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What's your least favorite InuKag trope?

Things I hate in fics in general

  • Calling Kagome Kag or Kagz. No. It sounds like Hag. It is not CUTE. Also: Japanese does not work that way. You’re being lazy. STOP.
  • Cheating fics. No. some of Inuyasha’s strongest character points is that he is honorable and loyal. He wouldn’t cheat. IF he had the capacity to cheat I wouldn’t have liked him as a character to start with. (Kagome too for that matter)
  • Gangsta stuff. …No. At least not in a serious sense.
  • Needless anxiety. If a HUGE problem arises from something like simple miscommunication then I pretty much drop the story instantly. Inuyasha and Kagome are NOT the types to let something like a simple misunderstanding stop them from talking about it with each other.
  • Single parent fics. I can’t. I just CANT. At least not the ones where Kagome has Inuyasha’s baby and doesn’t freaking TELL him. Single parent fics where the kid is from a previous relationship (that is OVER) just barely scrape by for me. Neither one of them are such drama queens that they would do that to the other let alone drag a CHILD into it.
  • Rape. NO. I will CRY. (I can understand using it as a plot device but not as something ‘sexy’) 
  • Inuyasha acting like a completely disrespectful fuckboy to Kagome. (I can understand him being an ass for the first few times he meets her (under certain circumstances) but the biggest selling point for an IC Inuyasha is that he’s a good guy and it eventually SHOWS.
  • There’s more, I just can’t think of them.

(A few) Things in fanfics that  I like/LOVE.

  • Inuyasha being protective, Looking at YOU @keichanz (I Knew You Before I Met You) & YOU Reinamy (Some Sort of Fairytale Ending & Speed Dating For Dummies) I absolutely MELT for protective Inuyasha.~ You have no idea.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome getting married/mated under pressure (thus the reason for S.A.R & Honor Bound) its like, come on you two! hurry up and realize you love each other!!! ><
  • game themed stories (like ’To Play Games’ by TouchofPixieDust.
  • fairy tale themed stories (either because someone is telling a story or because the group is in a fairytale AU)
  • Again there are more I just can’t think of them. -w-;

Please bear in mind these are my personal feelings on fanfic tropes and not everyone agrees with me.(Obviously) when it comes down to it I’m not going to judge anyone for enjoying rapey/ cheater/ fuckboy fics, just please don't try and make ME read them. -w-; 

1k Writing Challenge!

Good morning from California, everyone! So, to celebrate, I decided I’d have a writing challenge! Just wanted to thank each and every one of you for hanging out on my page, it’s crazy that I’ve made it here. Much love to you all, seriously. It’s pretty simple, but rules will be explained below. Also, I won’t be posting any new fics today because my brain is tired, and I have a two hour driving lesson today which won’t give me much time to write, but I promise I’ll have something tomorrow. Anyways, have an awesome day. I love you all and I hope you participate in the challenge! xoxo


1. Anything is game (fluff, angst, smut, etc.)

2. Depending on how many entries I get from each category will determine how many winners there will be. If there are a lot of entries, I will pick a winner from each category. If there aren’t there will be three collective winners. 

3. Keep your submitted piece within the MCU.  

4. Be original! I love reading stuff I haven’t seen before :) 

5. The cut off date is May 19, 2017 to submit your post. 

6. Use the tag #pietro-capimagines1kwritingchallenge if you decide to post your piece. If you do, please also submit it to my page so I make sure I get the notification and I don’t miss you. 

Have fun, let the creativity flow, and good luck! 


- Kathryn 

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anonymous asked:

Would you make a bendy from bendy and the ink machine head and sell it?

Depends on customer base (supply and demand) I’m afraid. Each new mold that is created costs a lot of money in materials, not to mention making the base and the time it takes as well.

He’s pretty simple and there’s no doubt we could do it but we’d need some feedback on the matter   (ゝ∀・) ノ゙ ~ ♡

Region Generation

For build 1 of the Myriad Quest prototype, I’m just generating a single forest region. The generation itself is pretty simple:

  1. Construct a critical path of 7-10 chunks
  2. Try to construct up to 4 offshoots from the critical path (some/all may fail)
  3. Add a cave at the last chunk of the critical path
  4. Add an equipment crate at the end of an offshoot (or randomly along the path if no offshoots)
  5. Add warps/teleporters between 0-5 pairs of chunks

The result right now feels a bit more dungeon-like, rather than an open world, but it works great for proof of concept and helps ensure that the chunks can connect properly and build the right barriers between each other.

anonymous asked:

I'm 24 and had never experienced a relationship with a guy, even a simple kiss. Many guys told me that I'm pretty but no one really tried to come to me and ask for a drink or smth else. I many times tried to ask them to go out, I've always been nice to them but they never answered favorably, sometimes they just disappear without any reason. I feel kind of desperate and begin to truly think that I'm a person who cannot live love, a person who will always feel lonely ...

I’m getting 22 this summer and I haven’t had a relationship with someone either. The thing is, don’t get desperate and look for the potential one in every person you meet. Use this time to only focusing on yourself, discover and get to know who you are! What if you miss the right one if he comes into your life when you’re being in a relationship out of comfort. You will look back at this time and say to your self “If you only knew” while you’re happy with your loved one :)xx


If there was one thing Sora had learned about Academia from his first days at the school it was that it did not tolerate failure. Going through all of the rigorous training that Academia forced on them, Sora would rarely wonder why they were forced to go through this as it all seemed pretty simple to understand. They wanted the best of the best and failure was not an option. Should some students fail a goal there would be certain consequences for them. It was part of what motivated Sora to do his best as Colonel Sanders would give them the final test where they could be seen as having reached the top. It was why to lose to some XYZ scum really hurt his pride. To lose to their enemy that they should topple over no matter where. That would have marked his biggest failure as an Academia Student.


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite