but she's an adult

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My female protagonist begins the story choosing to leave a small, known world for larger adventure. The action begins when she helps a politician’s adult son escape a coup. Now I’m struggling to divert the characters from a cliched love story subplot - I worry that she won’t be strong enough if her emotions focus on this male character. Is there a way to keep her focused AND explore a romance, or is it wiser to drop the possible relationship and keep the plot entirely about her personal journey?

It is entirely up to you. If you want to write a story without romance, there will certainly be people who will enjoy reading it. If you feel these two characters have a natural chemistry and you want to explore that, that’s absolutely fine. :)

Here’s the thing… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with romance. Romance doesn’t make a character weak, and it doesn’t automatically undermine the strength of a female character. There are many wonderful female characters who are in no way diminished because they are in love.

If you want to write a romantic sub-plot into your story, do it! There are things you can do to keep it from diminishing your protagonist’s strength:

1) Make sure she can stand on her own two feet. In other words, she doesn’t run to her love interest (or someone else in general) every time she has a problem. While it’s fine to seek help from others when necessary, she shouldn’t depend on the help of others.

2) Avoid “damsel in distress” syndrome. It’s fine for your character to be rescued by her love interest once in awhile, but has to rescue herself sometimes, too, and it wouldn’t hurt if she rescues him every now and then. In other words, it should be more or less equal: her saving herself, her saving him, him saving her, other people saving them both. Just not always him saving her.

3) Avoid “I’ll have to ask my boyfriend” syndrome. This is when the character is unable to make any decision without first considering her love interest or putting her love interest’s needs before her own. Now, there are times when it makes sense for your character to consider other people in her decision making process–that’s just life–but the reader needs to see that she’s not going to sacrifice her own important goals for the sake of love.

4) Avoid over-the-top gushing. When people are in love, they tend to gush a bit about their new love interest, but it can get old really fast in fiction. With a romantic sub-plot, especially, you want to go for something a bit more subtle. It’s okay for your character to think about their love interest from time-to-time, of course, but there doesn’t need to be paragraphs long soliloquies wherein your character divests every single thought and feeling about the person. There also doesn’t need to be an excessive amount of eyeballing muscles, pearly white teeth, great hair, etc. It’s okay for the character to notice and mention these things occasionally, but it can damage your character’s credibility if it seems to be all they think about.

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No, you’re not “a little OCD” about x, y, or z.

Today when I was teaching my adult swim class, one of the women said she was “a little OCD” about something.

I was really uncomfortable, and uncertain how to respond. I normally always correct people in this situation, but I was teaching a class of adults all older than me, and I already feel awkward being so much younger yet having the position of power. I decided to speak up anyways though.

“So, I don’t think you intended to be harmful, but it’s a really big pet peeve of mine when people who don’t have OCD casually say that they’re ‘OCD’ about something,” to which she quickly responded, “I don’t think I have OCD… at least not about most things.” I was getting the idea she was equating OCD to perfectionism so I clarified, “yanno OCD and perfectionism really aren’t the same thing.” To which she responded, “Are you sure?”

Am I sure? Oh buddy, betcha am I sure.

“Yes, I have a few friends who struggle with OCD and it’s reallyyyyyy not the same thing.” 

I don’t know if I got my point across. I don’t think I offended her. (She’s only a few years older than me, and I am the teacher after-all.) Maybe she’ll go home and read about what OCD really is. 

I did my whole senior project around the misuse of mental illnesses as adjectives like this, and I’m passionate (and easily offended) about this subject. OCD is not perfectionism. Anorexia is not just being skinny. Depression is not just being sad. Bipolar is not inconsistency. Etc. etc. Ugh I hate ignorance, however I know the way to approach it is not to get offended or mad but to calmly educate (which is a lot easier when I’m not already getting paid to educate someone on something else). 

Anyways, this is a babbly, pointless post.

question: my neighbour is a 50 year old women whom i’ve known for 17 years. she’s watched me grow from a little kid into an adult, watched me leave home to go to uni and come back again. so do you think it’s acceptable for me to buy weed off of her because she smokes it in her garden every single night

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:in the theatrical release of jimmy neutron: boy genius in 2001, all the parents in retroville get abducted by aliens. they say it is only parents who get taken. what happens to the adults who are not parents? we clearly see ms. fowl is left behind, which lets us assume that she's the only non-parent adult in retroville. however, it could be because that she was shrunk down, therefore allowing her to be missed while the aliens came to abduct the parents. this also leads questions as to what happens to the teenagers. they technically arent kids, but they arent adults, either. are they sent to a purgatory for teenagers while the parents are gone? does this universe not have any teens? can you only be a child or a parent? are teens not an age group in jimmy neutron and are considered children? that final claim could be disputed since in multiple episodes of the tv series, we see teenagers who are in the 13-17 age range. what even is considered a child in the neutron universe? jimmy himself is 10 years old, so it must be below 13 y/o to be considered a kid. this question always comes into my mind when i watch jimmy neutron: boy genius
Literary Commissions by Kaye Allen

About the Writer

Kaye Allen is a graduate of Communication Arts (major in Media Production) with honors and distinctions. She has been writing for more than seven years now and two years of which were dedicated to running this literary blog. She has taken courses in Creative Writing, Scriptwriting, Journalism, Broadcast Content Development, Narrative Film, Visual Arts, and Philosophy. 

Her strengths lie in Fiction writing with genres such as Drama/Angst, Fantasy, Romance, Fanfiction (Kpop, Greek & Egyptian Mythology), and Contemporary Young & New Adult literature. Though she has also ventured in Action/Adventure as well as Horror/Suspense writing. 

To learn more about her writing style, here are some recommended works to read:

  1.  Laws of Motion & Attraction (Novel; Contemporary New Adult)
  2. Chasing Sunsets (Short Story; Fantasy/Fairytale)
  3. Kilometer Zero Paris (Article; Travel)
  4. Blue (Write-Up)
  5. Dreams (Short Story; Horror/Suspense)
  6. Sadie Hawkins Dance (Essay; Argumentative)
  7. Baby, I Got Your Back (Short Story; Fanfiction)

Read more of her works HERE.

Read some of the reviews for the author’s writings. 

Kaye Allen writes PROSE literature. Here are the types of pieces she is wiling to write for commission:

  1. Short Stories / Narratives  (Fiction: original and fanfiction)
  2. Essays 
  3. Write-ups / Articles
  4. Reflection papers

(in USD)

  • For Essays, Write-Ups, Articles, Reflection papers

$15 - 500 words 

$25 - 1,000 words

$30 - 1, 700 words

$40 - 2, 500 words

$50 - 3,000 words

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$15 - 500 words

$25 - 1,000 words 

$35 - 3,000 words (note: best word count for short stories)

$50 - 5,000 words

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$90 - 10,000 words

*$0.03 per additional word

*Author’s notice: commissions exceeding the number of words listed above will have to be negotiated. Please don’t ask me to lower my prices since writing takes as much time and effort as creating an artwork. And I do guarantee that it will be a good quality literary piece. 

- Payments are only accepted through PAYPAL. Details of which shall be disclosed upon agreement. 

- You are required to pay 30% of your chosen rate upon acceptance of order. This is to make sure that the writer does not go empty-handed if ever an order is to be cancelled. 

- An invoice will be sent once your order has been accepted. You will be given 3 days to settle the 30% payment advance. Once you have settled it, your request will then be written. Failure to comply leads to denial of order. (Transactions will be communicated through email.)

- Refunds are possible. If the work has not been started, a full refund may be given. Though if it has already been started or is in the middle of being written, the 30% advance payment may not be refunded anymore. 

- The writer has the right to refuse a commission with or without an explanation.

- The writer will not be swayed to write what is uncomfortable to them, regardless of price. Kaye Allen is open to most genres except smut

- The writer is not responsible if your commission doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, especially if the writer stated that it is not their strongest point. However, all literary commissions are guaranteed to be good quality works. If you have doubts, it is better to get to know the writer first by looking through their portfolio. Please proceed to the MASTERLIST PAGE for Kaye Allen’s sample works. 

- In ordering, please include your name, email (to where your commissions will be sent), and type of service you require. Please be specific on the package you want to acquire and the subject of the piece to be written. The author will contact you within 2 days if your commission is granted or denied.

- Commissions may be posted on this blog upon consent by the one who requested it. 

- May be negotiated upon order for it depends on the length of the work. Remember that the longer the writing time, the better a piece will turn out to be. 

- For orders, it is best to give at least 2 weeks writing time (especially for short stories/narratives). The writer works a full-time job so writing commissions is only a part time thing. Essays and articles can be written within 2-3 working days but give at least 5-7 days for thorough editing and research. 

- Rushed orders are possible but will have higher rates. Please message the author to negotiate. 

- Rest assured your deadlines will be met, considering that the writer will only take projects which she could handle at a given period. 

*If you have other questions or concerns, please send me a message. 

Author’s Note:

Hi guys! So I decided to open up for commissions since I needed a part time job while I work full time for this company. I’m currently saving up for my masters so I thought this would really help me get started. Hope you’ll all be interested to commission some works from me. <3


- Kaye Allen


Hillary in diapers????

When is the last time that we saw Hillary not wearing some kind of outfit that goes a long way to cover her ass in its entirety?
Given as much as she is photographed, if she were wearing the adult diapers and not concealing her entire pelvis area with those weird and super expensive coats then the fact would be noticed pretty quickly.

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wait so I'm genuinely curious I'm not trying to be shady, how is shallura okay? allura is at least 10,000 years older than shiro (and we didn't know her age before or how alteans age even) so how is that okay

alllura is coded as an adult and she was in a fucking coma for 10.000 she did not mature mentally or physically at all during that time period so shallura is still safe

Going natural is not a trend

Natural hair has always been apart of my style. I’ve only had a relaxer one time and it was a bad experience…When I was in elementary school the hair dresser gave me an adult perm, without consulting my mom, because she thought that my hair texture was too corse. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to be natural. EVERYONE would always tell me to get a perm. Even my brother, but I loved braids and natural hairstyles. I am happy to see that so many people are embracing their natural hair and not just doing it because it is a trend. I’ve seen and heard people say things like, “Why don’t you wear your hair straight?” “I’m tired of seeing Afros.” “I can’t date a girl with natural hair.” or “Why is everyone going natural? Natural hair was never a trend and it shouldn’t be viewed as one. It should not be viewed as a trend or as unprofessional. It is acceptable. This is the unique hair that we were BORN with. So don’t let society have you thinking that our hair is a trend that will be in for a moment and out the next.

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What is wrong with these anons today? I saw them on many blogs, they keep saying that Gillian is in California for work. Jesus, can she have sam rest people? She took children to LA, she didn't go to San Diego but she could if she were in LA for work. So, just stop! She is on vacations! Remember how much she worked in last months? She deserves a break! Is this all because it scares you that being in LA she'd hang out with her adult friend, no matter if he is her boyfriend or just friend? Jeeez.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but she’s was clearly on vacation lately. She hasn’t even been spotted in LA, as far as I know, which is where she would have been if she was working, and if she was in LA, we can count on paps to let us know. Her three kids are there with her, so I really think she’s just resting and not working, and I’m glad she does. She deserves it. Besides; other than David, she must have friends she can visit there, she won’t spent two weeks at DisneyLand anyway (what a nightmare lol!), so yeah, I think she’s on vacation, that’s it. 

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My mum is mad at me because I am disabled. Literally, I don't have to do anything and she is mad at me. Because I am sick. What am I supposed to do? I can't fix myself. I used to be healthy as a child and she can't understand the fact that now I'm an adult, I'm sick. She's living in denial and it's harming me because I can't take my medication in front of her without her freaking out. She doesn't believe my diagnoses but she refuses to come to appointments with me. I don't know what to do

That’s incredibly frustrating, Anon. Please know you don’t deserve that.

There’s a part of me that wants to tell you to talk with her about it, but it doesn’t sound like she’s ready for that right now. Do what is best for you: it’s not fair that you can’t take medications in front of your mom, etc., but if avoiding that (in whatever capacity you can) means less confrontation, then that’s a good short-term solution. Long-term, she needs to accept that you’re disabled.

It’s important that you know that your diagnoses are valid, as are your symptoms and feelings. If she won’t go to appointments, maybe slowly introduce her to your medical records. I often find (annoyingly enough) people believe doctors over patients, even though the patient knows their body best. Explain that disability isn’t a bad word. You can still do amazing things while being disabled, even if it isn’t what you expected. Also, maybe gently explain that you want to make her proud, but you feel like you have to hide a part of yourself, which is difficult when you’re physically/emotionally/mentally affected by being disabled.

Followers, please feel free to jump in.

Wishing you well, Anon. <3


Tuneful is up next on our super-special pony series! She is my second adult G1 pony, and quite the loud one at that! I have been describing her to people as ‘an 80′s gas station’s decor.’ This pony used to come with a little guitar that I wish she still had, but she is absolutely gorgeous without it! I’m so glad I could tame those poofy locks for the most part, she still has a couple frizzy ends, but even with that slight flaw she has become a fast favorite of mine!

shoutout to the parents/guardians/adult figures who didn’t download pokemon go but are having a blast helping their kids and friends find pokestops, gyms, and pokemon! we love u and ur making exploring this game even more fun! the time you spend with us is appreciated! <3


Me: Can we take one more picture doing something different? Something squad-like…something dope
Elise: uhh, yeah sure! *struggles figuring out what to do*
Elise: *Does peace sign*
Elise: (sarcastically) ‘cause that’s totally what I am *Looks over at me then switches to what I’m doing*
Elise: that’s totally me. I’m totally dope. Yep.

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Why. Why cant i think pearl is bi. Why is it suddenly not allowed for me to imagine that pearl is bisexual. Why is it a crime because it is not cannon Why why why why


  • pearl has exclusively shown romantic attraction to women (rose quartz, garnet, amethyst). 
  • all interactions she’s had with adult males have been either complete disinterest or violent disgust.
  • also, pearl’s VA grimaced when someone suggested pewey to her, at the notion that pearl is uninterested in humans. and considering the gem race in canon is primarily female presenting, this only further shows that pearl is completely interested in women. 
  • if you ship gregpearl, not only does that invalidate the trauma of 2 people who recently lost a loved one, but it also romanticizes their pain, and takes away pearl’s canonical love for rose.
  • headcanoning pearl as bi is lesbian erasure. pearl is canonically a lesbian, and headcanoning her as anything else is harmful and homophobic. 

if you really want bi representation in steven universe, why not just try some of the, y’know, actually canon bi and pans characters?

  • sadie
  • lars
  • rose quartz
  • probably steven!