but she was not like that during those years

I told the broker

She called because owner’s broker had a question about my credit report. (No matter how much work I do on my credit score now, the years of not paying bills will still take a while to come off report.) I decided to just tell her about everything. She’s nice and I don’t want to put her in a situation where she’s talking to a colleague and doesn’t have all the information. I started out very awkwardly then I told her about the criminal record, which was caused by drugs, and that it was during those years that I ignored my student loans. She was very kind and very compassionate. She said she knows what it’s like for your child to change your life and change who you are. We will try for this house, but this owner is a little strict and if it doesn’t work out onto the next one. I’m glad I was honest with her. When I was strung out I told lies every minute of every day and now I just don’t have the stomach for it.

That one time I was magic.

I worked for four years at Borders Books & Music. During the time I worked there, I got a reputation for being good at finding stuff and recommending books. I was the one the other sellers would come to when a customer had one of those “It had a blue cover” questions. My best dude friend B (who I met working at Borders) likes to tell the story about how he was attempting to help a woman who could only tell him that she wanted a book about this woman who took a vacation from marriage. He was stumped, until (in his words), I suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said “Do you mean ‘A Year by the Sea’ by Joan Anderson?” Which she did.

But that wasn’t my magic moment.

One time, the Columbus newspaper featured a little semi-self-published book about grammar written by a local woman. I know, it seems like an odd trend, but there you go. Fortunately I’d had a heads-up about this feature and had ordered thirty copies of the book to have on hand. I was working at the info desk and for expediency just kept about ten copies right there so when people came up asking for it, I could give it to them.

After awhile of working retail, you get to be able to read people’s faces and what it is they want. There’s a particular expression that says “I’m looking for a thing but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to know what I’m talking about but I’m going to try anyway” and every single person who had come in asking for the grammar book had been wearing this expression.

Around noon, and after having sold a good dozen of those books, I’m standing there and a woman comes walking up wearing the exact expression I just described. I decided to risk it. Before she could even open her mouth to ask for it, I just picked up a copy of the grammar book and handed it to her with a smile, saying “Here you go!”

She stared at it, and then stared at me. “How did you know??” she said.

“Bookseller magic,” I replied.

She wandered off to pay for it, still kind of shocked. I looked around and my co-workers were all staring at me like I’d grown a second head.

And that’s the time I was magic.

Ex-wife texted me to tell me she had gotten engaged.

So Saturday, she texts me to tell me that she had gotten engaged, and felt like I should hear it from her. I was pissed that she decided to tell me this, but I’m moving on.

Backstory time: After 10 years together, a few of those married, my ex-wife and I separated when I caught her in an affair with one of my friends. After months of gaslighting every time I asked why she was so distant, she started a major fight with me and asked me to leave for a few days, during this time she basically left all but the essentials and moved in with this fat, miserable, vape-enthusiast fuckhelmet. The guy totally spent 9 months spinning lies about me, before she moved in, but she was the one that was willing to believe even the most outlandish things to convince herself that she was justified in cheating. It turns out he was in a better place to financially get her where she wanted to be. This story is long and drawn out, and I won’t spend anymore time on it. Just know that this wasn’t the first time she fucked me over, but it was definitely the last. Despite pretending they weren’t seeing each other and my ex saying that she still wanted to work things out, the separation started last fall, and the divorce finalized in May of this year.

Anyway, her mother called me Tuesday to say Merry Christmas and see how I have been. You could not ask for better in-laws, and I still talk to them occasionally. Anyway, she told me that, despite the engagement, I am still part of the family and welcome anytime. At some point after this, I told her that I wasn’t happy about the engagement, but I wasn’t surprised, since they had been living together for a year and a half. She got really quiet for a moment, but then wished me a Merry Christmas and told me not to be a stranger and got off the phone.

Yesterday, I get up and one of her cousins has texted me with info on this shitstorm that I started. It turns out that she had adamantly stuck to the story that they had gotten together this spring, and had only moved in together this summer. Her mother went off on her for lying all these months about the cause of our divorce, she’s pissed and isn’t going to be going to Christmas this year at my ex’s new house as a result. I’ve heard that she was told they would be hosting Christmas at home this year instead.

Now, I didn’t intend this revenge, but it did happen. Merry Christmas, bitch.

Update 2/2/17: Thanks for the gold, and for all the cool replies. <3

listen this thing where people can’t believe taylor swift has been wronged and emotionally hurt by multiple men has got to stop especially when she so often writes about how important it is to have the strength to leave and not risk losing yourself in those situations. like is it really that hard to believe she’s encountered multiple self interested and distant men during her 10 years in the music industry? it isn’t a schtick. her stories are personal stories and she shouldn’t be shamed for having the courage and talent to share them with the rest of the world.

So, hi! I’m totally new to this community, I started this studyblr because I’d like to become much more organized and stay motivated during this year. 

You can call me sohyun (she/her), I’m 16y/o. 

This 2017 I’m starting my last year of high school. I’d like to major in English, I’m also interested in graphic design, photography and everything related to that. 

But before I start doing all of those things I’d like to get rid of bad study habits by being part of this amazing community. ^^

I’m also a full-time kpop trash, and a fellow slytherin who would like to improve on study methods, and help other people to do that as well. 

My native language is Spanish, I studied English on my own, and the language I’m currently self-learning is Korean. 

(Please like/reblog if you’re a studyblr so I can follow more people!)

Some of my favorite studyblrs are:

@rahaflearns@fuckstudy@intellectus,  @studykitties@c-athyna@elkstudies,  @studyblr-for-life, @19tc, @catestudies, @emmastudies, @uglystudies, @tbhstudying, @focusign, @genericstudyblr, @studyign, @studyblr, @nehrdist 

처음 뵙겠습니다!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: aaron burr never actually answered hamilton's question about graduating in two years, he just said "it was my parents' dying wish before they passed" and then hamilton started his rant about orphans/war and like yeah burr's response explains WHY he graduated early but it doesn't tell hamilton HOW he did it like did he take 30 credits each semester? did he work through christmas and summer? did he sleep during those two years? like ever? the world (and hamilton) may never know because burr couldn't answer one fucking question

I had a mini revelation. 

Stefan is living in the Salvatore mansion for eternity whilst Caroline lives out her life in the world teaching little children in the Salvatore mansion.  

We never got that scene, but you know Stefan is watching over her like he always does

Why did I not realise this sooner? 


So second Steroline revelation of the day.

Caroline has all his diaries to read through.  She also has all the letters he wrote to her that she returned during the three years she was with Alaric.  

She is  sitting there with all those letters and diaries, treasuring each word, knowing that it will be many years before she hears him talk again.  And Stefan is watching her reading his words, watching her carry his legacy, watching her everyday and writing new letters and diary entries as he waits for her to join him in eternity.

The triplets all feel their sins crawling up their backs… D:

Now, before you all go and say that Taffy is a bad parent for not at least attempting to discipline the rowdy children, you have to realize that he would never want to cause them any harm - or even be the cause of them frowning. He’s frankly too soft to even lecture the kids, and it’s not like six-year-olds would be good at listening to lectures. 
And no, he’s not fake-crying to get them to stop. He’s too overwhelmed with trying to keep control of three kids at once (imagine Pinkie Pie when she tried to babysit Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake).
…This is also why during one of those Neutral Endings, Taffy mentions through the phone call that he would never be able to reign over the whole Candyground. :p

But just imagine the lectures that all three kiddies would get once Spikey comes home. D: One for trashing the house and causing mischief, and one for making Mama cry.

capitalbbored  asked:

In Gaiden, was Sakura pregnant in the flashbacks? Because she looked like she was, but then the dialogue bubble just blocked her body and I'm just making a wish that she was. Because... The uchihas need a baby boyyy!!

I think it’s more likely that Sakura wasn’t pregnant during those flashbacks. Naruto was already Hokage at the time, and Sarada was shown to be already at least 6-8 years old during his inauguration. At least, that’s what the Hokage One Shot would have you believe.

In any case, why exactly do the Uchiha’s need a baby boy? You’ll have to forgive me, but over the past few weeks, this notion that the Uchiha family somehow “needs” a baby boy has begun to really irritate me.

I really don’t understand why so many people think a baby boy is necessary.


I know it sounds strange, and maybe cliched, but it’s kind of amazing how little things can make such a difference in your life. Who knew that silly internet videos could be one of those things for me. I just wanted to take a minute to show a little gratitude to the lovelies at CA and give them a little thanks for giving me some extra positivity this year.

Thank you for giving me those moments each week when I can just be happy and laugh and not have to worry about anything for a little while. Thank you for giving my family a little something more to laugh with and bond over during our more difficult weeks. Thank you for making my mom feel a little more like her old self after she had a stroke and hardly even smiled for a while. Thank you for helping me feel accepted and like I belong in this fandom even though there were many days when I felt otherwise because some people didn’t like me or my blog. Thank you for your constant support and for using my images and reassuring me that I could keep doing this when I doubted myself. Thank you for creating something that brought some of the best friends one could ask for into my life. Thank you for inspiring me in more ways than I can list. Thank you for caring and for listening when I needed it most. Just–thank you for everything you do. I can only hope that the graphics we post on here make you at least half as happy as you’ve made me these past four years. And no matter how many negative and mean-spirited comments you guys get, never forget you have people out there that still appreciate what you do. :)

And to our wonderful followers and my amazing friends as well…

This has been a rough year for most but some good things happened too, a few of which involved you guys in some way. We love you guys and I sincerely hope you all have a merry Christmas, happy holiday season and a magnificent 2017. <3 - d

Comic Con: Sebastian Stan imagine

Part 2

Comic con was the holy grail for all the marvel fans. The Avengers cast were all enjoying their time together at the convention. Meeting fans was always something fun for them.

The cast sat up on a table as they talked about filming Civil War. Sebastian loved his fellow cast members, they where friends, family almost. And being like a family meant all the jokes and teasing.

“So Sebastian, we all know your girlfriend is a huge fan. Is she here?” A fan asked during the Q&A. Sebastian couldn’t help but chuckle. 

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me during the day: goddamn dude just shut up
me at night: in yayo, lana says “i like the snake on your tattoo” which is such a generic statement because snakes in tattoos are usually symbolic (see: ouroboros) and she goes on to say “i like the ivy and the ink blue” which really suggests she doesnt get it because why just describe the physical attributes…. but in florida kilos, all those years later, she says “..tattoos… dont know what they mean, theyre special just for you”, which in itself is just a big ourosboros……. meaning she is self aware, she DOES know what the snake means, and pretending not to understand was part of the shtick from the very beginning… lana del rey, forever stuck in the cycle of pretense, phoenix rising from the ashes, the eternal return to oneself,

GMS Fanfiction - Sebastian/MC/James (Mentioned) - Care

Since my first post was so well-received, I thought I’d share another fic that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

This particular story is meant to show a glimpse into Sebastian’s thoughts on the MC during James’ season 2 route. Consequently, it does contain spoilers for James’ season 2. Enjoy!

In those days after James’ disappearance, Sebastian cared for her. He had watched over James from the shadows for years. So long now, that it seemed like it had been forever.

Now, he had no one. So he turned his protection onto her.

Sebastian, at the time, reasoned that he was just looking out for Guinevere because it was what James would want him to do. He would be blamed should something happen to her while she was in his charge. In a roundabout sort of way, he was defending himself.

He wished he could still believe that.

Watching Guinevere was simple. Far simpler than watching James would be. He wasn’t called upon to act the bodyguard, nor was he summoned into battle or ordered to get his hands dirty. He merely shadowed the halls like a gargoyle, sitting on his hands and alone with his thoughts.

The change was so far removed from his previous lifestyle that he found himself going stir crazy in spite of himself.

He knew that Guinevere was not coping with James’ absence. She hardly slept, ate even less. She was pale and withdrawn, driven to hours spent gazing into nothing or staring holes into books she did not read. It worried him, though he was hesitant to admit it, even to himself.

One afternoon he found her asleep in James’ study, a cup of cold cocoa forgotten on the desk, blankets wrapped to her chin. She had come here to be alone, but Sebastian did not find anything around that could have served for entertainment. A closer look revealed streaks of dried salt on her cheeks. She had been crying.

Sebastian couldn’t say why that tightened his chest the way it did.

“..Guinevere?” he asked after a moment of pause. She didn’t stir.

He moved closer, putting a hand on her shoulder and giving her a light shake. She made a noise, but still her eyes remained closed.

Sebastian sighed. He dipped to take her into his arms, adjusting her until the blankets didn’t engulf his vision. She breathed softly, still fast asleep.

He took her back to James’ room, setting her onto the bed and silently tucking her in. He made to leave, but stopped fast at pressure on his clothes.

She had grasped his shirt, surprisingly strong for her unconscious state. Sebastian, brows knitting, bent closer to undo her fingers. Undeterred, she latched onto him as if he were a teddy bear and she a small child, forcing him to kneel and nearly sending him crashing on top of her.

Sebastian exhaled loudly, ears burning. How long had it been since he’d felt affectionate contact from another? Especially from the opposite sex? She was warm, and smelled like vanilla and spice-


Sebastian felt a jolt as his heart jumped into his throat. He tore away from her as if she had burned him, only stopping when his back struck the wall.

What was he doing? Guinevere belonged to James. She loved James, not him.

He swallowed hard, breathing audible. He balled his fists.

Sebastian turned on his heel, the line of his shoulders tense in the darkness, and strode away.


Things Change

Link: (if posted elsewhere) AO3
Square filled: Friends to Lovers
Ship: Dean/Donna
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, nsfw, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex
Summary: Dean Winchester and Donna Hanscum have been friends for a long time. After Dean quits hunting, he thinks maybe it’s time for a change.
Word Count: 3139
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret  
Author’s Notes:  Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo 

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

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Reunions - Part 1/3

Request:  Hi can I request one where the reader is Hamilton’s younger sister who ran away/stowed away so he could go to the mainland. Years later in 1789 during a welcome back ball for Jefferson he shows up with the reader as his wife. Bonus if beforehand Thomas and Alex were arguing about who has a better wife and when he finds out his sister is TJ’s wife he’s like “Well no wonder she’s a great wife, she’s related to me” or something along those lines.
Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader & Alexander Hamilton as brother
Warning: Suicide mention.

                                                        ✰   ✰

As a child living in the Caribbean, life in the mainland was one you dreamed of. You admitted it, you didn’t have the easiest life there; when you were only nine years old and your brother was ten, your father left your family and two years later, your whole family was on the brink of death; somehow you and your brother managed to escape death’s hold, your mother however, wasn’t so lucky. After that, you and your brother moved in with your cousin, but he too left the world after committing suicide.

Your brother was the only consistent thing in your life; the two of you were always there for each other and supported each other every step of the way. You knew your brother was destined for greatness; he had such a bright mind and even though you too possessed a great mind, the people who knew the two of you believed in Alexander more, and granted him passage to the mainland.

Oh how you cried as you watched your brother sail away on the ship to the mainland. You were officially all alone. But not for long. You weren’t going to stay in the place that caused you so much anguish and heartbreak. So, a year after your brother departed to the mainland, you made the decision of stowing away on a ship bound for the mainland.

Upon your arrival, you didn’t have much money, so you had to find somewhere to work and the first place you came across was a tavern. Inside that tavern, you met a man that changed your life. Thomas Jefferson.

When he saw you, he was immediately attracted to you and after speaking for a couple of hours, he decided that he could not let you get away from him and he asked to court you, to which you promptly agreed because this man was wonderful and your heart swelled at the thought of becoming his wife.

The wedding was wonderful and both of your hearts were full of love for each other. The only person who was missing, was your dear brother. Soon after you had wed, the two of you decided to move to Paris, were you lived a great couple of years. It was there where you had your first child, a daughter named Martha.

It was now 1789; you were currently back in America, attending a welcome back ball for your husband, who had been appointed as Secretary of State by the President, George Washington.

You were wearing a beautiful gown, light blue in colour with magenta highlights throughout the skirt so that you could match with your husbands bright magenta suit. You’d pleaded for him to not wear the attire, but he was stubborn and even though you argued, it was all lighthearted and you’d ended up laughing after it all.

Throughout the night, you stood close to your husband, only moving away when people came to speak to him about important matters. You were speaking with a lovely woman about trivial things, when you heard your husband’s annoyed voice.

“My wife is the best of wives and the best of women, Jefferson. There’s no competition.”

“Hamilton, there is no question. I am sure your wife is a lovely woman, but my wife is the best out of all of them. She has a brain on the same caliber as mine, gave me a wonderful daughter and is positively the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” His proud words made you grin and blush, but then you recalled the surname and furrowed your eyebrows, spinning around to see with who he was arguing with and tears instantly came to your eyes.

You broke into a run, almost tackling your brother to the ground with the rough embrace you held him in. He was positively confused, as his arms remained outstretched at his sides, looking up at Jefferson for some sort of help.

“Y/N, my darling, are you confused as to who your husband is?” You heard Thomas’ voice, sounding as confused as Alexander was at the moment.

“No, I’m not. I can tell my husband and brother apart just fine, my love.” You replied cheekily, looking up at Alexander with a grin on your lips, tears in your eyes. Alexander gasped in surprised, placing his hands on either side of your face to see if this was actually happening, before he wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up, spinning you around and making you giggle.

“My sister, my darling sister!” Alexander cried out, setting you down on the ground and hugging you tightly, “How long has it been?”

“Too long Alexander, far too long.” You cried against his chest, holding him tight. “Long enough for the both of us to be married with children.” You spoke jokingly, pulling away and quickly wiping away your tears, moving to Thomas’ side and taking his hand into yours.

Alexander was obviously still shocked from seeing his baby sister after so long and he was even more shocked that his sister was married to the pompous jerk standing before him. He could see how happy and healthy his sister was, so he didn’t say anything against Jefferson.

Throughout the commotion, Eliza had stepped up next to Alexander, and wrapped her arm around his waist. He smiled down at his wife, before looking back at his sister and her husband.

“Well, no wonder you claim that your wife is so great… she shares my blood!” Alexander quipped, laughing. You stepped forward and slapped your brother’s chest jokingly, laughing too. Eliza too let out a little giggle. She was positively beautiful and radiated kindness; she looked at your brother the same way you looked at Thomas, full of love and pride.

The rest of the night was spent with your brother and his wife; Thomas and Alexander managed to be civil for one night, they didn’t bring up any politics and didn’t even engage in any of their petty arguments.

After the night was over, you promised your brother that you would keep in touch, pressed a kiss to his cheek and hugged your sister in law. Thomas stepped forward and kissed Eliza’s knuckles respectfully and despite both their reluctance, Thomas and Alexander shook hands. The spontaneity of your reunion was definitely strange, but you wouldn’t change it for the world.  

When you returned to the carriage, you could see the pout on Thomas’ face. How couldn’t he have made the connection? He knew your maiden name was Hamilton and the two of you shared similarities.

You frowned as he saw the concern on your husband’s face, gently placing your hand on his cheek and making him look at you. “My love, I am still your wife, the same one I have been for years. You finding out that my brother is Alexander Hamilton won’t change my love for you or the years we’ve shared together.” You spoke in an assuring voice, pressing your lips to his momentarily before pulling away and smiling at him. He nodded and smiled back, placing his hand over your own.

“I love you Y/N. Far too much to comprehend.”

i remember during the tlok series finale when mako was like “i would follow you into any battle” and everybody was so sure that makorra was endgame and i was just resigned to the fact the the straights are gonna have it again but THEN, in the next scene fcking asami interrupted tenzin and korra’s conversation with an excuse we all know was bullshit then she and korra just basically confessed their undying love for each other and then they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes and walked off into the sunset spirit world. AND WE POPPED THE BIGGEST BOTTLES BECAUSE IT WAS KORRASAMI THAT BECAME FUCKING CANON 

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 

anonymous asked:

You should ask her what her problem is! Next time she does something like that ask her "Have I done something wrong to you?"

I (think) i know what her problem is?

okay, so a few years ago, she and my brother were going to move out. They put down the deposit for an apartment and everything but last minute, she pulled out and they broke up for a couple weeks.

now, during those couple weeks, we were going to see Fall Out Boy, but she didn’t come with us because hey, she hurt my brother pretty badly so yeah. We never re-paid her, I never forgave her and ever since then, she’s just despised me lol.

HMM I made one! I made myself an BATIM oc ahh ;A; I love her, she’s my new favorite!

Anyway, I named her Fillian (Finny for short) and she’s a dragon cause why not. I made her a dragon cause I was thinking last night ‘I wanna make one, what’s a creature that was pretty popular during those years?’. Took me a while, that’s when I thought of like those old Micky cartoons, he always had to fight these random creatures like this one time he fought a giant.

That’s when I thought of dragon. I haven’t seen anyone else make one, and I was like ‘LET’S GO WITH THAT!’. Reminder that I made her just last night in the middle of the night xD I have more sketches if you guys want to see more of her!!

lila as sir gawain (knuckles)’s wife, dame ragnelle. heres a summary 4 those who dont feel like cliking that link 2 wikipedia heres a summary

“….She explains she had been under a spell to look like a hag until a good knight married her; now her looks will be restored half the day. She gives him the choice to have her beautiful at night, when they are together, or during the day, when they are with others. Instead, he gives her the sovereynté to make the choice herself. This answer lifts the curse for good, and Ragnelle’s beauty returns permanently. “

technically in the story ragnelle lives only 5 more years after they marry but we’ll ig n ore th a t.   

basically  i wasnt sureh ow to make lila “ugly” for this while still being in sonic style so this is kinda more like a were form than anything