but she was not like that during those years

Keeping Secrets - Jack Maynard

Request: Hi could you please do an imagine where the reader is secretly dating Jack but Byron likes her so they fight over her and during a video Jack kisses her ?

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


You were never good at keeping secrets. In Grade two, you told your teacher that Steven said she had a big nose. In Grade ten, you told your best friend that the guy she was dating still slept with a teddy. And on your 21st birthday, you told everyone exactly what you wanted…or who you wanted.

You’ve been crushing on Jack for two years now and despite thinking he would never have those same feelings, he did. On your 21st birthday, you got so drunk, thanks to the guys, and ended up confessing everything to him. Although, the next day he pretended like you never said a word and decided to increase the amount of flirting. It ended up working out perfectly and 4 months into your relationship, he ended up telling you what really happened. However, beginning a relationship with one of the guys was something you swore you would never do. You promised yourself they were only friends so when you started feeling something for Jack, you knew you had to keep it a secret. Keeping a 5 month relationship a secret from every single person in your life was the most difficult thing in the world.

“I think I’m going to ask (y/n) out.” Byron blurted out while you, him and Jack were filming. You had gone to the kitchen to grab the forfeit but could hear the boys in the other room.

“What?” Jack asked, confused. “Why would you do that?”

“For obvious reasons, Jack.” Byron replied, with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “Do you think she’ll say yes?”

“No.” Jack answered and you knew he was getting more and more jealous as the conversation progressed.

“Why not? We’re the closest out of the group.” Byron said and it was true. You and Byron had a lot in common which meant your friendship with him was strong, however that was before you and Jack started dating.

“(y/n)!” Jack shouted. You took a deep breath and headed back into the living room and sat on the chair beside Jack and Byron, pretending you didn’t notice the vibe in the room. “As if you think you’re the closest.” Jack mumbled underneath his breath and although you wanted to ignore it, Byron had other plans.

“I’m sorry, you guys barely speak.” Byron retaliated.

“Yeah, cause we’re too busy falling in love to do anything else!” Your eyes widened as the words left Jack’s mouth and you refused to move. You thought if you just stayed still and quiet, the conversation would go away. 

“What?” Byron asked, not believing a single word. You remained silent, hoping to ignore it but Jack quickly pressed his lips against yours.

He mumbled a silent “I love you” before turning to face Byron. “We’ve been dating for 5 months now.” You slowly turned your head to face Byron and began to wonder what he was thinking. Jack placed his right hand on your left thigh tightly, wondering the same thing.

“Bro,” He said, quietly. “All you had to do was say so.” He laughed. You finally breathed out, knowing Byron was quickly getting over the situation and Jack’s grip on your thigh loosened. “So, what’s the video?” Byron asked, changing the subject and allowing things to go back to normal.


Liam’s voice in person has the same effect as it does over radio airwaves, commanding and warm like the rich, black coffee Nita grew accustomed to drinking during those late-night study sessions she had in college, and she is unable to look anywhere else but directly at him when he speaks again, asking if she’ll press the button for the floor where FREE 95.1 resides before seeing that it’s already illuminated.

“You work for the station?” he asks, brows arching, and then they pull together as he studies her for a moment. “What department?”

“Mega Morning,” Nita replies, as the elevator lurches to life. She shrugs her shoulders as Liam looks on with interest and takes that moment to burst the bubble of whatever illusion she imagines he’s crafting in his head, of her working in some noteworthy position for the Mega Morning Show instead of filing, answering phones, and making afternoon coffee runs like an average twenty-three-year-old working in this kind of entry-level position. “Nothing fancy. Pushing papers, grabbing coffee, mostly.”

Liam nods, unbuttoning his beautiful brown coat, and to Nita’s surprise, the interest never leaves his eyes. “Have you been here long?”

Picking at her cuticles, Nita shakes her head. “Month and a half, maybe?” Has it even been that long? Even with the work she does being rather low on the scale, radio is a fast-paced world and the time flies in a way that makes it hard to keep track. It’s part of the reason why she loves it so much. As the world changes rapidly, so does the look and sound and responsibility of radio, and Nita finds the effort it takes to keep up the pace invigorating.

“You’re liking it here, then?” he asks, politely keeping eye contact as they exchange words, and Nita grasps at the collar of her blouse beneath her own tan coat like she’s clutching at a string of non-existent pearls. His eyes are far too intense for this early in the morning.

goodnight, good morning // a one-shot; coming soon

nothing is funnier to me than the universal phenomenon of people telling stories of classmates who wronged them years prior but addressing those people by like, their entire name every time. as if they’re an old nemesis whose name hasn’t been uttered in thousands of years. people will recall to you in excruciating detail that time in the third grade that fuckin katie hughes pushed them off the swing during recess and you’d swear by the vigor and hatred in their eyes that this katie hughes girl is still out there to this very day, still tormenting other helpless people her age, still pushing them off of swingsets, and that she will never, ever be forgiven for the particular atrocity that she committed on that playground all those years ago

i don’t think i’ve made a post about this yet, but i find it fascinating how MHA is kinda the story of a next gen shonen story, only the audience has never seen the previous generation.

All Might was the protagonist of his story, and now he’s reaching his limit and needs to retire. the story focus is on the new generation surpassing the old, and learning from their mistakes. All Might doesn’t want Izuku to experience the same pain he did, by losing his master. instead, he’s focusing on helping Izuku become the next Symbol of Peace.

Izuku is learning that self-sacrifice isn’t the end all, be all for heroes. that you can’t just wreck your body to save someone else, because sooner or later it’ll catch up with you.

Endeavor is what would happen if a shonen rivalry continued on into adulthood without ever resolving itself. he’s the logical conclusion of an unresolved rivalry of someone who couldn’t take being left behind. Bakugou’s development is in direct contrast to Endeavor’s, because Bakugou is learning and growing and slowly letting go of his spite and frustration and need to be number one all the time, unlike Endeavor

Toshinori made himself the Symbol of Peace, and as a result he was the only thing keeping society on it’s feet. once he fell, so did everything keeping the villains at bay. the new generation are all going to learn from this and become more symbols, holding up the peace together instead of just relying on one person.

the next generation is all about Teamwork, not just working as individuals.

Toshinori lost his place as a hero after he went after All for One in revenge those 6 years ago. he lost sight of his heroism in order to avenge Nana. that’s the moment he fell. that’s why he can no longer be a hero anymore, because of the injuries he sustained from that fight.

Nana gave up her child and cut herself off from her family because she couldn’t take the pain of it anymore. she likely kept herself emotionally distant from Toshinori because of this, during their short time together, and Toshinori is doing the complete opposite of what she did; Toshinori is getting close to Izuku and they’re both emotionally supporting each other.

there’s so much about Toshi’s life that we don’t know about, and it’s his life that would’ve been the star of the previous generation. how he was quirkless, how he wanted to become a hero, and a symbol who could stop crime, how he met Nana and earned her trust and gained her powers, how he lost her and trained under Gran Torino, how Endeavor met him and sparked that rivalry, how he eventually became All Might and how his reputation alone nearly stopped crime (something no hero in any previous generation was able to do). 

his whole life could be told in it’s own series, but we, the audience, aren’t privy to that information. we just know the bare bones, and occasionally we find out more as the story goes on. little hints of what happened before. but that’s all in the past–it’s all about helping the next generation grow now. All Might was a legend in his own time, but he’s old and injured and has to retire from hero work. instead, he’s helping a new generation of heroes grow; he’s helping Izuku become the next Symbol of Peace in his place. 

the story of MHA is a next generation story without the previous generation being shown, and i think that’s fascinating.

I have a friend who is a huge LotR nerd and he’s started telling me fun facts every morning:

* he analysed Gandalf’s whole “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass” - the secret fire is essentially the gift of creation and only Eru / God has it, basically Gandalf is saying he has the blessing of god. Udun was one of Melkor’s (this Melkor dude was Sauron’s boss way back when) early strongholds. Gandalf knows the balrogs have been with Melkor from the beginning. The flame of Anor is a reference to the Maia named Arien, who Melkor never managed to corrupt  - so Gandalf is saying he is incorruptible, and reminds the balrog of his master’s failures and that he will straight up burn his ass (also it’s why he’s not that affected by the balrog when he literally wrestles him)

* he explained how Eowyn was able to kill the Nazgul -  the whole “not by the hand of man will he fall” was mostly a gimmick that Glorfindel used to stop Earnur (the last king of Gondor) from going after the witchking after he was defeated (he totally went after him later like a fuckwit and was never seen again). The Dunedain of the north made special weapons against the wraiths (cause they were like ghosts and no mortal weapon could harm them) while Arnor was still alive. One of those blades ended up with Merry and when he stabbed the Nazgul, the blade pierced the magical veil between the worlds and brought him more into our world, so he could be hurt by regular weapons. Enter Eowyn to finish the job

*  Shelob probably survived (you know, the huge spider who we thought Sam had killed). Also she was about 6500 years old during the War of the Ring

* he told me why Galadriel gave 3 strands of her hair to Gimli, when he only asked for one -  way way back in Valinor, Feanor (the dude who created the silmarills) asked Galadriel for a lock of her hair, but she refused him 3 times,  because she thought we was arrogant and dangerous. After that he got so pissed off he made the silmarills. So basically Galadriel’s hair is responsible for everything. When Gimli asked for one strand of hair, she saw he had a pure heart and gave him 3. Even in the movies you can see Legolas smile when Gimli tells him, because the fucker knew the story.

I’ll keep updating this post as he tells me more because this shit is fascinating.

Sarah J Maas Transcript (1/3)

Finished this last night and posting it before I go to a fair!

This is a transcript for the parts I recorder of the Manchester Sarah J Maas event. The video just isn’t working with me, so here. The visuals weren’t good anyways xD. I didn’t record from the start, heads-up. Also, I wouldn’t super-analyse every word she says because, again, she was talking on stage and that won’t translate smoothly to a write up. There were a lot of ‘uh’s and ‘like’s that I cut out and a lot more laughing.

UPDATE: Next one has been posted!

SJM: I’ve said before, so I can say it now: the wall scene… is in this book [laughs as audience screams]. I had a lot of fun writing writng that – um, if you don’t know what I’m talking about –

Charlie Bowater: Where have you been?

SJM: (laughs) I hope for the parents that have no idea what I’m talking about… you don’t wanna know. [audience laughter]. A Court of Frost and Starlight – ACOFAS, or ACOfaus as you Brits would say – that’s coming out in May.

Talking about the planning of things – with these novellas, I always wanted them to be something you had to read before the last Throne of Glass book. So I knew some big, big things that would go on in this, but then when I wrote it there were actually some surprises – and again, no spoilers – that I didn’t see coming, and they were actually things that I had planted the seeds for earlier in the books. Then I got to this moment and I had this idea and I literally looked back – combed through the books – and I was like, holy. Effing. Shit.

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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 4 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 5,487

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here!

And he asked te question he needed to be answered more than anything “There’s no (Y/n) and Dean, they are just friends… aren’t they?

“Baby, what is it?” you frowned, tilting your head to the side “Why are you asking me all these questions now?”

“I just- I figured there were some things I wanted to hear from you, some things getting complicated with Dean… and his role, and Sam so I just… yeah.” he pursed his lips, frowning at himself when he realized that sounded so not convincing.

“Is it about Sam or… Jared?” you asked with a raised eyebrow and his frown only deepened.


“Baby, if you still are jealous over the scenes we have I- I seriously don’t know what to say, now. I thought I’d done enough to show you how much I love you, I didn’t know you still doubted yourself so much about it.” you whispered “But- but if I have to say this all over again, every single day of my life then I will. Jens, you know he is my best friend, he is like a brother to me and quite honestly there is no man on this Earth that could ever make me feel the way I do about you. There is no man that I could love more than you, baby.”

“He’s… a great guy. He’s literally perfect.” he breathed out, not entirely meaning Jared but rather his own brother “I wouldn’t… really blame you.”

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anonymous asked:

1. Things you said at 1 am trimberly please!

Kimberly learns that Trini mumbles in her sleep.

Sometimes it’s utter nonsense that spills out of her mouth, like “no, I don’t want to get on the flying snake” or “hands off my hotdog you son of a bitch.” Those are the funniest because Trini doesn’t like to curse when she’s awake - a habit learned by being around her little brothers all day - but man oh man, does her subconscious have things to say.

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Ruined my stepsister's birthday and got her banned from all clubs in town.

(warning: long story)

BACK STORY: When I was 12, my mom got married to a halfway decent guy. He’s not bad, but he’s not great either, but he made my mom happy and that’s all that I cared about. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy. The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity.

When I started “talking to” a boy for the first time, Kyle, she all of a sudden developed an intense infatuation with him and told me I was forbidden from communicating with him from then on. I was insecure but I was not a pushover. When I didn’t listen to her demands, she took it a step further and told Kyle I had ongoing relationships with several other boys (untrue), which he unfortunately believed. I was completely crushed. She then swooped in and took every opportunity to rub it in my face that she “won” him (i.e. inviting him to my birthday parties at home, inviting me out with her only to later reveal I would be thirdwheeling on their date, making him compliment me and then gloating about how she had such a nice boyfriend, etc). This sort of thing happened countless times, not with just boys but with friends and even workplaces! They ended up dating for two years and, although they had a nasty breakup, Kyle and I remained on good terms, which drove her up the wall. She would constantly ask me, “So did you guys hook up behind my back yet?” while claiming to have moved on already.

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Sometimes Salty Tears End in Sweet Kisses~Raph(2014/16) x Chubby Female Reader

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Do you think you could do a Raph x Chubby reader? Reader being insecure about her weight and being near Raph (or with him) can sometimes make her feel crappy about her body since she thinks a guy like him would much rather have a beautiful barbie doll type girl? Maybe with her having a rough past (being bullied in all of middle school and such?) Thanks!!

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 817

I love writing this stuff soooo much! I’m a big girl myself, and I just love the idea of making others like myself happy through my writing!

Originally posted by alphabetbet

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Pain Split || Peter Parker x Reader [[soulmate au]]

{soulmate au where you and your soulmate share each other’s pain…however there is one extra catch: evidence of their injuries may show up on your body as well… (this mainly applies to bruises, open wounds and broken bones are never shown, but they can still be felt by your soulmate)}

Here’s the promised soulmate au for Peter ;w;

peter parker is my waifu and i will never stop writing for him ;w; he’s such a gr8 boyfriend material that i swear i’m falling more in love with him every time i see him.

i’m so hyped for homecoming man, sooooo hyped [♥]

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


A shot of red hot pain felt blooming across your abdomen forces you to wake up in the middle of the night. You let out an involuntary groan, lifting up your oversized shirt to see what was wrong.

Upon seeing the ugly purple and blue bruise spread out across the wide expanse of your skin, you whimper and gently touch at the surface. When you applied a bit of pressure to the unknown bruise, you felt yourself jolt in response, making you nearly cry out at experiencing the intense pain.

Just who the hell was your soulmate and what were they doing each night?

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anonymous asked:

Will you write a domestic Jikook head cannon? One where Jimin is a teacher @ school or wherever, and Jk is a businessman, and everyone thinks their the cutest/power couple ever??

This is actually such a cute idea. Thank you for the request! I hope you like it💖


Jimin had wanted to be a biology teacher ever since his first science report about snakes in the fourth grade. Granted, he never thought he’d end up teaching high school Biology at 25, let alone married to the CEO of the biggest music production company in Seoul.

He was a popular teacher among the students, known as more fun and easy-going than most. His class was always one of the most sought after, often having a list of students waiting for an open spot lest someone drop the class or get kicked out. It was rare that someone willing leave the class, considering the extra leeway Jimin would give for assignments and hardly any homework in the first place.

Jimin had made good friends with a few fellow teachers.

Taehyung or Mr. Kim, was the Art teacher that always ended up covered in paint. They’d been great friends for years, only finding each other after a few years apart when Jimin had gotten a job at the school. They usually ate lunch together and went out for drinks on the weekends. Jimin found that he’d often let his students call him Mr. Tae to prevent confusion with the Mathematics teacher. Loud and enthusiastic personality, contagious energy, definitely the most fun teacher. 

Hoseok, or Mr. Jung, was the Advanced Dance teacher and dance team coach. Jimin liked to sit in on dance practices, joining in occasionally whenever the mood struck. He’d told Hoseok of his dance days back in college, even busted out a few moves, and after three days of the dance team begging him, Jimin agreed to help with choreography when needed. The loudest teacher, always cheering at basketball games, probably more enthusiastic than the cheerleaders.  

Namjoon, or Mr. Kim, the Mathematics and English language teacher. No, he was not the high-strung Calculus teacher down the hall. He was notorious for breaking the printer and would often send students to retrieve papers from the library for him. Although clumsy, he was quite charming in a smart, quirky kinda way. Definitely popular with the principal. Taught Advanced Trigonometry, wore cute bowties on Fridays

And Yoongi, or Mr. Min, was the music teacher and basketball coach. He wasn’t exactly the most spontaneous teacher, but he cared deeply about music and sought to educate every one of his students as thoroughly as possible. Teaches piano, played basketball all through high school and college, ran track, acts like he doesn’t care but bought custom jerseys for all the basketball players and has pictures of all the varsity teams from all the past years hanging in his office.


Students knew that Jimin was married, made obvious by the golden band around his fourth finger, and had always tried to get him to talk about it.

“Mr. Jeon, what’s your wife like?”

“Did she send you those flowers?”

It always managed to get a chuckle from him whenever the students prodded teasingly after classes, getting nowhere as Jimin waved them out.

“Get outta here, you brats. Go on, git.” He’d shoo the class out, students giggling as they separated into the hall, only smiling to himself when they were gone.

During free periods, Jimin’s phone would ring and he’d only grin when he saw the caller I.D.

“Mr. Jeon, how nice to talk to you today.” Jimin would smirk at the chuckle on the other side of the line, imagining the amused smile on the CEO’s face.

“I could say the same to you, Mr. Jeon.”

And they’d talk for an hour before Jimin had to prepare for his next class and Jungkook had a board meeting with some important client.


The day that Jimin’s students finally met his spouse was one that he’d never forget.

He’d walk through the halls as students crowded each other to get by, hearing an odd buzz of commotion between everyone. It wasn’t until he’d spotted on of his students chatting excitedly, constantly looking over near the front desk, that he’d finally find out what was going on.

“Sungmi, what’s going on? Why is everyone so excited?” He’d ask her confusedly, the sophomore turning from her friends to him quickly.

“You didn’t hear? The head of BigHit Music Production is here!” And Jimin would look at her with wide eyes, not expecting to hear that Jungkook was at the school.

Although, he probably should’ve expected it when he’d mentioned that his students kept asking about his ‘wife’ the night before at dinner. Jungkook had never been inside the school with him before, at least not during active school hours. He’d usually drop him off on his way to work and pick him up afterwards, but never come inside.

Jimin would shuffle through the crowd of students, making his way to the front desk. And when he got past everyone, he’d find Jungkook chatting with Taehyung, small smile on his lips as Taehyung waved his arms around, paint smudges still on his face and in his hair from his Intro to Painting class.

The CEO would be dressed as he was every day; custom tailored, black Armani suit and dress shoes, platinum Rolex on his left wrist and his golden wedding ring being the only color among his black and white attire. His very presence was intimidating to the people around him, students and teachers alike. He was a powerful man, wealthy and extremely handsome, not to mention the obviously well-kept physique underneath his suit.

When Jungkook would spot Jimin, he’d completely forget about his conversation with Taehyung, only able to focus on his husband walking towards him. It would feel like slow motion, just like when they’d met for the first time in Jimin’s junior year of college.

“Hey, baby.” Jungkook would have no hesitation pulling Jimin close and kissing his cheek, completely ignoring the collective, shocked gasp that came from the crowd of teenagers.

“What’re you doing here? I thought you had a meeting at noon.” Jimin would mumble into Jungkook’s shoulder from where he’d be hiding the blush on his cheeks.

“Client cancelled last minute. Thought I’d take you out for lunch today.” Jungkook would kiss his cheek again, quietly chuckling at the color on Jimin’s cheeks before pulling away to look at the small crowd of students that had gathered.

“Mr. Jeon, I thought you were married?” He’d hear one of his students ask hesitantly, barely loud enough for him to catch over the hushed mumbles of the others.

Jimin would groan when he’d hear Jungkook laugh, full-bellied and hearty.

“Indeed, he is.” Jungkook would grin and pull Jimin’s left hand up in his own, showcasing their matching rings.

“Jeon Jungkook, Mr. Jeon’s husband. Pleasure to meet you all.” He’d do a little fake bow before Jimin tugged him out the door, not looking back at all until they’d reached the car.

At lunch, Jimin would swat at Jungkook for his little introduction, knowing that the students would be relentless in their questioning when he’d return.


The next day would be suspiciously calm, not a peep from any of his students, not even Minhwan who seemed to have a joke for everything. It was almost concerning. Very rarely did any of Jimin’s classes go by without someone going off on a tangent and somehow talking about why giraffe necks are so long, or something of the same importance. 

But Jimin would completely forget all of that when Jungkook would show up to pick him up after school, waltzing into his classroom like he owned it. 

“Jiminie~” The CEO would call softly, making Jimin look up from the mountain of papers he’d have to grade in the next three days. 

Jimin would send a weak smile towards Jungkook before continuing to mark the paper in front of him. Jungkook would move to stand behind Jimin, silently rubbing at his shoulders in an effort to relieve some of his stress. 

“Baby, you should go home. I’m going to be here for a while. I can catch a ride home with Tae.” 

Jungkook would frown at that, glancing at the mound of papers before settling into a chair beside him. Making him set the pen down, Jungkook would interlock their fingers together and turn Jimin’s face to look at him.

“Not a chance, sweetcheeks.” Jimin could only smile as Jungkook kissed him, sweet and slow before pulling away.

He’d strip his suit jacket, loosen his tie, and roll up his sleeves before pulling a student desk up to his knee and dropping half of the pile of papers on top of it. 

And for the next two and a half hours, Jungkook would help grade biology quizzes and homework, occasionally slipping a hand to squeeze at Jimin’s thigh. When they’d finished, it was past 7:00pm and Jimin could feel himself falling asleep as he grabbed his bag, Jungkook holding his waist to steady him from falling over. He’d let Jungkook lead him out, sending a tired, mock salute to Namjoon before being maneuvered out the door. 

That night, Jungkook orders pizza and lets Jimin take a nap on his chest until it arrives, finding him blinking awake groggily as he sets the boxes on the coffee table. And later, they’d fall asleep with Jimin draped over Jungkook’s chest, both only in boxers as they huddled together, too tired to do anything but listen to each other’s breathing until they fell asleep.


Eventually, it became a common occurrence to see Jungkook visiting Jimin, either during lunch or after school. He’d bring flowers sometimes, which only caused Jimin to blush down to his toes as girls giggled in the halls.

At some point, Jimin found a framed picture of he and Jungkook on their wedding day placed on his desk. He would smile at it for a moment, remembering just how amazing their wedding had been. And the honeymoon.

Lord, the honeymoon.

Jimin would find that the students quite liked having Jungkook visit, always managing to get a smile and a few playful jabs in before he had to leave. 

Jimin did too. He may have enjoyed being able to kiss his husband in the parking lot like they were teenagers, maybe a bit too much for a responsible high school teacher. And he definitely got a kick out of watching students fawn over Jungkook, knowing that he was completely and utterly his.


THAT’S ALL I GOT BUT I REALLY LOVED WRITING THIS 💖 💖 I really hope you like this as much as I did 💖

I Hate That I Love You

Kang Daniel is your all-time enemy, your #1 rival. It’s not uncommon for the two of you to start dueling during class, but when Slughorn assigns the two of you to make Amortentia during detention, some interesting things develop.
-harry potter au
-enemies to lovers
-gryffindor daniel and slytherin reader
-for anon who requested enemies to lovers gryf!daniel and slytherin!reader


“Does anyone know the key characteristic of the Snuffling Potion?” Professor Slughorn asked the class. You traded glances with your best friend, smirking from your seat at the back of the class. All the Gryffindors were sitting at the front, their hands shooting up, while the Slytherins occupied the back seats. “Yes, Kang Daniel?”

“The Snuffling Potion is known for its peppery scent,” Daniel replied confidently. You shot your best friend a smug look.

“Not quite, Daniel,” Slughorn looked at the class, “anyone else?”

“Clear smoke, professor,” you drawled from the back of the classroom. In his seat, Daniel twisted to send you a glare. You just winked back at him, and his cheeks turned bright red, Daniel spinning back to face the professor.

“Very good, (y/n), though I’d like it if you raised your hand next time,” Professor Slughorn beamed, turning to the chalkboard behind him as he flicked his wand. A piece of chalk lifted, lazily scrawling the instructions for the Snuffling Potion on the board. “We’ll begin brewing this today, it’s due on Friday. I expect one clean vial from each group, and please don’t turn it in late.”

“I can go get the ingredients,” you told your best friend, who nodded, pulling her own textbook out onto the desk and flipping to the correct page.

“First we need cayenne pepper, distilled water, lacewing flies and baneberry,” your friend informed you, and you nodded, heading back to the storage room where all the ingredients were.

As you reached for the baneberry, you heard someone else enter the room.

“Where do you get off on being such a know-it-all?” Kang Daniel asked, sneering at you. You rolled your eyes.

“At least I know something,” you retorted, “you’re shit in potions. It’s kind of funny, actually. Mr. Golden Boy, the pride of the Gryffindor House, can’t even make a basic Pepper-Up Potion.”

Daniel bristled at that, “I can too make a Pepper-Up Potion. Besides, at least I don’t flop in Transfiguration.”

“Oh please,” you scoffed, “I do fine in Transfiguration. It’s your Potions that needs work. Didn’t you set fire to your cauldron just last week?”

“As if,” Daniel rolled his eyes, “You’re so childish, I swear.”

“Did I ask you for your input?” you snapped back, pulling out your wand, “I swear, just seeing your ugly face makes me want to hex you.”

Daniel smirked, “that’s not what Jennie was saying last night, though.” Jennie was one of your dorm mates, and extremely sweet.

“Oh, shut the hell up,” you snapped, flicking your wand at him, “anteoculatia!” You snorted as antlers began growing out of Daniel’s head, only to jump as he blasted water at you from his wand, knocking over the jars of ingredients behind you.

“Avis Oppugno!” You waved your wand again, sending a flock of birds after Daniel, who shooed them away. The two of you began full-on dueling, shooting jinxes and hexes at each other as quickly as you could.

“Students!” Slughorn shouted over the ruckus of glass falling, Daniel in the middle of casting a particularly nasty Bat-Boogey Hex. “STUDENTS!”

You stopped casting, wand still raised at Daniel, him the same. You may have hated the guy, but he was quick with his wand, meeting you spell-for-spell.

“Students, Gryffindors and Slytherins are supposed to be getting along, not dueling in supply closets,” Slughorn said, voice condescending as he tsk’ed at the two of you. You rolled your eyes at your head-of-house.

“Prof, this has nothing to do with him being a Gryffindor,” you replied, crossing your arms after tucking your wand away, “Gryffindors are fine, but Daniel’s irritating, annoying, ugly, rude and disgusting.”

“Yeah?” Daniel snapped, “well, no one likes you.”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure your best friend Seongwoo asked me on a date last weekend,” you retorted, drawing your wand out again.

“Okay, okay, kids,” Slughorn said, raising his arms in an attempt to diffuse the situation, “let’s get back to your seats. You two will report for detention with me tonight, and ten points from Gryffindor and Slytherin each for causing a disturtabnce in class. Let’s go, get back to work.”

The other students meandered back to their seats, and the spectacle of (y/n) and Daniel, famed rivals, fighting was over.

“This was your fault,” you muttered to Daniel, collecting your lacewing flies quickly.

“Maybe if you weren’t so irritable, this wouldn’t have started,” Daniel hissed back. You just glared at him, taking your seat next to your best friend with a huff.

“So, dentention with Kang Daniel, huh?” Your best friend asked as she began boiling the water, wiggling her eyebrows at you, “I would kill for time alone with him, to be honest.”

“That’s disgusting,” you retorted, carefully chopping up the cayenne pepper, “he’s so irritating, I swear.”

“You know, he’s actually really cute,” she mused, leaning over to stare at the broad-shouldered Gryffindor, “his hair is so soft, and those muscles… what a dream.”

You wrinkled your nose at her, “he’s obnoxious and rude.” You huffed, “that’s not cute.”

“I mean, objectively speaking,” she protested, “like, the dude’s hot, you can’t deny that.”

You shrugged, “I guess objectively speaking yeah, but he’s still an asshole—all the good looks in the world wouldn’t negate that.”

“Well, try not to kill each other during detention,” she joked, stirring the cauldron a bit. You just hummed in response, not wanting to think about that night.
“You two will be testing out a new Potion that I’m planning on teaching the seventh-years,” Slughorn announced once the two of you were sitting in his classroom, Daniel at one desk and you far behind him.

“Professor, are you sure we should be doing seventh-year potions work?” Daniel asked in concern, “don’t you think that’s a little advanced.”

“Yeah, professor,” you began, “I mean, I know I’m gonna be fine, but you know,” your voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, “Daniel’s a bit challenged in the Potions department, I’m not sure he’s up for the challenge.”

“Shut up,” Daniel snapped, rolling his eyes, “I’m just saying, we’re not seventh-years. I’ll be fine.”

“Very well,” Slughorn beamed, “here’s the instructions. You’ll be brewing a modified Amortentia; they say it provides the scent of your one true love, but some people are skeptical about the brewing method. You’ll be testing it.”

“Right,” you wrinkled your nose, scanning the blackboard. When you’d made Amortentia before for Potions, you’d smelled warm pumpkin, salty ocean mist, fragrant lavender and sweet vanilla.

“I can collect the ingredients, you can prepare the cauldron,” Daniel muttered, heading to the storage room. Slughorn had left the two of you, and you were slightly questioning his teaching abilities in that moment, but decided to overlook it in favor of selecting a caldron and filling it with water.

The two of you worked silently, coming to a mutual, unspoken agreement to just brew the potion and get done with it. The agreement worked fairly well, save for a couple of times when you bumped into each other.

“Okay, after giving it three counterclockwise stirs, it should be done,” Daniel said, reading from the blackboard, “and it’ll release puffs of steam that give off its signature aroma.”

“Thanks, Einstein, but I can read,” you drawled, still doing as you were told. A glistening, almost holographic steam rose from the surface of the pale pink potion, wafting over your senses. Sure enough, there was the scent—pumpkin, the ocean, lavender, and vanilla. It was an interesting combination of scents, but not one that you hated.

“So, you gonna tell me?” Daniel asked with a cocky grin.

“Tell you what,” you asked with a frown, waving your wand to siphon the successful potion into a vial.

“What you smell, of course,” he replied, crossing his arms over his bright maroon Gryffindor sweatshirt.

“Like hell I will,” you retorted with a snort, carefully corking the bottle. “In your dreams, asshole.”

“Sorry, I don’t dream about snakes,” Daniel replied smoothly, making you glance over at him sharply.

“I’m not going to hex you for that comment solely because I don’t want another detention with you,” you snapped, stalking out of the classroom.

“Oh please, you wouldn’t be able to hex me, short stuff” Daniel shot back smugly, looking down at you.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” you hissed, yanking your wand out.

And that’s how Slughorn returned to a ruined classroom, desks overturned and glass broken. Your potion had been caught in the action, completely ruined.

“Another detention tomorrow night,” Slughorn said firmly, “I have no way of knowing if it actually worked, since you turkeys have gone and ruined this lot.”

“This was your fault,” you grumbled to Daniel as the two of you left the classroom.

“I’m not playing this game, (y/n),” Daniel sing-songed, heading up the stairs towards the Gryffindor Tower, “but you totally started it.”

“Yah—“ You began, pulling out your wand, only for Daniel to snicker, hurrying up the stairs. “Ah, what an idiot.” You grumbled after him, frowning before heading to the Slytherin dungeons.

“You brew the potion this time,” you informed Daniel as you settled into the Potions classroom, the cauldron waiting in front of the two of you. Slughorn had left as soon as you’d gotten there, leaving the two of you to recreate the potion.

“What? Why?” Daniel whined, pouting at you. You just rolled your eyes in response.

“Look buddy, I brewed it last night,” you replied, patting the side of the cauldron, “it’s your turn to stir clockwise twenty times. I’ll go grab the ingredients.”

The two of you got to work in silence, you handing Daniel the ingredients when he needed them. You were in the back room rummaging around for the ashwinder eggs when you heard a loud boom, followed by the sound of metal clattering.

Hurrying out to the main classroom, you found Daniel looking back at you with wide eyes, the cauldron in front of him billowing smoke at an alarming rate.

“Aguamenti!” you waved your hand at the cauldron, extinguishing the flames that had been licking at the metal before hurrying over. “God, what happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I stirred too many times,” Daniel replied sheepishly. You inspected the cauldron, only to begin coughing at the heavy smoke still coming from it.

“We still have time to remake it,” you said with a resigned voice, not looking forward to spending the whole night remaking a potion for detention. “I don’t want to have another night of detention, I have an essay for History of Magic Due.”

“Sorry,” Daniel said sheepishly, cheeks a bit pink as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I can—“

“No,” you cut him off, “I’m brewing this time. Just get me all the ingredients, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Daniel nodded, hurrying to the back storage room. He deposited the initial ingredients on the desk next to you, frowning at his mistake still. “Hey, if you’re okay with it, I’m gonna head to my dorm and bring some of these candles that I have?”

You turned to Daniel, “candles?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied, clearly embarrassed, “Park Woojin has this habit of setting his bed curtains on fire while he’s sleeping, so I keep these scented candles around to make the smell go away.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” you waved him off, not really wanting Daniel around anyways in case he fucked up the Potion—again. “Just don’t let Slughorn see that you’re not there.”

Daniel nodded before disappearing, and you turned your focus back to the potion, carefully following the directions like you had the night before. You carefully stirred the liquid, peering inside the cauldron before adding the rose thorns and powdered moondust.

“I got them,” Daniel burst into the classroom again, setting the candles down and flicking his wand to light them. You nodded, not really paying attention to him. You began absentmindedly playing with your robe, picking at a loose thread. The potion was almost complete—it just needed to finish brewing, and then after the final three stirs, it would be done.

As you tried tugging on the thread from your robe, your nose twitched, the scents of pumpkin, ocean, lavender and vanilla washing over you.

“Oh? You stirred it?” You asked, a bit peeved that Daniel had stirred the potion, but mostly glad that it was finally done.

“Hm?” Daniel asked, glancing up from the candles that he’d been looking at. You froze, the situation adding up. Four candles sat in front of Daniel—one orange one, one blue one, one purple one, and one white one. Pumpkin, ocean, lavender and vanilla. Daniel’s candles.

“N-nothing!” You exclaimed, cheeks heating up as you hurried to give the potion the final three stirs.

“Wait, (y/n), are you okay?” Daniel asked, getting up as you rushed to take the cauldron off the fire, using your wand to get the potion into a clean vial.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you replied hurriedly, just wanting to get away from the whole situation. No way was Kang Daniel your soulmate.

“(y/n), really,” Daniel replied, “if you’re mad that I messed the potion up earlier, I really am sorry, I can help you with that essay if you—“

“No, it’s good,” you rushed, shoving your things into your bookbag. “I’ll see you.” With that, you raced out of the classroom, clutching your heart as you hurried to the Slytherin dorms.

“(y/n), what’s going on?” Your best friend eyed you suspiciously.

“Nothing, I swear,” you whispered back, trying to copy the notes from the board. Professor McGonagall focused her intense glare at the two of you, turning away when she was satisfied that you weren’t talking.

“You’ve been acting weird for a week now,” she hissed back, “ever since your detention with Daniel. Something happened, and you’re not telling me.”

“No, I swear,” you shook your head, “nothing happened. I’d tell you if something did.” You were good at lying—after all, you weren’t in Slytherin for nothing—but she saw right through it.

“Fine, if you don’t want to tell me, I’ll respect that,” she shrugged, “but I know something happened.”

“Nothing happened,” you groaned.

“Ladies!” McGonagall snapped, glaring at the two of you, “when I am teaching, you are taking notes, not whispering.”

“Yes, Professor,” the two of you chorused. As you turned back to your parchment, you noticed Daniel peering at your curiously from the corner of your eye.

After class, you shoved your things into your backpack, eager to get to the Great Hall for lunch.

“Hey, (y/n),” Daniel called as you exited the classroom, your best friend giving you A Look. “Can I talk with you real quick?”

You sighed, spinning to face him. The corridor was soon clear, all the students rushing to get lunch.

“What, Daniel?” you asked with a frown, crossing your arms.

“I was just wondering…” he began, cheeks a bit pink, “I was wondering if everything is okay? You’ve been acting really weird ever since detention, and I wasn’t sure if I did something to make you upset or angry.”

You huffed, “no, Daniel, for once, it wasn’t you that made my life miserable.”

Daniel frowned at that, “so something is up? Are you okay?”

You groaned internally, “it’s fine, Daniel, just leave it.”

“No, seriously,” Daniel pressed, “if you need help with something, I can help you. Was it the History of Magic paper? I’m pretty good at History of Magic, and I know Pro—“

“You’re my fucking soulmate, Daniel,” you snapped, unable to keep listening to him babble on and on, “you’re my fucking soulmate and I had to discover this in fucking detention because you don’t understand the basic concept of stirring a fucking cauldron. So no, you can’t help me.”

You stormed off, ignoring Daniel’s calls after you. All you wanted was to sit and eat lunch with your friends, not deal with all this romance stuff. It was stupid and a waste of your time.

The next couple of days were chaotic for you. As much as you wanted to ignore the fact that you were meant to spend the rest of your life with Daniel, you couldn’t help but think—what if? Suddenly, all the classes you had with him were a chance for your heart to speed up instead of your temper to explode. The quips you traded with him turned into averted gazes and pink cheeks, and even your classmates started to notice the awkward atmosphere around the two of you.

Soon, two weeks had passed since your outburst with Daniel. Your friends had picked up on the obvious tension between the two of you, but opted not to say anything.

“Hey, (y/n)?” Lee Woojin, a small Hufflepuff, approached where you and your friends were sitting in the library, studying for a test coming up.

“Yeah?” You asked, smiling at the adorable Hufflepuff.

“Professor Slughorn wanted to see you,” Woojin relayed nervously, playing with his fingers.

“Thanks for letting me know,” you replied, smiling at him, “I’ll be back soon.”

“See you!” Your friends responded as you left the table, hurrying in the direction of the Potions classroom.

When you entered, you frowned at the empty room, poking your head into the supply closet and then Slughorn’s office.

“(y/n),” you heard someone say, and your blood ran cold.

“No, no, no, I’m not doing this,” you chanted, hurrying towards the door.

“(y/n), please,” Daniel said quietly, reaching out to grab your wrist. “Please, can we just talk?”

You turned slowly to face him, heart speeding up a bit. “Fine. Talk,” you waved your hand, motioning for him to begin, “I’ll give you a minute.”

Daniel ran a hand through his messy hair, and you noticed how tired and ragged he looked, “(y/n), look, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. A lot about what happened, a lot about, you know, us.”

“Get to your point, Daniel,” you snapped, “you’ve got 45 seconds.”

“Give us a shot,” he said, getting right to the point, “if the universe thinks that we belong together, don’t we owe it to the fates to at least try?”

“Daniel, why the hell would I try and date someone who’s been teasing me for years?” You snapped, glaring up at him.

“Because I know there’s something there,” he said, getting closer to you. You stepped back, and your back hit the stone wall of the dungeon. “I know that you’ve noticed it, and you know what they say—love and hate are only a step away.”

“And who’s saying I’m willing to take that step?” You challenged, looking up at him defiantly.

“Just do this one thing for me, and if you’re still not willing, I’ll stop,” Daniel said, dangerously quiet. You then noticed how close he was to you, breath fanning over your face. Then suddenly, Daniel’s lips were on yours.

You responded, tilting your head as you reached up, tangling your hand in the small hairs at the nape of his neck. The kiss deepened, and you felt butterflies in your stomach as he pulled away breathlessly, pushing the hair away from your face.

“Willing to take the step now?” He asked with a smirk, and you just sighed, trying to catch your breath.

“Don’t let it get to your head, Kang Daniel,” you replied, before pulling his tie down to kiss him again.

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How are you doing? I love your hcs about the s/o with prosthetic limbs. And I was wondering if you could do the same for Hanzo, Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker! (I'm a different anon)

No worries and yes!


  • Hanzo had asked you the spring before you lost your limbs if you would marry him. The two of you had been rather excited-you had already made the plans for the following fall, a dress picked out and everything.
  • But then that summer the accident happened and the wedding had to be put on hold
  • To Hanzo, it didn’t matter how long you waited before the wedding as long as you would be okay.
  • He tried as hard as he could to show you that despite your physical changes, his feelings had not changed.
  • But for you, this was a loss. You didn’t feel like there was any way that he could truly want to marry you now that you were like this. After all, Hanzo showed a slight aversion or Omnics…and now you were only half human.
  • As you struggled to get used to your prosthetic limbs, you distanced yourself from Hanzo. It was like you were preparing for the worst, for him to call everything off.
  • And yet…you’d never felt more alone in your life. There was no one that could comfort you, and no one that you wanted more then him.
  • One day he was sick of playing the avoidance game. Hanzo had stormed up the steps of your house, shoved open the door…only to find you crying on the stairs. One of your prosthetic feet had fallen off and you were so tired, just tired of being this person and tired of pretending it didn’t matter and tired of feeling broken, physically and mentally.
  • After a moment of silence, Hanzo had slowly gone and crouched in front of you, picking up your prosthetic foot.
  • “Do not cry, beloved. Your tears make my heart ache,” Hanzo had said quietly, gently re-attaching your foot.
  • Looking away, you’d found it hard to face him after your behavior. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, for all of this. For treating you like that and for…for pushing you away and becoming this burden…” you whispered.
  • Hanzo had scowled instantly and picked you up like the bride you were, carrying you to the couch to sit with him.
  • “Beloved, a burden is a load that is heavy or difficult to bear. You are a gift i cherish every moment, and even with these prosthetic limbs, you are my only delight in this world,” Hanzo said gravely, ever the serious one.
  • Sniffling, you wondered if he really meant that.
  • “Now, no more avoiding me. We have a wedding to plan, y/n, and the sooner the better. I tire of living in a separate home from you,” he said seriously.
  • With half sob half laugh, the two of you sat there, snuggled for the first time in awhile, planned out the remaining details of your wedding as you realized there was no chance of him backing out.


  • Despite having become Reaper, your relationship had survived when he had died and changed. Although you didn’t agree with his choices, you couldn’t leave him as you loved him more then anything
  • So when the accident occurred and you ended up having to have your limbs amputated… You grew silent. Cut yourself off, despite getting prosthetic limbs.
  • The event had traumatized you a bit, to be honest, and you felt like a monster for how you looked.
  • Reaper, despite having to lead Talon, was with you most of the time. He didn’t mean to but his worry came out as anger, especially when the doctors said they’d be amputating your limbs
  • This was just another sign to you that Reaper would not love you, not want you, when the deed was said and done. You thought he’d finally throw you out like trash.
  • Honestly though, few things scared a man like him, but your silence did.
  • One day he was sitting next to you, and after a moment you felt a cold hand touch your shoulder gently. In the corner of your eye you saw that Reaper had removed his glove and was watching you seriously.
  • “Y/n..” he rasped. “I’m begging you. Please talk. Say anything. Please.”
  • Turning your face away slowly, you took a shuddering breath. “You should probably go,” you whispered. “You don’t want me like this. I’ll only hold you back.”
  • Reaper leapt to his feet, hands moving to make you look at him. Lifting away his mask, he stared at you in shock and anger and sadness.
  • “Don’t ever say such a thing. I don’t care about your prosthetic limbs, y/n. I care about you,” he said seriously.
  • “But how can you want me when I’m like this?” you challenged, tears stinging your eyes. How could you cry before a man who felt so little emotion half the time?
  • Shaking his head, Reaper moved to sit on the edge of the bed. His expression was open, full of remorse and love and protectiveness. “You don’t understand. y/n, your the only person who makes me feel alive, the only person who makes my heart beat. Prosthetics or no, that isn’t going to change.”
  • For a moment you could only stare, before you let out a soft noise and were surrounded in his arms again, as he held you protectively. You wondered if that was true, but that was more expression you’d seen on his face in a very long time.
  • Reaper helped you grow more comfortable with your limbs, and killed anyone who dared to comment on them.


  • She fell in love with you after the accident that led to you getting prosthetics
  • You’ve had prosthetic limbs now for almost a year and have grown quite used to them. The only thing that bothered you was you never felt pretty with them. People seemed to avoid you, other then those you already knew
  • So when Sombra ended up facing you time and time again during missions, even when they were failures, she couldn’t help growing to admire you and even formed a bit of a crush
  • It sucked because Widowmaker made fun of her for liking you, but Sombra got fed up with it at one point and totally broke Widowmakers sniper.
  • That is how Sombra ended up coming to you and Overwatch, seeking protection. Protection of course was her being in a isolated room with bars.
  • Lucky for her, you ended up being her guard and Sombra couldn’t stop herself from flirting with you from day one. Half the time you wondered if she was joking, but Sombra was funny and kind of cute when she was maniacal.
  • One day you two were sitting back to back in the room, as at this point you trusted her. The two of you were playing gold fish, and she’d just won.
  • “Hey chica, want to make the next round interesting?” Sombra said with a wink. “Winner gets a kiss!” That way Sombra could get one no matter what
  • With a roll of your eyes, you started shuffling the deck. “You shouldn’t joke about stuff like that. You’ll make me think i have a shot,” you said, half bitter and then blinked when you realized what you said. You had a bit of a crush on her too, but you didn’t think she’d go for it.
  • “Of course you do. I’m not kidding.I’ll throw myself into your arms now if you want,” Sombra purred, glancing over her shoulder at you. It made you incredulous. Was she kidding?
  • “But why…?” You asked with a frown, turning to look at her.
  • “Because for one, your smoking hot. No joke,” Sombra said, twirling a purple strand around her finger as she looked at the wall across from her. “And for another…i admire your strength. I wish i was as strong as you. You don’t let your limbs stop you and you continue living life like its nothing.”
  • After a moment she turned and smiled almost shyly at you. You’d never really thought of it that way before.
  • Sombra really was kind of cute, you decided, and thought maybe it would work out…maybe she did like you. So, against the better judgement of your superiors, you ended up freeing Sombra and dating her all within the same day. Now you both have a very complicated life when it comes to work, but at the end of the day you know she’ll always be your girl


  • For her its a bit more complicated
  • At the beginning of your relationship, it really wasn’t about love. Widowmaker hadn’t really felt emotion in a long time, so more or less you were a bit of a plaything, a fling
  • But slowly, the more time you two spent together, she felt herself slowly growing attached
  • In a scary way, it was like her emotions had returned to her, but dulled down.
  • So that moment when after two years of your odd relationship you ended up in an accident, Widowmaker was stunned by the overwhelming sense of panic and worry that consumed her at the thought that she might have lost you.
  • Amelie had joined you in the hospital and sat with you while you went through a series of tests and procedures. All the while she managed to keep her composure.
  • When you woke up to find your limbs amputated and replaced by prosthetics, you thought it was the end. You knew how your relationship had started. Widowmaker had loved pretty things to amuse her. But now…you weren’t even that.
  • So when you saw Widowmaker walk in, holding a tray of coffee and a beignet, you turned away. She was probably here to just cut it off. You didn’t realize she’d been sitting with you for eight whole days, worrying over you.
  • “You’re awake,” she had said slowly.
  • “Yes. Don’t worry, i can imagine what your going to say. It was fun while it lasted, right?” you whispered, not looking at her.
  • For a moment, she had not responded..before stalking over and grabbing your limb. Lifting it, Widowmaker had stared at you and in turn, you were shocked to see angry tears in your eyes.
  • “‘It was fun while it lasted’? Are you joking?” She snarled, her french accent thicker then usual. “Ma Cherie, i was so worried! How dare you, after i spent eight days worrying endlessly in the hospital with you, try and dismiss me like this. I have been so scared! How could you be so foolish?”
  • For a moment you gawked, because honestly her tears were more shocking then the prosthetic limbs you’d woken up with.
  • “B-but…but you…don’t like ugly things…” you said, not understanding.
  • “There is nothing ugly i can see in this room, ma cherie, and certainly not you! I do not care if you have prosthetic limbs or real ones, because it is the you who has captured my heart, not your body,” Widowmaker said, breathing hard. For a moment the two of you could only stare at each other, before Widowmaker pressed the most gentle of kisses to your lips.
  • “I am not leaving,” she says quietly, as if to reaffirm that. “I am not leaving now, nor will i ever. My dove, you have ensnared me in your web. I will never be able to leave, as I love you too much now.”
  • It stunned you, to hear that from her. All this time you wondered if she had ever grown to care for you at all. To know that she loved you…that you had brought life back into the dead heart of widowmaker…it was astonishing.
  • “I…I love you too,” you whispered, holding onto her as though without her, your heart might break.
Ex-wife texted me to tell me she had gotten engaged.

So Saturday, she texts me to tell me that she had gotten engaged, and felt like I should hear it from her. I was pissed that she decided to tell me this, but I’m moving on.

Backstory time: After 10 years together, a few of those married, my ex-wife and I separated when I caught her in an affair with one of my friends. After months of gaslighting every time I asked why she was so distant, she started a major fight with me and asked me to leave for a few days, during this time she basically left all but the essentials and moved in with this fat, miserable, vape-enthusiast fuckhelmet. The guy totally spent 9 months spinning lies about me, before she moved in, but she was the one that was willing to believe even the most outlandish things to convince herself that she was justified in cheating. It turns out he was in a better place to financially get her where she wanted to be. This story is long and drawn out, and I won’t spend anymore time on it. Just know that this wasn’t the first time she fucked me over, but it was definitely the last. Despite pretending they weren’t seeing each other and my ex saying that she still wanted to work things out, the separation started last fall, and the divorce finalized in May of this year.

Anyway, her mother called me Tuesday to say Merry Christmas and see how I have been. You could not ask for better in-laws, and I still talk to them occasionally. Anyway, she told me that, despite the engagement, I am still part of the family and welcome anytime. At some point after this, I told her that I wasn’t happy about the engagement, but I wasn’t surprised, since they had been living together for a year and a half. She got really quiet for a moment, but then wished me a Merry Christmas and told me not to be a stranger and got off the phone.

Yesterday, I get up and one of her cousins has texted me with info on this shitstorm that I started. It turns out that she had adamantly stuck to the story that they had gotten together this spring, and had only moved in together this summer. Her mother went off on her for lying all these months about the cause of our divorce, she’s pissed and isn’t going to be going to Christmas this year at my ex’s new house as a result. I’ve heard that she was told they would be hosting Christmas at home this year instead.

Now, I didn’t intend this revenge, but it did happen. Merry Christmas, bitch.

Update 2/2/17: Thanks for the gold, and for all the cool replies. <3

The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Three]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 4.6k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Three

*Present Day*

“(Y/N)!!” Your friend Vee shouted, snapping you back to reality. It was such a shock and so sudden that you bumped your head against the locker you were leaning onto.

You groaned, “Ugh! What the hell, Vee?” 

“I’ve been saying your name for the past ten minutes!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Stop exaggerating! You know as much as me that you would have given up within the first two minutes.”

She thought for a second, “Okay. True. You’re right, but still! Why didn’t you told me that I had a test today, huh?”

Your best friend whined, leaning her head against her locker while staring at you with a pout. “You know how much I suck at chemistry.”

“How could I know?” You raised your shoulders up, “We’re not in the same class.”

“We have the same program. You should have known about it.” She glared at you.

You sighed, “Okay, true, but I thought that you already knew that. And even if you didn’t, Jackson tried to text you about it yesterday, but you were too busy making out with Juan, oh yeah, on MY bed.”

You sent her a glare in return, crossing your arms on your chest. Juan was Vee’s boyfriend for now a year and you could see she was very happy with him, which also made you happy. Vee never had good taste in guys. She only dated assholes, bastards, fuck boys and the list goes on…

At least she was with Juan, who proved to be an excellent guy for her.

But making out on your bed? Not so excellent. You couldn’t help but shudder in disgust at the thought. What if they did it on your bed? You didn’t even wash the sheets.

Ignoring your remark, your best friend tapped her manicured nails on the navy-blue book she was holding nervously, her bluish grey eyes watching the other students around while biting her thin bottom lip, “I’m going to fail…”


You laughed when she smacked your arm.

“It’s not funny (Y/N)!”

You shrugged, “Well, if you weren’t busy sticking your mouth with Juan’s yesterday- “


You laughed even more, raising your arms in the air in an innocent posture, “Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You’re nervous. You think you’ll fail. You think you’re dumb, which is not false…” You smiled innocently when she sent you a glare, “… And you think you’ll fail the year. But you’re worrying too much, Vee. It’s just a test. I’m sure you’ll manage to get a decent grade. Alyce will still be proud that you at least tried.”

“Yeah sure, after she’s done beating up my ass that is. Oh God! I’m sorry (Y/N), it slipped!” She quickly added, seeing your body visibly tense at her words.

“It’s okay, Vee. It has been ten years ago anyway.” You shrugged, trying to relax and block away the memories of your childhood.

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For Lack of Prey (DVA/Mercy)

A/N: For an anonymous patron. 8,000 words, explicit, alternating POV. Enjoy!

You can also read this story on AO3.

Despite it all, she was freezing cold.

Not a single breeze blew into the tent. Somewhere above her a dozen jets screamed overhead, returning from an evening patrol. The sound brought to mind vivid images, all thinly connected by memories and sensations. Like standing on the tarmac in weather reaching 47°C. The jet engines and the hot rush of air, somehow even hotter than the sun above her. A cold aluminum can, still sweating in her hand only to blister it minutes later. Just from daring to exist in the open. Her palm had been red for days.

She glanced down at her hand. It was still red. When she wiped it off on her lap it smeared. Again a flood of loosely-connected sensations, her brain splitting and existing in the past and the present at the same time.

She had lost a lot of blood, she knew, and she was dehydrated. The picc in her arm and the fact that she was being fussed over by one of her favorite people hardly registered, though.

“You shouldn’t be up already.” Dr. Ziegler tried to angle her back down so she could rest, but Hana shook her head.

“If I lie down any more I think I might get sick.”

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A Fine Line

@rhysand-darling based on her post requesting that someone, anyone write a post acowar fanfic where Feyre and Tamlin talk. He apologizes to her and all this stuff. I hope that it meets a few of your needs.

- - - - - - -

He was ashamed to admit that it took him a better part of a decade to stop being angry with her. One night and many bottles of wine later, his ever loyal sentry Bron had shared with him what those few years were like. In the haze of his intoxication he remembered something his mother once told him. Hate and love were a fine line, you chose which side of the line your heart resides. The next morning he went to her old room, he expected the thorns, what he did not expect were the paintings.  

He knew deep down that she did not paint these before or during the war. Five paintings sat as roses amongst the thorns.

An enchanted willow tree. Lucien laughing while sitting on a blanket with a bottle of wine. A pool of stars. Two beings dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps. A beautiful male playing the fiddle.  No, not a nameless beautiful male, him. Not the monster he saw in the mirror, had seen for decades, centuries. The memories came cascading down upon his soul and that is when he cracked. He fell to his knees, he did this, he had chosen hate. Even before her, he let the monster within rule his life.

- - - - - - -

Every solstice after he found those paintings, he told himself that he would talk with Feyre. Every year he said he would apologize. And every year he made up an excuse not to reach out to her. In the end he always told himself that he was the one that needed closure, not her. She was happy. 

She had no idea that he had moved the paintings to various places around the manor. They helped remind him that he was not his father, he was not the beast that prowled beneath his skin. The paintings reminded him that he had a musician’s soul.

- - - - - - -

It had taken decades, but his court and his soul were healing from his father’s reign, a reign he had allowed to continue in the name of tradition.  Since the day he leashed the beast, each tradition was evaluated for what it brought to his people, to his court. He was about to cancel the upcoming centenary Jubilee, another pointless tradition of the Spring Court, when his advisers told him that the people needed a celebration. More importantly the Jubilee was a chance for other courts to visit.

- - - - - - -

The night of the Jubilee ball came, as he descended the stairs his breath caught. She was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her gold brown hair cascaded down her back in waves. She wore a fitting dress of midnight blue that complimented her skin tone and her tattoos. 

Her attention was on the painting he had hung in the foyer, her painting of two souls dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps.

“I was wondering if you ever found them.”

He swallowed the knot forming in his throat, “I found them a decade after the war. Thank you.”

It had been too long since her voice echoed off the walls of this manor, “I was so angry with you. I felt like I had given everything for our love and you never saw it. Never valued what I gave.”

He couldn’t look into the eyes of the girl he had abused, he instead looked at his toes, “you had every right to be angry with me. You gave your life for me, for this court, for Prythian. I repaid you by locking you within this manor, letting the grief and despair eat you alive. I did not see you and I will always regret that I didn’t find a way to help you. That is why I hung this painting here, as a reminder.”

He finally looked up and saw silver lining her blue-grey eyes. He only then realized that they had both needed this. They both needed closure. And for all the things he had never given her, the one thing he could give her was closure.

“When I came back I wanted to burn this place to the ground for what you had done to me, for taking me away from my mate and my family. I am sorry for the part I played, for the destruction I caused.”

He nodded, “I was angry at you for a long time for that, but you have nothing to apologize for.”

She looked at him, and for a briefest moment he saw the shock at his words.

“During that month, you gave me choices. If I would have chosen my sentries over a high priestess, my court would not have fallen as easily as it did. If I would have choose to listen to Lucien instead of Ianthe,” he spit out her name with a level of venom that had not passed his lips in decades, “my court would not have been starving.”

He took a deep breath, “I made many bad choices, the moment I made that deal with Hybern, I should have evacuated most of my court, instead of letting countless souls die at the hand of that monster. After I received your letter, instead of running to Hybern, I could have requested a meeting with you. After Lucien came back from the Illyrian steppes and said that you were healthy and you made the choice to stay, I could have listened to him.”

They looked at each other for what felt like an eternity. Each of them trying to silently convey everything that they had ever felt for one another, happiness, love, regret, loss, anger, forgiveness.

“I’m sorry. I am sorry for every painful moment you felt because of me, either from my inaction or from my actions. No matter what I did, it always seemed to hurt you and that will always be one of my greatest regrets in this life.”

Her hand reached up to caress his cheek, “There will always be a part of me that loves you and I will always be grateful for what you have given me.”

“Thank you, Feyre,” he swallowed the sob that wanted to leave his throat, “thank you for seeing the male behind the beast and loving me.”

She didn’t need to hear that there would always be a part of him that loved her as well. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, a silent goodbye to the girl he loved. With a smile, he left her in the foyer.  

Before he entered the ballroom he turned around for one last look at the girl who changed him. In that moment he knew the monster that had once ruled his heart was gone. Instead of feeling jealousy and anger, he felt awed by the sight before him of the High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court.

He knew there would be another time for the apology that he owed to a male that had given him friendship when no one else had. He would need to tell him a story and beg his forgiveness for his inaction.

“you have your mother’s eyes” 

Lily stood there with her back straight, tears streaming down her face. Her arms spread wide out, as if that will protect the infant that was behind her in the crib. She looked up, into the face of the intruder. Searching, hoping, for a flicker of hesitation. Instead, all she saw was a smile. Perhaps even a laugh, she did not know. She could only hear her own cries. “Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”. She was begging, hoping, he would comply. In that moment, her vision was blurry. She wanted to turn around and kiss Harry one more time, wanted to tell him how much she loved him….”Please … have mercy … have mercy…”.  One more kiss, one more look, one more moment. “Please”. The last thing she saw was a green light coming towards her. 

“you have your mother’s eyes”

Harry looked into the face of his opponent. His back straight, but his body aching. His clothes having stains of dried blood. He must die. It must end. He did not say a word. He couldn’t. Instead, he pictured Ron and Hermione. His best friends. The ones he dreamed of having during his childhood, when Dudley and his friends laughed at him. His two best friends who stuck by him, who protected him. He pictured his parents, whom he saw moments ago. He knew they were beside him. His mother was likely standing in front of him, like she had done years ago. But this time, it was Harry’s turn to protect those he loved. Ginny’s face popped up into his vision. When he had seen her in the castle, he wanted to hug her. Have one last moment with her. One last kiss. He straightened his back again, and looked into his opponent’s red eyes. He saw the mouth move and a flash of green light, and everything was gone.

Immortal Trini Headcanons

by @penvision @fueledbysegovia @trinisgayforkimberly and @wonder-rangers

- Trini is 250 years old when she and four teenagers become Power Rangers
- Give or take a few years (she can never remember anymore and has to do the math in her head)
- She is able to hide her immortality from the others for a year or two

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