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Seasons: Autumn

Fourth addition to the Seasons series

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Sirius Black x Hermione Granger | Muggle AU

Warnings: Coarse language.

Thanks to @thornweed who beta−read this final part!

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Sirius moved towards Hermione and put his hands on her shaking shoulders. The rain was tapping on the window relentlessly, and his girl was holding back tears. He knew she was more angry than sad, but it did nothing to make him feel better.

“I’m so sorry Sirius,” she said in a tiny voice. He put a kiss on where the neckline of her dress met with her skin, in hopes that it would be reassuring.

“You’ve got nothing to apologise for,” he said meaning every word. She didn’t need to apologise for she had done nothing wrong. “I can handle a little scrutiny from your parents, love. They worry for you and your future. I admit their method is a bit unsavoury but… They’ll come around.”

Hermione shook her head and took the apple pie she had put on the counter to cool. She had been trying to cook a perfect pie since she had heard her parents were coming to visit them from Australia. She wasn’t a good cook and was an even worse baker, but she was stubborn and the result was perfect like everything else she had put on her mind to achieve. Sirius hated that after all her hard work she had done for her parents’ visit everything turned so gloom.

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Hi! if you are taking drabble meme promts, 58 pretty pleeease?

Well, apparently I wasn’t going to do any prompts but these small ones are a lot of fun and quicker to write. Also anything for such a lovely lady.

Klaroline + “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley.”

Born to be Wild

“What the hell is that?” Caroline yelled over the noise. She’d heard the loud rumbling from the house and gone outside to investigate and possibly yell at the offending driver. Given it had taken her three hours to settle her newborn baby, she wasn’t too impressed with whomever was causing the ruckus.

What she wasn’t expecting to discover was that the culprit was her very own husband. Although she was decidedly angry by the interruption, Caroline was trying to ignore just how delicious he looked in head to toe, fitted, black leather. He’d certainly dressed the part of a biker.

“This is my new motorcycle,” he replied, patting the seat lovingly.

“I can see that,” she growled. “Shut it off now, Klaus.” He knew better than to mess with her in a mood and did as he was told.  

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

“No, she’s noisy and could well of woken Sybil,” she hissed, pointing to their baby monitor which was luckily silent. “Since when do you have a motorcycle?”

“Well, Kol said…”

“Oh god, just stop there,” she drawled. “Any sentence that begins with ‘Kol said’ is never going to end well.”

“Actually it was Enzo that…”

“Your brother-in-law too? This is just getting better. Rebekah’s just going to love this development,“ she interrupted yet again.

“Are you ever going to let me talk?”

“No, because I don’t need your excuses to know what happened here. Let me fill in the blanks. Your immature brothers wanted motorcycles and you had to get one too? Like a sheep.”

“I’m no sheep,” he baulked, his arrogance well and truly evident. Klaus considered himself a leader not a follower.  

“Well if it looks like one and sounds like one.”

“What? White, fluffy and emitting a rather monotone baaaa?”

“You’re not funny,” Caroline drawled.

“On the contrary, I think I’m hilarious,” Klaus grinned, looping his arms around her slim waist and pulling her towards him greedily. She regarded him curiously, again trying to ignore just how his leather jacket sculpted his toned chest. 

Caroline shook her head trying to focus, she decided to blame the lust coursing through her body on the fact she’d barely slept the past six months, let alone had any semblance of a sex life. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea…” she began. This time he interrupted her.

“I know you’re worried about me but I’ll be perfectly safe,” he replied, brushing a stray lock of hair from her eyes, obviously attempting to soothe her fears. 


“I’ll be careful, Caroline. I promise.”

“That wasn’t what I was thinking,” she answered truthfully, “If I could ride that thing myself I would.”

“While I admit I’m a little hurt by your lack of interest in my wellbeing, I’ll bite. So, what exactly is the issue here, love?” He asked, his perplexed expression not lost on Caroline. 

“I know what this is you know,” she mumbled. 

“Well, you’ll have to enlighten me because right now I’m bloody confused.”

“You feel suffocated and are going through some sort of a mid-life crisis, I saw this on Dr Phil just the other day,” she rambled. “Now it’s a motorcycle but next thing it will be a convertible and a hot, young blonde called Bambi.” A few stray tears rolled down her cheeks. 

Klaus wiped them away affectionately with his thumb before responding. "Number one, thirty-two isn’t mid-life last time I checked, well hopefully not anyway. Number two I’ve always been more of a Range Rover kind of guy and last but most importantly, there’s only one blonde I love and her name is Caroline Forbes Mikaelson.”

She looked at him curiously, processing just what he’d said. “Oh really?”

“Yes, really,” he murmured, leaning forward to place a chaste kiss on her soft lips. “I’m just a guy with two kids, a wife and a Harley and I couldn’t be happier.”

“I’m glad you at least got your priorities in order then,” she offered. “But just so you know I want to drive sometimes.”

“Already so possessive, love,” he growled, pulling her flush against his chest and attacking her lips. Caroline melted into him, allowing the sensations to wash over her and massaging her hands over his leather. She could really get used to this attire. 

The sound of their baby girl wafted through the intercom, breaking them from their heated kisses. They were panting, trying to calm their burgeoning arousal, her forehead now against his. 

“Our daughter always has the best timing,” she groaned. 

“Well, how about you see to Sybil while I pick up Annabelle from daycare,” he suggested. “As it happens Elijah and Kat have offered to babysit tonight.”

“I’ve always loved those two,” she quipped. 

“So, how about I take you for a ride then? I know this amazing bed and breakfast we could stop at for the night.” Caroline didn’t miss his double entendre and nor did she care. In fact she welcomed it wholeheartedly, planning to get herself into some tight leathers too for the occasion. 


Are you a white wlw who wants to comment on a black woman’s selfie? Here’s some tips you need to know!

Acceptable compliments include: “She’s pretty! She looks so nice! That’s a super cute dress. I love her hair! Her makeup is so cute.”


Bella, Chapter 1

Isabella used to be your standard girl, albeit being model-status beautiful.

She had a lovely heart shaped face, with long, curly brown hair, eyes black as onyx and a dazzle of freckles across her face that seemed to map out their own universe. At the age of five, she loved dresses, makeup and love, and could win the hearts of anyone who laid eyes on her. (Her dad, Jericho, always said that she took after her mother, but Isabella had no way of knowing that; it had always been her and her dad, them against the world).

But by the time Bella had reached the age of sixteen, her dad was worried about his little girl falling head over heels for someone who might not treat her right, so one day he sat down with Isabella and started to have “the talk”. Not far into the conversation, Isabella let out a laugh.

“Relax, Dad,” she said. “It’s alright, I already know about that stuff.”

“Oh? And is there anyone on your mind right now?” Isabella stared at the floor, not quite meeting her dad’s eyes. Then, she took a deep breath, and looked at him straight in his eyes.

“Dad, I don’t have feelings like that. I’m aromantic-asexual.” Just as Jericho was wrapping his head around that sentence, a pink aura surrounded Isabella, who began to look more and more… beautiful.

Just like her mother.

Hey! So, not to long ago, i wrote a little blurb about an idea that i saw on @tactileintrovertedace and @alexfierrno ‘s blogs about an aro-ace child of Aphrodite, and Isabella began to take shape in my mind. Sorry it took a while to get this out, I haven’t had much access to tumblr, but I hope you enjoy! Tagging @crispyninjadonut

Rika Hongo, Four Continents 2016 (Short Program)

Bless Rika, she goes BIG with her costumes as often as possible and this glorious green gold and silver firework of a look is no exception.

That is a FANTASTIC skirt. I treasure every bit of it.

And those sleeves! All the beauty of ribbons streaming from Rika’s fists, none of the hassle and potential costume violations. And the “belt” in glittery black lines with a blue “jewel” that the curving lines are bursting out of in both directions! This dress is not for parties, this dress is a party.

On top of all that, the illusion necklace almost feels unnecessary, but that’s hardly enough for me to subtract theoretical points.

Grade: A+

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true tho @unfazed anon maybe it's bc i'm more into cute than hot but when i see elise's abs i'm like ok she buff but whenever natasha accidently flashes us i'm just "nOOT NOOT OMG"!!! i just love elise's laugh 010000000% tho it's so cute

@anon, you don’t need to make it a competition between who’s hotter. They’re both ridiculously gorgeous. I did call Elise’s abs dreamboat after all. The reason I’m unfazed is because we’ve seen them on her IG, AA, LV’s shoot and a lot of the crop top/skirt combos she seems to be a fan wearing. I love them both equally and however they choose to dress/express themselves. It was just me being silly, anyway

Haha it’s ok anons!  It’s ok to have a preference or to be unfazed :3  Y’all should know by now I’m attracted to dark/black haired girls so Natasha is physically my type but there’s no way you could make me choose between Elise and Natasha d:  I love those 2 equally but it’s ok if others dont!! (:  Just don’t make it a competition on who’s better (at least on my blog) D:

Anyways, remember this picture of Natasha?

I have never cut my nails short so quickly I’m jk

Can we please hide all dresses and skirts with this terrible under-butt seam from Kate, for the love of God. I wish the lace was a more tight pattern. It’s overall unflattering for her, not to mention a copy of a black lace dress she already has, yawn 😴. She needs to hire a stylist.


It looks black here too and when I first saw this I thought it was the old black lace one she had.

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Hugh, do you remember when emma caught you and Fiona snogging in the garden when she was going off to meet Jacob? Why did you say you wouldn't snitch on her if she didn't and then you did!! She got in alot of trouble because of you. She never told anyone about you and Fiona!?.

Black dress with the tights underneath,
I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth,
And she’s an actress (actress),
But she ain’t got no needShe’s got money from her parents in a trust fund back east
T-t-t-tongues always pressed to your cheeks,
While my tongue is on the inside of some other girls teeth,
T-tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef,
That I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t fucking scared of himShe wants to touch me (whoa),
She wants to love me (whoa),
She’ll never leave me (whoa, whoa, oh, oh),Don’t trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
‘Cause a hoe won’t trust meShe wants to touch me (whoa),

She wants to love me (whoa),
She’ll never leave me (whoa, whoa, oh, oh),Don’t trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
‘Cause a hoe won’t trust me

A few literary suggestions for Black History Month

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Originally posted by imnot12

Maybe you know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from when Beyoncé sampled her TEDx talk, “We should all be feminists,” or maybe you’ve been following her emergence as one of the most prominent voices of African literature over the last two decades. Her latest novel, Americanah, was selected by The New York Times as one of the 10 Best Books of 2013.

Edna Lewis

Originally posted by robtrujilloart

Edna Lewis had a hell of a career. She worked her way up as a seamstress, eventually fashioning a dress for Marilyn Monroe. Then she became the first African-American celebrity chef. Then she broke her leg, so she wrote a cookbook. The Taste of Country Cooking was interspersed with personal stories of growing up in a freed-slave settled town in Virginia, and redefined what many thought of Southern food.  

Roxane Gay

Originally posted by lastnightsreading

Roxane Gay (@roxanegay), famed author of Bad Feminist, is a Tumblr favorite, and not just because you can follow her. She writes about what it means to be a woman of color. She’s the first Black woman to write for Marvel, and she’s writing queer WOC into their storylines. She pulled her unreleased book from publishers Simon & Schuster after their deal with Milo Yiannopoulos was announced. It’s easy to admire her actions as much as her writing. 

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Mississippi transgender woman Mesha Caldwell is first reported trans killing of 2017

  • Mississippi resident Mesha Caldwell, a black transgender woman, was found dead Wednesday night outside of Canton, Mississippi.
  • Initial media reports misgendered Caldwell as male, according to a family friend. Mary Young, a friend of Caldwell’s mother said she was “hurt” by the misgendering.
  • Young said Caldwell was a beautician and hairstylist. “She always, always dressed like a girl,” Young said. “And as she grew up, she became beautiful just like a lady.”
  • She added, “I really don’t know why somebody would want to kill her.”
  • According to news reports, police are investigating the death as a homicide. Read more
lord of shadows snippet

Cristina was there, in the middle of the room, looking up at one of the chandeliers. There was a row of three of them, unlit but glittering with crystal drops.

Mark let the door fall shut behind him and she turned. She didn’t look surprised to see him. She was wearing a plain black dress that looked as if it had been cut for someone shorter than her — it probably had been.

“Mark,” she said. “Couldn’t you sleep?”

“Not well.” He glanced ruefully down at his arm, though the pain had gone now that he was with Cristina. “Did you feel the same?”

She nodded. Her eyes were bright. “My mother always said that the ballroom in the London Institute was the most beautiful room she’d ever seen.” She looked around, at the Edwardian striped wallpaper, the heavy velvet curtains looped back from the windows. “But she must have seen it very much alive and filled with people. It seems like Sleeping Beauty’s castle now. As if the Dark War surrounded it with thorns and since then it has slept.”

Mark held out his hand, his wound circling his wrist like Julian’s sea-glass bracelet circled his. “Let us wake it up,” he said. “Dance with me.”

Fucked A New Hotwife! pt.1

Ok so this is my first post here.

Last night I met a new Hotwife/Cuck couple for the first time. He is very submissive to her, and she was craving someone very dominant that she could let go with. We had chatted by text for a couple of days and I figured we would meet in a few days have coffee and maybe meet and play in a couple weeks.

With all of the talk her cuck was super excited and was begging her to meet and play as soon as possible. I agreed we could play if we clicked and we made some plans to meet for drinks. She made a plan to put her cuck in a hotel room while we met and had a drink, she locked him in a chastity cage and made him sit in the hotel room wearing a pair of panties and his cage.

We had swapped pictures prior to meeting, but Jesus Christ was she good looking. She was wearing a tight black body dress and black high heeled boots. Great body, gorgeous face, perfect ass and tits. What she didn’t know was that earlier in the day I had stopped by the adult store and bought one of those remote control vibrating eggs, and I had some evil plans for it.

We ordered a drink and had a very nice conversation about what she wanted out of this and what her cuck was hoping to get out of this, all very helpful to me to make the experience perfect. After about 20 minutes I had her scoot around the table and gave her a deep kiss, I could almost feel her body melt as we kissed. I had her reach into the pocket of my coat where I had put the egg. She asked me what I wanted he to do with that. I told her to go to the restroom, take off her panties put the egg in her pussy then come back to the table and put her panties in the pocket she found the egg in. She said yes sir, and headed to the bathroom.She came back after a few minutes, and put her panties in my pocket.

I waited about 10 minutes before I first turned it on and when I did the look on her face was priceless. I only let it run for a few seconds because I just wanted her to feel it first, not to cum that quickly. We kissed for a little bit with me rubbing my hands over her back an occasionally feeling up her thighs, lightly brushing what I found to be a very wet smooth pussy. She shuddered a little every time I touched her pussy. I kept on turning the vibrator on for a minute or two, then off for a minute and she got wetter and wetter. Finally I turned it on and whispered in her ear that she could cum, if she could do it quietly sitting right next to me in this crowded restaurant. She bit her bottom lip and nodded her head, and I could feel her body tense as the first orgasm of the night rocked through her little body.

At this point I was pretty turned on and she had been rubbing my cock through my pants for the last half hour or so. I needed to take her somewhere quick because I wanted my cock in that pussy before we went and felt with her cuck. I knew there was a place upstairs that wasn’t used very much, it was dark and had little chance of anyone just happening by to interrupt us. I took her upstairs and found a nice dark corner where there were a few hightop tables, and put her purse on a chair. We kissed deeply, and she was a fantastic kisser, as we kissed I reached down and started to finger her clit and rub that soaking wet pussy, I asked her if she wanted to cum again and she breathlessly said yes. I reached into my pocket and turned on the vibrator and stroked her clit with my other hand. It didn’t take very long and she came hard on my fingers. I put my fingers in her mouth and told her to clean her cum off of them, she sucked then greedily and cleaned them well.

I had her unzip my pants and take out my cock, I’m not huge, about 8 inches and I’d say average thickness. She got my cock out as we kissed and was slowly stroking the length of it. I looked her in the eyes and told her to get on her knees and suck my cock, she dropped like a rock and didn’t hesitate gulping my cock down like a hungry little slut. She was fantastic at this, her tongue swirling around the shaft of my cock as her hand slid up and down the shaft coated with her spit. I wanted to just let her keep going and shoot the first load of cum straight down her throat, but I had promised her a cream pie for her cuck to lick out so I held back. I had her stop and reached down to pick her up, I put her on one of the chairs next to us which was the perfect height for fucking. 

She knew what was coming and looked at me and said “the vibrator”, I reached between her legs and grasped the little string that was hanging out of her pussy and slowly pulled the little egg out. I didn’t let her wait long and slid my hard cock into her dripping little pussy, she let out a loud moan as the full length slid into her. Kissing me desperately she pulled my hips hard to get every inch of cock inside her. This didn’t last too long as I could feel her pussy tightening up as she prepared to have an orgasm, I could feel my own starting to build deep in my balls. Her pussy felt great and continued to squeeze my cock like a wonderfully hot wet glove, she wasn’t far from cumming, and I wasn’t going to hold back my own any longer. I leaned in close and whispered in her ear “I’m going to cum inside you, when you feel it you can cum too, but you can’t cum until I do” she nodded quickly and I could feel it wouldn’t be long now. As best I could I slid my cock in her tight pussy doing my best to hit the back of it, and that feeling started deep in my balls and I felt like I shot a gallon of cum inside of her. With the first shot of cum her pussy spasmed around my cock and she had the third orgasm of the night, cumming hard on my cock as I spewed inside her. It felt so good that I just kept fucking her for a couple of minutes, her breathing slowly returning to normal. I stopped fucking her and just let my cock sit there stuffed in her cum filled pussy, still hard I told her that she needed to clean off my cock before we left, she nodded yes and I slowly let my cock slip out of her pussy. She sank to her knees and gobbled up my cock licking the mixture of both of our orgasms off of my cock, my cum dripping out of her pussy onto the floor as she squatted in front of me. I stood her up after she had cleaned me off and tucked my cock back into my pants. I looked her in the eyes and said “Now lets go to the hotel and take care of your sissy cuckold”

Feel free to reblog this if you’d like and I’ll start working on part 2.

To the one who loves her next:

She is kind. A woman who loves the people who are the meanest. She is naive.

She will dress up for you if you take her to dinner.

She’ll dress down when you take her home.

She is in control. Endlessly.

She wears red a lot of the time, but her favorite color is blue.

She laughs at you when you stare.

She has the clearest soul, but there are times when she will dirty it (only for you).

She will eat chocolate chip ice cream til she’s sick. It reminds her of the summers she spent in North Carolina with her dad.

She will forget things. Love her for it, learn how to find it endearing. There’s no use in getting annoyed.

She cannot sing. Turn the radio up and act like it’s because you like the song.

She is strong and empowered. Lift her up, raise her voice, but do not speak over her.

She is forgiving. She does not let you forget.

She laughs like a symphony. It will be music. You will want to live in the sound. You will hear it forever.

She cannot let go of anything. Be the voice of reason.

She will get sad. Make sure she knows you’re there but let her come back to you on her own.

She has a favorite bra. It will be your favorite too.

She has so much music but she lets you DJ when she drives. Play her favorite songs in between yours.

She loves God and the Church. But she loves you too.

She will use your shampoo and then deny she did such a thing when you ask her about it. Kiss her.

She will steal your softest shirt and you’ll find it weeks later at her place. Kiss her.

She will yell at the TV. Kiss her.

She will dance for you until your head is spinning.

Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her.

—  (via @relentfull)

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Warning: Swearing.

Tony shook his head, not believing that they were to send you off on a mission. “I still think it’s a bad idea. [Y/N] is not… not a real woman.” 

“Don’t let her hear that, Tony.” Natasha said and leaned back on the couch.  “It’s final. She’s going.”

“But it’s true! She has no manners and wears sweatshirts, does she even know how to behave like a woman? Does she even own a dress?”

Bruce let out moan. For days now they had tried to find someone who could complete the mission, being all femme fatal, stealing some dangerous stuff, but there was no one. You were the only member of the avengers who wasn’t known by the media and enemies. 

And that was Tony’s problem. You were no femme fatal. You were the kind of girl who fought against bullies, and burped the loudest, wearing sweats, running around with unwashed hair. Not to mention your colourful vocabular. 

It made sense why Tony was against the idea of you being on that mission. 

“While she lacks on feminism, [Y/N] has fighting skills that are equal to the one to Natasha.” Thor intefered optimisticly. Natasha looked at him, raised eyebrows, hearing his slight scepsis.

Steve stood up. He needed to calm him friends down before you arrived. “I have faith in her. We should believe in [Y/N]. She doesn’t need to use her femininity to get the mission done.”

“But it’d be more helpful.” Tony chirped in.

“I heard that.” You hissed angrily as you stepped into the room, greeting your friends. “Hello, boys. Natasha.” 

As Natasha expected every male in the room gaped. You looked like a siren, ready to seduce man to lure them into death. 

“You look like a woman.” 

You scoffed, hands on your hips. “Fuck, thanks, Steve. I just found out I had titts and a cunt.” You heard him mutter an apology.

Tony cleared his throat awkwardly. “You’re gorgeous, [Y/N].” 

“I know that I’m a sexy piece of ass, no need for compliments.” You grinned smugly. “I still hate dresses. Especially this one. I feel like I’m airing out my vag.” 

BTS ideal type vs What they need


He’s someone who wants a quiet and smart girl, reading a book in the corner of the library, but knows just when to loosen up. She’ll be the perfect girl in his opinion, someone who doesn’t try hard, but still looks fabulous. She’s the type to always have a smile on her face, and be the perfect girl with everything in her bag. Not the type to be fragile. But still needs someone to care for them. She’s the girl who makes you turn your heads around, because she just looked too beautiful in that dress. Her long hair draped over her shoulders, her converse resting on her feet as she runs around.

  1. Looks
  • moderate height. 163-168
  • a little chubby. not a stick figure please
  • long black hair
  • the type to look good in a skater dress and high tops

     2.  Personality

  • not so loud
  • affectionate
  • caring
  • dependent
  • intelligent
  • yet somewhat childish

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He might think he likes that girl in the corner with a book in her hands, but he couldn’t help but take his eyes off her. She is the center of attention. Not in a bad way, but rather because of her smile, her hyperness, talkativeness. In fact he would fit in so well with someone as hyper as him. But don’t get him wrong, the intelligent part is key here. He’s mentioned it a million times in all interviews on his preference of intelligence in a girl. So you know what dragged him to you? when he noticed you having a full fledged debate on whether or not Aristotle can be considered an economist. Don’t get him wrong though, he loves your smart side as much as he loves the childish one. but the appearance of your perverted jokes just makes his day. He needs someone to smile for him, especially when the days are hard.

  1. Looks
  • I think he’s right about the height, you need thee cute height difference girl.
  • chub chub chubby cheeks. he’d love to be able to come home and just pinch your cheeks.
  • TBH, as many times as he’s talked about looks, I don’t think anything would matter to him.
  • But **ahem** nice **ahem** assets **ahem** for this boy please. **ahem**

     2.  Personality

  • Loud, but not the dumb loud. More like I know what I am talking about so listen.
  • Intelligent. Its a must for him.
  • Sometimes childish. **ahem** Pervy **ahem** sexual jokes. **ahem**
  • Punny… you need to be punny. appreciate those puns.
  • Caring
  • independent, but can depend on him under different circumstances
  • someone who understands the impact of music and dance on his life.
  • Smiley Smiley!! 
  • someone who loves him.. and only him.

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black sails costumes - max in her 2x04 dress (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.+*+♥+*+.