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Unexpected Ecstasy

Prompt: This picture

Spencer looked down at you, eyes half lidded. A small gasp escaped from his lips as you shimmied down his body.

“Y-Y/N, what, what are you d-doing.” He stuttered out, eyes never leaving your body.

Your hands roamed around his thighs, a proud smirk engrained on your features. Spencer nervously chewed on his bottom lip, anticipation bubbling within him.  

You chuckled devilishly, making quick work of his belt buckle. His body language told you everything you needed to know, that was one good thing about being a profiler.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this Dr. Reid.” Your tone oozed arousal.

“W-We should, go back and and um tell the team.” His protest was clearly false, his voice reduced to a mere whisper.

“They, can wait Pretty Boy.”  You insisted, head dipping forward, tongue poking out to lick from base to head.

The noise Spencer made was almost enough to push you over your own edge. It echoed throughout the abandoned house Hotch had sent you both to check out.

Your movements proceeded quickly, glancing up to look at his beautiful face. His eyes were screwed shut, mouth agape.  

“O-Oh.” His fingers laced into your hair as he started to take control of your actions, bobbing your head back and forth furiously.

His body finally overridden with pleasure. His surrounding blurred as ecstasy started to blast through him very suddenly. A small yelp of your name along with a hard tug of your hair was enough for him. His chest heaving, this was all so unexpected, maybe that made it more exhilarating, he would never know… unless, there was a next time.    

First Night Out: John Laurens x Reader


Hey can you do a John Laurens x reader in modern time where they meet in a bar near college and she gets along very well with the hamilsquad but john has a crush on her and the rest of the guys keep poking fun at him?

So, I kinda changed this prompt a tiny bit, but I hope it was what you wanted. I had a lot of fun writing it, mainly because John is so adorable. Thanks again for reading, and I hope that you enjoy it! 

Also, I have a G.Wash x reader story in the works that should be done tomorrow. 

Time period: Modern

Characters: Hamilsquad, John Laurens

Warnings: Alcohol

Word Count: 1191

SLAM. You dropped your book on the table, slouching back in your chair as you set down your pen. “Finally, all my essays are done.” With the end of the year approaching, your professors had been assigning hours of homework every night. With your final assignment of the year complete, you were ready to take a break. Turning your to your best friend Alexander, you watched him throw his pen across the room and collapse into the couch. “Oh my god, I’ll never be able to open a history book again”. Alex was double majoring in American History and Political Science, and sometimes it seemed like he would never stop working. As he sat up, you watched his eyes light up and meet yours. “(Y/N), we need to do something fun tonight. We’re almost done with this year, and we need to celebrate”.

“What did you have in mind?” you asked as he pulled out his phone to send a text. Alex’s eyes were filled with mischief as he opened his mouth to respond. “Well, I think you should come out to the bar tonight and meet a few of my friends, I’m sure they’ll love you”. You were reluctant at first, being that you were exhausted from your workload, but eventually agreed to come. If nothing else, you could just get a few drinks and relax. Alex was thrilled that you agreed, and let out an evil laugh as he sent a text.

TomCat: Yo Laurens, you down for hitting the bar tonight? I have a friend for you to meet.. ;)

Johnny: Alex, this better not be another one of your attempts to hook me up with some girl you barely know. The last one hated turtles. Hated TURTLES, Alex.

TomCat: Guess you’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t you John.

As Alexander slid his phone back into his pocket, you gave him a confused look, picking up your bag from the chair. “I don’t know what you’re planning Alex, but you are not ruining my first night of freedom. I’m heading back to the dorm, I’ll see you tonight”. Alex just waved, the mischievous look still covering his face.  

Your hair was curled, your makeup flawless, and your outfit perfected. You couldn’t be more excited for tonight, this being the first time you had gone out in weeks. Shooting a text to Alex, you placed the finishing touches on your look and waited for your friend to arrive. When you heard a loud knock on the door, you shot up, anxious to leave. Although you were slightly worried that Alex’s friends wouldn’t like you, you were willing to ignore the feeling for the point of having a good time. Swinging the door open, you heard Alex whistle and mumble something under his breath, something that sounded suspiciously like “He’s going to love her”. You just shook your head at him, your (H/C) curls bouncing freely.

As you breezed through the entrance to the bar, Alex put a hand out to hold you back. “Now, I just want to warn you, my friends can be a little… much. Just ignore them if they start getting too crazy.” You just laughed, following him over to a table filled with three guys, who you assumed were his friends. The first man had dark skin, with a grey beanie slouched on his head. He was chuckling, shaking his head as he threw back a shot. The next man was taller, with dark curls tied back in a bun. You heard him shout something in French, winking at you as he saw you approaching. The last man took your breath away when his eyes met yours. He had freckles dotting his face like stars, and his chestnut hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. You found yourself imagining what it would be like to run your hands through it, when suddenly you were broken from your trance by Alex elbowing your side. “-and this is my friend, (Y/N). (Y/N), meet Hercules- he gestured at the man in the beanie, Lafayette- pointing at the frenchman with the curls, and John, he said with a gentle nudge. So that was his name. The guys said their hellos, all except for John, who just stared at you. Had you done something wrong? He quickly snapped out of his trance, giving you a soft smile. “So, Alex, is zis beauté your girlfriend? A burst of laughter left your mouth as you imagined dating your best friend. Alex put a hand over his chest in mock offence. “(Y/N), you wound me!” Maybe you imagined it, but you could have sworn that you saw John let out a sigh of relief as he realized that you and Alex weren’t together. “So, (Y/N),” you heard him ask, “how come we’ve never seen you around here before?” “Well, to be honest I don’t get out much. Plus, Alex never told me he had such cool friends” you said looking at John. A faint blush danced across the cheeks, and Alex was the first to notice. “Look’s like somebody’s got a cruuuuuuuush” Alex sang. If John had been blushing before, it was nothing to how his face looked now. He turned bright red, giving Alex a playful shove. You pretended not to notice, not wanting to embarrass yourself. Besides, there was no way someone so cute could be interested in you.

Throughout the night, you joked and laughed with the group, fitting right in. They proudly proclaimed you the newest member of their “hamilsquad”, and you had never been happier. As the night continued, you kept noticing John sneaking glances at you from across the table. You returned these looks, often getting lost in his dark eyes. The other boys continued to make jokes, calling John “lovesick” and “enamored”. Although you pretended not to hear these comments, they made your face flush with the possibility of John having an interest in you. Towards the end of the night, the boys announced that you were going back to Alex’s dorm to watch movies. With the possibility of more time with John, you quickly agreed.

Back at Alex’s dorm, Hercules made popcorn as Lafayette popped in The Exorcist. Seeing the horror movie appear on the screen, you internally screamed. “Seriously guys, a horror movie? I’ll never sleep again!” Alex just smiled his same knowing smile. “Don’t worry (Y/N), you have John to protect you!” You rolled your eyes, but let out a shy smile as you took the seat next to John.

Halfway through the movie, you felt a strong arm slide around your back. Snuggling into the embrace, you let your head fall against his shoulder. John smiled, pulling you closer as the other boys exchanged proud glances. When you were too scared to pay attention to the movie, you turned your head and began to count the freckles scattered across John’s face. “1, 2, 3, 4…” As you tried to keep counting, your heavy eyelids began to close. With a final glance towards his face, you fell into a comforting sleep in John’s embrace. 

Drabbles - 142

Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”  J-Hope

“So, what did he do? Your ex?”

“Cheated on me… with multiple people,” you answer matter-of-factly, sliding your rum and coke between your hands. The bartender gives you a pointed look, so you stop and smile sheepishly. “He was an ass. Good riddance.”

Hoseok nods, smiling, glancing at said ass across the room for a second before turning back to you. “He keeps looking over here. He probably wants you back.”

“Sucks for him,” you joke, poking your straw at the ice cubes. “I’ve moved on from my asshole phase. I’m much more into guys that dance like fire and have high cheekbones.” You look at him from under your eyelashes, the rum having eased your typical shyness. 

A slow grin breaks across his face, mischief and delight shining in his eyes, before he says, “Do you? You should hold me hand, so he gets jealous.”

“I should?”


You hold his gaze for several moments, raising one brow with a pointed look, when he starts laughing, a tinge of embarrassment mixing with the loud, happy noise. 

“Okay, maybe I just want to hold your hand,” he says, his smile so wide that it’s nearly blinding. 

You stare at his face, his black hair pushed back behind a snapback, a worn Supreme t-shirt with ripped blue skinny jeans conforming tight to his body. You think about the feeling of unsaid laughter in your chest that brings a smile to your face, the casual politeness that he’s shown you. The fact that you’re sitting in a bar, strobe lights and hiphop music thumping around you, and he wants to hold your hand. 

“I don’t really care about making him jealous,” you tell him, taking one last sip of your rum and coke before pulling a pen out of your bag. You write your number on napkin and slide it across the bar to Hoseok, who’s watching curiously. “But I’d be interested in holding your hand sometime. Maybe next Saturday, for example.”

You pick up your bag and slide from the stool, smiling when he looks up at you with surprise. “Hope to hear from you, Hoseok.” 

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A teenie tiny doodle to warm up, and celebrate my new bab!

Caught a Shiny Pichu in Moon this morning, and called him Domino

I don’t quite remember why I even wanted a shiny Pichu, but by like the 3 hour I was in too deep and had to get them :v (Tho that’s the same as every shiny I have chained/bred for)

Also does remind me, I should introduce more of my other pokemon OCs (which are just my in game pokes given stories), but first back to the Ball!


Instead of leading him in any particular direction, she released his hand and galloped around him in circles, flapping her arms like a bird. He kept walking, and she kept circling, and overhead, a flying bird checked itself mid-flight. Chainsaw had spotted the movement of the Orphan Girl, and now she cawed, wheeled, and headed back towards the upper fields. This was where Adam found Ronan.  

Orphan Girl trotted up between them and poked Ronan with the end of her stick.
“You little puke,” Ronan told her.
“Should she be eating that?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even know if she has internal organs.”
Adam laughed at that, at the ridiculousness of all of it.

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hello friendo. for the pairing+song thing, if i could get jihope and the song Woke the F Up by Jon Bellion? i know its not kpop but i need this if you're willing to do it :)

ofc!! i lov this song btw!

it’s curled up in his bed, a solid warmth behind him and around his hips, surrounded by pitch-black darkness, jimin realizes that love is real. all the times he’d given up; heart-breaking exes, crying alone after he’d dumped him again. even after he’d called taehyung, mostly drunk, claiming that taehyung should slap him the next time he got a crush.

he finds it in the breathing against his next, fingers curling under the hem of his boyfriend’s too-loose t-shirt, the toes poking the back of his calves. it’s magnified by the sun spilling through the curtains, shining right onto his eyes in a beautiful way he can’t start to be annoyed by. it strikes like lightning in the mumbling lips against his skin.

“good morning,” hoseok rasps, arms tightening around jimin’s waist as he yawns.

“’morning,” jimin whispers back, turning around in hoseok’s grasp to face him. watching as hoseok blinks away his sleep, eyes drooping as he rubs at them, lips chapped yet begging to be touched by another. so he does, placing a soft kiss against hoseok, who blinks down at him in surprise.

“hm? what’s that for?” he asks in a whisper, soft and intimate and just for the two of them.

jimin shakes his head, smiling, “nothin’. i just love you, that’s all.”

I need more fluff

Add gets a fever and Ciel has to take care of him. Bonus for Add grabbing Ciel’s sleeve when he leave to get something.

Add falls asleep when he’s working and Ciel finds him. Ciel princess-carry him back to his bed. Bonus for Ciel kissing his forehead before he leaves.

It’s winter. They’re sitting together outside and it’s cold. Add tries to get more warmth by moving closer to Ciel. Ciel pokes his cheek, making Add turns and then bumps his nose to Add. Bonus for Add blushing so much and Ciel kissing him for that.

Add finds a kitten and he doesn’t know how to take care of her. He asks Ciel’s help so now they’re taking care of their ‘daughter’. Bonus angst for the kitten dying because of Add’s mistake in giving food or bathing or something.

Ciel as a worker and Add as his boss. Sometimes they have “special meeting”. It’s up to your imagination how these special meetings should go. It can be Ciel making cookies for Add or smut /winkswinks/

“The secret to become a good chief is meeting a woman that will make you want to give all the food you make to her.” (Shokugeki no Soma). Ciel is a very successful young chef, but his teacher says that he still lacks something. He meets Add, a university student who only likes to eat instant food. He says that Ciel’s food is bad. Suddenly it becomes Ciel’s goal to make Add say his food is good. Souma x Erina style.

Rust Blaster AU. Ciel as Aldred and Add as Yosugara. Ciel, the vampire that can’t use any bloodline weapon. Turns out that it’s because he’s the one destined to use the legendary weapon that is Add. The whole Rust Blaster plot is already good anyway so there’s no need for a change.

Ciel the single father and Add the daycare worker. Lu wants a new mom and says that Add should be her mom because Add can make the scary guys go away. Would you take him to be your waifu, Ciel?

Add is the mafia boss’ only son and Ciel is the one assigned to take care of him. Add doesn’t want to become a mafia boss and asks Ciel to run away with him. Ciel agrees.

Dog!Ciel x Cat!Add. Cat!Add gets bullied by big dogs until Dog!Ciel comes. Cat!Add thinks that Dog!Ciel wants to bully him too, but Dog!Ciel licks his wounds. They start to get close until one day Dog!Ciel gets hit by a car.

Add is just a normal high school student who accidentally finds a way to summon demons. He summon Ciel, who is actually ready to destroy the world only to find that he’s expected to–take care of a high school student’s daily needs.

Add left his wallet at Ciel’s cafe so Ciel goes to Add’s house to return it. Add offers Ciel to stay for dinner. Add’s mother saying Mulan’s grandma’s line (“WON’T YOU STAY FOREVER?!”).

Wait it’s more like prompt rants rather than fluff rants gdi.

mickey w more tattoos tho ????
- he has this real ridiculous one ian made him get when they went for a road trip to like las vegas or florida or some shit (wherever americans Go for roadtrips) and they get completely smashed and ian is like MIVK U SHOULD GET………A BABY DUCK ON UR LEG…….. And mickey just IAN…..U GODDAMN GENUIS….THIS IS WHY I LOVE U…….. he gets it and the day after (theyre headin home that day) Mick is SO pissed he wont say a single Word for the entire ride home and when they get back mandy laughs until she cries and chokes on her own spit
- mandy gets really into stick n pokes for a while so she gives him one on his lower arm. it’s a Gun or knife or something and it actually turns out real cool
- maybe he gets like half a sleeve……..thatd B great…….
- he also has a rly cheesy tattoo dedicated to Ian and obVIOUSLY it’s like over his heart or something. What. a. Nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- i only went into this with the duck tattoo as my only proper idea bUT MICKEY…….W MORE TATTOOs..,,,..,
- very nice

Imagine Raph gets a bit worked up when his brothers are poking fun at him. Witnessing this for the first time, you’re kind of puzzled when he does nothing and calmly walks away. 

“Hey, where’s he going?” you ask the brothers. 

“Oh, if he isn’t blowing up on us, he’s probably goin’ in his room,” Mikey answered. “He won’t come out for a while.”

“We should probably go say sorry,” Donnie offered.

“No, that won’t do any good,” Leo protested. “We should leave him alone and wait for him to come back out on his own.” 

“I’m going to go check on him,” you say, walking towards Raph’s room. You knock lightly, not hearing any response. “Raph, it’s (y/n), are you okay? Can I come in?” Still receiving no response, you let yourself in the dark room. You slowly walked towards Raph’s bed. The red banded turtle was sprawled out on the bed, face down on a pillow. You hesitantly sit on a side of the bed, shifting your feet awkwardly. You run your hand up and down his shell, trying to help to calm him down. You then slowly climbed on top of his shell. You covered your hands on top of his and lay your head on one of his broad shoulders, not knowing what else to do. Raph sighs and turns around to lay on his carapace. He helps you lay on top of him and he strokes your hair, looking up at you. He felt weird, so he decided to say what was on his mind.

“I don’t have anyone to talk to. With Spike gone, I feel like how I feel or whatever doesn’t matter. But when I told Spike– Slash– how I felt when I was mad, he mutated and attacked my brothers. That was my fault. Now I feel like I can’t say how I feel or it’ll come back and bite me in the shell. I don’t want that.”

“Raph, you should feel like you can say how you feel. You can talk to me.”

“Hah,” Raph snorts. “I don’t think so. I don’t want you listening to my little stupid problems, you shouldn’t have to.”

“I don’t mind,” you say, cupping his cheek. “You shouldn’t feel bad about it. I care about how you feel and I want to try to help.”

“You really don’t have to.”

“I really want to, though,” you answer, nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck. He feels his cheeks heating up and clears his throat. Raph then raises up your head with his finger and kisses you quickly.

“You can’t tell the guys about this,” he says. “I don’t want them thinking I’m a softy or something. And you gotta forget this.”

“I like this side of you, though,” you say, giggling when he pouts a bit, unamused. “I won’t tell, okay?” 

“Good.” Raph sits up, wraps an arm around your waist and crashes his lips onto yours, giving you a big kiss and leaves you breathless like never before. “Now, c’mon. I’m gonna go ‘poke fun’ at my bros. You wanna come watch?” 

“S-sure,” you stutter, touching your lips. Raph grabs your hand and walks out with you, shooting a smirk at you. You blush a bit and go sit down, prepared to watch the showdown. Raph is already chasing his brothers down and ready to rough house. He shoots you a quick wink and pins down Mikey, making sure you know that you’re with the toughest turtle around. 

They were sitting under the stars, on an old blanket that you could feel the grass poking through. Her eyes were inquisitive, bright blue as ever, and reflecting the glow of the moon.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked her.

She looked up at him then, and smiled softly. “My future husband.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked. “What about him?”

She hummed. “Just that he won’t have much of me,” she told him. “You know, you have all of me. My heart, my love, my everything. What will be left of me for him?”

He furrowed his eyebrows. “Do you think I should give it back then?”

She kissed him, then. When she pulled away, she said, “I wouldn’t take it back if you tried.”

He smiled. His brown eyes seemed lighter than before, and he looked at her as if she was the sole reason he was put on this earth. “Let’s not talk about your future husband anymore. I don’t think I’d like him much.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #63 // I hope you’re him. I hope so badly that you’re him.

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cordy/fred- training? and/or cangel- cooking?

“Pass me the knife?” Angel asks, holding out an open hand.

Cordelia does, and watches as Angel proceeds to dice tomatoes with the speed and dexterity of a master chef.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she demands. “You have no reason to know how to do that! You don’t even eat!”

Angel looks back at her awkwardly adjusts the apron keeping his precious clothes clean.

“Oh my god,” Cordelia says. “You watch the cooking channel. You follow along with the cooking channel! I should have known it when you brought that quinoa salad to my party. It was way too good for grocery store salad.”

“Look,” Angel says. “Don’t make a big thing of it, okay?”

“Are you kidding?” Cordelia says. She pokes him in the tummy and then leans up to kiss him briefly, smiling against his mouth.

“Does this mean you won’t tell Wes?” Angel asks.

“Oh, no,” Cordelia says, grinning. “I’m telling everyone I know.”

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The Matsunos overhearing their crush talking to someone (could be Totoko, Chibita, some random person, etc.) about how they think they don't have a chance with one of the brothers and thinking that they aren't good enough for them?

The responses will be longer that usual because… why not?

Osomatsu was happily counting his Pachinko earnings, rounding a corner before he heard the voice of his crush. He quickly backed up, poking his head around the side. They were slouched over the counter, nibbling at a piece of meat on their plate.

“I don’t even know if I should go for it. I mean, Osomatsu’s attractive, and fun, but what am I? I don’t have a chance with him. He probably doesn’t even like me.” they mumbled.

Chibita scoffed. “Of course he’s into you. You’re not too bad looking, and he’s a Matsuno. He’d say yes before you could even finish your sentence!”

“You think so?” they asked.

“I know so.” Chibita answered. Listening to this, Osomatsu was absolutely elated. His crush liked him back! This was better than all the Pachinko winnings in the world! Pretending like he heard nothing, he rounded the corner and greeted his crush, sitting next to them.

Karamatsu was loitering in the park, nodding to the people who passed by and trying to look cool, as always. He heard the sound of his crush’s voice, along with their friend, and panicked, deciding to duck behind a bench as they passed by.

“Stop lying to yourself!” their friend exclaimed. “You’re a great person, and he’s– Well, he’s… Karamatsu.”

His crush groaned. “I just don’t know. Would trying even be worth it?”

“You’re fine,” their friend said reassuringly. At this, Karamatsu cheered under his breath. It was 100% confirmed that his crush could not resist the brilliance of… Karamatsu.

He popped out in front of them, flipping his hair and saying, “Heh, my heart led me here, [Name].”

“I really like Choromatsu, but I don’t think he likes me back.” a voice sighed.

Choromatsu was walking down the hallway of his home when he overheard his crush talking to his mother in his parents’ bedroom, and froze in shock. First of all, his crush, his actual real-life crush, liked him back! Second of all, why on earth were they confiding in his mother?

Matsuyo laughed. “Of course he likes you! He won’t stop talking about you during meals, [Name]. He actually banned his brothers from talking to you, saying he was the only one allowed to speak with you.”

“But… He barely talks to me.” they pointed out in confusion.

“That’s just him being my loser NEET son,” Matsuyo said, shaking her head. “Choromatsu, get in here. I know you’re eavesdropping!” Choromatsu’s eyes widened. How did she know?

He walked in shamefully, blushing and bowing his head. “…Sorry.”

Ichimatsu was just innocently following a cat when he heard his crush talk about him. Like any other person would, he decided to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Please, he’s into you like he’s into cats,” Totoko scoffed.

“Ew.” Ichimatsu’s crush scrunched up their face. “Are you absolutely sure? There must be someone better.”

“You have nothing to worry about.” Totoko told them. “I just don’t understand why you’re not going for someone better looking. You could totally do it.”

“No way!” they responded. “Ichimatsu’s really attractive, and even if you weren’t judging by looks, he’s a great guy.”

Totoko shrugged. “Hey, I’m not complaining! If it gets one of the Matsunos off my back, I’m fine.” Ichimatsu smiled. It was confirmed that his crush liked him back! He walked off contentedly, deciding he’d let them make the first move.

Most people notice a man hopping the fence into their backyard, then running over to their window, but somehow Jyushimatsu’s crush didn’t seem to notice. He was getting ready to pop his head through their open window and ask them if they wanted to play some baseball, but he stopped when he saw them on the phone.

“You know I’m not confident about these things!” they whined. “I don’t know if he would like me! He talks about this girl he liked, and I don’t think I fit his whole… criteria.” 

Nothing discernible could be heard coming from the speaker in their phone.

They furrowed their brows. “You think it would be better for me to just ask him out? Yeah, sure. Jyushimatsu would probably be creeped out.” They listened to the other person talk. “Yes, I know I’m deeply in love.”

“You are?!” Jyushimatsu blurted out, gripping the windowsill. His crush’s eyes widened, and they turned a deep red.

Todomatsu was texting away on his phone, sitting cross legged on a chair at a nearby cafe. His crush was sitting a couple tables away from him, and he was very aware of that fact. It seemed they were too, as they were whispering with their friend about him. Luckily for Todomatsu, they were really bad at whispering, and he was ecstatic that they liked him back.

“He’s cute and he’s perfect. In fact, maybe a little too perfect!” they said in a distressed whisper. Todomatsu nodded in agreement. “I’m just… me.”

“Oh, come on, [Name]. Just ask Todomatsu out already!” their friend said, obviously not aware of Todomatsu’s presence just two tables away. His crush widened their eyes and shushed them.

“He’s right there!” they hissed, pointing discreetly at Todomatsu. Their friend turned around. “No, you’re making it too obvious!”

Their friend waved at Todomatsu and turned back to his crush. “Good. Ask him out,” They shook their head defiantly. Todomatsu decided that this was the best time to join them.

Minhyuk - “Ow!” he would yelp. “I was actually planning on kissing you afterwards but now that you have kicked me off the bed, I can’t do that anymore.” He would say teasingly. 

Wonho - would laugh loudly and make his way back on the bed and start to tickle you until you scream and beg for him to stop. 

Kihyun - would be surprised that you actually managed to kick him off. “You are stronger than you look~” he would comment and poke you repeatedly, starting the play fight all over again.

I.M. - “Ouch, i’m hurt…” He would moan and pretend that he is injured. When you check up on him, he would pull you down on the floor with him and kiss you playfully. “Gotcha~” He’d chuckle.

Jooheon - “You’re so violent…” He would joke. “I should report you. This is abuse.” He’d laugh and go back to bed to cuddle you close.

Hyungwon - “It’s fine, the floor is so much more comfier anyway.” He’d laugh and lie down on the floor until you join him and you’d end up making out on the floor.

Shownu - “Oh that’s how it is huh~” He would get up quickly and go back to the bed and pin you down. “Try kicking me off now.” He would grin mischievously.

Chapter 2~Make Cameron Jealous~

Image for the Chapter

*Addis’ PoV*

“Well who should do it?” Gilinsky asks. I see him looking around the room before stopping right near me. I knew who he was thinking about for this plan.

“Nash.” he says a smirk playing on his features. I look back at Nash to see him looking from Gilinsky to me while absent-mindedly poking the part of my back that was exposed with only my tank top on.

“That would be perfect.” Sam says. “Nash? You in?” I ask him, his attention moves to only me. He nods his head. “You in?” he asks. “I can flirt.” I say. “Then I’m game.”

The room goes silent after the decision was made when we all heard a door slam. “God fucking damnit.” I hear Cameron yell. They boys and I let out sighs and then they all look at me. I nod my head, grabbing my phone from the bed before standing up off the bed and walking over to the door. I turn the nod trying to be quiet, I poke my head out of the door to see Cameron walking around the room with his hands on his head and his elbows bent in the hair. I close the door quickly before walking over to him.

“Cameron?” I say in a soft voice. He turns to me and right away a smile appears on his face. “Everything okay?” I ask while walking closer to him. “I don’t even know.”

“What’s wrong?” I ask, grabbing his hand with my ow, and bringing him up into his room to talk about what happened.

“What happened Cam?” I ask sitting on his large white bed with him. He rests his hands on my lower legs, his warm hands touching my cool bare skin making goosebumps appear. He looks at my legs and a slight chuckle comes from his parted lips.

“Kylie and me.” he starts with a sigh. “We’re just not working. At first I thought it would work, but now it’s just not. We fight all the time, about stupid things. Like today it was because I said that I wanted to go to Disney Land with you and her because you’re my two favorite girls, and she got all angry and defensive and wanted to know why I couldn’t just go with her. But I already did that for a date and I wanted to go with both of you.” he says, tapping his fingers absently against my cool skin. I nod my head, while looking at him, my long hair falling in my face as I do so.

I brush it back down my back while I continue to look at him. “What do you want to do about it?” I ask, he shrugs his shoulders up and down at my question.

“Well, that’s what you have to figure out.” I say. He nods his head.

“Do you want to know something?” he asks. “If someone asked me what the best part of the relationship was right now, I would have to answer when we were apart.” he says.

I smile and let out a chuckle. “Then I think you just answered the question.” His eyes get wide and he nods his head quickly.

“You always know just what to say to me.” He smiles at me, looking a lot calmer then he did when I first saw him walking around downstairs.

“So what are you gonna do?”

“Well, I have to bring her back to her place, she’s waiting in the car for me right now. I’ll bring her back, then I’ll do it. I’ll break up with her. End things. I should have a long time ago. Thanks for helping me get my head on straight.” he says, I nod my head at his response. “That’s what I’m here for.”

“What would I do without you?” he asks as he gets up off of the bed. “Be lost.” I say with a smile. “Yeah.” he says before reaching out his hands and pulling me up off of the bed. He then pulls me into a tight hug. After a few moments the door opens and Nash walks in.

“Dude Cameron. Kylie just called me. She’s in the car waiting for you and she’s pissed.” Nash says interupting the moment Cameron and I were having.

“I know she is.” he says smiling down at me, I smile back at him and we move apart. He grabs his phone before leaving his bedroom and going down the stairs.

I hear the door close downstairs and I sit down on his bed again and I flop down onto my back. Nash continues to stand in the doorway, and leans against the door frame.

“So what happened? What did I walk in on?” he asks, with a raised eyebrow.

“He talked out what happened with me. And then I asked him what he wanted to do about it, and then he told me that the best part of the relationship was when they weren’t together. And I told him he answered the question. He’s going to break up with her once they get to her place.” I say. Nash jumps ontop of me while I was still laying down on Camerons bed and then straddles my lap .

“How many times in a single day can I walk in on this?” Gilinsky says walking into the room and laughing, then I start laughing. Nash just smiles a cheesy smile.

“She’s magic. She did it!” Nash says, excitement laced in his voice. I sit up and wrap my arms around his lower torso to keep myself up right. He puts his legs straight on the sides of me, I smile to myself at how comfortable he was with me. It made me happy.

“What did she do?” Gilinsky says sitting on the chair in the room, all the boys end up in the room before we had a chance to answer the question.

“They’re breaking up.” he says, all the boys cheer. “Nash my arms are tired.” I say, he moves his arms around my body to hold me up right. I put my arms in my lap, partly on Nashs legs.

“Maybe you should just date Nash.” Matt says while letting out a laugh. “Well I mean we are gonna flirt.” Nash says looking at me and winking. I put my hands up to cover my face. “Sterph.” I say. “Never.” he says moving my hands away from my face.

“Just date everyone.” Matt says, making me laugh and blush slightly.

“Why are they breaking up?”  Johnson asks.

“Because he told me that the best part of the relationship is when they aren’t together.” I say. They all start laughing.

We all head out of Camerons room and go into the living room to wait for Cameron to get back. I had to go back to place and either stay there for the night or get stuff and come back here, but Nash got me this morning, so I didn’t have my car.

I sat down on the white carpeted floor with Jaxx laying his head in my lap, while I pet his head.

The door opens and I hear Cameron walk into the house. “Jaxx come here buddy?” he says walking from the door. Jaxx moves his head, but doesn’t get up. “Where is he?” Cameron asks.

“Cam, come here.” I say. He walks into the room. “He likes her more then you man."Nash says sitting down next to me on the floor.

"Jaxx come here.” he says again, getting Jaxx to wag his tail, but still not get up. I laugh at the face that Cameron makes at Jaxx. I move to sit on the floor and Jaxx gets up off of me just to lay on my again.

“Jaxx is trying to make a move on Addi.” Shawn says as I continue to pet Jaxx.

Cameron sits next to me on the floor before he lays down right across from me. I move my hand up near my face and he puts his hands on my arm as he turns to lay on his stomach.

“So how did it go?” I ask, while turning as much as I could to see him while Jaxx was still laying on me.

“Well, awkward to say the least.” he starts with a laugh.

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I know that pushing daisies is a show about a dude who can bring people back from the dead by poking them and that should be what’s unrealistic

but honestly the most unrealistic thing about the show is that ned brought his dog back to life and then somehow managed to not pat him for half a day before finding out if he touches them again they die

like who goes that long without patting their dog

more in the veela!zayn verse

“This is a bad idea.”

“This is a great idea, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Louis glares at Zayn, then pokes at his chest for good measure. “I came up with it, ergo it’s a great idea.”

“I should stay home.” Zayn pulls his coat a little closer around him, and Harry shakes his head. He knows why Zayn thinks it’s a bad idea, but it’s been a while since the five of them all did things together, and he doesn’t want Zayn to take it back at the last moment.

“Come on, Zaynie. It’s my birthday. I want to go out to celebrate it.” Liam comes out of the doorway with full puppy dog eyes on. They’re all in muggle clothes tonight, because apparently to Liam going out means going to a muggle club, which Harry thinks will be pretty interesting. He’s been to a few muggle places before, but never like this.

“But what if—”

“Honestly, Ravenclaws.” Louis rolls his eyes, then throws an arm over Zayn’s shoulders. “Don’t listen to him, Liam. We’re all going as soon as Niall gets his ass here.”

As if on cue, there’s a bang outside, and then Niall’s stumbling through the door, grinning widely. His cheeks are flushed like he’s already gotten started. “Who’s ready to celebrate?” he cheers, and holds up a flask.

“See? Someone has the right idea,” Louis announces, and lets go of Zayn to take the flask. “Everyone out. Time to go. Liam, drink more.”

Louis reaches up to hand the flask to Liam, then shoves at his shoulder to get him outside. Harry’s pretty ready to go, but he hangs back when he sees Zayn hesitating, chewing on his lip.

“Nothing will go wrong,” he tells Zayn, smiling as comfortingly as he can. “They’re all muggles anyway, they won’t know if it does.”

“Oh that’s comforting.” Zayn rolls his eyes, and Harry grins. If Zayn’s being sarcastic they’re probably okay. “I can cause a riot, but at least they won’t know why.”

“You can’t cause a riot,” Harry argues, and Zayn laughs. It makes his face light up, and Harry swallows down an entirely non-magical urge to kiss him, to do anything to keep him laughing like that forever.

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Hey english is my second lenguage and i had a question about something magnus said in the tv series? What does he mean when he says "i'll do you pro bono"? I really dont get it? Is it supposed to mean something else? Thank youuu

he means he’d bang alec for $0.00. when a lawyer does a case pro bono it means they do it for free. i suspect it was less a compliment and more just magnus poking alec with a stick.

i think it was one of my favorite lines tbh and i’m really glad the show allows magnus to just be a little shit on occasion, not just when he’s annoyed but in general, because magnus is definitely the kind of person who will ~accidentally~ let a juicy factoid slip in front of the two ppl who least should hear it and then sit back with a bag of popcorn while the petty drama unfolds in front of him.


Max was busy looking around the Poke’Mart, trying to figure out what he should stock up on before exploring any more of the area he was in. The newbie trainer made a small groan of confusion as he grabbed and rubbed the back of his head. “Oh man…I forgot to ask Grandma for a list of recommended supplies! I mean…what should get more of? Poke’balls? Potions? Antidotes? Full Heals? I can only carry so much!” He groaned again as he sighed and chuckled a bit. “Heh, Ric must be having an easier time than me right now. Maybe I should call him real quick before I do anything….though knowing him he’ll ask why I just didn’t ask the person at the desk for recommendations,” He chuckled again and sighed right after(again).