but she's adorable and i loved that goal

Follow Forever #1

So, YOI creator appreciation day recently passed and i missed it because i was busy with family stuff, but I also recently hit 400 followers (!!!), so i thought it was time to do one of these! I really want to say thank you in general to everyone who has not only followed me but sent me sweet messages or comments on my fics, it truly keeps me going on days when i want to quit. PS- I may be doing a little fic giveaway for my next goal ;)

@schoolningyo - wrote my all time favorite Otayuri fic, Sea Town! So lovely and their writing is just so serene and haunting and I adore it!

@basilique - Wrote the amazing Sex and Other Madnesses Series, and for a whole-cast series it really keeps all the characters on an interesting storyline and the world building is superb! 

@otasucc - Lia is the light of my blue hell life, tbh. She is so funny and I can thank her for bringing CP into my life and for that I owe her so much. I would literally fight for u lia you’re gr8. 

@thoughtsappear - my dearest bug. She always is there to bounce around fic ideas and listen to my complaints. 

@severeminx - One of the first blogs I followed and talked to here in the YOI fandom. Such a lovely, classic soul. Every time I see her selfies my eyeliner skills shake with envy.

@creemsicaal - made the first fanart inspired by one of my fics I ever received in my life, and it was actually a “remember where you were” moment for me (standing in the middle of a costco) and I still look at their work in awe, so incredibly talented! (Yuri Fanart)

@otapocalypse - brought my favorite angry coke boy to life (or at least in art) and for that i’m so grateful. an incredibly talented artist who really put so much detail into the Otabek and Yuri that live and wreak havoc in my head, just look at that tiger tattoo! Still stunned. (Almaty’s Fire Otayuri Fanart)

@eclair - Made some silly words that meant something only to me into beautiful writing for all to see. Thank you for recognizing and lifting up my words <3 (Otabek’s lyrics letter art)

@blameotayuri - Is always so nice and positive to everyone, myself included. Has an beautiful singing voice to match her sweet soul. Ducky is the shot of sugar we all need.

@trashyartz - has made some of my all time favorite Otayuri art! The style just captures Yuri so well and is so inspiring to me. 

@betelxeuse - Has always left the most amazing, long, and helpful comments on some of my fics and have made my heart just leap with joy. Thank you so much for your support 

@tootsonnewts - just a great, supportive mutual! I hope we become closer friends because Ashley has an infectious positive energy and I really love seeing her on my dash.

@ghostmoonchild - Another great and supportive friend i’ve made here.  Thank you for listening to all my ramblings. Miss you <3

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☁️ Bullet Journal Inspiration Spread ☁️ 

Here’s a little spread of bullet journal accounts I absolutely adore and am continually inspired by: 

(in order from left to right by page)

 @holylantern - Just pure creativity. I love that it’s just drawings and no decorations (at least of the ones I’ve seen so far ^.^). Each spread is so unique. 

 @j-christabel // @eggtabel - Mainly drawings as well. Honestly, one the most unique bujos I have seen. I adore her use of colour and doodle, but it still manages to be so minimal.

@lycheestudy - Love how minimal and functional her spreads are, but still so so pretty. 

@studypetals - Amazing use of images, stickers, and lettering. I love the mood she creates with each spread. 

@smoinerd - Winnie! Ah, where do I even start? Absolutely in love with her spreads. There’s so much going on from gorgeous lettering to images of Junjin lol, but it’s still so organized and calming to look at. 

@unicaffe - I was in awe when I saw the spread pictured in the post showed up on my dashboard. Honestly so calming to look at and the gorgeous drawings and minimalistic look just *o* 

@journalsanctuary - I honestly love looking at her feed on Instagram. Layout and feed goals as well as her amazing bullet journal. The themes of her spreads are so pretty and natural. 

@studyrose - Goals, goals, goals. From feed to bullet journal to amazing personality, just everything <3 (I steal a lot of ideas from her when I stage my photos lol). 

@productiveflower - This girl right here actually inspired me to start my own studygram account. Although she says she’s not a fan of her own spreads, I’ll always be her fan. Adore her aesthetic as well as her sweet personality. <3

@eintsein - Love her use of different types of decorating elements, but still maintaining a cohesive and calm theme. Loving the blue, white, and green tones in this spread especially!

I wish I could have fit more on this inspiration board because there are so many wonderful bullet journals to share. Please sure to check each and everyone of these accounts out. Here on Tumblr as well as Instagram (if they have one)! :)

I also can’t help but be in awe of the bullet journal system. It allows creativity and accommodates so many different styles, but in the end, it is still a planner, and is practical to use. 

Things I observed at yesterday's game:

- They’re all adorable in person
- Ash and Alyssa are such cute keeper bros. They even had their own little bro hug then Alyssa proceeded to nutmeg her.
- Ali Krieger is a goddess who looks 10 years younger than she actually is.
- Press was working alone with a coach after everyone came in so Tobin came back out to be with her.
- Ash consistently had like a whole bunch of things with her when she went into goal but before she went into goal she brought it all to the back line huddle and it looked like she was a soccer mom offering snacks and it was adorable.
- Press went to jog and warm up without Tobin and when Tobin realized she sprinted over
- Ali patted Ash’s butt
- Allie Long is the crowd entertainer we all needed but don’t deserve. She’s fabulous.
- Press went in. Then Tobin went in.
- This back 3 was sooooo solid.
- Allie Long is majestic when she gets to play midfield
- Ash deserved a clean sheet
- I love them all and they’re amazing
- oh and Sonnett is a goofball

Why Gilbert Blythe is still one of our favorite book boyfriends

So, with the resurgence of love for L.M. Montgomery’s books due to Anne with an E (Anne the series for you lovely Canadians), and how everyone on here and other social media sites are “aoijwepoijvpsoempseotpaoijrtvpo” over our new version of Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) or staunchly “aoejrpoiwcmpraowiruec” over Jonathan Crombie’s version, or even “ierq2945sig;fgjapturoaijf;alksdjf;lkj” over the book version, I started thinking about what it was that makes Gilbert so easy to love and adore. 

Now, I have not read Anne of Green Gables in I don’t know how many years. One of my reading goals for summer is to tear through the series (as I only read that first one). But I do own the 80s movies, watched them often when I was younger, so I feel like I’m not completely underqualified to give my opinion.

It was @thebluepaladyn‘s post here that put my thoughts in order. Gilbert likes Anne for all the reasons she thinks (and others think in the new version especially) she’s lacking. Give the post a read before continuing here. I’ll wait :).

I’m writer, by the way. And I write all types of stories, but some I write just for my own enjoyment (and maybe a few friends’ as well). When I do, I write a character that’s more of an extension of me. She’s far more uninhibited, confident and conventionally beautiful than me, but at the core, she’s me. We’ll call her June for the purposes of this post. 

June always gets a guy (it’s my story world and I’m a cynical hopeless romantic, so sue me). Sometimes I write the beginning of the relationship, or sometimes I write a one-shot of a more settled relationship between June and whoever the guy is. In rereading some of these stories, I realized that June’s guy often loves her for the very things I wish someone liked me for: too talkative, likes to sing loudly in the car, has hips (significantly), discusses story for hours, dances around the kitchen when no one is watching…etc., etc. June’s guy loves these weird, silly things about her. Some are just quirks, some are what others see as flawed in June. June’s guy makes her negatives (in her head) out to be some of her best features.

That’s exactly what Gilbert does. He marvels at how smart Anne is, he likes her red hair (’carrots’ turns into an endearment in the 80s version), he thinks she’s pretty, he admires her bluntness, her dramatic nature (sometimes, he also pulls her in when she needs it); in the 80s version, he tells her what she should really write and when she heeds him, she’s successful. 

In fact, he reminds me of Jess Mariano in the revival of Gilmore Girls, (or Jess reminds me of Gilbert) when Jess shows up and somewhat straightens Rory out (ugh, won’t go there).

Gilbert Blythe is that guy: both encouraging and challenging his girl, Anne, so she becomes a better person. That’s why he so loved. That’s why we still get a little weak when he walks on screen (and you know, cute as anything). It’s more than looks because cute guys can be jerks, or they can be shallow, or badly written stalkers who are forced to seem romantic, but are really just horrible horrible partners in a relationship (that’s another post). 

Gilbert is exactly what I would want myself and any female I know to strive for in a partner. 

anonymous asked:

rfa+ Saeran going to pride for the first time with with MC?

A/N: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY GUYS! THOUGH IT’S ALMOST OVER? (For where I live anyway, pride month is June! I heard some places celebrate in May??) I STILL WANTED TO TRY AND GET THIS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AAA ~Admin 404


               -You didn’t even tell him what this parade was for

               -All you said was “Do you want to go to a parade with me”

               -And he was THERE

               -Parade? FUCK YEAH! Loves him some parades

               -Fried food, bright colours, fun booths, cute floats? Yes yes yes!

               -You decided to just wait until you brought him to tell him what the parade was actually for

               -Though when the two of you got there, and he noticed literally everything was rainbow, he kind of pieced two and two together…


               -Was actually really honoured that you wanted to go to something like this with him?? Like you’re loud and proud about your relationship and that makes him giggle

               -Seeing all of the insane outfits was definitely fun for him!


               -“MC… we… we don’t have to be naked or anything for this.. right?” No baby it’s okay


               -I know I said as red as could be, but that’s because you didn’t think he could get any redder. But oh, were you mistaken

               -He turned almost glowing red when he watched you just shoving the condoms in your pockets

               -“I’m not gonna just waste these, Yoosung, that’s rude” OH MY GOD MC DON’T TALK LIKE THAT OUT LOUD

               -Was disappointed that he didn’t get to dress up or anything like that so you found a group of nice people with some body paint and asked if they could do something for him!

               -Cutie walked around with a completely rainbow painted face (yours matching) and could not stop taking pictures

               -10/10 sent any and all photos to the group chat, always talking about how much he loved you and this parade!

*ZEN: Male!MC

               -“MC! It’s the pride parade!”

               -Oh no

               -You’d love to go with him, of course!

               -Your relationship is…. well it’s absolutely perfect to the two of you but there are still those who question it

               -His fans are practically split in half between completely idolizing your relationship, and the other half just wanted Zen for themselves

               -So you were pretty afraid to attend pride like that, so out in the open, so…exposed

               -But he was a-okay with it

               -He didn’t care what others have to say about the two of you???

               -Once the two of you actually got there though, it was a m a z i n g

               -People would recognize Zen left and right and they would be so excited that he even showed up!

               -But when they saw the two of you holding hands, they practically exploded (in a good way)

               -THEY WERE SO ECSTATIC!

               -Their favourite actor is part of the LBGT+ community and they are HYPED

               -People are coming up frequently to congratulate the two of you on your beautiful relationship

               -He even sang a few love songs up on a few stages, loving as the crowds went wild!

               -The one thing he couldn’t stand though, was all the hateful protesting

               -He tried to ignore it at first but as the day went on he couldn’t stop himself from walking over and yell back at them

               -To prove a point, he pulled you into a deep kiss- eliciting hundreds if not thousands of whistles and cheers from the crowd at the parade

               -You had to physically hold him back from fighting one protester though

*JAEHEE: Female!MC

               -“Jaehee! The pride parade’s coming up! We should go!”

               -P A N I C

               -She loves you and most definitely isn’t afraid to tell you that, but…

               -She is afraid of others hating her for it? She really dislikes confrontation

               -But you assure her that it’s a completely safe space! It’s full of allies and others celebrating same sex love!

               -Agrees to go along, and even dresses up to match you

               -The two of you have adorable shirts with unicorns on it that says “Squad goals”!

               -Embarrassed because she doesn’t use slang like that but the two of you just looked so cute!

               -And honestly? Seeing all of the happy couples expressing their love, the loud and proud people just enjoying their time, thousands of colours and confetti everywhere; she’s in love

               -Like?? It’s a place?? In public??? Where she can kiss you all she wants??

               -She does every now and then but she’s still embarrassed the poor bby

               -L o v e s the booths!

               -Thinks it’s important to support those in the LGBT+ community who create works of art!

               -Honestly bought like 20 pounds in books solely because they look amazing and are by up and coming LBGT+ writers (not to mention they all promised part of the proceeds go to charities!)

               -She’s part of the RFA she feels it’s like an unspoken duty of hers to do anything related to charities


               -Lowkey wants to set up a booth next year for your coffee shop

               -“It’s a good business investment, MC” “You just want to come to pride again next year, you don’t have to lie” “A GOOD! BUSINESS! INVESTMENT!”


               - ah yes

               - jumin han does gay

               - im soRRY I COULDNT RESIST

               -He was kind of against going to this parade

               -Not because it was for pride or anything but because he was just iffy about all the people

               -Does he really want to go and be surrounded by thousands of people, all of them bumping against him??

               -Well one look into your puppy dog eyes and the answer was yes, yes he did

               -You had to convince him to leave (most) of the body guards at home

               -There were a few that followed a moderate amount of distance behind but you caught them lowkey fawning over the two of you when he would give you a quick kiss on the nose or squeeze your hand

               -Honestly a few other couples would stop the two of you and tell you how cute the two of you were??

               -It would get Jumin so flustered and you were SO THANKFUL because wow look at my cutie he’s adorable

               -If any protesters even thought about something rude to you the bodyguards were there in an instant

               -You dragged Jumin along with you as you looked at each and every booth, placing the beaded necklaces they gave out around his neck

               -The funny part is, he just let you?? Like okay MC

               -At one point the necklaces stacked so high that you couldn’t see anything lower than his eyes

               -He didn’t want to disappoint you by taking them off so he left them until you noticed and laughed your ass off

               -Definitely took pictures before you distributed most of the necklaces among the two of you and the body guards

               -“MC, do you think Elizabeth would enjoy this rainbow collar?” “Juju that’s not for cats” “….Would you enjoy this collar?” JUMIN NOT IN PUBLIC

               -He saw some… interesting outfits, to say the least

               -“Commoners are very… odd, aren’t they?” that’s rude

               -Saw someone walking their partner on a leash

               -The moment you saw him side-eye you, you jabbed him in the ribs with your elbow, eliciting a slight grunt from him

               -“Don’t even think about it pretty boy”

               -To get back at him for even thinking about walking you on a leash, you poured a ton of glitter over his head while he was looking at some merchandise

               -Actually chased you through the large crowd, picking you up and spinning you before kissing you gently once he caught you

               -People cheered because wow look y'all are so cute together


               -You wanted to go in support of your friends!

               -But more than anything, you wanted to go and support your boyfriend!

               -He was pretty against going at first, because he was afraid of what people would think about him

               -It’s not like he advertises that he’s pansexual, so what would his friends think? Would they change their opinions of him?

               -“Saeyoung, you just love whoever you love, it’s not as if gender truly matters, right? So why would our friends be against who you are as a person?”

               -That’s what got him thinking- you completely support him… so why wouldn’t his friends be supportive?

               -After all, they are supportive of all his gender-swapped costumes….

               -You reminded him that he didn’t have to come out if he didn’t want to. A lot of people who are simply just Allies attend as well, no one would know how he fit into the community unless he told them

               -He had seen pictures of a few parades before, and he noticed all the insane costumes people wear

               -So of course?? He had to go all out?? If he had to go, he might as well, right?

               -Completely decked out in rainbow body glitter, boxers with hearts all over them, and you even helped him put temporary hair dye to make it rainbow!

               -Honestly he was in love the moment the two of you showed up??

               -So many people dressed up insanely without a care in the world, bright colours flying everywhere, people being loud and proud

               -His jaw honestly dropped at the sight of it all

               - Every time he saw a dog wearing a rainbow bandana he’s smacking your arm- you have bruises by the end of the day

               -He’s yelling, singing, laughing, and you haven’t seen him have this much fun in a while and you were absolutely loving watching him enjoy himself

               -“MC! Look! Look at how proud everyone is to just be themselves, isn’t it amazing?” he held your hands and looked down at them, “I wish I had the confidence to be like them. I don’t even know where to start!”

               -“Just do whatever makes you comfortable and go at your own pace! Hey, you’re in a parade full of strangers you probably won’t see again, why don’t you come out to someone? No one here is going to judge you!’

               -So he did! Actually, he did quite a few times! And he felt a m a z i n g

               -So good in fact, that he told you he was ready to tell his friends!

               -He spent the rest of his day at pride asking people how about their experiences with coming out, getting tips about the best way to do it, and getting nonstop support from tons of people! He felt so at home, the next week or so he was clinging to you, never knowing how to fully thank you

*V: Female!MC

               -THIS BOY LOVES LOVE

               -Any and all love is beautiful for him

               -So he’s super duper excited when you suggest going to pride!

               -SUPER ALLIES, MC AND JIHYUN!

               -Honestly, all of the happy people, bright colours, glitter, and especially all of the couples obviously in love make him S O E C S T A T I C

               -He brings a backpack full of brand new SD cards for his camera, and he 10/10 believes he’s gonna fill them all

               -He asks people in the most outgoing outfits if he can take their photo, and he giggles at all of the poses they do

               -Up close and personal to all of the floats to get pictures of every single detail

               -When he sees couples getting cozy, he asks to take photos to celebrate their love!

               - v that can get a lil creepy

               -Always offers to take a photo on their phone for them as well so he seems less crazy

               -He’s pretty sassy when he wants to be, if you didn’t already know

               -So when he sees protesters with such hateful signs, he takes it upon himself to fight back

               -He finds someone with extra signs and holds them up proudly!

               -When people shout out hateful things, he gently asks them why they think that

               -Always talking to them soft and gentle, which confuses the hell out of all of them because?? They’re trying to be hateful?? But this soft giant is talking to them so nicely???


               -It’s such a large difference in demeanor and even you’re thrown off guard

*SAERAN: Female!MC

               -He’s actually the one who asked you to go to pride with him??

               -In private, he told you that he might… have wanted to attend… to show support for his brother?

               -He’s really bad at showing he cares but he’s trying to do it bits at a time

               -But when Saeyoung brings it up he acts like he’s against it

               -“Why the fuck would I want to go to that, there’s going to be so many people there, I don’t want that”

               - but goes anyway

               -He didn’t want to really want to dress up, but you convinced him to at least let you paint a small rainbow flag on his cheek (though it did take several days to do the convincing)

               -He was really grumpy at first, being dragged to and fro either by you or his brother

               -Having to squeeze through half naked, loud, or already morning-drunk people

               -Started to really regret attending until he saw how much fun his brother was having?

               -He had never seen Saeyoung this relaxed in his life and he silently decided he could put up with all of it for him, just this once

               -The two of you enjoyed visiting all of the booths though

               -At every booth, you get a  couple of bead necklaces

               -Saeran put them all on. All of them. All of his, all of yours, all of Saeyoungs.

               -Completely covered in bead necklaces, and he l o v e s i t

               -If you ask for some to wear you just get this look from him- not a glare, but a kind of look that screams “don’t even think about it”

               -He also demanded ice cream as much as possible

               -You tried so hard to cut him off but he just didn’t. stop.

               -Saeran pls there are 47 ice cream wrappers in my pocket p l e a s e


Tending to the Fire (Nessian Collab, Part Two)

So as promised a couple of weeks ago, @tacmc and I have been working on a Nessian collab. As of right now, it is only two parts, but it could end up with more if there is request for it! There’s nothing we enjoy more than getting to work with our best friend.

Part 1 can be found HERE, in Nesta’s POV, from my ultra-talented bff, @tacmc.

Part 2 is from Cassian’s POV.

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okay but can we talk about the fact that abigail and john are one of the most underrated couples ever ?

they wrote over 1,160 letters to each other ,,

 adams even bought a leather binder to keep and store all of the letters that she wrote to him because he loved them so much

Abigail even wrote a letter to him IN THE MIDDLE OF LABOR wanting to describe to him every moment since he was so heart broken that he couldn’t be there.

adams addressed her as “miss adorable” while they were courting and if that doesn’t melt your heart then ???

I could go on really, and if you don’t think that they are absolute couple goals then b o I you need to wake up

One day, she’s going to know. She’ll know your birthday, your middle name, where you were born, your star sign, and your parents names. She’ll know how old you were when you learnt to ride a bike, how your grandparents passed away, how many pets you had, and how much you hated going to school. She’ll know your eye colour, your scars, your freckles, your laugh lines and your birth marks. She’ll know your favourite book, movie, candy, food, pair of shoes, colour, and song. She’s going to know why you’re awake at 5am most nights, where you were when you realised you’d lost a good friend, why you picked up the razor and how you managed to put it down before things went too far. She’s going to know your phobias, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your worries. She’s going to know about your first heartbreak, your dream wedding, and your problems with your parents. She’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, laziness, energy, and your mixed emotions. She’s going to know about your love for mayonnaise, your dream of being famous when you were five, your need to quote any film you know all the way through, and your fear of growing older. She’ll know your bad habits, your mannerisms, your stroppy pout, your facial expressions, and your laugh like it’s her favourite song. The way you chew, drink, walk, sleep, fidget and kiss. She’s going to know that you’ve already picked out wedding flowers, baby names, tiles for the bathroom, bridesmaid dresses, and the colour of your bedroom walls. She’s going to know, get annoyed at and then accept that you leave clothes everywhere, take twenty minutes to order a Starbucks, have to organise your DVD’s alphabetically, and check your horoscope… just incase. She’ll know your McDonald’s order, how many sugars to put in your tea, how many scoops of ice cream you want, and that you need your sandwiches cut into triangles. She’s going to know how you feel without you telling her, that you need a wee from a look on your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. She’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. She’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? She is still going to love you.
—  Unknown

So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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With You {Part 6- The Final Chapter}

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: Angst/Fluff
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“Do you like it?” Jinyoung whispered to your daughter as she sat on his lap in the living room, revealing the classic solitaire cut ring that sat in the velvet box in the palm of his hands.

 She nodded, her eyes widened and a small gasp escaped her lips as the diamond sparkled against the light.

 “Do you think mommy will like it?” Jinyoung asked.

“Yes!” your daughter answered with glee.

 Jinyoung hushed her, raising his finger against his mouth to remind your daughter to keep her voice quiet. He lifted her up and placed her on the chair and knelt on one knee in front of her, “Before I give this to your mommy, I have a question to ask you and a present.” Clearing his throat, he looked at your daughter, his heart was beating fast and he felt shy as he knelt in front of your 5-year-old daughter. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a slightly bigger velvet box in front of her. “I love your mommy, and I love you. Will you let me be apart of your life and let me marry your mommy?” he opened the box to reveal a silver necklace with a pendant heart attached to it.

 She looked at him in confusion, “You’re going to marry my mommy?” she asked.

He smiled, “If you let me,”

 “Does that mean you’ll be my daddy?” her eyes hopeful.

 He grinned, “I want to be,”

 She hopped off the chair and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I want you to be my daddy!” Jinyoung laughed as he wrapped his arms around her, standing up to his feet as he kissed her cheek.

 You were drawn to the laughter in the living room, “What’s going on?” seeing the warm embrace between them.

 Your daughter slipped out of Jinyoung’s arms and ran over to you hugging your leg, “Jinyoung’s gonna be my daddy!”

 You looked at your daughter and then at Jinyoung, “What?”

 Jinyoung rubbed the back of his neck as he walked over to you. His heart was beating fast and every step he took towards you felt weighted. He smiled at you as he took your hand, hoping you didn’t notice how clammy and shaky it was because of how nervous he was.

“Y/N…” he took a breath trying to steady the rapid breathing of his heart. “I love you, I love your beautiful daughter whom you have raised. I’m thankful to see both of your smiles every day and for chocolate chip cookies because you added sweetness to my life,” you laughed as you felt the tears well up in your eyes. He cleared his throat, “You are so beautiful and talented, I look at you and your daughter and I want to spend the rest of my life with two of you. I promise to love you and your daughter with everything that I can. I will protect you and her, I will be your rock and your punching bag when need be. I will be there for the both of you,” he pledged. “I want to watch her grow up alongside you, I want to be the one to walk her down the aisle when she gets married, but first…” Jinyoung reached into his pocket, pulling out the velvet box, he fumbled it over in his hands, then got down on his knee, “Y/N, I want to see you walk down the aisle towards me. Will you marry me?”

 An overwhelming feeling of joy came over you as you stared at Jinyoung kneeling in front of you. How did you get so lucky to find a man like him? He wanted a life with you, a life with your daughter. You wanted him too. “Yes, of course. I want that, I want you, I love you.” You nodded repeatedly immediately reaching to wrap your arms around him, the joyful tears that had welled up spilling over. Jinyoung let out a sigh of relief, happily slipping the ring onto your finger before embracing you. In that moment of bliss while the man you loved held you in his arms just for a brief second Mark had crossed your mind.

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i’ve seen so many posts about how parents never stay together, or if they do stay together they’re not happy or in love, so here are some cute/important things my parents do after being married for 26 years:

-my dad still opens doors for my mom, this extends to the car door, which he also does for me.
-they hold hands across the center console when they’re driving.
-my dad is really ticklish so my mom sometimes comes up behind him and pokes him in the sides. then he usually ends up chasing her around the living room while she squeals.
-they watch tv together. this seems like a small thing, but they have shows they both genuinely enjoy, and then they each watch shows just because the other likes it. like my dad watches vanderpump rules and other trashy reality shows cuz he knows my mom likes to watch and laugh at it.
-they go on vacations together and take pictures of each other with captions like, “look at my hot wife!” and, “what a handsome guy”
-they always exchange cards for birthdays/valentine’s day/anniversary, and they are both equally likely to cry.
-they go to spin class together and make sure to save a bike next to each other in case they have to drive separately.
-they make a conscious effort to honor their love languages. for example, my mom is NOT touchy feely at all, ever. but my dad’s love language is touch, so she makes an effort to hug him and put her arm around him and stuff cuz she knows it means a lot to him.
-they bought some random shooting game for our wii and stayed up late every night for over a month playing and trying to beat it.
-my mom only holds my dad’s two middle fingers when they hold hands, cuz her hands are too small for them to comfortably intertwine their fingers.

anyways, marriage is hard, but it’s absolutely possible to marry your best friend and be blissfully happy almost 30 years later ❤️

queenxolivier  asked:


Alright LET ME SHOUT YOU A THING. Buckle up.

EdWin is my OTP above all OTPs. I hate saying this, but I would break up Royai before breaking up EdWin. I just can’t they’re too pure, and–okay. *cracks knuckles*

First off, their friendship is a byproduct of 2 generations of friendship before it. If Pinako and Hohenheim hadn’t become friends, he wouldn’t have met Trisha, and then Pinako helped deliver both of those boys?! I mean come on. How cute is that?

I digress.

Okay so these two kids become friends by means of proximity, when they’re hella young. They see the best and the worst in one another. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds to one another (but let’s be honest neither of the two are shy).

At first I couldn’t understand what Winry saw in Ed. He was kind of a jerk. And immature. And rude. And dismissive. But then you see what Edward is like with his guard down. His gentle heart and sacrificial spirit and dare I say shyness? Mm, maybe uncertainty. He’s unsure of his worthiness because he doesn’t believe in himself or his capabilities. His Great Failure means that he himself is a Great Failure, and he’s just broken with guilt and regret, and thus overcompensates with a “look at me I’m the best” attitude and gets into shenanigans (because if he is The Greatest at alchemy then he is not the Great Failure).

Winry sees this cocky attitude and rolls her eyes at him. She is his opposite, a quieter sort of diligence. Her mind is calculating, methodical, despite her outward displays of emotion (which I LOVE. Let girls be passionate about their hobbies 2k17). You can see in her interactions with the boys that she is processing, integrating, tearing apart and rebuilding to form stronger, more cohesive (and yet fluid, bending and twisting but nevernever breaking) bonds. She, too, doubts her worth, having doctors for parents and the “Leopardess of Resembool” for a grandma. So intimidating! But she persists and learns and becomes a good mechanic.

She leaves the boys to pursue her OWN dreams of becoming a Great Mechanic/Engineer/Surgeon and SHE DOES IT. ALL BY HERSELF SHE DOES IT.

Which is my major point for EdWin being such an amazing couple: they have their own dreams! Their own goals. Their friendship and love blooms out of how much they admire and love seeing each other grow and become who they were meant to be!

Their relationship is so healthy! They laugh together, they shout at one another, they build each other up. Have you ever counted how many times Ed raves to people about his mechanic, how incredible she is? And Winry noticing Ed’s shoulders getting broader, as he takes on more responsibility, grows up, matures in front of her eyes. The best.

I adore EdWin. There’s no mooning or pining or angst, just straight up “why did I fall in love with such a dork?”. And that’s the long and short of it. They love each other with REAL love: choosing that person every day not with feelings but with a commitment and stubbornness and dedication to making the other the best they can be.

Okay I’ve said too much but you get the picture.

Here’s to the self indulgent crossover that I ended up putting way to much effort into. But I love Voltron and I adore the Green Lantern lore and universe and I ended up putting some serious thought into that.
So just… let me explain: 

Green Lantern (Willpower): Pidge 
The Green ring is often regarded as “willpower”, but I also interpret it as “bravery”. I think this speaks a lot to Pigde. Pidge is highly goal oriented and motivated. And in order get her goal she is willing to overcome a lot of things, a lot of dangerous, scary things. Her will and bravery are both shining strong. 
+Green Lanterns are believed to be the ‘neutral’ color. They don’t lean towards good or bad. And I think it’s a nice touch for her. 

Sinestro Corps (Fear): Shiro 
So here’s the thing- Shiro might not look like the kind of person who would be motivated by instilling fear, but he might’ve been that kind of person during his time as Champion. He is also highly motivated by his own fear: of the Galra empire, of Zarkon, of getting captured again and even from himself. So while I think it’s not the only choice that could work for him (green could work as well) I found it fitting. 

Blue Lantern (Hope): Lance
I always see Lance as the one who can hold everyone together. He might get sad, sure, but he will also always be the one to try and cheer everyone up by doing something stupid. Other then that, he is also pretty hopeful for himself. Sure he’s not the best at anything but he tries, believing he can be a better pilot, or win over a girl. I find it endearing, and very fitting of the blue ring. 

Red Lantern (Rage): Keith
So it’s pretty clear, especially in the last two episodes, that Keith is highly impulsive- which fit the red ring. There’s also enough of a reason to believe at least some of his actions are controlled by anger. While Shiro seems to channel his relation to the Galra through fear, Keith seems to channel it through anger. 
Also Red Lantern have this thing where the ring replaces their blood with liquid fire so I mean yeah we also have that.

Indigo Tribe (Compassion): Hunk 
Honestly, I feel like this one is self explanatory. Hunk IS compassion. He fights because he cares, not only for the people close to him, but for everyone. Still not convinced? Here’s the translation of the first lines in the indigo oath: “In sorrowful day, in misfortunate night,We help those, who need our might”.
(Indigo Tribe members can also channel every other emotion. fun fact) 

Star Sapphires (Love): Allura
It’s important to remember that the violet corps isn’t necessarily driven by romantic love- but by love and care for the living in general. Allura fits that a lot. She’ll fight, yes, but she’s a diplomat first, always wishing for peace with other aliens. And just like the Star Sapphires, she’ll kick your ass if you try to harm anyone she cares about. 
+At some point, Wonder Woman was also a Star Sapphire, so this is definitely the “strong kickass queens” corps. 

Agent Orange (Greed) Haggar: 
Agent Orange is a weird thing for me, and it was hard to pick a character. I ended up deciding on Haggar. Orange is not a corpse, but an individual who isn’t really keen on sharing his powers or his treasures. He will help you if you ask, but he always has his own selfish interests first. I thought she will probably be the best choice for that. 

Ended up writing so much gahhh. 
Oh well. This has been fun. 

P.S Zarkon would be a black lantern.