but she's in a historical costume so...

okay, so the BatB gown redesign is happening

Criteria that I’ll be sticking by:

  • Historically inspired, but not necessarily historically accurate. The original animated film made very little attempt at creating a period-correct French ballgown, and it became an iconic costume that I see everywhere
  • Easy to move in - Emma Watson specifically requested something that didn’t restrict her when she danced. I’m going to leave her comments about corsetry, oppression of women, etc. out of the picture, because this at least is a legitimate concern - modern women don’t learn to waltz in hoopskirts or corsets or bustles, generally; if you’re doing a complicated choreographed routine with a half-costume half-CGI (or however they did the Beast) partner and cameras everywhere it makes sense that you’d want to be able to move around. “Easy to move in” isn’t necessarily something I worry about, but then again I’ve been in and out of corsets for ten years.
    • also like half the point of this is to prove to Ms. Watson that it’s possible for a gown to be more historically rooted AND easy to wear AND pretty to look at, so…
  • No panniers, despite the period kind of calling for them. Because I, personally, hate panniers, and this is my redesign. (Also ‘pannier’ and ‘easy to move in’ doesn’t correlate unless you’re a pro, which the intended actress is not)
  • No bustles, even though I love bustles, because “a ballgown inspired by the aesthetics and design choices of 18th-century robes a la francaise” and “massive late-Victorian bustle” do not go together. Truthfully, the original gown has something to be said for using 1860s-era evening wear as a base inspiration (much like Cinderella’s gown, actually), but the rest of the film seems firmly rooted in pre-French Revolution styles so that’s what I’m sticking with.
    • If you all would rather I do something closer in visual appearance to the original film, please tell me! I’m always game for a romp through the latter half of the 1800s.
  • This is a fairytale. If I’m caught between an option that looks nice and an option that’s more historically accurate, I’m going to choose the one that looks nice.

I can’t believe it’s already almost mid-November! Time has flown by at an alarming rate— it’s been almost an entire year since I made this gown and cloak set for the @failbettergames Hallowmas competition. I don’t believe I ever posted the full photoset here so this seemed the perfect time for some slightly belated Fallen London goodness. Clayr isn’t a character for whom the (marginally less than) Respectable Grey Gown is entirely appropriate, but as I am personally quite fond of the color grey I made it anyways, “terrifying, lethal, midnight and sinister lady” aside. :^) Maybe I’ll attack the (much more suitable) Parabola Linen Frock next time.

The process of patterning both the gown and cloak was exceedingly UnFun and I do not recommend it. 

(As a side note, I have been playing Fallen London since it was Echo Bazaar— 15 February, 1891, to be precise. While the name has changed the game itself has continued to be an utter delight and I would recommend it without reservation. It’s much more fun than wrangling antique patterns and hand stitching eyelets, at least.)


A plethora of Obi-Wan/Satine historical AU portraits!

(if I’m going to draw them repeatedly anyway, might as well involve some historical costuming practice while I’m at it, right?)

From the top:

Medieval AU (~12th century) - He’s a Templar, she’s a princess who opposes the Crusades. Given the eventual fate of the Knights Templar, this thing writes itself, right?

Musketeers AU (1630s) - Swashbuckling, courtly intrigue, seems legit.

Napoleonic Wars AU (early 1800s) - French aristocrat and British officer - he helped her escape France during the Revolution, now the war with Bonaparte is keeping them apart.

Victorian AU (turn of the 19th century) - He’s a philosophy professor, she’s a wealthy suffragette (this one might not be totally angsty as long as absolutely no one has tuberculosis).

WWII espionage AU (1940s) - CYOA if the cassock is a disguise or if he’s actually a priest for maximum angst and forbidden love. (Not sure if she’s holding forged papers or code books - basically, spies.)

just once, I want the girl sent back in time or to an archaic fantasy land to be a historic costumer

so when people are all “hmph. have you ever tried sitting down in a hoop skirt?” she replies “yep” and sweeps that fucker forward with the grace of a pro

some smarmy maid who knows she’s Not A Local Girl: “well unless you know how to lace yourself into a corset-”

heroine: “let me stop you right there.”

and she does it. inside 5 minutes, which is how long it takes to lace one’s corset if one has practice.

long skirts and stairs hold no horrors for her. she wears a bonnet with no fuss. she doesn’t refuse to put her hair up and look weirdly childish the whole time (her only issue is not having modern bobby pins)

sometimes she can be heard whispering, with intense relief, “no stretch velvet. no stretch velvet anywhere.”

Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of my absolute favourites. She lived to the incredible age of 82, outliving 8 out of 9 of her children; lived through the reigns and helped three kings to rule while they were out of the country. She was beautiful and brave and knew her own mind. Also my name is Eleanor so I couldn’t help but include her in this set of images!

So Jemma Simmons had scoliosis as a kid...

Do you know what this means?

Tiny Jemma, upset about her condition. So her dad does a ton of research, and guess what? Before the serum, it turns out that Captain America had scoliosis.

So he tells her, and suddenly, Captain-America super-fan Jemma Simmons, who dresses up as Captain America every Halloween, and when she’s asked which historical figure she’d like to be, she says Captain America, because he was just like her, always did the right thing, and was best friends with Peggy Carter, who in Simmons’ opinion is the Coolest Woman Ever.

Simmons doing biochem because biochemistry was what made Steve Rogers into Captain America.

And as the SHIELD Academy prepares for Halloween, Fitz suggests they dress up as Captain America and Peggy Carter, and then Simmons says: “I always wanted to be like Captain America as a kid.” so Fitz basically does heart eyes and helps her make the best darn Captain America costume to ever grace the halls of the Academy, while he makes preparations to be a hella awesome Peggy Carter.

the beauty and the beast corset drama continues

I found some article online (unsourced, so take with a grain of salt) that said Emma Watson wore “lightly-boned stays” in Beauty and the Beast as a workaround for the corset she pointedly refused to wear

so then

she ~*heroically*~ eschewed what everyone thinks of as 18th-century underwear, and instead wore…actual 18th-century underwear of a young woman of Belle’s socioeconomic status

if this is true I will be in the corner banging my head against the wall. does anyone have a source to confirm?

anonymous asked:

They didn't change the beat! It's all in 4! I will say that although I took issue with the Belle fashion being so out of period at first, it's kind of a cool contrast to see this character who is so incredibly different than everyone else in the movie! As a music history student, I really enjoyed the historical references in the movie (they use harpsichord!!)

Dude I am so bitter about the lack of proper costuming. I don’t give a shit she’s Emma Watson, she will wear a fucking corset, 15 years of stupid brocade and silk, and a wig 5 feet high. She’s supposed to be in 1700′s France! Also, if she did marry a prince, she lost her head come the French Revolution. So did Adam. And Chip and Mrs. Potts and the (gay) clock and candle. 

And I didn’t realize that it was in 4/4. I was a dancer and man it feels like a waltz.  


Okay, let me first get this out of the way: I am all about historical accuracy and shit, so if I say anything that makes you say “modernized” in any way, ignore your thoughts

I am truly disappointed in the new ballgown ??? For one, it’s not even a good color, two, it lacks historical accuracy in a movie surrounded by HISTORICALLY ACCURATE COSTUMES. Three, it looks cheap and fake.

Let’s begin with my first point. The dress is supposed to be gold not yellow. Thank you, I rest my case.

Second point: BatB is set in 18th C France, around the era of Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette hasn’t been overthrown yet, bc Belle and Beast would have died if she were, so two plausible dress styles would the “robes,” as I call them. This dress doesn’t follow the correct silhouette for either robe, more like a 15th Century skirt, and doesnt even have a corset. Mind you, I know that Emma refused to wear one, but hey, historically speaking, it didn’t matter. Anyway, the dress doesn’t fit the style, lacking the three quarter sleeve style, pocket hoop panniers and etc. And when you match it to the rest of the movie, it’s saddening. Like, all of her costumes make me want to vomit. I’m sorry, but it’s true and I feel very rude for saying that so I’m going to move on.

Third point, it looks tacky and cheap. With all of the glitter glue and stuff added on, it just looks really bad…

To top it all off, I love the costume designer. She did a really good job with Anna Karenina, but the minute she let Emma take the reins on BatB, it wasn’t good.

apostrophias  asked:

Okay so! I really liked the movie, but I have to agree that I did not like Emma Watson as Belle, which surprised me because I thought she'd be great. I think part of it is that she probably had to act a lot with a green screen and people in green leotards. That is still difficult. I loved all of the costumes except for her yellow ball gown. I get it the movie doesn't have to be historically accurate, but when it attempted to do so or do a nod towards late 18th century France it doesn't (1/?)

make sense to do a semi 19th century style ball gown. The dress moved beautifully, but it didn’t fit with the rest of the costumes. I thought the guy who played Gaston did a great job! I was honestly prepared for the worst based on everything that I read about it. For the most part I was pleasantly surprised. Something that is a pet peeve of mine, though, was the very noticeable autotune on everyone! I don’t think everyone had to be autotuned that much! 

I totally agree with the dress! It moved well, but it just didn’t fit at all with anything and it was just so underwhelming (just like her performance). Okay so I have a thing with Gaston, lol. I really liked Gaston and a lot of people liked Gaston and I can’t help but wonder if thats a bad thing lol. Like Gaston is super likable at least in the beginning of the movie, to the point you are almost like “hey Belle maybe just one date?” lol! I has a lot to do with that fact that Gaston, unlike his animated counterpart, was actually trying to woo Belle. He pretended he liked books and gave her flowers. I mean I know thats not a lot but in comparison to animated Gaston who basically felt like he could just show up and Belle would fall to her knees its def an improvement. I also don’t know how I feel about his 180 degree change from being like an obnoxious jerk at most to basically a murderer. I know there are hints about his true character but given what we were seeing it felt like a drastic shift. He’s honestly the main reason I want to see the movie again because I feel like I need another viewing to decide I feel about him lol! 

My favorite thing about the movie was also my favorite thing about the animated: THE BEAST!!! xD


My great aunt gave me this dress, along with a dressing gown of about the same vintage. She wanted me to make some use of it- I will probably try to make a pattern for it, or at least replicate it! It’s in good condition, with some rips and mends from occasional costume use over the years. It is significantly yellowed. Surprisingly, it’s quite large for a surviving garment! I had three inches or so to spare in the waist, minimum, and I have a 32″ waist corseted here.

Undergarments were a ruffled corset cover, 1880′s-ish corset, and a too-long petticoat.

I reckon that it’s early 1900′s? Maybe 1905?

lady-knight- submitted:

In the issue of  Penny for your soul: Joan of arc from Black Dog Ink Editions, Joan came from paradise for a mission on Earth. Er…Are we talking about the very same Joan, here? I mean, very short dress, absolute cleavage and freaking garter belts? My history diploma protest too much! She wasn’t called “Maid of Orleans” (maid=virgin in that context)  for nothing. Attract males was the last thing she would have in mind. (I didn’t read the comics, but, even worse than that costume, it’s supposed to be a “sexy and provocative” story…I don’t want to know.)

So, a redraw of an artwork of it, historically accurate. Including the full plate armor she actually had, the non-seductive pose, the short hair. By the way: a female hair was found in the wax seal of a letter that Joan wrote, and it was black. Chances were that she was actually dark -haired, far from a blond pin-up (because, for God’s sake, she was only 19 at most!)  I kept the metal and light wings nonetheless, but they look pretty cool.

Gosh, that one needed some serious work. o.o’’

Reign Rant:

okay so this has been bottling up inside of me for quite some time now.. Although historically inaccurate I used to really really enjoy watching Reign, they have a fantastic cast, very talented and gorgeous costumes and settings, and the storylines used to be so catchy and interesting.

But no, they had to ruin it all for nothing. They had Mary raped, which turned out to be a tool for her to start a new romantic relationship with a liar and a manipulator and a traitor. Mary used to be one of my absolute favorite female characters on television. She’s undergone a horrible event, that being her assault, but apparently the only way for her to heal and reconnect with her inner strength is to find comfort in the arms of some guy who has done nothing but bully her for loving her husband and making her feel like shit for it. Is being able to have sex again with some dude, really her portrayal of being okay and strong again? We also see Mary chasing after power and forgetting about her friends altogether. She is creating ways for her to run away with her new lover, stabbing, francis, her husband, the man who agreed to allow her to be with another man in hopes for her to find happiness. What could possibly make the show-runners give up on a beautiful love story that held everyone’s breaths? A romance that made both parties better person and happier than they’ve even been. They are quick to blame everything on francis, but let me say this, FRANCIS DID NOT RAPE MARY,HE DID NOT INTEND ON HURTING HER. He is new to being a ruler, he found himself blackmailed by one of the most powerful people in his community, he held a very grave secret against him and he just wanted to protect everything her considered dear, including Mary. I want to see that Mary once again, the fearless queen, who loves carelessly and bravely, the queen that stood up to everyone so that she can rule by her morals and beliefs. Mary the queen who respected her union with her husband, the smart woman who succeeded at being a feared queen and a loved friend and lover. Now we see her having sex with Condé, after he had just confessed his betrayal to her. Aren’t lies what broke her and francis up? How could she possibly believe that what she needs is to engage herself with a self proclaimed liar who could get her beheaded. 

why did reign have to sink so low?


How is this for a Throwback Thursday? This was my first cosplay at the first convention I ever went to, which was NYCC in 2010. So I was 13 at the time, I think. And I was supposed to be Rena from Higurashi.

My mom made the dress but I made the hat and bows (I was very proud of that). She told me she would never make me another costume because it was such a pain in the ass, and she stood by that. I bought costumes for another year and a half before I tried sewing them myself.

I stopped going to conventions/cosplaying a little while ago, because I like creating historical costumes way more than character costumes. I don’t miss it at all, but it’s interesting to look back on something that was a huge part of my life for several years, and what eventually led me to what i’m doing now.

You know what needs to happen on Girl Meets World? Cory decides to give an extra credit assignment to anyone in his history class looking to bump up their grade. The assignment is to dress up as someone from history that they consider a hero then explain who they are and what about the person they consider heroic. The catch is, they have to dress up as the hero would have when they were the student’s age. The grading criteria will be based on historical accuracy of the costume and the amount of detail in the description.

Riley pushes Maya to do the extra credit because she knows her grade could use it. Maya doesn’t consider anyone they learned about in history a hero. When she decides to look up historical heroes on the Internet, she finds that so many people before her did much greater things than she could ever dream. She feels unmotivated and unable to live up to them.

She visits Shawn to ask him for help and he tells her he avoided all school work at her age, so he wouldn’t know what to do. She asks how he got into college, and he tells her that he decided it was worth caring about and turned his act around. She looks through a photo album and asks if he took all the photos. He answers yes, and that he also wrote the poems in the back. She reads some of them and is surprised by how good they are. She asks if he had any role models to look up to when he was young. He says he had plenty of role models, but not many good ones. She says she has to leave and notices a drawing she gave him in a frame hanging on the wall. She smiles before she goes out the door.

In Cory’s class, a few kids are dressed up in costumes for the extra credit. There’s a Joan of Arc and an Oskar Schindler and a Harriet Tubman and a few others. Shawn enters the classroom and asks Cory why he wanted him to come. Cory points to Maya, who is dressed in the 90s grunge style and a brown curtained haircut wig. “She wanted you to see her presentation.”

Maya goes first and tells the class that she’s dressed as someone she considers family. That to say he came from humble beginnings and a turbulent home life would be an understatement. She says that he didn’t always do the best in school, and sometimes didn’t see the point in trying, but he pulled through. That he took great photographs and wrote beautiful poetry, and that he earns his living on photography and writing. She says that he’s her hero because he came from nothing, and sometimes thought he was nothing, but managed to make something of himself.

Shawn is touched. He’s speechless, on the brink of tears. Cory reminds her that she never told the class her hero’s name. She says “Right. His name is Shawn Hunter, and he’s the greatest uncle I could ever ask for.”