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hello kepzandme can you tell me what the f*** is going on? somethig about rbb again? was he sighted?

From what I can tell, the sequence of events today is like this - 

  • Vee (@verily-i-say) got a submission with an excerpt from a book. 
  • The title of the book is “Oh Boy!” which many anons have connected to the title appearing on Harry’s magazine cover. 
  • The first chapter of the book is titled “Which Freddie?” and is about Freddie Mercury (*sighs and throws self off cliff*)
  • There is lot of Elvis mentions in Harry’s magazine cover, and there is a full section on Elvis in the book. 
  • There is a passage from the Elvis section of the book that outright mentions the names ‘Larry Grayson’ and ‘John Inman’ - there was a photo autographed by a Larry with RBB, and John Inman played Mr. Humphries, another RBB connection. 
  • People therefore think this upcoming interview with Harry in Another Man could be a banging on the closet attempt by Harry, along with a serious step in the direction to define his own image.

And that’s what you missed on glee. 


They say it’s fine if things don’t work out because there are 7 billion other fish in the sea. But I don’t want 7 billion other fish. I want you.

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Just as a reminder FYI: if you send me anon hate, the only thing I will do with it is delete it, often without even reading the whole thing.  I certainly am not going to reply to it on my Tumblr, thus giving the hate a bigger audience and feeding it with more attention. So I mean, I guess you can send it if you want, but since nobody including me is going to see the whole thing, you might get a more enjoyable masturbatory experience by just masturbating?

(I actually get very little anon hate, but I suppose my posts from yesterday made it inevitable that some would come crawling out of the woodwork. Tip: if the only way you can think of to defend Trump is with gross misogynist insults, you are actually sort of proving my point!)