hayley Atwell in the recent The Pillars of the Earth).

At last we get to 1984 where I’ll stop because, although there have been two big budget films and a BBC TV series since, ITV’s Robin of Sherwood is my favourite. The first two seasons are the best. Robin of Sherwood makes a brave stab at historical accuracy while reintegrating Robin and Marian with their English myths and archetypes: the Green Man, the May Queen, Cunning Women, Herne the Hunter, the Wild Hunt, Albion, Wayland Smith. Here also is a non-exhaustive list of aspects explored as on-going themes or on an episode basis:

  • economic oppression
  • religious hypocrisy
  • anti-semitism
  • islamaphobia (more relevant now than then)
  • ableism (through the character Much)
  • institutional sexism (feudal law re. women)
  • misogyny and male entitlement (gender-based accusations of witchcraft)
  • the homophobic AIDS panic (a story featuring lepers)

- all at tea time on a Sunday so the kiddies can watch comfortably before bath, pyjamas and bed on a school night.

If you’re going to use the folklore of Robin Hood, that is what you do with it. You have an understanding of its history and meanings of the past. You then make something contemporary and relevant of it. You do something that resonates.

You don’t appropriate the name and stick it on a husk you’re too lazy to write. You don’t use it to make insta-character, like a Pot Noodle, from your shallow dragnet of exploited tales and genre mash-up. You don’t use it to demean and infantilise a female character, romanticise cheating, and write heterosexual love as a man’s choice of women to shag.

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Can we have the male characters reactions to a first date gone horribly wrong

Confession: I have a hard time writing Owain, only because his dialogue is so damn purple. Chrom’s date is the disaster of disasters the poor dork On whose part? Oh well, this is gonna be a ton of fun to do hehe~ Random: Listening to ace attorney helps me write these faster. I feel like I’m missing the point of an imagine blog but oh well have these drabbles

Chrom: “No, no, no!” He has his hands clasped to either side of his head and you can see that he’s this close to tearing his hair you would feel sorry for him if you weren’t so annoyed at what had just happened. Not him so much, but at the waitresses that have been harassing you ever since you’ve entered the established. Your ever naïve husband has been oblivious to their advances and flirts, and it was getting you more and more on edge. You’ve made some passive-aggressive marks already, but it hasn’t gotten through to his thick skull until you’ve made several pointed comments. Just as he was about to apologize, the smirking redhead comes over and spills wine all over you. In his rush to clean you up he’s knocked the candles over and lit your tablecloth on fire. A passing waiter was so terrified that his tray went flying and hit a chandelier. That fell and swung right to you until Chrom knocked the two of you out of the way. “I-it’s fine,” you say with what you hope is a smile. “Let’s just go home…” He gets the two of you up and off the floor and sighs in resignation. “You’re right…ack, I should’ve realized…some husband I am, huh?” You shake your head and peck him on the cheek. “No, you’re a fine husband. But a bit of an airhead sometimes.” “I can accept—WHOA!” It seems that the chandelier has a friend that’s coming back swinging for vengeance.

what even was this one idk man i write these in the middle of the night

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Meat Cute, 9/9

Or where there is finally, finally, a wedding. Buckle your seats kids. This one’s a long one.

Several thank yous are in store now that this is finally finished! Thank you @zilleniose-chu for being a wonderful human being, for creating TAU and the blog, and letting us all play with your idea babies. Thank you @marypsue for all of your amazing writing advice and help, not to mention letting me spaz on you on the reg. Thank you anon on the blog who sent in these two asks and let me use ideas from them.  Thank you @randumbdaze for the art and thank you to the rest of the mods for letting me moan and groan at you.

And of course, thank you, my readers, for actually reading! I never would have imagined a year ago how big this would get or that people would want to read about my babies! So thank you, thank you again, and happy anniversary!


As Henry explained to the triplets when they asked years later, he had never officially moved in to the Shack. He had never asked and Mabel had never offered. It was just assumed that it would be a thing that happened. 

So by the first month of them going out Henry had a toothbrush in Mabel’s bathroom, and some of his underwear and socks in a small folded pile on a chair in her room. Five months and some of his favorite books had found their way onto various side tables and shelves. His stays went from overnight to two or three nights, to a week at a time, and Uncle Tyler constantly giggled at him and told him to “Get it!” (Which in turn made both Henry and Uncle Dan blush.)

Henry went ahead and moved the remainder of his stuff into the Shack three days after he proposed to Mabel, when a brand new room appeared overnight on the side of the Shack.

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12x08 Coda: The Worst Part

Or, the one where Sam and Dean are in a supermax and everybody’s sad about it.  Light Destiel.  Also available on ao3

This is nothing like the X-Files.

Angie yawns and slides forward on her hand, despite the fact that she had propped herself up against her keyboard in an attempt to stay awake.  The worst part is that she always gets stuck with the early bird shift. And she doesn’t have a young, hot Gillian Anderson to distract her, either.

Sighing, Angie flicks on the cameras at exactly five o’clock.  After thirty-five days of this, she has a pretty good idea of how the Winchesters operate.  Both of them, despite the fact that it’s been thirty-five days since they’ve been in contact, wake up at the same time.  The one time Angie had dared to sneak a peek at their file (her superiors think that only people who have fully gone through the limited supernatural-based training the US government provides should have access), she’d caught a glimpse of their father’s military record.  When she got home that day, she’d looked up the Marine wakeup time.  Sure enough, five o’clock.

They don’t go about their morning routines the same way.  The younger one—Sam, she thinks, it’s not really her place to know their names, just if they appear to be planning an escape attempt—sits cross-legged on the too-small pallet that they call a bed and sinks into some sort of weird meditative state.   Angie can’t really blame him.  It’s got to be boring as hell in there.

The other brother, Dean, doesn’t waste any time with that. He heads right into a routine that puts Angie’s fitness-nut older sister to shame.  Simple stuff like push-ups and sit-ups to start.  One time, Angie witnessed him literally climbing the wall—strong fingers searching out cracks to dig into for purchase.

By the time someone delivers breakfast at exactly 6:30, both of the brothers are done with round one.  Then it starts all over again.  Sam does the sun salute yoga routine that Angie’s sister swears up and down will stop the backaches Angie gets from sitting here like this all day before getting into the same push-up setup as his brother.  Dean takes the hour after breakfast to sit on the edge of the pallet, head in his hands.  For the life of her, Angie can’t figure it out.  It doesn’t look like it makes him feel any better, like the meditation does for Sam.  Every time he emerges, he looks a little more wane.

Angie knows she’s probably supposed to be scared of these guys, but they don’t look like the kind of men that she would expect to see in a maximum security prison.  Maybe because they’re good looking—even Angie, who had a poster of Dana Scully in her room instead of Mulder growing up can see that—or maybe because there’s a part of her that thinks that maybe it’s not so bad to have normal, ordinary people out there working against monsters.  Less red tape than government.

When her shift ends, though, the Winchesters leave her mind until the next morning.

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Regina Mills was bent over her cell phone at lunch, the outside eating area the one place students were allowed to use them. She frowned as she scrolled through her Twitter feed, confused by all the activity her account was suddenly experiencing. People she had never heard of were filling her notifications, retweeting some link that was also tagged with global popstar Robin Locksley’s twitter handle.

“What’s so interesting?” Mary Margaret Blanchard, one of her best friends, asked as she sat down with her boyfriend David Nolan. 

“I seem to be trending,” Regina replied, holding up her phone. “And I have no idea why anyone would care about me. Or keep tagging Robin Locksley.” 

Mary Margaret began to squirm as their other friends, Emma Swan and Ruby Lucas, bounded up to the table. Emma’s boyfriend Killian Jones followed behind them, chatting with Ruby’s girlfriend Dorothy Gale. They all took their seats as Mary Margaret gave them wide-eyed looks which did not escape Regina’s notice. Annoyed, she asked: “What do you know about this?” 

“Don’t get mad,” Mary Margaret started. 

Regina frowned. “That’s not a promising start.” 

Emma leaned forward, her voice in a placating tone. “We know things have been rough for you this past year losing Daniel. I know it was different for you, but we do understand your pain. He was our friend. And we know he wouldn’t want you to miss the prom just because he can’t be here to take you.” 

“I’m not going to the prom alone,” she replied. “I won’t be the girl whose boyfriend died so she had to go the prom alone.” 

“What if you went with someone though?” Emma pressed. “Like Robin Locksley?”

Regina’s heart stopped at that. She idolized Robin. He and his band, the Merry Men, had been burning up the charts and Robin’s face was on every magazine. Regina had his posters hanging on her bedroom walls and she followed him everywhere he had a social media account. His music had gotten her through the difficult months following Daniel’s death and she had once tweeted that to Robin. 

It was ignored. 

Which made her wonder one thing: “And why would Robin Locksley even consider taking me to prom?” 

All her friends exchanged looks and Dorothy sighed. “You need to show it to her, you guys.” 

“Show what to me?” Regina asked, voice hard. 

Emma pulled something up on her phone and slid it over to Regina to watch. It was a YouTube video starring Mary Margaret, Ruby and Emma entitled “Promposal to Robin Locksley.” Regina hit the play button and it began. 

Hi, my name is Mary Margaret and these are my friends Ruby and Emma,” Mary Margaret started as the other two waved at the camera. Regina recognized the pastel pink walls of Mary Margaret’s room. “This video is a message to Robin Locksley on behalf of our friend, Regina Mills.” 

Ruby spoke next. “She doesn’t know we’re making this video. And we hope she doesn’t kill us when she finds out.” 

She was. 

This is Regina,” Emma said as Regina’s senior picture popped up. “And this is Regina with her boyfriend Daniel.” 

Regina’s heart constricted as a picture of her wrapped around her boyfriend, Daniel, popped up. She remembered when they took that picture—it was at Emma’s birthday party right before Daniel died. Everyone had been hanging around Killian’s house, laughing and playing games. Mary Margaret had insisted all the couples pose for pictures and Regina was happy to oblige. She rested her cheek against his hair and they both smiled at the camera, looking so happy. 

It wasn’t fair. 

Emma continued speaking on the video. “Daniel died last year, killed by a drunk driver. Regina was devastated and she withdrew from us for a bit. But she’s been coming back slowly, coming out with us more and more as well as resuming her extracurricular activities, like the debate team.” 

But she has decided not to come to prom because she doesn’t have a date,” Ruby said. 

Mary Margaret took over. “She’s your biggest fan. She knows every word to every song, has read and seen every interview you’ve ever given, has all your posters…We were hoping that since Daniel can’t be here to escort her to prom, she would still come if escorted by her idol…you.” 

So please, Robin, please take our friend to prom,” Emma pleaded. “She deserves to have some fun after the year she’s had.” 

We’re now asking the internet to help us make sure he sees this. Tweet it, share it, whatever you have to do, please. Let’s get Robin Locksley to take our friend to prom!” Ruby exclaimed. 

The video ended and Regina wanted to ream her friends out, but something caught her attention. “There’s a reply video,” she said, eyes widening when she saw Robin’s smiling face in the thumbnail.

“Click it!” Emma said, bouncing in her seat. “Let’s see what it says!” 

Her heart pounding, Regina clicked the link as her friends gathered around her. Even before the video played, she could see Robin Locksley’s handsome face on the screen. His blond hair was gelled to perfection, though one lock still fell across his forehead, and his blue eyes sparkled. 

Hello, Regina’s friends. I hope she doesn’t kill you but rather realizes how amazing you lot are,” he said, British accent washing over her. “She must be someone special for you to do all of this for her.

So I would be honored to escort your friend to your prom. Let her know so it’s not also a surprise when I show up on her doorstep, yeah? And my management team will contact one of you to get more details. Until then, Regina.”  He winked as he created a heart with his hands, like he did at the end of all his public appearances.

She struggled to catch her breath as it sunk in. 

Robin Locksley was taking her to prom. 

She was going to meet Robin. 

“I need to find a dress!” she exclaimed, dropping the phone onto the table. Robin’s face stared up her, frozen in a wide smile with his hands still making a heart.

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Once Upon A Time 3x21 "Snow Drifts" and 3x22 "There's No Place Like Home" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

People of all ages, this two-part season finale should serve as an example of how perfection should be brought to life on screen. 

Continuing from where we left off last week, Rumple enacts Zelena’s curse and sends Killian and Emma back to the Enchanted forest moments before Snow and Charming are about to meet for the first time. They alter the instant Snow ‘s supposed to steal the ring, and in an attempt to make sure the two still fall in love, Killian and Emma visit Rumplestilskin in order to ask for his help. He only agrees to help them when they tell him he finds Neal. He then sends them to a ball held by King Midas in order for them to make sure Snow steals the ring this time. They eventually succeed and it’s Emma’s acceptance of who she is, and where she belongs that brings her magic back and sends them back home, along with Maid Marian who they couldn’t leave behind.  Upon arriving back at the diner, Emma tells everyone that she’s staying and the Charmings announce that they’ve chosen to name the young prince Neal. Rumple and Belle tie the knot at an intimate wedding in the woods, Maid Marian reveals herself to Robin, and the noted Snow Queen of Arendelle makes a stunning appearance as the episode comes to an end. 

Due to the insane amount of things that have occurred, both emotionally moving and hysterically enriching, we’re going to try to do our best in bringing you an in depth analyses of the beautiful episode we can easily call a favorite. 

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Timeless - Chapter 1

Synopsis: “When I win your heart…and I will win it…it will not be because of any trickery.  It will be because you want me.”  Falling through the time portal alone, Emma must find a way back home without disrupting the course of her future.  Despite her intentions of avoiding the past versions of all her Storybrooke acquaintances, a chance encounter with a persistent pirate captain may prove that true love really is timeless.  Canon Divergence/Captain Swan

Chapter 1

Running Without Direction

“One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman.” 

I pushed aside a low-hanging branch and winced as I caught my foot on a fallen log, my ankle tender from the fall through the portal and the hours of hiking I’d done since.  The soft purple haze of twilight had begun to blot out the golden hue of the day.  Through the towering pillars of evergreens, I could just make out the telltale blaze of torches in the distance.  At least, I hoped that was what they were.  I’d been using their glow as a heading for what seemed like hours; moving nonstop since I’d barely evaded a legion of black-clad knights while confronting the truth about my current whereabouts.  Staring at the face of my mother emblazoned on a wanted poster had quickly cleared up the where and when of my location. 

“One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman.”

Bending at the waist, I rubbed my sore ankle and drew in several long breaths, willing my mind to focus on nothing but the task of finding shelter and food.  At least for tonight.  Tomorrow…tomorrow would be an entirely different endeavor.  I was stuck in the past with no clue how to get back.  My pulse pounded wildly in my veins, both from the exertion of the hike and…more.  But I had no time to dwell on emotional pain, not when my actual safety could very well be threatened.  I’d spent most of my life alone; this should be no different.  Standing straight, I pushed forward through the brush, committed to keep moving physically even if my brain continued to root itself in things I couldn’t change.

“One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman.”

The words played through my mind like a badly scratched record left neglected in a neighboring room.  No matter how I tried to ignore them, they were there, insisting that I acknowledge them and adding to the immense ache lodged in my chest.  Forsaking my permission, faces appeared in my thoughts: Henry, Mary Margaret and David, and him…Hook

I could still feel the smooth leather of his sleeve against my fingertips, reliving the moment my grip had slipped and sent me careening into the time portal.  For a fleeting second, I’d expected to see him falling with me.  Somehow, even without realizing it, I’d come to expect Hook to follow me to the ends of the world.  Or time, as it were.  But I’d hit the ground alone, gifted with only the echo of his parting words as the swirling void closed above my head.

“One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman.”


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Case Study ~ October 2011, Part 2 ~ Needle

This part is better than the last, in my opinion, but there’s still some potentially triggery stuff in here folks, so please use caution.

October 2010 ~ November 2010 ~ December 2010 ~ January 2011 ~ February 2011 ~ March 2011 ~ April 2011 ~ May 2011 ~ June 2011 ~ July 2011 ~ August 2011 ~ September 2011 ~ October 2011, Part 1 ~ October 2011, Part 2 ~ October 2011, Part 3 ~ November 2011 ~ December 2011 ~ January 2012 ~ February 2012 ~ March 2012 ~ April 2012 ~ May 2012 ~ June 2012 ~ December 2016

Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part is PG, 2235 words

October 2011, Part 2 ~ Needle

It had been eight days since Blaine went into the hospital, and Kurt felt untethered, like he was hanging on to sanity by the frailest of threads.  There was so much inside of him now, too much for even his carefully-ordered world to contain, and yet there was a horrible, aching void there too.

It was hard, so hard to get out of bed each morning.  Most mornings Kurt didn’t manage it on time, lingering as his alarm blared, staring at his clock as the numbers ticked past—one minute late, two minutes late, three minutes late, until the anxiety building within him overcame the emptiness.  He’d jump up, jittery, rush through his routine and nothing would go right and most mornings he was sobbing by the time he was through. 

But that wasn’t the worst part.  The worst part was coming out of the bathroom to find Blaine’s bed vacant, having no one there to wake up, no one to fill his morning with familiar, happy chatter, no one to walk with down to breakfast exactly on time.

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anonymous asked:

I honestly just keep laughing every time I see people complaining about Hook being on the poster and them being like 'HE'S A SIDE CHARACTER!' Like, no he isn't. He's a main character. He's the main protagonist's love interest and partner. No one ever seems to complain when Regina is the only character on the posters even though the show isn't supposed to actually be about her as a protagonist, but god forbid Hook gets some focus haha. Screen time wise I'm more worried they're gonna (cont.)

(cont.) make the second half all about Regina and Rumple like they’ve been doing the past few seasons. The writers said there’s gonna be a lot more Regina in the second half and I’m honestly not looking forward to it if it’s just more whining and self pity. BUT if they decide to make her a sneaky villain again then I’m all for that.

We shall see how they handle Regina and Rumple in 5B.  I have to say if either one experiences some uncomfortable moments in the Underworld with people they’ve wronged, I am all for it.  

I’m not worried about either one taking over the story or screen-time, I usually save those fears for the guest stars. As far as guest stars in 5b, so far, it sounds good, because from what we know my assumption is that most of them (besides probably Hades) are being introduced or coming back for one episode in order to tell a story about a regular. 

  • 5x12 - the Nevengers getting acclimated to the Underworld and running into multiple ghosts from their pasts. (Cora, Pan, Blind Witch, Sidney, Villagers, Cruella, Henry Sr)
  • 5x13 - Snow (and Regina) having some backstory with Hercules and it sounds like Hercules and Meg are just there for this ep.
  • 5x14 - Milah, apparently mostly for Rumple, with some of their backstory
  • 5x15 - Liam for Killian 
  • 5x16 - Dorthy for Zelena

If that holds and we’re not subjected to lots of episodes where half the scenes are comprised solely of backstory for guest characters then I will count that as a win. 

As for Hook, the only place he’s a “side character” are in the minds of those who’ve been living in denial since he was introduced.  Those fools act like there is some universal rule out there that if a character didn’t appear in the very first episode of a show that they’re not important or a main character.  Asinine.  They dubbed Hook a side character a long time ago in order to try and belittle his existence (in hopes it would prevent the inevitable, epic love story with Emma) but news flash, that’s not their distinction to make.  And… according to the key art? Yeah, he’s demonstrably not a “side character.”