but shitty but i love this music video

WIP!Meant to be yours Lapidot Animatic!Crazy jealous Lapis warning!

I know this song is about a not really healthy love BUT I love it and I’m planning to finish this garbage (of course if 500 people will unfollow me and tell me to go to hell maybe I won’t….or I will do it anyway)


- Ariana said, “Just because something is ‘dead’ doesn’t mean it’s not fine and happy” [presumably on the topic of her social media break/perceived mental health]

- She wore pajamas and slippers on stage.

- Her favorite word in Japanese is “interesting”

- She said she is taking her time with Album 4 and is excited about that because she’s never done that before

- She said she hates when people have “sloppy hands”  during the Be Alright choreography

- Ariana said that people left her 2nd/3rd grade birthday party because she wanted to watch Jaws and people got scared

- They had a dance party during the Q & A and Ari called a fan “the dabbing queen”

[and now for a few non-soundcheck moments]

- Apparently a girl from Japan met Ari and she said that Ari spoke to her in Japanese the whole time.

- A fan was asked, “What music video did Ariana use bikes in?” and she fan didn’t know.

- Someone yelled, “TOULOUSE I LOVE YOUR ASS” and Ari was like :/

- A fan talked to Joan for 5 minutes about the Montreal crowd and how amazing they were and the fan said it must have been a nice and reassuring thing because Twitter was being kinda shitty and she said, “Yeah, I just tell Ariana to ignore it because it’s nonsense and anybody that knows her knows how amazing she is.”

Planet Peebles

I know I’m a couple of days late to this whole thing, but can I just say how proud I am of Amy? She took the jump and posted her first video and I am so impressed and absolutely in love with it! The colours, the shots (as seen below), and the music are all just so undeniably Amy. It probably doesn’t make sense (or maybe it does), but I really got the feel of who she is through this volg. I’m so happy she decided to start a Youtube channel and I support her 100%!

my thoughts on Puppet Master’s Mitre-Snatching Social Media Slaughterhouse though, for realsies:

i know for absolute certain that simon/alpha is the puppetmaster, but i don’t know if he’s the one writing the tweets for puppetmaster’s twitter account. but i’m just gonna assume it’s him for this post. 

and as FUCKING HILARIOUS as it is watching him cyberbully new air/zach baird, it’s also kind of shitty and unnecessarily petty. same goes for the shots he fired at tobias/papa.

and it’s not a very good way to represent yr new musical project on social media…i wouldn’t be surprised if these tweets end up deleted lmao


i hope he or martin/omega spill some of this piping hot tea for us…martin did say in his “i’m omega” video that he’d discuss “later” why he left ghost. bitch it’s later what happened give us answers

or, if there is a god, let us pray that tobias himself makes some kind of response because i would absolutely shit myself laughing

martin’s probably got the best idea though lmfao just keep us updated on new music and stay the fuck out of it


happy valentine’s to elliot, i love him so much, and this video’s shitty, but i’m absolutely in love with the lyrics, and have been since i first heard this song. keep doing you, el, i love you.

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Imagine the frogs having to switch off distracting Bitty while everyone learned the choreography to Countdown. Nights where Bitty's on the phone with Jack and could swear he hears Beyonce somewhere far off, and since Jack's in on it he's always trying to get Bitty to talk about school or the team or baking instead of finding where the music's coming from.

ok so this a reference to this video here where i said that all of the boys did choreography to it and gave it to Bitty as a gift. 

also like first off, thank you for sending me this I love this so much.

  • Bitty’s birthday is May 5th, they start working on this January because of scheduling and the fact that this actually need coordination of schedules and people
  • So they don’t know Bitty is dating Jack but they created an entire group chat without Bitty that has all of the members with Shitty and Jack included. 
    • ransom: we need to distract bitty for a time
    • jack: I can do that. I got it covered.
  • But they also don’t need Bitty to randomly walk out of the room and see them dancing in the hall
  • So what do they do?
  • Go outside with like 4 flashlights and stand under a street light and figure it out or they do in in the living room but play TV just a little bit louder than the music
  • Holster listens to the same music as Bitty does a lot of the time, so he is Director Man™
  • They all take turns lip syncing as the main guy, though Nursey is first because we gotta have that award winning smile and the fact he doesn’t have to move and possibly trip
  • Ransom is the only one who can do they eyebrow wiggle with both eyebrows so he has to always do that
  • Whiskey and Dex are whenever Beyonce is dancing (Whiskey can actually dance and Dex drew the short straw)
  • But they have the GIANT dance sequences and everyone has to do dance and it it doesn’t look terrible
  • But also Lardo is a huge part even if she doesn’t lip sync because:
    • She is the hero who films
    • She gives everyone the eyeliner with color because we gotta be true to Bey
    • A part of the art wing has a green screen for movies so she drags everyone to film and makes sure it gets edited
    • Breaks into the theater department to find the striped hat and random shirts
    • asks people who run the dance studio down the road if they can borrow their room for the open space and possibly some extras in the background, they get an hour and have to pay for it. Everyone grumbles as they shell out $20 bucks each
  • And of course they are good with technology but not that good
  • So when the giant line of Beyonces stand there, they get everyone to play a certain one and everyone needs to be in time with the music it literally takes weeks
  • They recruit Ollie and Wicks to ask Bitty on some advice on different things to distract and spend time
    • “Bitty, you…cool…guy….can you help us with some math stuff?”
    • “You both are in a higher level of math than I am.”
    • *Ollie and Wicks both look at each other nervously*
  • And of course Shitty is in this chat
  • So he shows up with either his flow back or a wig, (you choose) and he’s basically showed up unannounced and is like ‘None of you have long hair, I am long haired Beyonce’  
  • So Shitty is at Samwell but he doesn’t want Bitty to know so basically he lives in the Attic and on the roof for like 5 days
  • cue shenanigans like Ransom laying on the bed blocking Bitty’s view on Shitty who is hiding under a blanket or Lardo shoving Shitty into a closet or out of the first floor window
  • But Bitty hears Beyonce ever so often so he walks out of his room and it like that ‘pose someone’s coming’ and everyone is awkwardly standing there, Nursey is under a coffee table, Chowder is sitting on Dex’s chest, Ransom is in Holster’s arm, everyone in eyeliner
    • Holster: “Lardo is painting us, like old fashiony paintings?”
    • *Lardo standing there with out any materials for painting and a camera* holster u bitch
    • Bitty: okay, sounds fake but okay
  • BUT it actually works and Bitty screams loudly 2 seconds in and everyone cracks up
  • They also decided if they ever get into playoffs/finals they would lip sync it live on the ice if they ever won
  • i love it so much can someone draw this please

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Hey G, just wanted to say, I love your music! I get strong lowfi hip hop vibes (would recommend listening to lowfi hip hop tbh but that's just my opinion) on some of them and I want to say keep up the good work. Your videos never fail to make me smile so thanks! No matter if I'm having a shitty day or the best day of my life you always make it better. ❤️

Thank you so so much! I really appreciate all of the support!

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I just heard from fans about Saney and her shitty blog talking smack again so I went and looked and there's one person on her blog saying how Taylor went to London to shoot the "god awful music video" first off what does that have to do with anything? Second god awful? I kno they're bitter Tom has no new projects but they sure as hell love watching Taylor music videos & listening to her music, her & Zayns future Grammy & Golden Globe winning song by the way!, so I am just so over his toxic fans

They think everything she does is horrible. I even read one anon say her lyrics were the worst out there and she’s couldn’t write a song to save her life. At that point I just started laughing hysterically and realized they really are clueless.

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Do you think you could make a post and give us reasons to stay?

I can try!

Listen, I promise the boys love us so much. Whoever is reading this, the boys love you, I know it in my heart. They’ve shown us that again and again. We’re just going through a rough patch right now.

Remember when Ashton drew butterflies on people’s wrists when he saw they had scars to make them feel better?

Remember that video of Michael listening to a fan sing and looking so so so enthralled?

Do you remember all the times they brought fans on stage, of all genders and ages, to play their instruments and rock out and know that they too could be rockstars if they worked hard and believed in themselves? That they encouraged us, all of us, to pick up and instrument if we wanted to?

Do you remember when they staged not one - but two - conventions to meet with their fans from all over the world and connect with them?

Do you remember when European fans held up signs during their leg of ROWYSO and 5SOS replied?

This quote from a Fuse article from LAST WEEK, that I’m far more inclined to believe is genuine.

“They’re a band that constantly talks about their fans, perhaps with more explicit devotion than any other male act out there, and do so in an incredible empathetic way, where being a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer feels more like being a friend of 5 Seconds of Summer.”

The fact that they JUST released a music video made for us, representing us that was so diverse, to show us how much we mean to them.

The fact that they made the WYA video for us way back in the day too.

All the times in HDWEUH where they talk about how much they love us and how important we are to them, and that bit especially where Calum bought a fan a ticket (I can’t find the gif for this sorry!)

Most importantly, at least to me, is Sounds Good Feels Good as an album. They could’ve churned out another that was easy, full of songs about some random girl and getting wasted, but they didn’t. They wrote an album full of truly incredible songs, about situations all of us experience – mental health issues, broken families, feeling isolated and alone – and they told us through it, again and again, that they love us. They love us and they care, and that none of us are alone. They ended it with the words “It’s gonna get better.” It’s simple, but it’s something a lot of us need to remember and they wanted us to know that. They created a movement for us, and for them, and they reminded us that we’re in this together. They’re one half of the broken heart, we’re the other half, and the music is the safety pin. 

I know it in my heart, that 5SOS love us. They care about us. I’ve seen it again and again. I’ve heard about it through fan encounters, seen it in videos, read about it in magazines, and I FELT it, when I saw them live. One shitty interview won’t change that for me.

I don’t know if this convinced you to stay, but I hope it showed you that 5sos does love you, and they love all their fans so much. And more importantly, if they are important to you, if they are your safe space, your happy place, you shouldn’t let anyone take that away from you, least of all some middle-aged shitty journalist who thinks he knows better. There are a million reasons to stay, but I hope that this gave you at least one.

(I mostly googled to find the gifs/images used but I also looked on Max @mukenope‘s page so credit to her as well!)

good morning i hope the balloon squad had a lovely evening yesterday and stayed up really late making stupid youtube videos, i hope they laughed so hard their cheeks hurt, i hope they made up more silly games using household items and i hope they listened to their favourite music and binge watched shitty 80s action films, only to drift off to sleep on the sofa together, using each other as pillows, squashed together like a big puppy pile. wow i hope they just had like the best night ever 

LISTEN if there is one or more videos that don’t work in your country, use spotify because there you can find almost all the songs too!

1. Bligg - Rosalie //  2. Lo & Leduc - Jung verdammt // 3. DJ Bobo - Somebody dance with me // 4. Yves LaRock - Rise up // 5. 77 Bombay Street - Up in the Sky // 6. Bligg - Manhattan // 7. Baschi - Wenn das Gott wüsst // 8. Stress - Rester soi-même // 9. Pegasus - Rise Up // 10. Florian Ast - Sex // 11. DJ Antoine - Bella Vita // 12. 77 Bombay Street - I Love Lady Gaga // 13. DJ Antoine - Welcome to Saint Tropez

and i’m sorry for the shitty picture haha only the music counts tho!

Name: Sareia Aloran
Age: 9 sweeps 
Blood: Teal 
pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/xniksy/fantroll-sareia-aloran/

kidcore/90s kid aesthetic, watching nostalgia streams online, taking pictures of neat shit with a polaroid, making shitty vaporwave videos that are meant to be pranks but got popular instead, running wild, playing w/ her hedgehog (lusus?), passionate about stickers and patterned bandaids, loves music and dancing and honest to god PVC clothing

ignore the shitty graphic

i haven’t seen a music video masterpost so i thought i’d make one

Take This To Your Grave

From Under The Cork Tree

Infinity On High

Folie à Deux

Save Rock and Roll

American Beauty/American Psycho

i’ll update this as they make more music videos

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Any headcanons about cork or infinity?? they are my babies I love them

Cork is like super into calm indie music. He got into it at first cause he wanted to take save to a concert, but the concert needed to be chill. He also secretly really likes pop music.

Infinity has a little diary that he doodles and writes in a lot. He always draws makeup ideas or writes video plans, but sometimes he writes shitty poetry. He knows eve reads his diary so he writes the shitty poetry to make him laugh and to call him out

» “I used to have two girlfriends, now I got none. Cause my number two girl found out about one.”

» “You can try and make this pretty, pick up all my dirty clothes,
and if you never really get me then I guess you’ll never know the train wreck that I am.”

Staying up late and listening to the old music on my ipod so I gotta doodle some boys. U v U