but sigh

Listen: I accepted after the pilot that this show was going to be cancelled. The ratings were low, the reviews were bad, ABC did no promotion and I had to personally convince people to watch it because they had no idea what the fuck it was.

So this week was a bit “meh” for me.

But then Torrance over here starts tweeting, and I lose it. Because this cast is so lovely and they deserved way better than this. I know that when Lashana and Medalion, especially, tweet saying goodbye to this show I’m not gonna survive. So for me, I’m sad for this cast. They did such an amazing job with what they were given, were the sweetest and most communicative with their fans, and… now it’s over for them.

So at this point, I’m just grateful we will definitely see all of the episodes. I’m grateful we’ll (likely) get a satisfying conclusion and wrap-up. I’m just grateful that this story (book and tv show) entered my life at all, because these characters and ships just make me so happy and give me so much inspiration and introduced me to new friends.

And now I just hope we get a DVD release so I can just always rewatch and reread the story to my heart’s content.


Akaashi hovers on his toes, an extra inch of height over a crowd they both already tower over, giving a small nod over a deep purple scarf when he catches Bokuto’s eye. His face is tight with exhaustion, stress, the extra sleepless nights intentional and not. But his eyes are bright in the afternoon light, reflecting yellows of the sun, and a smile tugs at the corner of his mouth when Bokuto waves back.

the way you look at me by ThinkingCAPSLOCK is still one of my favourite things and you should absolutely read it if you haven‘t yet!

saw fantaken pics of the wanna one boys on ig and they look kinda stressed?? like i heard some fans have been waiting outside their building for long hours and taking videos/pics at a close proximity or when they’re out alone. and i saw a pic of minhyun and he looks thinner and his cheeks are a bit more visible :( ymc pls take care of boundaries and feed them lots :(

I just want to make something clear. 

Me shipping Jonsa has nothing to do with me thinking Dany is heading towards a darker path. 

I like Jonsa whether it’s canon or not. 

I like Dany and the narrative progression of her character, whether she is, in fact, a hero or a fallen one. Personally, I don’t believe she’ll be a ‘villain’ but she’s not the wholesome messiah she thinks she is. 

It is not misogynistic for me to think this about Dany. I’m not doing so to prop up Jonsa. I think this because she’s been heading in this direction for seasons. Aspects of her rule has always bordered on dictatorial. 

Also, personally, I’ve always been very uncomfortable with the whole “messiah” aspect of her rule. It’s very “white saviour” – especially when you consider the fact that basically all of the POC’s on the show are the ones Dany (who is of Valyrian descent; known to be fair with violet/blue eyes) saved. Maybe that’s just me because I literally hate any storyline where the white person saves the natives from this or that. It’s such a bullshit, racist narrative that needs to frankly die.

And so maybe that’s made me biased towards Dany being the hero. I don’t know. I just think it’s incredibly unfair for people to call Jonsa shippers misogynistic for thinking Dany isn’t the all powerful, all good hero that’ll win the day. Because if Dany was male and had the same narrative, I’d still think they were heading down a dark path. 

Actually, what’s incredible about Dany’s story and character is that she is so wonderfully divisive. We are hardly ever given a female character who is so on the precipice of good and bad. 

Anyway, what I’m saying is don’t go throwing around the term ‘misogyny’ like it’s some kind of magic word to hate on anyone who disagrees with your opinion of your fav. 

*sheith, shunk, or shance*

Antis: Horrible! Pedophilia! L/K/H are 15/16 and Shiro is 26!!!


Antis:… Horrible! Pidge is 14 and the paladins are 17! 17 year olds are like adults!!

*the paladins are aging in the show*

Antis: An 18 yr old dating a 25-28 yr old is wrong and bad! Still pedophilia (don’t ask me how or why ok just let me keep using my buzzword)

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I blame Andi , among so many others myself included, for reinforcing the idea of Hoechlin being a big cuddly teddy bear. 

Fluffy bearded Hoechlbear with bonus grey. 

*Varvatos attire, baseball hats, and I heart O’Brien shirts sold separately*