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Thoughts & Predictions: Chap 91

Ahh this chapter. I can’t even lie, after reading it all the way through; I absolutely love it. There is SO much to build off of here and so many directions Isayama could take this in but, knowing how this story is and seeing the subtle (not really) drops of foreshadowing in this chapter has me super excited. This makes for an interesting read because I’m 90% sure these fresh-faced kiddos are in for a very rude awakening when they see the reality of the world they live in.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother. 


This is one of my favorite questions asked in the series because it perfectly sums up a lot of the picture Isayama is trying to portray in this universe. Where do you draw the line between someone who still retains a glimmer of humanity, and a monster? 

  • Man-eating titans who were once human. 
  • Human’s who can shift into man-eating titans. 
  • Human’s who sacrifice their morals for the sake of victory. 
  • Humans who sacrifice their morals for the sake of power. 
  • Humans who sacrifice humans all to achieve a goal. 

Where in all of this does humanity as a whole fall? Now that we see the state of the world outside of the walls, I cannot help but to think back to this conversation between Eren and Pixis here from chapter 12:

Eren, our “jump-the-gun” protag, calls out all of humanity right there. He see’s a bigger picture and graps it. Not to its full extent just yet but, he’s close.

So, what now? It’s been four years since this scene. The titans have been exterminated, the secret of the walls has been revealed, and so has their true enemy; other humans. So, what will they do? Will they kill everyone who gets in their way or will they finally unite? And if they do… How will that happen? 

Keep in mind that I am not just referring to the walled Eldians here. I’m talking about the ones across the sea as well. 

Will the Eldian people as a whole unite together to take down Marley and finally gain true freedom? Or will they kill each other because they stand at opposite ends of the same goal? 

I think there are TWO reasons Isayama jumped over to this group on the mainland so suddenly. Reason number one being to reveal this big guy right here:

FINALLY WE SEE THE NINTH TITAN! The Jaws Titan. I have no idea what he can do but, I am still super excited that we FINALLY know what he looks like. Let’s all be real, he looks badass. Plus, his role is bound to be an important one.

I believe the second reason Isayama hopped over to the mainland was to make us see the struggle of the Eldian people across the sea just so we would ask ourselves this question: 

Who actually is the “true enemy”

Is it Marley because of how they treat the Eldian people? Is it the rest of the world for waging war against Marley? Is it the mainland Eldian people who fight for Marley? Is it the Eldians of Paradis Island who fight against them and are called demons? 

Truthfully, I don’t think there is a correct answer here even though I’m sure we can all agree that the Marlian government is now the biggest issue. Still though, the lack of balance in this situation makes it all the more difficult to decide which side is right and which one is wrong.

On one hand, we see Eren and his group questioning whether or not killing other people will actually free them. We’ve seen Eren struggle to kill Annie which in turn gave her an out. We see Eren keep an important truth to himself in order to protect Historia’s life. We see Armin struggle with accepting that he shot and killed someone. We see Jean struggle time and time again with killing throughtout the entire series. We see Jean, Sasha, and Connie cry when they think they’ve killed Reiner. But at the same time, we also see what happened to the people of Stohess. We see the lives Erwin sacrificed. The people Levi has tortured or killed. We see what happened with Bertoldt. Killing one to save another and so on. We have SEEN the struggle of those in the walls and how hard it has been to retain even a semblance of humanity in their hearts. 

Then we see these new kids in the middle of a body strung battlefield discussing who’s going to win the opportunity to eat one of their own people and become a warrior. We see them calm and collected on the front lines. We see kids who are more than willing to take human life and who see no qualms in death. These are kids who are outright cannon fodder and they are, for the most part, completely chill about it. These are kids who have obviously also struggled but, in an entirely different way. To them, humans are evil if they are different. They haven’t lived through the struggle of Titans roaming their lands. They have NO IDEA what their distant people have suffered, and they have been brainwashed to believe that people who share the same blood as them deserve that fate. 

They believe they are the better Eldians. That they are the good ones. 

The only remaining people left in this story who could tie such vastly different thinking poeple together and give them a common ground to stand on are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie. 

I don’t see it being Zeke tbh but, I truly believe that ONE of the original titan trio will need to survive in order to make this happen and to also tell their full story, and I (personally) think that person will end up being Annie. It is really hard for me to see Reiner making it back to Paradis Island for a number of reasons. The main one being that the Marlian government is already trying to basically Hunger Games his power off. Annie though, she is already on the island. Still in her crystal and most likely still alive. Hence why she is being guarded underground. Those in the walls still believe her to be a threat and if she is still alive, being in the crystal probably prolonged her life with the titan ability. 

She sympathized with those in the walls. She did not want to carry out the mission in full and that was made very clear quite a few chapters ago. If there is one person from the mainland who can shine light on the entire situation for both ends of the Eldian people as a whole; it will most likely be her. 

However, I am not ruling Reiner out juuuuuuuuust yet. He does have respect for some of those in the walls and if there is one person who can help him get back to the Island in order to escape the Marlian government. It’s Zeke. 

Not only does Zeke have his own reason to escape since they are also trying to tranfer his power to someone else; but he also has a reason to return to the island beyond saving his own life. 

Saving Eren’s (or so he believes). 

I doubt highly that Zeke would leave Reiner to be eaten considering he’d probably need Reiner’s help in escaping. Not to mention that Zeke has already saved Reiner once before. 

What would have been the point of this scene right here if Isayama just planned to have the both of them easily killed off?

Let me go ahead and throw this out there. I DO NOT SEE ZEKE DYING ANYTIME SOON. Not just because of the unfinished plot points shown above but, also because of this extremely important and unfinished plot point too:

There is no way Isayama will just leave this as unfinished business, which brings me back to the kiddos in the trench in chapter 91. 

It’s obvious that the Marley government cannot continue to opporate as it does. It’s also obvious that these kids have seen war and have faced cruelty. But, they don’t know what it’s like to face titans. They probably have no idea what it means to be a warrior because If they did, I doubt they’d be so eagery hashing it out in the middle of a battlefield to gain said abilites. Cutting your life down to 13 years all for the sake of commiting mass genocide for a government that hates you and your people regardless of which land you stand on.

I’m sure that at this point, Reiner, who has lived on both sides, has asked himself what exactly he fought for and has wondered which side was right. Especially when I look back and wonder if the Marlian government ever informed their warriors that they’d only have 13 years left to live after gaining their power. Was it worth it to Reiner? To fight and kill just to be fed off to someone else once he became too weak? 

Was Bertoldt’s death really so cruel when he would have had to face the exact same fate at the hand of the government he faught and killed for once he returned to the home he so desperately missed?   

This doesn’t look like the face of a man who would say “yes”…

Ignorant, hopeful kids that are fighting to become monster’s in order to gain freedom stand on one side of the sea, and newly grown adults that are struggling to remain hopeful and that are fighting to retain their humanity in order to gain freedom stand on the other side. 

So where do you find some middleground?

The only three that remain and can stand in the middle are Zeke, Reiner, and Annie (maybe Armin if he has Bertl’s memories). Humans that can turn into man-eating titans that have seen what it is like on both ends of the spectrum. Beings that are both human’s and monsters. Reiner and Annie have lived it while Zeke is still ignorant to life in the walls. However, I do no see Zeke dying as I stated before.

So, will one of the Marlian warriors help bring human’s of the same origin together to change the world they live in? Will they come together against the common enemy of the Marley government? Or will they be doomed and continue to repeat history and fight and kill each other due to ignorance and misplaced hate?  

I have no idea but, I am hopeful for the Eldian people as a whole. They all want to be free from the prisons that hold them. Whether it be the districts on the mainland, or the Walls on the island. They all just want to fly and the only way they’ll truly be able to achieve that is if they all unite. 

How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

By keeping your heart and mind open, even in the wages of war. If you want to fly like a bird, you have to be willing to see beyond the cage that holds you and share the sky with others who only wish to spread their wings just like you. 

Do you ever think about the fact that all Annie Edison wanted was to know that she was loved? That she actually said, all the way back in S3, that she figured if she could teach a guy like Jeff to love her, then maybe she’d never be unloved? That she had anxiety about whether or not she was lovable, that she ran different scenarios over and over in her head, trying to come up with different ways to achieve her desired result? 

Do you ever think about the fact that Annie was in Jeff Winger’s heart as far back as S3? That Jeff loved Annie, so much that he was willing to give her up because he thought she was headed for great things, and yet he never told her so, clear and forthright and without pretense? 

Do you ever think about the fact that Dan Harmon stated that Jeff loves Annie, that he wanted to be clear about that, and yet he never let Jeff tell Annie that he loved her

Hinata and Orihime were both hated on. They were both body shamed, called names, and treated like garbage by many people in their fandoms. They both were called weak, had their own horrible pasts, faced their own demons, and held strong. Now they are married to the man they love and have always loved most; who they had beautiful children with. They are finally happy and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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Late Night Love

A/N:  Because I needed some Daddy Lance in my life.

It was like clock work.  Every night around 2:30 am your newborn daughter, Annie, would start crying.  Whether she couldn’t sleep, needed changing, or she was hungry.  

Tonight was little different though.  Half asleep, you turned over to reach for Lance, but when you reached out he wasn’t there.  “Lance?”  You heard nothing and decided to see if you could find him.  You began to walk down the hall when you noticed that the light to your daughter’s bedroom was on.  You tiptoed to the door and stuck your head around the doorframe.

There he was, holding Annie.  Your heart melted a little each time you saw him with her.  They were your whole world and you wouldn’t change a thing.  

He was sitting in the rocking chair, Annie close to his chest, and he was talking to her.  You couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, but whatever he was saying had him wearing that smile you loved so much.  You just stood their for a few minutes admiring the two of them.  When you first started dating Lance you didn’t think that he would want kids.  Boy were you wrong.  You later found out that Lance had a big soft spot for children. 

You were about to head back to the your bedroom when you heard him speak a little louder.  “And where do you think you’re going, mommy?”  You laughed at the sound of him calling you that.  You still couldn’t believe you where a mother.  You walked over to him and he pulled you into his lap.  He then gently placed Annie into your arms; she was still sound asleep.

Lance kissed your shoulder before resting his cheek against it.  “She’s been changed and fed.  Heard her crying and I didn’t want her to wake you.”  You were surprised, you must have been dead asleep.

“So what were you saying to her earlier?”  You felt him kiss your shoulder again and you couldn’t help but smile.  “I was telling her about how much I love her.  How she’s going to grow up beautiful just like her mother.”  You shook your head as you played with her tiny little fingers.  “Oh really now?”  You turned you head to look at him; right when you did he caught you in a kiss.

After a few seconds you pulled away and rested your forehead against his.  “How do you still do that?”  He chuckled at you and moved to kiss your forehead.  “Do what sweetheart?”  You looked back down at Annie trying to hide the fact that you were blushing.  “Make me still get butterflies.”  

You eventually got up from his lap and placed Annie back in her crib.  She already looked like you, but had Lance’s eyes. You smirked to yourself thinking about how she was going to have him wrapped around her finger.

Lance’s wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in so you were resting against his chest.  “Thank you.”  You turned you head to nestle it agains the crook of his neck.  “For what?”  You felt him hug you closer and kiss your temple.  “For giving me her.  For making me happier than I thought I could be.  You and Anberlyn are more than I could have asked for.”

Tears started forming in your eyes at his words.  “I love you.”  He turned you to face him and pulled you into another kiss.  You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him in closer.  You loved this man more than you could say.  He was a wonderful boyfriend and a even better father.  Once he pulled away he took your face in his hands and smiled lovingly at you.  “I love you too, Y/N.”  

He took your hand and pulled you back towards your bedroom.  “Come on beautiful.  We have a big day tomorrow.  You need your rest.”  You looked at him confused.  “We do?  I don’t remember planning anything.”  He smiled at you and climbed into the bed.  “I have it all worked out.”

Little did you know that Lance Tucker was planning on asking you to become Mrs. Tucker tomorrow evening.

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Derpy, Drooly, Dirty Diaper Dragoness

*Something The Anon on FA commissioned from me. As with all things I post here here, it is very dark.

“Wuv poopies!” Emmy giggled, slobbering all down her chin. The dragoness was wearing just a thick, crinkly diaper around her waist, stained brown and lumpy in the back with her load

“Oh, looks like you made another stinky.” Sarah, a lioness, remarked

“Shut up.” Annie, another dragoness, muttered next to Sarah

“Oh it’s so big and mushy, you like your stinky bottom so much don’t you, you little dumb tard?”

“I said shut up.” Annie growled in annoyance

If she had known how much trouble the cloning experiment would cause her, she never would have agreed to it. Emmy was her clone. Her failed clone rather. Annie was the smartest person in the lab where they worked whereas Emmy was… well her well used diaper said it all.

“Oh come on, I’m just joking.” Sarah laughed. She walked over to Emmy and pulled back the waistband of her diaper “Phew! You don’t poop this much do you?”

In reality, Annie did. Dragonesses were noble animals and everything but they also could poop as much as a cow. Annie had learned that she needed to give toilets one or two courtesy flushes or else she would clog them. Thanks to Emmy, now everyone who worked with her knew just how much dragonesses pooped too.

“Let’s just change her.” Annie said. She walked over to pick up a fresh diaper for Emmy. Emmy’s diapers were thick, as in thick, medical grade, three tapes on each side diapers. They weren’t made for subtlety or even walking. They were meant so the wearer could deposit the maximum amount of poop.

“Upside daisy!” Sarah giggled, breaking the tapes on Emmy’s diaper. Below her Emmy gurgled, spitting all over her free breasts.

“No! No change!” Emmy said, moving from side to side in an attempt to keep her heavily used diaper on

“Shut up you tard.” Annie said. She rather roughly pulled back Emmy’s diaper and wiped her poopy bottom down. Then, sliding the clean diaper under Emmy, she taped it shut around her waist.

“Tanks sis! Hee hee!” Emmy drooled

Annie turned red with irritation. Emmy had taken to calling her ‘sis’ as in sister because they shared the same face. As though it wasn’t bad enough already that Annie had to see a mirror of herself shitting diapers and getting her butt wiped all the time!

“Aww, that’s cute!” Sarah said. She, like everyone else, enjoyed poking fun at Annie for her predicament.

“Okay, okay.” Annie stood up to leave and noticed Emmy squatting and straining “Oh come on…”

“P-poopies!” Emmy grunted. Her diaper pushed out, the first turd entering it. The plastic crinkled and stained brown, her diaper pulling down as Emmy made a mess in her pants. A familiar smell assaulted Annie’s nose.

Emmy turned to Annie, proud of what she had done “I made a pwesant for you sis! Poopy in my diapey!”

That night Annie flopped on her bed, utterly exhausted. It had only been about a week since the failed cloning experiment and already she was so sick and tired of that dumb clone who shared her face. Casually she slipped her fingers under her panties and rubbed. She sighed. At least she could still do this every night. Slowly she massaged, building up to a climax.

Annie moaned with pleasure. Maybe it wasn’t all bad. She clicked off her light and closed her eyes. She didn’t notice her bladder letting loose in her sheets.

A few more days passed by. It was largely uneventful, except for the fact that Emmy discovered that the contents of her diapers was not only squishy but tasty too. That had been plain humiliating for Annie, coming in and seeing herself with poop stains all over her fur, licking her brown fingers

At around the two week mark though, while she was masturbating, an image popped into Annie’s mind. It was Emmy, sitting in her diaper. Annie watched as Emmy pushed herself into her usual squatting position and grunted. Annie felt something warm and mushy push up against her butt.

“Hmm?” She asked, looking down. She was wearing just a diaper! Then, looking up, she realized that she wasn’t looking at Emmy, she was looking in a mirror!

“N-No! I notta tard!” Annie said, spitting all over herself as she did so. She stumbled and fell on her butt, continuing to mess herself as she did so. Her diaper turned dark brown, the telltale sign that she had pooped herself.

As Annie struggled, she just kept pooping. Her diaper got tighter and tighter as it filled up with her poop until it couldn’t hold any more and it began pushing out the leg holes and dropped on the floor.

“No! Gotta clean up!” Annie said and before she knew what she was doing she had grabbed the poop on the floor and pushed it into her mouth and swallowed to hide the evidence. It happened again and Annie repeated the process, over and over eating her poop as her diaper filled up and she drooled on herself.

Annie snapped back to reality in a cold sweat. Her fingers were in her panties. They were wet. At first Annie thought it was from her masturbating, but there was too much liquid.

“I peed myself!?!” She asked in panic. Her panties mushed as she moved “Oh no… please no…”

But she had, there was no denying it. She had peed and pooped herself. It wasn’t much, not near what Emmy did in her diapers, but it was still very worrysome. There weren’t any long term effects of the failed cloning process, were there? She’d need to research that the next day

“Mark?” Annie asked, walking into the lab the next day. Mark had been in charge of the failed cloning experiment.

“Yeah? Look I’m sorry about what happened, I already told you-”

“It’s not that. I’m thinking about myself. Is there any way that the experiment could have, well, backfired?”

The dog scratched his head “I don’t think so, any damage should have been only on Emmy. And, well there’s a lot of damage there.”

“I know. But, can I see the notes again anyway?”

Mark handed her a clipboard. Annie flipped through. She noticed quite a few math mistakes. This stupid dog was in charge of the experiment? No wonder it had failed!

She did a quick calculation in her head and nodded. It made sense now, when she masturbated she was overloading her brain, which was causing it to decay. Damn, she had already probably lost a good 20 or so IQ points! She would have loved to smash Mark’s face in right then and there but she wasn’t about to let him know she had a problem.

“Thanks.” She said, handing him back the clipboard and walking away

Annie was required to spend about an hour or two a day with Emmy. Despite Annie trying to make it very clear that she didn’t like her, Emmy obviously liked her the best. She loved seeing her 'sis’ and would let out one of her stupid retard 'hurrr!’ screams every time she saw her

“Poopy sis! I made a poopy!” Emmy said when Annie entered the room, proudly displaying her well used diaper

“Yeah, yeah.” Annie said, standing as far as she could away from the retard. Emmy waddled over, her stinky sack squelching in between her legs with each step

“Sis made poopy too!” Emmy said

“No I didn’t.” Annie muttered

“Uh-huh! You went cum-cum and then you went poopy!” Emmy giggled. She spit drool all over Annie’s stunned face

“Wait, how do you know about that?”

“Sis needs to make another cum-cum!” Emmy said and before Annie knew what was happening, Emmy had stuck her drool-soaked fingers into Annie’s panties

“N-no! Stop!” Annie sputtered. She felt a surge of pleasure and moaned, too relaxed to really fight back. Vaguely she realized that since Emmy shared her body, Emmy would know exactly how to turn her on

“Time for poops!” Emmy said, holding up a fresh diaper. She pulled down Annie’s pants, continuing to pleasure her all the while and taped the thick, crinkly thing between her legs, three tapes on each side.

“I feel… poopy…” Annie said, lying back on the ground. Emmy sat on top of her, straddling her with her poopy diaper rubbing around Annie’s crotch.

“Sis likes poopies!” Emmy giggled. Drool dripped onto Annie’s face “Sis likes poopies becawse sis is a big dumb-dumb poopy tard!”

Annie pushed. It was just as warm and mushy as she had imagined. Hot, fresh, stinky poop filling her diaper and pee spreading warmth across her crotch. She smiled dumbly, drool running down her chin, and came in her diaper.

“I made poopy.” Annie giggled “I tardy stupid.”

“Mmm, sis makes best poopies!” Emmy said, nuzzling into Annie’s brown, crinkly, warm, diaper butt

Annie came to with her cheek resting on the floor, a puddle of drool around her head. She was staring at Emmy, who had a brown lump in her paws and was licking at it happily.

“Sis’s poopies taste so good!” Emmy giggled. Annie’s heart stopped as she felt her bottom. Squishy. She was lying there in a massively full diaper.

In a panic, Annie jumped up and looked at the clock. She still had ten minutes before someone else took over for her. But she had drool all over herself! And her diaper, ugh, she’d pooped as much as Emmy usually did! She hurried over to the changing supplies to get herself cleaned up.

“Remembaw to finish making poopies sis!” Emmy called. Annie automatically bent her knees and obeyed, pushing yet more poop into her diaper. Then, taking her diaper off as best she could, she dropped it in the diaper pail and wiped herself down.

“I-I need to get out of here.” Annie gasped, pulling her uniform on, still trying to comprehend the situation

“Poopy on floor sis!” Emmy said, pointing to next to the changing station where some of Annie’s poop had fallen out of her diaper while she was taking it off. Annie took it and put it in her mouth. Her eyes widened. Poop tasted good! This was like a chocolate fudge treat!

“I gots more poopy for you in my diapey!” Emmy offered. Eagerly Annie went over to get her present. That was when the door opened and Sarah walked in.

“Shift’s over.” She said to Annie who hurried to collect her composure

“Yeah, heh, thank goodness.” Annie said, forcing a smile


Annie bought diapers on her way home. She didn’t know why, she just needed them. Using the potty seemed, well honestly kind of hard. She had checked out her math, she could still do that just fine, but using the potty? You needed to lift up the seat AND pull your pants down AND clean up afterward. How was anyone supposed to figure out how to do that?

“I’m just wearing diapers for convenience.” Annie said to herself, crinkling while she walked. The diaper pushed her legs apart slightly, forcing her to waddle. She flopped down in bed. She automatically began to slip her fingers into her diaper but stopped.

“I can’t cum.” She told herself “Cumming decays my brain. I can’t do that.”

She thought about it for a moment “But my sister told me I was a big stupid tard, so how can it be that bad?”

She pushed her fingers into her diaper and rubbed. It didn’t take much, Annie was just getting hornier and hornier with each passing day. Where she used to just be able to make one cum a day, now she could make three or four and still barely be satisfied.

Annie found herself standing in the middle of a party. Heavily diapered adult furs like herself ran around. They were all female, Annie noticed, while at the edges of the room there were the males. Annie recognized some of them. Sarah was playing happily in just a thick diaper while Mark was standing in a corner, watching smugly.

Annie suddenly realized something. She had forgotten to bring presents for the party! It was way too late now though, what could she make? Her eyes widened as she had an idea. She could make poopy presents in her diapey! Everyone she knew loved poopies! She squatted and pushed hard. Hot steamy mush filled the seat of her diaper. Annie grinned. She was such a smart girl!

Annie came to while she was squatting on her bed. She glanced at her diaper between her legs. It was brown and sagging between her legs.

“Oopsie.” She giggled. Just then Annie’s stomach rumbled. She looked at the time and groaned. She had forgotten to make herself dinner! But she came up with an easy solution. She could have poopy for dinner!

Toddling to the kitchen, Annie got out her fine china. This was a special meal after all! Then, taking a serving spoon, Annie pulled back her diaper and spooned some of the contents into a bowl. She grinned. Yum! She walked to the table and put the bowl down and stuck her entire face in. She was such a smart girl!

Annie was licking the bowl clean when she had another bowel movement in her diaper. She smiled happily. Her diapey was getting kind of full, but she really didn’t want to change herself. She loved her poopy butt! Her diaper could stay just like it was.

Annie fell asleep that night with her very squishy diaper wrapped around her waist. She giggled and drooled in her sleep.

Annie threw the diaper away in disgust the next morning but it had become clear to her that she was going to be fighting a battle. Diapers were no longer an option for her, she knew that her retard self could come out at any time, and retard Annie wasn’t potty trained. She had to wear some of the most ridiculous poofy dresses to work to hide the massive crinkling thing around her waist.

Emmy of course wasn’t fooled “Good sis, you’s weawing diapeys now!” She drooled happily when Annie entered that day.

“I’m not falling for this again.” Annie said, steeling herself for Emmy’s approach. Emmy toddled over and Annie pushed her back.

“No.” Annie said sternly. Emmy just giggled and when Annie tried pushing her again, Emmy grabbed and began wrestling with her

Annie quickly realized that because they had the same body, Emmy was just as strong as she was. Annie put up a good fight but it was only a matter of time before Emmy found a weak point and knocked her onto her back. Before Annie could get up, Emmy had sat her butt on Annie’s face.

“I’s gonna make pwesents for you!” Emmy giggled. Annie knew what that meant. Emmy had a clean diaper on now, but now for long.

Emmy blasted Annie in the face with her first smelly fart “I wuv you sis, I gonna do lots and lots of poopies for you!” She said, slipping her fingers into Annie’s diaper

“No! Notta tard! I no wanna be poopy!” Annie said, struggling as best she could. Emmy’s diaper ballooned and covered her face. Annie winced. The poopy had smelled really bad at first, but now she was starting to like it!

“Silly dwagoness, you’s a big, smelly tard!” Emmy laughed, farting and pooping in her sister’s face and derping her down to a little drooling stupid. She rubbed Annie some more. Still Annie resisted.

“No, no poopies!” Annie said. Emmy rolled her eyes and reached into her own diaper and scooped out some poop. She took a taste herself before shoving it into Annie’s maw.

“There you poopy!” Emmy giggled. Annie choaked and sputtered but she was forced to taste the poop. It was like warm, moist chocolate cake. When she looked at Emmy again her eyes were glazed and unfocused. She was grinning dumbly.

“Poopy! Poopy! Wuv poopy! Huuurrr!” She said, snuggling into Emmy’s diaper. She was a big, stupid tard and she loved poopy! She loved poopy so, so much!

Emmy got off of her and gave Annie a chance to sit on her face and make a poopy. She was thrilled to find that Annie made the biggest, smelliest, messiest poop of her life. She stuck her maw into Annie’s warm, crinkly plastic while Annie lay forwards and did the same to her.

Annie toddled out of that session with Emmy dazed and confused. She was smiling like an idiot though, she had never had so much fun in her life! It only took her about five minutes to mess the clean diaper she had put on herself.

“Great.” She muttered, secretly enjoying it, while she walked to the bathroom to give herself a change. They were single person restrooms. Mark was hanging against the wall nearby.

“Hey.” Annie muttered

“Hey. So, what’s with the outfit?” Mark asked “You going to a victorian england convention after work?”

“I just thought it looked nice.” Annie snapped, though even she had to admit she looked rather odd in the long, puffy skirt. It was the only thing she had that could hide her massive diaper though.

“Or, you might be trying to hide a diaper.” Mark said

Annie’s heart stopped “Don’t be silly.” She said

“I can smell you know. I think a little tardy girl belongs with her sister making big poopies in her diaper…”

“You’re joking.”

“You also have poop on your cheek.” Mark smirked “Appropriate for a stupid like you.”

“It’s your fault I’m like this!” Annie said “You messed up the calculations!”

Mark responded by taking one step forwards and yanking the dress over Annie’s head. Annie squeaked and covered herself as best she could, but she knew the onlookers could see her diaper with a big brown stain on the seat.

“My, my, looks like a stupid needs her diaper changed.” Mark said

“Nodda stupid…” Annie said, feeling herself revert as she said it. She hated it, but she also loved it, being out of her stupid clothes and toddling around in just her diaper.

“Let’s go now.”

Annie found herself being marched down the hall in just her diaper. Mark wasn’t shy about correcting the people around that it wasn’t actually Emmy that he was leading, it was Annie. All the while Annie whimpered and tried to correct people.

“No, pwease, I nodda stupid. It was jus an accidewnt! I no tardy. I… I need to poopy…”

The last comment came as her stomach grumbled. Annie automatically put her fingers into her diaper. It didn’t matter that everyone was watching, she was not about to miss a chance to masturbate while she pooped.

“Eww, is she?”

“That’s Annie?”

“She’s such a shameless retard!”

Annie could barely understand the words the people around her were using. She stopped and slowly lowered herself into a squatting position, her fingers still in her diaper. She pushed.

Pooping was easy for her now. More warm, mush filled the seat of her diaper as it crinkled and turned brown. People around her fanned the air and took a few steps back out of range of her stink cloud. Mark smiled down and let her do her buisness in her diaper and finger herself while she was at it. She came, feeling yet more of her precious brain go bye-bye forever.

When she was done, Annie stood up, her messy diaper drooping behind her, and let Mark lead her back to where Emmy was, her eyes vacant, drool dripping onto her bouncing, naked breasts.


Annie’s diaper squished and squelched between her legs as Mark led her back to the room where Emmy was. She felt drool run down her chin, her cheeks bright red with shame and embarassment. She didn’t want to be a retard! But even as she thought it her bowels contracted, releasing another smelly load into the seat of her diaper.

“Phew, Miss Tardy went poopy again didn’t she?” Mark smirked

“Nodda tard!” Annie said, trying her absolute hardest to maintain her dignity. How had she been reduced to this? Dragons were noble animals, smart and strong and everything! They weren’t supposed to be diaper filling stupids!

“Sure you aren’t.” Mark rolled his eyes and pushed her into the room with Emmy. Emmy grinned from ear to ear, thrilled to see her sister again so soon.

“Sis go poopy!” Emmy commented happily. She squatted and raised her tail “I’s gonna go poopy too!”

She closed her eyes and grunted and strained. There was a muffled fart and Emmy’s diaper dropped. She grinned in relief, her padding turning brown and yellow, despite being such a thick medical diaper.

“Stop! Dis nod wight!” Annie said again to Mark. Mark smiled mischeviously.

“Oh it’s very right. Right according to my real calculations.” He said “You didn’t think I really made all those mistakes did you?”

Annie froze. What was he talking about? The cloning experiment had gone wrong but it was an accident, right? She didn’t have time to ask before Mark unzipped his fly.

“I know how to test if you’re a tardy stupid or not.” He said, letting his cock flop out “Retards like sucking cocks and cum. If you’re a retard, you’re going to crawl over in that poopy diapey of yours right now and give me a good suck-suck.”

“I… I no… um…” Annie tried to remain defiant but the sight of Mark’s dick was making her feel so horny. She slipped her fingers into her diaper.

“That’s right you dumb-dumb. Now come over here.”

Annie slobbered in anticipation and waddled over, her full diaper still swinging between her legs. She got down on her knees and closed her lips around Mark’s shaft.

“There’s a good girl.” Mark praised, petting her on the head. Annie grunted, his cock still in her mouth, and her diaper pushed out a little more “Oh making poopies while you’re giving me a suck-suck? Such a naughty girl.”

“Mmph…” Annie said, feeling Mark’s penis become hard and erect in her mouth. She pulled her lips back and began to lick all around. She didn’t know why but the prospect of a salty, milky treat in her mouth was just too enticing to resist. She had to have it! It was even more appealing than poopy to her, and that was saying something!

“Oh!” Mark gasped as Annie really got going “Who knew a smarty like you made such a good cock sucking retard? Yes! Oh good girl, keep doing that! I’m going to give you a nice tasty treat for your good work here!”

Mark was almost embarassed himself by how quickly Annie got him to cum but she definitely knew what she was doing. He squirted white cum all over her maw and face, forcing her to lick it off herself. He snickered at the sight of her sitting back in her poopy diaper, playfully trying to get every last drop. Maybe some furs would say that it was cruel to turn perfectly smart girls into retards but seeing her like this… she was happy. Much happier than she had ever been. Mark petted her head and Annie giggled happily.

“What’s going on in here?”

Mark turned to see Sarah standing at the doorway. Inwardly he kicked himself for not locking it.

“We’re just having a little fun.” He said “No need to make a big deal out of it.”

“You… You…” Sarah trailed off. She shook her head “I’m telling Director Simmons.”

Mark felt a sigh of relief but he didn’t let himself show it “No please don’t do that.”

“You can try to explain yourself if you like.” Sarah said, turning and marching off. Mark grinned and looked at Annie and Emmy.

“Do you two stupids want another sister?”

“Yay! Poopy sis!” Emmy giggled. Annie smiled and farted in her diaper.

“That’s what I thought.”

Sarah walked quickly towards the director’s office, not believing what she had just seen. She was going to tell and destroy Mark, that bastard. She stopped at the directors office and pounded on the door. There was no response.

“Director Simmons?” Sarah called. Still no response. She put her ear to the door. She could hear faint gurgling coming from inside.

“I’m coming in!” She called, turning the handle and peeking her head in.

Director Simmons was a vixen and fairly young too. She was sitting at her desk, facing Sarah. She was staring intently at her computer.

“Director I know you’re very busy but I have something to tell you.” Sarah said, walking in and shutting the door behind her

“Mmm…” Director Simmons said, not taking her eyes off the screen. Sarah took a step forward and gasped for breath.

“What’s that smell?” She asked, fanning the air in a vain attempt to get rid of it. It was like Emmy’s diaper pail, except a thousand times worse!

“Poopy.” Director Simmons grinned. Sarah saw foamy spit around her mouth.

“Um, Director Simmons?”

Sarah walked forwards. Director Simmons made no acknowledgement of her. Sarah walked around the desk and clapped a hand over her mouth. The director wasn’t sitting on a chair, she was sitting in a diaper! But it was massive, and full to the brim with poop. So full that the waistband was stretched out back and the poop was overflowing out the back and onto the carpet. Poop was pushing out the leg holes, all down Director Simmons’s thighs. It was full enough that Director Simmons could sit in it and still be at about chair height though.

Director Simmons finally turned to Sarah. Up close Sarah could really see her face, just how glazed over her eyes were and just how much drool there was all over her outfit. She still had a nice shirt on her upper half, despite having just her huge diaper on her lower half. It occured to Sarah that it had been set up that so long as someone just peeked in on Director Simmons, it would be hard to tell something was up.

“No change! I poopy queen!” Director Simmons slobbered

“I…” Sarah stuttered. She looked at Director Simmons’s computer. A swirling hypnotic spiral spun around and around “Director Simmons you can’t wear diapers!”

“No! I poopy tard queen! No change!” Director Simmons bounced in her diaper

“Now, now, she’s been working on that diaper for almost two weeks.” A voice said “You wouldn’t take that away from her now would you?”

Sarah whipped around to see Mark standing at the doorway. The dog was holding a medical diaper in his paw.

“You did this!?! You did all of this!?! Annie too!?!” Sarah demanded

Mark shrugged “Well, me and a couple others. I mean, Simmons was always full of shit anyways, always bossing everyone around like she knew how to do their job better than they did. Not a lot of girls around here that aren’t complete bitches, that wouldn’t benefit from losing some IQ and crapping a lot of diapers.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Sarah growled “I’m going to call the cops on you right now!”

“Oh? And tell me Sarah…” Mark took three steps and crossed the room “Who’s going to believe a little retarded lioness who can’t go five minutes without soiling her diapers?”

There was a split second pause and then Mark and Sarah were wrestling. Sarah fought well, but Mark was just stronger. With one hard push he shoved her head down, straight into Director Simmons’s diaper.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Sarah said, flailing her arms as Mark held her head down. It only took a couple breaths of the putrid stink before she went limp.

“There we go.” Mark sighed, pulling her pants and then her panties down “Oh nice butt you’ve got here, perfect for making poopies in your diapeys.”

He taped the medical diaper on her. Just in time too, he hadn’t even finished putting the tapes on before Sarah soaked her pants.

“Feel that? Nice and warm isn’t it?” Mark said, squishing her crotch “That’s called pee-pee. Can you say pee-pee you stupid tard?”

Sarah slowly pulled her head out of Director Simmons’s diaper. The lioness had poop coating her cheeks and whiskers. Her eyes were vacant and she had drool running down her chin.

“P-pee-pee?” She tried

“Very good!” Mark praised. He noticed Sarah’s tail flagging “Oh, and what you’re doing now is called poopy.”

“Poopy?” Sarah asked, unaware of her body squatting. Hot, stinky mess filled her diaper, mushing against her fur. Her eyes widened in surprise and she twisted her body to look behind her, confused at what was happening “Poopy?”

“Yes, poopy.” Mark said “And you’re making lots and lots in your diaper.”

“Poopy in my diapey?” Sarah repeated. She grunted and pushed another large, stinky load into her crinkly undergarments. She let herself sit on the floor and gasped. The poopy felt really good to mush! She looked being a poopy diapey butt! She looked up at Mark and grinned happily.

“Aww, such a cute drooly, happy derp.” Mark smiled “Isn’t this so much better than being a stuck-up adult?”

He turned to Director Simmons and surveyed the damage in her diaper “Well… I think it’s safe to say that you’ve tested that diaper as much as you can, director.”

“No! No change!” Director Simmons repeated

“Please, a poopy tard like you will be in a droopy diaper two minutes after I change you.” He said. He opened a drawer of her desk which was stuffed full of medical diapers “Upsie daisy director!”

Director Simmons’s diaper change took ten minutes and entire box of wipes but Mark managed to do it in the end. He wiped sweat off his brow.

“You know, you might think it’s bad to turn women into derps.” He said to Sarah while she slobbered on her paw “But believe me, changing your diapers more than makes up for it in karma points.”

He patted Director Simmons on the head “I’ll be back for you later. For now, we need to take care of you.” He said, taking Sarah by the arm.

He walked Sarah down the hall, her taking big, toddling steps. He knew it was all attracting a little more attention than he would have liked, what with him parading two derps around in the same day, but it was less than two hours before it didn’t matter anymore. He took Sarah to James, a wolf and another one of his coworkers.

“Hey James?” He asked

“Hmm? Wait, Sarah!?!” James’s eyes popped at seeing the once bossy lioness in a heavily soiled diaper and drooling all over herself

“There was a bit of an accident.” Mark said

“Oh, um, sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah. Listen, Sarah needs a, well, daddy.”

“A daddy?”

“I’ve already got both Emmy and Annie to take care of. Believe me, those dragonesses can do a number in their diapers between the two of them. So I was wondering if you could take care of Sarah.”

“I… I can’t!” James said “I don’t know how.”

“Oh it’s easy. You change her diaper and give her snuggles and pets and occasionally feed her. She can live for a while on poopy though.”

“Wait, what? I… ahh!”

Sarah had toddled over to James and was trying to climb into the chair with him.

“I think she likes you.” Mark smiled

“No, Sarah, you’re an adult!” James said, trying to push the lioness off while she sat on his lab with her squishy diaper.

Sarah just smiled. Her daddy could be so silly sometimes! But she still loved him. Maybe he just needed a little suck-suck. She kind of wanted a little suck-suck too…

“Sarah what’s that smell? Did you just poop? I- now what are you doing?”

Sarah climbed off the chair and turned around so she was facing her daddy. She pawed down his pants. James’s eyes widened as he realized what she was doing.

“Sarah, I… ohh Sarah that’s perfect!” James’s resistance faded as Sarah began to lick. Without any stupid adult thoughts getting in the way, she had gotten really good at giving blow jobs like Annie. Her slobbery lips knew exactly where to kiss.

“Have fun.” Mark smiled, walking away

Mark checked up on his girls again on his way back towards the other side of the lab. Both of them had heavily used their diapers, so he gave them some quick diaper changes. He noticed that Annie’s was noticibly less full.

“Where’d you’re poopy go?” He asked. Annie pointed at her mouth.


Mark snorted “Not a tard huh? You’re an even bigger poop eater than any of the other stupids!”

“Wuv poopy! Poopy taste wike chocowate cake wif frostin’ an’ fudge!”

Annie got up from her diaper change and squatted. Emmy followed her lead. Mark rolled his eyes. No point in changing his girls now. He watched their diapers get big, blotchy brown stains in the back as they drooped low. Annie took one look at Emmy’s diaper and dove, muzzling into her sister’s fresh, messy behind, licking and slobbering on the diaper.

“Have fun you poopybutt retards.” Mark said, leaving them to play in their new diapers

He found a mare running towards him in just a medical grade diaper as he got closer to his destination. He caught her by the arm.

“Whoa there missy, what’s going on?” He asked, feigning ignorance

The mare pointed in a panic “Dey is tuwning evewyone into poo-poo diapey tards! I needs to go potty weally bad!”

“If you need to go potty, why don’t you just use your diaper?” Mark suggested “That’s why a tard like you is wearing one isn’t it?”

The mare shook her head “No! I no tardy! I no need diapey! I… I…” She looked at herself and grunted. Her knees bent and her tail swished. Mark watched. He loved this part, the part where the girl discovered just how fun going potty in a diaper was. The mare’s diaper pushed out and dropped, filling up with her first of many poops. The mare looked at Mark again, now smiling happily.

“I made poopy!” She said proudly

“Yes you did.” Mark agreed, walking around and feeling the seat of her diaper “So warm and mushy, do you like having warm and mushy pants?”

“Yes! Wuv poopy pants!” The mare agreed. Mark took her and led her back to the lab.

Dozens and dozens of former scientists and lab workers were toddling or crawling around in stinky diapers. Most of them had accepted their fate, resigning themselves to a life of drooling and diapers as retards, but there were a few here and there that were still fighting. Mark dropped the mare off just inside the door and watched as even those few girls lost the battle too, turning into little more than poopy diaper stupids.

“We’re almost done here.” A turtle near Mark said “Think everyone else will like them?”

“Of course.” Mark said, squishing the nearest diaper butt “I mean come on, is this not the cutest bottom you’ve ever seen?”

“True.” The turtle said “We do have one problem though, we’re almost out of the serum.”

“Hmm? Did they really put up that much of a fight?”

“We had to give some two or three doses.” The turtle said, holding up a needle “It was ingenious to pretend that Director Simmons had called them here for a vaccine test, but the retard serum didn’t work as well as we’d hoped.”

“Hmm.” Mark muttered

“So what now? Do we chalk it up to another accident? There are still maybe three or four dozen girls we didn’t get yet.”

“No need.” Mark said “I think there’s another way we can derp the rest of them.”

He turned back to the mare “Do you want to help us make you some more sisters?”

“Yes! Wuv diapey poopy sistaws!” The mare giggled

The rest of the building was soon overrun by the giggling, drooling retard girls, their poopy diapers swinging and squishing between their legs as they waddled. Most of the few remaining girls with their brain still intact found themselves being pulled down and drooled on, diaper butts squished in their face, and before they knew it they were squatting and pooping their new diapers too.

The male furs, while spared from needing diapers themselves, all had at least one girl, her diaper mushing between her legs, run up to them and pull their pants down and start sucking. Any protests were quickly silenced by how good it felt. A couple lucky furs found that they had multiple diaper girls snuggling and cuddling with them.

As all that was happening, Mark went back to Annie. The poor dragoness had came even more while he was gone. He smiled. She had been a failed test subject, making her lose IQ by making her cum had made her too retarded too quickly, and she was still dropping.

“Well, if you’re going to go all the way, I may as well be a good daddy and help.” Mark shrugged, getting down in front of her and rubbing the front of her diaper with her “To think you used to be our top scientist. Such a noble dragoness, so strong, so smart, practically a goddess really. Now look at you, pooping your diaper over and over again like a big, giant retard. What was it you used to say about retards? They’re so dumb and gross, something like that? Well now you are one. So say bye-bye to all your IQ Annie, you’re going straight to tardyland.”

Annie giggled. She pushed out another poopy and came. Poopy and cum-cum. Poopy and cum-cum. With every poopy she made another cum-cum in her diaper. She had so little IQ left to lose too. Slowly her head flopped down against the soft carpet, drool and slobber running out of her mouth and formind a puddle around her head. She pooped and came again, no longer able to even say simple words like poopy. She could still gurgle a little though, blowing spit bubbles and making the spit at the edges of her mouth all foamy.

“Sis pooped?” Emmy asked

“Yes, your sister is completely pooped.” Mark said, petting Emmy’s head “To think that now you’re the smart one and she’s the dumb poopy baby… kind of funny isn’t it?”

Emmy closed her eyes and grunted. Her pure white diaper stained brown. Mark grinned. Another poopy. He would expect nothing less from his little stinker.

“I made a poopy like a good tard, daddy!” Emmy said happily “I needs you to change me!”

“I know.” Mark said.  He looked down at Annie, her eyes completely vacant, unable to even understand that he was there “You need a change too, Annie the poopy diaper retard?”

Annie gurgled.  A muffled fart came from her diaper.

Mark smiled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


2 Months Postpartum

I’ve still got a bit of a belly, and am not back at my start weight, but with taking care of all the kids and the stress, the pounds have begun to slip off.

I’ve been doing lots of yoga and pilates. Often I settle the kids down with a movie, and I do my yoga while watching the movie with them. Though Emmaline has found a love for baking, and we tend to bake everyday together, and then I eat all the sweets :) Which has not helped me lose my baby weight… But that’s okay :)

I can’t believe my babies are two months old!

Annie has been discharged from the hospital and is home with us! All the children have given her so much attention and always want to talk, tickle, or sing to her. Adelaide keeps making up songs to sing to Annie. Annie is still on oxygen supplements, but she is now 5 lbs!!

Melody is still in the hospital. I have been able to breastfeed her a little, but not enough to fully nourish her, so she still has her OG tube in place. She is currently 3 lbs. She was fighting an infection last week and dropped from her miraculous weight of 3 lbs 5 oz to just 3 lbs. She caught a nosocomial infection, but the doctors have done so much work, and she is improving. She is still using the CPAP, but her pulmonary function has dropped.

Killian is also still in the Hospital. I have not been able to breastfeed him at all. He is fed strictly through his NG tube at the moment. Recently Killian developed meningitis. He began having seizures. It was terrifying seeing my little baby suffer so much. The doctors are treating his meningitis, and he has not had a seizure since Friday. He weighs 2 lbs and 13 oz. Which is a miracle!

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 11: Screwed

Summary: Joker always finds and takes what’s his. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 1,133

Is it mine? Masterlist


(Y/N)’s POV

Everyone eventually passed out in the living room. Except for me since I couldn’t drink. I watched television for a bit. It was quiet but relaxing. I was happy. My baby would have his family close by and despite who his father truly was he would have such a great life. Especially with this family. I caressed my bump smiling down at it. Being a mother is such a scary but much more exciting experience. I placed blankets over everyone before heading into the kitchen. I drank some water and calmly looked out the window. I suddenly felt a nudge in my bump. I looked down while caressing it to see if Alex would do it again. “Oh my god.” I mumbled. My eyes teared up a bit when I felt Alex kicking me again. “Of course this would happen when I was heading to bed.” I sighed. So much for relaxing though I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else in the world.

“Everything okay?” Annie asked. She was still drunk.

“Yeah, it is. I felt him kick.” She smiled.

“That’s exciting. He’s just chilling.” She joked.

“It feels good to not have to worry anymore.” She came towards me stumbling a few times. She held the counter for a bit. “You good?”

“Yeah. I just wanna feel the little brat. I swear I’ll remember this tomorrow.” I just giggled while placing her hand where I felt Alex kick before.

“Be still.” She stopped breathing. “You can breath, Annie.” Alex kicked again and I smiled.

“I felt him.” She gushed. I nodded while smiling.

“Thank you for sharing this moment with me.”

“Yeah. What else are best friends and best aunts here for?” She pushed her hair back. “I’m going to bed but first I’m going to take some Advil before I regret this tomorrow.” She hugged me. “Thank you for this.”

I just nodded. “No problem. Think you can wake the others and send them to bed too?”

“Sure thing, mom.”

“Haha, very funny.” I went to lock the doors around the house. I took one last look outside before heading back into the kitchen. Everyone passed by and mumbled something on their way up to bed. “I just adopted four more kids, didn’t I?”

“You love us!” Annie shouted.

“Yeah, I do.” I whispered. “Goodnight!”

“Night mom!” They all shouted.

“Annie!” I yelled knowing that was her idea. I could hear her laugh. I just shook my head.

I went to turn off the television and cleaned the mess from earlier before heading to my office and checking the cameras. I did this every night, just to be cautious. Plus, it helped me sleep knowing nothing was wrong.

“Fucking hell.” I looked at the gate camera and immediately regretted it. “Fuck! That’s Jonny and Joker.” I ran down to the speaker for the entrance. I could see them talking to each other on the monitor besides the door. “What the fuck are you guys doing here?”

Joker immediately perked up and looked directly towards the camera. “Dollface! Why don’t you let us in or I can break down the gate? Though I wouldn’t advise the second option. You don’t want to make daddy angry, now do ya?” He couldn’t come in. Not when they were sleeping upstairs.

“How the fuck did you find me?” I tried to distract him which I knew wouldn’t work for long.

“You know my things don’t get far, doll.” He growled. “Come on now. Open the gate before I have him cut down the gate.” One of his goons turned on a chainsaw and I panicked.

“Stop. Just stay put. I’ll be there in two minutes.” He smiled at the camera.

“Now, that’s my good girl.” I rolled my eyes. Poor Jonny. He didn’t need to hear these things about his little sister.

I ran upstairs and put on warmer clothing since chilly at night. I grabbed my jacket and my keys. I sped off to the gate in the range rover. Jay was standing right in the middle of it looking directly at me as I stopped. It sent shivers down my spine. How could he see in the middle of the night right thru my dark windshield?

“Evening, baby.” I heard him say as I got out and walked towards the gate.

“Why?” He suddenly got serious and stared at me angrily.

“You know you weren’t escaping me that easily. The cab driver wasn’t as strong as you’d hoped.” I gasped and stepped back a bit.

“You killed him?” I should have known.

“Not me, but my men here get information any way they need to.” I just shook my head.

“That’s exactly why I left.” He shook the gate as much as he could.

“Open the gates.” He spat. I smirked a bit knowing he was angry.

“Why should I?” I glared at him. “That’d be like accepting you back into my life. Why would I do that?”

“Daddy isn’t happy with you right now. Open the gates and get in the car.”

“Can you stop your fucking games? I don’t want to-”

I was interrupted by Jonny. “Please, (Y/N). Open the gates and let’s just go home.” We stared at each other for a minute before I saw him nod slightly.

“I’ll go get some clothes. Just stay here. I’ll be back.”

I could hear Jay ‘tsk’ repeatedly. “That’s not an option. Let me in, I’ll go with you.”

I sighed. “I can go by myself.” He pulled out his gun.

“I’ll shoot one of them. It can be any of them. Including your brother.” I got angrier but I couldn’t risk Jonny.

“You sure know how to charm a girl.” I manually unlocked the gate reluctantly. “I hate you.” I whispered as he came. I locked the gate back up.

“Careful now, doll. All that chit chat -”

“‘Is gonna get you hurt.’” I huffed. “Yeah, I know the famous saying.” I looked at Jonny. “I’ll be back.” He nodded. I got in the car as Jay did too.

“When we get there do you think you can be quiet?”

“I don’t take orders.” I reversed the car and headed back to the house.

“Jay, for once please listen to me.” I sighed. “I made a life over here. I have friends. I would appreciate it if they wouldn’t wake up to you. Got it?”

He placed his hand on my thigh. “I think I like it when you boss me around actually.” I scoffed and removed his hand. I parked the car.

“Please, Jay.” I looked at him.

He rolled his eyes. “Just this once.” He pointed his finger in my face. “Only this once.”

“Thank you.” I got out and he followed me inside.

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Gunnerkrigg Musings: Scars does not equal justifiable actions

“There is no weapon more powerful than the human soul on fire.”

Annie Carver is a young woman who has numerous scars. She has been through the trauma of; losing a parent young, having to essentially been forced to escort that parent into the afterlife at the age of eleven, parental abandonment right after said death, culture shock (going to the Court), almost losing her life on three different occasions, emotional and social isolation from very few people, her very existence being the reason for her mother’s demise, and being in constant fear that she’ll drive the most important people (Kat) away from her due to her anger, and all hiding behind a mask of stoicism and calm. 

Need I remind everyone that she isn’t even sixteen yet. Annie Carver is still a child.

Now, for all that said, Annie Carver isn’t an innocent little victim. She has a rage on her. An anger that flares up inside of her, burns, and she can be very nasty to the people she is close to. A lot of this is due to her trauma that she has suffered, and her anger has been steadily kindled over the years due to her attitude toward authority and most figures that are adult. 

However, this shouldn’t excuse how she treats people. 

Annie has a blatant disregard for authority, even those people (for instance, Eglamore) who are legitimately trying to help her out when she is in trouble. She’s fiercely independent, almost to the point of idiocy, and she can be downright mean to people when being defensive of those she cares about. In a lot of ways, Annie can act like a spoiled brat when things don’t go the way she expects them to, and she cannot deal with the result, thus she lashes out at people who are only trying to help out.

Even when she tries to scapegoat her anger, Jack even calls her out on it. 

But you know what Annie does do?




Yes, it takes some coaxing, but Annie does own up to her mistakes and she does apologise. For Renard’s case, it was understandable–she had just learned that her very existence had caused her mother’s death. For Jack, she had no excuse for the way she acted, and he made her realize this within seconds. With Eglamore, she was shaken up by Ysengrin. But she still apologizes and realises she’s in the wrong almost immediately. 

Anthony Carver, meanwhile, is a grown-man who has lost his wife and has severe self-esteem issues. But he is an adult and made assumptions for a daughter he didn’t even bother getting to know on an emotional level.

Annie Carver is not a perfect person. But you know what she is?



Lets not forget that Erens relationship with Annie started from thinking that she was a scary looking girl who slacked off during training.

But then the two quickly grew to an attachment to one another and viewed eachother as friends. Eren even tried to impress her by saying how good of a kicker he was and was actually fishing for a compliment from her.

Lets not forget that Annie went out of her way to offer eren to be his teacher. Even though it would have put her mission in danger and goes against her fathers idea of “ treating the entire world as your enemy”. Lets also not forget eren was the first person to ever make Annie smile. 

Lets not forget that when Mikasa had no idea where eren was when trost was attacked, out anyone that was present there she asked Annie if she knew where Eren was. Knowing full well of her relationship with Eren and how close they were. And knowing that if there was anyone who would know where eren was, it would probably be her.

Lets not forget that when Armin told everyone that Eren and his squad was killed, everyone was shocked and surprised, but Annie was different. She looked completely crushed and heartbroken.

Lets not forget that when Eren and Annie were fighting in the forest of fighting tree’s, eren completely froze when he recognized Annies stance and his anger quickly diminished after that.

Lets not forget then Annie was accused of being the female titan, Eren verbally objected the idea very passionately.   

Lets not forget that when Annie was being lured into a trap, Eren desperately wanted her to prove her innocence wanted to believe that his closest friend was an enemy. 

When Armin accuses her of stealing Marcos 3dmg and killing the two titans that were held captive, she doesn’t deny it. Yet Eren still refuses to believe that Annie is the female type titan, and still tries to defend her by suggsting that she’s just playing some sick joke.

Lets not forget the face that Eren makes when Annie was being tackled by scouts and how he wanted to help her then.

Lets not forget that because of his feelings for Annie, he couldn’t bring himself to transform and mentally see himself fighting her. Even after he saw Annie transform into a titan, he still couldn’t bring himself to hurt her.

Lets not forget that after his fight with Annie, he asks Armin what happened to Annie. He wasn’t angry or bitter, he just wanted to know what happened to Annie and was concerned for her well being.

Lets not forget that when hange was asking Mikasa, Eren, and Armin about Annies relationship with Bertholdt and Reiner, ,Mikasa and Armin gave a general analysis of how they never saw Annie interacting with them. But Eren pointed out how Annie was never really much of a talker and how quiet she was. Something that Eren would know if he was really close to Annie.

Lets not forget the face Eren made when he heard Armin saying that Annie was being brutally tortured. How scared and horrified he looked when he realize that Annie could be experiencing the worst pain possible.

Can we please not forget how important and how special this relationship is. And how conflicting it will be for Eren when Annie wakes up from her crystal, because he obviosly still cares about her immensely and can’t see her as just an enemy

jroseley  asked:

Hello ! My birthday is January 13th . It will be a Friday the 13th so how about a modern AU Friday the 13th story ? Anything will be greatly appreciated . Thank you !!

Originally posted by pixelnoodle

Spooky birthday gifs, who knew? Happiest of birthdays to you @jroseley! To celebrate in spooky fashion, the lovely and creative @historywriter2007 has crafted this wonderful little Everlark delight, just for you. Enjoy!

The Unluckiest Day

By @historywriter2007

AN – Here it is. I based it more on the fact that most people hate Friday the 13th, but I do have some scary movie references in it. Hope this is close to what you wanted.  Rated T.

Peeta didn’t want to go out tonight. He would rather spend this day hiding away in his room. He hated Friday the 13th, nothing good ever happened on that day.  It’s not that he was superstitious. He just stayed away from black cats, didn’t walk under ladders and tossed an obscene amount of salt over his shoulder while working at his family’s bakery. Instead, he liked to think of himself as cautious. However, Friday the 13th always seemed to bring him the worst luck.  It started when he was younger. Back then, his older brothers did everything they could to scare him, but they always picked it up a notch that day. In high school, the only wrestling match he ever lost was Friday the 13th, and the next year he wrecked his car on Friday the 13th, leaving him with a busted knee that ended his chance at a scholarship. This year, Finnick – who could be very persuasive when he wanted to be – promised the day would be better, and so Peeta found himself getting into the back seat of his buddy’s Honda Accord heading out for a night of “just hanging out with some friends.” When the car turned off of the main road onto a  winding country road he started to seriously doubt his decision not to stay in and get caught up on the reading for his classes.  

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height difference

Every time I see “a foot taller than her” in Bellarke fic I start laughing internally because instead of Bellamy and Clarke all my brain sees is this:

“Damn our two-foot height disparity!”

Five things Sophie Devereaux would never do 

1. sleep with the mark 

Sophie has a certain way of doing things. She likes the long con. She likes to get inside a mark’s head, find out whatever it is they want most, and use it to exploit them. 

But more than that, she just plain has standards

Anyone can use sex to get what they want; Sophie Devereaux isn’t just anyone, thank you very much. It’s the art of the con she likes. Emphasis on the art

But she has had a very long career, and before she was an artist, she was a hundred other women, and all of them had their own choices to make. 

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Fawn and Annie had returned from their little vacation. The doe was unbelievably happy, gazing down at the ring Annie had given her. Though, as they got back, it seemed things only became busier and the two hadn’t seen each other in a while. Annie was up early for meetings, leaving Fawn to wake up by herself, and returned late which meant Fawn fell asleep by herself. Though, Fawn still remained hopeful that she would see Annie soon.