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veronica mars + weevil

“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”

annabathtime  asked:

So I'm up for all that gay stuff so if you have any nice wintry cuddly Reychel hcs I'd love to hear em, but if not, it's okay! Stay gold💛💛💛

i was just about to start complaining about how nobody asks for headcanons anymore shhhh i know i’m still sitting on an inbox full of requests idk man some things just hit me in the right moment

oh my god okay what a concept

  • reyna lives for hot chocolate. she has a very specific recipe for how to make it and it is very important for her to scout out the places that make it the best.
  • rachel insists it’s the central park ice skating rink. she’s right.
  • reyna has never been to new york city before and rachel is like bursting with excitement to show her around
  • but like you KNow that rachel tours are like not the classic tours so it’s funny and cute
  • like reyna is expecting to see the rockefeller tree and go ice skating in rock center and stuff and rachel is like “um first of all they chopped down that beautiful tree and second of all the lights are ugly in person, we are not going to see it”
  • reyna doesn’t really mind because she’s just really excited to be spending time with rachel, especially when she gets so excited
  • oh my god reyna has probably never seen snow before i am going to cry
  • and the first time it snows at camp reyna wakes rachel up all excited like bouncing like a little kid,
  • and rachel is like completely disgruntled but reyna is just so cute that she melts and kisses her on the nose
  • but she’s like “babe i am not getting out of bed to go watch white water fall from the sky and then turn into brown mush.. sorry”
  • so reyna watches by herself for awhile until her bare feet get freezing and then she crawls back into bed with rachel, who is nice and warm and soft
  • and rachel grumbles about her cold feet but tucks her head into reyna’s neck and sighs softly
  • also like reyna is so clearly not accustomed to cold and she’s always bundled up in like twelve layers, complete with hat and scarf and everything
  • rachel will catch her eye from across the room and like raise her eyebrows at her suggestively and reyna just swears about the cold under her breath and angrily hugs her coat tighter around her
  • but like rachel just has a Thing about making innuendo, she says that all the layers just make her want to undress reyna even more
  • imagine the two of them under a blanket curled up in front of the fireplace
  • ugh