but she made it up to him

Have some headcanons that made me feel better about Kara giving Mon-El the necklace that take the focus off of their relationship and put it more on Kara’s loss of a place in the world and what the relationship represented to Kara that I’ll post tomorrow, incase anyone else is drowning in rage about Kara letting go of the last thing she had of her mother for the sake of a romantic gesture.

A finished commission for @mizjoely​!

Sherlock has a bit of a ridiculous rivalry with Molly’s cat over cuddle time in Molly’s lap. Molly thinks it’s endearing but she still teases him about it: “Sherlock for god’s sake, he’s just a cat!”

“Yes but does HE know that?”

This made me laugh so hard when I drew it because Sherlock wrapped up in his sheet looked like some kind of little white butt-bean.

@picklesandsweetpea your commission is coming up next but tumblr won’t let me tag you properly. :(

I think I still have the time to take on a couple more commissions, if anyone is interested: check out this post.

And don’t forget I also have a patreon.

The god and the bookworm

pairing: thor reader

Plot: after failing to find his soulmate in Asgard tony throws thor a party to cheer him up. After the party Thor tells the team that he wants to find his soulmate already and tells them that only his soulmate can lift his hammer. To see if any of them are his soulmate the team tries to lift the hammer. After everyone tries and fails the bookworm of the team aka the reader is pressured into trying and freaks out when she lifts it up like nothing.

A/n in this fic vision can’t lift Thor’s hammer.

Originally posted by thorduna

Originally posted by thejediavengeroftheinternet

The one thing Thor kept repeating throughout his life was that he was never got to get married yet marriage has been on Thor’s mind for the past year. Sure when he was younger he at the thought of meeting his soulmate made him sick. It was mainly because he knew that once he met them he wouldn’t be able to have sex with any woman he pleased. But now that he’s older he’s grown out of that mindset and wanted to settle down with his soulmate.

When he told his father he was ready to settle down with his soulmate he asked him how he could find them. “My boy you are holding the tool that will let you find your soulmate.” Thor looked down at his hammer confused “your mother charmed it so only two people can carry that hammer; you and your soulmate. So if you are serious about finding your soulmate I suggest you hold a assembly and have both men and women try to lift the hammer.”

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132 for the drabble challenge!(preferably Nessian)

Thanks for the prompt! :)


“We’re not playing strip poker. I don’t care what I said when I was drunk.”

“But Nesta,” Cassian wheedled. “You weren’t that drunk.”

She shot him her best evil eye – the one Illyrians whispered could kill a man at ten paces. Unfortunately, however, Cassian stayed very much alive. “I don’t care how drunk I was, it’s not happening,” she asserted.

“What if we up the ante?” he proposed.

“How so?” she said suspiciously.

“If you win enough that I’m stripped down to my underwear, I’ll buy you dinner.”

Nesta narrowed her eyes at him. “And if it goes the other way? If you win?”

He gave her his best shit-eating grin. The one that made her want to see how far he would fall off a cliff before catching himself on those absurd wings of his. “Then I’ll buy you dinner.”

“Somehow this sounds like a win-win situation for you,” Nesta said.

Cassian shrugged innocently. “Well? Do we have a deal?”

Nesta studied him. She considered her options. And then she nodded.

In the end, it worked out. Nesta got a (very fancy) free meal, she got to see Cassian in his underwear, and he never learned that she was, and had always been, an unabashed cheater at card games. Especially at strip poker.


Send me a prompt + a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble!

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I made it! Just, uh, don’t expect anything else out of me for at least two weeks. XD


    Loki was up and about when Frigga came to see him, but she said nothing of it, knowing it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Instead she informed him that Odin would be going to Jötunheim to meet with Laufey later in the day and inquired as to whether there was anything he might feel the need to share before the king departed.

    “I should be going with him,” Loki said as he leaned against the windowsill, tired but not wanting to admit that everyone who’d voiced it was right in that he really shouldn’t be up yet.

    “You’re still recovering and we’re meant to give the appearance that the enemy’s plan is working,” Frigga reminded gently, “Odin would never risk taking you with him until the negotiations were completed were it true, and so he won’t.”

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The start of something great

Originally posted by codenamekaraortiz

A/N: This was requested by anonymous. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Could you, please, write an imagine for juice in which the reader is Tig’s daughter and she is always dating idiots so her father wants her to be with Juice, who has a crush on her?”

I sat on top of the picnic table smoking a cigarette as my dad walked out of the club.

“Hey, baby girl,” Dad said while he made his way over to the table before taking a seat.

“Hey, dad,” I said, smiling. I inhaled another puff of my cigarette before passing it to him.

“Where’s Fred?” I sighed, I was secretly hoping that he wouldn’t bring up Fred. Thankfully Juice had walked up before I had the chance to answer.

“Hey, Tig! Hey, (Y/N)!” I smiled at Juice as did Tig.

“What is it Juicy? Can’t you see a father trying to spend some quality time with his daughter?” I rolled my eyes at his words.

“Uh, Clay wanted me to let you know, that he needs you to get back to work before he kicks your freeloading ass,” I chuckled at Juice’s words while Tig just glared. “Hey! His words, not mine,” Juice replied holding his hands up defensively. Tig removed his eyes from the Puerto Rican before looking at me.

“I’ll talk to you later, baby girl and don’t think I don’t want to know what happened with Fred,” I smiled before nodding my head in response as Tig pulled me into his chest for a hug. I hugged him back before pulling away gently. Tig stood up before heading over to Teller-Morrow while Juice took his place next to me. I put out my smoke as he began to speak.

“So, (Y/N). What did happen with Fred?” He questioned as I sighed.

“Promise you won’t tell my dad?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. Juice raised his hand while he proceeded to mark a cross on his chest.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” I giggled at him before beginning to explain.

“Well, you see. Last night, Fred and I were supposed to go on this really romantic evening, like, dinner and a movie, then a long walk back to here where we were going to crash here at the club in my dad’s dorm but when I went to his house to pick him up I found him pounding into this slut on his couch,” I said with a sigh. “I broke it off with his ass before coming back here and having a few drinks then eventually crashing in his dorm,” I said simply. Juice gave we a sympathetic look while he spoke.

“I’m sorry to hear that. You-,” I cut him off before he could give me the “you deserve better” speech.

“Save it, I’m used to it by now,” I said as Clay called out for Juice to get back to work. “Duty calls,” I said with a chuckled before sliding off the table and heading for the club. Juice said goodbye before running back over to Teller-Morrow.

As I walked back to the club I began to get lost in my thoughts.

Juice was a good guy. He worked hard, he was smart, and he was sure as hell trusting and loyal. The type of guy a girl dreams for. But for some reason, I never gave him a chance. I knew Juice liked me, well was more in love with me to be more specific. Yet, I always saw him as more a best friend than a lover, someone to care for and to come home too. No, I always went for idiots like Fred. Idiots who lie, cheat and use me. I knew once my dad was done work he would be grilling me on how he knew Fred was bad for me, how I deserve better, and blah blah blah.

I walked over to the couch in the club before taking a seat next to Happy who was currently trying to get this croweater to have sex with him. I chuckled to myself as I hauled out my phone and began to scroll through it with nothing better to do.

Time skip:

It was currently five o’ clock which meant it was quitting time for the boys at Teller-Morrow. I stood up from my place at the bar before heading out of the club and taking the seat next to Jax on the picnic table.

“Hey, darlin’, how have you been?” Jax questioned as he slid a cigarette between his lips for lighting it.

“Ehh, I’ve been better, how about you?” I questioned before taking the cancer stick from him and sticking it between my lips.

“Good,” I smiled at him as Tig began to make his way towards us.

“Baby girl!” I sighed when I heard Tig call out to me.

“I’ll see you later, Jax,” I said while I slid off the table and began walking over to him.

“Hey, dad,” I said once I reached Tig. Tig immediately stopped in front of me as he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Hey, baby girl. Listen, I was talking to Juice and he told me what happened with Fred,” I groaned before shooting Juice a glare over Tig’s shoulder.

“I’m going to kill him,” I said as Tig chuckled.

“Hey, hey! Don’t be mad at him! He just cares about you like I do, like the club does,” I sighed, knowing what my father was saying was true.

“I know, dad,” I said while Tig chuckled.

“Why don’t you stop dating idiots like Fred and try giving Juice a try?” Tig suggested as I looked back at the Puerto Rican who had looked away when I looked in his direction.

“Hmm, maybe. I’ll talk to you later,” I said as I began walking passed my dad and over to Juice.

“Hey Juice!” I yelled while he perked his head up.

“Yeah?” Juice said while he began wiping his hands and making his way towards me.

“How would you feel about going on a date with me tonight?” I questioned as Juice’s eyes went wide.

“Me? Go on a date with you?” Juice questioned in disbelief. I nodded my head, Juice smiled big before responding.

“I’d love too. How about I come around seven to pick you up?” I smiled before nodding my head.

“That sounds great,” I said before turning and heading back to the club to get ready. I smiled to myself as I reached the club.

‘I think this was the start of something great.’

imthehoneyyourethebee  asked:

Pride & Protect? <3 <3

You woke with a start, honestly expecting to see the same musty warehouse you and Laurel have been locked in for the past few days. But the lights were much too bright for that. There were clean sheets sliding against your skin, as opposed to wet concrete.

And when someone grabbed your hand, it was instinct that made you tense up. But Pride’s face came into view, his eyes wide and soft. And it instantly calmed you back down. “You’re awake.” Pride breathed out in relief.

As good as it was to see him, your thoughts instantly shifted somewhere else. “Laurel…”

“She’s alright. Little dehydrated and shaken up, but she’s fine.” Pride quickly interceded, his eyes scanning the cuts and bruises over your face and arms. It was clear who had taken the brunt of the abductor’s anger. Pride let out a shaky exhale, his head bowing for a moment before he raised it to look at you once more. And this time, there were a few tears in his eyes. “You kept her safe. Protected her. There’s no way I could ever pay you back-”

“Pride, forget about it.” You interrupted, voice still hoarse from such a heavy sleep. “I’d die for her; you know that.”

He swallowed despite the lump in his throat, and Pride nodded. “I’m glad it didn’t come to that, because Laurel wanted to thank you herself.”

Drabbles are closed

Okay but Jellal made me laugh too much in this panel, I was litteraly crying. It’s the only thing he could be thinking and I just can’t

or maybe he just passed out

You used the excuse of;

– as a defense for Renji attacking someone HE KNEW HAD NO POWERS, someone WHO DID NOTHING TO HIM, Renji attacks Rukia the moment they encounter –

Not only is he grinning, in delight – but he attacks her UNPROVOKED –


Sorry…actually no I’m not – your flippant weaponizing and disregard for abuse is revolting to me. As someone who’s mother STILL TO THIS FUCKING DAY suffers from her long term injuries from an abusive relationship, where even the cops defended HIM and made excuse for HIM – I am absolute fucking disgusted by this and you other posts.

Sorry honey, Renji ain’t training Rukia here and you fucking know it – stop comparing it to a willing participant when Rukia is unarmed and off-guard.

Renji is straight up, sadistically – abusing her. He even grins while he does it.

But you know – we don’t need you disgusting opinion, we have a talking head in the chapter –  URYU ISHIDA, isa there to say it was abusive and disgusting. We don’t need you or you nasty view of it.

One word prompt: SQ/Lego

Asked by @guardiansofwolves ;)

Set on: They are together.

Yello, blue, red, red, blue, yellow, green

Green, yellow, blue, blue, red

Red, green…

The small blocks kept piling up in front of the toddler whose stuck out tongue and crinkled forehead made his older sister to crack a smile of her own as she put block after block on his eager hands. The construction had already lost all its purpose but the way Neal kept putting more blocks was endearing. Chuckling to herself, the blonde nudged his hand with one block just as his bottom lip wobbled in thought.

“Less than an hour and already making fun of him?” The sound of a feminine voice startled her enough for her to turn, Neal snatching the block out of her hand as she did so. Pouting towards a smirking Regina Emma rose to her feat, hands on her back pockets. She had closed her parents’ door after entering, she was sure of that and the air didn’t hold the magical tingles she always felt around her whenever Regina magicked herself in. Realizing the still dangling keys on the former queen’s left hand she let out a small laugh as she approached her.

“I wasn’t making fun of him.” She replied, doing her best to smooth her pout and failing considering the breathy chuckle that came from the older woman.

“I’m sure of that, dear.” The brunette replied, leaning in and kissing Emma’s lips once before moving closer to Neal, the toddler’s face breaking into a giant smile as he saw her.


“Very well, Neal, now let’s show your sister how this is done, shall we?”

The toddler nodded, not really caring about what he had just agreed to. Emma was sure that if Regina looked at her with that same face she would also probably say yes to practically everything. More than sure she knew she was completely unable to say no to the older woman.

“Cheater” She muttered under breath, her own smile betraying her words as she crouched next to the other two.

“Pass me a green block dear.”

“On it.”

Hera teaching Ezra to fly
  • For Hera flying is freedom,
    • but more than that, it’s a very useful skill to have in their lifestyle.
    • For both these reasons, she likes all her family to know how.
  • Thus she made sure everyone knew how to start up the phantom and have at least the basics of flying it.  
    • Ezra was not so talented at the decoupling at first - as we saw in Brothers of the Broken Horn.
  • Actual dogfighting flight lessons were something she got serious about teaching Ezra after Malachor.
    • He was obsessed with doing better at anything and everything.
    • At least like this she could keep an eye on him and see if he was coping
      • He wasn’t, thanks to both Kanan’s absence and the Sith Holocron’s presence
  • She’d been training Sabine seriously for far longer.
    • The girl was used to learning a lot, and soaked up information quickly.  Thus Hera trained her as best she could, when they had time.
    • This proved invaluable during/after Malachor, since they lost Kanan in his emotional/tactical/back-up pilot/gunner/ground force capacity.  So Sabine being competent took a bit of pressure off, once things fell into a new normal.
  • Zeb isn’t great in a dogfight, but can fly from A to B well enough
    • and his party trick of flying with his feet is surprisingly versatile in missions! 
  • Losing the training A-Wing was annoying, since 1 to 1 tuition in the air is the best way to learn.
    • Thanks Ezra.  Thanks a bunch.

anonymous asked:

Kraglin asks everyone on the ship to start complementing on how such a great shot he is so he can gain readers attention. Reader overhears the boasting all day and is a bit annoyed on how cocky it made Kraglin. Later that night Kraglin gets drunk and tells the reader he "really appreciates" her "like a lot". Kraglin makes a move and kisses her cheek. After the readers internal screaming she responds with, "You missed." And pulls him in to a kiss 💕💕


Preview: “To the Victor” chapter 13

              It was Natasha calling.  He’d left Natasha with Steve, so if she was calling, something was wrong.  “Tony, we need you back here.”

              Tony’s heart started pounding.  One would think after all the pain and upset lately, more wouldn’t have such an effect on him.  “What’s happening?”

              “Steve’s really upset,” Natasha said.  Her voice sounded harried, and that only made Tony’s pulse race even faster. “Remember Bruce mentioning they were going to start him on a clear liquids diet today?  He’s…  He’s not taking to it well.”

              “Is he okay?”

              “Just hurry.”

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Got my yurt set up yesterday! I invited the whole family over for dinner, and then Farmbaby remembered she was supposed to be rewarded with a cupcake party for successfully pooping on the potty. Did I talk about this? I don’t remember now. Anyway, Mom and Dad and brother-in-law and two sisters, though of course Middle-Little showed up late with beer, that’s her specialty, made short enough work of getting the thing set up– B-I-L is perfect as the center ring holder because he’s both over six feet tall, and quite skinny, so if the rafters pop out they miss him on the way down. A shorter, wider person generally gets clocked pretty good and it’s the worst part of yurt setup. (Especially for a 16-and-up-footer, where you have to support the ring on a pole– that’s a terrifying ordeal.)  

The repairs dad and I did to the wall were for the most part exactly what I wanted, though the door frame is fucked-up now and doesn’t quite work well. The rest is fine, though, and the door frame works, which is what was most important thing. 

Anyway, cupcakes, of Farmbaby’s favorite and coincidentally relevant emoji, and then behind the cut the discussion of whether I have the blacklung or not. 

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anonymous asked:

Bonnie/Scott (Teen Wolf)/Damon; Love triangle

Send me a ship/character(s) and a one word prompt and I will write a 5 sentence fic about it.

Bonnie laughs and Damon hates it (actually he loves Bonnie’s laugh but only when it is reserved for him).  He stands at the edge of the party, his fingers tightening around his glass.  He is watching her (and him, that little mutt who has caught her attention since strolling into town on four legs); he has been watching her since arrived a hour earlier in a dress that looks like is made for her and only her.

Stefan slides up next to him, takes one look and then sighs.  “Just tell her before you do something so horribly Damon like that she sets you on fire instead.”

A Love Letter From Mr. Clay (Clay Jensen x Reader)

A/n: @soundshoodfeelshood my best friend suggest to do this and I thought it was such a fucking cute idea

Requested: Kinda?

Word count:680

Warnings: just straight up fucking cuteness

Summary: After getting a message from a cute guy three states away, she’s fallen in love with him and they send each letters back and forth once a week.

Originally posted by 13reasonsvvhy

The familiar text tone for him rang made her rush towards her phone. A bright big smile spread across her face as she saw his name.


Hey beautiful

A small laugh left her lips. She was infatuated with a boy she has never met. Her phone buzzed again in her hands as another text came through.


I sent another letter again today

Her heart swelled at the thought of getting another letter. She glanced over at her desk, placed carefully were 7 letters, all written by him.


You gotta stop making me blush damn it


Haha never

She couldn’t stop smiling. This boy was just so damn perfect. She sat back down on her bed before propping up her phone. She hits the facetime call button. After the first ring his beautiful face popped up.

“Hey baby.” He said as a smile spread across his face.

“Hi.” Was all she said. She was always so speechless when it came with him. Both their smiles never went away.

“So, I may have a surprise for you.” He said, his smile growing bigger.

This made her interested.

“And what’s that?” She said with a teasing tone, causing him to laugh.

“So, I’ve been talking to mom, and she’s okay with me driving up to see you during spring break?” He asked. Her heart raced. Her smile reached her eyes.

“Seriously?!” She asked, excitement lacing through each and syllable. He nods his head.

“I know its two months away.” Clay said with a playfully sad smile.

“I can wait that long.” She reassures him.

“Good, I gotta go babe. I’ll text you after dinner.” He said before he hung up. She laid on her bed, her phone clutched in her hand, a smile still widely spread. He’s coming here. Was all that could race through her thoughts.

It’s been a week since she found out he was coming to see her. She checks the mail box before walking inside. Her heart raced when she saw her name written his beautifully written mess handwriting. She raced inside and up to her room, wanting to read it alone. She hurries in, throwing her book bag on the floor and plopping down on her bed. Her fingers effortlessly tear open the envelope. She heart swelling at each word she reads:

To a beautiful girl,

I don’t know how many I have written so far, this is probably number 8 huh? Anyways, if I haven’t told you that I’m coming to see you, well, surprise! I can’t wait to see that pretty face in person. I can’t tell you much in love I am with you. Like if I was a God, you’d have your own anything. Why are you so god damn perfect? To those eyes, to those perfectly pink lips, to that long hair I can’t wait to just run my fingers through. This is getting weird huh? Anyway, this is just another stupid pointless letter. I cannot wait to meet you.


p.s. I added a little poetry on the back.

She smiled at the thought of poetry. She was an old romantic. Love letters and poetry made her fall in love.

She’s such a pretty face,

That I hope to never erase.

Because my heart races,

When I think of you.

She laughed between the falling tears. She picked up her phone, sending a quick text to Clay.


I love it. I love it so much.

He sent one back almost right away.


And I love you.


Please leave sooner


Haha, I wish baby

She smiled, smiling through happy tears. She couldn’t wait to meet him.

Part 2?

King George III x Reader - It’s a Promise

Request - “Fluffy and yet a bit angsty one with King George where reader-chan is leaving for America, and is leaving George alone, please. :‘3 “ from a lil old Nonny :3

Summary - As she packs her stuff, George soon wakes up and finds out that she was leaving. And he began to freak out, worried that she didn’t love him. So they talk it out, and in the end, after tears and such, George lets her go. The day she was leaving, George gave her a proper goodbye before watching her go.

Timeline - Hamilton days/Hamiltime

Word Count - 1,435

Trigger Warnings - None \(*^*)/


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Trying to Understand

While I don’t begrudge the sensible Rumbellers (in other words, the Rumbellers who aren’t Rumple apologists who go around bashing Killian, Emma and the other heroes for their mistakes while making excuses for Rumple’s behavior.) the joy of seeing their ship ending up together, it still confuses me how they can be happy about it.

Rumple had been given an undeserved reset, with a bleached out heart.  And he chose to steal back the power of the Dark One again.  He even plotted to take advantage of someone’s death in order to do so.  And throughout the course of the Patchwork Arc, he constantly harassed Belle, blatantly ignoring the restraining order, forced a magic tracking device on her, and made her so scared for her baby’s safety, she made the decision to give up her son the instant he was born, just so Rumple couldn’t manipulate Baby Gideon into loving him.  And, in the show’s timeline, it was only a day or so before that big family dinner scene that he betrayed everyone by allowing the Black Fairy to roam free.  Which resulted in the Black Fairy being able to cast her final curse, which came very close to killing everyone.  And there was nothing in the narrative to really indicate he’s repentant of that.  Even when he helped save the day, it was only because he wanted Gideon safe, not because he wanted to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.

So, how can we be okay with him getting everything he wanted, despite the fact that he’s still the Dark One and is unapologetic for everything he’s done?  I’m just saying, just because he did a good thing and got a gold star in the last episode, that doesn’t mean he should get a full pardon.  Especially when you look at the pattern from the previous seasons.  Every time they decide to give him a chance and believe he’s changed after he did one good deed, he always ends up stabbing everyone in the back.  At the end of S3, he gave his life to protect Belle and Neal from Pan.  But after he was resurrected (at the cost of his son’s life, mind you), the moment he was free from Zelena’s leash, he immediately fell back to being the villain when he saw his chance to obtain more power.  When he got the undeserved reset, complete with a pure heart, he decided he wanted to be the Dark One again, and didn’t even care that he was nullifying someone’s life sacrifice to get it back.  

Why should we honestly believe this time should be any different?

For the record, I’m not saying I don’t want to see a happy ending/beginning for Rumbelle.  But at the same time, I expect it to be deserved.  And all things considered, I think Rumple has to do a LOT more before he deserves a happily ever after with Belle and Baby Gideon.