but she really doesn't care


Joyce, this is Hawkins, okay?


marrish meme: [2/4] free choices
↳ parrish caring about lydia.


Samcedes + Sam supporting Mercedes’ dreams and being proud of her. 

I can’t believe you did this for me, why? Because I believe in you, and what you could become. Now complete strangers believe in you too. You just need to find a way out to L.A, and do your thing. It’s time for this dream to stop being a dream and become a reality. Listen to them, they all want to buy your album, so do I. You ain’t no skim milk baby, you’re the cream rising to the top.  

Before you criticize Jemma for saying “it might not be such a bad idea to kill Raina because in my mind she is carrying a plague that might wipe out humanity”, let’s do a quick run down of what Jemma has seen Raina do:

  • kidnapped Ace Peterson, an innocent child, to use as a pawn
  • tortured Phil Coulson, a man Jemma deeply loves and respects
  • used Ace as collateral, to condemn Mike Peterson to servitude, a man that Jemma tried to save against all odds
  • manipulated Chan Ho Yin to lead to his torture and eventual demise
  • worked for the Centipede Project which took vulnerable people and made them work against their will (and also experimented on them)
  • worked for Garrett and HYDRA, both of whom destroyed Jemma’s life
  • broke Jemma’s cover while she was undercover which, if not for Bobbi, could have resulted in Jemma being tortured, brainwashed or killed
  • gave Ward information on Skye’s father, which prompted Ward to bring Skye to her father, which set off this whole thing
  • brought the Obelisk down to the temple which further resulted in Trip’s death
  • slaughtered innocent scientists

In our sympathy for Raina, let’s not forget that she is in fact a villain. Although she may not have directly killed a lot of people, I’m sure she left a lot of them in situations where they would die easy. Jemma threw her OWN self out of a plane when she believed it would lead to the death of others. I do not fault her for a moment for suggesting that if it’s impossible to take Raina alive, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Especially given since her suggestion isn’t even vindictive against Raina, it’s done out of her worry for the good of humanity.

“I just don’t think love is meant for me.”


You want to quit all this and run?

An important distinction:

When Steven and his friends became an obstacle to Lapis, she didn’t hesitate to respond with force, nearly drowning Steven and Connie and breaking Greg’s leg (not to mention risking killing him by hurling the van), only stopping when Steven (who is half-Gem) displayed enough power to make her stop.

When Onion had the replicator and was causing a whole lot of damage to Beach City, the Crystal Gems attempted to coax him into willingly giving them the item even though they could’ve easily taken it from him by force.

The context is entirely different, yea, but something to keep in mind, maybe? The Crystal Gems work in defense of humanity and avoid causing any direct harm to them (Amethyst seems a lot less strict about this than the other two, in “Tiger Millionaire” Pearl was horrified Amethyst used her Gem powers against humans), but while Lapis probably had no desire to actively harm humans, she didn’t really seem to care if her actions hurt or killed humans


OTP Challenge: 7 Scenes [4/7]
“ Not too much drama I hope. I’m messing things up for you Emma. Alright, I mean cops, street races. It’s bad news, okay? I’m bad news. I just, I gotta stop hanging out with you. ”

My mom is supportive of my undying love for Natsu Dragneel.

This is not supposed to happen.

you know I could care less if the actors ship my ship. i don’t care if Jason ships it, I don’t care anyone if anyone ships it

people shouldn’t afraid that because eliza feels okay with clexa and doesn’t really want to talk about bellarke, that bellarke isn’t gonna be a thing.

hell bellarke might not be a canon thing ever and clexa was [and might be again], but we ship what we love because of what we perceive, and if they don’t well that’s okay. 

it shouldn’t be a big deal, if the actor ships it tbh. If they do that’s p cool, but if they don’t it really shouldn’t affect your desire to ship, or your love for the show. 

ships aren’t everything in the end. I’d be just as happy to have platonic co-leader intimate friendship!bellarke as much as I’d love to have them screwing their brains out and cuddling afterwards. 

so stop being bitter, stop harassing, stop the hate, stop everything. because it’s not going to make things better. bellarke is beautiful and you—with your words and your actions and your abuse of power—are giving such a bad example that actors would rather not comment for fear of backlash. 


“I’ll tell you what you’ve got here. Adhesive capsulitis. They also call it "40-year-old shoulder.” […] You know, you’re losing your reproductive function, so nature deems you unnecessary and therefore ready for decay. Bone density goes. Your elasticity goes. Your eyesight goes.“

Look a his cute, happy face: