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Les Chevaliers…

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

Drarry fic rec

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Harry Potter and the Future He Doesn’t Really Want, Thanks. by Seefin

People who don’t care about fatphobia and are always talking about how being fat even in the slightest is awful for your health really be like “I’m just worried about fat people’s health! That’s why I think they should be punished physically, emotionally and socioeconomically for being fat. :)”

Like you spend so much time talking about how much you care about us and just wants us to be healthy and ok but at the same time you don’t even bother seeing us as people. You don’t ever do anything about fat people being bullied, you don’t care about doctors who refuse to give us proper medical attention unless we become skinny, you don’t see anything wrong with fat people jokes… And then you go “Gosh, I’m just so worried about your well-being!”

Come on, just admit you actually want us to lose weight because you think looking at us while we’re fat is not aesthetically pleasant…

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God melly i can't stand the shit blind BG pulled with the dumb liam being tricked by cheryl. The comments are all of how she is a lesbian and that he is an idiot. I mean their perspective shocks me. Why there people who believe that a celeb aka liam could be so naive and blinded by a a lesbian's motives. Do they think liam is patrick star? Does he live under a rock? Noone could inform him? That's the second most awful blind 1dhq could seed. The unmentionable re zayn is the first

Oh hey, look! Another Blind Item solve from Blind Gossip in the thrilling Cherliam “Dumb Loammy Got Roped in By The Cougar Lesbian” Saga. Here’s one for the PR marriage pile, I guess:

These all paint a really specific picture that position Cheryl as the cougar lesbian villain who plotted against poor innocent Loammy Jean. We are now at a whopping TEN blinds printed and solved about Cherliam since Nov. 29. That’s insane, especially since these gossip sites are focused in the US and this is not a super popular celebrity couple. I would actually argue that these are from Loammy’s team and not 1DHQ. I’ve mentioned before that Liam is being positioned as the naive good guy here. As not to say he isn’t, but, the instagram post about the baby, the Rollacoaster magazine quotes, the blind items, all position Loammy as the lovesick dude who thinks he managed to land his teen crush and low key paint Cheryl as the bad guy. There’s a narrative here, you guys.  I will say, I’d be ignoring me own Boob Instincts signs are there that we’re at least heading for a Cherliam engagement (I’m sorry, don’t hate me). 

For what its worth, the last blind that Enty printed last month said this was only temporary:

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