but she's still an angel :))))

somebody: hey are you okay?

my brain: the fact that trixie was so willing to replace veronica the moment she met timmantha still makes me really upset??? like, it’s pretty clear that nobody really likes veronica on the show, not even her own ‘friends’ like her genuinely and yea she can be an asshole, but goddamn the fact that her own ‘friends’ are willing to replace her so easily fucks me up…

me: yea i’m good :’)

the wonderful woman lady person I’m dating texted me a picture of snails tonight

during her break at work

it’s good that we’ve done the first I love you thing because honestly if we hadn’t said it before I would have said it to her for the first time via text and that would have been sad

destinyislandscutestgirl asked:

"Just fuck me up" - Angel verse, she's seeing the world with him and wants to be with him more and more the more time they spend together. All the joy and happiness and curiousity she's felt since she left heaven, she owes to him, and she associates so much what what she's come to love with Vanitas. She thinks of him as her closest friend out here, and is slowly coming to think of him as more interesting than humans are.


“You’re just confused Selphie.” Hand falling on the angel’s head, ruffling the curled hair before walking ahead of her. “You don’t really know what the human’s meaning of like is. Your more… like a dog.” Frowning at his own explanation but unable to describe it better. Loyal to him despite everything. Tricked, deceived into thinking she felt something that she couldn’t. A sigh followed by a small smile. Well, he was willing to take advantage of it. Not planning on letting her go any time soon.

RENT is absolutely ridiculous
i am in deep, uncontrollable love with it.

So, I was at a women’s conference all day today with my mom and grandma, and I was mega tired when I got up so I was in Jeans/snapback outfit. And there was this super cute girl I kept seeing, she was so pretty omg. Towards the end, I started holding the door open for ladies leaving early, and she came over and told me I was “cool and cute” (?!!!!!! !!!!!!) And I told her she looked like a fairy, and she liked that. And then I was gonna go grab my stuff and come back to chat with her, but my brain forgot to tell her that, since I was kinda nervous/excited, so I kinda left her standing there and then she was gone when I got back, and I’m kicking myself so hard.