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The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

Author: Morgan

Prompt(s): “Could you maybe write some type of soulmate thing with Warren? I absolutely love your stories!!” and “Warren soulmate thing? Where like some people are born with marks that represent their soulmate in some way, and you have wings on your back and Warren has something somewhere that goes with your mutation, like if the reader had electrokinesis or something he would have a lightning bolt?”

Note: I am a sucker for soulmate AUs. Also, this is a really interesting concept, and I really like it. Reader has plant powers, just because I think it might be confusing for Warren with Storm and all. Like she has Electric powers and you wouldn’t want things getting mixed up, you feel?


Living in a mutant fight club was hell. Every day, Warren was forced to fight mutant after mutant. Some of them walked away fine. Others…not so much. And sometimes, he was the one that got hurt. It was no way to live, but one thing got him through the long days and lonely nights. The marks on his arm.

Yes, Warren was a mutant, it was true. He had giant, magnificent wings, but he also had soulmate marks. They were etched into his arms, trailing upwards from the veins in his wrists. Leafy vines, twisting and turning, a few flowers here and there.

He stared at them before he went to bed, often tracing them gently with his fingers when he was alone. It was his solace. His safe place. When he was thinking of his soulmate, whoever and wherever she was, he felt like all of this trouble was worth it if it meant he got to meet her eventually.

And then Apocalypse came. Warren was broken, sad, alone, and Apocalypse had scooped him up, tempted him into doing his bidding. But after Warren was rescued, he went with the others, to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

It was one of his first days there. He walked through the courtyard, surrounded by his new friends. And then he saw you. You were standing under the biggest tree on the campus, arms wide open. Your back was to him, and on your back, etched into the skin under your green dress was a very distinct pair of feathery wings. He broke into a run, leaving the others behind as he ran to meet you.

“Warren, where are you going?” asked Scott, but he spotted the marks on your back. It was you. Warren’s soulmate.

Warren stopped, standing just behind you. He took a breath, running his fingers through his curly blonde locks and puffing out his muscular chest. He straightened out the sleeves of his leather jacket. Finally, he reached forward and tapped your shoulder.

You turned around. He gasped softly, taken aback by how beautiful you were. But he was also scared, terrified beyond words. Would you like him for him? Metal wings and all? Or would you reject him as everyone in his life had before the Mansion?

“Hi,” you smiled, greeting him. Suddenly, your smile faded and your eyes went wide. “Oh my God, you’re…you’re my…” you started tearing up. Here it was. The rejection. Warren’s shoulders fell, preparing for the worst.

And then you hugged him. It was a tight, nearly bone-crushing hug, but he loved it more than words could describe.

“You have no idea…” you sobbed gently, tears of joy streaming down your cheeks. “How long I’ve been waiting to meet you.”

“Aww, don’t cry.” He held you tight, rubbing your back. He smiled, one of his first real smiles in a long, long time. “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you.”

“I always knew you would come,” you whispered. “Oh my God, I don’t even know your name.”

“Warren,” he introduced. “What’s yours?”

“(Y/N),” you replied. “I just…I want to know everything about you.”

“Well, now we have all the time in the world.” he chuckled. You peppered kisses all over his face. He laughed, smiling brightly. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe the most beautiful girl in the entire world was wrapped up in his arms and kissing him relentlessly. After all of the pain, all of the fighting, all of the loss, the war, you were here and everything would be better.


Later that night, you were laying on top of him on one of the many couches at the Mansion. Your fingers traced his muscles. He watched you, smiling softly.

“I never imagined in all of that, that I would ever find you.” Warren whispered, one of his hands stroked your cheek. “I wish you could have seen my wings before. They were beautiful.”

You looked up at him, your eyes meeting his. You gently rubbed his cheek with your thumb.

“Warren, everything about you is beautiful,” you told him.

“I love you so much.” he pressed a long, tender kiss to your forehead.

“I love you too,” you smiled, scanning his face before you kissed him full on the lips.

Warren knew one thing for certain. He would never get enough of this.

A New Companion, Chapter 1

TITLE: A New Companion


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you turned yourself into a dog by accident when you got a potion wrong. Loki finds you on the street in the winter and takes you in, as he feels bad for you out in the cold and he also feels a connection with you. Then one night he falls asleep with you, a dog, at the bottom of his bed and wakes up to find a woman there instead.


It was cold, very cold. The perfect weather for Loki as he strolled along the streets of New York, through the snow.

He couldn’t wait until he had everyone kneeling down before him. It was only a matter of time. He had to be patient. Just a few more months, and Midgard would belong to him.

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Valentine Double Date

A somewhat long fic (around 6k words) about Touken and Ayahina’s double date, which began from a girl’s innocent attempt at pushing her Onee-chan and Onii-chan together. Mostly fluff, hints of angst. This is a fic I wrote to have fun and let myself go so it’s nowhere close to the standard of my older fic, but this poor lonely single soul just wanted to have something to do on Valentine’s Day. ;_; Enjoy!

Please reblog if you like this! Feel free to leave comments/ request anything!

“Please say yes!” Hinami was almost screaming, as she clasped her hands together and leaned forward in a perfect bow. Kaneki and Touka blinked in disbelief for a moment, looking at each other before looking at her again. 

“You want us…” Kaneki murmured hesitantly. 

“… to follow you and Ayato on your date?” Touka continued, tilting her head in confusion. “But why?”

“B-Because… tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and…” Hinami murmured, her cheeks completely flushed as she shifted about uncomfortably. “I feel uneasy going out alone with him.” 

“Uneasy?” Touka wondered in confusion. “But weren’t the two of your partners in Aogiri? You were alone quite a lot, right?”

“Yeah but…” Hinami sighed, took a deep breath and let it out, fingers fumbling with one another. “This is different from that… I just… don’t…” 

“If you don’t want to go, you should tell him—”

“No! I want to go!” Hinami yelped, cutting into Kaneki’s words. “But but but… A-Ayato-kun scares me sometime!”

“Oh, is that so?” Kaneki said, turning to Touka with a blank expression. “I don’t mind… Is that okay with you, Touka-chan?”

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Seventeen React to: Their little sisters going through breakups

Anon requested: Svnt reacting to their younger sisters being dumped pls. xx

   Here you go anon. I hope it’s alright? Feel free to request again or submit feedback. Requests are open for everyone and I do ships! Lots of love ~ A


He would feel bad because she was upset and he wouldn’t know how to help. He would buy her a bunch of teddy bears and ice cream to make her feel better. Then would probably lay in bed with her and talk about feelings and emotions.

“I’m here for you.. You know that right?”

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Hoshi would be confused as to why she was so upset about a horrible guy breaking up with her.

“He hurt you so much and you’re sad he’s gone? I’m missing something here..”

He would try to understand why she was so heartbroken but just wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around it.

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He knew she was feeling upset and lonely so he bought her a bunch of flowers and invited her out to the movies with him in an attempt to cheer her up. He would feel bad because she just wasn’t cheering up. He would end up crying with her because he understood what she was going through and hated that he couldn’t fix it for her. 

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“Hey, no.. You’re too cute to cry over boys. We should go get your nails done.”

Josh would pray for her but try his best to keep her mind off of the guy and her broken heart.

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The boy better be ready to run. When Jun heard her crying in her bedroom because of a boy, he’d be tying his running shoes and grabbing a baseball bat. He wouldn’t let her know how much he actually cared, he’d show a little bit of love towards her but would lowkey be ready for time in prison

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He’d be all hugs and cuddles to her face but behind her back he’d secretly celebrate that the little shit was gone. He hated her boyfriend and was incredibly happy to be rid of him. 

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“Oh.. Uh, boy problems.. Yikes, come here.”

He would panic because he wouldn’t know what to do. His sister was a crying, upset mess and he was nervous because he didn’t want to slip up and say the wrong thing to her.

“I love you and I’m sorry you’re sad..”

Gives her food and movies

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Seokmin would be a mix of Jun and Minghao. He would be ready to murder the child but he would also be relieved that that specific boy was out of her life and couldn’t hurt her anymore. He would also be super supportive and try to make her feel as happy as possible. He’d watch dramas with her and talk to her about her favorite groups to make her feel better

“Oh hey, I know him. Maybe I can arrange for you to meet him.” 

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Seungcheol would lay with her and just talk about her feelings. He would also make sure she knew she wasn’t alone and that he was there if she wanted or needed anything.

“I might be your big brother but I don’t mind talking about it. I’m down the hall if you need me again. I love you and I’m the only boy you should cry over. Got it?”

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“Boys are gross, why do you like them?”

He would scrunch his nose up and wipe her tears with his thumbs

“If boys are so gross why are you dating Vernon?”

She’d end up cheering up because of the sassy argument the two of them had about Seungkwan and Vernon being too close to be just friends. 

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Scoffs and hands her a controller.

“I’m not good at this so sit and play games with me until you hate me more than him.”

He would feel bad for being so awkward but would play video games with her until she felt a little bit better about the situation. Then would probably mutter something about hurting him if it would make her laugh.

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Would cuddle with and read to her until she fell asleep. He would feel bad for her being so upset so he’d just stay with her. When she woke up crying, he’d hold her tightly and sing to her.

“Do you wanna see Josh? I can call Josh.. I’ll be right back.” 

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The boy would have been dead already. The minute he caught the tearful face belonging to his little sister, Jihoon would’ve flown his short ass to the boy’s house and given him an ass beating for making his princess cry. 

“Yah, don’t cry over him! He was a jerk, leave boys alone for another year. You’re too young to be so upset over boys. He should be apologizing soon though. Don’t ask how I know..” 

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Previous Chapters:  Teaser/Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Unexpected – Chapter 4

He should probably be admiring the view.  The endless miles of pristine lush landscape, occasionally interrupted by long stretches of sparkling blue water, white sailboats lined up along its edges.  The scene is as Americana as it comes. Fields of green.  Cape Code-esque houses, complete with perfectly trimmed hedges, carefully constructed flowerbeds and, of course, a flag waving mightily in the warm breeze, all poised against crystal blue skies.  On any other day, he would feel like he was in some sort of Thomas Kinkade painting.  No doubt getting lost in the land around him.  

But today, he is lost in something else, only occasionally noticing anything about the towns they sweep through.  

He places his elbow on the door, just below the window, and moves his hand to his chin.  He rests his head there.  His eyes are on the road, only on the road, and he can feel his mother’s presence beside him.  She, at least, is enjoying the view.  Neither of them have taken this drive before.  An hour ago, he had cautiously tapped the address into his GPS and studied the monitor for a few minutes.  But as he looked at the map displayed there, he couldn’t help but feel that the thin red line that led from Boston, MA to Watch Hill, RI was more than just an indication of their journey.  

Way more.  Though he isn’t quite sure what that more is.  

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a fic like: Tsubomi goes to the same high school as Mob, but none of her friends do and at first she’s lonely but then she sees Mob in her class and like she’s relieved and kind of, “haha wow fancy seeing you here, I’m glad i have someone i recognize in my class”
and mob is calm and not freaking out, because it’s been a while, and he has GROWN, (BUT FEELINGS COME RUSHING BACK NAD CONFUSING HIM)
and they have nice conversations
and she joins him at lunch one day and it turns out like, teruki, tome, tenga maybe , just a bunch of mob’s friends go there in some parallel classes,, and they gladly invite tsubomi to join them and !!! tsubomi becomes a loved and valued member of their friend group and mob and tsubomi fall in love the end

I still really enjoy the idea of reylo being that Kylo thinks Rey hangs the stars and that his yearning for someone like himself drives him into this turmoil and confusion because he knows that affection inevitably leads to horrible things or simply abandonment. He can’t bear the idea that he’s fallen for someone, because inevitably he knows it will all explode in his face–just as every other meaningful relationship has.

So of course denial comes first, it’s not that he feels compassion for her; no, she is strong and would be an asset to the First Order. It’s not that he worries his family will abandon her once they realize her darkness; it’s not that he fears her own raw unrestrained strength will consume her alive; it’s not that she’s so lonely or desperate and is open to anyone and everyone.

It can’t be any of those things because that would mean he has compassion for someone; that he is weak and unable to overcome the same faults as his grandfather. That would prove he truly belongs nowhere, neither darkness nor light.


As much as I love Isak, can you please stop with the “poor baby Isak, Sana you monster” thing? 

I have no problem at all with that last scene getting such attention.

What’s freaking me out is the people who, I swear  I’m not making this up, all of the sudden hate her (???) are calling her a homophobe (what tf???), and let’s not forget those who say she deserves eveything she’s going through (wHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??).

I’ve read a lot of posts talking about Sana being cold to Isak, but can we focus on why is Sana being cold to Isak? People don’t behave the way they do out of nowhere. Everybody’s got reasons. And Sana obviously does as well. That’s the concerning thing, she’s falling apart. 

Those messages at the beggining of the clip are just too much. Can you even imagine what it’s like to be bullied, not only on school, but all the time? She’s not doing much better now. She may not be told offensive things that directly, but she’s left aside, ignored, and constantly has to listen that she doesn’t fit in.

(Also, c’mon, isn’t that cyber-bullying enough to proof Sana’s constant storm?).

If you just looked at her eyes. The way she shows herself, and the way her personal image reflects her inner-self.

I’m adding some Sana pics from all along the show, so you can maybe notice it?


Season two was kind of revolutionary? Sana is slowly opening up and she ALWAYS stand up for her friends. She’s a real friend.


So now she’s building her walls all over again, and she ends up being the bad one?? Are you for real??

I seriously wanted to point this out, cause it is hard. I literally cried with today’s clip, cause I could relate on this to her. 

I’m receiving psychological therapy because of this. Because I just can’t open up to people. Cause when I’m feeling lonely and desperate and so fucking confused, I push people away and pretend I don’t need nobody. And this makes me look like I’m mean and a bad person.

It is hard when you lock yourself under key. You do it when you’re feeling alone, when you feel like no one understands you, and you need someone more than you ever did. Ironically, you end up being more alone than ever. 

Some of you guys may have no idea what it’s like to need someone, but feeling like everyone is against you and you have no real friends. And your family won’t listen and your whole world must reduce itself to one person only: yourself. Sometimes you even do it unwittingly.

So, why am I so mad at people who are calling her homophobe, cold, mean? Cause she’s not. She’s just hurt. She’s feeling sadness, loneliness, even anger.

I’m NOT saying this is the right thing to do. It is not ok to push people away by hurting them. But, when you’re feeling like this, you honestly don’t care and don’t want to care. Sana could be acting in a better way, I’m not going to deny thaat. But I’m not going to say she’s evil, that she just walks around hurting people because she hates everyone. Cause I know she’s in a bad place right now and she might be feeling lost. And I completely understand her.

Sana being rejected or ignored or even betrayed  is what has caused that feeling and forced her to behave like tihs. She had let the guard down, she was trusting, and she got hurt. This is why.

Am I saying Isak is guilty-free? We don’t know that yet. Isak may be the first one to notice something’s going on with Sana, maybe he hasn’t payed attention to her lately, who knows. But I seriously hope their friendship gets to be shown with him helping her and being there for her. Cause that’s all Sana needs: someone who supports her, someone she can trust on, someone who may not understand what’s she’s going through, but is willing to try and listen. She just needs someone.

If you take a look to previous clips, you can see her being happy. And it hurts just how powerfully other people can influence on your life.

(BIG PARENTHESES: about that conversation Sana had with Jamilla. I think that’s the girl from season one/two I don’t remember which one? The one her brother got married with? And I think the Sana apology was because of something Sana did to her as a revenge, because someone wrote an insult on her locker, but then Sana found out it wasn’t Jamilla who did it? Cause if you check, those messages, they are from 2016.)

(sorry about the low quality) (but the text message is from 12.06.2016)

So, I guess this is just to remind you what a beautiful person Sana is, and why she’s doing what she’s doing.

You gotta stop worrying about the consequences, and start worrying about the causes.

SFW MC using a cheesy pickup line

((here is the sfw version of the Pick up lines))


  •  Yoosung and MC were in the veterinarian clinic, and MC saw Yoosung staring out into space
  • “Hey Yoosung, is your left eye hurting, because you are looking so right”
  • Yoosung just looks MC in the eye and asks MC to say that again
  • MC looks back at Yoosung, who is gazing (glaring?) at her over his glasses
  • She sweat drops, realizing that he was blind in his left eye
  • Oops.
  • “Sorry…that was bad, wasn’t it?”
  • “Somewhat, but hey, you’re adorable when you blush like that MC, so I’ll forgive you”


  •  Zen had just come back from a jog and greeted MC
  • “Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged!” MC said with a wink
  • Zen laughed, and flipped his hair dramatically
  • “Officer, I’ve broken the law. I’m so beautiful, it has to be a crime!”
  • Both of them just started laughing and had a cheesy pickup line contest.
  • Zen ended up winning with a dorky one 


  •  Jaehee had just gotten out of bed, and grabbed a cup of coffee
  • MC was already awake, and the sight of her girlfriend still sleepy was too cute
  • “Hey Jaehee!”
  • “What is it MC?
  • “When I’m around you, I just can’t think straight”
  • It took her a while to process it, since she just had her coffee
  • When she got it, she started laughing. It was cheesy, but it was still pretty cute


  • MC was feeling a bit lonely, since Elizabeth decided that she needed more attention than you
  • She had to get Jumin’s attention somehow
  • “Jumin!”
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “Why are you so purr-fect?”
  • Jumin just kind of gave MC a confused look
  • “You know, if you want my attention, just say so MC”
  • He doesn’t get that MC is trying to flirt


  • Seven was working way too hard, and MC wanted cuddles
  • “Hey, Seven!”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Let’s marry in the space station”
  • Cue the dork becoming very red and flustered
  • Ok, MC, you need to stop breaking Seven.


  •  “Hey V!”
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “Are you a camera? Because everytime I see you I smile”
  • Biggest, Dorkiest, cutest smile appears on his face
  • He thinks that it’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to him
  • Little does he know, it was in a magazine that MC just read


  • “Hey Saeran!
  • “hn”
  • “Can I take a picture of you?”
  • “MC why the hell would you want a picture of me?”
  • “Because, I want to prove to my friends that angels exist!”
  • “MC, I am far from an angel.”
  • MC puffs out her cheeks in annoyance
  • Saeran refuses to cooperate with MC

For @davidtennantisthedoctor-10 :

The reader is a witch and she travels to johns world through her dreams, but she thinks it’s just a dream and john is constantly trying to convince her that it’s real. I know a crazy idea but I really good at coming up with crazy ideas So Sorry.

Author’s Note: I kindda sorta changed it a tad. I hope that’s okay? Enjoy!


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He handed me the bourbon, the amber liquid swirling in the crystal glass. So, real, it all seemed so real. I raised the glass to my lips, the alcoholic smell hitting my nostrils at full blast. Gingerly I took a sip and let the liquid fill my mouth before swallowing it. It burnt a trail down my throat before settling warmly in my stomach.

I raised the glass back to eye level.

“It all seems so real,” I murmured.

A dark male head turned to me “, what was that?”

I shook my head “, nothing.”

His long elegant fingers entwined with mines. The warmth that emanated from his fingers also felt real.

“You sure,” he whispered, the words rough.

I looked to the black pin pricked sky “, it all seems so real.”

He leaned closer to me “, it is y/n.”

I shrugged and continued looking at the shimmering stars.

These dreams all happened less than a week ago. The stars and planets had aligned for the first time in one hundred and fifty years and on that said night, a star fell from the heavens. It was lore that once you made a wish it was bound to come true – at least that’s what my best friend told me. On a whim and out of loneliness I made a wish, a wish across distance and time to find my one true love.

The following night the dreams began. In misty surroundings, I wandered lost and confused, until I stumbled upon a glass house. I entered the premises and found a raven-haired man dressed in a crisp black suit sitting on the porch drinking. He like myself had seen the star and made a wish but neglected to tell me what it was. John Wick he introduced himself as and offered me a drink from a crystal decanter. Despite myself I accepted and felt the familiar feelings of warmth and comfort float over me in his presence, almost like I had known him all along.

It continued like this for several nights. Every time I closed my eyes the foggy settings and glass house greeted me along with the raven-haired man.

I sat with my best friend Marie at our usual breakfast diner. A mug of tea rolling between my hands.

“Earth to y/n!” called my friend.

I jumped “, oh! Sorry, was thinking about some dreams I’ve been having.”

Her eyebrows raised slightly “, nightmares?”

I laughed lightly and leaned back against the chair “, no, no, no – just – I dunno how to call it. It’s just a dream with some handsome guy named John.”

“A wet dream?” sniggered Marie.

I reached forward and slapped her arm, she recoiled laughing.

“No, not a wet dream! It’s just a dream in this foggy setting with this glass house…” I trailed off when I caught Marie’s wide eyed expression.

“Marie?” I called concerned.

Her eyes darted sideways then back to me “, you wished on the falling star for your true love, didn’t you?”

I nodded, a bit confused.

“Did you try finding each other?” she asked eagerly.

I frowned “, why, would I do that?”

“Because it’s real!”

I huffed a laugh and took a bite out of my waffle “, it’s just a dream, Marie and wishes on stars don’t come true. I was just feeling a little lonely when I wished for that but I’m fine now.”

She shot me an incredulous look “, it’s real! My brother-in-law’s great grant parents met that way and they described the same settings you said.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You have seven days to find whatever it is you wished for,” stressed Marie “, once that time is up everything would be lost forever!”

I stared at her dumbfounded for a second.

“It’s just a dream Marie!” I snapped “, things in dreams can feel and taste real.”

“But what about John –.”

I held up a hand silencing her “, don’t you think I looked him up on a hope that he might be real, he’s not! He does not exist!”

Marie’s eyes drooped as she regarded me and a resigned look settled over her. She stood and placed a hand on my shoulder “, the star fell Sunday and today is Saturday, it’s the last night until the next hundred and fifty years – just try for me.”

“It’s just a dream,” I repeated and watched her leave. A sinking feeling developing in my stomach.

It’s just a dream I mumbled to myself as crawled beneath the covers. My heart however thought otherwise and hammered away in my chest. I wanted it to be real so badly and the crushing sadness I felt when I looked for John only to find out he didn’t exist broke my heart. There was no one for me in this world and even if it was just a dream, I was going to enjoy every second of it.

I closed my eyes and let myself drift off.

The familiar setting of the misty grounds and house appeared before me. As usual I found John waiting for me on the porch, a glass of bourbon waiting for me.

“I hope you weren’t waiting long,” I announced as I took my seat beside him.

He gave me a small smile and handed me the glass which I took. I rolled the glass between my hands watching the liquid tumble in the cavity.

“How do I find you?” whispered John, his gaze upwards.

I looked to him “, what do you mean?”

He turned, dark almond eyes locked on mines “, this isn’t a dream y/n, this is real.”

I huffed a laugh and rested the glass back on the table “, wow, the brain has some really creepy ways of internalizing and sorting information.”

He grasped my elbow and tugged me lightly “, I’m not joking y/n, I thought the same way as you until a few days ago when someone told me the same thing happened to their great grandparents.”

I stared at him, alarm growing in my chest.

“They both wished to be with the ones they were faithed to be with for life on the same shooting star we saw and under the same events.”

I was gaping now “, the planets had aligned like they are now and when the planets shifted out of alignment the dreams ended. During that time, they believed that they were dreaming real time events and throughout distance and time they eventually found each other.”

I stood abruptly, my chair falling over and stalked away from John. The information I had just received was a bit too much to process at the moment.

I carded a hand through my hair “, but it’s just a dream – a dream.”

The mist was thickening, shrouding the place in white, signalling the end of the dream.

“Do you know what I wished for?” called John, his voice sounding a bit disconnected.

I was just a dream, things like this didn’t happen. I didn’t respond.

“I wished for the one who would ease my burdens, who would love me through it all and not matter what could see past all the faults that I have,” his voice broke a little.

I turned, his from was growing further away from me and his voice was becoming difficult to hear.

“You showed up y/n like a dream – the dream I’ve always wanted, except it wasn’t a dream,” he shouted.

Maybe it was real, screamed my mind. I didn’t want to lose him on a whim that this was a dream. It could all be real – it could! I ran towards his disappearing form. My legs moved sluggishly and heavy, like I was manuvering through mud.

“Wait!” I screamed at his form “, John!”

My hand flew to my throat and I ripped my mother’s locket from my neck and tossed it at his form. I was unsure if he had caught it but I hoped. God, I hoped.

A sob ripped out of my throat as his form vanished “, I love you.”

A thin voice floated on the wind “, no matter where or when you are, I’ll find you.”

I woke to a mellow yellow light, with a violent sob wrecking through my body. I dragged the pillow from the unoccupied side of the bed and cried into it. All this time I wasted thinking that it was just a dream and it could have been real. I reached for the necklace round my neck, needing to feel it’s comforting presence in my hand. It was missing. Did I really give it to him in the dream? A tiny flare of hope flooded through my body.

The doorbell rang and the flare grew larger. I flew from the bed to the door and yanked it open. A Jehovah Witness advocate stood in the doorway offering to read prayers. Numbly I declined and shut the door in their face. I pressed my back against the door and slid down onto the floor.

Who was I fooling? It was a stupid dream after all and I had lost my necklace, not given it away.

3 Years Later

I weaved through the bustle of foot traffic on my way from work and made my way to the train station. I took my usual seat by the window and waited for departure. My hand snaked to my neck looking for the locket I had lost some years prior. I tapped the spot on my chest it used to rest idly. I dozed a little until the ride ended and disembarked at my stop.

I walked up the subway stairs, huffing lightly. I was getting out of shape. A raven-haired man in a crisp suit zoomed past me as I made it to the top of the stairs.

“Watch it!” I shouted after him and continued on my way.

“y/n?” a husky male voice called.

I froze. That voice, I knew that voice. My heart began thundering in my chest as I slowly turned. I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth.

“John?” I whispered in disbelief.

“I promised you I’d find you,” he whispered back.

I flew into his arms and buried my head into his chest deeply inhaling his fresh clean scent. Home, John smelt like home. He wrapped his arms around me holding me tightly, his lips pressed to my head.

I raised my head and looked at him, my eyes brimming. He withdrew a hand from me and fished it around in his pocket. He pulled out a gold locket and dangled it before my eyes.

I gasped lightly and touched it “, I believe this is yours.”

“It was my mom’s,” I replied and brushed aside my hair so he could attach it round my neck.

“After so much searching, finally I found you,” he sighed, his head dropping towards mines.

His dark eyes, so much like the dream flicked to my lips then back to my eyes. I tilted my head to his granting his access. Gently he pressed his lips to mine before pulling back.

I frowned “, is that all?” I questioned a bit disappointed.

He grinned wickedly and deftly captured my lips again for a feverish kiss. He pulled back “, how about now?” he asked slightly winded.

“Better, much better!” I panted with a huge idiotic grin on my face.

“I love you too,” said John, his eyes soft and a light smile on his lips.

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even if you didn't continue the main story of always human, would you maybe consider doing small bonus/special episodes? like, during certain holidays or something like that.

It’s possible! I make no promises, but I’m sure that, if nothing else, I’ll draw the characters occasionally :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Wait, in the timeline of Always Human, Polyamorous marriage is still not legal by the 23rd-century approximately?

You know what’s not legal in present-day Australia? Same sex marriage.

Australian politics is bizarrely stuck in the past when it comes to marriage equality, despite polls showing that the Australian population is almost overwhelmingly supportive, and so I’m not inclined to give future Australia the benefit of the doubt when our current and previous governments have sucked so much :P

To: The Australian Government (but especially the liberal party and Mr. Turnbull) YOU GUYS SUCK. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.

That said, nothing I say outside the comic counts as canon, so if you want to believe that polyamorous marriage is legal in future Australia, go for it :D

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Stupid question but when Sunati is looking at her hands towards the end of the latest update, there’s a glowing ring in the palm of her right hand which then disappears in the next panel, I’m super confused what that’s supposed to be?? symbolically representing the ring even though it’s on her other hand?? I’m so sorry about this stupid question aahhh but I love AH so much and while I’m sad to see it end I am so glad that it existed in the first place so thank you for creating it <3 xx

Remember the matching tattoos she got with Rae? The ones that show when they’re feeling sad or lonely? I wanted to show the tattoo starting to appear but then she looks at both the glow and the ring and feels happy and determined, so it vanishes.

I just showed a vague glow circular glow, rather than the details of the tattoo, because I wanted it to be barely there, but a couple of people have been confused by this so perhaps I should update that panel to show the details of the tattoo instead.

Thank you so much for the kind words, you’re so sweet <333

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Ahh there's just a girl who's the absolute best. She's just a total ball of sunshine, and I thought that I had massive feelings for her. I think I was just lonely and projecting though. We text really flirtatiously though and tomorrow we are going out to lunch and dressing cute. Idk she's totally straight and nothing is going to happen but I can't tell if I would want it to. Sometimes I do and then sometimes I'm like how could I have thought that I was gay? I'm just really confused honestly


Today I want to rant about my favourite character of all times, Maki Harukawa. Yes, laugh at me as much as you want, but now listen. If you’re not willing to listen, don’t even bother and read this. I’m gonna defend Maki with everything I have. This will get long, so I’ll put it under cut.

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IronHawk (Three)

Welcome back to IronHawk!
This is a long chapter and ugh Tony is sad :( but everyone tries to be there for him. Also, poor Clint, and Banner is a good bro.

Check out previous chapters HERE.

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“So doc, what’s the verdict? Can I go back on my pills yet?”

Tony sat in his doctor’s office, ankle crossed over knee, fingers tapping anxiously. The last few weeks had been… trying. It seemed like every day he became more sensitive to everything. Smells that never bothered him now made him sneeze. Certain fabrics irritated his skin. He couldn’t remember the last time he slept more than an hour or two, because his bed felt big and empty and foreign.
And he was overly…aware. Of everything.

The way Natasha smelled of satisfaction and pride after a night with Pepper sent longing zinging through his body. The way the Witch’s hips moved as she tried to catch Bruce’s attention made him want to do the same to-NOPE don’t think that. Even the way the Captain couldn’t quite stop the red in his eyes after a battle made Tony ache for the presence of an Alpha.

And that was the whole issue. While on suppressants, everything had been muted, even if he hadn’t realized it. The dynamics between any couple, much less alpha/omega pairs had been something he couldn’t care less about. But now it was all he could think about.

And Clint had persisted in basically ignoring Tony. Their easy, teasing friendship from before had disappeared since Tony’s-let’s just call it an incident. Since the incident-  and it didn’t help that Tony was feeling like he was hard wired to Clint’s presence.

Every time the archer entered a room, Tony wanted to sit up, straighten his clothes, bare his neck. And Hawkeye had ignored it all. To the point where other people were starting to notice. Natasha had asked twice if everything was okay between them, and so had Steve. Hawkeye had simply shrugged and ignored the questions.

Tony wanted to cry every time.

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Happy birthday Anna. Love, Johnny.

Pairing : Johnny, Anna x Kyle, Sam x Reader x Lyle x Dean, other sld characters.
Word count : 2,058
Author : Mel
Warnings  : Johnny is just like his dad. Torture mentioned, Cheating mentioned.

Going on a demon hunt. - You can’t outrun me.

‘She’s Leaving, Dean’ 1 year celebration!

Anna blushed as the singing died down. “Happy 19th birthday, Princess.” Sam smiled, kissing her temple.

“Thanks Daddy.” She grinned. When she went to blow out the candles on the cake, the toddler in her arms screamed, waved a hand and the candles flared before going out. She chuckled softly. “How is it my kid is more powerful than I am?” She shook her head.

“Come to Uncle Johnny, you little stinker.” Johnny took him with a smile. “Let your mom have one birthday wish?”

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I Won’t Say I’m in Love - CS Secret Valentine 2K16

Hello to @msgenevieve447!  I’m your Secret Valentine.  Name’s Hollie. Nice to meetcha!  

This piece grew from your prompt:  “I guess I’m just not a fan of any holiday that someone feels that they’re obligated to tell me that they love me.”

…and it turned into a big ol’ ball of fluff from there! Set in canon universe, vaguely post-Underworld, and Emma and Killian live together in the former Dark Swan’s old Victorian house.

This story itself is smut-free, but for funsies I infused it with some commonly used “smut words”. Call it a Smutty Word Search, if you will. So there you go - a story and a game (sort of).

Smutty Word Search terms: snatch, pussy, cock, breast, orgasmic, thigh, hard, sheath, heat, bliss, grind, tongue, fuck, oral, come [There are probably more that I didn’t even realize I used] **Readers - if any of these are “yuck” words for you, just know that NONE of them are used in an actual smut context**

That said, please read along and play along, and here’s hoping you enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day! [Find it on AO3 here]

“I haven’t told him about it.” Emma reached over from her perch on a barstool to snatch a foil wrapped chocolate heart from the cut glass bowl on Snow’s counter top and braced herself for the impending argument.

“Why not? Emma, that pirate of yours has an old romantic soul and a flare for the dramatic. Valentine’s Day has his name written all over it,” her mother commented.

Emma scowled, picking at the red and silver wrapper before shoving the chocolate in her mouth. She could hardly contradict that point, so she tried another tack. “I guess I’m just not a fan of any holiday that someone feels that they’re obligated to tell me that they love me,” she mumbled through her mouthful.

From the corner of her eye, she caught sight of David making his way into the kitchen, and decided to bring him into this mess, too. Distract, divide, conquer, right? “Besides, I’m surprised you’re into the whole Valentine’s Day thing after that year that David bought cards for both you and Katherine.”

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That Explains A Lot • Wanda Maximoff

“Hey, (y/n), this may seem weird but I was thinking maybe we could go out some time? Just the two of us? I just get the feeling that you might like me and we are really good friends, I just think we could be something more?“ Pietro caught up with me in the hall after a mission with the two of us and Wanda.

As much as you loved him as a friend he was the wrong sibling. Ever since I met Wanda I’ve been in love with her and I suddenly realize that every time I tried to impress her he must have thought I was trying to impress him. “Pietro, I’m sorry, I thought you knew….I’m a lesbian and to be honest I’ve been trying to find away to ask your sister out for quite a while now,” I say trying to protect his feelings after his asking me out.

“Oh, that actually explains a lot… I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I shouldn’t have assumed- Maybe I could help you out?” He asks sincerely.

“Are you serious, I mean.. you wouldn’t mind? That would be amazing” I reply enthusiastically.

Wanda’s (POV)

Two weeks ago Pietro told me that he had the feeling (y/n) liked him. The next week after a mission he told me that he was going to ask her out, an hour later he tells me that she said no. I wish I believed that but lately they have been sneaking around, ending their conversations whenever I walk up, and spending a lot of lone time together. I just wish things were different. That she was with me. I’ve liked her since we first meet and I can’t help but feel my heart drop whenever I see them together.

“Knock, Knock,” Pietro says as he walks into my room, “Come upstairs to the roof with me,” he continues responding to my confused look.

“I’m not sure I’m really in the mood,” I respond. All I can think of is all the time he’s been spending with (y/n) which always ruins my mood.

“Trust me, this will make you feel a lot better,” He says grinning and walking away. I slowly pull myself from my bed and start up to the roof.

When I finally get up there I realize that (y/n) was there as well. My brother quickly says you’re welcome before running off.

"So… I have been trying to find out the best way to ask you out since I meet you. I finally confessed my feelings about you to your brother and he offered to help. We’ve spent the last week trying decide what would be best to do. After deciding against all of our ideas I thought to just go simple so…. Roses and a cheesy embarrassing confession.” My eyes go wide and a smile harder than I have in my life as (y/n) hands me small bouquet of roses.

“That explains a lot, I would love to go out with you,” I start to laugh and pull her into a hug then a small kiss, “I cannot believe I though you’ve been dating Pietro!”

She started laughing beautifully then saying, “Never! So, you wanna go somewhere and grab a bight to eat?”

*I didn’t end up following the prompt exactly because I was unsure how to write it correctly*

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JTG’s Fic Library. Fics in January.

The first month of the new year is over. Short, dark, rainy days that make me incredibly grateful for these beautiful stories which always keep my spirits up.

Last year’s wonderful @mores2sl collection is finally available! I’ve already listed some of the fics here, but you can find the complete masterlist of all the posted stories HERE.

A big thank you to @everlark-sex for posting so many of @muttpeeta‘s deliciously smutty fics.

Let’s see if we can brush the winter blues away with a nice fic and a warm cup of tea!

Happy reading!

Multi-Chapters / WIPs

When Buttercup sneaks over to Katniss’s neighbor’s apartment to see the cat who lives there, Katniss finds her interest piqued by the cat’s handsome owner.

As rebellion starts sweeping through Panem like wildfire, Katniss quickly learns it will take all she has to keep her loved ones from getting scorched.  

Katniss had a normal life, two kids, a husband, and a great job. But it all turned upside down when she shook hands with Peeta and got the literal shock of her life. So how can they handle this delicate situation without destroying their lives in the process?

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G dragon Scenario #55 “I don't love you anymore” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

It was almost three in the morning when you were entering to YG building and the only reason you were there is because Ji yong was there. He spent all day in his office, since early this morning until now, so you wanted to surprise him.

You were almost there, where his studio was, when you heard him laughing…

… but he wasn’t alone. 

You could hear the laugh of a girl too.

As you were getting closer, their laughs were increasing too, along with your heartbeats.

“I know! This is awesome…” the girl stopped talking, and stares at the door. Ji yong look at her stranged, and then he follow her eyes to see what she was looking at. “Y/N?…” he says as soon as he saw you, standing at the door.

But before he could even ask what you were doing there you turned around and left.

“Y/N! WAIT!” he yelled at you, and quickly ran towards you.

You were already at the middle of the hallway, when he reached you, blocking your way.

“MOVE!” you yelled at Ji yong but he didn’t do it. “No! Listen, she is just a friend…”

You pushed him before he could finish, walking as fast as you could to the elevators.

“Y/N! LISTEN TO ME! STOP ACTING LIKE A KID!” he was walking behind you.

“Acting like a kid” that words hurt you, cause you know you gave everything that was on you for this relationship to work.

You even forgot about your own happiness multiple times in order to make him happy. You forgot about yourself and what you wanted, just to become that understanding girlfriend he needed. The one that never complains about having just leftovers of his time and attention.

Always looking away whenever he did something that hurt you.

“CAN YOU STOP AND LISTEN?!…” he was now in front of you “… Y/N she is just a friend, I wasn’t doing anything wrong…” Ji yong got closer to you “… I would never hurt you like that, I would never cheat on you, I love you Y/N” he says with his hands on your cheeks, and with his eyes looking for yours.

But you weren’t looking at him.

“I’m done with this” you moved his hands away with yours. “What?” he couldn’t believe what you just said. It has to be a joke, you can’t break with him because of something that stupid.

You didn’t answer.

“What part of she is just a friend aren’t you getting?!”

“Exactly” you said, confusing him even more. “Exactly?” he repeats, he wasn’t sure what you were trying to say with that.

“I’m tired of being left behind by your work, your friends, by… everyone”

“What do you mean?! You aren’t! You are my girlfriend!” he doesn’t understand how lonely you felt.

But how could he? All this time you have not say anything, you never told him how bad he had made you feel in the last months.

“She is just a friend right?” you asked him. “Yes I told you she is…”

“But then, why is she with you, and not me?”

“Huh?” Ji yong didn’t say anything else, he really didn’t know how to answer to that.

“How many times I asked you to let me come here, just to be with you?”

He got it now “Y/N…”

“And how many times you told me that this is work and that I couldn’t be here?”

Again, Ji yong just stared at the floor, without manage to say something.

“This isn’t about her, or your work… this is about me, feeling like you don’t care for us anymore”

“Y/N… look, I know I’ve been busy this months but that doesn’t mean…”

“You are not listing to me… this is not about your career. I knew since the beginning that being with you wasn’t gonna be easy but I also knew how much I wanted to be with you and how strong my feelings were for you…”

“Were?” he interrupts you as soon as he heard you talking in past.

“I…” you swallowed “… I don’t love you anymore”

Ji yong could feel his heart breaking into a million little pieces inside his chest. He loves you, he really does.

“Before, I didn’t care for your absence, I didn’t care for you taking me for granted, and that was because of how much I loved you, and how much I liked to be with you, but now… everything has changed…”

“Y/N…” he tried to stop you but you kept talking. “I don’t want to feel like this anymore I… I don’t want to be with you anymore” you clicked the button to call the elevator.


“I’m not asking you” one of the elevators came, but he didn’t let you take it.

“You cannot do that! You can’t leave me just like that!” his sadness along with his anger was raising, getting to the point where he was losing himself, losing the control of his emotions and actions.

“I can and I’m doing it!” you kept walking towards the open doors, but as soon as you were close enough he took your arm, keeping you from leaving.

“No…” he looks at you, it was like he was about to go on his knees and starts to beg you to stay “… you can’t, I won’t let you…”

“LET ME?!…” you were so furious “… AM I FROM YOUR PROPERTY OR WHAT?!…” you pushed him away and he lets you go “…I DON’T BELONG TO YOU, YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT DO!” you were almost inside.

“So this is it?!…” he says, still where you left him “… this is all our relationship means to you?…” his voice was almost just a whisper “… all those words were lies?…” he starts to cry, you could see tears already falling from his eyes, those eyes that once looked at you with love are the same ones that now are filled with sadness “… did you even mean it?…”

You turned towards him, and both shared a quick gaze before he says “… when you said you love me”

It was hard for you to keep quiet after hearing that.

“I loved you Ji yong, I did love you, with all of my heart, but…” you were starting to cry too “… you killed it, you killed all that love I felt for you” you turned around walking inside the elevator.

“Then I guess it wasn’t that strong as you made me believe”

You turned and looked at him “No Ji yong, it was, it was stronger than you think… and that’s why it took me so long to do this”

As soon as the doors close you cannot hold your tears anymore. You were lying, you still love him, but you can’t keep pretending that everything is fine and that you have a good relationship. As hard as it is, you have to accept the fact that you two aren’t meant to be.

Thousands of thoughts came into your mind, it was like a game inside your brain, at some moments all that you wanted to do is run to him and say sorry but at other moments you just wanted to keep going, cause even when this hurt you know, deep down that this is the best for you.

The doors finally opens and then you saw him, you saw Ji yong out of breath right in front of your elevator. 

He ran down stairs to get to you before you leave.

“Ji yong…” you were so shocked to see him there.

“I can’t lose you…” he still was recovering his breath “… I won’t lose you”

After a few seconds of you just staring at each other, you finally looked away and said, as cold as possible “Don’t make it harder than already is” you took a few steps, but then Ji yong starts to walk towards you, forcing you to step back to the inside of the elevator.

“I know you didn’t mean that” he says, and the doors close behind him.

Your back was against the wall and he was really close to you.

“I know you still love me, I can see it…” he was getting really close to your face “… you love me as much as I love you”

“I don’t” you put a hand on his chest to stop him. “Y/N look at me…” one of his hands grabbed the hand you had against his chest and hold it “… look at me and tell me that you want me to leave, that you want me to let you leave”

You didn’t answer.

“You can’t, because you still love me” the look in his face is breaking your heart. “What if I do…” you looked at him “… what if I still love you? What does it change?”

“Everything, cause it means that I can make you change your mind, it means that I can fight for you to get you back”

You weren’t looking at him, because you know yourself. You know as soon as you do it, you were gonna give in.

“Let me fight for you, let me show you how much you really means to me…” his hand went to your face, caressing your cheek as he rested his forehead against yours and looked directly to your eyes “… that’s all I ask of you”