but she's so pretty:)

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do you think Hillary likes? Besides Adele. Do you think she listens to pop music, etc? And what music do you personally prefer and listen to?

I think she definitely listens to pop music judging by all her campaign songs in 2016, I like her taste in music tbh as much as we know about it! If I’m remembering rightly didn’t she pick Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow for Bill’s campaign in 92?

aqhrodites  asked:

girl i think i am IN LOVE with your coupon fic!! it's AMAZING!!! it's so funny and the characterization and chemistry is SUPERB and i'd like to demand another chapter. also i'm leaning along with that anon about a peter using a coupon for getting a blow 👀 👀 👀 👀 (but also, i hope life and school work is going well for you. please get enough sleep and don't forget to eat. ily!)

omg. i’m…omg. <3 <3 <3 ilysm! thank you?? omg, haha. i’m so glad you like it! i’m a sucker for college roommate fics in any variety so here i am lol. i’m writing the next chapter now! slowly but surely. i’m getting a bit wrecked by school right now (ten hours of sleep in the last two days, woo!) so idk when i’m going to finish the chapter. but i’m working on it haha. and damn, i’ll definitely have to find a way to incorporate oral sex. it’s just fun, ya know? these nerds. (thank you! i’m a bit wrecked and broken, but alive and functioning so it ain’t all bad. and i have food currently! gotta go shopping soon, but i have peanut butter and bread, so at least i’ll always have that haha.) (i hope you are well too!! i’m sorry i am a bit of a flake a lot of times!! ily!!!! <3 )