but she listens to selena gomez so i don't really care

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You don't like Kendall because you claim she's not good at her chosen profession yet you like Selena Gomez who cannot sing a note in tune but claims to be a musician ? Laughable

I don’t dislike Kendall because I don’t think she’s a good model (although she objectively isn’t and anyone who thinks she is is just a dumb teenager who likes her because she’s pretty and has no idea how the fashion world works), I dislike her because she hasn’t worked AT ALL to get to where she is. She had EVERYTHING handed to her all because of her trash family’s reality show. She’s literally famous because of a sextape. It’s that simple. She’s gorgeous as hell but there’s no way she would have made it as a model without her family. No fucking way. Her walk is so stiff and she looks emotionless and dead in photoshoots. She doesn’t have to go to auditions most of the time and she gets given deals with brands like l’Oreal and Balmain simply because of who she is while real models who have been in the industry for YEARS and actually work hard miss out. Look at the VS fashion show, Jourdan Dunn, who has been modelling since the age of 14 and does the VSFS every year, got kicked out because of Kendall who didn’t even have to fucking audition. EVERY SINGLE OTHER ANGEL had to audition, even people like Candice who have been doing it for years, but Kendall didn’t. And you really think that’s okay? Selena on the other hand, came from NOTHING, her mom had her at 16 and they had no money, and she’s worked her way up to the top. That’s what’s really admirable, not having things handed to you because your sister had sex on camera 20 years ago and it went viral and Ryan Seacrest gave your family a TV show.

You say Selena can’t sing “a note in tune” but if you’ve actually listened to any of Selena’s recent performances you would be able to tell that her vocals have improved DRASTICALLY. Google her Jimmy Fallon one for example. Selena has a good voice, she’s not the strongest singer but her voice is nice and has a unique tone to it and her MUSIC IS GOOD. 90% of the artists in the charts these days “cannot sing a note in tune” but their songs do well bc they’re catchy and make people feel good and that’s exactly what Selena’s do, although she can actually sing way better than people like Nicki and and Katy Perry who are more successful than she is. Yet I don’t see you picking on them bc they didn’t fuck Justin for 4 years :// yikes. And besides being a singer, Selena is an incredible Emmy winning actress and a philanthropist. She does SO much charity work and has been doing so ever since she was like 16 and what has Kendall ever done to give back? Oh wait nothing. All I’ve ever heard about her is stories about what a brat and a diva she is, whereas the people who work with Selena never have anything but nice things to say about her. And that’s the reason above everything as to why I like Selena, because she’s actually a good person who cares about others, is loving towards everyone even those who did her wrong, and has drive and ambition, unlike your precious Kendall.