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Hi, if drabble challenge 34 "He creeped me out. I'm not going to lie." isn't picked, maybe some Stay-at-Home Stan, please.

34. “He creeped me out.  I’m not gonna lie.”

I haven’t written something with Marley in it for a while, so here’s just that!  Marley taking over when Ford fails at babysitting his twin nieces.  Marley’s got this; they’re a non-binary spider-person who loves Danny and Daisy to absolute bits.

Send me a number and characters and I’ll write a drabble!

               Ford looked determinedly down at the book open in his lap.  He was trying desperately to avoid any eye contact with the other person in the living room.  It had been humiliating enough, caving in and calling the number Stan and Angie left, but the way Danny and Daisy reacted to Marley’s arrival had been even worse.

               I can’t believe it.  I’m completely hopeless, aren’t I?  I can’t even babysit my nieces for three hours.

               “Look, um, Ford, right?” Marley said finally.  Ford looked up.  Marley was avoiding eye contact with Ford, still staring intently at whatever they were crocheting.  “Don’t be embarrassed you had to call me.  I love the girls, but they’re, uh, they’re kinda a handful.  And Angie said you’ve never babysat before.  I’ve been watching Danny and Daisy since they were babies.  I know the cheat codes or whatever.”

               “I should have been able to handle at least an hour on my own,” Ford muttered.  Marley shrugged.

               “Like I said, the girls are pretty much chaos incarnate.  I, uh, I’m not surprised by it.  I mean, I’ve heard stories from Angie’s parents about what she was like as a kid.  And I’ve met Stan.”  Marley let out a small chuckle.  “Shoulda seen them at the engagement party.  It was pretty small, and no one they had to impress was invited, so they had it at a bar.  People went wild.  First time I’ve ever seen Angie get drunk.”

               “Fiddleford had a high alcohol tolerance as well,” Ford said.  Marley paused.

               “Wait, you know Fidds?”

               “He was my assistant in Gravity Falls.”

               “Gravity Falls, huh?  I’ve got a cousin that lives a couple hours away from Gravity Falls.  Darlene.”

               “I’ve never met her.”

               “No, you wouldn’t have,” Marley mumbled, resuming crocheting.  Ford frowned.  

               “What does that mean?”

               “Nothing.”  The door opened.  Ford and Marley both looked over.  Marley beamed.  “Hey, guys!”

               “Marley, it’s so good to see ya!” Angie gushed, making a beeline for her friend. Marley rolled their eyes.

               “I saw you, like, last week.”

               “I used to see you every day, though.”

               “Well, yeah, we were roommates,” Marley said.  “Did you and Stan have a good time?”

               “Oh, yes.  We never get to go out dancin’ like we used to,” Angie gushed.

               “Your outfit is really nice.  Yours too, Stan.”

               “Thanks, Marley,” Stan said, sliding off his jacket.  He winked at Ford.  “The girls were a bit much for ya, huh?”

               “I thought that I had seen them at their worst by now.  Clearly, I had not.”

               “Kids are always able to top their worst, Ford.  I assume they’re in bed?”

               “Yes.  Marley was remarkably efficient at supervising them.”

               “Marley and Lute are the girls’ godparents for a reason,” Stan said.  He took a seat on the couch and began to take off his shoes.  Marley and Angie’s conversation was now much quieter.  Ford had to strain his ears to hear it.

               That’s usually a sign it’s not something meant to be overheard, but…

               “Thanks fer steppin’ in.  Stanford’s got a tendency to bite off more ‘n he can chew,” Angie said softly to Marley. Marley waved a hand.

               “No problem.  I love the girls.  And your brother-in-law’s cute.”

               “Duh.  He’s Stan’s twin.”

               “There was one thing, though,” Marley said slowly.  “It’s, uh, not the nicest thing but…he creeped me out.  I’m not gonna lie.”  Angie sighed.

               “He’s a bit eccentric, fer sure.  Ford spent an awful long time on his own up in Gravity Falls.  I think he forgot some of his people skills.  And from what Stan’s told me, he didn’t really have any people skills to spare.”  Ford resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

               I lack people skills?  I’m not the one who’s gossiping about someone right in front of them!

               “Oh, shoot, it’s late,” Angie said, glancing at the clock on the wall. “We shouldn’t hold ya hostage any longer.”  She dug in her purse.  “How much do we owe ya?”

               “Nothing,” Marley said.  “I keep telling you guys, you don’t have to pay me for babysitting my goddaughters.”

               “Okay, but you also babysat Ford, so…” Stan interjected.  

               “Ford’s an adult.  He didn’t need any supervision,” Marley said.

               “Still,” Angie insisted.

               “Nope!  You can’t pay me, I’m already leaving,” Marley said, walking out the door.  Angie rolled her eyes.  “See you guys later!”

               “Bye, Marley,” Angie called after her friend.  Marley closed the door.  Angie sighed.  “So, Stanford, what did ya think of Marley?”

               “An interesting individual,” Ford said carefully.  Angie nodded.

               “Bet once the girls were put down, there was a lot of quiet, wasn’t there?”


               “Marley’s not the biggest talker ‘round unfamiliar folk.”

               “I was surprised that Marley knew where Gravity Falls was,” Ford remarked.

               “Oh, yeah, Marley’s got a cousin that lives in that area,” Stan said.  “What’s her name?  Darlene?”

               “Yep,” Angie said.

               “We’ve never met Darlene,” Stan said.  

               “Uh, you haven’t met Darlene, hon,” Angie corrected.  She shook her head.  “I ain’t lettin’ ya meet her, neither.  She’s a maneater, that one.”

               “What?  Angie, I wouldn’t cheat on you!” Stan protested.  Angie grimaced.  

               “I weren’t bein’ metaphorical.  I’ll go check on the girls, see how they’re doin’.”  Stan and Ford exchanged a confused look.

               “What the hell was she talkin’ about?” Stan muttered.  Ford shrugged.

               “Beats me.”

the signs as people from my university
  • Aries: That girl who loves partying and socializing with people, she's a fangirl of so many buffed-up singers and she's so pretty. She's kinda judgmental and she's homophobic but she follows so many gay people and likes their posts and nobody in my generation really understands why. She can be really impulsive sometimes and she hates classes but she's a good friend and a funny person
  • Taurus: That girl who is always late, she has social anxiety and she's silent af. Grades are not her forte'. She tries to socialize very hard and everyone is annoyed by the fact that she tries to discuss things that she really doesn't know shit about. She is afraid of some professors, she is christian af and she is kinda lost, but she's a good girl who believes in the supernatural and she always invites us to coffee at her place
  • Gemini: The girl who loves spending time with people, she always loves to discuss about every topic, she knows so much about many things, she's doing great with her grades and she's among the top 5 students in the entire generation. Also, she has PERFECT, sonorous American accent and everybody loves it. She always initiates coffee gatherings but nobody really comes because she's not that much of a leader and her voice is so soft so nobody could really hear when she's talking. She's also a passionate gamer AND in the same time she finds time to maintain her grades and social life
  • Cancer: That (jock) guy who's the tallest one, he's blonde, buffed-up and he's the definition of a straight white boy. He's childish as fuck and he can become very boring sometimes. Once, my colleagues have shooed him out of the cafeteria because he was bothering them. He also tells so many stupid dad-jokes and laughs at his own jokes, flirts with some professors, has been single since forever (not that he's ugly - he's average looking but he's so much boring sometimes because he doesn't have any real friends and he gets excited about people so he doesn't know WHEN to stop). He literally flirts with every single female human being that he can find and he pushes them all away because he's pushy af. He's also introverted and doesn't really know his way with girls
  • Leo: That girl who's one of the top students in the generation. She's always smiling, she has the best grades, she always tries to present this "perfect" image of herself. She is very intelligent and she loves reading, she gets drunk like every second day but that doesn't stop her from maintaining her perfect grades. She's very successful and she's a good leader, she knows all the fresh gossip and she always sits in the first row with her best university friend. In fact, she and her best uni friend are hated by everyone because they're just so successful and everyone's jealous of them. She also secretly hates everybody and gossips with her best uni friend. She and her friend have tons of screenshots ready to blackmail people if anyone says anything against them lmao. But everyone (every zodiac sign) in this generation pretends we like each other so...
  • Virgo: That professor who's VERY detail-oriented and she's a big perfectionist but she can't fix her awful handwriting. She's very successful and she has TONS of potential, she literally KNOWS EVERYTHING about her subjects but sometimes she can really drain us physically and emotionally. She gives us tons of assignments and homework and she always gives us lectures on the most difficult courses. Jfc she behaves like we study in Cambridge / Oxford. But don't get me wrong, she's NOT a bad person. She's actually a VERY good person and at the end of each semester she buys us coffee and tea, she talks with us about our experience with the course and she just wants us to learn some things that we should learn, that's why we perceive her as "difficult" and "problematic"
  • Libra: That girl who loves hugging, has great communication skills and is a social justice warrior. She thinks that she's everyone's friend and she always tries to criticize everyone's opinion, thinking that she'll seem and sound more intelligent. She also listens to rock and metal, she loves children and she smokes a lot, she's very sensitive and she's very friendly. Once, on the Facebook group of the university, she tried to accuse Pisces of something he didn't do and he literally ruined her in front of all those people, that was one of her biggest mistakes she's ever done in uni because she didn't know that that guy can be pretty evil when someone tries to insult/hurt him. The next day in uni she was on the verge of a mental breakdown because that guy really hurt her with his words, making her look stupid and pretentious, and everybody stopped talking to that guy for like, a month or two
  • Scorpio: That girl who's late in class 90% of the time, and those 10% she's not present in class. She is very quiet and she doesn't show particular interest in anything. She doesn't have a taste in fashion and style, unlike most Scorpios that I know. She just wants to go home all the time and nobody knows what she's doing in her life, she's so mysterious and she's not a good teamworker because she doesn't really care about her grades
  • Sagittarius: That girl who can't stop talking and she's always arguing with someone but we all love her. She's very communicative but she's insecure at the same time. She has tons of likes on Facebook and Instagram. She's a VERY open-minded girl, she hates racism, homophobes, nazi scum and racists. She's a really good friend with Leo and Pisces but Capricorn is her bff and her roommate. She has an excellent taste in fashion, style and music and she has S_L_A_Y_I_N_G eyebrows. I think that she's bi/lesbian but maybe she's closeted. She always hugs Capricorn and gets beaten by Capricorn because Capricorn can't stand people touching her
  • Capricorn: That girl who loves vintage notebooks, loves taking studyblr photos and uploads them on tubmlr and Instagram, she loves journeys and we haven't heard her talking for THREE GODDAMN YEARS. She is very antisocial and introverted but she has excellent taste for art, film, music and she's like 24/7 on her phone because it's obvious that she can't stand most of us but she's always sweet and supportive when someone approaches her. Sometimes she doesn't want to talk and she just smiles as a response. She's Sagittarius' best friend and roommate and they've became really close friends. She also loves journeys and she's a daydreamer but she's very intelligent. Her grades are not that good, she's not an attention whore and she tries to be "invisible" but she simply can't
  • Aquarius: That guy with his cockney accent who has insane memory and loves football. He's actually a loner, he's a bit creepy and weird, le loves britpop and indie nd he was one of the best students in the first two years of uni but his grades dropped. He's like, very secretive and he can be pretty arrogant and you just can't sit next to him because he's telling jokes all the time which takes your attention away. He is a loner and once he publicly told us that he used to have cyber sex with his girlfriend because she lived in another country and they've never met in real life (I mean, who tells such things omg Aqua get your shit together). He tries to insult people and he tries to be sarcastic but he can only be sarcastic with the stupid ones. He also thinks that he's a know-it-all and that he's the most intelligent person in the world. He can be really judgmental sometimes and he pushes people away with that
  • Pisces: That guy who always sits in the first row with his best university friend and is one of the top students in the generation. He's also a model, nerd, gamer, works out and whatnot. He is sweet to everyone and talks to everyone but he can be very sassy at times. He was the one who had a verbal fight with Libra because Libra triggered him and he destroyed her verbally. He's really skinny and dreamy and he has a very deep voice and an excellent taste in fashion and style. His style is kinda dark and he's so aesthetic. He listens to some music that no other people in the world listen to but he also listens to some mainstream music. In fact, he listens to whatever he wants and he doesn't really think about what other people think about him. He tends to roll his eyes a lot and he cares about his physical beauty more than he cares about his love life. He's too egotistic and self-centered and he's extremely picky, which makes him single most of the time.

#kdramawomensweek || day seven: so goodbye

Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) ↦ Reply 1997 (2012)

“Being a teenager was like a storm because we didn’t have any answers. We didn’t know what we really wanted, who really loved us…who we really loved. We struggled with the answers. And by the time we’d miraculously figured it out, we had already become adults and experienced changes both big and small. That winter, the world was full of separations and goodbyes.”

A child of Busan, the slower, gentler life in the provinces is all Shi Won had known. With grades as low as hers, without an aptitude for the traditional kind of academics, no one expected her to leave. By a turn of events, she ends up turning her boyband fic writing hobby into a creative writing scholarship to a university in Seoul. It’s her dream come true. And for her parents, who’d long since given up hope of sending their daughter to university in Seoul, it’s both a blessing and a curse. When graduation rolls around, they must say their goodbyes as Shi Won heads off to the big city to find a life for herself.

It is in Seoul that she becomes an adult; she lives without the care of her parents, she studies. She graduates university and eventually goes to work in broadcasting. Though she clings to her roots as a Busan girl, refusing to adopt the Seoul dialect, she does not return to her hometown. Years down the road, she stays in Seoul even when her husband gets transferred to Daegu for work. They have children, they’ve built a life in Seoul. The city has become her home, and though she’ll never forget her origins, the separation of that winter had changed things irrevocably. It’s a byproduct of adulthood; homes become hometowns, parents become people you visit on holidays, though you love them all the same.


You know why.

No, I don’t know why.


Robin is here to help her best friend and his wife with their problems, no matter what they may be (or is she?)

posting the sketchy version of this stupid comic bc why not

[also tumblr kinda killed the images, i might fix it later?? stay tuned]

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in ur au since kazakhstan is a mostly muslim country is otabek and his sister Muslim? if so can you pls draw an older otabek's sis with a hijab on?

YES, and I do intend for her to wear hijab when she’s older! I haven’t been feelin’ the mood to draw otabek’s sister lately, but I will soon (I hope)! ;o;


Joyce, this is Hawkins, okay?

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I just thought about what if Jason accidentally fakes his death? Like the batfam thought his still in a warehouse or something when it blew, and his comms destroyed so they can't call him, and he just went to a safe house after to sleep and like he doesn't know until a few weeks later when he shows up at the manor to meet up with Alfred for tea.

would it be better or worse if he wasn’t even really getting along with the rest of the family at that point? either way you play it, jason has a bunch of redundancies for his safe houses, and he was trained just as well as any of them. there has to be at least one or two he’s managed to keep secret from the rest of the bats. 

jay doesn’t really make a habit of carrying explosives in his helmet anymore; that was really more of a one-off when he first came back to gotham. since then, he generally just carries more explosives with him to make up for it. because of that, and because he’s usually fighting standard-grade humans, it’s not all that likely that he tosses his helmet aside in the middle of a fight.

a warehouse blows. red hood was in it, they know that (it all but had “This Is A Trap For Red Hood” written all over it), and when searching it, the bats find the badly burnt remnants of hood’s shattered helmet. no body, but –

it’s easy to assume the worst. it’s already happened once, after all. they hold on to hope for a week, but they haven’t been able to find any sign of jason. he can’t be raised on his comms, he hasn’t been in any of the safe houses that they know of, oracle couldn’t find any sign of him on cameras. 

no sign of him in a hospital or even leslie’s clinic, no body matching his description in the morgue. (that last doesn’t mean anything. no body at the warehouse, but someone had set the trap – they could have easily dumped it somewhere else.)

there’s no sign of him, living or dead, anywhere in the city so far as they can tell.

red hood’s been throwing himself into ever-escalating fights since he came back to gotham, and finally they have to assume that this time, his luck didn’t hold long enough for him to get out. 

the family sinks into some kind of shock. it’s impossible to believe that they lost him again.

it’s not something that can even be explained to the public. how do you explain that you’re in fresh mourning for a son and brother that was declared dead over half a decade ago? 

then again, all the bats are good at hiding how they feel. 

they mourn quietly, but they mourn.

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You want to quit all this and run?


It’s so easy to make Joe the bad guy. I mean… making him the villain takes the blame away, but in everything that’s happened with him, every single time… I deserve some of the blame, too. And it’s the same with you, you know? Things fell apart. And you did what you did, but a lot of it was my fault.


LETS PLAY - Spot the Difference.

1x02 - Sherlock charming Molly to get her to let him look at the bodies by complimenting her hair.

3x01 - Sherlock thanking Molly for her help and wishing her happiness after helping her that day.

I was just struck by the parallels of the shots, even the clothes, and his smiles meant to charm her vs. his genuine smile of affection for her. I just really love the development here.