but she was in the ep for like .5 seconds

5 Seconds of Summer




Kinda wanna die because we might never hear Michaels’ guitar solo in WAYF live again 

Drunk history of 5SOS

So it’s the summer of 2011 and Luke meets Calum and hes like “yo I know about music” and Calum’s like “yo I know more about music” and Michael’s there for some fucking reason and he says “Dude that’s impossible, do you want to start a band?” and Luke’s like “yeah that would be cool” then he’s like “yo this is school not a music store” and they meet at Michael’s house. They start playing music together like a shitty ass cover from Blink-182 and an ancient song from All Time Low. And they’re recording it for some fucking reason. Calum’s like “yo we gotta shake this shit up. I wrote this song called Gotta get Out” and Michael’s like “yo booked us a gig” and Luke’s like “yo this is dope, but we need like a drummer”. So they have like 4 drummers come in and they were like Rian from All time low, the guy from greenday, Mark hoppus and Liz. So there like “dude we need Ashton Irwin”. Ashton cycles like 500 miles to Michael’s house and he’s wearing like a purple tshirt and socks for some fucking reason. And he did it! He’s killing it! He’s like bigigigiggigi psssh. Killing the skins, tappin the skins, tapping the rim, playin this shit, killin these bitches, rappin it out.  And then Lukes like “I got a punk rock voice” and they’re all “How do you have a punk rock voice” and lukes like “yo watch this, NUEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUGHGHGHG” and theyre all “Wow that sounds punk rock!”so they put it into a song and its called Heartbreak girl. And they’re like “this is fucking perfect, this is 5 seconds of summer” and they made records like Unplugged Ep and that was it and its real and it doesn’t matter. And Michael was like “yo what the fuuuuuuuck, this is gonna be fucccking doooooooOOOOOOpee”. So their manager is like “yo 1D want you on their shitty ass tour and if u can make yourselves any bigger than you are, which is not fucking hard, you should do it”.

And Michael’s like “yooo we got this record called 5 seconds of summer and the three songs that are going to make the record are Disconnected, She looks so perfect and heartache on the big screen”. And they made this record and it was fucking dope like it hit on the charts like 1,2,3,3,2,1! 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! 10 to 1!

And Michael was like “yo makeup is great for a guy….because it makes a guy look beautiful which a lot of the time guys aren’t beautiful and I wanna change that. I wanna make sure everyone thinks guys are beautiful”.

Calum was like “oh my god im so embarrassed about this dick pic”. Its a boomerang dick lets be real. So then ashton’s like “yo I need to find time for my bible studies”

And Michael’s like “im just gonna make a man cave”

And Calums like “yo im just gonna fuck some bitches”

And Lukes like “meh ill go with calum”

Alright and this breaks like 2 months long, three months. Six months. And then Michael calls Luke and he’s like we gotta make another record. “We gotta make this shit legit, its gonna be dope! Its gonna go sky high, were gonna make a fucking record that sails the skies! Were gonna call it Sounds good feels good”. Everyone’s like wtf your working with John deafman again. And calum was like “yo were gonna tour with Hey Violet and Casey”. And that’s all, and that’s all that matters. That’s just how the fucking story goes.

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rewatched some eps in skam and realized when character says something, the next clip is opposite of it like when noora said that she will never date william and next clip is her obviously showing us that shes crushing on him or when sana said shes ok and next clip she cried and now her sentence is really similar to nooras when she said shes over yousef, i bet second clip will be similar to the basketball clip last week, sana will be with yousef and we will realize that shes not over him at all

YEEEEEES thats true !! like in ep 5 when sana tells her mom she wont be hurt, she got hurt at the end of the ep. yeah im sure the next clip will show the opposite of what she said, but how? either the balloon squad are at the bakkoush’ or something and they just look at each other (at this point i would even settle with that tbh) or like last saturday, they actually interact I NEED IT SO MUCH

All 5sos songs and CD versions + download links. To download just click over the song.

Standard Version:

1- She Looks So Perfect     2- Don’t Stop     3- Good Girls     4- Kiss Me Kiss Me     5- 18     6- Everything I Didn’t Say     7- Beside You     8- End Up Here     9- Long Way Home     10- Heartbreak Girl     11- English Love Affair     12- Amnesia

Australian and New Zealand Version Alternate Track:

11- Lost Boy

North American Version Alternate Track:

11- Mrs All American

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

13- Social Casualty     14- Never Be     15- Voodoo Doll

Australian Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

13- English Love Affair     14- Social Casualty     15- Never Be     16- Voodoo Doll

iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Track:

16- Greenlight

Japanese Edition Bonus Tracks:

13- Heartache On The Big Screen     14- The Only Reason     15-     What I Like About You     16- Rejects     17- Try Hard     18- Social Casualty     19- Never Be     20- Voodoo Doll

Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks:

13- Tomorrow Never Dies     14- Independence Day     15- Close As Strangers     16- Out Of My Limit

B-Sides and Stuff: JB Hi-Fi Exclusive EP:

1- What I Like About You     2- Wrapped Around Your Finger

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HAHA so maddie ended up going to nia's party (I have no idea what Sophia was on about in that case she just caused a lot of unnecessary issues for maddie) but her stans are claiming that MTV SPECIFICALLY WORKED OUT A DEAL SO THAT THEY COULD ENSURE MADDIE WOULD BE THERE TO RAISE VIEWS!!! OH MY GOD NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT MADDIE OHHH MYYG GOODFFFFFDD




(like idk why they think maddie would magically be able to get views either, like she was a main role in book of henry and that movie is still failing so why would 5 seconds of her boost views of an mtv ep)


2. Rita Wants a Recount

Rita, Rita, Rita… one minute she’s chastising Courtney for causing too much drama, the next she’s intentionally creating drama herself by pausing the call-out ceremony.

You’d think that Rita would just want to hurry up and finishing taping so that she can get to that flamenco dance class she’s clearly dressed for, but no, Rita decides to hem and haw about the decision well after the period

I’m not quite sure what Rita was going for in this moment. Did she think she could pull rank as the host and get the other judges to change their votes? Even Tyra has claimed she was outvoted on the Toccara and Mikaela boots. (Though it seems fair to point out that judges Janice Dickinson, Nolé Marin, and André Leon Talley mysteriously exited the show within a year after these disagreements. DO NOT CROSS TYRA.)

Rita likes Giah’s personality - as I think we all do, I might add - and doesn’t want to give up on her yet. She would prefer to eliminate Krislian because keeping someone who coasts on her sex appeal rather than talent is a direct competition to Rita’s own brand “isn’t fair.” 

The best part is that other judges barely even humor Rita. If Rita was hoping to create a memorable reality tv moment, the judges aren’t willing to give her any assistance. Instead, they calmly tell Rita, “No.” With a wave of her hand, Ashley reminds her that “majority rules” and Rita is put in her place. Literally put her in her place as she returns to her mark.

That, my friends, is why Ashley should be the host of this franchise. Not just because she’s the actual model, but because she’s the actual boss! And this is the  Boss Cycle, as I’m sure you’ve heard the show mention 5,000 times.

Now seems like as good a time as any to answer a question a lot of you have been asking in my inbox: How do I feel about the judges?

For the most part, I like them actually. Drew’s great. Ashley’s great. Law… I could give or take Law, but he’s not irritating me completely yet, so, sure, he’s fine.

As for Rita, I think she’s doing a good job and definitely exceeding my expectations. Kudos to her for trying to make things interesting in what would otherwise be an uneventful elimination. I’m not sure if Rita second guesses herself a lot, but she did date Rob Kardashian, so I’m going to bet this sort of delayed panic is a common occurrence in her life.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to abruptly end this post by half-heartedly slapping Courtney’s eyebrows on Rita’s face and calling her “Frita Kahlo,” and then head off to Vegas for the weekend. I hear it’s just like traveling abroad!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 5

The Girl Who Cried Wolf (Next Door Audio)
5 Seconds Of Summer
The Girl Who Cried Wolf (Next Door Audio)


hope that you like this audio

i really recommend to hear this reading or just for chill

(all rights to 5 seconds of summer and their owners for this song, this is just my edit)

All 5sos Songs Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 lists I’m making of 5sos songs. The first post was covers, this one is songs from albums and EPs and the last one will be unreleased songs:)

Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)


She’s Kinda Hot

Hey Everybody!

Permanent Vacation

Jet Black Heart

Catch Fire

Waste the Night



Fly Away 



San Francisco

Outer Space/Carry On

Safety Pin

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Broken Home

The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Catch 22)

Story of Another Us

Lost In Reality

Over and Out

She’s Kinda Hot EP (2015)

She’s Kinda Hot

She’s Kinda Hot (Alternate Version)

Broken Pieces

Over and Out

Lost In Reality

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Safety Pin

Good Girls (2014)

Good Girls

Just Saying

Long Way Home (Acoustic)

Good Girls (Acoustic)

Amnesia (2014)



American Idiot (Cover)

Amnesia (Live at Wembly)

5 Seconds of Summer (2014)

She Looks So Perfect

Don’t Stop

Good Girls

Kiss Me Kiss Me


Everything I Didn’t Say

Beside You

End Up Here

Long Way Home

Heartbreak Girl

English Love Affair


Lost Boy

Mrs All American

Social Casualty

Never Be

Voodoo Doll


Heartache On the Big Screen

The Only Reason

What I Like About You (Cover)


Try Hard

Tomorrow Never Dies

Independence Da

Close As Strangers

Out Of My Limit

Wrapped Around Your Finger


Don’t Stop (2014)

Don’t Stop


Try Hard

If You Don’t Know

Wrapped Around Your Finger

She Looks So Perfect (2014)

She Looks So Perfect

Heartache On the Big Screen

The Only Reason


Somewhere New (2012)


Out Of My Limit

Beside You

Gotta Get Out

Unplugged (2012)

Gotta Get Out

I Miss You (Cover)

Too Late

Jasey Rae (Cover)

My Interpretation of The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I’ve seen so many interpretations of this song and I feel like they are all a little off… What do you think of this one?

This song isn’t about the fans or themselves. This song is about a girl who “cries wolf” or says all of these things but never ends up sticking to their word, right? They can tell the girl is troubled because she keeps breaking her word and wanting to end it all (Either relationship wise or literally). The writer of the song fancies her and is willing to stick by her through this time where she feels like running away from him all the time. The most powerful part of the song is the chorus. They come back to asking her to look him in the eyes! (Window to the soul) He asks the girl if there is anyone left inside. A conscious, a care, or a feeling. He says he isn’t dreaming because this isn’t make believe for him, he really loves her. And he isn’t leaving because he cares about her so much that he is willing to stick around with her even though she is always so hot and cold with him. He is willing to stick it out for a chance to be with her. He hopes that one day she will stop “crying wolf” and care enough to stay with him and love him as much as he does her. He wants her to be herself with him and just give into his love. The urgency of the song is almost like the last call for her to come around and start being a person with him instead of running from her feelings and leaving him hurt and pained by her rejection.

5sos Songs
  • Aries: Save your breath, you can talk at me, but I'm not listening - Rejects from the Don't Stop EP
  • Taurus: We can't afford to give up
  • We gotta make our own luck and it goes oh - Hey Everybody! from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Gemini: So sick of the tug of war, that keeps pulling me under - Carry On from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Cancer: It's like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts - Heartbreak Girl from 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Leo: Throwing rocks at your broken window - Safety Pin from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Virgo: When you say you're looking for a way to change your mind, don't walk away - Broken Pieces from the She's Kinda Hot EP
  • Libra: I admit I'm a bit of a victim in the worldwide system too - Disconnected from the She Looks So Perfect EP
  • Scorpio: Maybe there’s nothing after midnight, that could make you stay - Jet Black Heart from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Sagittarius: So take me as I am, take me for everything - Over and Out from the She's Kinda Hot EP
  • Capricorn: She may be clever but she just acts too square - Good Girls from 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Aquarius: I'm stuck in between a nightmare and lost dreams - Broken Home from Sounds Good Feels Good
  • Pisces: Don't let the colors fade to grey - Never Be from 5 Seconds of Summer

What happened during 2014?

January: Announcement of ‘Hi or Hey Records’ (Jan 27)
February: UK Radio Tour (Feb 12-14), Attended First Awards Show - Brit Awards (Feb 19), Release of First Official Single - She Looks So Perfect (Feb 21), UK Tour (Feb 23-28), She Looks So Perfect MV (Feb 24)
March: UK Tour (Mar 2&3), Release of She Looks So Perfect EP (Mar 21), 5 Countries 5 Days - Sweden (Mar 31), She Looks So Perfect - #1 Single
April: 5 Countries 5 Days (Apr 1-4), Stars, Stripes, and Maple Syrup Tour (Apr 11-25)
May: There’s No Place Like Home Tour (May 2-8), Release of Don’t Stop Single (May 9), First Live TV Performance - Sunrise (May 14), First Awards Show Performance - Billboard Music Awards (May 18), Don’t Stop MV (May 18)
June: The Voice of Italy Performance (Jun 5), Release of Don’t Stop EP (Jun 15), Capital Summertime Ball (Jun 21), Release of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Self-titled Album (Jun 27), This Morning Appearance (Jun 30), Won 1 Kerrang! Award - Best International Newcomer
July: Release of Amnesia Single (Jul 15), Key103 Summer Live (Jul 17), Hallam FM Summer Live (Jul 18), iHeartRadio Live Series (Jul 21), Today Show (Jul 22), Jimmy Kimmel Live (Jul 24), The Forum Ticket Selling (Jul 26), Amnesia MV (Jul 31)
August: MTV Video Music Awards (Aug 24), Won 1 VMA - Best Lyric Video, Won 2 TCAs - Choice Music: Breakout Group and Choice Summer: Music Group
September: iTunes Festival (Sept 4), Release of Amnesia EP (Sept 5), House of Blues LA - recording of LIVESOS (Sept 10), iHeartRadio Music Fesitval Village (Sept 20), Good Morning America Performance (Sept 30)
October: The Tonight Show (Oct 2), VIVA5SOS (Oct 8&9), Release of 'Hey Let’s Make A Band’ Book (Oct 9), Good Girls MV (Oct 10), X-Factor Australia (Oct 13)
November: The Ellen Show (Nov 6), ROWYSO First Show - Phoenix, AZ (Nov 13), Release of Good Girls EP (Nov 14), Derpcon and The Forum Shows (Nov 15&16), American Music Awards (Nov 23), ARIA Music Awards (Nov 26), Won 4 EMAs - Artist on the Rise, Best Australia & New Zealand Act, Best New Artist, Best Push Act, Won 1 AMA - New Artist of the Year, Won 1 ARIA - Song of the Year
December: 99.7 [NOW!] Triple Ho 5.0 (Dec 3), 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball (Dec 5), What I Like About You: Live at the Forum MV (Dec 5), B96 Jingle Bash (Dec 6), Capital Jingle Bell Ball (Dec 7), Radio City Christmas Live (Dec 10), Z100 Jingle Ball (Dec 12), Kiss108 Jingle Ball (Dec 14), Release of First Live Album - LIVESOS (Dec 15), Hot99.5 Jingle Ball (Dec 16), People Magazine Awards (Dec 18)


Vic Moretti | 309: Counting Coup

“Look, I don’t know what your deal is, but I know that I am not driving all the way to Pike’s Bridge just to find out that the car has disappeared like every other piece of evidence about Ridges!”