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For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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20 Reasons Why Ziva David Is Alive

This is the list I mentioned earlier of 20 reasons I have of why I firmly believe Ziva is alive. This does get lengthy and some of you may completely disagree what I’ve said but please stick with me through it!

  1. Ziva David has been taken hostage, escaped Somalia, been close to death countless times and is a trained assassin that can catch things thrown at her in her sleep. No way would Ziva die in her sleep while her home with her daughter in it burned.
  2. We know that Ziva was in contact with Orli and by extension Mossad. Mossad knew she was a target from Jacob Scott trying to locate her because let’s face it, there is nothing that they don’t know plus she’s the daughter of a previous Mossad director. If Orli was as close to Ziva as she said she was Ziva would have known she was a target before Kort ever knew himself.
  3. The thing about Tali sleeping in a separate wing of the farm house. Tali is a young infant so why would Ziva sleep so far away from her daughter? It makes no sense.
  4. Tali was meant to have been ‘pulled’ from the rubble and yet there she was 24 hours (or so) later with not a scratch on her. Even if her bedroom wasn’t harmed in the fire she still would have been treated for smoke inhalation especially being a child her age. 
  5. How does a child that small survive mortar fire when her grown mother doesn’t? Ducky himself said that the house was reduced to nothing so even if Tali was in a different wing, nothing was safe from the blaze.
  6. THERE WAS NO BODY! Not once did they ever show us physical evidence that Ziva’s body was found in that house.Maybe I’ve been watching NCIS for too long but I firmly believe ‘no body, no proof’.
  7. Orli didn’t answer Tony’s question when he asked her if Mossad were sure it was Ziva. She made no attempt to emphasise that they had indeed found Ziva, infact she didn’t seem that convinced herself. Orli herself isn’t exactly known for being truthful and neither is Mossad.
  8. Tali’s bag was packed as if Ziva knew that their daughter would be with Tony soon, not just a casual everyday baby bag with essentials. Why would her daughter’s favourite toy be put into it unless Tali and the bag were being moved elsewhere because she knew her house was in danger of being destroyed?
  9. THE PARIS PHOTO IN THE BAG! That photo was framed and looked pretty damn big to be a photo that is constantly carried around in Tali’s everyday baby bag. Maybe a small photo of Tali’s Abba yes, but a framed photo of the two of them together from an intimate time they shared together? No way. That photo was placed there for a reason.
  10. The photo itself, a photo of Paris. Paris was a significant moment in the relationship of Ziva and Tony, a place with memories of specific places and times. Not just a photo of Tony but of the two of them abroad in a city where the places they went are known only to them. Clearly that photo had hidden meanings.
  11. Ziva has used photos before in order to give Tony hints to her location. Remember her last two episodes with the photo of her as a child leading back to Eli’s house? Ziva would never be as stupid as to leave a clear message with her location because how could she know that the threat on her life (and by extension Tali’s) had been neutralised? She left clues that only Tony would understand.
  12. Ziva’s scarf in the bag was last seen when Ziva was on the run. ANOTHER SIGN!
  13. If that bag was in the house and pulled out the rubble, whether in the main part or the random wing where Tali supposedly was, that bag would be covered in soot and ash and not packed neatly with Ziva’s scent still on the scarf! It was all too neat and organised so everything would be found by Tony and Senior too.
  14. GIBBS’S FREAKING INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS ZIVA DYING! This pissed me off so much at first because Ziva was his daughter, his Ziver and he acted like her dying meant nothing to him but then I realised that Gibbs knows Ziva. He knows how strong and smart she is. He doesn’t believe she’s dead otherwise he never would have acted like that. Gibbs was majorly OOC but I believe there was a reason for that.
  15. The constant referring to Ziva in the present tense! I get that people going through grief maybe would do this but the things that were said were too significant.
  16. “We have a daughter, me and Ziva”
  17. “Ziva loves Paris”
  18. “You gotta believe what you gotta believe” - This was so signficant because everyone believes she’s dead except those closest to her and know her.
  19. Also, Tony is taking Tali to ‘find answers’. He addresses the fact that a body was never recovered, there is no evidence to prove she died in that blaze. Tony recognised the subtle meanings of the scarf (Israel) and of the photo (Paris) and is following them because that’s where Ziva will be.
  20. Gary Glasberg told us to watch the episode carefully hinting at hidden meanings and if these aren’t hidden meanings then I don’t know what is. And lastly, GG the man who single handedly sent the fandom into meltdown by letting everyone think that our ninja was killed in that fire has all but confirmed that she is infact alive. Keep in mind that this guy is known for his random plotlines and contradictions.

Sorry for the length and ramblings but I will never stop believing our Israeli ninja assassin is alive and well and waiting on Tony and Tali finding her. Because this is Ziva, who would know if she was a target and knows how to handle herself.















Ziva: You’re preaching to the symphony, Ducky.
Tony: Choir.
McGee: Leave her alone, Tony.
Ziva: It’s okay, McGee. I can handle him myself.
Tony: Yes she can.



I’m sorry




Look at how they can’t take their eyes off each other in the entire scene.

How they both have the heart eyes even when they’re bickering. How Tony’s heart isn’t even into the snarking because he’s so smitten and Ziva’s so gentle with him even though she could rip him a new one.

I’m sorry, but this is Confirmed Tiva to me right here. 

And since neither of them are on the show anymore I can believe whatever the hell I choose to thank you very much.

Whatever happened between the cabin and this scene, it was big, because there is a completely different vibe happening between them.


Guys, you know what this is?

It’s #married.

Also, shoutout to McGee for being a good brother and trying to stop Tony from picking on Ziva. Only he doesn’t know that this is basically their foreplay. (He’d be horrified if he knew.)

I may be in denial, but it is sure fun right now.


allofthepretty  asked:

Top 10 favorite Tiva episodes and why?

Oh, fun!  

  1. Under Covers.  Because…I don’t think I have to explain this one.  They are undercover.  They are naked part of the time and in fancy clothes the rest of the time.There’s a fake pregnancy conversation.  They’re sexy, they’re witty, they’re making out, and they’re saving each others’ lives even though they’ve only known each other for eight episodes.  There is legitimately nothing I do not love about this episode.
  2. Boxed In.  Because innuendo.  But also because you get to see Tony and Ziva learning more about each other.  While in Under Covers they’re mostly pretty smooth with each other, even under duress, Boxed In shows them getting their feathers ruffled.  Tony raises his voice and eggs Ziva on when he probably shouldn’t; Ziva overreacts and is quite difficult to deal with for a few bits of the episode.  I feel like they left that box understanding each other better and working together more seamlessly—it’s a significant step towards seeing each other as full people instead of as stock characters (the American playboy, the sexy assassin).
  3. Cloak, Dagger.  Because this arc again shows how well they work together (not just on the war game op, but also when they go to save Lee’s sister), and it also lets you see all the tension that’s underneath their relationship—tension that’s not just sexual.  And although they don’t talk directly about it, all the heavy emotions are closer to being out in the open than usual, what with Ziva’s actions when Tony gets taken out, their fight in the elevator, and even their scene at the end when Tony watches Ziva watching the little girl learn of her sister’s sacrifice.  
  4. Aliyah.  Because, in my opinion, this is the most explosively passionate episode they have in the entire run of the series.  It’s not passion in the bedroom sense, but it’s passion nonetheless, and it’s white hot.  In that scene on the roof, the two of them are actually talking about things—in destructive rather than productive ways, and never as directly as we’d like, but they aren’t ignoring them.  They can’t ignore them.  And it’s disastrous, but it’s the best train wreck I’ve ever seen.
  5. Truth or Consequences.  This is another one that requires no explanation.  He cannot deal with the guilt and pain of her apparent death—which is, after all, related to his own actions—and does literally everything within his power not even to save her, but simply to tip the scales in her name.  Even if you just read it as partnership/friendship, it’s so much.  This episode changed the show, and it changed Tony and Ziva’s relationship, and it is so important to me.
  6. Housekeeping.  Because it’s the first episode I watched that made me think ‘Oh my god, they’re actually going to go there eventually.’  And then, you know, they kinda didn’t.  But they were leading up to it in an unmistakable way.  I mean, between Ziva’s frank comments about “someday” and Tony’s reactions to “she cares”?  I cannot handle it.
  7. A Desperate Man.  Most superficially, because it got rid of Tiva threat Ray Cruz (which I say mostly jokingly—I loathe Ray Cruz, but it has less to do with my desire to see Ziva with Tony than it does with my desire to see Ziva not with any lying, secretive, manipulative jerk).  More importantly, that conversation Tony and Ziva had on the rooftop about Ray not appreciating her was very honest, very emotional, and something that would not have been possible between them a few years prior.  The “Cherish each other” bit at the end is also great, but it’s that rooftop scene that makes this a solid t/z episode for me.
  8. Shell Shock I, Shell Shock II.  Because—*breaks down crying because of The Little Prince and the opera*—because in this arc they are kind to and patient with each other in a new and exciting way.  When Tony’s being quiet because he’s hurting, Ziva gently draws him out, and she asks the questions that he needs to be asked.  And when Ziva gets prickly because she’s hurting, Tony doesn’t rise to the bait.  He works his way to the center of it, instead, and then he offers one of the most thoughtful gestures in television history to make her feel better.  I love the Shell Shock episodes for a lot of reasons, but an important one is that they leave me with the feeling that Tony and Ziva are deeply good for each other.
  9. Shiva.  He lets her stay in his super-private I-don’t-even-like-family-members-here HOME.  He does everything he can possibly do to support her, and she recognizes it and thanks him for it.  She’s so vulnerable, and he cares so much.  I don’t even know what else to say about it.  (Except that the pregnancy photo scene from Shabbat Shalom need to somehow be included in this entry, because OH MY GOD DID THEY REALLY JUST.)
  10. Berlin.  While I wish this episode didn’t lead where it ultimately leads, and I could’ve stood the pacing being different, it all but puts a giant blinking neon sign above them readig “ENDGAME.”  The dancing, the flashbacks to the “man who deserves your love” scene, the sweet but subtle scene in the hotel room, and the nine thousand little scenes where Tony verbally and non-verbally checks to see if she’s okay—it’s pretty amazing.  But the scene in the car when they get back to DC is one of my favorite in the entire show’s run.  It still astounds me how Ziva cracked her shell and unfolded and laid so much emotional history down on the table for Tony to witness.  It still astounds me that they held hands like that.  To be perfectly honest, I think that handholding scene is in some ways far more intimate than their final kissing scene in Past, Present, and Future (although it’s possible that’s the bitterness talking).

There are probably no surprises here; I think most Tiva fans enjoy these episodes.  I do, however, want to give an honorable mention to Double Blind.  Even though its plot brings me pain and I disagree with like half of everything that’s going on, that scene in the warehouse between Tony and Ziva?  Literal, physical goosebumps, every time.  That’s Tony laying his emotions flat out on the table for her to see, and it wounds them both, but it’s honest.  And a little bit beautiful.  I watch the end of season ten and think back to season three and the only word that comes to mind is wow.  They really came so far, in so many ways.

Where the explanation Orli gave for why Ziva didn’t tell Tony about Tali missed the mark the most for me wasn’t about the fact she didn’t want to burden Tony. I can absolutely accept that Ziva would have thought that, considering where she was at when we last saw her. 

It was the way Orli reminded him that she was an independent woman who didn’t need a man to raise Tali. The writing there upsets me so so much. It is an absolute disservice to both Tony and Ziva as characters. One, because I refuse to believe Ziva would have done it out of some motivation to show her independence and secondly, he would not have wanted to be in the picture because he thought she was unable to raise a child alone. Tony would have wanted to be there because he would want to share the experience of raising their daughter and being a family. And Ziva would have known that.

And yes, they sort of tried to remedy it by saying that Ziva came to regret not telling Tony sooner (meaning at least that she had planned to tell him) but I just wish it had been left at Ziva not wanting to burden Tony and then Orli handing over a letter that Ziva had written to Tony, should anything happen to her . 

A Very Tiva Holiday - Chapter 14


Chapter 1: (x)

Chapter 2: (x)

Chapter 3: (x)

Chapter 4: (x)

Chapter 5: (x)

Chapter 6: (x)

Chapter 7: (x)

Chapter 8: (x)

Chapter 9: (x)

Chapter 10: (x)

Chapter 11: (x)

Chapter 12: (x)

Chapter 13: (x)

Chapter 14: Snow-Nozzos

“It’s really coming down,” Ziva remarks as she comes in the door, stomping her feet to get the snow off of her boots. Tony looks up from where he’s sitting coloring with Lena, a sheepish grin on his face as he puts down the pink crayon he’d been doodling with.

“Mama!” the girl shrieks, running to the front door where her mother is removing her scarf. She’d no sooner finished hanging it on the hook beside the door when Lena leaps into her arms, exclaiming, “Daddy’s drawin’ princesses!

“Is he now?” she murmurs in response, a smirk playing across her face as she turns to give her daughter a big smooch, her lips smacking loudly against Lena’s soft cheek. The girl squirms in her mother’s arms as she readies herself for another loud kiss attack, when she notices the white flakes on Ziva’s jacket.

“It’s snowing!” she squeals, wriggling free of her mother’s arms and sliding to the ground. She bends down to examine the melting puddles left behind by Ziva’s boots, and asks, “Can we play outside?”

“Why don’t you and Daddy get your coats on and go play?”

“Noooo!” she wails, adding, “You have to come too!

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Here is what I’m thinking:

Season 14, episode 1  needs to end with Gibbs sitting at his desk after everyone has gone home for the night.. Like he’s finishing up paper work from the case or something, and he gets an email from Tony with a picture attached and the picture is Tony, Ziva and Taliyah smiling and being all cute and happy finally a family and all the sweet jazz. Then it shows Gibbs who is doing that famous smile/smirk that he does and it fades out to black and white.

Do you know what’s killing my shipper heart? Tony so openly showing his emotions about Ziva to everyone around him. I mean, we’ve seen him display concern before, his love for her in his actions and he’s showed and told Ziva herself, and we know everyone knows despite it never really being said. But him telling his dad he’s a wreck, tearing up in the bullpen and saying that he can’t stay, it’s one of my Tiva fantasies to have these feelings explicitly shown and heard by others and it’s happening and I’m not sure what to do with these feelings.

How to understand what NCIS haters say ;)

There’s haters in every fandom, that’s nothing new. Fangirls/boys and casual viewers and and and. Everyone has a favorite, a least favorite, and so on.

In the wild life, animals use a certain tactic: even tho they’re generally a quite small number they’re very vocal and loud. For wild animals it’s a mechanism for their defence. And we all have seen how haters are: vocal in a hateful manner which is hard to find the real interpretation for.

I found a post from a different fandom a while ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now I’ll do something similar with the statements from NCIS haters.

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And you were on the way to the airport

Personal trip

To Israel?

I’ll travel for good hummus

Does Agent David know you’ve been delayed?

She does

Sometimes the significance of this interaction just up and gets me out of nowhere. I mean, after all these years, all this time, the one person who acknowledges that he knows that the relationship between Tony and Ziva is more than just partners is Vance. VANCE.

Of every character, in every fanfic of someone saying that they know about the two of them, every scenario I ever ran through my head, it was never Vance who would be the one we’d hear know about it. And for some reason the fact that it is, the silent but absolute understanding between him and Tony in that scene and, more importantly, the fact that Vance shows no surprise or disapproval, it is in a weird way one of the most significant Tiva scenes for me, despite Ziva not actually being there. Because it validates that the relationship beyond the professional context is real. And yes, it does things to my heart. That is all.

My issues with the words of Mr. Glasberg are the fact that in reading them I felt like I was in one of those situations where someone told me something but then, in front of a whole group of people, they tell an entirely different story and I’m just sitting there wondering if the person telling the thing has actually forgotten what they originally said or if they genuinely think that this is the way they always explained the thing. 

And yes, I know that I’m not usually overly critical but warning, criticism ahead.

The notion of any inclusion of Ziva being organic and ‘not just throwing in lines here and there’ is ludicrous. In fact, the very concept of organic would be the fact that she gets mentioned in passing, a throw away comment such as 'Ziva said so last time we chatted’. THAT’S an organic way of incorporating that idea into the show. Actually sitting and thinking about the conditions in which her mention may be incorporated, that is not organic. A writer should be able to drop her in simply because it’s relevant to a moment of an episode, it doesn’t necessarily need to be relevant to anything bigger than that. 

Secondly, the idea that Tony growing as a person and being in a relationship with Ziva are mutually exclusive completely refutes everything Mr. Glasberg claimed to be establishing these past few seasons. Considering that he is so fond of viewers drawing their own conclusions from 'suggestions’ made on-screen, I don’t think it’s all that far fetched for many Tiva shippers to have been under the impression that in fact both Tony and Ziva’s growth as individuals had intentionally become intrinsically linked to the relationship. And I’m not even talking about romance. I’m talking about their working relationship and friendship. Especially in season 10.

And it irks me no end that rather than admit that actually, it was the fact that the relationship had not progressed from the partners/friends category into lovers that was the cause of Tony being somewhat stunted, the fact that Tony discovered great love with Ziva and was held back because of his desire to 'fill both cups’ yet knowing that the risk was that he could lose everything, rather than simply say 'we would have resolved it differently had she not left the show’, we are now told that actually, nope, Tony was always going to have to have his heart smashed to pieces so that he could get on with his life. Which is a far cry from the impression this Tiva shipper was given all through the last season.

I will also note that I find it interesting that Michael Weatherly actually gets mentioned as separate to Tony.

But as my final remark I will say this - bringing up Ziva pulls Tony back into that relationship again. Ok. a) It actually really upsets me that this implies that is a bad thing, but I will find a way to deal with that and b) If that’s the case, if even the mere mention of those four letters is potentially so debilitating for Tony as a character then why, WHY Mr. Glasberg, would he name a fish after her? 

I have been toying with the idea of writing a post about Tony and Zoe and my thinking about what this means if/when Ziva shows up again for however-long and I kept deciding not to because it’s nothing but pure speculation on my part really, but after watching this week’s ep I’ve decided I will. I want to talk a bit about the episode specifically in relation to Tony and where he’s at but also throw in my own thoughts/theories about where it’s all going. It’s under the read more so I’m sorry if you’re on a mobile device and have to scroll past it all.

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