but she still looks gorgeous


I only wish I could tell someone else about my love for him.

Yuuri ⛸


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(Volva = Female Shaman)
“Is…Is that really Y/N? My Y/N? She still looks gorgeous as then. Oh looks like she is a volva now…why am I still here and thinking about her. I should go and talk to her!”, Bjorn thought and walked straight to her with a wide, bride smile on his face.

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Gillian is so gorgeous!!! How she does it? She glows! I think her Berlinale appearance is still her best ever but she looks super gorgeous lately even if her 1rst dress last night wasn't the most beautiful. But her hair and make up lately are fantastic!!!

I didn’t like last night dress, but the one from Berlin was definitely the best. Most of all from the back :D