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Voltron Fanfic Recommendations #1

For anyone that knows me, I read fanfics like I breathe air. I read fics from many fandoms including Harry Potter (the granddaddy of fandoms), Gravity Falls, Merlin, Miraculous Ladybug, Welcome to Night Vale, and more. Crossovers included. Since I discovered Voltron, I was pleased to discover quite the thriving fan fiction community behind it. I have read so, so many Voltron fics. My only criteria for liking a fic is that the story and grammar have to be decent. That’s it. Most of these will probably be Klance (Keith + Lance) because everyone and their freaking dog ships it, but I like Gen fics too. I might also add fics from other ships too, but we’ll just see what happens. Also, there’s going to be a lot of long fics on this list. I really like to read.

So here ya go…

Alternate Universe (AU) - Includes modern, college age, high school, coffee shop, fantasy, mermaids, etc. so on and so forth…

(M) The Quilted Lion by geewillikers (@gurlskylark) - (97,262 words) - Keith is stuck in New York City barely making ends meet so he and Pidge can live in a decent part of the city close to her university. They scrape by on the illegal winnings Keith makes in street boxing matches, but his manager, Shiro, decides that it’s time Keith gets a side job. He’s whisked into The Quilted Lion café owned by the woman Shiro’s been fawning over for over a year, only to find that he has more to worry about than his lack of magic and cooking skills–There’s a waiter at The Quilted Lion who is entirely Keith’s cup of tea. Klance and Shallura. (Restaurant/College/Boxing AU)

(T) Nothing’s Quite as Sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester - (50,370 words) - Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street. Klance. (College/Coffee Shop AU)

Canon Universe

(T) Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (37,701 words) - Lance and Keith are constantly being mistaken for a couple. Lance is highly offended. Keith is quietly outraged.Pidge decides if she can’t have peace, then she can write an epic scientific dissertation on the romantic failings of two exceptionally dense paladins. Klance. (I laughed so much when reading this. One of my faves.)

(T) Like a Bolt from the Blue by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (5646 words) - Keith has a near-death experience, but he’s actually pretty okay afterwards — he considers it all part of the Paladin calling. Lance, on the other hand, is wrecked by it, and so he trains his butt off to ensure that Keith will never die on his watch. (A nice short fic in which Keith watches Lance training and is pleasantly surprised. Feelings occur.)

(T) Time out of Mind by aknightley - (27,849 words) - Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

Looks Awesome So Far… (Incomplete Fics)

(G) Ghost of the Future and (G) Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name and Zizzani - Lance and Lance from one year in the future switch places in a time travel accident. Each fic is seen from the POV of a different timeline, they are a direct mirror of each other. Really, really good so far.

So this is what I have for my list so far. I will post another fic rec list soon. This doesn’t even crack the surface of all the amazing fics out there that I have read. These are just the ones I’ve read recently. 

So go forth and read my minions.

I wouldn’t mind taking a chance

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Warnings: swearing 

Word count: 896

A/N: ok hello again this was requested by @imaginesyes thank you so much for requesting, I had so much fun writing this! I’m sorry its so short ;; In which Peter Parker is confused about the signals super popular reader is sending him and wonders if she likes him // Flash making fun of him and reader actually admitting she likes peter?? (-: my requests are open! pls send me a request/imagine if you have one!

Peter was thoroughly confused. Most of the time, he’d say that he’s well-aware of his surroundings and is fairly intelligent in a majority of his subjects. Yet, when it came to [Y/N], he had no clue what was going on. You would think spidey senses would come in handy at a time like this. “Bullshit,” thought Peter, as he glanced at [Y/N] walk down the hallway and give him a look that clearly meant more than what he thought it was. 

[Y/N], the school’s most popular femme fatale, was not just a goddess in beauty, but was intelligent and gifted with natural leadership and an affinity for helping others. Peter knew he liked her since the day they met, three years ago in sophomore year. Somehow, in his luck, he was assigned to be partners with [Y/N] to present a project in their classical literature class. Upon meeting her for the first time, Peter stumbled for a good five minutes getting introductions out the way. [Y/N] smiled brightly and placed her hand on his shoulder before giggling and whispering low, “Hey, don’t worry. I don’t bite.” Peter knew he was a goner at that point. 

They spent the next couple days finalizing their project and to no surprise, they had gotten the highest grade in the class. Peter was planning on asking if [Y/N] wanted to hang out after class once they had finished the project, but he knew the moment he started speaking, the result would have been nothing but a jumbled mess of words and nervous, fidgety hands. The next couple years had passed without any interactions between the two; [Y/N]’s extracurriculars kept her busy, as well as Peter’s ‘Stark internship’ keeping him on the streets and missing chances to attempt to talk to her. 

Yet, recently Peter had been noticing her walk down the hall and shoot him quick glances, longingly but subtle in a way that none of her friends would catch on. Peter had been feeling weird for the last couple of days. Was he misreading things? “How could the most popular girl in school be interested in me?” he thought to himself. It just made no sense – he wasn’t a guy that someone like her would even bother talking to. But her small glances and sweet smiles was making his heart flutter and making him think otherwise. 

Peter had just finished his calculus class and was heading back to his locker. He saw that [Y/N] was walking to her locker to change out her books for her next class, with at least two to three boys in tow. She was smiling uncomfortably as the boys would crowd her, asking for her number or wondering if she was going out with anyone. Eventually her friends would come by and shoo the boys away, but a circle began to form around her to no avail. Their lockers were across from each other, Peter’s a couple down from where [Y/N]’s was. When she wasn’t crowded with a mass of people, Peter would admire the way she smiled at her friends passing down the hall and the way she fixed her lipgloss using her locker mirror, hoping to god she wouldn’t notice him in her reflection. 

As Peter was dumbstruck by how gorgeous she looked today in her oversized sweater and cute leggings, Flash was walking down the hall. Grabbing Peter’s neck by the arm, Flash remarked, “Hey Penis Parker, whatcha up to? You staring at [Y/N] or something?” Immediately, everyone turns around and notices Peter and Flash, Peter’s face instantly heating up as he sees [Y/N] look over curiously. “Cut it out, Flash” Peter mutters and pushes him away, trying to turn back around so he wouldn’t be seen. Flash laughs obnoxiously and yells out, “Looks like Parker’s crushing on [Y/N]! I mean, don’t get me wrong. But honestly? You don’t have a chance!” Everyone bursts out laughing and Peter just wants to stuff Flash in his locker and hide up on the rooftop before things got really ugly. 

“I think he’s got a chance,” [Y/N]’s clear voice breaks the jeers and suddenly the entire hallway is dead-silent. Peter freezes for a moment before he realized what she had just said and turns around abruptly. [Y/N] was smiling at Peter and slightly blushing. “I wouldn’t mind taking a chance with you, Peter Parker” [Y/N] says and she closes her locker and walks over to him. 

The crowd is still in shock and makes way for her to approach him. Peter, still frozen in place, has no words to say. “Tell me this isn’t a joke… tell me I’m not dreaming,” Peter thinks to himself, wide-eyed as [Y/N] is standing in front of him. She laughs and leans over to whisper in his ear, “Remember when I told you I don’t bite? If you want me to, I’ll make an exception” and pulls away slowly. Peter’s ears are literally on fire and he blushes hard. “U-uh, o-okay,” was the only words he could mutter before she smiled and grabbed his hand. 

“I’ll see you later, Peter.” And with a quick squeeze and a glowing smile, she was gone. Not a word was said, and Peter for the life of him could not believe what had just happened. 

A few seconds later, Flash was the first to break the silence. 

“Okay, what the actual fuck?”

taglist: aka my fave people in the world @hufflepuffholland ; @tbholland 


Okay Jill, You can stop now ✋

If these three don’t get better by the friendly against Russia, Imma be so upset Jill will catch these hands 👐 (I’m joking ya’ll. Jill is actually okay because she plays my faves a lot) . The midfield would be such trash without them. I hope they get better but I’m not too worried because it’s only preseason and these games don’t matter

Q&A Saturday!

Thank you for the questions! I saved some as prompts for later, so if it’s not answered, hopefully they’ll be a drawing or comic to come with it in the future! ; 7 ; /)

They sort of know each other! Forrest knows Carmine as Coral’s close friend and teammate, while Carmine is a lil too shy to directly interact with Forrest. And only pink team knows about his crush (and later Olive from Coral) but Forrest will remain oblivious for quite a while due to Carmine’s not doing much about it. Wish these boys luck! <3

Omg, LOL! I’m glad you like my green characters! Cable and Forrest are always happy to get more love. <3

(Leave Carmine alone you three)

This was actually my first thought too! He gave me a strong sense of being Demi-boy but I welcome any interpretation of him! <3

I’m glad you like them! And the idea of Coral being trans is v cute! Q A Q

The great thing about Splatoon (assuming they keep the same mechanic) is that you don’t technically have to choose! Unlike most games, you can always switch to the other squid kid whenever you like! So be whatever you feel like at the moment and enjoy the best out of both worlds! <3


I get a lil confused when I hear ocs, I’m sorry! Not sure whether you mean humans or squid au, but the answers would be the same! ; 7 ; 

Dario and Garrett LOVES Tower control, they had a picture of riding a tower together! Mei loves Splatzones and Rainmaker, and Gabby + Jaleena loves Rainmaker too! <3 Kathy and Cable don’t really like ranked too much and prefer Turf Wars, but I think they’d both enjoy Splat Zones the most. And for Koi, it’s Tower Control!

Kathy likes making animal puns/play on words, and Sana cracks a few here and there too! <3

Kathy’s apartment doesn’t allow them to keep pets around so they tried not to look for any (since they love animals too much), but when the same lil slug kept hanging around their place, they quickly got attached! So lil’ Cotton stays at Cable’s place but rest assured, he’s in good hands. <3

Aaaa they’d be the buns that are always cuddling together. <3

If you’re looking for squid bios, I have them all here! (Altho I should update and then make one for the humans too) I’ll write the original human form, but some things will be missing because spoilers!

Dario: Jock type, strong, fit, a bit of a nutritionist, struggles with emotions and intimacy and is a bit of a arrogant, bigoted dick at first (but gets better)! Enjoys soccer as his great passion and career choice!

Garrett: Punk/Poser type, was really withdrawn at first, but now is incredibly cocky. Can’t sleep at nights and struggles with depression and anxiety and holds a lot of insecurities. Because of it, he has a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness to his friends.

Kathy: Hippie/Activist type, grew up surrounded with love for nature, constantly fights to preserve and protect it. Socially anxious in public but quite friendly in private.

Cable: All-around type, enjoys people, making friends, and pleasing those friends. Grew up taking the big brother role early in his life, and therefore tends to be a little more maternal towards the others. Helps too much for his own good, and struggles with self-image. 

(These are the main four, there’s more but I can’t list them all yet, and the others will be kept short)

Mei: Mean Girl type, Dario’s best friend, loves fashion and social hangouts, thrives for attention.

Gabby: Jock/Skater Chick type, enjoys being with her group. Known to be intimidating to some, but a goofball to others. 

Jaleena: Grouch type, seem to hates everyone and everything, yet seem to be friends with the nicest of people. Enjoys their company but will never admit to it.

Sana: Klutz/Carefree type, very clumsy but has a big heart. She enjoys making the best out of everything and keeps to the positive. 

Hope that was okay! <3

I’ve actually cried a lil at this… I’m dead…. that’s so cute…… can I please ask on who? 

Aa! My fave splatoon map is Piranha Pit! I just LOVE that map with a tri-slosher and even more to play on with Tower Control! <3 Tied for second place I think would be Skatepark and Arowana mall!

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! I hope you all enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3 

Quick Announcements: Video’s coming out on Monday, I really hope you’re as hyped as I am, it was a lot of work to do! ; o;  Also remember the giveaway is still going on, please consider entering your squid kiddos!

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

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do you have any good star trek novel recommendations? (tos please!!)

Yes! I do! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for…so long, whoops, but I’ll answer this ask instead! (might still make the post someday, idk tbh. I probably should though because since I have so many Trek books I haven’t read yet, I might like more enough to rec them, haha.) Okay, anyway… (By TOS I assume you mean the original Enterprise crew, I hope it’s okay that not all of these actually take place during TOS, aka the five year mission.)

Sarek by A. C. Crispin You might have seen me mention this one the other day on my blog; I really love it. It takes place post TUC, Amanda is dying and Sarek is uncovering a plot that’s way bigger than anyone realizes at first… Also there’s some stuff about Jim’s nephew Peter (from the episode with the farting flying pancake aliens? lol.) and yeah, it’s a great read. All the parts with Sarek and Amanda are lovely and sad and the plot is interesting and it’s just all around enjoyable.Definitely recommend.

Collision Course by William Shatner This is the other one I mentioned on my blog already, and this one is probably my favorite Trek novel. Spock is nineteen and Jim is seventeen when they first meet, and they’re both too smart for their own good and get into trouble and…well, all the things you expect from Jim and Spock. It was originally supposed to be the first in a series, but for various reasons, there probably won’t be any more (CRIES) but this one is so good. And it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so it’s okay. I especially enjoyed tbh how Bill appreciates what an effect Tarsus would have had on Jim (this is only three years later, after all) and it’s still very visible on lil’ Jim. Not a spoiler, bc a reference is made to Tarsus on…literally the very first page. Lol. Anyway, this one is really fun and sometimes sad (bc Tarsus) and just really great! Also, at least one of the plot twists genuinely surprised me, which is rare… I normally see them coming a mile off in Trek novels. ;) (Which doesn’t usually take away from my enjoyment, tbh!) But I really appreciate when they can surprise me.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization) by Gene Roddenberry You knew this was coming. This is an absolute must read if you’re a Spirk fan, tbh. I’m not all the way through with it so far, about halfway done, but I can tell you it’s a much better way of telling the story of TMP than TMP. Lol. The movie has this simple feeling and Jim rushing to Spock on the bridge and saying his name like a prayer and other things, but it also has all those dreadful special effect sequences. And the novel has its own gay to offer. I don’t necessarily agree with the way Gene wrote Jim (in fact, it’s been forever since I picked it up but I distinctly remember being bothered by it), but…yeah, at least borrow a copy from someone and witness the gay parts for yourself, haha.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (novelization) by Vonda McIntyre I’m going to go ahead and say right now that if you’re going to read the novelizations, go for the ones by Ms. (Mrs? idk) McIntyre. She wrote 2, 3, and 4. I haven’t read 3 yet, but I have read 2 and 4 and I like that she actually adds in scenes and stuff that weren’t in the movies. It makes me feel like I’m actually getting something additional for my time even though I’m reading a novelization of a movie I’ve already seen. I like this one, because there was quite a bit that wasn’t in the movie (I have a hunch the extra scenes, at least some of them, might be based on the script? because the scene with Sulu’s great….something or other grandfather as a child meeting Sulu is in the book, and I know they tried to put that in the movie but never managed to. anyway.) But yeah, there’s actual stuff in there that’s not in the movie! that’s the way it should be. Also…she ships Saavik/David pretty clearly. :P Like I said, haven’t read TSS novel yet, but I know she was working it into 2, and it’s mentioned in 4 as a thing. Anyway…good stuff! This is the one where the whole “Vulcans get drunk on chocolate” thing comes from btw :))) (Avoid the novelizations by JM Dillard! Avoid!!! I’ve read them and they’re not good.) (Oh and pretty much everything I’ve read by Vonda McIntyre I’ve enjoyed, she’s a good Trek writer.)

Dwellers In The Crucible by Margaret Wander Bonnano Margaret Bonnano is another writer I just generally recommend bc I like all the stuff by her that I’ve read, too. Anyway… okay so let me say that this book’s main characters are not Jim and Spock. I know, I know. But wait!! It’s so worth a read!! Jim and Spock are in it, not much, but when they are they’re literally so married and explicitly confirmed to be t’hy’la… :)) it’s great. okay anyway. The main characters are a human named Cleante and a Vulcan named T’Shael. They are ladies. THEY ARE GAY AF. OKAY. THAT ALONE MAKES IT WORTH A READ. it’s so glorious.I mean the book only says they’re friends but…in the same way Jim and Spock are friends in canon. they’re super freaking gay. and also there are like a thousand incredibly obvious parallels between our human and vulcan lady and Jim and Spock. it’s fun. also Sulu goes undercover as a Romulan. :D yeah, just…read it. it’s great. (it made me angry at one point. I’m still angry. but I recommend it.)

Ishmael by Barbara Hambly This one was, for me at least, just a genuinely good read. I really enjoyed the plot. So…Spock goes back in time to 1867, not willingly I don’t think. And he gets amnesia. So right there are two tropes I ADORE (time travel and amnesia, I don’t care, I LOVE THEM.) He lands in North America, in Seattle if I remember correctly. And that’s the plot pretty much. Haha…okay, there’s a Klingon plot, the Enterprise crew searching for Spock, Spock trying to adapt and hide he’s an alien while bonding with the members of the community he lands in. Also Jim and Spock’s reunion is a bit gay. (Warning for spoilers if you click that? it’s pictures of when they find him near the end, so. Yeah.) I just really enjoyed the book in itself, the plot and everything. Fun!

Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda McIntyre In light of the tv series called Enterprise, the title of this one might be a little confusing… But it’s most definitely TOS and has nothing to do with Enterprise, haha. The premise is that it’s the first voyage of the Enterprise with Jim as the captain. And the mission is…to transport a theater troupe. It’s ridiculous and so silly, I know, but it’s really fun. There’s a winged horse, a really un-Vulcan Vulcan (I think he’s Spock’s cousin? I don’t really remember tbh), Spock heckling the theater troop, Uhura being a good friend to Janice…that’s all I remember off the top of my head, but I remember really enjoying it when I read it! 

Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno Remember what I said about those two writers? Lol. Okay so this is a Saavik-centric book. I really love Saavik, okay? So, as you might know, Saavik is half Vulcan, half Romulan. Well in this book (actually, in a bunch of books, by at least three different writers, it seems to be her accepted backstory in the novels) she was the result of a terrible experiment by Romulans, and when it didn’t work out, she and a bunch of other children were abandoned on a planet called Hellguard, and…some really horrible things happen. Anyway, Spock saves her, mentors her, and Amanda and Sarek basically adopt her (literally, she calls them mother and father, IT’S MY FAVE), well anyway, years later, either after or during TVH, she learns things are happening to the survivors of Hellguard…and the story goes from there. This was really good! Intense tbh. I loved it, but then, I love Saavik. If you don’t like her… But if you do, you’ll enjoy this one!!!!

Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane Diane Duane is another must read author. All her books are excellent. In all honestly, I don’t remember too much about the plot of this one, but I know I liked it! Dr. McCoy is like “you can’t make me take command on the bridge” and Jim is like “uh actually I CAN” so he does and of course on McCoy’s very first day watching over the bridge Jim goes AWOL and shit starts going down. Poor Bones. Also, there’s some crazy aliens in this one, but they’re interesting!

The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah This one has such misleading cover art, lmaooo. At least, the version I have. There might be others… Anyway. Patients at a hospital on Vulcan keep dying and stuff, and then Amanda is in trouble. Lots of Sarek and Spock and Jim and Bones interaction. It’s a good one. (It’s been soo long since I read this one, too, sorry. But again, I know I enjoyed it!)

Uhura’s Song by Janet Hagan I love the alien species in this one. They’re like giant cats, and I love cats. When I read it, I got really into the planet and the species and their culture. The plot is that an old friend of Uhura’s is from this planet, and they “exchanged songs”…songs are a big deal in their culture. Anyway, there’s a plague threatening everyone on the planet and humans, too, and they think a song might hold the key to curing the disease, so they all go down on the planet to try and find it.

Strangers From The Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno The plot to this one is…kind of hard to describe. Okay. So the parts with Jim and Spock go back and forth in time, part of the time being like, post-all the movies (I think) where they’re old friends (and really married, they’re just like. Margaret Bonanno has this way of inserting this really easy, casual intimacy they have with each other, and calling it friendship when OBVIOUSLY they’re married af, but either way I love it) and part of the time being very early on when Jim hasn’t been in command for long and he and Spock didn’t care much for each other (I mean personally I think they liked each other quite well from the start, but I’ll let it go, lol)… And then there’s a book. In the book. That everyone is reading and obsessed with and Jim starts reading it… It sounds weird, I know, but the book in the book is the story of the first time Vulcans came in contact with humans, long before the OFFICIAL first contact, it was when Vulcans crash landed on Earth and were discovered by some humans… I fucking love Vulcans, so that is obviously a great point of interest for me. Lol. Anyway when Jim reads the book he has nightmares, but then he discovers Spock has those nightmares, too, and it’s more than ‘just’ a book. Probably sounds bizarre but I really enjoyed it. ….and doesn’t every Trek plot EVER sound bizarre af when you try to describe it?

That’s all I’ve got right now!! This got so long I’M SO SORRY TBH BUT I HAD TO BE THOROUGH.

I have a bunch of paragraphs that might one day become an absurdly long fic about Lance and the Blue Lion being BFF.

(The basic plot is ‘You can keep mental conversations with your lion and Blue really likes having someone to talk to after spending 10000 years stuck in a cave on Earth. Also, Lance is her Paladin and she goes full Mama Lion on him’.)

Anyway, I wrote the Mandatory Angsty Scene that doesn’t fit anywhere and that only exists because I’ve been lurking on the “Lance McClain” tag for a week and it’s full of langst (what did this kid do to us that we keep hurting him?), so of course I was influenced, but which I don’t think I’ll ever use for anything, so here it is, in all its glory.

He’s about to get killed and his first thought is that he didn’t fold his clothes before leaving his room.

It pops into his head, that his clothes are strewn across the room and someone will have to go in there to put everything in order at some point. Thank goodness it won’t have to be his mom.

He’s never seeing his mom again.

He’s never going home again.

He’s never taking Blue to Cuba.

Blue might be destroyed here.

“I’m so sorry, Bonita,” Lance whispers, not caring that the others might hear him through the comms.

Blue’s warm in his head, as sorrowful as he is. She’s mourning him, because she might survive, but he most definitely won’t.

“You could at least try to comfort me,” he tells her, sounding far more amused, far more cheerful than he feels.

He can distantly hear the others calling him through the comms, giving instructions to try to help him, or just repeating something (his name, the word 'no’, pleads), but he can’t pretend he has any chance of surviving.

“I’ll remember you,” Blue says.

And, okay, that is actually a comfort.

So I convinced my dad to watch Clone Wars and Rebels with me, so I’m making a basic summary of all the noteworthy characters to help him understand it. Part 1:


1: Fab hair.

2: Secretly married to Goddamn Queen.

3: They have to keep the marriage a secret ‘cause of bullshit Jedi rules.

4: Really angry and stressed out.

5: Fucks everything up.

6: Seriously, EVERYTHING.

7: The Chosen One.

8: Complete and total badass.

9: Trained by Sassmaster, and then trains Bisexual Disaster.

10: Hates sand. And hutts. And Slavery. And Christopher Fuckin’ Lee.

11: Best pilot of his time, hands down.


1: The reason Legless Psychopath is legless.

2. As his name implies, the master of sass.

3. Lowkey knows about Problematic Fave and Goddamn Queen’s marriage.

4. Doesn’t say anything about it though.

5. Also badass.

6. Has an awesome beard.

7. Wears LESS armor as the Clone War goes on, WTF???

8. Rivalry with Sir Coughsalot.

9. In love with Actual Pacifist.

10. (Presumably) Unresolved sexual tension with Boss Ass Bitch.

11. Gets beat up a lot in later seasons.


1. Okay, so she’s not confirmed bi, but she may as well be.

2. Problematic Fave’s apprentice.

3. BFFs with Captain Badass and Goddamn Queen.

4. Holds her lightsabers backwards, don’t judge her.

5. Got lots of unfair hate at first, but by now she’s definitely a fan fave.

6. Does a lot of major spoiler-y things at the end of Season 5.

6. Also badass. 

7. Has a super boring love interest.

8. Proffesional Hutt-Sitter.

9. My daughter.

10. Good with kids.

11. Proffesional Eye-Roller.


1. Is very badass.

2. Problematic Fave’s right-hand-man.

3. Total Bae material.

4. May or may not be a natural blonde? No one knows?

5. Dual pistols, mothafucka!

6. Also a fan-fave.

7. Grows a nice Santa-beard in Rebels.

8. Total bros with Needs More Screentime.

9. Literally everyone’s favorite clone.

10. Almost got shot in the heart once, like seriously holy shit.

11. #Rext

Suprise suprise I drew Zircon again. But hey! Its Pride month! So what better way to celebrate than projecting yourself onto your faves?? Amirite??? (Also you get to see my actual style and not me trying to replicate SU….sooo yayyyy)

Bury me in your Sins Ch3

olicity || ao3 || mature (for now) || angst || 5296 || more fics

summary: Don’t involve yourself in the league of assassins and don’t fuck with the league of assassins. It’s a pretty easy concept, right? Well, it would have been if Felicity had known what she was meddling with. Now she has one of the league’s best assassins knocking down her door.
chapter word count: 2144
chapters: 3/?
a/n: two updates in one daaaaay i’m on a roll [guitar rift] okay but i’m not very good at writing Nyssa (or Ra’s for that matter) but i tried and I hope it’s okay. I actually had a lot of fun writing this chapter. ((The last line is my fave))

[ch1] [ch2]

Felicity stirred in her sleep. Her head was pounding and her mind felt fuzzy. She could barely remember what happened. It was slowly coming back to her the more awake she became. She shifted, hearing the rattle of chains. It only took her another moment to realize the heaviness of her wrists. Her eyes fluttered open and she let out a long groan. Old chains bound her wrists together. No handcuffs here, these were heavy duty you’re-not-going-anywhere shackles.

“What the fuck,” she slurred, shaking her wrists and making the chains rattle.

“Do not move,” Al Sah-Him spoke from beside her.

She moved away from him, but the quick jolt made her head spin, “Oh god, I’m going to vomit.”

“I told you not to move.”

“I need a bathroom,” she looked up with blurry vision, “Or I’m going to puke on you.”

He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and pulled her to her feet.

“Oh yes that is helping,” she turned her head in his direction and audibly gagged.

“You are an utter nuisance,” he muttered, pushing her forward.

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I never fully understood Phoenix Witch and Destroya. I know they're gods of that world but like, what are they gods of n stuff??

Aaa I love talking about this! Okay so firstly, they are a lot more prominent in the comics, so if you haven’t read those I recommend them. Also note that this may have spoilers to the comic so you’ve been warned.

Ill start with the Phoenix Witch (my actual fave). Unfortunately, the answer to what she actually is and how she has her power is very vague, but I’ll try to show how I interpret her if that’s any help. To refresh, she is shown in the comics as a kind of spirit guide that takes killjoy’s spirits and souls to the afterlife when presented with an item of theirs - traditionally a mask or a gun, but other belongings seems to be used too - via the postbox. Letters to the dead are also sent there, so whether that’s sentimental or she will actually pass them on is really up to what you think. She could be interpreted as the God of death, but I reckon that she’s more simply a very powerful (possibly even dead herself) witch and spirit guide. She isn’t visible to the living - she’s on that battlefield with the girl but isn’t visible to her until she’s dead, but isn’t just an average spirit as she is able literally ressurect the girl. There is also a tiny inference that she has the power to shape-shift - there are about five panels of her collecting masks from the postbox, and then a panel of a raven flying away, with feathers deliberately similar looking to the ones on the gown she wears.

Destroya is a lot simpler. It’s explained by a SCARECROW towards the end of the comic that he was a massive robot like all the others made by BLI (intent unknown), but he was too big to manage so they unplugged him and sent him into the desert to die. The robots, who seem to be obsessed with the idea of being able to live outside the city without charge, believe that he broke free of Battery City and one day will come back to save them. This is half true as - BIG SPOILER- he returns at the end of the comic and liberates the robots, allowing them to all live without the cities electricity. It’s not mentioned how destroya rose again after running out of power for so long, but its triggered by another robot, Blue, searching for help and finding him. As it’s already shown that the robots are sentient and have their own desires and wants, I think that maybe he saved enough power to beat down BLI and save his people - the robots, with this immense power that he has that even BLI couldn’t maintain.

TL;DR - Neither are really Gods, just a witch and a big robot. They’re just beings with immense power that are worshipped like Gods and help keep the power balance between BLI and the killjoys in the joy’s favour.

Sorry for rambling I just really love this subject, I hope I was helpful in some way!

Edmund x Reader: I kept my promise

Anonymous said: Hi! I know you’re bombarded with a lot of requests. But could I have an Edmund x reader where they make a bet, but as a joke y/n is like “I bet one cup of coffee that I’m right!” And anyway, she wins and thinks nothing more of it. But the next day, he comes by with her favorite drink from her fave coffee place and she’s kinda shocked and impressed and starts to like him. and maybe has an “oh crap I REALLY like him.”
Thanksssss. ❤️

~Okay. So. I actually wrote this entire thing Wednesday night on the plane, and then…I forgot to save it. I know. I’m an asshat. Hopefully this isn’t too terribly terrible, I wrote it again this afternoon. Modern AU💜~

“That guy. Over there. With the mullet.”

Edmund laughed into his coffee cup as he took a sip. “Well, he looks like an ax murderer, but I think he’s going to order…a cotton candy frappuchino.” You laughed quietly, smiling at him.

You loved this game. You and Edmund would come here every Saturday afternoon to drink your weight in coffee and people watch. Guessing people’s orders had become a sort of challenge, like the hunger games or the matrix. Well, maybe not exactly like the hunger games or the matrix.

“What about the girl with the bright pink purse?”

“Caramel Macchiato.”

“How are you so sure?” 

Edmund took another sip of his coffee. “She just looks like a caramel macchiato-y sort of person.” You raised an eyebrow. “Caramel macchiato-y sort of person?”

Edmund sighed, laughing again. “Whatever. Your turn.” He scanned the cafe. “Okay…the guy over there in the corner. What’s he going to order?”

You paused for a moment, looking at Edmund thoughtfully. Then, you spoke up. “I think he’s getting a simple iced coffee.” 

Edmund snorted. “A ‘simple iced coffee’? Where did you get that from?” 

You shrugged, running your hands along the sides of your coffee cup. “I don’t know.” You stopped moving your hands, smiling slyly. “But I bet one cup of coffee that I’m right.” Edmund raised his eyebrows, trying to look serious, but just collapsed in laughter. “You’re on, Caffeine Queen.” 

The man that was standing in the corner walked up to the counter, eyeing the two of you suspiciously. He hadn’t heard anything you were saying, as you spoke in hushed tones, but he probably didn’t like how you and Edmund kept looking over at him.

“Hello, I’d like an iced coffee please.” 

Your face turned pure white. You turned to Edmund slowly, ripping your eyes away from the counter. “I’m psychic.”

That was it. Edmund began to clutch the small table in laughter; The caffeine overload and strangeness of the situation was too much for him to bear. The man shot Edmund an annoyed look as he paid for his coffee and walked out of the shop. 

“Okay,” You said, laughing a little too and attempting to pull Edmund out of his chair, “Come on.” The barista looked at you sympathetically as she closed the register drawer. You smiled at her and dragged your friend out of the shop. 

“You’ve had too much caffeine, Ed.”

“Hello? Y/n?” 

You peaked your head out of the mountain of blankets surrounding you. Someone was at the door. You reluctantly stepped onto the hard, cold floorboards and made your way to the front door, blankets still wrapped around you. You peered out the peep-hole. 


 You jumped back immediately, breathing heavily and standing in front of the closed door. “Edmund, you scared the living shit out of me!” 

“Don’t talk about shit. It’ll make lose your appetite.” 


“Well if I were you, I wouldn’t want to think about literal crap when I was taking a long, delicious sip of my favorite coffee.”

You unlatched the chain on the door. As you opened it, you revealed Edmund standing there with a to-go cup of coffee in his hand. “Oh my god, Ed!” He grinned.

  “Edmund, you didn’t have to do that for me.” You said, grabbing the cup eagerly.

 “We made a bet. I kept my promise.” 

“Yeah, but that didn’t mean you actually had to-please, come inside!” 

You moved to grab a chair from under the kitchen counter, smiling widely at Edmund. Edmund shook his head. “It’s okay. I actually have five more coffees to deliver.” Your frowned a little. “I’m kidding, Y/n. But I really do need to go.” 

You nodded, a little disappointed. “Okay. Thank you for the coffee, Ed. Really.” He smiled, stepping out of the doorway. “Take care.” 

He pulled the door closed. You sunk to the floor, still clutching the coffee in your hand. 

“I like him.” You said under your breath. Your thoughts started to process in your head. “Oh crap, I REALLY like him.” 

“There you are, talking about crap again. Just drink your coffee, love.”

You froze. You could feel the door opening slightly, making you stand up. Edmund’s head was sticking out of the hallway.

 “And no, I never left.” 

As he said those words, Edmund stepped into the room completely and placed his lips on yours.

He kissed you firmly, hands hovering over your waist. You instinctively placed your coffee cup on the counter. As you kissed, Edmund began to pull you closer to him. You had your arms wrapped tightly around his neck now, and you were leaning into the counter. 

The kiss became more passionate with every movement you made, and your lips were in perfect sync. Slowly, unwillingly, you broke the kiss for air. You and Edmund looked at each other for a second. Then, Edmund spoke.

 “If I had known this would happen, I would have bought you an entire coffee shop.”

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Wanted to know if it's ok for me to ask why you like Chrissie? Everyone (including myself) detest her when she's on the show. Just curious.

Hi Anon! 

Of course it’s okay to ask! I mean. You’re giving me a chance to gush about one of my faves. That’s never a bad thing.

I think a big factor was that the first few people I followed in fandom really liked her, and that colored my perception of her in some ways. But I actually liked her even before officially joining the fandom.

My nerdiest answer, the answer of someone who spends way too much time on TVTropes, would be that I am incredibly fascinated by negative character development. It’s not something you see often in media and I think it’s incredibly interesting from a writer’s perspective. I also find her current positive character development more fulfilling since we had that downwards spiral not too long ago.

From a human and viewer perspective, I just really love her. From the beginning she jumped out at me as someone who would do anything it takes for the people she cares about. She’s fierce and protective and blindingly loving. I mean. This is a woman who was deeply hurt by every single person she loved. Robert broke her. Her dad lied to her for years. She tried everything to protect her son (whether she was right or not in doing so is another issue) and he threw it back in her face. She had to go through Robert II: The Vengeance of The Sugden Brothers with Andy. Her own sister betrayed her. And sure, she lost it there for a hot minute. Who wouldn’t? But she rebuilt. She’s still rebuilding. She’s growing. She realized that her current situation wasn’t right for her and she’s trying something different. As a viewer I find it interesting. As a person I love her and I want to marry her.

That Time I Thought I Could Resist Touching Myself Reading 30 Smut Fics In A Row

I decided to write y’all a little story!

So for those that didn’t see my ask, the other day I challenged myself to read every single smut fic on this blog — yes, there’s currently fucking thirty of them — without touching myself. Toni said she wanted to know how I handled it, and here I am!

Here’s how it went… please, feel free to tag this as something or even write an imagine based off it, I would love for all your followers to enjoy this challenge of mine for many months to come. ;-)

The first smut imagine written on this blog was a Taylor Momsen one, and I can’t say I’m very attracted to her, so I managed okay. I was actually pretty good with the first ten in general, since I was doing other things on the laptop; on Tumblr, Twitter, checking email, doing a bit of homework, etc. 

Then, I started to get a little horny reading No More Missed Calls. It was nothing too bad, just a feeling, so I figured I could handle it. 

By that point though, I stopped paying attention to everything else I was doing, and just kept reading and reading. I was getting really turned on, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Fangirl Dot Com was one that I’d read before, and it was really funny, a nice little change. It made the horny feeling more obvious though, and I struggled to ignore it through the next couple of stories. 

But, I had real trouble when I reached Wait For Me. It made me squirm a little, and I felt my panties start to get a bit damp. I kept reading, and the deeper into the porn I got, the worse it was. I could feel myself leaking juices, and my lips felt like they were swelling. I was squirming sitting on my bed even more, and my underwear felt close to getting wet right through. I tried to press down against the mattress for some relief, but it only made me worse. By the end, my clit had started to tingle and throb, and I was biting my lip so hard. But I resisted, and continued reading.

When I got to Backseat Serenade, the squirming got worse and I’d crossed my legs together tightly. To try and ignore the feeling or to give my pussy some kind of pressure, I don’t know. What I did know was, by this point in any other situation, I would have been happily massaging my clit and whimpering in pleasure. Instead, I sat in place and kept reading, face screwed up as I tried to ignore the fact that I was still leaking juices, and I was probably going to wet through my pants soon.

I was close to giving up for real though, when I hit A Sound Like Laughter. Another one I had read already, but Tay is my fave. She’s so hot, seriously, I just… yum. She makes me so wet. That imagine definitely got me dampening my jeans right through, if I hadn’t already. I knew it was a bad idea, but I thought it would be okay just to slip them off… I undid them in a hurry before remembering I wasn’t allowed to actually touch myself when they were off. I changed position instead, sitting back comfortably against a bunch of pillows. To give you a picture, at this point I was only wearing my ankle socks, little grey briefs with a blue waistband, and a blue star on the right hip — and yeah, it was really easy to see how badly I’d soaked them because of the frickin’ grey material — and a long-sleeved red/black plaid shirt that I decided to unbutton. My bra was a plain pale blue too. 

I still resisted, somehow, and trudged on to the next imagine.

I was doing okay, until I got to Shh… It absolutely slayed me. I love teasing in public, or just teasing in general, and I swear my panties were absolutely dripping from how bad I was leaking, it looked like I’d frickin’ wet myself or something. My clit was throbbing so badly, my hips kept twitching upwards slightly as if beckoning for my hand to relieve myself. While reading it, I thought, maybe playing with my nipples wouldn’t count. So I started to gently press and pinch at them through my bra, even though all it did was make me even more horny. God, I was so desperate to make myself cum. Not even just masturbate any more, I just wanted to cum so, so badly. And to think that I could but I was making myself wait… it was torture. My pussy just kept giving out more juices in protest and I think I actually moaned from discomfort. 

Unexpected Guest… so good. It made me spread my legs and touch my pussy very gently through my soaked panties, assessing the damage. Fuck, I was horny. But I promised myself I could make it. I was almost at the end. 

But then, it all went downhill at Dinner Date. I lost it. I love teasing so much, and I could feel how much I needed to relieve myself all over. I felt shaky and my stomach was churning and my pussy just felt… I don’t even know. It was all a bit hazy. One minute, I was soldiering on through, and the next, I couldn’t take it another second. 

I pressed my fingers hard against my clit through my panties and rubbed like I’d never get to do it again, and I squeaked at what a shock it was. So fucking good to give in to what I needed so desperately. 

It didn’t take long for me to have kicked off my panties and start fingering myself, an obscene wet sound filling the room as I fucked my pussy with my fingers as fast as I could, juices pouring free. I half paid attention to the final couple of imagines, biting hard on my lip throughout as I slowed my fingers to at least hold in my orgasm until I was done with all thirty stories. When I was, I shoved the laptop away and went back to finger-fucking myself as hard as I could, my other hand stroking my clit in tight circles. 

I felt my stomach begin to clench, and my legs start to lock in place, and there was a familiar urge to push deep inside my body. I quickly removed my fingers and kept rubbing my wet clit, moaning quietly. The urge to push got stronger and I held it all in for as long as I could, even though I was right on the brink, ready to cum… and finally, I let it all go.

I started to cum, and with a loud grunt, I pushed, and started squirting. I let out a lot of high-pitched whimpers and whines as I came. It just never seemed to stop. It happened in short bursts, little squirts of liquid arcing out in a quick gush, then stopping, then arcing out again, then stopping. I think I let out about ten squirts before I got a continuous little stream for the eleventh one, pouring out of me and slowly dying down to a brief spray, then a trickle, and I was empty. I slumped into the bed with a breathy moan, panting, and I’ve never felt so relieved or satisfied. I lay there for ages before I had to get up and clean myself, as well as the bed. 

But damn, I squirted so much! It felt sooo good to get it all out like that. 

In short, I lost the challenge… but I had a lot of fun doing it. ;-)

Love ya! Hope you enjoyed reading about my challenge. xoxo

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I'm just gonna list my faves ok!!! akira? neon genesis evangelion? samurai champloo? cowboy bebop? berserk? ghost in the shell? redline?

akira: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves

@ jared who like begged me to watch it last yr im srry i failed u bc of my bad memory

nge: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves

i never finished it……whoops JNDFJGSNDJ commitment who

samurai champloo: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves

i’d never heard of it before omg??? but it looks good !!! def getting added to my list

cowboy bebop: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves

i think i avoided watching this bc i thought it was longer than it actually is????? like i just looked it up and i… wasnt expecting that KNDJGKNDFJKGD

berserk: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves 

i am #fake

ghost in the shell: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves

again i am a Fake anime fan

redline: never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | i liked it | LOVED IT | one of my faves 

ive also never heard of this one what is this JNDJFDSJF but ooo it seems interesting + it’s a movie so there is no commitment involved nice :^)

put an anime in my ask!

Kpop tag!

I was tagged by @moonbinandback (ILY SO MUCH OMG💙) thank you for tagging me! 

I am sorry it took me a while to get to this i caught a cold and college has been crazy


First group you listened to: B1A4 because one of my very close friends from high school stans them and freshman year when we met she had me listen to ‘Okay Girl’ and showed me the video
First solo artist you listened to: I have listened to IU but i don’t really stan any solo artists sorry ;-;
First group to actually know their names: BTS actually!
First song to make you emotional: All Day Long- ZE:A

TOP 3;

Top 3 fave male groups: ASTRO,Seventeen, and Day6
Top 3 fave female groups: I haven’t listened to many girls groups but Miss.A and Blacklick are like two that are close to my heart
Top 3 fave solo artists: I don’t think I have any sorry!!
Top 3 songs of all time: All Day Long-ZE:A, Should’ve Held On by Astro, and Save Me- BTS

Top 3 biases: CHA EUNWOO, Choi Seungcheol aka S.Coups the amazing leader of Seventeen, Park Hyung-Sik from ZE:A

Top 3 fandoms you’re a part of: Aroha and Carats I don’t really participate in any other fandoms
Top 3 choreographies: Nice- Seventeen (Like wow wowowowowow)
Hide and Seek(i cannot help but smile when I watch it) or Baby(I really like the boyish gentleman vibe of it)-Astro
Highlight-Seventeen performance team


Ultimate bias group: Astro
Ultimate male bias: Gotta give that to Eunwoo (surprised right??LOL)
Ultimate female bias: Suzy from Miss.A she is so pretty!!

taging some favs and some mutuals: @astrotextscenarios @minhyukstan99 @pumkbin @jinwoostro @jinjins-freckles

Totally ignore this if you have done it already or if you don’t want to do it!


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Who would you fan cast for Six of Crows?

Ooh, this is a fun one! Okay, my favorite fancast for kaz is definitely luke pasqualino. I’ve seen numerous gifs with him in it and just… yes. I like barbie ferreira for nina, and I think I read on twitter somewhere that she’s doing acting now? So, yes, her. I’m always kind of torn for inej fan casts, but I’m down with the idea of deepika padukone (MY FAVE ADHJKA). Eddie Redmayne for Wylan, JOHN BOYEGA for Jesper,  and emil andersson for matthias.