but she's a baby

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Yeah and bitch had the nerve to still be EMBARRASSED BY HIM when he was serenading her in front of everyone after she turned him down on the dance floor. 

She only went up and kissed him because the other girls said they were jealous and THAT’S what made her be like “oh ok cool if people are jealous of me then I’ll date him”. Fucking high school, man. 

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Adeline had made a bee-line for her room as soon as they’d gotten back to the hotel. She silently thanked god that her roommate wasn’t in as she sunk to the floor in the corner. She was a mess, her knees pulled up against her chest as she shook - the tears falling freely now. Why she’d agreed to go along with the escape activity, she didn’t know. She should’ve realized it would only have left her in a state like this. Her fear of hospitals or anything of the sorts was extremely strong. Every time she closed her eyes, all she could picture was the boat, and then the hospital and then waking up without a leg. It terrified her, and now all of a sudden she couldn’t breathe. All she could do was rock back and forth and let the panic overcome her.