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Hi there! Your wife's cake looks absolutely amazing! It's so lovely! Would it be possible for her to share the recipe? I'd love to (try and) recreate it! :)

Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this! I asked my wife for the recipe and she responded with:

I told her someone asked me about it on my Tumblr and she just laughed. She didn’t realized I had bragged about it publicly. 

Anyhow, here’s the link to the recipe she used to make that fabulous cake. To. Die. For.

Linkity link link

Picture for activating those salivary glands:

Let me know how yours turns out!


So, of my team, my two strongest pokes are probably Barney and Matcha…Hilariously enough. They’re both just so tank-y and powerful…

Then there’s Venus, the Butterfree, whose saving grace is Compound eyes + Sleep powder. She’s mostly useless BUT I RAISED HER FROM A CATERPIE SO SHE STAYS. At the very least she looks pretty fabulous while she’s doing all that nothing.

Of course my whole team kinda falls apart in the face of one thing in particular…

Special sweepers”””

((I thought it was funny??))


Hey Tumblr!

These are a few of the shots of me by Abigail Zoe Martin, done for her project called Chicago Stories. There will be an interview to accompany these, as well as shoots and interviews with other folks in Chicago.

She spotted me at the House of Blues after the Dita Von Teese show and I was dressed in the fabulous, all blue getup, so she ran over gushing about how she wanted to photograph me! Naturally, I had to oblige…

In this set, I’m wearing a white tutu skirt from Aliexpress (message for details if you like), as well as the iridescent rhinestone bustier from Forever 21 that was gifted to me from @kathryn-janeway420! Room designed by @molotowcocktease with some tidbits of my own lying around.

Instagram: iridessence

Photographer instagram: chicago_stories

Okay sooo many people are shitting on Kara over a ship yet literally no one mentions

1. How freaking brilliant she was out tricking Mxy
2. How the writers slipped in that wonderful ‘nasty woman’ reference
3. How, Kara 'I can be sneaky when I want to be’ danvers tricked two people with her fabulous acting skills
4. How freaking dramatic she was standing there drinking orange juice like good god Barry Allen would be proud of that level of pettiness.

it’s gotten to the point where no matter how irrational or improbable it is, anytime a character in the new Twin Peaks talks about someone without mentioning them by name, my mind immediately goes: “AUDREY”

the anonymous billionaire who’s funding the glass box project? Audrey. the person who hired those two people to kill Cooper’s doppelganger? Audrey. the woman Albert and Gordon were talking about bringing to the prison to take a look at “Cooper”? Audrey. that barista who sold Tracey her two cups of coffee? wasn’t even mentioned at all but hell, that’s Audrey too.

Agent: So, Katie, there’s a role you might be interested in….

Katie:  Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it to her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition? (x


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Like, there are so many problems with having Captain American be a Nazi (brainwashed or not.)  SO many problems. 

But one of those problems, and it’s the same reason I’m really struggling to enjoy Agents of Shield right now too, is that I just don’t know who the fuck is supposed to be enjoying this?

Like, when asked the question: “Would you have fun watching your favorite beloved heroes be Nazis for a while?” who the hell is like “Oh yeah, sign me up for that”? 

It’s just…not fun. I want to watch aliens and mutants and inhumans have big, bombastic adventures. I want to see Carol Danvers fly through space and save planets while looking fabulous and She-Hulk give a fucking killer defense in court and then bench pressing a bus. 

No one asked for more fucking Nazis, much less more Nazis wearing our heroes faces.