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Are you still doing Dragon age prompts? Do you have it in you for some Anders/Karl???

I do!! or at least I’m trying rly hard!!

I wanted to go somewhere unexpected and thought, “what if saving Karl was an option?”

Anders brings him to his clinic, but there’s nothing to heal apart from a few paper cuts on Karl’s fingers. Anders heals those nonetheless.

Karl wavers somewhere between tranquility and reality; all confusion and shaking hands. Anders figures that if he keeps Justice close enough to the surface, he should be able to touch Karl’s mind as well, however far away that might be.

So that’s how they are, one lacking, one overflowing. They balance each other out, and Anders can’t say it works perfectly, but then again, what does?

Sometimes Anders lets Hawke drag him out of his clinic, but he always returns swiftly; it breaks his heart every time to find Karl in that same empty-eyed state. Sometimes it’s easier to draw him back, sometimes harder, but Anders draws him close every time anyway, holding his gaze as Justice rumbles beneath his skin, blue and bright, and Karl blinks and says, “Anders.”

“I’m here,” Anders replies. His voice doesn’t crack anymore.


Don’t do it. She is 12 going through something that is very hard. She should not have to deal with adults prying into something that is already very hard and upsetting for her. I feel like this should go without saying but people have already done it on Twitter and on Instagram (seriously whoever put “have fun with two Christmas’s” fuck you. You’re an asshole). Millie is a child. Just because this is in the public eye does not give you permission to ask her questions, make fun of her, or otherwise be a dickhead to her. Leave her alone. This already is going to hurt enough for her.

As a side note honestly don’t pry at all. To anyone! This is a personal matter and what we were given should be enough. We are fans not close friends or family. Geoff and Griffons personal life is not something that they should feel forced to share. Be respectful and kind and give them their privacy. Its already hard don’t make it any harder.

At this time they all need our support. Be respectful. Don’t be an asshole.

EDIT: Some of the replies I have been reading have been making some really great points. Such as, don’t bring up the divorce to Millie unless she makes it clear she wants to talk about it. Let her deal with it on her own terms. Words of encouragement mean well but she has a good support system to help her and that shouldn’t be us unless she asks. Support Geoff and Griffon through their content! Generally just use your brain. (Thank you everyone who has been adding on to this)

Great Balls of Fucking Fire!

(Title because everyone titles their shit ‘humans are weird’ and telling these posts apart is a pain in the ass!) So, saw a post about aliens not being all that great with human swearing. (Wish I’d saved the damn post!) And my first thought was ‘Ah, yes, good! Go with that! That is awesome!” They pointed out that aliens wouldn’t understand swearing such as “Fuck!” or “Asshole!”. I thought “Motherfucker” would be another great one to add to the list. But what about the more um…inventive swears? For example (these are all ones that I use or have heard used):

Human: “Jesus Christ on a crutch!”

Alien: “Where? And how was your deity hurt? For that matter, how did your deity board the ship?”

Human: “Well fuck me sideways!”

Alien: “I do not think that is anatomically possible for either of us…”

Human: “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you fine sir are the fucking cactus!”

Alien: “Fucking…cactus? Why would you wish to engage in coitus with a dessert plant? Wouldn’t it hurt?!”

Human: “Son of a biscuit eating bull dog!”

Alien: ?????

(Damnit, now I’m on a roll.) But consider some of these other things. What about human name calling? Like, the original post touched on that a bit with the ‘asshole’ comment. But again, what about the more inventive name calling? Children call each other ‘meanie’, ‘poopoo head’, and ‘meanie head’. Those would be confusing enough. Now picture an alien having to deal with adult name calling. Some of my friends have been known to use the following:

  • Twat waffle
  • Cunt biscuit
  • Shitlet
  • Douchebag
  • Ass goblin
  • Fuckwit
  • Ass clown
  • Captain Obvious (and their partner, Sergeant Sarcasm)
  • Butt Munch
  • Fucktard
  • Dick face
  • Shit nibbler (or nibblet)
  • Cheeky dickwaffle
  • Pecker head
  • Dingleberry

Can you picture an alien reacting to THOSE? And what about colloquialisms? What about those stupid sayings that don’t entirely make sense, but we use them anyway? Like, check out some of these beauties, and just imagine the alien’s glorious confusion over some of these:

 Human: “I am dragging so much ass that I am wiping out the tracks behind me!”

Alien: “Human you can’t leave tracks on a spaceship, nor is you posterior currently touching the ground.”

Human: (doesn’t trust some space pirate) “You can shake his hand, but you’ll have to count your fingers afterward.”

Alien: Promptly hides human’s hands, he didn’t know that that space pirate was a finger stealer! Or that finger stealers were a thing! Are their own tentacles close enough to count? Should they be worried? Don’t worry, I will protect your fingers my human!

Human: “We better dock soon, because I’ve got to pee like a motherfucker/ racehorse/ mother racehorse (that last is my families fusion of the two. Dont ask).

Alien: ???? (doesn’t compute) ?????

Human: “I’m so hungry I could eat a (insert large animal or item of choice. Such as ‘Spaceship’)!”

Alien: Races off to warn captain that they need to up the human’s food intake before it eats the ship right out from under them!!!!

Human: “He’s slicker than owl shit!” 

Alien: ?????

Human: “I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!”

Alien: Gets migraine trying to picture how a human with one leg could kick anything, much less as a competitor.

Human: “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Your hair is not on fire!”

Alien: Freezes mid-step to stare at human. “W-what?”

Just picture all of these guys!

How to Ship Soukoku 'Subtly' by Bones

Release Soukoku exclusive goods

Bring out the Family Pictures

Did you know…they may hate each other but they’re actually close

We mean, partners should get each other’s back

But we don’t think they’re close enough

“Wait, they can’t be together in every official art” so we’ll be sneaky like a fox

“We just want to see them smiling at each other but that may be out of character” so put them in separate CD covers

“Asagiri-sensei, we want to know more about their story” so put them in the movie’s first visual

Anyway, just… lay them on a bed of flowers

I’m sorry but we can’t get enough of flowers. Bonus: Camellias please because symbolism ;)

It’s just coincidence that we released this art the day after White Day

Disregard everything. You’re just reading way too much. We don’t ship them, okay?


Kanaineco: I lowkey ship them too

Rejoice! This fandom is blessed with many official arts courtesy of this ship’s captain, Bones.

((I mean, I know they’re for marketing, but they’re beautiful and I love them. Let shippers be happy ^^))


Book Harrenhal? Yessssss.

  • For reasons unknown, it is referred to by other Fair Folk as Anna Monday. 
  • The Fair Folk seem frightened of it, which is a warning sign in and of itself.
  • It appears to be an armless mannequin made of thousands of fragments of sea glass.
  • When the sun shines through the frosted glass, you can see a kind of oily smoke moving lazily inside the sea glass shell.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever get close enough to see any further details.
  • There are no stories, anywhere, of anyone interacting with Anna Monday. Nothing in the contraband guides between covers slicked with iron-dusted paint; nothing online; nothing in Elsewhere University’s extensive oral history. In some ways this is more worrying than an outright horror story.
  • It is most common to find it a good twenty meters or so from the automotive and metalworking building, standing stock still. It has no eyes, but it is always watching the second floor.
  • Give it a wide berth.
Non-Human Prompt Meme

Send me an emoji and a character!

👽 - alien
🐠 - mermaid
🌹 - fairy
🐕 - werewolf
🐾 - other were (specify)
🌊 - sea monster
🌙 - vampire
👤 - cryptid
👻 - ghost
✨ - witch/wizard
⚡️ - demigod
🍃 - nature spirit
🐲  - dragon
🔧 - robot
👣 - giant 
🐣 - phoenix
👓 - superhero

Thoughts on growing a beard: Judaism.

Growing a beard puts me back in line with a commandment that God gave to the Jews – namely, that you shall not shave the corners of your beard.

(Hilariously, no one is sure where “the corners of your beard” are actually located. Some people believe that this is the side-locks that you see on Orthodox Jewish men, some people just grow out their whole beards on the theory that if you don’t shave anything, you can’t shave the corners. Most people don’t care.)

Anyone who has seen me cook pork knows that I’m not exactly an observant Jew. But I do keep track of which commandments I’m following and which ones I’m not, not because I’m keeping score (which isn’t even how it works), but because I think it’s good to be conscious of it. I’m going to try to explain why.

I have a memory of a friend of mine – who in any just world would be a rabbi – explaining to me that the commandment for Jews not to shave the corners of their beard comes from a passage about not worshipping the Bael, and that it almost certainly is referring to a specific religious practice in Canaanite Polytheism.

The point of the commandment isn’t that there’s something inherently wrong with shaving whatever part of your beard “the corners” is. The point is that you should not even come close to Bael worship. It’s not enough just not to do it. You should not do anything that approaches doing it.

It’s easy to dismiss this as just excessive purity focus – and a lot of Jewish commandments are just that – but there is something else to it as well. I think about Ta-Nehisi Coates talking about (of all things) his diet. He said that it’s all very well to say “I can have ice cream in my freezer and just choose not to eat it.” But, if there is ice cream in his freezer, he will eat it. Self control, he says, is in the grocery aisle. Similarly, in the commandment to not shave the corners of your beard, self-control isn’t deciding not to go into the temple of Bael. Self control lives at the razor-blade.

Because so much of our religious culture is Jewish-derived, it can be hard to understand the place of Judaism in the ancient world. At the time that these commandments were written, it wasn’t existing in the context of other monotheism. Rather, it was a radical monotheist religious practice existing side-by-side with an ongoing polytheist tradition from which it had probably sprung. So, the choice about remaining Jewish or going to worship the Bael wasn’t some absurd thing – it was a regular choice that everyone could be expected to cope with in their daily lives. So the practices of Bael worship – even if they aren’t done in the context of actually worshipping actual gods – are forbidden. Like shaving the corners of your beard.

And like child sacrifice.


As I remember it (and I don’t care if I’m right or wrong about this), right next to the commandment not to shave the corners of your beard is the commandment “you shall not offer your children unto Bael.” Which, to be clear, isn’t any kind of symbolic baptism or something. It’s straight-up child sacrifice – killing your child in sacrifice to the gods so that they might bless you. This was a fairly common practice in Canaanite polytheism, and it lasted until at least Carthage. It’s a common practice, and also one that (very specifically), Jews don’t do. Or, at least, we’re not supposed to.

There’s little risk in me – or any other modern Jew – practicing Canaanite paganism. That particular religion is dead and buried, and good riddance to it. So, in that sense, there is little sense to the prohibition on shaving the corners of my beard. It’s not like, in my daily life, I’m going to be walking by a Canaanite temple and say “oh, sure, what the hell?” and pop in to say a quick prayer to the Bael and light some incense.

But child sacrifice is something we still do in our society. Every day, in so many ways, we sacrifice our children. Sure, we’re not cutting hearts out or burning kids alive in ritual ceremonies. But, in so many other ways, we sacrifice our children to any number of false gods – for ourselves, for our communities, to keep the peace, to keep the silence that we claim is peace, or just because we enjoy it. Every time someone tells a child “that never happened” or “we don’t talk about that” or “it’s your fault,” that is, in its own way, child sacrifice.

If the commandment to not shave the corners of my beard has any meaning to my life, then, it’s this: a reminder we do not sacrifice our children. Jews today are still bound by the commandment of God to Abraham – we do not sacrifice our children. We do not sacrifice them to false gods. We don’t sacrifice them to the true God. We do not sacrifice them to peace, or to silence, or “the community,” or to “a good man who just made a mistake.” This commandment is our primary commandment. It comes before anything else – it even comes before “I am adonai your god” and “you shall have no other gods before me.” It is who we are as a people.

(Of course, it isn’t. Of course, every day, in so many ways, Jews – secular and liberal and Orthodox and every other kind – sacrifice our children. That transgression, at least, has never gone away.)

Every day, when I shave, or when I choose not to shave, I think of this commandment. We do not shave the corners of our beards. We do not offer our children unto Bael.

Alright people, let’s get something straight:

Now, I’ve both made and reblogged posts of this nature before, but earlier today I was scrolling through the ‘Recent’ tab of my Billdip search, yknow, just checking out what’s new in one of my favorite ships, and I kept coming across anti-ship posts and people complaining about incest and pedophilia and all that shit.
*Inhales* Now there are just a FEW things I’d like to add to the ‘arguments’ these posts and bloggers were making:

  1. “It’s supporting pedophilia/incest!”
    Actually no, it isn’t. Unless the author of the said ‘fan-work’ themselves DIRECTLY STATED that pedophilia or incest was fun/good, it is highly unlikely that they support it. Depicting something in a creative medium does not mean in any way that you condone it; for example, just because I joke about killing myself after a bad fanfic or maiming one of the characters in said badfic DOES NOT mean that I would do it in real life, or encourage others to do it in real life. I’ve said this line in my previous post, but I’ll say it again: LIKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP HAS ABOUT AS MUCH IMPACT ON SOMEONE’S PERSONAL/POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS VIEWS AS SOMEONE ELSE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOES ON THE REAL WORLD.

  2. “It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, it can still be used to groom kids into thinking that pedophilia/incest is okay or erotic.”
    Believe it or not, I agree with this one. BUT, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not OUR JOB to teach naive children what is right or wrong in the world. IT’S A PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S. If a child is young or impressionable enough to think that just because there are pictures and other such media depicting pedophilia/incest it means it’s okay, then they SHOULDN’T BE ON THE INTERNET. Or their parent/guardian should monitor their child’s activity more closely. Moreover, if a child IS naive enough to think such things, then it’s not fucking Fandoms and Tumblr and Fanfiction I’m worried about, I’d be more worried about them stumbling across an ACTUAL PEDOPHILIA OR INCEST FETISH SITE! What then, people? You gonna make accounts on those forums and bitch about morality there? Good luck.

  3. “Well, I dislike it and think it’s disgusting, and I have a right to post my opinion about it on someone else’s blog.”
    Yeah, yes, absolutely, you DO have a right to an opinion! Do you have a right to whine on someone’s blog other than yours, though? NO. Do you really think that you posting a comment in the tags about how disgusting someone or something is will really change anything? It won’t. Now it’s one thing if someone said ‘I don’t support this, I personally think it’s awful, but you’re your own person and are allowed to like whatever you want.’ But even then, I STILL don’t understand why you’d say that on someone’s post. You don’t know this person, that person doesn’t know you, you clearly just implied that you want nothing to do with them or their interests, why the hell can’t you just blacklist their blog and be on your merry way? Know why ladies and gents? Because people are insecure and they need to wave their ‘opinions’ everywhere and at everything until they get recognized. If it’s not constructive criticism and is just someone who’s ‘politely’ stating that they dislike a piece of media and nothing else, they’re not worth your time.

  4. “But it’s encouraging real life pedophilia/incest.”
    *sighs* Yknow, it sucks that I’m the one who has to come out and shatter the Tumblr illusion by saying this, but halting media depictions of something dark or taboo won’t stop horrible things from happening. People, real-life pedophiles are laughing and real-life survivors are scoffing at you for thinking that censoring or filtering TUMBLR media will change ANYTHING. That’s like saying if we cease mass production and marketing of weapons, then worldwide WAR will stop! It’s stupid to think like that. Sadly it doesn’t fucking matter what people do or don’t ship, or write, or draw about, there will always be bad people in the world, and I can assure you that attempting to police stupid fandoms will not change that fact. You want to help fix the world? Go DONATE or VOLUNTEER instead of spending your time whining about what someone is doing with their blog.

  5. “If you ship <Ship Name>, then ur disgusting.”
    That’s close enough to a direct quote I saw from a post, and honestly, I can’t find much merit from someone who can’t even spell ‘YOU’RE’ correctly. And neither should any other sensible person.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Sorry for the long post, but Black Cat is known for her rants lol. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your time, and don’t tell anyone that they’re a bad person because they ship this or that.

Like seriously people, it’s just stupid pairings n’ shit.

Cuddles Can Hurt - Part 1

Masterlist  Part 2  -  Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky have always had a strictly professional relationship, until it becomes a little too easy to get too comfortable when you can’t sleep.

Prompt(s): I would love to read number 4 or 19 from the list! (with Bucky)

4.      “I couldn’t sleep, and I know you’re practically nocturnal, so I thought you’d answer.”
19.   “How exactly did you manage to give yourself a black eye?”

Warnings: a little swearing

Word Count: 2723

Author’s Note: 3 part mini series, posting every day the next 3 days. No series tags for this one. Mostly floof, and Bucky being a dumb, because I love that loveable idiot.

Originally posted by bovaria

Nat’s smile slipped into a sly smirk as she dropped a blackened cloth into the bin between you. You were too busy laughing to notice the determined glint in her eye. When you finally regained control and began wiping the barrel of your weapon, she struck, in true Natasha interrogation form, with a complete subject change while you were distracted and at ease. It caught you completely off guard.

“I could swear I saw Barnes leaving your room earlier today,” she said with a side glance to gauge your response. “You two finally hook up?”

“What?” you asked, nervous and unsure how to answer. Shit shit shit. How did she see him? “No, he doesn’t even talk to me outside of work, why the hell would he be in my room?”

“You’re a terrible liar.”

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cool suave tentacle seeks john 🍆

@wimpytentacleofficial moodboard

Another super productive stream! Thank you to those who came ;v;

Panels 6-7/7 for the Miraculous Fluff Month collab I’m doing with @megatraven! Final product coming soon.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

FUNNY STORY ABOUT THESE: for whatever reason, the place I bought them from shipped them separately. Chirrut was to arrive on Monday, Baze on Tuesday. But when UPS tried to deliver on Monday, my roommate couldn’t get to the door in time. So I tried to have Chirrut delivered to my local UPS Access Point. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me, so I crossed my fingers that they would deliver him with Baze the next day since I was planning on working from home. Then of course Tuesday, there was a snowstorm and UPS didn’t deliver anything. I was able to arrange to have Baze delivered to the Access Point, but it still wouldn’t let me have Chirrut delivered there. So I left a note for the driver to deliver to the coffee shop under my apartment instead. Then right before I left work today, my roommate texted me to let me know I had two large packages waiting for me. Long story short: there’s no power in the universe that can separate these two.

Reading Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World and it is beautifully relentless:

  • “Over the past thirty years, their way of thinking has in fact time and again damaged America and the world–the damage outweighing what good has been accomplished–yet we continue to take economists terribly seriously. Their culpability has scarcely been cited. Why?”

  • “Had economists been fully dedicated to their free-market views, they would also have been up in arms over the glaring lack of regulation of the new and deliberately opaque derivatives market on Wall Street.”

  • “The 1982 recession in the United States, for example, was the worst since the Great Depression–until the recession of 2008. Despite wide-eyed assertions by well-schooled economists that Americans were now enjoying the Great Moderation, the financial collapses and ensuing recessions had, as noted, cost Americans trillions of dollars in lost wealth and jobs, diminished investment, and failed companies.”

  • “To call economists overconfident during the modern laissez-faire experiment understates their hubris. The susceptibility of economists to new fashions in thinking, their opportunistic catering to powerful interests, and their walking in lockstep with the rightward political drift of America are disturbing for a discipline that claims to be a science.”

  • “Economists could benefit from the advice that the novelist Henry James once gave students: ‘Any point of view is interesting that is a direct impression of life. You should consider life directly and closely.’ In economics, theory is not just enough and is often patently wrong.”

This is all from just the prologue, it even opens on that first one

Seriously this book is great, I’m learning a lot. In the introduction alone it neatly ties together all these financial crises across the world from the 70s on and how they all trace back to the same egotistical fucks on Wall Street getting bailed out by the government whenever anything went bad for them, meanwhile leaving all these other countries totally fucked over. I’d already known some of this, but this lays it out nicely and cohesively, meanwhile explaining how it all led up to where we are now. Highly recommend.

famous last words heard in lab

  • “ehhh it’ll be fine”
  • “i should have enough reagent”
  • “oh that’s easy i’ll have the results by next week”
  • “yeah an hour should be enough time”
  • “close enough”

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Hello! Excuse me, I'm not good at drawing skirts, I was wondering how do you do it?

Hi! I’m not good at them either, but when I need to I try to do a guide line of where I want it and start drawing following it like this:

It ends up close enough to what it should look like sooooooooooo…….. 

(And as always, I use this a a base and then edit it later if I need to)