but she lets them go anyway

anyways, as much as i will always love riley matthews, people have to realize that she isnt being a good friend and hasn’t been in the recent episodes. but before i go on, remember that this doesn’t mean ultimately because she has done amazing things for maya. she lets her sleep over, she has breakfast with her, she has been the positivity maya’s needed for years where maya has felt alone and scared; for maya, riley has been the grip on childhood and innocence she needed & was scared of losing. riley “stepped back” for maya the second she realized she had feelings for lucas; she silenced herself to let her friend be happy. but when people say that riley isn’t being a good friend - it goes past the triangle. riley knows maya’s home situation - she knows that her mom works to the point where she may not be home, she knows that her father left her, that she has abandonment issues, and that she finds herself completely and utterly hopeless at the age of 14. riley has known maya and maya’s life and maya’s fears since they were children; so how is it justifiable that riley can laugh about maya’s horrible life and tell her that she can never be happy? it isn’t and it never will be okay; because even though maya sucks it up, what she says is demeaning, trivializing, and rude. it can’t be excused with naïveté because what she is saying hurts maya & lets maya believe that those negative thoughts and “jokes” are true; that her home and her life are just meant for comedic relief. riley matthews, who in episode one wanted to help maya with homework and learned that she doesn’t have anyone to help her, is the same person who, in season 3, felt jealously and confusion as to how maya could ever be doing well in school. riley matthews, who can also be known as morotia, jexica, harijuku girl, and told maya that she wanted to be “just like her”, is the same girl that told maya that because she dresses nicely, gets good grades, and likes someone who will treat her well, that she has completely lost herself. as much as you want to play the naive card, that’s exactly what will destroy their relationship if riley doesn’t find redemption for the way she’s treated maya. because in the end, no matter how many desks she dances on or printers she steals, she has always undoubtedly been there for riley even when no one else has; she has always believed in riley & riley should learn to do the same.

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Did you have nail polish on when your parents were in town? (The beautiful purple that you just showed made me wonder.) That might be a good small step to take with them, if not! And wearing your hair down. Anyway, I hope that all is well!

i did not, i maintained boymode and that was it. they’ve seen me with my hair down many times, but they see what they want to see. mum wanted to speak on the phone last night while i was out and i was going to text back she wouldnt want to talk to me then because the voice she heard wasnt going to be of her little boys, but my gf rightfully suggested not pushing things and just letting them assimilate it all slowly

Lapis and Peridot learning about earth headcanons


1. They definitely try to drive a car at some point since they hang out in that truck so much, it is promptly totaled and Peridot brags about it for days

2. At least one of them loves cotton candy and is sticky 60% of the time after that, hot chocolate is also a big hit

3. Lapis gets into hair-styling, but this includes lots of leaves, sticks and tiny hats sometimes, like meep morps but anime influenced (she’s very annoyed human hair isn’t as spiky and vertical)

4. they eventually try out more clothing, Lapis likes shirts with edgy phrases like ‘ugh’ and ‘go away,’ Peridot tries to wear so many sweaters she falls over

5. They work out whatever hand-holding is, but get blushy and have to let go, declaring it ‘too Paulette of them anyway.’ They try it again the next day.

6. Sleeping is weird for all parties, but they make a nest and try to imitate sleep overs and dreaming- Peridot does have to wake Lapis up though during the night, once from nightmares, the second time to show her a cool rock

7. The concept of children alludes them and Amethyst messes with the pair and inundates them into the ‘baby wars.’ Lapis loses as they drive around tiny trucks again and crash into each other. Both think children are tiny soldiers for months (Amethyst teaches them to solute, but only Peridot does it)

8. Lapis is very interested in the concept that some places on earth have no water so they eventually make it to the desert and go hiking and fall into cactus plants, Peridot calls it a date, Lapis just tries to touch another cactus 


people have been asking me whats going on and why im saying i cant meet jared anymore/go to torcon, so im just going to explain the situation as best as i can, even though im still totally in shock over all this

basically, im a broke ass bitch, and there was no way i could afford going to torcon on my own. my parents dont have money to put towards that (they have three kids, one of them currently in university at what could be considered canadian ivy league)

anyways, my friend - let’s call her amanda - was going to torcon, and her parents offered to drive me and let me room with them for free. which meant all i had to pay for was my convention ticket and small expenses like food, merch, blah blah whatever

all was good and fine, everyone was happy, i bought my ticket and the plan was working out fine

except yesterday, amanda decided that she hated me (to put it simply. im not gonna explain the whole story because its just too long and exhausting and complicated, but im not saying i hold no part of the blame here)

i’ve been working my ass off all summer to pay my parents back for my convention ticket (that was our deal. they bought my ticket before it sold out, but i need to repay them all 715$) but now i can’t even go because i have no way of getting there and nowhere to sleep. i have no adult supervision, and as chill as my parents may be, theres no way they would send me off alone to a city i dont know for a weekend (because, logic.)

i cant afford transportation or hotel. im still working on paying my parents back, and they honestly dont have the money to pay for my transport/room either. and again, lack of supervision, blah blah.

so i have two options left: either find someone who would be willing to let me room with them for free and provide some sort of adult supervision (then, i could maybe find money to take the train to toronto) or sell my ticket

for those of you who dont already know how much this convention means to me, let me put it simply: i was going to torcon to meet jared, the man who saved my life. this convention is the only thing that has kept me going these last few months, which have been some of the hardest months of my life. without this to hold on to, i know i wont make it to 2017. that seems dramatic but its the truth. my only hope has been ripped away from me and i just dont know what to do.

if you can help, please contact me. if you cant help, please just reblog this. it would mean… everything to me. literally everything

thank you.

The Lionsquad Dealing with Drunken Harassers

So I’ve had the idea of how the lionsquad deals with a drunken harasser bothering one of their friends for quite a while and finally got around to making it. Because everyone needs to know how their favorite character would protect them if someone wouldn’t leave them alone. I sure do, anyway.

Allura has no problems with being forward about the situation. This person is clearly harassing her friend and she’s not about to let it keep going. She’ll use her words first, like a proper princess should, but if the idiot decides to keep going and ignore her, she’ll throw her words right out the window because she is not going to allow them to treat her or her friend that way. She’ll either twist their arm until they’re screaming uncle and are willing to listen to her, or she’ll just throw them out the door with all of her impressive strength. Nobody dares bother either of them after that.

Coran decides to serve up a little of the harasser’s own medicine to them and ends up bothering them so much that they get annoyed and leave. He’ll gabber on and on about the most random things (“Did I ever tell you about the yenizrks my grandfather met on Baltius IV? Nasty buggers! Gave him a terrible scar on his behind!”) until their ears start bleeding or get really close to them and totally ignore their personal space bubble. He’ll stare really intensely at them the whole time and practically breathe on their faces.

(Or, if they get annoyed and start yelling at him, he’ll pull out his crazy karate movies to intimidate the harasser into submission.)

Shiro doesn’t use force unless he has to, so like Allura, he uses his words to get the harasser to leave (“Okay, that’s enough,”). But if they decide to ignore him, amen to them because that’s when he gets a dangerous glint in his eye, the one leftover from his time as Champion and he seems to suddenly grow a foot taller. He doesn’t raise his voice or scream; he talks a little softer and lower than normal, which is even more terrifying than if he did yell. Because those words are meant just for the idiot in front of him. He doesn’t activate his arm, not unless push comes to shove, but the glint of the metal and the Galra design is enough to make even the hardiest warrior species blanch and turn tail.

Keith has the subtly of Zarkon’s flagship crashing into a planet when someone’s harassing his friend. It’s fifty-fifty on whether he punches or uses words first; either one of them usually lead to him getting in a fight. If he does use his words instead of shoving them away, it’s usually something like “Knock it off!” or “I wouldn’t keep doing that if I were you.” Fighting words, basically. He totally hands the harasser’s teeth to them but usually ends up getting himself, the harasser and his friend kicked out for disorderly conduct, ruining the outing. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Lance handles the situation with about the same amount of grace as Keith, just in a different way. It doesn’t take much to make Lance mad and bothering his friend when they clearly don’t want to be bothered is a good way to make him mad. You do not mess with Lance’s family or friends; only he can. At first he tries to tell them to leave, but all it takes is one “Butt out, kid,” for him to go from zero to sixty and it turns into a full fight. He’s not as strong as Shiro or Hunk or as skilled as Keith, but he is a paladin of Voltron and knows how to fight dirty. His friend and the others will usually have to help him put ice on his new bruises but he wears them with pride.

Pidge doesn’t deal with people’s crap; she already gets enough of it for her age, gender and height and she’s gotten tired of taking it. So when some creep wanders over and bothers her and her friend, she straight up shoots daggers at them and tells them to leave, no nice words or fancy phrasing. If they start to get belligerent with her or her friend, that’s when stuff is about to go down. She definitely seems like the type to have a taser or pepper spray or something of the like on hand and shows no mercy. No one tries to give them trouble for the rest of the night.

Hunk tries to be calm and polite about it (“You’re really freaking them out, please go away.”) but if that doesn’t get the message across, he’s not afraid to stand up to his full height and size to stare them down. He doesn’t like to use physical violence to solve problems unless he absolutely has to and literally forms a wall between the harasser and his friend so the harasser can’t see them. He’ll scowl at them until they leave and he’ll keep an eye out for them for the rest of the night in case they try to come back.

The mice would either bite the harasser or crawl up legs to freak them out. Because no one, regardless of species, wants mice moving around on them. They congratulate themselves in high, tiny squeaks and steal the harasser’s drink so they can get drunk themselves.

Bonus Zarkon and Haggar because I can!

Zarkon has no harassers; I pity any fool who tries. He’ll get really quiet and really still until they’re done and then just freaking obliterates them and goes back to whatever he was doing before like nothing happened.

Haggar just straight up shoots them full of lightning if anyone approaches her or Zarkon that she doesn’t want near them. Most people don’t really want to go near her at all; she gives off creepy vibes like no one’s business.

Crash Into Me

“When do you think you’ll be back, Ari?” her mother asked as Ari pulled a sweatshirt with her father’s garage logo on it over her head.  She pulled her hair from the collar and slipped her jacket over it.  

“I’m not sure.  We’re going out afterwards so I will probably just spend the night at the Sullivan’s so no one has to drive me home.,” she told her, sitting down on the edge of the bed and tucked her jeans into her boots before zipping them up.  

“I thought he lived on his own?” she asked suspiciously.

“He does, but we’re going out with his brothers who do live at home so we’ll probably stay there tonight,” she said, looking over at her, trying not to show she was lying, but her mother knew and let her have it anyway.  

“Bring him to dinner on Friday.  I’m making lamb,” she told her.

“Okay,” she smiled before she saw Aiden pull up and she walked out of the house with her purse, packed with a few essentials.  She smiled over at him, leaning in to kiss him when he got out of the car. “Hi,” she said, kissing him again.  “Dinner, Friday, can you make it?” she asked.

The Player || M.C.

Summary: Their high school is gigantic and Y/N never thought she would have to deal with Michael.
Rating: PG

The ringing of the bell sounds throughout the entire school as 6th period ends. Y/N starts to pack up her books and wait for everyone else to leave because you have to stay after school anyway. 

By the time you make it out of the room the hallways are nearly empty. You sigh as you begin to make your way down to the auditorium. The quiet whispers of my peers don’t go unnoticed by you. Y/N hears them snickering about her but you don’t let it phase you because by now you’re used to it.

By the time you make it down to the auditorium most of the other students are there. Y/N is the head of the prom committee and with prom approaching everything needs to be completed as soon as possible. Y/N doesn’t want anything to go wrong. This is your senior year and you want it to go out with a bang. 

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Today I learned: When doing creance flights with a RS, don’t put a towel down over the perching surface to give them a better grip, because they will get a VERY good grip and they WILL NOT let go until you physically pry their toes one by one off the towel. All the while they’ll be trying to fly to the glove but somehow not making the connection that they have to first let go. Damn this bird has a death grip! (I’m currently sitting in the mews with her while she eats a rabbit leg on the glove because I can’t convince her to let go lol).

Anyway, I’m glad to say that I think I’m finally over the hump with this bird. The two tricks I’ve learned that seem to make all the difference with her is 1) feeding her larger meals but feeding only on an every-other-day basis, and 2) Holding big chunks of food on the glove when calling her instead of tidbits. Her prey drive kicks in with big pieces and she slams the glove hard with no hesitation. With tidbits she couldn’t care less. Hopefully I can reduce the size that I need with time but for now this will do.

Fear level is dropping significantly as well. She still bates once when I first open the door to her enclosure (I think it has become a habit) but after that she’s ready to roll. I have been walking her around near dogs, cats, cars, etc and haven’t had any bates in the last few sessions. She’s slowly coming around, thank god lol

Current Mood: Mortal

I’m feeling a lot of emotions today. I’ll have to miss the funeral of a woman who had a major impact on my childhood, both as the mother of childhood friends, a close friend of my mom’s, and an amazing local artist.

My mom will be delivering the eulogy, and I wish I could be there to support her. I wish I could go hug my old friends while they are in town.

I don’t mourn for her really. She was totally at peace with the final chapter of her life and had faith in what would come next. I’m happy for her.

I just wish I could adequately express my love and support for those who are still here.

Anyway, I needed to share these emotions to process them. So here they are. Thanks for letting me share.

Some appearance hcs for y’all
  • Victoire has a little dark mole on her left cheek. James lways called her Marilyn Monroe for that.
  • She also used to have a lot of freckles as a kid but outgrew most of them.
  • Teddy doesn’t change his features (asides from hair and sometimes making freckles appear/disappear) when he’s a grown up, but as a ten, he’d want to look like his godparents to try and fit in. He let it go when they reminded him he’d always be their son at heart, no matter what he looked like.
  • Dom is an actual metamorphmagus but likes dying her hair the old fashioned way.
  • Louis is the one with the most Veela gens in him and he’s definetly beautiful.
  • But he’s also the one that looks the scariest when angry.
  • Rose has a squishy tummy and thick thights and she’s very much okay with that, thank you very much.
  • She’s not so okay with her glasses but she looks cute in them anyways.
  • Molly used to hate her freckles but when somebody offered her a potion to make them disappear she shattered the bottle in a billion pieces. Her mom loved them and she’d lerarn to do the same.
  • Al’s always been skinny but he has a baby face with slightly chhubby cheeks and everyone thinks it’s adorable.
  • Lucy has a button nose and her face looks like it’s made of porcelain.
  • Her eyes wrinkle a lot when she smiles really hard tho and you can see the Weasley in her in those moments more than any other.
  • Roxanne used to have really long hair and she’d straighten it so it’d reach her hips. The she let it curl and cut it to her shoulders, the she let it reach her waist, then she cut it under her ears It was always the same lovey reddish brown shade, through.
  • James is an actual model but he’s also the most insecure when it comes to his appearance, and he hates his smile and his acne scars (luckly the freckles cover them) and really overworks hismelf trying to get the “perfect” body.
  • Lily is very pretty, not outsdandingly pretty, but the kind of beauty you will notice even if it’s not right away.
  • She has really weird hands tho. Like, they’re short and her fingers are too long for it and her nails are a complete ruin from how much she bites them.
  • Hugo Neville Longbottoed through puberty, but he never outgrew the big ears. they were quite charming, some say.
  • He’s also very pale. Not only his skin is a pale white that barely has any tint to it, but his freckles are fadded, his hair is a pastel orange and not fiery like his sister’s at all, and his eyes aren’t sapphire like, they’re the cool and calm icy blue of an old blue sweater.
  • Lysander’s teeth are slightly crooked but not enough for him to use braces to fix it.
  • Fred has such liquid looking eyes it’s hard to look straight at them, it’s like you’re staring into a river of onyx.
  • Lorcan and Jake have abs show-off competitions and they’re ridiculous but the people of Hogwarts don’t mind the spectacle.
  • Anne has a natural blondish highlight to her red hair. She plays with it so much it never stay the way she styled it for long.

I just scanned my bookshelves and made a list of all of my favorite books and realized that like 75% of them are fantasy despite the fact that I always thought my favorite genre was realistic fiction. I think as I get into more adult stories, it probably is going to be… but god do I love rereading YA books that were just full of adventure and fantasy and mystery.

I’d post a list of book recs but some of them will be ones I read when I was like 11 or 12. My mom still says that there’s no age limit to those books though and she really enjoyed reading all of them with me! Anyway, let me know if you want to see the list and some comments i have on each :)

I was sitting in a pavement cafe and opposite us was a table of serious old men with Franco moustaches. They were drinking coffee at 7.30pm as was everybody else except us because God knows what time most of Malaga goes to bed during the Feria but it’s later than me, the sucker who has to go to work in the morning, but anyway that’s not important right now. What’s important is that these old men were very silent and very serious and grumpy looking as they sat their with their moustaches, slowly drinking coffee. Until a young woman with a baby came up and sat down with them, and then all of a sudden all three were transformed! All smiles, lively clapping and pulling of faces and cooing and singing at this baby, who watched them with great if puzzled attention and occasionally yelled to let them know she was listening, and then a minute later the even older and more serious looking man reading his newspaper at the next table was leaning over to beam and wave at this baby too.

The power of babies, man.

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Guys, just because she was in last nights clothes and late after staying out all night and partying doesn't mean she hooked up with someone. She probably just went with Shawn and his group and partied some more with them while mani decided to go back to the bus.

if she slept with someone there’s no problem lol anyways let’s move on from that subject.


Ciaran can’t say she wasn’t expecting Titania to end up here.

 While she told them to leave and have the ERTs handle the incident, the desire to do something was clear in their voice and Ciaran knew that they would try and do something anyway. She requested that she treat Titania when they were brought in, to talk to them about their recent choices.

 But first, the wounds.

 Not even an hour, and it was already infected this bad? True, wood splinters were more likely to leave infection than most materials, but this is unusual. 

 “I’d say. Most of those guys don’t run into the middle of disaster zones to get debris– gah!” Not expecting the wound to spark!

 “… Let me go and get the splash shield, then you can tell me what happen.”

It wasn’t what happened that Titania didn’t want her to know. It was what phii was. Which would shortly become obvious - no real heartbeat (but there’s a ticking, as if there were a clock inside), no real blood, nothing - all signs of a human being absent apart from breath and basic digestion. There was a reason pher fridge was empty apart from cheap college student food - and it wasn’t because phii was broke or a college student (though being broke helped).

They didn’t know how to explain to Ciaran that what she was seeing was an entirely artificial human being.

today was really hot and i went to hug someone and i naturally put my hand on her back and give a lil pat. yeah, my hand touched her sweaty back and my hand was very wet (: i felt really weird and instantly said “oh you’re really hot” (:

Don’t slutshame Nicole also?????
Enough with this “You’re on national television!” or “She didn’t even kiss Hayden!!!!”
Well maybe it’s none of your business? Obviously they’re not going to air Nicorey having sex on the actual show so cut that crap. They’re in that house for like 3 months with no one but each other. Let them have sex if they want to? So what if she didn’t want to kiss Hayden but now wants to have sex with Corey? That was TWO years ago, she could have changed her views on it. If BB is willing to have condoms in the storage room, obviously people are allowed to have sex. BB shouldn’t even have had the Feed Cameras on Nicorey at that time, plenty of other people were in bed???

Idk why YG even bothers having main dancers in his groups when he’s going to water them down anyways. Let alone choreography period. You have Ikon, Taeyang and Minzy (when she was apart of yg) who could dance really well but they get water down when they have to do group choreo. Yes I understand that some members can’t dance to well but that’s no excuse. [CONT] You have groups like BTS , Shinee , B.A.P , Exo etc (cause they are the main ones with the complex dance routines) that have members that can’t dance to save their lives but yet they still do the most complicated dances. I just really hope YG doesn’t do IT to BLackPink which I know he probably will. like let Taeyang and all other ppl that can dance well do more than just two step and repeated chOreo.

Cause to add , The only time I see Taeyang dance his most is when he’s solo. Being in bigbang I feel holds back his talent at dancing. But I’m saying him and Seungri can dance well and GD and Dae are not to bad either. It’s just Top , but like top can do it Even if he doesn’t his own way. Same with 2ne1…

Happy Celebrate Fanfiction Author’s Day!!

Or whatever it’s called…

Anyway, below the cut I’m going to list fanfiction authors whom I look up to and enjoy their work as well as those who are a part of that category in addition to being dear friends. And since I feel like it, I will post a link to my favorite work from them just because I can.

So, without further ado, let’s get to this!

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