but sigh


@upthehillart​ brought something to my attention. 

If any of you have noticed that your dashboard seems to be dead lately… or you keep seeing the same posts all the time, this is probably why: 

Apparently tumblr has implemented a new feature called “Best Stuff First” as a DEFAULT setting… basically it makes it so that you no longer see posts from the blogs you follow in chronological order. 

Instead you’re seeing posts that tumblr has selected that are considered “the best” or trending. Tumblr selects them (based on some sort of algorithm) and puts them at the top, while pushing the rest god-knows-where. 

This is causing a serious decrease in activity for a lot of blogs, and a lack of exposure, especially for smaller blogs. 

However… If you shut off this feature your dash will go back to normal.

To turn it off on mobile, go to your Account > 

Global settings > 

Dashboard preferences >

And there it is that sneaky bastard.

Just a heads up for everyone! *thumbs up* 

Maybe if we can get enough traction, @staff will finally take it off of default and simply have it as an option instead. )) 

hey @ dreamworks would it really be that difficult to drop the whole “loverboy lance” thing for 3 minutes and maybe give lance some depth, please?

you expect me to believe that you sit that boy down in front of a camera and he doesn’t take the opportunity to mention earth or his family even once? you expect me to believe girls are the only thing on his mind when he’s in the middle of a fucking war?

i really don’t see what is so difficult about this @ dreamworks like, these vlogs are an opportunity for character development and yet you couldn’t even utilize those three minutes to give lance an opportunity to show the complexity of his character and emotions

it was cute yeah, but? idk what i expected tbh i’m just ……tired


hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I