but she tries anyways

I had a conversation with a socially awkward person today. I swear you could cut the anxiety between us with a knife. 

some trans girl pidge gunderson/katie holt thoughts and headcanons (because there aren’t enough of them):

  • pidge realised her trans identity and started identifying as a trans girl at a young age.
  • not long after coming out, she started presenting the way she wanted to and socially transitioning with the full support of her family.
  • katie is a chosen name that her brother helped her come up with and her father agreed on when she began her social transition.
    • (other names her father suggested: amelia, bridget, harmony.)
  • she’s just as comfortable being called pidge, because:
    • it isn’t her birthname; rather, it’s one she chose autonomously for herself because it’s fairly gender neutral.
    • it means a lot to her, because it’s the name she chose when she started on
    • as much as she loves the name katie, it’s bittersweet for her now, ever since losing the person who helped her find it.
  • pidge is also nonbinary! she openly identifies as an nb trans girl because as important as her womanhood is to her, she finds this label is what suits her best.
    • she/her are her primary pronouns, but she doesn’t mind they/them too. (he/him are a total no, always.)
  • when it comes to presentation, the way she wants/choose to present flutuates, and not just out of necessity.
  • she really likes presenting casually feminine, but she also loves dressing more androgynously.
    • this is mainly for comfort reasons, because her soft, simple, thicker and more weighty clothes (like the ones she wears in the first episode) are like a sensory stim for her! 
    • they also remind her of home, of feeling soft and warm inside while spending time with her family.
  • when it comes to hair, she doesn’t really have a preference between long or short. the main thing is that it’s well kept and groomed. she loves having soft hair she can run her hands through!
  • she doesn’t really touch makeup, even when she feels like presenting more feminine. she likes the feeling of having a clean, bare face. she does like lipgloss, though - as long as it isn’t too sticky!
    • (she’s also still really young, so when she does wear makeup, it’s not much more than concealer, mascara, and chapstick or lipgloss!)
  • pidge being a trans girl also makes her choice to go undercover to find her family all the more significant.
  • despite the constant misgendering she knew she’d have to face, the discomfort, the dysphoria, the knowledge that she’d be living each day without being true to herself in the way she wanted to be: despite all that, she put the love she has for her family first. 
  • she put others above herself, and stayed true to herself in the most important way she knows: caring for and loving others, unconditionally, and at any cost.

this is all i can think of right now, but imo pidge is a beautiful, brave trans girl who deserves more recognition and appreciation in the fandom, and this is my contribution. feel free to add your own!

❛ —do you know what cisco says about failure? ❜ smoothing down ebony wool, her slender frame leans forward. ❛ failure is its own punishment. ❜ DISDAIN drips, sultry laughter pours as wisps of shadow linger from pale hands. ❛ i say… ❜ unspoken promises trigger a CHILL down the boy’s spine, gulping as the point of razor-sharp nails forcefully lift his chin to eye-level, malice mirrored on pearly whites.  ❛ he suffers from a severe lack of imagination. ❜ thick smoke encircles around him, slithering around his exposed throat before a sudden & abrupt interruption prompts her to loosen its grip, letting the body collapse onto the ground, coughing— lavender hues avert towards the door; yielding, the space between predator and prey is reestablished, a BEGRUDGING grunt of vexation greets the intruder. ❛ …come in. ❜

AIC 22

“I was on the toilet.” Aiko lied baldly. “When I heard your ANBU loudly stumble into my room, by complete accident and stoogish incompetency, I assume, since they are obviously forbidden from invading the privacy of a foreign diplomat, I was so embarrassed that I used a genjutsu to hide. What else was I to do?” She met his eyes, deadpan.

Her interrogator might have sighed- it was hard to be certain. “For 34 minutes?” he asked. His gravelly voice could have dried up the onsen. “You hid under genjutsu from an ANBU team for 34 minutes? On the toilet. That must have been quite the genjutsu.” He paused. “That must have been quite the bowel movement.”

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so i have this headcanon where whenever clarke is pissed off she goes to a little library room in arkadia and she draws there and usually bellamy goes after her after she storms off to go calm her down and make her feel better and she’s angrily drawing with charcoal and he’s sitting in front of her trying to get her attention and he notices that she has charcoal on her nose and he starts to tell her and starts to wipe if off and she swats his hand away and mumbles that she knows it’s there and she’s grumpy and bellamy doesn’t care that she’s grumpy and tries to snuggle her anyway and she tries to nudge him away and he just tries to give her little forehead kisses and cheek kisses and nose kisses and-

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Prompt: Carol and Therese kiss and make up after their first fight. The honeymoon is over. Easy living?

On Madison Avenue (Mid-May)

On Madison Avenue, the heat was suffocating. Therese desperately tried to blame the heat. Like the hand of some enormous god, it weighed down on everything in sight. No amount of air-conditioning could help. But when she finally rushed out of the apartment and away from Carol, she knew it was not the only thing to blame. On the street, mailmen sweated through their shirts and secretaries fanned themselves with magazines. Therese did not see them. She had shocked herself more than she had shocked Carol, she was sure.

She had come home after eight long hours at Harkevy’s studio. They were working on a set for an Australian play, but the set itself was not working, and no one felt like doing anything to fix it, and no one but Therese seemed to have read the play anyway. She had tried not to raise her voice. She had left quietly. Then, on the way home, she had found a red cat by a fire escape between Lexington and Park, howling, shouting for her. It was one of those inexplicable things. It had seemed like the only living soul in the city that day.

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“First of all, you have to get closer to him. Like… This. He’ll probably put his hands on your neck, while you can put yours in his hips.”

Suddenly Indigo felt really nervous and her heart started beating too fast.

“Is that how the first kiss feels like?” She thought, almost scared of what was happening. Anyway, she tried to stay focused and pur her hands on Francesca’s hips like she told her to.

“Perfect. Now all you have to do is close your eyes, lean into him and put your lips on his, like…”

      “Izuku!” At last she caught the boy somehow. She was finally able to speak to him after quite some time. Practically flailing her arms over her head as she tries to catch his attention. If she hasn’t already anyway.

      Making her way over to her son, she had to catch her breath first before suddenly asking him a question, “Is it true that you’re crushing on someone?”

Okay but imagine

After the Crystal Gems leave, the Watermelon Stevens decide, hey, we can’t allow to have half of the essentially green water goddess we sacrificed to stuck in a hole. 

So they use ~whatever~ means to get Jasper out of Hell™ and just generally treat her like a queen/goddess/deity/whatever else, and she just gets really attached to them but she doesn’t realize (because on HW, gems aren’t accustomed to affection or love) and shrugs it off as wanting them to keep treating her like royalty until she can get off Mask Island.

But now imagine there’s some gem monster, or a volcano erupts or some shit that puts the Watermelon Stevens in grave danger of losing their village and Jasper just gets mega-protective over them and will make it her top priority to keep them safe, putting herself in mortal danger and being unreasonable (fighting when she knows she can’t fight, doing things she knows she can’t do but tries anyway) and just being generally protective over them

and then the gems decide, fuck it, we need to take care of Jasper and they prepare to go on this Big Huge Scouting Intense Fight Mission but when they get there. Shes just. Chatting with them in watermelon-speak. Sipping coconut juice. Teaching them how to fight.

They’re all confused as fuck and Jasper finally notices them after a lil tiny bab watermelon tugs at her hair and points at them. And she immediately jumps in front of her lil fan club coming to learn from their earth deity to protect them and she doesn’t even realize it, and Peridots there like “what the fuck happened to you” and Lapis is just facepalming. and Steven isnt working bc he thinks it’s so sweet and cute. and Pearl, Ame and Garnet just. put their weapons away and just leave. and thats it. 

and then like, half a season later she somehow she gets redeemed, and like Peri and Lapis living at the barn, she lives on Mask Island with her lil buds.  

cut to the Final Battle™ and whoever else is w/ the CGs, whether it be centipeetle and a fuck ton of now un-corrupted gems and Bismuth, or random redeemed HW gems. And they’re losing the fight. But Jasper and a whole fUCKING ARMY OF TRILLIONS OF WATERMELON STEVENS SHOW UP because in the couple years, they’ve reproduced like crazy and since Malachite isn’t eating them anymore, they just kept growing.

Since the Jasper leaks are out, I doubt this will actually happen, but how rad would it be, huh??

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First I just want to say that I love your blog and I always look forward to your posts(one of the reasons I get on tumblr everyday). Secondly, I am a Selenator and I'm just curious as to why you dislike Selena or why do you think of her a certain way? Sorry I know it's not really a fifth harmony related question but I'm just wondering.

Thank you.
Just so you know I really appreciate her job as a singer but I can’t stand her as a person, I tried many times but she is just uneducated… And fake, anyways you’re a selenator and you wouldn’t understand my reasons so yeah lol

Leverage Sick Day Headcanons Part 2 - Being Sick

  • When Sophie gets sick, she milks it for all it’s worth.  Ideally, she’d like to be waited on hand and foot, and if she’s with it enough to use all her usual tricks, she is.  If she isn’t with it enough to use them, but tries anyway, her friends get extra worried and are therefore extra attentive, so it pretty much usually works out for her either way.
  • When Hardison is sick, he switches from orange soda to orange Gatorade and orange juice, and sometimes to orange Gatorade mixed with ginger ale.  He has a bad habit of trying to stay upright and at his computer even when he shouldn’t, and the others have to force him onto the couch or into bed with a tablet or his phone instead.  He frequently underestimates how sick he is, because even though he whines about his allergies a lot, he also has a tendency to assume everything is allergies, even if it’s not.  Once he’s realized how sick he is and/or been forced into resting, he becomes extremely whiny about everything.
  • Eliot is hyper-aware of his body, so he starts taking preventative steps to stay healthy as soon as something’s even a little bit off.  When he actually gets flat-out sick instead of managing to hold it off, he is a huge whiny prickly baby who both wants to be looked after and wants to be left alone.  He asks for very specific things and gets impatient when they’re not exactly right, and he yells at people to leave him alone and then begs them not to actually go away, and he gets so stressed-out about being sick that he makes the illness worse.  Sophie’s taken to just sedating him when he gets too bad, so that he can sleep it off instead of working himself up over how long he’s going to be out of commission for.  The first time she did it, Eliot got super upset about it when he realized what was happening, but felt grateful later because he felt much better.  She blamed Nate, but he didn’t bite.  Since then, he’s very casually informed the team that they may all be close, but if anyone but Sophie ever drugs him for any reason ever again, he’s out.  She’s the only one with permission, and only when he’s sick.
  • When Parker’s sick, she wants to be left alone.  One day they’ll notice a mild sniffle or she’ll off-handedly mention a headache or stomachache, and the next she’ll vanish completely and be totally unreachable and freak everyone out, especially Hardison.  Hardison and Eliot usually eventually find her curled up in bed at her warehouse, but on a couple of occasions when she had a high enough fever, they found her in the air vents, trying to sleep as close to the AC as possible.  Eliot dragged her out of the vents and dumped her into bed, but she wasn’t happy about it.  When she’s sick, she refuses to go anywhere but her warehouse, and if anyone comes close to her, trying to help, she snaps at them because she just wants to sleep until it all goes away.  They leave cereal and extra water in her vicinity and then camp out at the other end of the warehouse where they feel a little less like they’re intruding.
  • Nate is not good at being sick.  He insists he isn’t sick until long after it’s apparent that he is, and then he tries to get back up before he’s ready.  He’s even worse than Hardison, because he insists that he isn’t sick at all, instead of insisting that he’s not sick enough to leave his computer.  He also keeps trying to drink alcohol, which they have to stop him from doing before he dehydrates himself and makes everything worse.  Once he finally breaks down and admits to himself that he’s sick, he’s not terribly whiny, but he’s imperious and demanding instead and everyone gets a little grumpy about it.

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What happened?!

Ahlu looked up, unable to speak properly with a bandage around her wrist and partially in he mouth as she tried to put it on alone like she had hundreds of times before. Well, she tried anyway only to end up explaining nothing through a muffled mess of sounds.
“I nhhut myfflf whiih ah raffr myh accufint.”

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" Your hand looks heavy...let me hold it for you. " says Paris, clearly having a laugh, as he makes a big deal of offering his hand to her.

- Pick-up Lines -

Even though she knows it’s a joke, she tries to not laugh just for the sake of playing along. But it doesn’t work at all and the laughter comes anyway. Gently placing her hand in his, she tries to calm her laughter down enough to reply but her words are still broken up by giggles.

Oh my, Paris-kun~! Being so kind… you’ll make me fall for you~!

Her cheeks are already flushed from the laughter but she acts as if it’s the blush of an innocent, shoujo maiden while she places her free hand against her forehead dramatically, as if she were swooning. She would have added in something about her kokoro going doki doki but she thinks she’s done enough.

I think it’s ridiculous how people keep saying they’re happy Taylor is getting dragged because she tries to come across as an angel, but why is that a bad thing? Not that she does anyway? She tries to be a good role model for her fans by barely drinking or talking about it, being genuine and lovely to her fans when they meet her while also standing up for herself when necessary, while yes sometimes she may not approach things in the best way, she could handle them a lot worse then she is. What’s wrong with a celebrity trying to stay kind and do the right thing for her fans, why does that make her fake and in need or being taken down?

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Misty took down her Deviant, her Facebook isn't showing up either. Are the links broken or...?

They aren’t working because she might have deleted the accounts, after all I did link all of her accounts. But she tried to bully me online. Anyway, I know her new accounts now so I’m watching her closely, if she copies or steals or anything like that. I’m going to call her out.

I want her to read this so she knows. Hope she gets my message of how pissed I am. Some of my friends know her new account too.

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She let out a flat hm at the explanation, the note of displeasure not really aimed at anyone before pushing the lid off the crate. Or tried to, anyway. She was getting much too old for this sort of thing.

The best the Soothsayer could muster was opening it halfway before slumping over her cane tiredly. In retrospect, she should’ve asked for the Council members’ help, but the gap seemed wide enough already.

“Remind me to have a word with them,” she said finally, her tone mildly chiding.