but she's so badass

Ode to Amy Lepeilbet

I fucking love Amy Lepeilbet. She is by far my favorite soccer player and it physically pains me that she’s so underrated. She’s a totally badass defender. She’s amazing at what she does and is totally vital to FC Kansas City’s defense alongside Becky Sauerbrunn. Not to mention she fought her way back from so many injuries. After her first ACL she was able to come back and win a silver metal at the 2011 world cup and a gold metal in the 2012 Olympics, then did it all again, with another ACL injury, and came back to be one of the best defenders in the NWSL. She has one of the best comebacks in the history of women’s soccer, far exceeding Ali Krieger’s, in my opinion. This fandom also LOVES soccer couples, well Amy and her girlfriend Liz are just about the cutest. They are out in public and don’t hesitate to be affectionate on social media, post pictures of themselves at LGBT events, and have just about the cutest dog ever. Please share in my obsession, it’s lonely over here in the trash right now

Strong Female Characters as Love Interests.

When people say “Why was _____ suddenly downgraded to a love interest? She was so badass!”

Um, no. She’s still badass. She is still amazing and kickass. She still has potential. All of a sudden she’s a lowly housewife because she has a (male) love interest. Independent does not mean alone. She can’t kick ass and come home to a man? Why can’t we be independent and in love? A woman does not NEED a man, but there’s nothing wrong with having one. I hate when people complain that a strong female character has been “downgraded” to a love interest. Why are male characters suddenly 10x more badass when they have a love interest, but female characters are only downgraded to love interests? Why can’t they be both? 99% of the time when a female gets a love interest, she starts kicking ass WITH them and that’s the only thing that changes. Don’t talk shit on writers just because you’re a sexist that thinks a woman can’t be strong unless she’s alone.

How October 31st 1981 Should Of Happened
  • James:Lily take Harry and run! I'll hold him off!
  • Lily, while walking over to Voldemort:Hey listen up cockface! Did anyone ever tell you that you smell like motherfucking fish? Is that because you don't clean yourself?? Huh?? The Dark Lord isn't so terrifying when he smells like ass! Fight me you white skinned fuck! You have no right comming into my home like this, I'll make your nasty ass smelling taint pay for this!
  • *Voldemort, surprised af to be treated with so much disrespect gets stunned by Lily and is immobilized*
  • James:
  • James:
  • James:I just- what?
  • Lily:Call Dumbledore. Now Harry dear, isn't it time for your bath?

Fake AH Crew Turnwood AU

When the Fake AH Crew hears of a new gang working the streets of Los Santos, they send Ryan in to investigate. No one’s ever seen the man behind the mask and lived to talk about it. They would have no idea who he was. It was perfect. Except for one thing he didn’t account for; he had no idea he’d fall for their doll with a gun. 

Juliette Lewis: “You have a distinct voice. Not just in the way you talk, but in your nature – it’s empowering. I’m just going to be goofy and say you’re the female James Dean. But you’re actually a little bit rougher. Like if you and James Dean got in a fight, I feel you might win. I think you’re a scrapper. You could throw a punch.” [X]

Mary Wollenstonecraft (1759 - 1797). She was a writer, philosopher, one of the earliest feminists, supporter of The French Revolution, mother to Mary Shelley and just a complete badass. This woman was so radical that she was called ’hyena in petticoats’ and hated by later generations, all the way up to the 20th century. Everybody just read A Vindication of The Rights of Woman and start love Mary Wollenstonecraft. 

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i love how you draw buttercup's lips?? like they look plump!! theres a good quality of life! if that makes sense. she looks so badass and cool uwaaa (/A\) she reminds me of those girls in martial art magazines... martial arts model! ovo/

ah thank you very much///

yes I can see buttercup on the cover of a martial arts magazine! I think the PPG would be in alot of magazines 

@ people who boycott qos: aelin is so OOC now wtf she’s so awful

sarah: explains several times in interviews that Celaena will officially transform characters to become Aelin aka a QUEEN who needs to be stronger and more decisive than anyone else