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The signs as iconic Jay Park lyrics

Aries: Your girl’s waist I put my arms around like a hoola hoop, shooby doop I’ll sing my way inside her pants right to her coochie cooch.

Taurus: I’m the muhfuckin truth so sick every meal I eat chicken noodle soup.

Gemini: You a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe.

Cancer: Your girl whack me off, and you? You’re just whack to me.

Leo: You know i’m shittin on you, I can’t find a pot to piss in.

Virgo: Yeah you’s a skateboarder and I’m a rail, better grind up on me better use your tail.

Libra: Yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble, I’ll fuck her till her knees wobble wobble.

Scorpio: I’m a dick to you when I should be giving dick to you.

Sagittarius: Her wand is my dick and she be doin magic tricks.

Capricorn: My flow hard, I gave it viagra. Try me you will fall, call you Niagara.

Aquarius: I get lost in your eyes I’ll get lost in those thighs.

Pisces: I’m so wavy like my life had a perm bitch.

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🍕  my muse accidentally delivers pizza to your muse’s house

Shaggy has to admit, as far as first jobs go, he has managed to score the jackpot of all first job-dom. He doesn’t have to play nicey-nice with angry soccer mom’s in customer service at a retail store, and he doesn’t have to clean up little kid vomit at some party place – he gets to deliver the holy grail equivalent of food: PIZZA.

While some of the people aren’t the most hygienic, the neighborhoods aren’t always friendly, and the tips aren’t always great, being around the love of his life, day in and day out, is more of a turnover than anything money could buy him.

Shaggy pulls up next to the nearest c u r b, navigation on the fritz due to his lack of LTE signal. His dumb phone provider was cheap but crappy. With a sigh, he hops out of the car to stare at the street signs above him, his long curls blowing into his vision from the wind. Coolsville had been having weird weather this past month, and Shaggy knows that any moment lightning could strike, or the sky could turn red and millions of zombies would come back from the dead to eat the flesh of innocent civilians–

A cat darts out from behind a trashcan, the aluminum C L A N G I N G harshly against the asphalt of the road and concrete of the sidewalk, and Shaggy nearly jumps a feet in the air.

Okay, so he’s officially lost and there are ghosts trying to scare him out of the neighborhood. He looks down to his phone, hoping to catch the time when suddenly the screen goes dark. Shaggy clicks the home button and his eyebrows furrow when nothing happens. Pressing a few more times ends with the same results and Shaggy gives up on the device. He shoves it into his pocket and racks his brain for the correct house numbers that he is absolutely sure he’d remembered ten minutes ago.

Shaggy is a carefree spirit, he reminds himself as he grabs the pizza satchel from his backseat, and he won’t let this minor setback get him down. He knows he can’t go door to door because duh someone will claim the free pizza if he asks, and it’s not like he can just yell their last name from the streets and hope they’ll hear him. He could always sift through people’s mail, but the chance of getting caught…

Nah.  ❝ I’ll leave it up to fate. ❞ He waves a hand at nothing and sets off for the house that just feels right to him. Maybe the color or the shape or the grass will pop out to him and he’ll just  K N O W  whose pizza this is.

His plan doesn’t work out at first.

He wanders around the same street for a while, CEMETERY DRIVE, before none of the numbers look familiar and all of the houses start to look the same. It goes on for so long that he knows the pizza in his hands is cold and he’s not sure he’ll be able to get back to his car. Shaggy hopes that he remembered to lock it before he started his journey.

Then it happens. 

Shaggy trips, barely saving the pizza in his hands by throwing his arms above his head, and falls face down into a well manicured lawn. IT’S THE HOUSE.

Lights are on in the living room, and Shaggy can see the glow of a TV through the  glass panes in the front door. A grin blossoms over his face and he practically skips with  v i c t o r y  at the promise of a job well done and excellent problem solving skills when that person opens their door to pay for their pizza.

He knocks and at first no one answers. Part of him wants to peek through the curtains to see whomever is sitting on the couch, giggling loud enough for Shaggy to hear outside, but he restrains himself and knocks again. At sixteen, it’s hard to be patient enough to wait for the person to open their door, but Shaggy manages to even put a grand smile on his face ( despite the dirt he’s sure he’s now covered in ) when the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen steps up to the doorstep. 

Her blonde hair is up in a really messy bun, one Shaggy usually puts his own in before he takes a shower in the morning, and she’s wearing a TMNT t-shirt and Spongebob pajama pants. He’s pretty sure she’s got nacho cheese on her sleeve and a part of him wants to scoop it off with his fingers and steal it for himself.


They’re both clearly startled by how loud his words are because they cringe for different reasons. After a few moments of silence, she starts giggling, and Shaggy can’t help the small little burps that turn into his own laughter soon after. A minute or so ticks by and they’re both laughing like lunatics on this girls’ doorstep, her leaning against her doorjam and Shaggy leaning on the railing of her porch.  ❝ W-what are we– what are we laughing at? ❞ He’s surprised he can get any words out with how badly his stomach is cramping from his genuine happiness.

And it gets worse when she looks up at him and manages to murmur through the giggles,  ❝ I didn’t order any pizza. ❞

Shaggy wants to be crestfallen about the fact that fate and divinity weren’t on his side and that he totally got their ‘SIGN’ wrong, but with this girl smiling at him like that, he can’t be upset at all. He realizes she asked him a question and he didn’t hear it through his own laughter, and after a few second of pause, he manages to start up again.  ❝ I have no clue where my car is.❞

They both shrug and laugh even louder. Loud enough that someone yells out their window  “Will you shut the fuck up?” and they still can’t stop laughing, even through Shaggy’s half-hearted  ❝ zoinks ❞ and the slamming of their neighbor’s window.

After their mirth subsides, she points a finger to the pizza.  ❝ What’s on it? ❞

Shaggy flips open the box, one half meat pizza and the other half vegetarian.  ❝ Looks pretty tasty if you ask me. Well, one side at least. I don’t eat meat.  ❞ Shaggy shrugs. 

She shrugs too.   ❝ That’s okay, I can just eat that side and you can eat the other one!  ❞ And even though her words should have triggered something in his mind that he would totally lose his holy-grail-pizza-delivery job if he got lost, ate the pizza with a stranger he tried to give it to mistakenly, and didn’t show up back to work for the rest of the evening, but instead, he replied with:

❝ Sounds like, totally groovy. ❞  He throws his free hand out for the girl to shake,  ❝ My name’s Norville. ❞

His heart nearly  m e l t s  out of his scrawny chest when she smiles at him and snorts when she gives him her name,  ❝ Schuyler. ❞

She opens the door further and waves an arm at him to come in.  ❝ I’ve got nachos, ranch, and cheetos. I’m pretty sure that the Camp Lazlo movie is about to come on. It’s pretty much a Cartoon Network classic at this point. ❞

Shaggy grins and steps inside,  ❝ Well like, alright! I prefer my pizza cold anyway. ❞

Schuyler laughs loudly and Shaggy’s never heard something more beautiful to his ringing ears,  ❝ Like, me too! ❞ It’s muffled as the door closes behind them.


When two shoobies tried to snap pictures together, they ended up fighting instead. But they would make up and eat burritos together again after that.

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