but she was brilliant


“A high school dropout, she thought everyone was smarter than she was, especially Paul. In reality, she was smarter than everyone. She was brilliant. Everyone knew it. Steven, Lorne [Michaels], and if you asked him at the right moment, Paul [Simon] would have agreed, too. Carrie read voraciously. She was funny and clever. She wrote and provided nonstop, hysterical commentary on people, movies, books, and Hollywood, where she grew up the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. She was a one-woman show thirty-five years before she did one.

I want to thank Carrie Fisher, my friend and partner in crime for more than 30 years. We’ve lasted longer than all of our marriages combined. Our crazy lives have meshed perfectly. We’ve always said it’s because we never liked the same drugs or men, but I know there’s more to it.”

- Penny Marshall on her best friend, Carrie Fisher


- She was my first friend, always so brilliant, from the first day at the Academy. So fast, so funny. She was my man crush.
- I’m sorry?
- Yeah, I think she was a man back then. I’m fairly sure that I was, too, it was a long time ago, though.
- So, Time Lords, bit flexible on the whole man/woman thing, then, yeah?
- We are the most civilised civilisation in the universe, we’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.

Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:23] Got another problem.
Received from: Bi-Han
[22:30] What am I your private counselling line now?
Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:32] It’s my top student, Frost. She is the best I’ve ever taught. A brilliant student always ready to learn more. But I just don’t know if I should teach her the most lethal, high-level cryomancer moves.
Received from: Bi-Han
[22:36] You don’t trust her?
Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:38] I didn’t say that.
Received from: Bi-Han
[22:41] Sure sounds like you did.
Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:44] I don’t know. She’s like a younger sister to me and I care for her deeply. But I just… I don’t know. I just have this feeling. Does this all sound stupid to you?
Received from: Bi-Han
[22:45] Trust your gut.
[22:46] That’s what keeps assassins alive.
Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:48] But she will resent me for the rest of her life if she thinks I’m holding things back from her…
Received from: Bi-Han
[22:50] Burden of responsibility. Sometimes you have to do things that others find unpleasant.
Sent to: Bi-Han
[22:54] Okay… your expertise when it comes to doing unpleasant things always disturbed me a little though.
Received from: Bi-Han
You asked for my advice. I’m just giving it.

mostie01  asked:

Please write this!! I need more Sith quigon and Sith tahl plotting with raising obiwan into their apprentice/Son.

“Focus Obi-Wan, focus… yes, that’s it,” Qui-Gon praised.

From where Tahl was sitting in the comfortable armchair, she could see that his midnight blue eyes were full of pride and she too could not keep the proud smile off of her face when she watched her son perform his difficult task of Force manipulation.

The young child was currently in a one handed handstand, sweat was forming on his forehead and his eyes were closed in concentration and his free hand was outstretched to several small objects he was levitating. All kinds of things were floating through the room and not ones were they colliding with each other.

Qui-Gon’s eyes followed a couple of books that were floating near his head, while Tahl concentrated on the little imp. She had seen the brief grin that had appeared on his young features and moments later, she knew what had went on in that brilliant and mischievous head of his. Qui-Gon’s lightsaber rose from the man’s belt and he reacted just a second too late, before it was out of his reach, hovering above his head.

A playful smile appeared on bearded features and the male Sith reached out with one of his hands and he Force pushed the young boy, who promptly lost his balance and fell to the wooden ground with a thud. The objects in the air were barely caught by Tahl, who watched in amusement, when her husband literally pounced on the young child and tackled him by tickling him half to death.

“No, stop! Not there, nooo,” Obi-Wan was half laughing and half crying, while he struggled to get out of his father’s grip, but to no avail.

“No chance little one, this is your punishment for taking Daddy’s lightsaber,” Qui-Gon said, but there was no sternness in his voice. It meant that he was not angry or disappointed, he just had searched for an opportunity to torture his little one.

“Mom, Moooom, please! Help me,” he begged when he realized that he could not stop the older male. Tears were escaping his eyes and he was laughing really hard by now.

Gold-green eyes connected with sea blue ones and a silent conversation was held through them. The female stood up and put her work aside for now, before running forward and jumping against Qui-Gon. The two adults rolled around the floor for a few moments, as if they were children too, but eventually the male Sith allowed his wife to pin him down. Meanwhile Obi-Wan was catching his breath.

“Obi-Wan, come quick. I don’t know how long I can hold the evil Jedi,” the Noorian said and there was a sparkle in her eyes, when the ginger haired boy immediately sprung into action. He came running over and promptly sat on his father’s legs.

“What now Mom?” he looked seriously up at the older woman.

“Now we have to extract valuable information from him, like where he hid the cookies.”

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow at that. He had NOT hid the cookies, this had been his wife, but he would play along for now. “I will never tell you Sith scum anything,” he growled and even bared his teeth a little, just for show.

“Believe me, you will,” she made sure that he was indeed pinned to the floor by using the Force. “Obi-Wan, do you have an idea on how to get the information we require?”

The ginger haired boy pondered for a moment, then his blue-green eyes wandered to his father’s bare feet. An evil grin appeared on his freckled features. Qui-Gon had only ONE weakness – in the boy’s knowledge at least – and that were his feet.

The long haired male regretted having taken off his boots. Granted, he always did so, he just felt more ‘free’ like this. But when the little brat actually started to tickle him in return, he couldn’t take it and broke out into laughter as well.

Tahl gazed down at her struggling husband, whose eyes were tightly shut and who was desperately trying to break her hold on him. He looked a lot younger in this moment and he was just as handsome as she remembered him to be. Her heart skipped a beat, when she realized how much Obi-Wan had done for them, without really knowing it. He was the reason the two Sith got up every morning, despite their setbacks concerning the Jedi Order. He gave them a huge reason to stand up each morning and to try again. It was all in hope of a better future for their Obi-Wan.

“Enough… please…” Qui-Gon barely managed to get out, “I’ll tell you… everything… you want to… know. Just PLEASE… stop!”

Obi-Wan did so, when his mother nodded her approval. The older Sith took a few calming breathes, before opening his eyes and gazing into expecting blue-green ones. “The cookies… are in one of the pots in the upper drawer… in the kitchen.”

“You heard him Obi-Wan, now go and see if he tells the truth.” The ginger haired boy nodded enthusiastically and hurried away. “Don’t forget to wash your hands,” Tahl yelled after him.

Qui-Gon chuckled, “I just hope that he won’t use this unique… technique… on future Jedi that he might run into.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” yet the female Sith could not help but chuckle at the mental image she received, “he is smarter than that.”

Obi-Wan chose exactly this moment, to reenter the living room. He was carrying a box in his hands and sat down on the ground, next to his parents. Tahl sat down next to him and therefore allowed her husband to sit up as well.

The long haired male gazed lovingly down at the child and reached out to ruffle his ginger locks, to show that he was not holding the assault against him. Obi-Wan giggled in delight and moved so that he was resting against his father’s chest. Meanwhile opened Tahl the box and handed each male a treat. In this moment, everything felt joyful and right. Everything was as it was supposed to be.

“Do you think the Jedi are so mean, because they don’t have a family?” Obi-Wan’s voice suddenly disturbed the peace and he looked up at his mother in question.

“I don’t know,” she exchanged a glance with Qui-Gon.

“Well, I think they are jealous, because they don’t have families,” decided the young boy.

“That might be the case,” Qui-Gon began, “all the more reason to show them a different way.”

“Also, it is not hate you should feel for them, but rather pity. They do not experience love like we do, their Code does not allow it the way ours does… you should feel sorry for them.”

“I do,” he nibbled on his cookie, expression thoughtful and not focusing on anything in particular. “Is this why we are stronger? Because we have each other I mean?”

“Yes dear one,” bearded features smiled at the boy in his arms. “And one day, the Jedi will realize this, or bow before us.”

“But until then, well-behaved little Sith need to sleep,” Tahl cut in and as if on cue, Obi-Wan yawned. She reached out and took the tired boy from his father’s arms, who quickly kissed his son’s forehead, and she brought him into his room, before putting him into bed. She wished him a good rest and silently closed the door behind her.

When Tahl entered the living room again, she found the older male cleaning up the mess the three of them had made.

“I have almost finished the next strategy, do you want to take a look?” Now that Obi-Wan was asleep or at least in his bed, they could openly discuss their plans, without having to fear that he would follow them in an impulsive and reckless moment.

“Yes,” he answered, “have you remembered to calculate the costs of the bounty hunters?”

“Of course,” she replied and picked up the previously discarded datapad. “I am not sure about the cell however. Can we be sure that it will hold against a Force sensitive?”

“Add Force suppressing cuffs and we should be fine,” he straightened up, arms full of stuff and he walked around the room to put them back to their original place.

“Well then, what about this…”

They were still a long way from victory, but both Tahl and Qui-Gon, were confident that one day, the Sith would not just be a minority…

honestly my biggest pet peeve in fic AND in canon is everyone forgetting that kara is more than just a musclehead with the emotional range of a puppy and is actually a refugee, with her entire culture and language and religion wiped out, everyone she’s ever met dead, not simply a human with powers but a Kryptonian, always.

Who comes from a family of universe-renowned scientists, and was considered a genius by the standards of the extremely technologically advanced society that aren’t simply american humans in a few thousand years but people who probably have very different brains–along with also being created via the Codex and genetic manipulation (so it’s probably phased out any junk DNA, or vestigial structures–so, Kara probably doesn’t actually have an appendix or wisdom teeth tbh). If Kara had actually lived her life on Krypton, there’s a very high chance she would have went into the Science guild tbh

Really, imagine if you had gone through the equivalent of a rigorous phD program, and then all of a sudden put in a kindergarten science class. In the comics Kara was about to become the youngest person on the Kryptonian science counsel, ever

Yeah, of course Kara’s going to be bored with Earth level science, those science fairs that Alex dragged her along to are, to her, probably rudimentary at best, wildly off the mark at worst (and really–she’s been told to keep hidden. Genius children make news, genius children are noticed. Alex probably had a bit more leeway as the daughter of two world renowned scientists, already noticed by her teachers to be gifted but kara’s already the new adopted kid with the funny accent and mannerisms in a small town. That would be the exact opposite of laying low).

Lena’s probably a better tactician than Kara–a life as a Luthor would be a constant practice in tactics, long term planning. She’s definitely a brilliant scientist, but out of the two of them? Kara’s probably better.

And honestly? Lena realizing just how brilliant Kara really is, a fully fleshed three dimensional character, would be such a better story than just pretending that kara is an idiot with maybe 3 emotions.

Part of what makes Kara such a compelling character is that she’s been through so much, has so much anger and rage and sorrow but still manages to be a light and inspiration for others, intelligent, someone with a gift with words, a genius–someone who thinks of herself–Kara Zor-El, the powerless Kryptonian–as ordinary, someone not yet worthwhile, but she wants to be. She defeated Myriad through her words, through her sincerity and optimism, simply as herself. As Astra said, Kara “has the heart of a hero,” regardless of powers.Her heart is what makes her a hero.

tl;dr: kara is more than just a “puppy” who is incapable of intelligent thought


I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks… I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I’d be like, ’Maybe I’m going to get sick’… It’s kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that’s not to say I don’t get worried.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. More times than not, everyone gets through the year and makes it out safely. But every once in a while, there’s a sickness, or a fight, or a harebrained scheme to save the world gone sideways, and one of them doesn’t make it through the year.

They mourn for their fallen. They know they’ll see them again, in a few months, as if they’d never died, but it’s always tough for a while after. Sometimes the people they encounter in these other worlds are startled by how quickly they move on with life. They tell them they’ll see their brother or sister again one day. Most take it as trite, something you say to console yourself in the face of death. But Taako tells them, “No really, it’s not goodbye, it’s just TTYL!”

Whenever one of them dies before the year’s end, Lucretia opens another notebook, and begins to write.

She writes them letters. She doesn’t write to them every day. Just when there’s a brilliant success, or a devastating failure, or a joke that would have made them laugh, a beautiful tree they would have climbed, or a rock that looked so goddamn much like Barry’s face that they had to take it with them. There are doodles and anecdotes. “I wish you could have seen her.” “We needed you today. You would’ve known just what to say.” She records these postcards for them, from the months they missed. And when they’ve finally settled down in their new home for the year, she quietly hands them over.


Second semi-final qualifiers: 1.Anja Nissen (Denmark) 2.Ilinca &  Alex Florea (Romania) 3.Imri (Israel) 4.Jacques Houdek (Croatia) 5.Joci Pápai (Hungary) 6.JOWST (Norway) 7.Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria) 8.Nathan Trent (Austria) 9. Naviband (Belarus) 10. O'G3NE (The Netherlands)

I believe Spencer’s twin is coming.

In this post I want to give a list of reasons why Twincer is my prime suspect as AD. I know a lot of these ‘clues’ come from interviews, but they’re still really convincing for me at least. I’ve definitely missed some of the clues from within the show because they’re not as easy to spot - we need to know for sure if Twincer is happening, then we can dig further. (The fun won’t instantly stop once the finale airs.) But for now, enjoy these, and at the end, I give my theory as to the motive.

Please note: none of this is overly new. This is just the summation of everything we’ve been talking about on my blog for the past couple months. I wanted to put all the ideas into one post, rather than 31529 mini posts scattered here and there. I will be updating this as we find more. 

  1. The famous airport scene from 715.
    We all already think it’s weird that "Spencer" asked Ezra to not tell anyone he saw her there with Wren. What’s weirder, is the fact that Wren and “Spencer” were arguing. Amongst muffle, I heard Spencer say "stop calling me that" (let me know if you heard differently). Did Wren have a slip-of-the-tongue moment and call her Spencer rather than the twin’s real name?
  2. Dr. Cochran’s story is very telling.
    We all already know the ambiguous implication that Mary had more than two babies, because Dr. Cochran said he dealt with “two of Mary’s babies”. What’s more interesting is the second baby he dealt with. The first baby (Charlotte) he gave to Jessica. He said that the second baby that he delivered was placed in family county services. This could not have been Spencer, since Spencer was delivered to Veronica within 5 minutes of birth. So, who was that second baby that was placed in family services? I believe it was Spencer’s twin. Why? Dr Cochran referred to that second baby as “underweight but tenacious” - lo and behold, the next episode, Toby calls Spencer tenacious. This was the writers foreshadowing the similarities between this second baby, and Spencer. Twins. 
  3. We all know Hanna’s ‘dream’ in 701.
    It makes no sense that Hanna was able to dream ‘Spencer’ saying the name A.D. since Hanna was kidnapped before these initials were even revealed. Perhaps Hanna was visited by Twincer; the one holding her captive.
  4. A.D. needs to stand for something. 
    Spencer’s twin could literally have the initials A.D., since we know she would be Mary Drake’s child. Her first name would start with A and the D would stand for Drake. 
  5. Brendan and Ian both confessed to being confused by the identity of A.D.
    They needed the backstory to understand it. Is that because they had no idea who has the name “Alex Drake” (for example) ?
  6. Tyler said before 7B aired that “you’ve never met AD. You kind of have. You’ll know what I mean”.
    This can be interpreted in two ways: you’ve never met Twincer but since you know Spencer, you kind of know who AD is. Or. You’ve seen Twincer over the years, but thought it was Spencer. Either way, Tyler’s comment screams twin-theory to me. This could apply to any twin theory, but in this context, I’m using it for Spencer.
  7. Ian said (0:57) that “fans will be satisfied to a point. Right when it seems it’s gonna be really great, it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”….
    That cheeky smile on Ian’s face when he said “it seems it’s gonna be really great”… what could be greater than a liar being AD? Ian could be referring to the fact that they initially show us Troian under the hoodie, making us think Spencer is AD. Then, after commercial break, they will reveal it’s just her twin, hence the “it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”. We will be satisfied to a point, he said. It’ll start off amazing by thinking it’s Spencer, oh wait, it’s another twin.
  8. Ashley said (0:14) that she didn’t even know the A.D. reveal is possible.
    Because she did not expect a second pair of twins to come along?
  9. “It’s like there are two of you living in this house. You, and you’re evil twin, and we’re not sure who’s coming down to breakfast". 
    said Veronica to Spencer in 423. Foreshadowing at it’s finest.
  10. Spencer doesn’t remember this flashback.
    Was it her twin? And oh how coincidental, that the writers tell us a time Spencer doesn’t remember, in the same scene Veronica makes the above comment about Spencer’s “evil twin”.
  11. “Where are they?”
    said Mary as she entered the Hastings house (flashback from 717). Who is they? The twins? She proceeded to say that Spencer is the only good thing she’s ever made. Maybe Mary knows Spencer’s twin is evil, and is neglecting her. 
  12. “You look very much like your sister. Almost like twins”.
    said Mary to Spencer in 701. The writers wanted us to think that Mary was talking about Spencer and Melissa, since Mary was holding a picture of the half-sisters. But, were the writers, and therefore Mary, hinting towards Twincer? Is Mary being blackmailed/forced (by Peter?) to keep quiet on Twincer, and she had a slip-of-the-tongue moment here?
  13. Marlene is very aware of the Twincer theories.
    Back in 2014 she said that Troian sent her an online fan theory regarding Spencer having a twin who is A. Marlene was blown away by it and she thought it was a very well thought out plan with detailed evidence across the series. Watch from 1:35. Whilst you may be saying “there’s NO WAY Marlene spoilt her own show’s ending in an interview!!” - I feel like she had no idea the show would go on for 7 seasons, and once they got renewed, she panicked. “Shit, we need a new Uber A. Let’s go with that brilliant fan theory Troian sent me”. She probably regrets making this interview now. You can tell her passion for Twincer in this interview. She talks so damn highly of it.
  14. Marlene has said that the person who plays A.D. had known for a while.
    We know that Marlene told Troian the entire ending of the show years in advance. “Just like I had story time with Marlene, you all now get story time with Pretty Little Liars” said Troian.
  15. The girl in the coffin in the opening has the exact same black puffy shirt as Spencer.
  16. Why does it seem that A.D. is always going after the Hastings?
    Why shoot Spencer, out of all the liars? Why demand Aria to plant the audio device in the Hastings? Why not ruin the Marin household? The jealous twin wants her ungrateful sister dead, hence the shooting, and the jealous daughter is angry she never got adopted. Too much of the story is Hastings-oriented. 
  17. “They’re all some pretty. Good. Theories.”
    Was Janel’s response to being asked about the Spencer-twin theories. (22:20)
  18. And, I’ll just leave this here. Good one @prettylittlesessions​ !
  19. “Spencer’s” weird comments in 718.
    In 718 “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in 718 to prompt our Spencer to say this. 
  20. Keegan said there are no more Spoby kisses in 7B.
    “I can honestly say that there is not another Spoby kiss.” Yet - there was one in 718. Either Keegan lied, or that was Spencer’s twin. (10:15)
  21. “It’s somebody you have seen.”
    says Marlene in regards to who AD is. Was she talking about the Spoby kiss in 710, which Twincer referred to in 718 when she kissed Toby again? Marlene was very careful to avoid saying “it’s someone you KNOW”. We don't “know” Twincer. But, we have seen her.
  22. “That’s not the Spencer I know”
    said Toby in 718. Writers are foreshadowing.

Setting all this aside, I want to add my theory on the backstory and motive:

  • Twincer, who’s name is A_____ Drake, was born in Radley, as Dr. Cochran told us in 7A. 
  • Twincer was raised in Radley - not because she needed to be at a psychological hospital, but as a form of daycare, because Mary was deemed an unfit mother, and also she kept Twincer a secret from Peter… he already hated her (to the point of planning her murder, later on) enough for having one baby together, imagine Peter’s reaction to having twins.
  • There, Twincer met and bonded with her sister Charlotte. Charlotte became Twincer’s only friend. (Twincer might even be Bethany, since we already know of this bond between Bethany and Charlotte, and how Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away by a monster. But for this theory, let’s just forget Bethany for a second.)
  • When Mona came to Radley and started telling Charlotte about everything she did to her sister, Charlotte and Twincer wanted to play. They wanted a turn at harassing Spencer and her friends.
  • For Charlotte, as we know, it was the feeling of finally succeeding at something in life that made the game her drug. For Twincer, it was something far darker.
  • Harassing Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison is all about driving a wedge between the girls. Twincer wants to break up the girls. Turn them against each other. Hopefully by throwing fire at the girls, they will break up, ultimately, to ruin Spencer’s life. Again, jealousy. Twincer’s plan is backfiring because it’s exactly A’s threats that makes Spencer say “we need each other more than ever” and “always stick together”. The writers keep making the point of SPENCER being the one to make the comments about “always” sticking together. Twincer cannot break Spencer and her bitches. This is fueling Twincer’s anger. Nothing is working.
  • That’s why AD/Twincer recently shot Spencer. “If I can’t break the girls up to ruin Spencer’s life, why not just become Spencer?” Twincer shot Spencer in an attempt to assume her identity and squeeze her way into the loving friendship group that she could never crack. “These girls are so loyal to each other… they don’t even break up after even my threats. Damn, I want to be a part of this. It’s my turn to live a happy life. You had your turn Spencer.”
  • Note: I do not believe that AD has been operating since season 1. Mona’s time as A is completely independent from Charlotte and Twincer’s story. Mona started the game, and now someone is ending it, and she wants to know who. Charlotte and Twincer are their own duo; their own A-team, which stemmed as a result of Mona coming to Radley. Charlotte revealed herself - next up in the A team is Twincer, who is carrying on the game she once played with her sister.