but she's better now and happy

“Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me,
Is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?”

Bonnet ds by @mobox87

(So sorry, I’ve only just now realized I drew her wrong ;-; I didn’t look up her drawing reference so I based this off of your last drawing of her)

souleatingtroll  asked:

How does eveyone feel about jaune x yang dating? (Also im just trash for jaune ships)

Ruby would be thrilled. She loves Yang, she loves Jaune, both of them together? Perfect. Now she’ll see Jaune more often, even better. 

Blake is a bit worried. For Jaune. Yang can be overwhelming, enthusiastic, and she’s a bit afraid she might overpower Jaune from time to time. But she’s happy as long as Yang’s happy. 

Weiss honestly thinks it’s a bad match in the beginning. But she won’t say anything because it’s not up to her to intervene. She’ll change her mind after a while, once she sees those two actually get along well. 

Nora’s most likely already planning the wedding. She totally loves Yang. She totally loves seeing her close friends getting together because she wants them to be happy and with someone they love. 

You’ll find Tai’s and Qrow’s reaction here.

You should talk to @fadingemeralds because she’s trash for all the Jaune ships as well. 


elara is doing much better today! she’s been quietly munching out on oranges for an hour now just watchin tv n chillin! i’m so happy she’s finally beginning to feel better! once she starts eating regularly they’ll be taking the iv out of her foot n she’ll finally be able to walk around again! thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts, it’s helped her heal faster 💛

happy TOP things
  • tyler’s brother just won a huge basketball championship, and tyler was there to see it
  • josh talks and smiles a lot more in interviews, and generally seems happier
  • ben who used to be on the crew has a wife and an adorable kid
  • tyler is married and living with the love of his life
  • “you guys give us purpose” said tyler
  • josh’s whole family painted their nails together
  • mercy’s favorite thing about jenna is how good she is at painting nails, and her favorite thing about tyler is that he sings them songs every night that he’s home
  • josh plays his “dream drumset”
  • josh’s sister makes the most beautiful poems
  • momma dun is like a mom to tyler too
  • jenna travels with them and makes them food, so they’re eating a lot better now
  • tyler plays screen, a song he wrote in his basement about being insecure, to arenas of people who love him
  • in general, life is beautiful in the little ways for them, and i’m beyond happy
    (feel free to add!!)

I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.

during seventeen’s very nice performance kai was dancing along and mina was taking sneak peeks at him and would smile bc mina of twice is an exo-l and kai is her bias and now shes sitting behind them on an award show where her group won a daesang and if that doesnt tell you that dreams come true and life gets better than idk what does

merry christmas eve & happy hanukkah to everyone who celebrates either or both!! my mom’s girlfriend just proposed to her in their kitchen 💕💕💕 when she went to get the ring my mom said, “you’d better not have gotten a gift for me! you’re rotten!” (since they agree every year not to buy presents for each other) and when she saw what it was they both cried out of joy and now they’re eating dinner together and planning their wedding 💕💕💕💕💕💕


Sady, who is around 17, was constipated this week so we had to go to the vet yesterday. She’s doing better now but was Not Happy about any part of the whole ordeal. It was pretty shitty *ba-dum tss*

  • what she says: im fine.
  • what she means: its been 5000000 years since the last 19 days update and old Xian promised a long update soon but soon is too vague and i want it now. my life will become better once 19 days is uploaded and hoenestly i just want Jian Yi and Zhang xi to ride into the sunset and guanshan and he tian to be a happy salty couple. then and only then will I truly know the meaning of happiness.
The Game

A/N: Happy Halloween! Here is a small oneshot for essentially what is my favorite holiday. Honestly, I was hoping to have more up by now, I have written multiple one shots, but they feel way too crappy to be put up. So words of encouragement would be wonderful! 

It’s Tony’s Halloween party and Pietro is searching for you. Hopefully, this will be even better than last year! 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: slight angst, slight sexual/smut hints

Words: 1,085

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Dear John is sad because Taylor is looking back on a toxic relationship and going “I should’ve known”; however, it also has a strong undertone of “I got out of this, and now you can watch me be happy without you”, and that ends the song on a more empowering note, where even though she regrets the relationship she is proud that she got out of it. 

Better Man is sad because Taylor is haunted by this toxic relationship, tormented by memories of when it was magical, of when it was everything she ever wanted; she gave it everything, and in her love she grew blind to its growing toxicity. Even though she ran from it, it follows her around, and the song has a strong tone that she’s still trying to escape from the memories of when it seemed perfect and magical and forever.


So yeah, I’m super late but I’ve been busy with work and signing up for college it has consumed my life but hey better late than never! (Not really) But ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Alya. Is. Volpina!!!!! 🤓🤓 Yayyyyyyyy
I also had a feeling Chloe was going to be the bee miraculous holder and I have to say I am a bit happy. Now I don’t per say like Chloe but I do appreciate a good redemption story 😝
I can’t wait to see how they got the miraculous! I can imagine Alya being chill about and is all like “I’m going to be a super hero along with Ladybug!” While with Chloe I feel as though she’s going to need a little convincing before she takes on the role of a superhero.

It’s going to be so fun seeing these characters run out of class and Ms Bustier missing more than two students.

Now all he needs to do is give Nino the turle miraculous and I can die happy.

He really fucked her up. She gets anxiety attacks every time she thinks about how he whispered in her ears loving things but do the same with someone else behind her back. She was happy, she thought she was completely done for. Everyone whispered when she walked by but she didn’t paid attention because he was holding her hands. His skin on hers was all she could ever think about. She was too busy enjoying him to care about anything else. What a fool she was… A fool for him. She allowed her feelings for him to twist the reality of how shitty of a person he is. She knows better now. She won’t let anyone hurt her like that ever again. Her guard is high and she doesn’t see it coming back down anytime soon.
—  An excerpt from a book that I’ll never write (1)

hey you. yeah, you. listen to me. whatever you’re going through, it’s going to get better. i know, cliche thing to say. but take it from me. it is going to be better. soon, even, if you believe in yourself. take it from me, a person who has gone through so much shit in the almost 16 years she has existed on this earth ruled by stupid old men. life is going to be good, trust me. whatever you’re going through, you will forget it soon, when you’re happy again. just believe in me, and most importantly, believe in yourself. i know the road might look rough right now, but it will smoothen out real soon. alright? alright. i believe in you. keep breathing. keep eating. keep smiling. keep your head up, i love you. stay alive for another day, and then read this again tomorrow.

In Defence of Melania Trump.

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the various gifs/videos of Melania and her assclown “husband” circling the webbernetz, and their body language/facial expressions are calling into question their…. happiness, for a lack of a better word. One video of him turning to her and her smiling and then frowning immediately as he turns his back to her again is particularly stomach churning. And I’m seeing so many disheartening comments, such as “She’s just a gold digger. She got what she deserved”, “She made her bed, now she has to lay in it” etc. 

A) You don’t know if she’s a gold digger.
B) Maybe she is, maybe that works for them.
C) Who fucking cares one way or another? It’s none of our fucking business.
D) Most importantly, does whether or not she’s a gold digger change how she should be treated?
E) Fuck you.

Now, I could be wrong, and I am speculating here, but given how he treats people, and women in particular, there is no fucking doubt in my mind that this piece of shit is an abuser. She’s probably told what to say in interviews so as to not offend nor disobey her “master”.
And the only thing some of y'all can think of is “she got what she deserved”????
Since when is someone’s financial situation/arrangement some kind of excuse for abuse? I don’t give a shit how rich they are, how money hungry she is, if she is at all, nor if she is in fact a “gold digger”. SHE. DOES. NOT. DESERVE. TO. BE. ABUSED. And anyone who says otherwise needs to rethink their fucking misogynist shit.
I HAAAAAATE Donald Trump, I despise him. I think he is vile garbage who will destroy anything and everything he touches.
But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw Melania under the bus. She probably needs help/support and is too fucking scared and isolated to seek it.

It looks like Allura and Keith bonding over Keith being a Galra is a popular topic but all the headcanons for it so far are sad and angst, like I get why, but also please consider:

- Allura turning purple to make Keith feel better.
- Keith being all like “oh yeah well my purple is more purple” and he fully changes into Galra because apparently there’s a dumb competition now over who can get more purple
- Allura countering with “Okay but can you do this?!” and she gets like 2m tall
- rip Keith

Ok so I love Eizen and Edna too much so time to gush abt them and malakhim/seraphim facts in general

  • Malakhim/Seraphim are born from untainted mana 
  • they could also have previously been human that became a malak/seraph 
  • if they were originally human they have no memories of their human lives 
  • Eizen was born from an earthpulse point on top of a sacred mountain and he just kinda chilled there for a while 
  • Edna was born from the same earthpulse point much later and Eizen was like “mine now" 
  • Edna would hold on to Eizen’s pinky and he’d poke her cheek to make her laugh fucking destroy me 
  • not all malakhim/seraphim born of the same earthpulse point will feel related to each other 
  • Eizen felt a connection to Edna that he initially didn’t know what it was, but when she was sad, he was sad, and when he was happy, she was happy 
  • Eizen likes cats better than dogs but he likes squirrels best bc he used to live somewhere with Edna that had squirrels that he’d pet 
  • the day Eizen left, he and Edna gave each other good luck pendants 
  • Eizen’s has a hand drawn portrait of Edna in it made by her 
  • Edna’s is her necklace that Eizen made from a stone on the mountain they were born from 
  • Eizen then knew they were siblings bc they gave each other similar presents in the same shape and neither of them told the other 
  • Eizen is a huge fucking nerd
  • oh wait in addition Eizen once stole 100 gald from Edna’s secret stash
  • it was to buy a painting. by Beryl Benito. and he was short 100 gald apparently
  • the painting turned out to be a forgery
  • it’s heavily implied Eizen never told her bc he said that he hopes she would forgive him
  • what she says: thank u for that message <3
  • what she means: that literally just made my day so much better i have been beaming ever since i received this message i have never felt so happy i am glowing this is what has gotten me through today this and this alone i cannot tell you how thankful i actually am for it this doesn't even begin to cover it "thank u" isn't near enough but i don't want you to get creeped out and leave me if i send this to you but this message has made my day and i
Riarkle College AU

Hi guys! So here’s another Riarkle one shot. This is a college au, so Farkle and Riley never met before this! 
Rating: T (minor swearing and alcohol use)
Word Count: 1666 (yikes)

Prompt: The one in which Riley and Maya are roommates in college and meet Farkle in different ways. 

Maya and Riley had done it. They had made it through the New York public system and now were on their way to bigger and better things: college. Of course, they had to be roommates. While Riley begged Maya to have a themed room, Maya needed to hang up all of her artwork that didn’t go with Riley’s happy theme. If someone was to walk into their room, they would wonder how these two were best friends.

Within the first two weeks, Maya had already gone to 5 parties, while Riley was practically drowning in homework. Riley had enrolled in all Honors classes. While the work was hard and she almost dreaded going to class every day, there was a boy in her class that made it worth it.

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