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Hautley's Bend by ColdInTheStudio was the very first long fanfic I read. Omg it will stay in my heart forever I loved it so much. Also recently read Beyond the Ether which was beautiful. One of my favourite authors has to be rachelladeville, her writing is so damn good and she's always working on something new and interesting. Ps, I have passing ships bookmarked and when things aren't as hectic as they are now I'm gonna read the shit out of it cus it sounds amazing!!

HOLY SHIT THIS FIC IS 500K??? what a freaking gift. It’s on my list, but i dunno if i’ll ever finish it lol but WOW.

Beyond the Ether looks very good, too. I haven’t read it but it looks like my jam. I mean, professor!cas?? i can’t resist.

@rachwill‘s writing looks fabulous, i will have to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing your favorites, anon! 

send me your favorite author/fic that changed your life

Lemme rant to you about this one scene in the Horrificator for one second, or a lot of seconds, okay? Because after this, you cannot tell me that Adrien Agreste does not know how he affects Marinette. I mean you can, but Ima be like ‘well that one scene in the Horrificator…’

So Marinette and Adrien are about to do the Acting thing together, right? and Marinette is doing the Freaking Out thing and the Being Creepy thing and is just staring at Adrien like so:

Notice also that Adrien has his eyes closed and his head tilted just so because this little dork is trying to look good okay? Ever had someone do your makeup before? It doesn’t make you look like a greek god basking in the sunlight:

It makes you look like this:

And previous to this moment, it made Adrien look like this:

So anyways, Marinette says somethin’ stupid as she does and Adrien responds by looking at her LIKE THIS:

And he’s all “What’s that?” in this sultry fudging voice. Who says “what’s that” in response to a girl squealing? Who looks like that when a girl is squealing unless you know that the girl is squealing FOR YOU?

He knows.

But let us move on for a sec. Because what does this lil’ pancake do next? He tells her that she’ll do fine because she is Freaking Out and then he… What?


For reference, here is what Adrien looked like when he was gonna kiss Chloe:

And now Mari:

That boy is ready.

Adrien Agreste fudging knows that Marinette likes him and he is all for it.

So here’s what I want to know: why isn’t the fudger dating her yet?

[Sally and Paul are out of town for Sally’s book tour. Percy, having decided to invite the Seven and a few other friends over, is putting away anything likely to get broken. Jason, who arrived early, is helping.]

Jason(Gingerly examining what appears to be a very ugly ceramic blowfish): Is this what I think it is?

Percy(Glancing over over from the dresser): That? Yeah. You can just put it with the others.

Jason(Confused): The…

[Percy points to the closet. Giving Percy a strange look, Jason opens the door to discover shelf upon shelf of blowfish in every shape, size, hue and material imaginable. He takes a half step back]

Percy(Joining him): Kinda creepy, right?

Jason(At a loss for words): …why?

Percy(Taking the blowfish from Jason and adding it to the collection): I dunno, it’s just this weird thing Paul’s students do. Every year, his graduating class gives him a blowfish. You know- Blofis, Blowfish. It’s a tradition.

[Jason nods, but seems unable to look away. Percy stands next to him, surveying the blowfish armada]

Percy: …Honestly, I don’t even think he likes them.

[They are mercifully interrupted by Leo, who scrambles into the room, sparing three seconds of bewilderment on the blowfish closet before deciding he has more pressing matters to worry about]

Leo(Yanking Jason around by the shoulder to face him): Jason. Jason, bro, we kissed. She kissed me. Like ten minutes ago. In Percy parents’ bedroom.

Percy(Smacking Leo with a conveniently placed copy of Jane Eyre): Dude! Don’t make out in my parents’ bedroom, that’s disgusting!

Jason(Letting Percy attack Leo with Jane Eyre a few more times before separating them): I’d kind of figured you’d gotten past that already- all the ladies love Leo, right?

Leo(Eyes wide and fidgeting worse than usual): No, dude, shut up, I’m freaked out. I don’t… I don’t think I’m very good.

Jason: Good at-

Leo(Grabbing Jason by the shoulders again): At kissing! And I mean, Calypso’s done a lot more kissing than me over the years- like, even without the immortality thing. And with heroes. Heroes! Like, the legendary kind, with swords and muscles and social skills. The kind that probably knew how to kiss! I don’t want to suck so bad she dumps me! Girls dig you, I’m asking for advice!

Jason(Who has kissed exactly two girls in his life): Look, as far as I can tell, there’s two basic rules- one, don’t bite anything without permission, and two, the human tongue is like wasabi. It’s very powerful and should be used sparingly.

[Leo begins nodding, then freezes, staring at something beyond Jason’s shoulder. Percy, facing the same direction as Leo, gives a snort of laughter he hastily tries to disguise as a cough]

Jason(Closing his eyes): She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?

Calypso(Mimicking Jason): “The human tongue is like wasabi!”

Jason: I don’t sound like that.

Percy: You kinda do.

Calypso(Sidling around to stand next to Leo, who is trying to sink into the floor): Actually, I think Leo’s tongue is like sunscreen. It’s good for your health and should be applied liberally.

Jason: I REALLY didn’t need to hear that. I really wish I could stop IMAGINING that.

Percy(Gravely): The idea itself is so offensive, that it’s actually illegal to say the words ‘Leo Valdez’s tongue’ on TV. 

Jason(Sagely): The penalty for violating that law is ten years in prison.

Percy: Or one Leo Valdez tongue bath.

Leo(Face in his hands): I hate you.

Jason: Everyone chooses prison.

Leo(Glaring through his fingers): I HATE YOU.

[Rolling her eyes, Calypso gently pries Leo’s hands from his face and kisses him. After a moment of hesitation Leo kisses back, putting his hands on her hips]

Percy: Oh gods. Oh, gods, I’m blind! I’m blind!

Jason(Severely): Please stop. You’re upsetting the blowfish.

crocodile emoji ratings

Apple: a good Boy. a happy and smooth and chubby boy. v smooth but beautiful and happy. 5/5 I love u

Google: she is so happy and friendly!!! I trust her very much. good use of perspective. 5/5

Microsoft: help him… he looks like he is in pain.. put him out of his misery…. looks cute from a distance tho 3/5

Samsung: no! noooooo!! bad! bad! bad! bad! 0/5 get away!

LG: that is an alligator. attempt to recreate Apple’s. she looks very sad. I want to help her. 4/5

HTC: pain. 1/5

Facebook: a wonderful crocodile! a spiky boy! I love him. his front leg looks a little broken but thats ok because I love him so much. wonderful color. 5/5

Messenger: dead eyes. i fear for my safety. 3/5

Twitter: PERFECT! WONDERFUL! I LOVE HIM!!!! beautiful nubby legs, serene expression, adorable teeth, wonderful posture. 10000/5

Mozilla: Reminds me of HTC but not as shitty. Dull expression, good color but could use all 4 legs. 2/5

Emoji One: Zany! Wild! Out of the box! very precious. eyes freaking me out a lil tho 4/5

emojidex: a realistic boy, smiling because he loves you and he is happy to see you. reblog to give him a kiss. 4/5

I made a joke about this last night, but honestly it deserves a whole post so I’m gonna make one, beware of major spoilers for Wonder Woman if you haven’t seen it yet 👍🏻

So one of the things I really appreciated is the fact that despite her good looks and short skirt, the effort that went into not sexualizing Diana. Like, it would be pretty easy, but in the end most of the sexualizing done so by the characters themselves was more centered around the conventions of the time period (i.e. Steve being awkward about sleeping next to her and the whole conversation about sex they had, Steve and Etta freaking out when she was ready to change in the middle of the store, pretty much them freaking out over her lack of clothing in general). Even all the characters fawning over her looks mostly just spoke of how beautiful she was, with the exception of the one soldier hitting on her in the streets.

Even with all that, she wasn’t devoid of sexuality either or completely sexually naive as it would be easy to do given she grew up outside the world of men. The movie actually constantly makes fun of that assumption actually, with the pool scene and again the fucking sex conversation on the boat. She’s in fact very frank about it and it’s refreshing honestly.

And then of course, there is the scene in Veld and while both me and my best friend agreed we wouldn’t have been opposed to seeing more of Steve and Diana, it was so, so nice to have that extremely intimate kiss and then cut it off. Like obviously we know they banged but instead of making it this big sexy thing, it was intimate and obviously not for our eyes, it was a moment for the characters to connect.

Listen I loved this movie a lot there were so many good things about it.

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Fanfic Request: You and Gaston happily married with children (all the romantic fluffiness!).

i told myself i needed to write a fic BUT I WAS LIKE “HEADCANONS INSTEAD”

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

  • Living in the countryside away from the hustle bustle of village life. Probably a simple far, a place where Gaston can clear his head and be himself without having to worry or put up a facade for others. He loves it really, and he wouldn’t ask for anything else.
    • A place where he can literally put his feet up (You only rub them when you feel like it, he doesn’t actually pressure you to do it). A place where he can enjoy a beer in silence. A place where he can think and be with the things that matter to him.
      • The two of you are always up early enough to watch the sun rise. Imagine sitting beside Gaston, watching the sky change color in front of you. He wraps his arms around you and tugs you closer. A small kiss is placed to your forehead. A few more minutes before your children wake up, he thinks. That’s all he needed. Was a few more minutes alone with you in quiet and peace.
  • Imagine the two of you being lucky enough to have a boy and a girl. 
    • Gaston loves them so freaking much, and actually, they look a lot like him. Dark hair(thick hair), same skin tone and they both happen to have his stubbornness. (Which can cause problems sometimes.) Gaston actually fights you on this sometimes(Playfully) and tells you that they look a lot more like you, “I can see your smile in theirs when they laugh”. Rolling your eyes teasingly, you kiss his lips softly and whisper, “You old romantic.”
      • Imagine him tangling flowers into his daughters hair after she asks him to do it. He knows he’s not good at it but he still tries. She gives him a warm kiss to his cheek when he finishes and she scurries off to show you. “Momma, momma look what papa did!!” 
        You look down at her, smiling brightly, “It’s so pretty.” You brush a stray hair out of her face, “Your papa is so good at that, huh? He puts them in my hair too.”
        She nods happily and looks back at Gaston with an even wider smile. He feels his heart melt.
      • She probably convinces him to let her put flowers in his hair too. Just imagine that. She looks at him sternly, grasps the sides of his face and brings his head down enough so she can reach his hair. You’re standing off to the side, watching him with your son in your lap. Laughing quietly, you urge her to continue. Gaston gives you a playful glare. “I hope those are purple flowers. Purple is a good color for me.” He says to his daughter with a small laugh. Your son joins in eventually and he starts putting flowers in Gaston’s hair, coordinating with his sister as to what color he needed. 
        • Imagine Gaston taking his son hunting. But, while preparing, his daughter comes up and asks if she can come as well. After talking to you, and you agreeing, he takes both of them with him. Imagine his son holding onto the back of Gaston’s jacket and holding his sisters hand while they track. Both of them are super invested.
          • Imagine them coming back and your son is literally about to bounce off the walls because he actually managed to shoot a duck. Your daughter is resting on Gaston’s shoulders as she got tired on the way home.
            You take her carefully, rocking her back to sleep as she stirred with the movement as Gaston places a gentle kiss to your cheek before beaming proudly.
            “He’s going to be a good hunter, just like his father.” He looks at your son, still going on and on about what he had done. You see his father in his personality.
  • Gaston tells them about his time during the War before bedtime. Says it’s their bedtime story. You usually sit and listen.
    • “When I was younger,” He pauses and reflects, “much younger….”
      • Your son gets so excited hearing about it because wow, his father was a hero.
      • Your daughter on the other hand, likes the ending when Gaston explains how he met you and how he fell in love with you after the War and how you bring out the best in him and how much he really does love you and them.
        • “Your mother was so…” He has to think about his word choice, “Beautiful… Gorgeous… She swept me away and hasn’t let me life a day without her beauty ever since.”
  • Monitoring your PDA because your kids do not appreciate it when you kiss each other in front of them.
    • Your son pretends to gag and your daughter yelling at you to “STOP KISSING.”
      • Sufficing on gazes, small kisses to the cheek and Gaston wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you closer until the kids are put to bed.
  • I was about to say ‘don’t get me started on domestic Gaston’ but get me started please.
    • Absolutely a man who tries to cook you breakfast for your birthday but almost burns down the entire house. He just doesn’t cook often enough to know.  He ends up getting help from the kids, and things turn out okay. (He only burned it a little).
      • Probably tries to do the dishes here and there too(Especially when he’s sucking up to you). Always tells you, “That’s a really good workout for your arms. I’m surprised they’re not as big as mine.” You roll your eyes, flexing your arm teasingly. “Aren’t they?”
        • You asking him to help you with cleaning the house and doing the laundry, and for a second he looks at you like “who do you think you’re talking to?” but the glare you give him back gets him to agree and he ends up helping the kids take the laundry outside to dry. 
          • Gaston lifting up your daughter as she pins clothes to the line to dry. Your son tugs on his shirt, begging to be picked up too.
            • When you go out to check on them, the basket of laundry is still sitting there and Gaston is on his back, the two kids on top of him. They’re all laughing. Gaston catches eyes with you, “They’ve got me pinned, (Name). I can’t move!”
  • It’s late at night and the two of you had just put the kids to sleep after what seemed like hours of wrestling them into bed in the first place. You sigh softly, gazing at your love before making your way to the kitchen to clean and put away dishes before bed. Gaston looks at his children a few seconds longer before following you.
    Leaning against the doorway between the kitchen and living space, he smiles slightly, “I know I told you that two children were enough for me, but have you ever thought…?”
    “About having another one?” You asked, finishing his sentence. Tilting your head to the side, you could feel the heat hit your face. “I wouldn’t mind… three more even.”
    He smirks softly, making his way towards you. Kissing the back of your neck and then the shell of your ear, he murmurs to you, “Three? A bit too eager, are you?”

MMMM BOI I HOPE THOSE WERE OKAY. if you liked them, i can make more! Thank you for reading! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 

How Much He Loves You


Hi! I was hoping I could have an imagine where Peter is now working with the whole Avengers team and they don’t know he has a girlfriend until Aunt May tells them when Peter ends up skipping a movie night with all of them? And of course this leads to agony and the team spying for “research and scientific” purposes. Thank you!! PS: (if you could also make the reader super nerdy and can sing that would be amazing)

Word Count: 2031

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Thank you so much for you continued support! 

Today is yours and Peter’s 1 year anniversary. You told Peter that celebrating monthly anniversaries would be weird, since it’s such a short amount of time. So, this is the first anniversary you will be celebrating together. Although, Aunt Mary insisted that you two got a fancy dinner on your ½ year anniversary. It just didn’t feel special enough. Until today. It’s been a whole year since the two of you were in that awkward, just friends but could be more if we wanted to stage.

Peter sent you a text an hour ago to meet him at his apartment at 8 pm, being sure to dress nice. That freaked you out a little. You didn’t want to overdress, but you didn’t want to underdress. So you made sure to dress in a simple black dress that ended at your knees. You paired it with nude heels and a nude purse. You look good. It’s perfectly in the middle of very fancy and not fancy enough.

You take a deep breath before knocking on Peter’s apartment door. You only live 2 stories up from his apartment so it wasn’t a long walk.

Aunt May opens the door and gasps. “Oh, (Y/N)! You look so good!” She gushes over you, giving you a great big hug.

“Thanks Aunt May!” You tell her, your words muffled since your face is squished into her.

You hear a gentle cough from behind Aunt May and she finally releases you. “Peter! Gosh, you look so dashing!” She tells him.

You peak around May and your heart stops. Peter looks amazing in a black suit, making you question your outfit choice slightly. Blood rushes to your cheeks as Peter’s mouth drops open, his eyes slowly go up and down your figure.

Aunt May makes an obvious excuse and leaves the room, leaving the two of you alone.

“Y-you look… breathtaking…” Peter tells you, sounding like he is very much out of breath himself.

You blush harder, if that was even possible and shuffle your feet. “Thank you, Peter. You look amazing yourself.”

He takes a few steps towards you, smiling. He gives you a quick kiss. Even after a year, he still has the power to take your breath away. The phone rings, but you hardly notice. Usually you’re able to make out what Aunt May is saying, but you’re too focused on Peter.

“Happy one year, babe.” He whispers, almost like he’s afraid to break the spell that’s fallen over the two of you.

You pull a small gift bag from behind you back, “Happy one year.”

Inside the bag is a signed poster from his favorite Star Wars movie. While most of the actors have passed away, Mark Hamill is still very much alive. Somehow you got his signature.

Peter gives you a look as he takes the bag. “I’m supposed to be giving the first gift.” He grumbles as he slowly takes out the poster. When he spots the handwritten signature, his eyes light up. “M-Mark Hamill???” He whispers, his excitement showing everywhere on his face. You nod, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.

He gives you another kiss, almost jumping from his happiness. “I can’t… how did you… this is amazing!” He says, unable to finish his sentences as a grin threatens to split his face.

You shrug, smiling. “I’m just that amazing babe.” You tell him, happy to have made the love of your life so happy.

Peter pulls out a small velvet box from his pocket. “Your gift.” He tells you, looking away as a blush appears on his face again.

You gasp as you open the top of the small black box, a beautiful ring inside with your birthstone. “How?” You ask, breathlessly. You don’t know what you meant by the question. How did he know your birthstone? How could he afford such a thing? How did he know your ring size? How is he so perfect?

He shrugs, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I knew your birthday and I asked your parents for your ring size. It’s a promise ring. I promise to love you as long as I have love in my body to give.” He tells you staring deeply into your eyes. A few tears spring to your eyes as he puts the ring on.

“Why are you crying? If you don’t like it, I can return it!” He tells you, worry clouding his beautiful brown eyes.

You laugh, “No… I got you a stupid poster and you got me a promise ring.” You tell him, regretting your purchase.

Peter shakes his head, grabbing your cheeks. “No, I love it babe. I love you.” He kisses you again before offering his arm. You grab it and the two of you go to dinner.

Much to your surprise, the two of you don’t walk out of the apartment building. He guides you up, past your floor and up to the roof. When you finally reach the top, you see a blanket laid out, candles lit and a picnic basket overflowing with goodies.

You raise your hand to your mouth, unable to make a sound. Peter walks you over, your feet moving on their own accord. He scratches the back of his neck, nervous about the lack of your freaking out. He figured he’d get at least a ‘oh wow Peter’ out of you. “Do you like it?” He asks, pointing to the simple, yet gorgeous, set up.

You nod, tears once again filling your eyes. “It’s so beautiful Peter. How did I get such an amazing boyfriend?”

He laughs, sitting down, patting the space next to him. You sit down, barely any space between the two of you. He begins to unpack the food and you help. The conversation between the two of you flows freely, your cheeks start to hurt from laughing too hard and you can’t help but feel so much love for him. Every now and then you hum something, a tune that you picked up during the week or a song that’s suck in your head. Peter loves it when you sing, but you don’t do it often. Even though he swears your voice is like an angel.

Every so often, you swear you hear a noise on the roof, like you’re not the only one up there. You’re in mid laugh when you hear a whisper. You know for sure that you’re not the only ones up there. You learn over to Peter, trying to look like you’re just leaning on him for support.

“We’re not the only ones up here, are you spider sensing anything?” You whisper to him, a smile plastered on your face when he looks down at you. Concern fills his eyes and you slowly pull him to you, kissing him softly. He kisses you back, but you can tell that he’s not concentrating on the kiss, rather he’s trying to concentrate on figuring out who is up on the roof with you.

Suddenly a loud voice breaks the two of you apart. “Hey, hey, hey! That’s enough kissing!” You glance up to see Tony Stark standing above you. Peter jumps up, blush very apparent on his face and ears.

“W-we were just… k-kissing, Mr. Stark.” He tells the Tony Stark, unable to look at either of you.

Tony Stark stares you down and you match his gaze. While you may be inspired by him, you’re not about to let an old guy scare you from kissing your boyfriend. You slowly get up from the ground, acting unbothered by the celebrity crashing your date.

“I was just kissing my boyfriend, Mr. Tony Stark. Why do you seem to have a problem with that?” You ask him, cocking an eyebrow at him. Peter makes a soft noise, trying to get you to lay off Tony. You shake your head at him.

Tony crosses his arms as two more people come out of hiding. Steve Rodgers and Wanda Maximoff. Your heart drops. There are three celebrities here. If they hadn’t just crashed your 1 year anniversary, you’d be fangirling. These people inspire you to the core. You’re in love with the entire Avengers team and what they do for the world. Peter knows how nerdy you are about them, but he failed to mention his relationship with them.

“I don’t have a problem with the two of you kissing, I have a problem with the fact that Peter failed to mention a relationship. I hope for his sake that the two of you have been dating for a short period.” Tony gives Peter a pointed look, glaring slightly.

“Why would he need to tell you about his personal life? It’s not like he’s a part of the Avengers. He said no.” You tell him, confusion overtaking your attitude.

Tony’s own attitude falls slightly, not meeting your eyes as he stares at Peter. Peter glances at the ground, his shoe making circles in the dirt.

Things begin to click in your mind. Peter may have said ‘no’, but changed his answer at some point. Without telling you.

“We just wanted to know why Peter ditched our movie night, so we called Aunt May. She was kind enough to tell us the truth about Peter’s love life.” Steve tells you before letting out a low whistle as he checks out the set up. “1 year, huh? A long time.”

You nod, deciding to play it cool. Peter can keep whatever secrets he wants to keep. He told you he was Spider-man 3 months into the relationship. But this is something different. The whole Avengers team are risking their lives each and every mission. How didn’t you notice this before? How didn’t you see him on T.V or something?

Wanda smiles at you. “Congratulations, we apologize for interrupting the date. We just wanted to meet the girl Peter loves.”

You blush at that, taking a deep breath before making up your mind. Peter will hear your opinion on him keeping secrets, but you’re not going to get angry at him. You’ll be a little hurt, but not angry. He has the privilege to keep secrets and he probably has a good reason.

“Well, it’s certainly an honor to meet you three as well. I have to say, you all inspire me to be better and to get involved when I see something awful going down.” You tell them, Tony still staring at Peter as if he’s having a mental conversation with him. Peter’s eyes widen at your statement, snapping up to meet yours.

Before Peter can comment about you getting involved, Steve speaks up. “While we appreciate your commitment to make the world a better place, we wouldn’t want to see anyone get hurt. The best thing you can do is run and get help when you see something… awful.” He tells you, using your wording.

You smile, looking over to Peter, “Wow, he really is like a father.”

Peter laughs at your joke and even Tony cracks a smile.

After about 15 minutes of more polite conversation, the three are finally on their way. You wave as they jump off the side of the building, momentarily forgetting their superhuman abilities. Peter slowly begins to clean up the picnic.

“I’m sorry they ruined our night…” Peter mumbles to you, not meeting your eyes.

You laugh, “Peter. I’m not mad about that. Why would I be? I got to meet 3 of my heroes today. It was a good day.”

Peter sighs and grabs your hands, forcing you to put down what you were about to stuff into the basket. “I’m sorry… for keeping that fact that I’m in the Avengers a secret…”

You sigh and get in a more comfortable sitting position. “Peter, I’m hurt that you didn’t tell me. But I’m sure that you have a good reason. You’re an amazing boyfriend and if you want to keep secrets, that’s okay. All I request that you come back to me at night.” You whisper.

Peter nods, smiling. “You’re the best.” He pulls you into a sweet and gentle kiss, a kiss that tells you how much he loves you.

The two of you spend the rest of the night cuddled together on his couch, watching nerdy scifi movies and talking about his experience with the Avengers.

Take care of my Babies or you’ll die - Wonder Woman x Reader

Summary : Diana has a deep distrust of Men’s World’s doctors, and have trouble letting them handle her pregnant girlfriend. 

I lost the original message but this story is for @freethecagedeggs. Also, Imma indulge @loverandomness2 because she’s been asking for this for a long time and I’m finally writing it :-). 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You couldn’t wait for all of this to be over. 

For the baby to finally arrive. 

Not because pregnancy was displeasing, in fact, you were one of those lucky women that had a smooth one. 

You only had a few morning sickness, you weren’t too tired, it didn’t hurt much (yet)…The only thing you had was your weird cravings but, then again, pickles and ice cream was a thing you ate together even before being pregnant. 

Nope. You don’t want all of this to be over because it’s difficult and tiring…But because your damn girlfriend cannot give you or anyone approaching you of a few feet a single break ! 

“(Y/N), don’t do this it could hurt the baby !”, “(Y/N) eat this it’s good for the baby”, “(Y/N), please babe, do this exercice it’s good for our little one”…The worst was how annoying she became whenever you had a doctor appointment. 

Oh. My. God.


When you and Diana decided to become parents, you settled for a sperm donor instead of adoption, because it was just easier, it would take less time and trouble…You also decided that you should be the one bearing the child, kind of unsure how things would work with Diana (after all, she had been made out of clay and given life by Zeus…). 

At first, everything went smoothly. 

You were both just too damn excited. And all your friends were extremely supportive. Of course they were. 

Your older brother, Bruce, helped you through so many hard times in your life, he definitely wasn’t about to give up on you (no matter what some stuck up rich people thought about him for doing so…damn you guys lived in the XXIst century, what was the problem of a same sex couple adopting ?!), and he would never admit it because he wasn’t the cheesy type of man but…He already loved his future nephew/niece deeply. 

The day he brought you a teddy bear that looked astonishingly like the one you had when you were a kid, that exact teddy bear your dad gave you to “help you through any difficult times” (and it really did…whenever you were sad, for example missing your parents dearly, you’d hug the hell out of that bear and it would make you feel so much better), and when Bruce told you it was difficult to find the same one you had as a kid and it took him a lot of time and effort to do so, but you and your future child were definitely worth it…You teared up. You lied by saying your hormones were messing around with your emotions, and acted like it was not a big deal but…It meant the world that your beloved older brother would go through all that trouble just for a teddy bear for your baby.  

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The cinematography and the editing in Riverdale is SO GOOD. And I want to to gush a bit about one specific moment. 

THIS SCENE. Riverdale 1x13. The Jubilee. Betty’s speech. Look at what a fierce cutie she is. 

gif credit: @clarasolo original 

But what I noticed is while Betty is speaking, the camera jumps to different people in the audience who are relevant to Betty’s words. 


It jumps to Penelope when she talks about Clifford (obvious connection)

There’s so much focus on Betty herself when she talks about truth and justice and owning up to our demons (because our girl will not settle for anything less. please let her face her demons in season 2)

It jumps to Alice (and the rest of the Coopers but Alice is foreground and in focus) when talking about lies and secrets




AND THEN Betty talks about what happened to Jason COULD HAPPEN AGAIN. 


I’m sorry I just have to flail at how ON POINT Betty’s speech is. We already knew it was. We already knew how amazing our girl is and how beautiful her speech was. BUT I AM FLABBERGASTED AT THIS TINY LITTLE CLIP FORESHADOWING FRED’S FATE. 

(please don’t let fred die)


caroline: *is literally just being herself*
matt: “I don’t want to look at you and see what I’m seeing right now.”

caroline: *is literally just being herself*
tyler: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit. But she means well. You’ve just got to take the good with the bad sometimes.”

caroline: *is literally just being herself*
stefan: “That’s because you’re a control freak! You should change; learn to let go.”

caroline: *is literally just being herself*
klaus: fuck that’s so hot 

Peter Parker Dating A Tomboy Would Include...

- On the first day of school you wear a dress and flats (because your parent/s) make you and everyone thinks you’re a girly girl.

- The next day you come in ripped jeans, black boots and an army jacket and eVERYONE IS SO CONFUSED.

- You have like five people ask you to sit with them but they all look like they’d use you to become popular so PASS.

- Randomly plopping down at Peter and Ned’s lunch table cuz you wanna be left alone. 

- Peter freaks out a bit? Probably because you look like a confident warrior in army boots and black everything.

- Ned idolizes you for being so confident but is also scared of you. 

- “I don’t bite you know. Unless you want me to.”

- Michelle LOVES you. Finally, a girl she can really relate to. (The two of you become good friends.)

- Once Peter is comfortable around you sarcasm gets REAL. 

- Soo much sarcasm. 

- Dirty jokes™

- “Hey PARKER! Are you made of copper and Tellurium? Because you’re CuTe.”

- Update: Peter has never blushed that hard. 

- Update: You can’t stop laughing because Peter looks like a tomato.


- “Today, in the exciting life of Peter Benjamin Parker, our hero is struggling to poke a hole through his juice box.”

- Peter finally asks you out and suddenly he’s just as scared as before:

- “So, um- would you maybe…You don’t have to! But we could- uh, go on a-

- “Yes.”

- Tons of arcade dates, pizza dates, McDonald’s dates (cuz both of you are broke as hell)

- “Do you always want to eat pizza?

- “Pizza is love, pizza is life my friend.”

- “How- how are you even still alive?

- Trying to get Peter to wear flannel.

- He refuses 

- Until one day you were having a sleepover at his apartment and you walk into the room after changing in only flannel (and underwear. calm your horny selves, ok?).

- And suddenly Peter is all over flannel. (And you. (oops if had to))

- Peter Parker in flannel and a beanie *uterus bursts, heads roll, you = dead*

- Him being the first person to really see your more sensitive side. When you have a bad day you don’t tell anyone but Peter. 

- No secrets between you. At all. Like the moment he became Spiderman he told you. 

- “(Name) HOLY SHIIIIT GUESS WHAT?” at like 1 am.

- “Peter I swear to god if you woke me up to tell me you finished the Lego Hogwarts set I will mess you the fuck up.”

- “Peter I’m bored.”, “Peter I’m lonely.” also at 1 am.

- “I’ll be there in thirty minutes.

- “Before you say anything, my parents aren’t home.”

- “I’ll bE thERe in FiVE mInutES.

- Hating the word “babe” for no reason so you make up different names for Peter and he does the same.

- Peter: sweetness, sunshine (it’s ironic) ,geek, princess, darling, MY QUEEN. 

- You: sugar, my king, loser, sweetness, and cuz he’s Spiderman: spidey, itsy bitsy, tIGHTY WHITIES AJEBJANSN

- You also call him Penis Parker, but for totally different reasons. *smirks in five different languages* 

- Helping Peter become more confident under pressure. (But still kicking Flash’s ass when he hurts your loser.)


- You’re the dom! in the relationship but he is just such. a. sub.

- Peter accidentally fell on you and his face landed in your boob and he moaned? Like, actual, really loud, total sub moan. Right into your chest. Just cuz he touched your boob. 

- You and him are relationship goals. Seriously.

Best Teacher In The World

Kindergarten Teacher!Dean x Reader

A/N: I saw this post about what a great kindergarten teacher Dean would be, and I totally agree, so this one-shot followed. It’s just fluff and Dean being adorable. What’s new?

Word Count: 2100+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @extreme-supernatural-lover  @feelmyroarrrr @mrsbatesmotel53 @ronniesanter @jensen-jarpad @27bmm  @just-another-busy-fangirl @deathtonormalcy56

“…re you go, buddy. You call me if you need any more help, all right? Natalie, you good there?”

Knocking on the ajar door, you peek into the classroom to find the 5-year-olds on their morning break, eating and talking, a teacher with them who’s currently helping a little girl opening her bottle of apple juice. The same teacher your friend keeps telling you about, the same teacher everyone is in love with, according to her. Dean Winchester. She’s mentioned him so many times that his name is now seared into your brain.

“Can I help you?” His eyes find you, and right then it’s easy to figure out why the moms like him. He’s way too attractive.

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Girlfriends Family

Anonymous submission

One New Years night I was 14 and dating this girl who was 15 and I went to her place at her invite. Her parents had gone out and she was stuck at home babysitting her sister. As the night went on she popped in a porn that she said she found in her parents room and we started fooling around and she ended up sucking my cock when headlights hit the front of the house.
She jumped and hit the power on the tv turning it off but not the vcr and took off in to her room carrying her clothes.
I quickly pulled my pants on and put my shirt on and say there in dark like an idiot when her parents came in. Her mom looked especially hot wearing one of those tight pencil dresses and heels. (It was the eighties) I could almost see up her dress it was pulled up so far. Her dad asked where his daughter was and I just pointed toward her room and he disappeared in that direction.
Her mom comes and sits on the couch next to me and asked how our night was. I told her it was great. She asked what we had done and I said watched a movie and the countdown on mtv. That was when she picked up the tv remote and said something about the vcr still going and went to power the tv up. I knew shit was about to hit the fan. The tv comes up and suddenly the room is filled with this porn star getting railed and moaning. I waited for the scolding when suddenly her mom starts biting her lip and spreads her legs a bit and starts rubbing herself. She asked if this was the movie we watched and I said not the only one but yes. She asked what we’d done while watching the movie. Did we do what we saw on the screen and I, extremely nervous nodded yes. She then reached over and starts rubbing my cock through my jeans and asked if her daughter did this to me also. Instantly I was hard again and said yes ma'am.

Was her pussy wet?

I was shocked at the bold question but never the less said she was. She then grabs my hand and spreads her legs pretty wide and shoved my hand down her panties and asked if it was as wet hers was right now. I said a little wetter as she pressed my fingers into her and told me to show her what I did to make her daughters pussy so wet. I reached over and start fingering her as she undid my pants and pulled them off of me in a flash and had my cock in her hand stroking me. She stands up and starts undressing completely and I was freaking out her husband or my gf would come back at any minute but so turned on. Her mom was hot as fuck and would always wear skimpy outfits around the house and always rubbed her tits on me as I passed her in the kitchen or hallway. I could hear the girl on Tv getting fucked good but when I looked st the screen she wasn’t fucking. As her mom knelt down and started sucking my dick I quickly realized the fucking noises were coming from down the hall. I soon realized it was my girlfriend yelling fuck me daddy. I was incredibly turned on because I had no idea they were open. My sister and I had been fucking for a few years since we were about 6 and I’d shared that with my gf one night while we were messing around. Her mother straddles me and slides down facing me and starts kissing me and asking if I liked fucking her. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her as I said yes very much so. About then her husband comes walking in naked with a hard cock and sits on the couch next to his wife and they start making out while she’s riding me.
My girlfriend then appears completely naked and sweaty. She walks over and kisses me and then climbs on her fathers cock facing forward and made out with her mom. The girls switched and her parents fucked and watched us. She told me they’d been open since she was younger and when she told them about me and my sis, they wanted to invite me in to their bed with her tonight. It was a set up from the get go. Since then everytime id drop by her mom loved to fuck even if my gf wasn’t home.
They ended up moving to another state after about a year for her dads job and we lost touch. I’ve tried reaching her on several occasions with no luck. One day maybe.


so listen,,, i love angsty headcanons abt Victor’s family as much as the next person, but what if he has a really nice and happy family??

with that thought in mind, i spent the last three days working on this + a little comic i’ll be posting soon about my take on Victor’s parents

Their names are Ekaterina and Dmitriy; she’s a world-class photographer and he’s a former men’s fashion model who retired after Victor was born to be a full-time dad uwu. they met during a photoshoot and it was love at first sight (for Dmitriy anyway lmao)


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anonymous asked:

50. “People are staring.” - Clexa

Clarke threw herself back onto her bed. She flung an arm over her face and cursed at herself under her breath.

“Is it really that bad?”


Clarke felt the hard toe of Raven’s boot bump against her leg, and then Raven was pulling her arm away. The overhead light assaulted her eyes and Clarke screwed them shut. They stung, burned like she was on the verge of crying, and Clarke wanted to scream.

“How mad is she?” Raven asked.

“Pretty mad,” Clarke said, blowing out a heavy breath. “She told me not to talk to her for a while. Said she needed space.”



Silence settled in the room, crawled up under Clarke’s skin and made her squirm. She was restless and agitated, desperate not to cry. When the silence only continued, she suddenly sat up and looked at her best friend.


Raven’s eyes widened. “Well, what?”

“You’re supposed to say something,” Clarke said. “You know, like, give me sage advice or something.”

Raven snorted and shook her head. “When have I ever given you sage advice? About anything?”

“But you’re supposed to help me with this,” Clarke said, shoving Raven’s shoulder. “You’ve been through it before.”

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CDC: About & Characters

What is Carnaval De Cuentos?

CDC is a webcomic! The story follows Camila, a freshman in college who’s pretty much unsatisfied with the dull atmosphere of her Campus life. One day Camila stumbles across a golden ticket to a mysterious Carnival. So what does a daring girl filled with insatiable curiosity do? She follows the address and ends up at the gates of El Carnaval De Cuentos where a Great and Dangerous adventure awaits. 


Camila Batista 

Energetic and outgoing, Camila is always looking for adventures, whether it’d be a hike along the mountains or a 3 am trip for fries with some friends. To everyone, she’s the life of the party but in actuality, Camila is just silently freaking out about the future. Good times now, worry about what she can do to make her dad proud later….right?

Ringleader Amiel

Owner of El Carnaval de Cuentos. Kind and loving but burdened with the loss of their family. Amiel always does their best to look at the bright side of things. And through hard work, they’ve become very skilled at wielding magic which has allowed them to grant their carnival an incredible yet unpredictable gift. A gift they believe can do some good in the world. But can it?

Ezequiel Amado

Always lost in his own world, Ezequiel usually prefers the company of a book or his pet scorpion Chavito. But other times, he’s up for some harmless fun with his twin brother, Benjamin as the two spread mischief in ECDC. And then there are the times Ezequiel prefers to be left completely alone. Unable to recall most of his childhood memories, Ezequiel is stuck with the bad few that even his long walks can’t take him away from. 

Benjamin Amado

With his charming grin and outgoing personality, it’s easy for Benjamin to make friends wherever he goes. They all say he emits this strong confident aura, but plot twist: that’s exactly what he Isn’t. A few simple words could lift or drown this insecure boy. And just like his twin, he can’t recall most of his childhood, except the memories of ghosts that haunt him and remind him he isn’t Enough. And all Benjamin wants is to be Somebody. 

Leu the Cat Burglar

Sneaky little thief that runs around ECDC stealing cotton candy and little items out the pockets of customers. Leu doesn’t talk and instead, holds conversations through little written notes or hand gestures. He’s a bit clumsy, so he’s always sporting some brightly colored band-aids. He may look like a soft cinnamon roll but as Benjamin says, “this kid bites”

Ringleader Eva

Owner of Royal Falls Carnival.  Loyal to friends. Charming as hell and not interested. Just here for a good time. But aside from enjoying long naps on her king sized bed, Eva is a strong competitor against those who try to outshine her carnival. Being pretty competitive herself, she enjoys a good fight for the limelight, even though the actual prize is not all that interesting to her. 

Ringleader Micc

Owner of his still nameless carnival. Grew up in a shitty orphanage and came out with the insatiable need to become someone Important. After being recruited to become a ringleader, Micc had and has only one thing one his mind: to become the best magician in the world. Daring. Impatient. Rowdy. Self-centered yet low-key unsatisfied with himself. He’s a recipe for disaster.