but shet i tried



i am
that if i
myself i will not
stop pouring. (why do i fear
becoming a river. what mountain
gave me such shame.)
— jamie oliveira | erosion


PrUK week - day 1 - Rendezvous

Rose is a bad idea, 

 The ep where England went to Germany’s house to make friend with a bouquet. And I was like, wth England why, you could have given a bouquet to anyone but Germany? So I have this HC that England must had used flowers as present to make alliance before to a certain someone, and this person actually liked it, so to the now, England would be like “Oh yea! If that person liked the bouquet then maybe his brother would like it too, no?” Yea I’m looking at you Prussia.

Sick Day

**Author’s Note:
This is my first published fanfic, so I’m sorry if it’s bad. Feedback is appreciated.**

“Eren!” You hear someone shout. The door to your room slams open. You peek your head out from under the thin bed sheets. It’s Levi, and he’s pissed. He’s standing in the doorway, arms crossed, and eyebrows narrowed. “Why weren’t you at training today?” He says, agitated. You glare at him, and pull the blanket back up over your head. You hear Levi’s footsteps stomp over to where you are trying to sleep. He yanks the blankets off of you, and tosses them on the floor. An array of used tissues go flying. You’re holding an empty box of tissues close to your chest, and you’re nose is bright red. You sit up, and look at Levi. He’s glaring at you with his cold, gray eyes.

“What do *sniff* you want? I requested leave from Hanji.” Levi ignores you question, and starts to survey your room. “Christ Jaeger, do you ever clean your room?”
“What do you want?” You ask again, clearly annoyed.
Levi turns his head back towards you and replies coldly, “You requested off from Hanji, but not from me. I am your captain. Hanji doesn’t have the right to dismiss you, I do.”
You sneeze, and wipes some snot of on your sleeve.
Repulsed, Levi takes a step back. He heads towards the door. “Filthy brat.” He mutters, exiting the room. “Stuck up midget.” You reply, curling back up in your blankets.
As you lie there, with the afternoon sun peeking out and bathing you in its light, your mind starts to wander.
You start thinking of why Levi came to yell at you. Hanji had specifically said that it was okay for me to request off from her. In fact, Hanji had been the one who dismissed you. So, why was he so upset? Had he gotten jealous? A small part of you actually had hoped he had. As your mind starts to race of all the possibilities, you close your eyes, and drift off to sleep.

You’re awoken by the sound of footsteps in your room. You can make out a short figure through your thin sheets. Levi. Confused, you try to figure out what he’s doing. “He’s…cleaning?” You think to yourself. You continue to watch Levi, furiously dusting and sweeping every area in your room.
You find it amusing that a man of such stature can move around so fast, and not even losing breathe while doing so.

About an hour passes until Levi’s done cleaning. You hear Levi walking over to where you’re ‘resting’, and you quickly shut your eyes. Slowly, you feel the blanket pulled back from your face. You feel Levi’s hot breathe on your neck, slightly wavering. You feel something warm press up against your cheek. “Not bad.” You mutter.
You open your eyes, face flushing. Levi immediately pulled his face away from yours, and his face slowly turned from pale to bright red. He spins around and heads towards the door. “Levi!” You shout. He continues to head for the door. You stumble out of bed, and attempt to stop him. You trip over your own feet, and you start to fall. Levi quickly spins around, and scoops you up in his arms. You look up at Levi as he holds you in his arms. He’s avoiding your gaze. He makes his way back to your bed, and he sets you down. He pulls the blanket up around you, as if he was tucking you in.
He turns around and starts to make him way out again. You stick out your arm, and grab Levi’s shirt. He seems unfazed by this. “Please…stay.” You say, trying not to blush even more so. Levi looks back at you, and sighs. He sits down next to you on the small bed. “Roll over.” Levi says. “B-but it’s a twin bed.” Levi shoots you a glare. “Do you want me to leave then?”

“No…stay…” Reluctantly, you do so. Levi lifts up the blanket, and he lays down. Slowly and awkwardly, you try to scoot closer to him. “For God’s sake, Jaeger.” Levi mutters. He wraps his arms around you and brings you closer, your head resting on his chest. You can feel your face turning red. “A-are you comfortable? Is this okay?” You stutter. Levi’s face grows pink. “It’s not unpleasant…” He mutters. You feel his grip on you grow tighter. A few moments of blissful silence pass.

“L-Levi? Can I ask you something?” You look up at Levi. He’s already asleep. “He must’ve gotten tired from from all from all the cleaning…” You think. You smile, and close your eyes, wishing that you’d remember this moment forever, and you doze off to sleep.

When you wake up, Levi is gone. You sit up in your bed. “Maybe it was a dream.” You say, rubbing your eyes. You scan the room. It had been, but there was no trace of Levi anywhere. Then you look at your nightstand, and see a fresh box of tissues and a cup of tea with a note attached to grab the note, and begin to read.

Learn how to clean your damn room.
I can’t do it for you every day.”

You smile, and continue reading,

“And if there’s ever a ‘next time’, let’s do it in my room.
Your bed is way too small.

~ Levi.”

You take a sip of your tea. You grab the fresh box of tissues, and hold it close to you. With the box pressed tightly against your chest, you happily drift back off to sleep.