but shut up he looks cute in flannel

five shots to hell ❖ jongdae

word count ; 3563 

admin ; neb

genre ; kind of fluff, surely smut, art university au

warning ; rocker jongdae, warning : might cause heart attack like it did to me, Seulrene, people smoking, “interactive” fic (please listen to that wonderful linked song I swear you won’t regret it)

part three of nine on the collaboration project “generation sadness” by @fuckmeupexo.

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At night you can hear Jongdae’s voice, you know he takes the singing lessons with Mr. Lee. You hear him everytime, he sometimes sings you to sleep, other times just helps you find your release.

There was something about your last photoshoot that didn’t quite fit with the vintage 70s aesthetic you had in mind, the curfew for practice time was near and you were far from realizing what that damn missing thing was. Your best friend and co-worker for the project left two hours ago and you had to rearrange the whole set in order to figure out the issue and possibly find another model able to work late at night. 

You kind of liked being alone thought, and you kind of didn’t want anyone from the photography class to stay up late with you. Maybe because you didn’t want to share a space you considered your safe woman-cave, or maybe because you didn’t want to share the melodious lullaby that made you forget about your problems at 11.31, on Mondays and Fridays, to be precise. 

You didn’t know who was behind that wall, subconsciously calming you down every once in a while; you could’ve just gone to the secretary and ask who occupied practice room 4, but it was exciting, to think about an invisible young lad that only sang for your pleasures. So you kept on being a sorta fan behind a plasterboard wall.
Ten minutes later you shut the door behind your back to head to the dorm and have your two usual hours of sleep before being woken up by insomnia once again, you turn around and there he is, maybe. A young man is standing outside practice room 4 looking like he’s going to leave, just like you. You look at him in awe, he’s possibly the best looking student in the whole university. He has blonde dyed hair, a silver nose ring and a cute, deep pair of purple eye bags that make him look like he hasn’t slept for years. 

He wears a heavy green squared flannel over a white tee with holes in it, a pair of black leather pants and a pair of opaque black Dr.Martins. His head snaps at your side when he notices you’ve been staring for a solid minute and when you meet his mischievous eyes it seems like a hundred synapsis exploded in your brain. He’s the guy who sings in the studio late at night. He’s the one who sings Drugs and Candy with the most hushing tone, not knowing it’s your favorite song. Kim Jongdae, Mr. Lee’s Chosen student, the vocalist of our generation, all nicknames traveling around the corridors, you heard every single one of them. And now you discover he’s been your practice neighbor since the start, this explains how familiar his voice sounded. Since everyone in school knows the sound of Jongdae’s harmonious voice by heart, the reason of this being his absolute love for attention and the fact that he was the winner of every single a cappella battle in the practicing rooms. He didn’t love school concerts thought, you never saw him on the stage for those occasions.
Without thinking incoherent words stumble out of your lips.

“I appreciate your night nocturnal jam session.” At your words he gives a slight smirk and you mentally slap yourself for having no connection between your mouth and your brain, but you just needed to tell him the truth.
His smirk turns to a cheeky smile and he points his finger at his chest.

“Me?” He goes, turning his body fully and giving you all of his attention, his burning stare examining your body from head to toes. 

You almost felt naked. And, inevitably, you put yourself on defense mode, like every other time you felt insecure, or judged. 

“Do you see anyone else here?” You say, crossing your arms, balancing the weight on one leg and making your denim skirt crease, which Jongdae noticed and took a long glimpse at.
His smile becomes possibly even wider and he takes a step forward.

“Thank you, does it bother you?” He asks, his eyes turning from daring to puppy-like in mere seconds. 

Your cold expression melts at his question. You expected him to be a head-ass with no sense of moral like most of the “boys” around but he was, somehow, different.
You sigh and your arms fall on your sides, your fingers shaking in anticipation. He managed to break your detached facade, so you were going to figure out a way not to make yourself look like a frustrated young woman.

“No, of course it doesn’t. Your voice is - you hesitate - nice to hear.” You whisper, hoping for him not to think of you as a creep.
He just chuckles. He chuckles. Then he scratches the back of his head, looking at his vintage and probably expensive watch just to look at you with wide eyes after.

“Curfew started ten minutes ago, wanna grab coffee at the cafeteria? It’s open until 1.00 a.m.” He asks again, leaving you speechless. You’ve known each other for less than ten minutes and he’s already like this.

“But it’s a quarter past midnight” You point out, making a clueless face and frowning.
He laughs and then turns halfway to the exit of the practice building.

“C’mon, coffee doesn’t have a time.” He says, starting to walk slowly. You catch up with his long steps, knowing that if you usually slept just two hours, well tonight you were not going to sleep at all. 

“Plus, insomnia’s not gonna let me sleep anyway.” He whispers, maybe to himself, or maybe only to you. And just now you realize how pale his skin looks and how dark his eye bags are, under the faint light of a lamppost outside. 

Once you entered in the main building, you two headed to the cafeteria where a few students were still sitting at the tables, some finishing assignments for the next morning and some just half sleeping and half studying. Jongdae turns his head to your position, looking at you with lazy eyes.

“What was your name again?” He asks, a slight smirk appearing back on his tangerine lips.
And you find yourself smirking, too.

“I’m Y/N.” 

// ( / = 1 month)

“So? Are you up?” You ask, impatient, leaning on the table as the blonde boy seated in front of you sips his dark coffee.
Since that weird, little, late night hang out you and Dae have been hanging out often, finding yourselves comfortable in each other’s company. He was a big flirt all the time, resulting in you being the clumsiest and most awkward mess. He was also very loud, and he made sure everyone knew he was around with you in the library by humming We Are The Champions and all the cheesy songs he had in his repertoire.

Were you two dating? You didn’t know. It became a habit for you to spend half of your day with Jongdae since he started taking you to the cafeteria every time you two left the practice room together. He also became a regular in your dorm during weekends. He usually stayed in all afternoon on Saturdays, ending the day with a film marathon. He was nice to hang out with, but you’d never admit to yourself you liked him.

“Why would you want me to be your model tough?” He questions, sucking on the tea spoon and tilting his head to the side. 

He’s wearing a black leather jacket over a thin, black shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. Not to mention his black vans. His dyed hair and his pale skin were the only contrasts in the void-colored sleepy mess that was Jongdae that morning.

You sighed at his questions, you didn’t want to admit he was terribly good looking but you needed a model for the monthly photoshoot assignment for the photography class and you were almost out of time.

You chewed on your hoodie string before fidgeting around, somehow feeling bothered by the way Jongdae was sucking on the damn tea spoon. 

“You’re quite - you let out a cough - yeah you’re…decent looking, I guess. And I’m in desperate need of a model for the photoshoot.” You say before getting up and picking your bag for the day.

He scoffs. “So you finally admit I’m hot huh?” He says, getting up, taking your bag and proceeding to shush you with his finger before you could whine about being strong enough to carry the bag yourself. 

You scoff right back but your cheeks inevitably become of a light shade of red when he coos and pinches your left cheek.

“Stop being a cocky brat, I need an answer by noon, see ya later.” You walk fast to reach the darkroom, mentally noting to yourself not to ask Dae anything else, ever again. 

You turn the doorknob and swing the door open before a wide smile appears on your face, seeing all those artsy pictures at a time, the common musty smell of your favorite place and the dark red light diffusing all around and making the atmosphere calm, quiet. 

You greet Seulgi and Taemin, both sitting in a corner and rearranging their cameras while they chatted the time away until Mr. Choi would enter the room.Seulgi stands up to wrap you in a warm hug and Taemin ruffles your hair and acts hurt when you dart out your tongue to make a angry face at him.

 “Aren’t you excited for the theme reveal this morning?” Seulgi asks, sinking in her seat and carefully wiping her camera screen with a soft wet towel.

You shrug your shoulders, looking up to Taemin just to see him do the same.

“I don’t know, Mr.Choi has always chosen quite simple tasks for us, I wouldn’t worry much about it.” As soon as you finish your sentence you feel your phone buzzing in your right pocket. You take it out and chuckle as soon as you see Dae’s name on the screen.

- I’ll be the model for your photoshoot, thank me later ;) -

You scoff and put your phone back in your pocket before turning to the other two, who are glancing at your screen and smirking to themselves.

“Dae? As Kim Jongdae? Are you dating?” Taemin, or the single chatterbox aunt hidden inside of him, asks. 

You look at him with a fake confused expression then you suddenly raise your eyebrows at his curiosity.

“Is “i’m gonna drag you to the cafeteria at half past midnight and every morning just because you said you like my voice” a dating concept?” You ask, slapping his unsurprisingly firm butt and turn to Seulgi. 

“He’s hot though.” She says, smirking and wiggling her eyebrows. You glare at her before crossing your arms. This dialogue needs to stop or else it could get very uncomfortable to remember of. 

“Are we gossiping college students or grown people?” You ask again, starting to worry about Mr.Choi’s delay. That man never arrives late, he loves his job and treats his students as Socrates treated his disciples, almost as sons and daughters.

“Y/N, you’re twenty, it’s time to bang!” Taemin’s overly excited voice fills the room and suddenly fifteen curious heads are turned in your direction. 

You feel your face becoming increasingly hot and red and you reach Taemin’s mouth to shush him once and for all. After the awkward silence which lasted forty seconds or so, Mr.Choi entered the room, visibly in a hurry, with some papers in his left hand and his glasses almost falling off his nose. 

“I’m sorry - he mumbles, out of breath - I had some problems with the principal - he adjusts his glasses back on the bridge of his nose - precisely about our next monthly project.” He concludes, fixing his bag under the desk and sitting on a random chair.

“Let me explain.” He breathes out. You hop on a desk, hosting Seulgi’s torso between your legs and leaning your head on her shoulder, while Taemin hops on the desk near you.

“This month’s project is about nude art.” Mr.Choi proudly decrees, chin up and joined hands. 

Meanwhile everyone in the room is looking around with wide eyes, perhaps embarrassed, mostly surprised.

“I think you guys are mature enough to tackle this burning topic in modern photography.” He says, crossing his legs and giving out the most reassuring look to some students who turned pale in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, your cheeks and ears are beyond red and Taemin begins the teasing, pinching your hips and ruffling your hair acting like a kid straight out of elementary school.

You slap his hand off your hips, simultaneously being shut up by an angry, and overly cute, Seulgi, who was anyway trying to hide her blush caused by the thought of her modeling choice : her best friend and long time crush, also known as Bae Juhyun.

After fifty minutes of research and deepening on the treated subject you leave the darkroom, slowly getting used to normal lightning again and continuously blinking away the soreness, followed by Taemin and Seulgi who were bickering about who had the best looking model.

“Okay you guys, I’m going to give Dae the big news and also, dig my own grave.” You say, dramatically shuffling to the exit door, headed to the little lawn in the smokers’ area.

Taemin takes out his packet and hands it to you, his personal cigs mooch.

 “After all is just a school project, take it as you would take an essay, ergo, you have to do it because you’re gonna be graded on it.” Seulgi shrugs it off, turning around the lighter and tossing it in the air.

“Oh dear, you don’t know Kim Jongdae.” You sigh, breathing out a little white cloud. 

(one week after)

“Don’t touch the camera, your job is to pose, nothing else.” You say, sounding like a mother scolding her kid, but with Jongdae everything was never enough.

He’s laying on the sofa, still dressed for goodness’s sake, watching you set the camera and the lightings for the photoshoot.
His eyes are burning holes in your back, starting to bother you a bit. You turn around to find him chewing on his bottom lip and playing with his nose ring which you absolutely adored, pretending to be spaced out.

“Why are you staring?” You ask, calmly. He switches position, sitting with his legs crossed and cupping his chin with his hands. 

“You’re beautiful.” He whispers, his eyes finding yours. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks, not knowing what to do or what to say, you just smile and quickly turn around.
The storm outside is raging, the heavy raindrops slamming on the glassy surface of the window of your room, the thunders heard once in a while, all these details give a cozy atmosphere that helps the awkwardness of the moment fade away.

“Are you done? Can I take off my clothes?” He asks, sounding quite innocent, resulting in you almost choking on your saliva and the camera almost falling off the tripod.

“Yeah, sure. I’m - I’m done.” You say, taking position behind the camera and getting ready to take the first shots.
As you lay your eyes on Dae you notice he’s taken the nude concept literally. He’s laying on his side, with his arm underneath his head and a little sly smirk completes the perfect picture. His slightly tanned skin is glowing under the heavy white light you put behind the set.

“Is that the “Draw me like one of your French girls” pose?” You ask, chuckling and trying not to look at his quite evident and in full view crotch.

“Oh, love, you’re so educated.” He playfully speaks as he ruffles his blonde hair.You start to take a frame of his collarbones, with his toned arm flexing due to the movement. 

As Jongdae hears the click of the camera his head snaps to your direction and he looks at you with the most confused expression.

“Wait, did you start?” He whispers, scratching the back of his head.
You hum a short response, shooting another candidate picture for the usual project booklet.

One, his almost pouting lips, the color of sin, the honey for the bee, the constant temptation.
Two, his veiny neck, just a few inches of smooth skin dripping talent like the cherry drips her juice.
Three, his right nipple, the quite pronounced pectoral, his goose bumps.
Four, a thin, dark, hairy trail on his pelvis, conducting your thoughts to Hell, the ideal of sin.
Five, his veiny arm and hand, placed next to the soft-looking skin of his pubis, the visual figuration of desire.

After ten minutes of you not saying a single word, just heavily breathing and almost drooling over Jongdae’s perfect figure, he starts to worry you might be fallen asleep behind that lens.
And he thinks it’s cute, a little side smile appears on his lips, the soft dimple you grew affectionate of arises on his cheeks.  

And you capture it, the breathtaking smile only Dae can gift you, in your opinion, the purest subject your camera can lay her lens on.

“Am I doing well?” He asks, after finding out you were still woke.
You throw a cheeky smile, looking at his soft eyes through the lens.

“Yes! Uhm - you hesitate - just…be you, you’re perfect.” You whisper, blushing uncontrollably.
You point the focus on the carpet, in order to disguise the heavy blush growing on your cheeks, the effect Jongdae has always gave you.

While you switch between focusing on the carpet and focusing on a random rubber abandoned on the floor, you feel a pair of big hands sneaking around your waist, gripping at your sides oh so gently. 

Jongdae’s angelic voice comes from behind your back, making your hands shake and your breath hitch.
He nibbles your lobe, grazing the soft skin with his teeth. He grasps your shirt, giving you a quite clear signal of what he wanted, what you both wanted.And you let it out, the yearning you tried to trap inside those shots, it’s flowing out of your pores, like the sweetest nectar. And Jongdae seems to feed on that longing, biting and sucking your neck and collarbones like his life depended on them.In a minute you found yourself trapped between the couch and Dae’s naked body.
His lips gently caressing yours and at the same time, brutally devouring your lips, not worrying about your teeth clashing and tongues fighting.
You tug at his hair, and then you pull them with a little more strength.
Everything is delicate, and then raw. Calm and quiet, but violent.
Jongdae’s skilled hands deal with your clothes until you’re just a completely naked, moaning mess under the blonde guy towering over you on the couch.

Everything seems to be in a written plan in his head. His hands trailing up and down your thighs, spreading your legs and squeezing your soft flesh. How he adores the feeling of you being under his control.
He slides in you suddenly, thrusting powerfully and making you scream his name.
You scratch his back, biting on his shoulder at the uncommon yet amazing feeling of fullness.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He moans loudly, then leaving wet, sloppy kissed down your neck, sucking on your sweet spot.

He sets an uneasy, messy pace. Thrusting deeply and touching every right spot inside of you.
His hands were firm on your sides, your legs wrapped around his toned torso.
No complex actions, no teasing nor unnecessary touching. Just his member gliding in and out of your boiling core.

You felt the knot form at the bottom of your stomach, you begin to hold onto Dae’s shoulders as he moans out your name on your chest. His teeth grazing on your perked nipples, playing with them, sucking on your skin and leaving purple bite signs.

“I’m so close.” You moan out, letting yourself drown in a world made of sparkles and pleasure.
With a few powerful, last thrusts, you reach your high, screaming your blonde lover’s name at the top of your lungs. 

He growls in your hear before pulling out to cum on your stomach, his arms falling to his sides. He’s now laying on you, covering your face in little kisses while you still try to catch your breath.

“Move, you’re heavy.” You manage to say, pushing his chest away from yours and rolling on the other side of the couch. He falls on the carpet and bursts into laughing. 

“This is why I like you.” He says, before getting up to clean himself.
You decide to take a quick shower before going to bed, standing up to pick the towel and scoffing at Jongdae who seemed to have decided to stay for the night.

You open your room’s bathroom door, which was one of the few privates bathrooms in the building, since your parents sent a huge amount of money in order to support both you and the school.
Once you enter and set everything for the shower you peek outside, smiling at Dae who’s cooking a packet of instant noodles in the dinette.

“Hey idiot - he hums and turns around, with a piece of chicken stuck between his teeth - I like you too.” You smile, before closing the door and hopping under the water. 

And you let your tiredness consume in a cloud of thick vapor.

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  • -Him being your anchor
  • Stealing his clothes
  • Wearing his lacrosse Jersey at games
  • Star Wars marathons
  • Making out in the jeep
  • And the locker room
  • And the jeep some more
  • And Coach’s office
  • Spooning
  • Sass Wars
  • Movie marathons
  • Getting out of speeding tickets
  • “Stiles get out of bed”
  • Researching the supernatural late at night
  • Sitting on the bench with him during lacrosse games
  • “Y/N I’m on the field!”
  • Scott date crashing
  • Eskimo kisses
  • Stealing his flannels
  • Adorableness
  • Cuteness overload
  • You being the big spoon
  • Throwing pens at each other in class
  • Him getting you both in detention
  • Him ‘accidentally’ locking you out of the jeep
  • Flicking him when he doesn’t shut up
  • Fighting about who kills the spiders
  • Him then killing the spiders when he sees just how scared you are
  • Listening to all his supernatural theories
  • Tight hugs
  • Awkward moments
  • Dinner with Sheriff Stilinski
  • “You guys are adorable.” - Scott
  • Geeky references only you guys get
  • Holding his hand tightly when you’re nervous or scared
  • Drunk Stiles talking random nonsense to you
  • Looking after Drunk Stiles
  • Laughing at each other’s sarcasm
  • Laughing when one of you says something sarcastic
  • Backing each other up with sarcasm 
  • Basically, your relationship is just sarcasm
Cute Flannel (Noah/Reader)

requested by anon

reader and noah have a lazy day


You scooted closer into Noah as you tried focusing on the movie, you’ve seen it a hundred times since it was his favorite, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

“See, why does he do that? He knows there’s something in the attic! Who goes into a dark attic when they hear a noise?” Noah began ranting as the scene played out.

You laughed at your boyfriend, “You’re such a dork.”

Noah scoffed, “Yeah says the girl who gave me 25 reasons on why we should watch Star Wars.” He wrapped his arm tighter around your shoulders as he spoke.

This was how your weekends usually went, you and Noah holed up in his room with junk food and a bunch of movies.

“Hey! Those were very valid reasons!” You defended yourself with a pout.

Noah pecked your forehead, “I know that babe, but we saw Star Wars last weekend so this weekend was my turn to pick.”

You knew he was right, you did make him take you to see The Force Awakens last Saturday.

“Whatever,” You muttered as you moved yourself to where you were laying completely on him.

“Whoa Y/N!” Noah chuckled as he got a hold of you so you wouldn’t fall of the bed.

You stifled a laugh at your clumsy boyfriend before resting your head on his chest, looking at him.

“I really like when you wear my flannels.” Noah continued as he began playing with the hem on the flannel you were wearing.


He nodded, “You look cute.”

A smile crossed your lips, “Cute enough that you won’t get mad if I put Star Wars on?”

Noah dramatically rolled his eyes as he sighed, “Fine.”

You jumped off him and did a little happy dance before putting the dvd in and getting back into bed.

“If you do that every time I let you play Star Wars, wow..” Noah breathed.

“Shut up.” You laughed as you pressed your lips to his.

Today’s lazy day was gonna be a good one.

Punk Rock (Jungkook Smut)

*This took all day~ but here!*

Word Count: 1750 words

“Who’s the new girl?”

“I don’t know but she’s hot!”

“Are you both stupid, that’s Y/N!”

“Why does the uniform look so good on her?!”

“I wish I was that pretty.”

You ignored these words usually but it happened every day. You were known, just from the one vocal performance you had in school. Of course that was a few months ago but it was fresh into some people’s minds.

You got back from spring break, hanging with your friends all week. You were physically still in bed, asleep but you smiled for your approaching friends.

“Y/N!” You hugged your best friend and you were remembering last night. You were glad your friend’s parents loved you and didn’t ask about the smell of vodka in the living room.

“Last night was crazy.”

“So crazy, why did you let Namjoon do that keg stand?”

“Talking about me, ladies?” Namjoon put his arm around you and you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, he was stupidly drunk after that keg stand.”

“You have to admit it, I looked pretty awesome.”

“Keep telling yourself that, big boy.” You patted his chest and removed his arm from you. You walked with your friends to class, still chatting about last night.

You took your seats, ironically around each other in the back and you almost forgot the presence of the empty seat to your left.

You sighed, remembering that’s where Jungkook sat.

“Why do you keep worrying about that outcast?”

“What do you mean?”

“He comes to class late, sleeps in class and doesn’t talk to a soul-”

“I get it. It’s just..whatever. Wait, is that my earrings?”

“Hehe~ About that..” Your teacher walked in, his book slammed on the desk.


“Morning, Mr. Lee.”

“Today, we’re starting Macbeth..” He droned on, you’ve already read the play a few times. But it was one of your favourites.

“What do the witches symbolize when-” The door opened slowly, making a loud creaking noise as Jungkook peeped in.

“Jungkook, you’re late.” He didn’t say anything, just taking his seat and you quickly glanced at him. You listened to your teacher, lecturing on about the skill of writing that Shakespeare had in this first act.

“Everyone look to your left because you will work with that person on the next three acts. Start working.”

You turn to Jungkook, music blaring from his earbuds and you tapped his shoulder. He looked at you and you could feel your face getting hot.

Did you forget to mention that he’s hot as hell? He gave you a hard stare before taking out an earbud. Judging from the blank stare he gave you, he didn’t hear a word your teacher said.

“We’re working together to read the acts in Macbeth.” He nodded and moved his desk to yours. You told him what you wanted to do and he simply nodded.

“Do you think you’ll get this done soon?”

“Give me more time.” You wanted to hear more than just four words but you didn’t want to push it. You both worked quietly, the loudness of the room oblivious to you and him.

That was just how the rest of the day went, you just followed. Your friends didn’t seem to notice how distracted you were actually were.



“Remember Yoongi, that hot college boy~?”

“The one that you would drop your skirt for and can’t shut up about?”

“He invited me to little gig that he’s playing and I want you to come with me.”

“I’d it because your parents love me and they won’t let you go unless I’m there?”

“You know me so well.”

“Macbeth can wait for me, then.”


You dressed up in a grey shirt, red flannel, black shorts and shoes. You tousled your hair and wore your favourite black brimmed hat.

“Hey, hottie. Who are you looking so cute for?”

“You mentioned college boys~”

“Are you here to see Jungkook?”

“He’s so hot!”

“I would faint if he said my name.”

They couldn’t be talking about your Jungkook. He wasn’t yours but they weren’t talking about him, right?

“Y/N, look it’s Yoongi.” You looked to see him waving at you both, he was way older but that didn’t stop your friend.

“It’s starting.” The crowd started chorusing Jungkook and you almost dropped your drink. There he was, Jungkook up on stage.

You recognize the song as the one he was listening to in class.

He was practicing for tonight.

But then you heard his voice, it was beautiful. Did he not talk much to preserve his voice? God, you didn’t think you would hear something so melodic.

“J-Jungkook.” It was as if he heard you, making eye contact with you. He didn’t break eye contact, acting like he was singing to you. Your heart was fluttering and you listened to the rest of the set.

“Yoongi oppa~!” She ran over to him, gushing about him playing the keyboard. They were immerse in conversation and your eyes wavered to Jungkook.

He was looking at you and he turned to leave. You got up following him backstage and grabbing his arm when you caught up to him.


“Why are you here?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“Just go home.”

“Jungkook, why wouldn’t you talk to me?” He turned around, the height difference between you two becoming more apparent.

“You’re one of them.”

“Them? Who are you talking about?”

“You don’t see it, do you? You’re one of the populars. You haven’t pop up yet but I’m sure you’ll be seating on their stupid throne soon enough.”

“I’m never going to be a queen bee. I just want to be friends.”

“So what? You can treat me like how your friends do. An outcast.”


He grabbed you by your shoulders, frightening you a little and your heart stopped beating.

“Why won’t you listen to me? Why do you make me think like this..?”


“Why do you make me like you?” You pulled him by the straps of his leather jacket and kissed him. He lifted you up, you holding onto him tightly.

“Do you want this?”

“Give it to me.” He kissed your neck while carrying you into an empty room and he dropped you on the couch. He locked the door and climbed on top of you.

His lips were intoxicating, the effect stronger than any hard liquor you’ve tried. You lost your hat from your head and he cupped your face.

His tongue asserted dominance over you and your hands rushed to slip him out of his jacket and shirt. His naked chest made your cheeks burn and he slipped off your shirt.

He grabbed your breasts, the friction from the fabric against your hard nipples making you moan. He unhooked it from the front and your breast bounced free.

You could have sworn you saw him licking his lips.

He sucked on your nipple, pinching and nibbling on the flesh. You moaned his name unsteadily and his tongue came into play.

He kissed your chest profusely before his hands reach your shorts. You grabbed his hands and pushed him up. Your hands let go, sliding down his chest before reaching his jeans.

The button came undone easily and you unzipped them. You stroked his bulge before he kissed you roughly. He got you on your back once again and hastily undid your shorts. He was aggressive with them, angry because they were in the way of him seeing all of you.

“My favourite.” It hadn’t occurred to you that you were wearing a see through lace thong until you noticed the source of his smirking. He caressed your thighs, down your legs before hooking his fingers to the straps of your thong.

“What a pink little pussy you have.” You pushed your body upwards, your head hitting the armrest and spread your legs. He kissed your pussy softly before giving it a torturous long and slow lick.

“And you’re deliciously wet, baby.” He licked his lips while maintaining eye contact with you.

“Tell me where you want me.”

“M-My..” You gasp as his fingers rubbed your pussy, his finger moving quickly.

“Tell me.”


“Where, here?”

“J-Jungkook.” He slipped his fingers into you and your moans went higher. His fingers felt amazing, the duo tangoed inside you. You felt his fingers curl up inside you, trying to hit deeper within your walls.

“A-ahh!” His tongue pressed against you, the quick licks were rushed before he set his sights on your clit. You tugged at his hair, knowing he had found your sweet spot and he added more fingers.

Your mind was starting to pool along with the sweat you were accumulating and he pulled out his fingers. He sat, his pants still undone and you crawled over to him. He slipped off his pants and you pulled down his boxers. Your hand grip his cock before you teased him with your tongue.

“Fuck, baby.”

“Mm.” You hummed against his cock, he pulled back your hair as you sucked on his tip. You pumped him, tasting his precum on your tongue before swallowing him.

“Holy shit.” You bobbed your head, letting him hit the back of your throat. His fingertips brushed against your back and he lightly smacks your ass, you moaning against his cock.

“Baby.” You took as a warning, getting your mouth off his cock and he pulled you into his lap. He slipped on a condom and you looked at him nervously.

“Don’t be shy..” He kissed you as you lowered yourself into his cock. You opened your mouth, the sudden size making you almost scream.

You bounced on him, his hands guiding your hips and your voice strained.

He thought this was better than any song he’s written. Better than any song he’s played. It was more melodic than the sound of his own voice.

He would love to hear you like this again.

He would love to see you like this again, your body falling apart under his touch. The loud whimpers when he would smack your ass, your lips just desperate to kiss him to try and contain these moans that were bound to leave your lips.

He wanted more.


“Cum, baby.” His words set you off, your orgasm hitting you hard. He groaned, spilling into the condom and got off him. He tossed the condom and you lied on the couch.

“Will you sing to me?”

~Admin Blake

Dare Sugg (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello love, can you write an imagine where joe asks his girlfriend, y/n , to be in his dare joe video to wax his legs. If possible can you just make it really cute and fluffy? Love ya! ☺️xx


“Y/N!!!!” Joe yelled from his room downstairs. You and Caspar were sat in their living room watching a movie whilst Joe was filming his video for this week. You and Joe had been together for nearly 2 years and you spent a lot of your time hanging out with him and his roommate Caspar in their flat in London.

“JOE SHUT UP!” Caspar yelled back which made you laugh. You got up from the couch so you didn’t have to yell downstairs to Joe.

“What it is, Joe?” you asked whilst standing at the top of the stairs. Joe appeared at the bottom of the stairs with a cute smile across his face. He was wearing black, skinny jeans, a white t-shirt with a flannel on top and then a grey hat. He looked absolutely amazing.

“I love your outfit,” you said before Joe got to tell you why he was yelling at you. Joe lit up in a smile and you walked down the stairs towards Joe.

“Thank you gorgeous. You look pretty cute as well,” Joe answered before embracing you in his arms. He left a peck on your lips causing your belly to tickle.

“So why were you yelling at me?” you asked with a cheeky smile on your face still with Joe’s arms around your hips, and Joe laughed.

“I’m filming a Dare Sugg video and someone asked me to get you to wax my legs,” Joe explained and the information made you instantly excited.

“You have no idea how much I want to wax your legs,” you answered in an excited voice, which made Joe laugh before giving you a gentle kiss on your cheek.

“Okay, come on then,” Joe said and you followed him into his room where he had his camera set up. The waxing stuff was laying on his bed, ready for you to use. You sat down bedside Joe on his bed whilst you opened the package of waxing equipment.

“So my lovely girlfriend has agreed to wax my legs, and I’ll have to say I’m a bit worried,” Joe said to his camera as you were getting ready to wax his legs.

“Don’t worry. It will probably only hurt a little,” you said, trying to calm Joe down, but he looked at you with a very worried look.

“Well that didn’t make me feel better at all, love,” Joe said and you laughed before placing the wax paper on Joe’s leg.

“You’re quite hairy there Joseph,” you said with a giggle and Joe looked at his leg.

“I’m a man, you know,” Joe answered with a voice filled with pride which made you push him gently. Without any warning you decided to rip the wax paper off which made Joe scream as a little girl, making you laugh out loud.

“Where was my warning?” Joe yelled but you just continued laughing.

“Ouch,” Joe said whilst rubbing his leg and you looked at him with a satisfied smile.

“Such a man,” you said jokingly and Joe pushed you gently making you giggle.

“You enjoyed this way too much,” Joe said whilst you got up from the bed, still with a satisfied smile across your face.

“If you ever want someone to wax your legs again, I’m here,” you said with a cheeky smile, and Joe shook his head with a laugh.

“The best girlfriend award goes to you, my dear,” Joe then said whilst pointing at you and you smiled big at him.

“Well thank you,” you answered and you both laughed before you left Joe’s room so he could continue his dare video, and you joined Caspar in front of the TV again.

5sos with curvier or "plus size" girls


Blurb thing lol idk what to call this 😬
•Luke would be so cute because everyone would say the look awkward together but he would just think she’s the most beautiful person and he didn’t care that people thought the looked awkward together because he didn’t feel awkward when he was with her and that all that matters!

•Michael would be so cute like if you borrowed his flannel or something he just look and you with such an loving facial expression and be like your just way to beautiful and he would also just love to cuddle with you and if you ever said you were fat he would look at you so offended and just like hug and cuddle you and be all cute and amfjdnsojsjsnd

•Calum would be so proud to call you his like he would think you are like the cutest person especially with animals!! And when he goes home to see his family he wouldn’t shut up you and how cute you are and that he wants to make a cute little family with you and ahhhhh!

•Ashton would have you sit on his lap a lot even if you thought you were to heavy he would just pull you on his lap anyway and it would be so cute he was teaching you the drums he would make you sit on his lap and reach his arms around you and hold you around the waist and kiss your shoulder every now and then and just be so cute!!!!

Playing House-a Lucaya fic

author: cassie

rating: T

genre: romance, humor

description: Everyone plays house at least once when they’re little. Little girls would fight to be the mom, while little boys would fight to play mom and dad with the girl they liked. It’s all very elementary when you’re young. But what’s it like when you’re not? What about when Lucas and Maya get paired up to take care of a fake baby for home ec. class?

read on AO3                         read on fanfiction.net

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you meet them in a hotel - luke

(Y/B/F/N) = your best friend

“This hotel is so fancy” you said, grabbing the key card.
“Yeah, what did you expect? My dad chose it” your best friend said, grabbing your luggage. “Let’s go.”

“How did you get him to pay for this though?” You questioned. (Y/B/F/N) shrugged.

“I don’t know. I guess he felt guilty about missing my birthday last year or something.”
The room was really fancy as well; two huge beds with loads of pillows. You both decided to chill for a while, but you got tired of it after a while.
“I’m so bored” you said, realizing your friend was asleep. You sighed. Typical. You grabbed your bikini and towel, deciding to go to the pool before dinner. You knew your friend would kill you if you woke her up, so it seemed like a better idea.

You were on your way back to the room, when you bumped into someone, dropping your towel. 
”Oh, I’m sorry!” The person said, giving it back to you. You looked up and were met by a pair of blue eyes, belonging to a tall blond. He looked curiously at you.
”I’m Luke” he said.
“(Y/N)” you replied. ”Sorry. For running into you, I mean.” You awkwardly twirled a lock of your wet hair between your fingers, standing in an awkward silence for a few moments, before he spoke up.

“Are you here with your family?”

“No, it’s me and my friend, (Y/B/F/N). What about you?”

“It’s me and my mates” he told you. “Um, if you wanted to, you and your friend could, maybe, join us for dinner?” He suggested, biting his lip. You noticed he had a lip piercing – that’s hot.

“Yeah!” You said. “I think she’s asleep though, so it might take some time-“

“Oh that’s fine. We could meet up in the lobby, in like, thirty minutes? Is that okay?” You nodded and Luke smiled at you, before you both entered your rooms; they were right next to each other.

“Maybe we’ll just pick you up, instead” he joked and you giggled.

“That would work, too.”

Luke was on time; after thirty minutes, you heard a knock on the door, and you squealed at your friend.

“Are you sure it looks good?” You didn’t wear anything fancy, just a grey skater dress with converse. Your hair was in loose curls and your makeup was completely natural, yet you felt like you tried too hard.

“Shut up, (Y/N)” she said, adjusting her earrings. “You look amazing. I just hope his friends are cute.” You laughed and opened the door, revealing Luke and three other boys. They were all very attractive, yet you felt like your friend would go for the one with dark hair.

Luke was dressed in skinny jeans, a band tee and a blue flannel. He looked casual, but extremely handsome.

“Hey (Y/N)” Luke said. “These are my friends, Michael, Ashton and Calum.” You smiled.

“This is (Y/B/F/N)” you said, kind of awkwardly. “Should we get going?”

“Absolutely, I’m starving” Calum said. You were fairly certain your friend would flirt shamelessly with him, so you stifled a giggle and took Luke’s hand.

The two of you ended up talking the entire night, through dinner, dessert and the film you watched in the boys’ room.

“How long are you staying?” Luke asked you.

“A week and a half” you told him, taking off his flannel. He’d let you wear it because you were cold, and it was basically the most comfortable thing you’d ever worn.

“Oh, keep the flannel” he said. “You can give it back tomorrow.” He winked at you.

“He just wants an excuse to see you again tomorrow” Ashton mock whispered and you laughed at Luke, who was blushing.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” You had to stand on your toes to reach up and kiss his cheek, before going back to your room with your friend.

‘Jet Pack Blues’

requested by emmernems

summary: ‘I got those jet pack blues, just like Judy’ (4/4)

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