but she was a perfect choice tbh


the chronicles of narnia fancast → Quvenzhané Wallis as Lucy Pevensie

“I think—I don’t know—but I think I could be brave enough.”


I recently took a trip to Disneyland with @suachun1 and we both thought about “Why not do a Halloween Disney Voltron AU” so I decided to draw it and she suggested I dress Hunk and Shay as Maui and Moana along with Shiro as Shang. I thought Lance and Keith worked as Eugene and Rapunzel. Allura as Kida and Pidge as Milo were kind of the perfect choices. However, we struggled with Coran tbh but then thought the Duke from Cinderella fit really well. SO HERE IT IS. INSPIRED BY MY TRIP TO DISNEYLAND. 


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i absolutely adored the ice skating imagine, could i request one with the phantom girls? ty in advance, love your writing <3

Yay, it’s been a while since I wrote for the girls! <3 The boys + Goro are here for anyone interested! Thank you for requesting, I hope you like it!


  • Don’t be fooled by the Persona 5 opening; Ann is just as clueless as S/O in regard to ice skating. she’s good at rollerblading tho
  • Both of them are clinging to each like saran wrap, with Ann’s arms laced around S/O’s shoulders and their arms wound around Ann’s waist as they glide across the ice at an excruciatingly slow pace.
  • It takes them ten minutes to slide to the opposite side. someone help them
  • “Whew, we finally made it,” Ann sighed, slightly loosening her death grip on S/O. “I think we’re getting pretty good at this!”
  • “But we only moved a few feet.”
  • Ann flashed them a thumbs up and a wink. “Small progress is better than no progress!” she claimed ebulliently.
  • S-so cute, S/O thought, a coral hue permeating their cheeks. i agree tho
  • Furthermore, Ann was correct in her observation; although the couple had tumbled down on the icy floor beneath them more times than they could count, they had managed to complete a few laps in less than five minutes.
  • Ann was able to adapt rather quickly, but she decided to stay close to S/O in case they stumbled, firmly clasping their hand and giggling with them.
  • At one point, the duo ceased skating so they could attempt the spin that’s always seen in cinema. They grasped each other’s wrists to rotate…
  • And they finished with a fall, thudding hard against the chilly layer of ice.
  • They didn’t rise immediately; they embraced each other as they winced in pain and rolled on the floor. they stick to rollerblading


  • Similar to Ryuji, Makoto’s athleticism proves to be a valuable asset as she glides across the icy pavement with ease.
  • The same can’t be said for S/O though, as this date was their introduction to ice skating.
  • Makoto patiently leads them from the front, gently cradling their hands in her own as she tugs them along the rink.
  • Her blithe laughter resounds like chiming bells whenever she observes S/O’s tense demeanor.
  • “It’s okay to relax and move a little, honey.”
  • “I know that, I-I just wanted to hold your hands,” they lied partially. me too s/o
  • Makoto smiled warmly at them. “Well, I suppose we can carry on like this for a bit longer.”
  • She relinquished them soon after that when they least expected it, and to S/O’s surprise, they successfully skated solo without tripping over.
  • “I knew you could do it,” Makoto commented, a faint trace of smugness laced in her voice.
  • She actually consented to giving S/O a piggyback ride, and the couple’s cheeks were aflame through the entire venture; Makoto was distracted by their legs around her, and S/O was completely taken by her robustness. same


  • Futaba takes a single step onto the frozen platform…
  • And topples to the ground immediately. Fortunately, S/O caught her at the last second.
  • “I-I don’t think I’m leveled up enough for this mission,” Futaba stuttered, wobbling as she skated with S/O at her heels and ensnaring her waist.
  • “M-me, either,” S/O agreed. “This is like Dark Souls on ice.”
  • “Heheh, nice one,” she snickered. “But even that’s child’s play compared to actual physical acti- whoa!”
  • The couple wiped out, lying adjacent to each other for a moment to process their failure. mood
  • “…Wanna go get ice cream?” Futaba asked, staring at the ceiling with her back against the floor.
  • “Yes please.”
  • However, they both refused to be defeated so easily and continued skating out of sheer spite.
  • Although it’s their first time ice skating, S/O gradually grows accustomed to it, more so than their flailing girlfriend. bless her


  • Haru is quite exceptional at ballet, thus her keen coordination greatly aids her as she guides S/O around the skating rink.
  • Incidentally, Haru is the most adept at ice skating among the Phantom Thieves. she probably has a personal rink
  • S/O is entirely enraptured by her elegance as she pirouettes and leaps on the cold surface of the rink.
  • Haru certainly didn’t aim to show off, however, so when she detected S/O (in addition to other spectators), gaping at her with glimmering eyes, she instantly flushed the same shade of pink as her sweater.
  • “I-I apologize if that was ostentatious of me,” she stammered, her hand on the small of S/O’s back as she continued assisting them.
  • “N-no, it’s fine. You look even more breathtaking when you’re having fun,” they replied, a bashful smile dancing on their lips.
  • Haru daintily clapped a hand to her mouth and giggled, her strawberry blonde curls bouncing slightly. “Thank you! I could say the same to you, dear.”
  • being perfect must be so exhausting why don’t you go to sleep
  • S/O skids and stumbles whenever Haru releases them, their razor-edge blades slicing into the ice as they carved out petite shavings; thus, Haru had no choice but to lead them around and instruct them on skating.
  • She wasn’t bothered by it, though; after all, Haru had chosen this venue with the intention of holding S/O close to her, savoring their secure warmth despite the cold, crispy air.

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This has also been brewing in the back of my mind. If I could write I'd do it myself so thank God for you! I hope this isn't too specific. Beca comes out to her father and it goes badly. Not wanting to her crush/gf(s) to see her upset she goes to crash by a friend but doesn't say what's wrong. When she misses movie night/date night her crush/gf(s) gets worried and tries to find her starting by checking with Dr. Mitchell.

“So, Beca, how have you been? You said you had something to tell me?” Warren Mitchell takes a bite of his dinner, his eyes on his daughter. 

Beca twists her thumb ring under the table, glancing down at her dinner. She swallows and looks up at her father and tries to calm her racing heart. She mentally scoffs at herself, since when did she actually give a shit about what her father thought?

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GB boob size headcanons, I need it... don't ask me why xDD

Fuck me I love boobs dude they’re choice af



Hidan - 

Both nipples are pierced because hey- pain. She has smol boobles, an A cup with a 34 band but she can’t complain. It’s easier to go braless and they don’t get in the way for her. No visible difference in boob size between both breasts and areolas are a tad on the big side.

Kakuzu - 

Mama Kaku got them bomb titties tbh. Her right one is slightly bigger than her left, but it’s barely noticeable. They’re a nice, round D cup with a 38 band, very squishy, the perfect boobs to play with. Only her left nipple is pierced because she actually chickened out when it came time for the right one to be pierced. Fem! Hidan doesn’t let her live it down. 

Pein - 

Both nipples are pierced, size B cup with a 36 band, no visible difference in size between either boob, but she swears her left is bigger feeling. Has slight freckles on the top curve of her breasts.

Itachi - 

B cup with a 32 band, no visible difference in size between either boob, no piercings, but her nipples are a tad on the larger side. She can’t complain, they’re hella sensitive and it’s great. 

Kisame - 

DD cup with a 42 band, this poor woman. RIP her back. No nip piercings, her right boob is visibly bigger looking than her left and her areolas are a much darker blue than her skin, almost a very deep navy blue. They’re actually a pretty beautiful colour. 

Deidara - 

Surprise! Fem! Deidei has innie nips~! She was self conscious of them for a while, but she doesn’t gaf now. She’s a 36 C, very average size, no piercings, but obv. the one side has the mouth so there’s the stitching she has. No visible size difference between either breast.

Sasori - 

34 E, poor woman. She’s short and got big boobs, it kills her on some days. She certainly envies Fem! Deidei because of her back pain. No piercings, no odd markings, very aesthetically pleasing breasts. Her aerola and nipples are larger than any other Akatsuki member’s, she doesn’t care tho.

Tobi/Obito - 

38 A cup. No piercings, but she’s always wanted one! She’s just too chicken. She’s veryyyy self-conscious of the scars that go down her right breast, so try not to stare. She gets antsy and uncomfortable af about it. Her left breast is just barely bigger than the right, it’s visible and you can feel it, she doesn’t mind though. 

Zetsu - 

Her right breast is noticeably bigger than the left, she’s slightly self conscious of it but she tries to brush it off. C cup with a 32 band, no piercings, but the black and white divide is actually a pretty ombre inbetween her cleavage. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

My working theory is that Caitlin and Frosty are both the same, but vastly different versions of the same individual. Our Caitlin represses her negative emotions fear, anger, hate, rage, etc. and her powers are closely tied to that. Killer Frost is the version of Caitlin who lives on these negative emotions, and is even borne out of them. Perhaps the Great Schism of Caitlin Frost is partly due to her past traumas, paired with anxiety about becoming the KF on earth two. Or at least you could look at the dichotomy as symbolism and see it that way.

But it’s really hard to say where Caitlin ends and Killer Frost begins without questioning things like What Makes You Be You, and Free Will, and Inherent Moral Nature (which IMO is actually a spiritual question as it deals with morality and I’m not getting into that). But we do know Caitlin does not want Killer Frost  to appear (she’d rather die) and Killer Frost wants to “cure” herself of Caitlin. I imagine it’s like Caitlin is slipped some Ecstasy against her consent, causing her to loose control of herself and even though it makes her feel alive, in the moment, once she regains control of herself she’s horrified by what transpired. She would never have chosen to be Killer Frost, but while she IS Killer Frost she’s drunk on power, and then as Caitlin comes back  

If you want to get “scientific” about it (use of quotation marks because 1. there’s a lot of debate in psychology about the correct theories and whether certain parts of psychology can be really be called scientific if they are not observable and repeatable, etc. 2. I’m more just using scientific theory as analogy to draw comparison, and 3. this is still just The Flash and metas also don’t exist in real life and biology also cannot explain why Cait is a human ice machine or why the speedforce is some sort of interdimensional realm ruled by pantheistic pseudo-deities, weirdly)… still if you want to, try to think of Killer Frost by looking at Freudian model of the psyche.  Caitlin feels she has to be the highly moralistic  "superego", while Killer Frost represents the unregulated instinctual “id” that Caitlin hides…two opposite sides warring inside Caitlin’s mind, usually regulated by the “ego” or her true self. Basically Caitlin thinks she has to be a perfect angel, and Killer Frost tries to be a perfect devil.

Now then, her outbursts are a little more extreme than say, for example, your typical case of Bipolar Disorder or other affective behavioral disorders, which leads me to believe that the unique changes in her brain when she becomes Killer Frost throws her ID into overdrive so she’s running on her negative repressed emotions. And when Barry or Julian trigger her superego, she pushes down her id to come back as Angelic Caitlin. But just maybe when Cisco gives her a choice, maybe he triggers her ego. Her true self, not perfect and angelic and also not destructive and evil. Her ability to self-regulate kicks in and allows her to reasonably choose between good and bad, right and wrong. Which of course, we know Caitlin tends to be a good person anyway. And she doesn’t necessarily need the cure with enough therapy and anger management and self-regulation. That’s basically what I’m getting, at least.

IDK??? Don’t kill me. I’m just going with what makes the most sense from what I’ve seen. TBH, I should probably also do a rewatch before writing such in depth character analysis. Also, i’m not a student of psychology at all, expect the little bit i had in school.


27 years later…

eddie kaspbrak - scoot mcnairy || bill denbrough - jimmi simpson
beverly marsh - bryce dallas howard || ben hanscom - logan marshall green
mike hanlon - william jackson harper || stan uris - joseph gordon levitt
richie tozier - bill hader

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i cant pick one fave but i have a huge list lmao some of them are bayverse hound (im a fat ballerina too!!), tfp wheeljack (would definitely put up with my shitty music), cade (the best dad tbh), tfa and tfp ratchet (angry fat old man who hates everyone which i can relate to), tfp arcee (she could kill me and i would thank her?? plus she canonly has ptsd!!), and every starscream (my gay baby with ptsd)

Hahaha same dude, I get ya. XD 

Lol okay despite not being a fan of the bayverse films, I will gladly admit Hound is funny. XD

Wheeljack is always a fantastic choice

Ratchet is perfect in every continuity???

All amazing thanks so much for sharing dude!! :D

When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT~



about the blogger [three/fifteen] relationships: Hazel & Augustus
“She is so beautiful. You don’t get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she is smarter than you, you know she is. She is funny without ever being mean. I love her. I am so lucky to love her, Van Houten. You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.”

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Tbh I got the feeling Skinner was relieved when she got to college. In the interview after her first perfect 10 she said something like "I've been waiting for college forever"(while crying happy tears) and while I understand why people don't like her I totally have a new found respect for the pressures she and all the girls went through and what those elite years must have been like. I totally respect her choice now to just step back and live her life.

I think it’s really great that so many elites like Skinner and others can be happy and successful in college after kind of being burnt out by elite


aty challenge: day eleven ~ sam x poppy day

“It’s not too late to back out,” I add and shove a tray of fish sticks into the oven. “If you have important shit to do, we can call someone else.”
    “Like what?” she asks, arms crossed, more “chill” than even her mother, Poppy. And I really didn’t think that was fucking possible. “Homework? I dropped out of Dalton Acaddemy this year, remember?”
    I slam the oven door closed harder than I intended. “You didn’t drop out.” I already hear her dad in my head. Samuel Stokes couldn’t shut up about the whole ordeal.
                               My daughter is choosing acting over a traditional education.
You’d think Captain America would be upset over the choice, but Sammy was over-the-moon. Like actually proud. I forgot that Sam had been into art growing up, kind of like Poppy, but he ditched his dreams for her. And he ultimately ended up working at Fizzle, her father’s company.
                                           He’s happy she chose her passion.
- Some Kind of Perfect, chapter 33

Judging by your choice of wear Cinder, are you highly confident in your legs? (Asked by anon)
  • Cinder, kicking her leg up and slamming her heel on a table, showing off her legs: There one of the many favorite things I have about myself.
  • Emerald, whispering: Her list of favorite things about herself is essentially her entire self.
  • Admin, heart eyes: That's because everything about Cinder is perfect tbh
quick This Is Acting thoughts

ok so ive listened to Sia’s new album a few times now and its a good album but its no 1000 forms of fear tbh but there are some really really good songs

her vocals in One Million Bullets killed me and brought my back to life i love love love that song

bird set free is amazing but weve all heard that one already next

alive is good …. anyways..

MOVE YOUR BODY IS SO SOSO OSOSOO GOOD!!! she sounds just like shakira i love it you can tell right away thats who she wrote it for i just wanna dance

unstoppable is a good lil song wish it was more of an anthem tho

my choice for second single would probably be cheap thrills im loving this song i can hear it on the radio 

REAPER!!!! my second favorite song on the album everything about this song is perfect its a bop

House on Fire, footprints, sweet design (wtf is this song), broken glass (this one is ok i guess) can all be skipped tbh this part of the album kinda drags nothing special until……

Space Between (!!!).. the closer on the album and its absolutely beautiful and the perfect song to end the album on im so relieved she saved one of the best for last because the later half of the album was really meh 

Favorite tracks - One Million Bullets, Reaper, Move your Body, Bird Set Free, Cheap Thrills, Space Between

I knew she wasnt going to top 1000 forms of fear with this album especially because these songs are rejects from other artists but with that being said the songs that are really good are REALLY good 

still dont understand why my arena (song that leaked a few weeks ago) isnt on this album cause it would prob be my favorite and even light headed should have made it .. but maybe shes saving those for her next album of songs she wrote for herself (hopefully) 


I just saw **Insurgent **today so I had to join in and make one of this 

  • this movie was all over the place tbh
  • we got 2 minutes of amity??
  • you could barely see johanna scar and the way the made it look was off, like, a scar leaves a lighter imprint on your skin not darker!
  • how did tris cut her hair like that?? is imposible with just scissors and a glass reflection
  • i wish they had made the chase scene at night like in the books but i get it
  • no peace serum scene :( they didn’t even mention it!
  • those dreams where weird af edited so how much of it did happen? it was confusing
  • there was no emotional turnmoil whatsoever not for tris who somehow can hold guns here and not for four who’s abusive past was totally erased, we were left with perfect characters who just had a rough time
  • tori, uriah, christina, man if u had an ounce of melanin in this movie you were relegated to one liners no matter how important you’re role was in the book
  • you never really get to know anyone bc all the familiar characters were compromised by introducing new ones
  • the fight in the train was unnecessary
  • kate winslet wasn’t the best choice for this
  • oh whoa how convenient we got a DIVERGENT FUCKING SCANNER
  • lol at the suicides, robot voice, plus everyone staring doing nothing to help
  • there’s only so much shailene can do physically, tbh she can’t take those big guys down let alone carry christina’s weight with just one arm? her fighting sequences felt fake af, the same for four, his technique was too perfect
  • the world building felt like a giant movie set, everywhere they went it was like jumping from dimension to dimension there was no conection between the factions
  • factionless are supposed to be organized homeless ppl not ppl living in pirate-like hqs
  • i didn’t like the box plot even though i don’t really remember half of the book
  • who told them those weird zoom ins where good?
  • christina being on the background of every scene felt off
  • the cgi was better than expected but some scenes where just too much and some even laughable
  • ugh the last minute save trope’s gotta stop 
  • tris and four didn’t had any conflict??? even though they just met they already acted like a full couple which didn’t happen in the books
  • somehow they manage to make caleb and peter the best parts of the movie even though we’re supposed to hate them in the books??? mixed messages af
  • shailene’s hair in the cell scene lol
  • that was like the saddest sex scene not even a full sex scene which was way too early tbh
  • evelyn being white -.- she also got to shoot jeanine for some reason instead of tori stabbing her 
  • shai’s got the emotion but without any, again, emotional turnmoil it feels forced
  • actually the whole movie felt forced
  • those tentacle thingys??? they turn off gravity
  • they made the movie purposely on 3d, without it those pixel gimmicks wouldn’t work
  • lynn didn’t die? i’m guessing that was lynn
  • we never get to see dauntless again which was kinda bummer
  • tbh the thing with divergent is that they tried so hard to make it look different from the rest of the ya dystopian crowd that they missed the heart of the story
  • too much unecessary money and energy was spend tryna make this world look futuristic scify-ish when it didn’t really need any of that
  • everything was supposed to look destroyed, dirty, old and simplistic, you can have a simplistic looking movie and still make it a great movie, kinda like inception; the world was normal, they filmed on real life locations but they way it was executed it makes you think you’re in another world
  • just leave it to a bunch of middle age white guys to adapt the life of a teenage girl on screen
  • i still liked the movie! its just easier for me to talk abt the bad stuff, but if you want a positive side of this let me know

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I've been wondering... How can someone identify as trans without dysphoria? Like, isn't the abject misery of dysphoria the whole reason people decide to transition? I mean, my reflection makes me sick to my stomach and it's gotten to the point of actually vomiting before, and I know that when I feel like a woman, that shit goes away. So... How does it work without that? I don't see how it's anything more than a conscious choice without that feeling.

Fox says:

I don’t experience dysphoria. :x

As the matter of fact, my body is sexy. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I could be a porn star or a stripper, and tbh, I’ve considered working at Hooters. My figure doesn’t make me feel awkward in the least.

Being misgendered doesn’t make me uncomfortable, either. It used to, but it’s something that I’ve found myself to be okay with because I recognize that she/her/hers pronouns aren’t female and that being mistaken for a girl isn’t an insult. Girls are like, beautiful, and soft, and perfect, you know? Girls are great.

I simply am not one of them.

And no, it is not a choice. Transitioning would be a choice, for me, where it may be necessary for other transgender folks, but being transgender is no more nor less optional than being pansexual. It’s how I feel inside.

I’d love to have a flat chest and a penis and a deep voice and be considered handsome. That’d be super comfortable for me. I often bind and pack and thicken my brows and keep my hair short, but I also want to grow out my hair and wear dresses and be feminine and wear cute bras/panties. In a perfect world, I’d be able to switch between either on a whim.

But of course, the world is not perfect, and as such, I accept my body and do not feel discomfort or disconnect of any sort with it. It’s beautiful, it’s nonbinary, and it’s mine.

i’m actually so glad that steven got to hear from someone that rose wasn’t perfect and that she made some questionable choices. All this time steven has been trying to live up to this idealised idea of rose that he has from what everyone else says about her and now its finally getting pointed out to him that he doesnt have to try and live up to that

God I used to be very pro-third party* but that was when we didn’t have a literal neo-Nazi tax dodging treasonous child rapist running for fucking president

And that was when our third party choices weren’t between basically a stupider and less charismatic version of Andrew Ryan from Bioshock & an anti-vaccine anti-GMO white suburban nutcase

Vote for Hillary, dammit. She’s not perfect but she’s fucking qualified and I think she’s a good person with her heart in the right place. Stop pretending she’s the lesser of two evils. It’s more like she was the lesser of two goods and oh my fucking god please vote hillary and please get out and actually vote.

*tbh I still am for *local* elections & congressional races because those aren’t governed by the Electoral College & thus they actually DO matter there vote down ticket if you want real change you fucks