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Arc V 144 - Masks and Symbolism...

…I mean in case anybody missed it :P

The Good:

  • I know there are endless jokes about how Hearland still being destroyed means some dark thin about Zexal ending or whatever, but since we already have proof that the world didn’t just rewrite itself I think I like it better that way, I not a fan of the “World-healing wave” that magically fixes eveything, here it means that the wrongdoing of the Academia kids are not magically erased they still have to work towards forgiveness.
  • I can’t believe it, this episode actually made me care for the Heartland citizens for once, particularly that family at the end, and the sight of the Tower.
  • Dennis continues to “play” the bad guy for a moment there, I think him trying oh so hard at being a soldier here (particularly the forced expressions) means that he only needed Yuya’s acceptance of him as an entertainer duelist for him to pick for himself.
  • This duel was so much fun to watch! I mean right after Dennis tore his mask off if was a non-ending outgambit after outgambit and Yuya defying Reiji’s expectations means that he’s getting back his Entertainer self.
  • The Tyler twins are back and was that Noro carrying a child on his back?

The Bad:

  • Ok, continuity error here, I’m pretty sure Yuya didn’t witness the bracelet girls being assimilated into the Arc V machine thingy,  he was too busy raging.
  • Lol, with the exception of the family, if you expected some Xyz relevance here, in the Xyz dimension you ain’t going to find it :P (just putting this in the bad because… dunno, I know some people wanted it)

The Random:

  • Is Grace’s crush on Yuya confirmed then?
  • Hello Kaito, yo made your cameo now you can go back to the mooncave.
  • Will next episode make me care about the Kurosaki silbings? Find out next week, but remember: lower your expectations :’D
Moodboards Update

So to start off with I’m super flattered that people like my archive moodboards and trust me to make them for them!! However, I now have around 80 requests sitting in my inbox, and that number keeps growing and I’ve already made 38 moodboards over the past three days. And since making archive moodboards takes a lot of time and effort (and I’m currently running low on time) I’m going to be closing requests for now. HOWEVER everyone who currently has a request in will get their moodboard! (It may take a few days but you’ll get one never fear).

This was super fun to do, and I was overwhelmed with all the nice messages and comments all of you sent in so thank you for that! 💜💜 I’ll prolly reopen requests at some point–maybe when I hit a follower goal, or over spring/summer break when I have some more time to spend on them.

iimaddiegrace  asked:

Out of all the fandoms you're in, what character do you connect with the most?

Hmm, I’d say Amethyst, from Steven Universe.

It’s heavy story time, you can skip this part.

I was conceived (made a baby) while my mother was on birth control, meaning I was technically-scientifically- never supposed to happen. In the Kindergarten scene, where Amethyst starts to cry and shouts, “I never ASKED to be MADE!” I had to pause for a minute; I was crying myself. She’d expressed all her anguish with something that wasn’t even her fault, but still made her suffer, that I never could.

I’ve already had a lot of problems with self-worth in the past, having to take medication since I was eight for the multiple disorders I have. I’m “defective” and a “mistake” like her, to a degree. Hearing and watching Amethyst go through the struggle of not being “normal” or “right” so far in the show has helped me accept my existence as a “defect” too.

anonymous asked:

Can u cosplay as anything else besides bon bon? I'm trying to sound rude but can u like cosplay as Springtrap or ballora Or any of them? Curiosity!!!

Jolica: Well, about Springtrap… I was him once at a Con, but without bunny ears (full human version, as I call it)

Actually, I made ears for him since that and I was considering bringing him here, but it takes forever to do my make up… and thousand forever to wash my face :’D

And about the SL cosplays… if I’d ever consider it, I’d cosplay either Funtime Freddy or Ennard. Especially Ennard, my creepy little son. But unfortunately I don’t have any new fnaf character on my list ^^” I already cosplayed Bonnie, Whitered Bonnie, Freddy (here for a short time), Phone guy aka Scotty and this Springtrap.

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Artic have you ever given a gift to GalaxyLight or something special?

Artic smiles “I’ve already said before i have  given Galaxy s many gifts but the first i gave him was a special choker which has a bell on it so i can find him easily and the pendant is attached to me  i made a few so they go with various outfits he has since he loves dressing up” * Artic seemed very pleased with himself and purred*


GalaxyLight belongs to  @missladytale

Artic belongs to @twinklephoenix (me)

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So, in early Seattle history, Madam Lou Graham ran a high-end brothel. About 30% of her patrons preferred men, and her most popular employee was a man. They had a code (since gay was illegal back then) that anyone looking for a man's company should ask for "the woman in the black dress". This made me think of Luke in the 1890s as a general worker who was told by Han (who has a working gaydar) to ask for the woman in the black dress at the brothel, and that's how Luke meets Bodhi

*gasps audibly* 

this would be a verrrrryyyyy good set up for a fic. It’s so tempting to write… but I already have a WIP i’m neglecting…. curse you anon with your tempting headcanons!

Okay but guys we all thought that both Victor and Yuuri started behaving like two embarrasing parents since episode 8, but the truth is they’ve been treating Yurio like their own son since the series started.

Dad trying to give some advice.





And this… they look like a family on vacations.







Always be sure to teach your kids manners.


Always wants their attention.

PROUD PARENTS. “He’s grown so much…”

“Yeah, that’s our son!”

“We did a good job!”


“I swear I don’t know them.“






Okay guys but listen

Its only being like 78 days since Yuri on Ice came out and it already has 4419 fics so we have been writing at least 56 of them per day and I didn’t count the ones that are on Wattpad or Fanfiction

There were 1,440,596 Tweets made only from November 24 to December 14

Some of the most famous figure skaters in the world like Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Ten, Ashley Wagner, Evgeni Plushenko and Johnny Weir have talked about this anime

Also the ep 10 ending scene has been approved and praised by professional Pole Dancers

It even appeared on South Park

Our Dean Fujioka made it 5th in the list of the most searched musicians

Queerbait? no thank you this fandom doesn’t know what’s that, our love is canon and about to get married

Originally posted by thranduilings

And we broke tumblr like wow guys our fandom is amazing

Yuri!!! on Ice is amazing

  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.
Admin Smuttyfairy’s updated fic recs!

So it’s been quite a while since I last made a fic recs page. I’ve made this for any of my lovely, curious followers to catch a glimpse (probs more than that) in the kind of trash person I am and what I read (mostly JK w/ a mix of sunshine line & some RM & SG based on others’ recs). 

Also made this for myself just as a reference back to what I’ve read and what I plan on reading~

Anyway, I encourage you all to check out the few writers I have posted here if you haven’t already! 

** = indicates favorites!

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It might have been made already, but since I’m a vmin trash, I had to repost this because the cuteness is unsustainable😖

Thanks to Trump, Scientists Are Planning to Run For Office
And they’ve got help.
By Ed Yong

For American science, the next four years look to be challenging. The newly inaugurated President Trump, and many of his Cabinet picks, have repeatedly cast doubt upon the reality of human-made climate change, questioned the repeatedly proven safety of vaccines. Since the inauguration, the administration has already frozen grants and contracts by the Environmental Protection Agency and gagged researchers at the US Department of Agriculture. Many scientists are asking themselves: What can I do?

And the answer from a newly formed group called 314 Action is: Get elected.

A sincere request for help...

Hi everyone, 

This is Ling and some may know me as a translator on Twitter, but that’s not important now. I’m putting up this post in light of a recent spate of negative comments about Doyoung, which sparked off from antis. It has been announced via news articles a few days ago that Doyoung and Johnny will officially join NCT 127 as members, while the rumours had already been circulating for quite a while now. I was made aware that Doyoung-antis have been very active ever since the rumours came about. These antis do not wish for the addition of Doyoung to 127, with some claiming that “he has the least fans but SM gives him so many schedules, why should he even be in NCT”, “he’s mediocre” or “he’s a visual hole, why do fans even like him”.

With the official announcement made, these antis have become even more active in the past couple of days on Twitter. For three straight days, negative search terms which come up when you type ‘도영’ are “Doyoung OUT” and “Doyoung HATE”. Fansites and fans have since been posting links so that fellow fans can help to ‘filter the searches’, as we all know that Doyoung uses Twitter frequently (as said by Jaehyun on Melon Radio and Doyoung himself). 

Hence, I will like to hereby ask for your help in filtering the Twitter searches or posting supportive tweets with the hashtag #WithDoyoung. As described by Taeyong, Doyoung is ‘like glass’ and also ‘sensitive’. I certainly do not wish for him to see these hate comments on Twitter when he searches his name. Doyoung has been nothing short of sweet, kind and caring all this while. Most of the NCT members named him the ‘Most Caring Member’, and even Mark mentioned how Doyoung always texts him to ask about how he’s doing. Doyoung’s messages on fanboards, and even the captions he left on Instagram today are also incredibly sweet and lovely. During the fanboard event, he said that he thinks supporting and loving someone is a difficult task, so he’s grateful for us, and he will never forget this grateful heart. He said that he will always love us, and he wants to work even harder to cement his existence as a ‘gift’ to fans.That’s how much he wants to give us. Let’s do something for him, shall we?

Here are the links you can click on to filter searches on Twitter. Just clinking on each link once or twice will already be a great help. 

도영 gif 
도영 jpg
도영 사진
도영 노래
도영 음원
도영 사랑해

And here are the encouraging and supportive comments you can post on Twitter along with the hashtag #WithDoyoung. 

노래해줘서 고마워 : Thank you for singing 
태어나줘서 고마워 : Thank you for being born
항상 응원해줄게요, 도영아 : We will always support you
도영아, SNS 써서 고마워요 : Thanks for using SNS
도영 고마워 : Thank You Doyoung
도영 힘내요 : Be strong Doyoung
도영 사랑해: love Doyoung
도영 짱: No.1 Doyoung
도영 미소: Doyoung’s smile
도영 화이팅: Doyoung Hwaiting

Finally, if you see any hate comments about Doyoung or any NCT members, please send them in PDF format or simply link the tweet to @nct_clean. This will be very helpful if SM intends to sue these antis/haters in the future.

Thank you all and I hope we can all do our best to give back to the boys. ♡


Well since I’ve been on a roll with Anti and Dark universe (and have a whole story if Id just write it all down lol) @fangsmagicandinspiration came up with a dark version for Ethan at @crankgameplays. Say hello to Corroded Crank!

He was made out of a botched summoning/creation spell, the two key ingredients being the blood of the pure (Ethan in this case) and material for the physical body (Rusted, Corroded metal in this case) and due to the metal already being destroyed, it corrupted the final result and now we have our poor metal friend who is constantly falling apart and is a little self concious about all of his useless bits and bobs and bad welding and such. His whole skull is cracked open but he usually covers his brains with a wig.

I tried to keep him creepy and corpse like considering hes still suppose to be a dark half for Ethan, but when hes all put together I still think hes pretty cute! I imagine he moves sorta like the FNAF animatronics, very heavy but twitchy and jerky. I hope you like him! Me and fangsmagicandinspiration (aahah i need to call you by a name bc thats a mouthful) always have the BEST brainstorming sessions! Such a good egg, good friend, good writer. Go check them out!!!

Fake Girlfriend || Dan Howell

A/N: I’m sorry I wrote this while being extremely tired. I wanted to finish this for you so bad tho. I hope it’s not too bad.

There will be a second part!

Word Count: 1.5k

POV: Dan


Originally posted by darkphannie

It was the arrogance in his voice and the pretentious look on his face that made me say it. The simple sentence just slipped out of my mouth. Before I could even think about it, it was already too late.

I regretted driving back home from London just to attend another family gathering. Had I known he was there I wouldn’t have come in the first place. I don’t remember every liking my cousin Harry. Since we were little he tried to be better than me at everything. The whole family seemed to love him. He was great at charming people with this charisma and fake kindness. My grandma was the only one who saw trough his façade. He had wrapped all of my uncles and aunts around his finger, but I was granny’s favourite grandchild and she let me know by always getting me extra presents for Christmas. I don’t know how many times I have heard my parents say “Daniel, have you heard that Harry is doing great on the rugby team?” or “Why can’t you be more like him?”. A million times, probably. So, when he asked me if I was bringing a date to my auntie’s wedding next week I just couldn’t say no.

“Yes. I’ll bring my girlfriend.” I answered instead.

I saw surprised faces all around the table we were sitting at. Luckily my parents weren’t listening. They were the only ones that knew that I actually didn’t have a girlfriend.

Harry seemed taken aback. He raised his eyebrows and tried to look interested, but his whole expression seemed weirdly stiff. A month ago he broke up with his now ex girlfriend and I could tell that it was hard for him to comprehend that I had a girlfriend while he didn’t.

Am I a bad person for enjoying his blank astonishment? It felt like an achievement. It was like I was finally the one who won a medal at the local marathon while he had to watch.  I was so overwhelmed by the feeling of superiority that I nearly forgot that I in fact didn’t have a girlfriend.

“I can’t wait to see her. She must be lovely.” My grandma said full of excitement.

“Oh, she is very lovely.” I confirmed with a smile.

That smile faded as soon as I realized that ‘she’ didn’t even exist. I was as single as ever. No girls, no dates, nothing. My aunt’s wedding was the following Sunday, so I had exactly one week to fall in love with a girl and make it seem like we hadn’t just met. Easy challenge, right?

Nope. On Monday I found myself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I had given up on finding a date already. I would have to tolerate my cousin’s satisfied grin when he sees me show up on my own. I couldn’t bear the thought and quickly got up.

“I don’t know what to do.” I whined in despair, as I entered the lounge and found Phil sitting in front of the TV. I was hoping that my friend could help me out.

Phil knew exactly what I was referring to because I had been stressing about it since I came home from my family meeting.  

“Why don’t you ask Y/N?” he calmly suggested, turning off the TV.

“To be my girlfriend?!” I exclaimed with wide eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he serious?! Y/N was Phil’s childhood friend. The minute he introduced us we started hating each other. None of us really knew why, it was like a general law of nature and nobody questioned it. Phil had always tried to make us get along. He invited her over all the time so we could get to know each other, but we always ended up fighting about something useless. I’d always say mean things about her and Phil never forgot to scold me for it. I was obviously more than surprised when I heard his suggestion.

“More like fake girlfriend.” Phil explained and the whole thing started to make more sense.

“What if she says no?” I asked Phil, dialling her number. I was desperate enough to actually approve of his idea. I never thought I would say this but Y/N was my only hope at the moment. As I waited for her to answer her phone I felt my heartbeat speed up. Why was I getting nervous? I tried to swallow the lump in my throat but my mouth was so dry that there was barely any spit left.  

“Hello? Who’s this?” I heard a girly voice say on the other side of the line. I had never called her before. She didn’t even have my number saved. Ouch.

“This is Dan. I know this may sound weird, but I really need your help.”

I fixed my shirt in the mirror and couldn’t stop asking myself why Y/N agreed to do this. Maybe Phil somehow convinced her. The doorbell rang, signalizing that she had arrived, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“I’ll go get it.” Phil shouted as I grabbed my suitcase. Unfortunately, we had to stay in Berkshire for the whole weekend. Today was Friday and the wedding was on Sunday. It was a kind of tradition to stay over and I had to be there to help set up everything. Which meant that Y/N had to spent the entire weekend with me and my family, pretending to be my girlfriend while we actually hated each other. What had I gotten us into? That’s exactly why one should never lie.

I closed the door to my room behind me as I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come, I had to spend all of this time with Y/N. She was talking to Phil next to our front door. I only now realized that we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. My cheeks somehow started to get hot when I took a quick glimpse at her. She was carrying a medium sized suitcase as well and looked like she was ready to go.

“You ready.” I said bluntly, my voice came out sounding much ruder than I wanted it to.  

I could tell that Y/N tried hard not to roll her eyes as a reasonable reaction to my harshness.

‘You really hit it off. What a great start, Dan.’ I told myself, praying that this weekend would be over soon.

We said our goodbyes to Phil before we headed outside to my car.

“You can give me your bag. I’ll put it in the trunk for you.” I told Y/N, who sceptically eyed me.

“Why are you suddenly being decent, Howell?” she asked with a smirk. I just shrugged my shoulders and took her bag.

We drove the first ten minutes in complete silence. I couldn’t help but glance at her now and then.

‘Has she always been that attractive?’ I heard my inner voice ask, the thought surprising even myself. I scolded myself for thinking that and I repeated ‘I hate her’ a few times in my head. I was glad when Y/N finally decided to break the silence since it distracted me from my ‘forbidden’ thoughts.

“Shouldn’t we plan out our story in case somebody asks us about.. well us?” she laughed. The situation was simply absurd.

“So where did we meet?”

At the end of the car ride we had invented the perfect couple, we had created our perfect story for this weekend.

“Okay once again. We met on the bus as we were both on our way home from work. The bus driver nearly crashed into a car and had to slam on the breaks. I dared to fall over but you managed to catch me right in time. Then you asked ‘Are you already falling for me?’ and I laughed although it was the lamest joke ever.” Y/N concluded, trying to remember every detail of our newly invented love story.

“I wouldn’t make a lame pun like that!” I protested, still driving.

“Oh, yes you would, Howell.” Y/N said laughing, but I could tell that she was totally serious.

My aunt owned a huge mansion out of town. That’s where we were going to stay and it was also the location for the wedding celebration. It was pitch black when the car came to a halt in front of the huge building. I got both of our bags before I rang the bell.

“Daniel! It’s so nice to see you!” my aunt exclaimed, hugging me. I greeted her back warmly as her eyes met Y/N.

“I assume this is your girlfriend then?” she asked curiously.

I nodded, awkwardly wrapping my arm around Y/N’s waist. Only now the realisation hit me like a truck that a story about how we met wasn’t enough to be a couple. We also had to act like one.

“My name is Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” I heard her say. Her voice sounded like it was miles away because my thoughts were spinning. We had to act like we were in love all weekend. People who are in love do things, that people who hate each other would never do..  


Thunder rolled itself against the roof; you watched as the lamp shook against the table.

“I’ll go ask for another room.” You grabbed some cash and left the boys by their laptops. You poked your head out of the door and heard a clash of voices. As you drew closer to the check-in desk you saw large groups of people, some of which were soaked through from the storm.

“Excuse me?” You tried to push to the front, “I just checked in with some friends but we’re going to need another room.”

The man stared back at you, “Sorry, ma’am. We’re nearly sold out. Since you already have a room, I’m going to have to ask you to wait until everyone else in here has one as well.”

You threw your head back in annoyance and made your way back to Sam and Dean.

“It rains and suddenly everybody needs a room!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air.

Sam looked up from his laptop, “It’s pouring. Everyone is just trying to avoid it.”

You sighed and dropped onto the bed. “Toss me the remote.”

Halfway into Chopped, the lights began to flicker. Both brothers shoved their chairs back and stood up.

“It’s just the power, guys.” You made the television louder.

“We’d still better check.” Dean grabbed his EMF detector from his duffel bag and began to take a walk around the room. Within seconds, the only light in the room came from the moonlight outside.

“Great.” Sam said, you heard his hands slap his thighs as he dropped them. “Now, what?”

“You got a lighter?” You asked and heard one of the brothers shuffle around in their bag.

You got up from the bed and began opening the drawers of the nightstand.

“I swear I saw some loose crayons when we got here.” You felt something roll beneath your fingers and you held them up proudly, “For the first time I’m happy they didn’t clean the room before we got here.”

Dean lit his lighter and you saw his confused face bounce back against the flame, “What the fuck are we gonna do? Color?”

You snatched the lighter from his hand and burned the bottom of the crayons before sticking them to the table. You held the flame to the tip of each one and slowly, the room began to glow.

“How’d you know they’d burn?” Sam asked, slightly impressed by your work.

You shrugged, “I remember reading it somewhere.”

Dean rubbed his hands together, “Mood lighting.” He wiggled his brows. Sam landed a swift punch to his arm and he groaned.

“I was kidding.”

You laughed and walked over to your bag, “I’m gonna set up my bed before these things burn out.”

“It’s already set up.” Sam motioned to one of the queen beds.

You rolled your eyes, “I meant on the couch, dummy.”

“Dean’s taking the couch.” Sam crossed his arms and looked at his older brother.

“Hell no.” Dean crossed his arms right back at him.

“Rock, paper, scissors for it?” Sam raised a brow.

You whispered, “Children.”

“No way, you know you always win that.” Dean stated.

“Exactly.” Sam answered, on some level proud of his skill. He turned and watched as you tucked a blanket into the cushions. “I’ll take the couch.” Left his lips.

“I’m nearly done. Don’t worry about it, plus I’m smaller than you.” You reached for a pillow off of one of the beds and Sam snatched it from your hands.

You placed your hands on your hips, “I don’t wanna fight you, you know I’ll win.”

“Yeah, whatever you say.” He moved his belongings towards the table by the couch. “Now get in bed before that flame burns out.”

You watched as he began remaking the couch to his liking; his hair flopping around his face as he bent over to arrange the blanket. You turned your head towards the window as another crash of thunder hit the sky. A flash of light came through the curtains.

“Huh.” Sam looked past your shoulder and at Dean, who somehow already began snoring.

“How does he always do that?”

“It’s a talent.” Sam laughed lightly before being interrupted by another crack of lightning. You walked over to the window and pushed the blinds aside, “It’s scary out there.” You noted quietly.

“We hunt demons.” Sam fluffed his pillow and dropped it onto the couch.

You laughed, “But demons can be stabbed.”

“That’s true.” He smiled at you and dropped himself onto the couch. You noticed how his feet hung over the edge. You knew he was too stubborn to change his mind now, so you ignored it and walked over to the crayons.

“Goodnight.” You blew out the flames.

“Night.” He responded, and you heard him roll over.

Slowly, you peeled off your jeans and tossed them onto the floor before switching into your pajama top. It was too dark for him to see you, anyhow. Once you dropped your head onto the pillow, you realized just how windy it was outside. Rain smacked itself against the window repeatedly; you were positive the glass would come crashing down any second.

The blanket scratched against your skin as you tossed and turned. Suddenly, you felt cool air hit your back. Turning around, Sam had lifted the other end of the blanket and began crawling inside.

“Thanks.” You whispered, once you realized he was doing this to comfort you.

“Just go to sleep.” His warmth radiated from his body. You inched closer.

Maybe ten, or twenty minutes had gone by – you weren’t sure, but once you thought Sam was asleep, you pressed your head to his chest and finally shut your eyes.

“Goodnight.” He whispered and your eyes shot open. He placed a hand on your shoulder and you relaxed back into him.


fifth harmony, camila cabello and laucy

so this post is a really long time coming. i’ve been wanting to write something about this for a while now but i wasn’t sure what the point of the post was going to be or where i would go with it. i still don’t really but my main reason for writing this is to just gather my thoughts on everything that’s happened since mid novemeber in regards to fifth harmony. this post isn’t exactly about one thing in particular, but a multitude of things that have happened.

i kind of want to divulge into the whole bad things drama with camila but i’ve already made a post about that which you can read here (although it was written haphazardly when she announced that it was being released). the only other point that i’d like to make about bad things is that some fifth harmony tour shows (in europe) were cancelled to promote her single with machine gun kelley (see here) and she was also performing at every jingle ball this year with him to promote the song. this shows the favour the label had toward camila over the four other girls which i’ll probably getting into a bit later on in this post. i believe that label has, in some ways, always favoured camila. she didn’t drop epic/syco when she left fifth harmony, she is still signed to them even now.

now, let’s get on to the good stuff - laucy. so, i think it was right in the middle of november when the pictures of lauren and lucy kissing were “leaked”. i put leaked in quotation marks because we still do not know if they were purposely put out there to make lauren uncomfortable, the photographer put them out there unknowingly or the photographer put them out there knowingly - for pr.

my laucy heart was literally palpitating when i saw these pictures but as soon as i did, i wanted to scream because, oh shit - lauren had been outed, right? despite camren shippers saying it was “just a friendly kiss” (aw bless their naivety, i mean - does that look like a friendly kiss?) i think everyone knew that the kiss represented much more than that. now let’s have a look at the date that these pictures were released - the pics were “leaked” on the 13th of November 2016.

lauren made no comment on the pictures and still hasn’t. in fact, she’s made no comment on the status of her relationship or if she’s even dating lucy or anyone else for that matter.

then, on the 18th of November, lauren comes at as bisexual to billboard in an open letter to trump supporters.. “i am a bisexual cuban-american woman and i am so proud of it”.

i have plenty of points to make about lauren’s coming out. before i indulge in them - i want you all to remember that sexuality can only be defined by the person to who it belongs to. when lauren denied her interest in girls and said she was straight - she was straight. now that she is saying she is bisexual - she is bisexual, meaning she is interested in boys and girls. if, in the future, she retracts this statement - then she is who she says she is.

so - were the pictures accidentally posted? no - they were not. they were purposely put out there to tease fans and the public - to gauge a reaction as how people would deal with lauren kissing a girl.

but why, you ask. well - what else happened when the pictures were released? mid november right?… well in fifth harmony’s second statement, they reveal that they were informed in “mid november” that camila would be leaving the group. camila cabello - the face of fifth harmony, was leaving the group! so of course this meant that they needed someone else to become the new face of fifth harmony. somebody to take over.

why am i so adamant in my belief that they were released and not unintentionally leaked? because this is how the music industry works. little to nothing is left to chance. everything happens for a reason.

then, lauren came out. was her coming out in response to the pictures of her and lucy kissing? or was it as she says, because of Trump?

i don’t believe that for a second. why? because the article was sent to billboard. it had to be approved. billboard had to want to post it for lauren. these things don’t happen in a second. they take at least a day. they were an appropriate response to the pictures without mentioning the pictures (for those outside of the fandom).

also - lauren couldn’t just “come out” without getting permission. we all know that all of the girls have such strict contracts (which has now been changed a little thanks to our saviour, dina la polt). lauren’s coming out was negotiated - they weighed up the pro’s and cons and decided in favour of it because most of the fandom already speculated lauren wasn’t straight and also because of her featuring on afterellen previously etc. syco/epic deemed it okay for her to come out and that is why she was allowed. lauren’s coming out also serves a purpose for epic/syco - it paints them in a positive light, showing that epic/syco aren’t monsters who closet their clients.

is lauren actually bisexual? yes. there would be little to no benefit for her to come out if she wasn’t actually bisexual. a straight image is much more marketable than a non-straight image. so yes, whilst the label did allow lauren to come out - it was ultimately her decision. but, she may have been coerced slightly - to put herself into the limelight since camila was leaving. the timeline all makes sense.

what else happened about three weeks after lauren came out? she announced that she had collabed with duo marian hill for a song.

with lauren’s name out in the media because of her coming out, it was a perfect opportunity for her to drop her collab.

is lauren and lucy’s relationship pr? no. why? lucy is hardly well known apart from in latin america because of her dad, carlos vives. in a society that is heavily homophobic it was inevitable that he would be asked about his daughter’s actions, to which he responded -

carlos vives is very careful not to label the kiss. he doesn’t say that it’s a relationship. he says it’s a symbol. this coincides with lauren’s letter to trump. lauren doesn’t come out because the pictures were leaked, but because she wants to prove something to trump supporters (according to her story line).

also see what lucy had to say about the leaked kissing picture - here.

i do not know if lauren and lucy are in a relationship because it has not been confirmed. but i will say this - whatever they are, it is real and we should respect that. i definitely think that their relationship is being flaunted for pr, however. it has a lot of positives to be used as pr. it gives lauren publicity and that in turn gives fifth harmony publicity. first it was camila engaging in publicity stunts, but because she was leaving, their label had to have another way to get media and fan attention. so whilst laucy’s existence isn’t pr - the fact that it is kinda in our faces a lot, is pr.

i haven’t even bought up camren in this post once but i do feel as though i should make a comment about it. camren shippers probably make up the majority of the fifth harmony fandom. mid november (when the pics were leaked and lauren came out as bi, they were also informed that camila was leaving) which would be the perfect opportunity for lauren to come out as bisexual. why? to kill camren rumours…although camila was still in the band when lauren came out. the label played it well - fans had no idea that camila was leaving so lauren coming out - appealed to camren shippers a lot and fifth harmony gained a lot of attention. but it also killed camren rumours when camila left. a win-win situation in that regard. especially with lucy popped into the mix.

then, lauren was caught at the airport with weed. the reaction from fans and the media was, to say the least - quite humorous and positive. was this pr? or was lauren’s name being dragged through the industry? or was it a honest mistake?

in my opinion - it was an attempt to get lauren’s name dragged. lauren has always been one to voice her opinion and if you upset one of your superiors (which it is likely she could have done) then they can play you because you’re just a puppet. but lauren’s reaction was one of nonchalance. it seemed she was un-bothered - which is why the whole thing could’ve been a stunt. this would work in fifth harmony’s favour because it got lauren (and them) a lot of attention. i guess we’ll never know.

i think i’ve covered mostly everything about laucy but now i want to quickly look at the statements released by both fifth harmony and camila cabello, when camila decided to leave.

on the night camila was leaving, they all had a jingle ball performance. camila first performed with mgk that night.

then she performed, for the last time ever, with fifth harmony

(oh hey, look at that smile!)

that same night fifth harmony released a statement announcing that camila is leaving. and no, they weren’t “just” informed - camila craftily added that into her statement.

this was a bombshell for nearly everyone. sure, most of the fandom could see that camila wanted to leave. but after the revival of ot5 moments (yikes, dinah) this was such a confusing time for camila to leave…right? things seemed on the rise so a lot of people couldn’t understand her reasoning…even though we saw it coming from miles away. lol.

their statement was short and abrupt and obviously written on behalf of them by their management. i definitely think their management wanted to get the upper hand and create a narrative before camila and her team could come an spit lies (as they have been doing).

then we were given camila’s statement which some people took as more meaningful because she talked about bunnies and rainbows. but her statement too was orchestrated by her team. did you all catch the grammatical inconsistencies throughout? yeah - one person did not write that.

see how she craftily inserted the words “just informed”? she’s so smart. but fifth harmony’s team weren’t having it and they fired back with their second statement - not admitting defeat. there was so much confusion and so fifth harmony, in my opinion, did the right thing in releasing their second statement - to clear up any confusion. some people, of course, were too blindsighted to see wrong and right, even after everything.

all 3 statements - both fifth harmony’s and camila’s statemnts were all released on behlaf of them and are not completely theirs. one thing’s for sure however, there is an underlying narrative that none of us know about and perhaps we never will. what i can say is that camila fucked over 4 girls for her solo career as revealed by this billboard article - camila even went as far as to suggest that the four other girls take a hiatus so she could release her own solo music - and then have fifth harmony to fall back on. it’s safe to say that a lot of the articles written from billboard and other news outlets do favour camila (because one of her team works for billboard) but they are very telling. it’s also telling that camila has had so many articles written about her since she left - victimising her.

there’s a lot i could say about camila’s departure but i think that’s a story for another time.

with that i leave you with the rise of h4rmony!

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