but she looks so beautiful and powerful

She is of the fire. She burns for those that she loves. Perfection does not exist if it does not consume her. So, do not waste her time by telling her how beautiful she looks, she knows this already. She reigns supreme, with or without you. She does not need you to save her, but she may invite you to stay. She is the woman whom which stories of great strength and power are told. A war against her is no war at all, only suicide.

All of this to say: be careful how you play your cards when you have a queen in your hand.


My friend Liv made an video called Booklr Meets Booktube! This inspired me to make a post about books I recommend based on people’s tumblr blogs. You should check out Liv’s video here because it is so freaking amazing!

@rainydayscoffeeandbooks Liv’s blog is cheerful yet pretty and if you know Liv then you know that she loves to pet dogs. She will go out of her way to pet a dog! The book that make me think of Liv and her blog is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

@buttermybooksSummer’s blog is lovely and she takes the best book photos! She loves space so course I have to recommend a book that deals with space. The Martian by Andy Weir is a powerful and witty book that takes place on Mars.

@pollyandbooksPolly’s blog is beautiful and it is 100% my aesthetic! Every time I look at her blog I think of two books which are The Secret History by Donna Tartt  and the book Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.

@stephaniecherylHer blog is peaceful and it make me think of Just One Day by Gayle Forman because of al lthe powerful quotes that she posts/reblogs.

@cat-thecatladyCat’s blog is wonderful, fun, and colorful! I always think of the cover of The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani because of the drawings and colors.

@b00kstorebabeShauna is amazing and she is a sailor scout who saves the world with one book at a time! I have to recommend book Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi …I just had too!

You should check out everyone’s blogs and follow them! Don’t forget to check out any of the books as well because they are all wonderful!

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Ichihime should have more babies. I imagine the girl looking like orihime and ASDFGHJKL. She'll be so beautiful! (And maybe have orihime's powers? Ahh, I'm getting ahead of myself)

AAAH I LOVE THAT IDEA! I mean I said it before, but I want them to have a lot of kids! I could easily see them having twins, tbh?? They’d be so powerful though god 😂😂

I Think She Looks Beautiful


 Written for The Power Of Mabel Week, day 5: Missed Moments. I always loved how passionately Mabel and Wendy defended Lazy Susan’s appearance in Society of the Blind Eye and wondered if there was a story behind it. So here’s a story.

“I’ll show you how a real man stirs his coffee! WITH HIS THUMB! Wouldn’t be caught dead using one of those sissy spoons!”

The three younger Corduroys erupted into cheers. Wendy took advantage of the noise to hide her groan. Sure, she could stir hot beverages with her fingers without getting burned, but what was the point? The cutlery vendetta was getting out of hand. If it went on for much longer she was going to have to start sneaking forks and spoons home from the Mystery Shack. Wouldn’t that be fun to explain if she got caught? “Sorry, Stan, I have to abscond with all your silverware because my Dad decided that having anything besides knives and cast-iron in the kitchen meant we were getting too soft.”

At least Greasy’s had forks. Plus there were higher ceilings than at home, and fewer axes. And, most importantly, pancakes.

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Top five favorite sh characters

1. Magnus Bane - what a gift. he’s so adorable and he just wants to be loved. he has a heart of gold but he’s also one of the most powerful warlocks and could literally kill you on the spot without breaking a sweat. you know what they say… get you a man who can do both.

2. Alec Lightwood - he’s so done with everything, i love it. honestly though, the way he puts everyone else before himself is both incredible and heartbreaking. he doesn’t see that he’s a natural born leader and that people all around him look up to him. but his sass gives me life. 

3. Isabelle Lightwood - what a beautiful soul she is. she’s so compassionate and she loves so fiercely. not only is she incredibly smart (best forensic pathologist in new york at what 18?) but she’s also so comfortable with who she is that it inspires you to do the same. 

4. Clary Fray - though she be but little, she is fierce. clary is honestly so cute, the way she would do anything for simon, luke and her mom is admirable. she’s grown so much throughout the season and it was great to see her thanking people around her for all that they’ve done as we all know she dives in head first sometimes without thinking about her actions.

5. Lydia Branwell - it breaks my heart that we won’t get to see lydia in season 2. after such a badass entrance, it was hard not to love her. the best thing about lydia was that beneath all the “law is the law” facade, you could tell she was a genuinely nice person who did know right from wrong and just wanted the best for the poeple around her. a precious little cupcake, needs protecting.

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Seriously ever since I saw that sc of C with the "biggest sunflower she's ever seen", she has legit stole my heart. I was a Lauren girl before but damn, not only is C getting more gayer everyday but is also getting freakishly hot!! Like wtf bruh she's only 20! Imagine what she'd look like at the prime of her 20s. No wonder L is so whipped with her if she is more beautiful in person (if that's even possible). They're seriously gonna be a power couple like way up there in the high scale of GODS

People said she’s no way near what she looks like irl, like “the camera makes her look ugly”

suicide squad review


-im really happy they got just a plain, average, kinda “Not pretty” woman to play her cause when she was filled with metahuman powers everything she did was wicked crazy hot

-the actor played her heart out and was so incredibly good?? just her movements and the power of the delivery of her lines i was like Wow and looked forward to her parts a lot

-the plot of the enchantress being the Main villian was WICKED cool

-the extra cringey line humans worship the machine was also in context not any cringier than any other line cause then she was like so i will build a machine; like as an ancient being it wasnt really all that lmao? listen, i watch mr robot it could have been worse okay


-her brother was a wicked cool character and that battle was baller

-the monsters she made were so lovecraftian good just uber human but inhuman enough to be squicky

@ Beautiful Carmen

Alright, listen up folks. This is the first of many of these I will do. I am going to lay down the law and explain why every person I am close with is absolutely wonderful.

Let’s start with @carmencassidy 

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OOKAY. My sister is absolutely flawless. I have no idea why you all ignored her for so long. She has gorgeous hair, even though I tease her for it not being red. The color still is pretty good. She always has her eyebrows done well and looking powerful as hell. She looks so badass, with her beautiful dark eyes and scowl to match, but when she smiles, boy, when she smiles, the room lights up. Specifically for her. She is so blatantly radiant, it’s absurd. She has a kickass sense of style and I will literally fight ANYONE on that. She’s fit, strong, lean, and has an adorable nose.But that’s just her physically. Mentally and emotionally, she is one of the best people i have ever met. At first, I was all tripped out because I thought she was my daughter, but once that cleared up, she began to chill, and we talked more. Even though we fight a lot, she really is someone I can truly trust. She pranks me, makes fun of me, and can yell like no other, but also she can be there for you at your lowest points. She’s loyal, and I respect that more than you could imagine. I’ve told some deep, dark, dirty secrets to her, and she holds them like a vault. And I know she does that for a lot of people. So she has built up this incredible emotional strength that I couldn’t even imagine. I respect her strength, that even with all the shit she put up with, when I couldn’t be there for her, and she still keeps her head high. She’s the white female Gus to my ginger Shawn, and I couldn’t ask for a better sister, or person to have in my life.

“You… needn’t be so… afraid, child. Come closer.” The large beast lay on her stomach, her once gleaming red scales now somewhat translucent, breathing labored. Under the scales, it seemed that the dragon’s body was made of fire rather than flesh and bone, which wasn’t far from the truth.

Once, she’d had the power to transform her looks into a beautiful woman, but the magic was that sustained her was nearly gone, a shadow of its former glory. And this dragon, the very embodiment of the element of fire, was proof of the disappearing magic. But she was not gone yet, and still had one final task before her.

The ‘child’ was hardly a child anymore. A human woman, past her prime, much like the red dragon. Gray of hair, but still with a fire in her eyes that was not born of any magic but rather the woman’s own spirit. She was neither the dragon’s first nor last mage apprentice, but she was one  But if the red lady had favorites, Lian was one.

“Lian. Little sparrow,” the red lady breathed, a golden eye fixated on the woman. “You look sad. Surely those could not be tears for me.” There was humor in the dragon’s voice, strained though it was.

“Of course. You’re dying,” Lian said, wiping at her eyes. She stepped over to the dragon and placed a hand on the red scales, as if testing to see if the dragon was still tangible. Or perhaps it was meant as comfort. Despite her many years with the humans, they still did things that the red lady could not quite comprehend.

Closing her eyes, the red lady heaved a sigh. “All things must end, little sparrow. That is how they begin anew. Just as the trees must die, to make room for new growth, so must we. It is the way of life.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to like it. It seems that I am beginning to lose everyone.”

The red lady chuckled and looked at Lian. “The bane of an extended life. I did not like it either. When my sister died, those of us who remained questioned our own existence. But then she returned. Perhaps different than we expected, but she was still herself.”

There was a brooding silence from Lian, and the red lady waited for the next question the woman would ask. “Will the fire mages die, like the wind mages did?”

The dragon shifted before responding. “It is difficult to say, but I do not believe so. My sister died by violent means. She did not pass due to the natural passage of time, so there was not a waning of the magics in the world. You will lose your power, at least most of it, but retain your life. And eventually the magic will return, as will I.”

“But not while I’m alive.”

“Perhaps not, but you still have family and friends dear to you. Treasure your time together, little sparrow, and do not mourn me.”

“I can’t promise that, red lady. I won’t forget you, and I’ll make sure no one else does either.”

The dragon smiled and closed her eyes. “Fare thee well, Lian. May we meet again in another life.”

  • Jadis is very, very old. Her age exactly is unknown, however she may be at least one thousand years old. Before coming to Narnia and trying the fruit in the Forbidden Garden, she used to practice dark magic to look forever young and beautiful. After the fruit, it was no longer necessary, but her personality and some physical traits changed after that.
  • World traveling is not an easy thing to do. Although powerful and physically strong, Jadis did not have that power in her hands, and that is why she was so interested about Digory and Andrew Ketterley, wanting to use the rings’ powers.
  • Jadis is not always mean. Rude maybe, or strict, but not always mean and evil. Not to everyone, at least. There are certain people and creatures that she respects and admires (her own way, that is). Examples of those are the Wolves and Magical creatures. Of course she still wants to rule over them and will be mean and evil if she has to, but they are still more wanted alive than as statues in her living room, and that is a lot to ask from the Queen.
  • I will now attempt the most cliché fic scene courtesy of @mewithnoname (can u tag ppl I don't understand tumblr)
  • Y/N pushed open the door of the coffee shop and walked to the counter, eyes down.
  • "What can I get you?" A smooth, raspy voice asked. Y/N looked up, interested to see the person that matched this voice, that effortlessly spoke with such a beautiful sound. Y/N almost gasped at the girl facing her. She was magnificent; hazel eyes that whispered the unspoken, freckles adorning her pale skin, plumped lips and short hair dyed a powerful blue. And she was just working at the Starbucks coffee counter.
  • "Uh..uh." Why was it taking so long to say her Starbucks order? "I'll have a green tea latte please."
  • The girl behind the counter smiled. "That's what I like to get." Talkative. Y/N studied the girl's face as her order was processed.
  • "Why are you staring at me?" The girl asked, never taking her eyes of the till.
  • "Uh- I. Sorry, um," Y/N looked at the girl's name tag."Sorry Ashley. You're.. Just...really pretty." They both blushed, Y/N's eyes darted around the room, trying to looking everywhere except at Ashley.
  • "Thanks." Ashley said in that sweet voice. "I think you're really pretty too." Y/N looked up shyly.
  • "Th-..Thanks."
  • "What's your name?" So she's interested? Y/N thought.
  • "Y/N."
  • Ashley wrote it on the coffee cup. Oh. "That'll be 3.50"
  • As Y/N walked out of the Starbucks, thoughts of Ashley occupied her. Will I see her again? Did she like me? She looked at the drink in her hand. She noticed for the first time that underneath Y/N's name, Ashley had written something else. A number. Her number. Y/N smiled to herself as she turned the corner. Now she had the pretty girl's number.
  • (THE ENDING WAS SO AWFUL I CANT WOW but yeah there's that)

The show was amazing!!!!

James was the phantom. He was incredible last time. He was even better this time. His acting was so intense and his voice was powerful and perfect.

Rachel Eskenazi-Gold was on for Christine. Aside from looking terrified too often, she was amazing.

Paul Schafer came back from Switzerland today and poor guy went on as Raoul but omg he was astounding. He was such a strong but loving Raoul.

The rest of the cast was so good. Piangi was hilarious. The mics cut in and out a bit and I was in the second row so I could see everything clearly. Rachel stepped on one of her Hannibal beads and it fell out.

It was just beautiful and I took a billion photos backstage.

okay I need to talk about Minncon it was so fucking fun 

Me and Bella went for one day last year but we got to go for the whole weekend this year and I’m so glad we did. The saturday night special was sO GOOD Louden Swain is amazing and Rob is amazing and the performance of She Waits was so fucking amazing. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and it’s so meaningful and powerful and it was so touching and ugh it was absolutely breathtaking and I’ll never forget it. SO. FUCKING. GOOD. We also had our photo op with Osric on saturday which was awesome because I fucking love Osric lmao. We really wanted to ask him what level he was in pokemon go but we never got the chance because photo ops are always super rushed. Also I’m like 80% sure that we saw him walking around town today so that was cool lmao

We actually saw a shit ton of people today it was really exciting. We chilled in the hallway for a while and we saw Rich, Rob, Jeffrey, Jensen, Jared, and Louden Swain walking to and from photo ops and panels and stuff. We didn’t get to say hi because we didn’t want to disturb them but it was still cool to see them walking around in the hallway lmao

We also ended up finding a parking spot that was right across from the place where all the actors get picked up and dropped off and we saw Jeffrey and we just kind of awkwardly walked past him because we didn’t know what to do. But then later on we saw Mark Sheppard chillin out there and he waved at us and it made me really happy. We also saw Rob out there when we were leaving so it was exciting to say the least.

AND ONE LAST THING, we were walking to Target or something and I was like “I wonder if Misha is still here” and then I looked across the street and WHO THE FUCK IS THERE BUT MISHA, JUST STROLLING ALONG WITH HIS SUITCASE. We almost got close enough to talk to him but unfortunately we never got the chance.

So all in all, it would have been nice if we could have said hi/talked to everyone that we saw but I’m still extremely glad that we were lucky enough to see all of them in the first place like what the fuck it was so fucking cool. We also played cards against humanity with strangers. 10/10 would recommend. This weekend was just so much fun I fucking love cons it’s such a fun experience and you get to meet new people and bond with strangers and it’s a community and it’s so good and I love it. I’ll always remember this.

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hc + the volturi

          THE  VOLTURI  IS  one  of  the  few  things  rosalie  actually  fears  .  she’s  seen  the  destruction  they  can  bring  &.  the  MONSTERS  within  their  skin  .  she  also  knows  ,  much  like  some  of  the  other  members  of  her  family  ,  that  if  anything  were  to  happen  (  i.e.  the  renesmee  situation  )  ,  she  would  NOT  be  spared  the  way  someone  like  alice  or  edward  may  be  .  while  she’s  not  too  happy  with  her  life  as  a  VAMPIRE  ,  rosalie  cannot  imagine  death  to  be  much  better  .  it’s  not  something  she  wishes  upon  herself  &.  actually  fears  greatly  .  however  ,  even  with  all  the  fear  she  holds  in  regards  to  them  ,  rosalie  will  admit  that  there  is  something  beautiful  in  their  POWER  .  whither  it  be  their  power  to  hold  reign  for  so  long  over  so  many  people  ,  or  the  simple  look  of  RUINATION  in  their  eyes  ,  there  is  something  she  does  admire  .

(  Send me  “HC”  + a word and I’ll write a headcanon about it.  /  always  accepting !  )

;switched ║sungkyung&wheein



losing your backpack really is not that fun. it’s less fun when you accidentally switch backpacks with someone.

wheein had opened her backpack expecting to be met with her favorite power rangers band-aids, and instead was given a teddy bear, amongst other things that weren’t hers. so there she was, standing in the middle of the summer festival and staring at backpack that looked exactly like her own, but at the same time wasn’t. it took her more than it should’ve to realize that someone might have taken her backpack when she wasn’t looking. the echinaceas were a beautiful distraction, but…she r e a l l y liked those band-aids. 

which is why she’s currently running around the festival like a madman, looking up and down for even a glimpse of something that resembles her own backpack. it’s really hard to fight the urge to buy another funnel cake ( those things have her addicted ) but the more important matter at hand is her missing backpack. in the back of her head, wheein also realizes that maybe the other person is also looking for their backpack. there’s also whispers of a panic, in the situation that maybe, just maybe, she might have actually forever lost her backpack, and is stuck with a towel and a teddy bear.

and━ oh, she just happens to remember that she has a bag full of seeds that are only the biggest weapon she has to aid in her combat, no biggie. she wants to scream.

it’s not until after half an hour of searching that wheein manages to see a familiar sight, and she swears that she can hear a holy choir singing behind her. tunnel vision activates as she zooms toward what she’s pretty sure is her real backpack and points to the booth she has yet to read the sign of.

yo, i’m, like, pretty sure you have my backpack!