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And before I really go to bed - yes, I delayed things… have some spoiler free screenshots of Sahara Ryder. 

She is a sweetheart, but loves sarcasm … and you might not want to get on her bad side. 

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I think BG ending would be very disruptive to Harry's solo stuff-- since he always gets dragged into it. Or we do and him by extension. Just by the way everything has played out, I think BG is staying play indefinitely. Just no signs of movement. Plus, Sally included F in her IG post today-- so it's not like theyre gonna say Louis and his fam found out recently. The best we can hope for is that it stays relatively quiet like during the fall.

Tbh they could still say it and say they still have affection for the kid, doesn’t really mean anything. And bg/Harry will only happen if they want to. If they want to go with that narrative, I don’t think they’ll end like the week of his single (not impossible tho knowing how messy things work). But I do think it’ll be soon, and I think his lack of involvement will start to be noticed by antis pretty soon (and they’ll have to admit). So they’ll either do something or end it lol also the kid looks so much like a Clark I don’t think they can keep up for much longer - but for now that’s what they’re doing, nony. Keeping it quiet and pretending is not there 

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am i the only one who noticed sami's wife wasn't with the rest of his family at the montreal live event

You aren’t. After consulting with some of my colleagues at the Sami Science Institute, we’ve determined that the only logical conclusion is that the wife is a decoy and he’s actually married to Finn.


Akiko Higashimura (artist of Princess Jellyfish) on why she draws so fast.

Such an idol. Get it done!

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

Telling George

Jack is nervous when he knocks on the front door of George’s house. He’d wanted to have this conversation in person, but it’s not one for public consumption, and he feels like he owes it to her to let her be the first person in the Falcs to know since she’s the one who scouted him. He doesn’t know a lot about George, aside from the fact she’d played in juniors, then for a couple of the few professional women’s hockey teams they’d had prior to the NWHL, and she’d played in the Olympics. He doesn’t know anything about her personal life except that she wears a wedding ring, he realises.

And the door opens. The woman on the other side is not George, but she looks familiar. It takes a moment for Jack to place her due to the weird context, but he realises she’s Thirdy’s wife Carrie.

“Oh hey Jack,” she says, sipping the wine she’s holding. “George said you were coming by. Come on in. Everyone’s in the kitchen.”

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the calendar || panic! at the disco

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