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And My King

Prompt: “I was never meant to be queen. Without him I am nothing.” 
Additional Prompt: So, regarding the GoT thing you want to write, I have an idea for Robb: the reader was supposed to be the Queen in the North, as Robb’s Queen, but after his death she says she can’t do it. You could do flashbacks to their marriage and such. It might be a little too sad though, no? If so then just disregard this. Regardless, I look forward to reading whatever it is you write! I’m so excited for the new season! Much love xx

A/N: So the voting was pretty much all Robb! Which i’m totally cool with as (despite his death) he still remains my favourite character, though I love Jon very much. Anyways… I got a few requests and I thought this one (to me) sounded the most interesting and intriguing to write so I chose it. But do not fret, if you sent in one just send it again into my asks and i’ll write it as a request i’ve taken in :) thank you for sending in your idea, this was so fun to write!

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Robb x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, little bit of smut but it’s only mentioned really. Slightly AU as i had to change the way Robb died a bit so it fit my story line better. Roose Bolton has not betrayed Robb… yet, and Catelyn is still alive, Robb died in battle.

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“Please, my Lady, your people need you.” 

You didn’t make any movement that you’d heard Roose, a trusted advisor of yours, and instead continued to stare at the table before you. Littered across was battle plans, a map of battle fields, you could see almost every part of the world. Winterfell, Iron Islands… Kings-Landing. Your hands softly grazed across the messy table, your eyes wet with unshed tears. “Lady Stark, with all do respect, if we are to finish what Lord Stark began, you must lead them.”

A bitter dry laugh echoed as you finally lifted your head to look over at Roose. “A woman leading a war?” You asked sarcastically, “that’s almost unheard of Lord Bolton.”

He only regarded you with a small nod. It was the first time you’d really taken any notice of your surroundings since everything. As you stared at Roose, his arms folded politely behind his back and his head held high in respect, you felt as if you were staring at another person for the first time in forever. Servants had of course come in to check on you regularly, bathe you, feed you but you’d been so mind-fogged of everything that it felt as if you hadn’t even been there. 

“Your people are scared, they need their queen to lead them.”

“Lady Stark?” 

With a bright smile, you turned in the bed, finding your delightful husband standing before you. You couldn’t help but graze his features hungrily, his curly auburn locks, sky blue eyes, his body that made you melt at the sight. You couldn’t help but ask yourself how you had gotten so luck to find a charismatic and kind man like him. Everything Robb did was for his family, for you, never for himself. 

You giggled upon his words, the name ‘Stark’ on you felt foreign. It had only been nothing more than an hour since your name changed from nothing to Stark, and though you couldn’t have been more happy, it still stunned you each time it came from someone’s lips. “Oh, i’m a Lady now am I?” You teased, sitting up in the bed. The blankets that had kept you warm slipped from your shoulders, your sheer nightgown left for Robb’s viewing.

You watched as his eyes immediately fell to your chest and you smiled even wider. You’d worn this exact one for the fact that it matched Robb’s eyes and you knew he loved it.

When he looked back up at you, you blushed faintly. “You always have been.” He states, pulling off his wedding attire slowly. You watch him intently until he’s only in his trousers and a shirt, it was odd to see him in such little clothing. It was always so cold here, and though you’d grown use to it, you missed being able to feel Robb rather then all his heavy attire. 

He crawls on the bed, setting down his sword and throwing his clothes to the side. When he reaches you, you grab his face, your thumb softly rubbing over the rough skin with fondness. You stared into each others eyes, finding all that you’ve ever needed there. “I love you, you know that?” You asked, bringing his head closer to yours. You feel his hands fall on your waist as he holds you tight.

“Yes,” he nods. “And I love you.” He says as he grabs your right hand, pulling up so he can look at the ring on your finger. You stare at it as well, with admiration as the gold flashes in the dimly lit room. “My Queen.” He whispers softly, bring your ring finger up to his lips.

“I am no Queen.” 

Roose’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second, faltering in his words. You understand the frustration he must feel, this has been going on for days. You knew that you were acting unfit for how you were suppose to, but somehow you found you didn’t care. Everything felt empty, like you were lost or you not in your own body and rather staring down at yourself, lost in the past. “My Lad-”

“Lord Bolton,” you interrupt, walking closer to him and falling next to the bed you’d shared with Robb. You finger the soft material, relishing in the warmth as it gives you almost a sliver of happiness. “Tell me, do you know what it is like to loose the only one you’ve ever loved?” You weren’t accusing him of never having heart break, no. In this world everyone experiences some kind of heart break. In this world, nothing was right and nothing is just.

He shakes his head, “no, Lady Stark, I can’t say I do.”

“I do.” Your voice cracks just for a second, before you catch yourself. “And I have for the past two days. I have no family, Lord Bolton. I came from nowhere but Robb… Robb found me, and despite him being a highborn and me, nothing but a servant he accepted me with open arms. His mother, Lady Stark, accepted me with open arms. I have never loved or been loved by anyone, except Robb.” 

“I’m sorry, my Lady.” Roose apologizes quietly. You take a deep breath, shaking your head. You needed to be alone, turning around you head back over to the table, taking a seat. Your head falls in your hands as you let your eyes zone out. “Leave me.” Is all you say and you faintly hear the flap of your tent open before there is only silence.

“Is that anyway to treat your King?” Robb asks, you stare up at him without amusement. You brush a strand of hair that had fallen from your braid, hugging your thin cloak tighter to yourself. Being the King in the North, you guess you should be more afraid of the man standing before you. But after everything you’d been through, you just can’t find any fear within you.

“I apologize my Lord, I did not know I was being rude.” You monotonously apologize, turning to walk away with a quick bow. A hand falls on your arm, immediately stopping your movement. With shock, you look back at Robb, your brows furrowing in confusion. His eyes seem stuck on you, though you’re not sure why, and you find yourself bewildered when he does not say anything. “My Lord? I imagined you’d want me to leave.”

“What’s your name?” Robb asked, completely dismissing your previous comment. 

“Y/N.” You say softly, speaking about your name was never something you liked. Though there wasn’t exactly anything wrong with your name, you definitely did not appreciate the follow up question that you knew would come afterwards.

“Y/N?” He repeats, and you can’t help but catch the almost fondness behind his words. “No last name?”

“I have no last name my Lord.” You explain curtly. 

“No last name?” He asked, appalled almost by your response. You decided to only nod in agreement. “That’s almost unheard of… do you not having any parents?”

“Left me when I was a babe.” 

There was a moment of silence as Robb almost thinks over what you’ve just told him. You are not shocked by his silence, it was very uncommon for you to not even have any memory of your parent or last name. It was something you’d lived with your entire life, so you are used to the odd stares and the loneliness. You stare up at men and women like Robb with envy, not because of their name or fame, because of the love they receive. 

“You have no home?” Robb asks after the silence, you nod. “No family?” Again you nod, unsure of where he is leading this conversation. But respectively you remain silent, he is your King, last name or not, and he can easily kill you if he sees fit. “Come with me.” Is all he says as he gently pulls on the grip he has on your arm.

“My Lord?”

“It would be wrong of me as a King to leave one of my people unsheltered in times of war.”

“Y/N?” A soft feminine voice sounds through your tent after a few moments after Roose has left. Your head turns to the newcomer, finding Catelyn standing at the entrance of your tent. Your eyes scan her state and you find her eyes red, her skin pale and she looks anything but well. Guilt fills within you as you realize how selfish you’d been that you had not gone to check up on your mother-in-law.

“Lady Stark.” You greet, standing up from your seat. “What are you doing here?”

“Roose sent me.” She admits softly and you nod, you should’ve known that he wouldn’t leave you alone. He’d only call for the only one that might actually be able to speak to you, other than Robb, but Robb wasn’t here anymore, you thought disdainfully. “I hear that you’re refusing your title as queen.”

“I apologize Lady Stark if I am being un-respectful,” you mumble softly to yourself as you look down at your hands. Your eyes find your wedding ring, shining in all it’s mocked glory and tears well within your eyes once again. You take a breath, trying to level out your voice as you find yourself slipping. “I just do not know how to lead these people without him.”

“Y/N, there is no one better fit than you.” 

“There was.” 

“Y/N, look at me.” Catelyn orders, and you make the note that it is oddly softer than normal. Catelyn liked you, she had told you herself, but loosing her husband, her girls and her boys all the same had made her hard. Loosing Robb had only added to it all. 

Hesitantly you look up, embarrassed that you hadn’t been able to hold down your tears. When your eyes found hers, and you saw the compassion she held behind them, you let out a small sob. Your eyes crinkled in distress, and suddenly there were arms around you. You were pulled against the warmth of Catelyn as she hugged you tightly. You let yourself fall, just once as you sobbed into her shoulder. She said nothing but hold you and you found solace you hadn’t felt in days. 

“Robb?” You called softly, your voice nothing but a whisper as you stood slightly behind Robb. You let your eyes wander at the woods around you, peaceful despite all that had happened. 

When Robb didn’t reply, you stepped forward until you were just behind Robb. it broke your heart the way you could hear his soft whimpers, and you knew without having to look at him that he was desperately trying to hold them in. It was unfit for a man to cry, it was unheard of for a king to cry even more so. But you didn’t care, you never had. All this pressure that had been placed upon him was too much, and it didn’t help that he couldn’t ever show the fear you knew he held.

“Robb, look at me.” You ordered, your voice gentle. Finally, he turned to you, and your face fell at the redness around his eyes. There was unshed tears brimming, and it almost looked as if they’d fall every time he blinked. He says nothing to you, but lets out another, small sob. You say nothing yourself, only reached your hands up and grab him. Robb’s head falls into your shoulder and you squeeze him so tight, and your fingers curl around his hair. “Robb it’s okay. You can cry to me.”

“I want my family back together.” Is all he says and you nuzzle into his neck. Seventeen he was, barely a man but forced to take on a role of one. Without his father to guide him, without his siblings to support him, you’re astonished that he’s done so well. Of course you had faith in him, but that did not erase the fact that what he had accomplished was incredibly amazing for a boy his age.

You grab his face, staring into his eyes. “I believe in you, my King. I always have. Do not think for one second that all those men out there don’t, don’t think for one second your mother does not. You are an amazing King, and I have every faith within me that you will bring your family together.”

“I was never meant to be queen. Without him I am nothing.” You whisper to Catelyn, and before you even have a second to breathe you hear her sigh and tsk in disagreement.

“You are a Stark, Y/N. You always have been.” You stare up into her eyes, finding nothing but truth behind them. You nod reluctantly to her words, taking a deep breath and cleaning yourself up. Then you remember who you are, and you falter. “Loosing Robb does not change that.”

“How do I lead them? I am nothing but a girl.”

“You are the Queen in the North,” she reminds you. “You watched Robb make his battle plans everyday, and these men have faith in you. More faith than I have ever seen them have. Do not fret, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Lady Stark.” You smile weakly up at her and she nods, holding her head strong for you. You respect her more than she’ll ever know, but now you need to prove to her that Robb taught you well. You need to prove to Robb that you loved him and lead his men into battle so that one day his mother can reunite with her family.

His eyes were all you could see. Happiness was all you could feel as you stared up at the love of your life. Robb was dressed in his formal wedding attire, you adorned in a beautiful wedding gown. One you personally didn’t think you belonged in, but Robb had insisted.

Staring down at your tangled hands, you gripping his tighter. He stared lovingly down at you and you pressed your forehead against his. All you could see was the love he shined down at you. Love you’d never experience before this moment and you couldn’t help but relish in the feeling it brought you. This was it. This was the day you’d finally have a last name. This was the day you’d finally have someone who loved and cared for you.

Opening your mouth, you whispered along with Robb; “father, smith, warrior, mother, maiden, crone, stranger.” You could feel his breath hitting against your own. You could smell his scent strongly and you could feel nothing but him. “I am hers and she is mine. From this day, until the end of my days.”

There was clapping and cheers, but it all sounded faded as you and Robb shared a smile. You laughed lightly, him leaning down and pressing his lips against yours. You grabbed his face, pulling him closer as you closed your eyes. Leaning back slightly, you stared up and whispered to him; “my King.”

“And my Queen.”

Dressed in Holiday Style | Neville/Hannah

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It started, as all great romances must, with a holly wreath.

Actually, it started with a holly wreath that was no longer wreath shaped and frankly had very little by way of holly attached to it. Ignoring Tom’s protestations that it was only the first of December, and besides that wreath had been working very well on the door of the pub for the past thirty seven years thank you very much, Hannah went down to the stalls at the far end of Diagon Alley and bought the largest, most obnoxious new wreath she could find. She carried it up the Alley in front of her like a shield, almost decapitated several small children and a goblin with it in doing so, then hung it on a nail on the front door of the pub. As an inspired afterthought, she added a tartan bow and conjured three shiny red baubles to dangle from the bottom. Then she invited Tom to admire her handiwork.

“It looks like a pawn shop,” he grumbled, eyeing the baubles. “And it’s too early!”

“It’s the first of December!” Hannah said. “We’ve got to start now if we want to entice the Christmas shoppers in for a drink. Think how many more customers you’ll get if we make it seem like a cosy place to relax after the hustle and bustle of the shops—it’ll be great, you’ll see.”

“I don’t like customers,” Tom said. “But I suppose we can always hope that a few of them get impaled on that monstrosity.”

Hannah had been working with him long enough now to translate. “You can always try knocking a few out with the baubles,” she suggested, and he brightened considerably.

“It’s still only the first, though,” he said. “Merlin only knows what this place’ll look like by the twenty-fourth. A bloody forest, I’ve no doubt!”

Hannah had wanted to put a Christmas tree in the corner, but apart from that hadn’t really considered much else by way of decoration. But his comment made her think, picturing winter wonderland scenes, snowy garlands, the deepest of greens contrasted with the brightest red berries… “I shouldn’t have said that,” Tom said, eyeing her sharply and sounding remarkably like Hagrid.


She knew she needed a like-minded individual to share her vision, so she sent him an owl. He turned up red in the face and breathless, jumper on inside out and scarf knotted around his waist. “What’s the emergency?” he gasped, wand at the ready.

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