but she lets him to have that moment

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How do you think these new episodes might effect Tomco? I mean, Marco will have to admit he has feelings for Star eventually. Whether or not she'll reciprocate after this is debatable, but I feel like either way, this all subtly impacts the dynamic with Tom. I'm also wondering how Tom will react to Marco accidentally hurting Star during all this. He still cares for her, even if he did let her go.

I’m not too worried.

For one, It’s one-sided at the moment, Marco doesn’t haven’t have any feelings for Star, he friend-zoned her.

it’s the other way around.

However, whether this will affect his relationship with Tom is debatable, but i doubt the show would set him back to how he used to be:

  • It would make his character development in Mr Candle Cares pointless
  • There’s no point in making him friends with Marco just to throw that all away and take their relationship back to the same place it started.

If Tom does find out about this, he knows he’s no longer supposed to be involved since Star isn’t interested in dating him anymore. He shouldn’t pull anything because he knows at this point it won’t help.

It’s more likely Tom will accept this (Depending if this plot even goes past the finale), because he knows he can’t make Star’s decisions for her.

Depending on how strong their friendship is, Tom might not be angry at Marco at all, it’s not exactly like it’s Marco’s fault.

Well yes Tom cares about star, but i think you can make the observation Star was the one who broke them up (Why? Who knows..the show won’t tell me)

It might sting a little bit for Tom, but i doubt it’d ruin their entire relationship after the development Tom went through.


After Sophia had finished the entire glass, Kian went to retrieve the human he had brought for her. He had decided to bring her one that would voluntarily let a vamp bite them. It was easier your first time if they wanted you to do it. Less exciting sure, but easier. 

It took him several minutes to return with the girl he brought for Sophia and she stood silently looking at the dying fire. Listening to the sounds of the house. She couldn’t believe how many there were and how much she could hear. Kian had explained how her senses would be heightened but she didn’t imagine it would be to this extent. It was incredible.

It almost made her forget that in a few moments she would have to feed on someone. She was hungry and the need was there, and it was strong. Even after she drank the blood Kian had given her. But still, she feared she would be unable to do it when it came time. 

But she didn’t have long to ponder what would happen if she was unable to do it, as Kian walked into the room with the human and interrupted her thoughts,

“Look what I brought for you,” he announced as he entered the room. “And don’t worry, she’s here of her own free will.”

“Thank you,” she replied, nervously. Tearing her eyes from the fire to look over at the girl who Kian had brought with him. She wanted to be bitten? Why someone would want that was beyond her, but she guessed it didn’t matter. And really, who was she to judge anyone?

Wanting to be a better maker than Angelina was, Kian tried his best to be patient and explain in detail the proper technique for taking blood from someone,

“Only your fangs should go into their flesh,” he explained, as he pointed to the spot she should try to aim for. “You are using them to penetrate the skin. Then the blood will flow and you can start to drink from them.”

“How will I know when to stop?”

“It’s difficult to explain. It will be easier if I will show you. If you’re ready we should do it now.”

Nodding her head in agreement, Sophia walked over to where Kian and the girl were standing. She looked over at her expectantly and it made her uneasy. Pushing the thought aside, she placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and prepared herself to drink from her. 

Before she could talk herself out of it, Sophia plunged her fangs into the girl and immediately felt the warm rush of blood filling her mouth. And it was exhilarating. Instantly, her apprehension was gone and replaced by a strong euphoria. The blood overwhelmed her senses and all she could focus on was taking more from her. As quickly as she could.

Realizing that she was taking too much too quickly and in danger of killing the girl before she realized it, Kian placed a hand on Sophia’s shoulder and urged her to slow down,

“Long, even pulls, Sophia,” he reminded her. 

Hearing his voice in her ear, Sophia focused on his words and slowed her pace. With each drag, she felt her senses awaken and the blood was so warm and invigorating that she felt more responsive with each gulp. Everything about feeding on someone had terrified her just minutes before, and now, she couldn’t remember why.

“Do you feel how she is beginning to drop in your arms?” Kian asked, cutting through her thoughts, “And how her heart is beginning to slow? That is when you must stop drinking. Now…….let her go.”



Should you fight them: HS kids edition

John Egbert: why on god’s green earth would you fight John Egbert??? He just wants his friends to get along. Look at him, he’s just a big dork baby with glasses. He’d probably just offer to shake your hand with a shock buzzer on. Besides, kid’s fucking ripped. Giant hammers, expected to lift a safe, homeboy may not have beef w u, but he has BEEF. He’s been plagued by nightmares his whole life he already hates himself more than you Don’t fight him.

Rose Lalonde: think to yourself very carefully. Rose Lalonde is ready to rip imps and ogres apart at a moment’s notice. She’ll psyche you out without saying a word. She will kick ur ass. She has a vampire wife. Do NOT unless ur prepared. U must be prepared.

Dave Strider: no!!!! He has had enough fighting!!! Let!!!! Him!!!!! Live!!!!!

Jade Harley: raised by an aggressive dog God and always carrying guns. This should not have to be explained. That smile is deceptive.

Jane Crocker: Jane looks sweet and soft but honey she is READY 2 THROW DOWN. Her dad had to use a fridge to ground her and she sent a table 360 flipping through the air with one arm. She’s emotionally vulnerable, but that could turn on you REAL FAST. Be wary.

Roxy Lalonde: she could go for a few rounds, but literally why???? Roxy has gone through enough hardship and killed the Condesce leave her alone.

Dirk Strider: You could. And prolly win if ur good enough. But do you really want to??? He hates himself more than you could imagine. He’d beat himself up. Shits gone pear shaped straight up decapitate him he don’t give a FUCK.

Jake English: he’d love a round of fisticuffs. Mano el Mano. And he’d be so cheery and such a good sport about it. Fight Jake English. But friendly fight him. Being his enemy is dangerous.

Sherlock was always upset that he couldn’t have a dog because his dad was allergic.

He comes back after his long, horrible absence and not only has Molly “moved on”, she’s getting a dog with old Meat Dagger McGee.

The internal heartbreak:

This is my favourite moment between the Colonel and his Lieutenant.  More than Roy saving Riza from Lust after cauterizing his own wounds with his alchemy, more than him hugging her to his chest after she almost bled to death right in front of him, more than her admitting she would choose death over living without him.  This moment - blind Roy performing the now familiar motions of his flame alchemy as Riza steers him - this moment steals my breath and heart.

This one shot encompasses so much of the spirit of FMA, the spirit of fighting when you have nothing left, giving everything you’ve got even - or especially - when you’re at your most broken.  He’s blind.  She just almost bled to death.  And still, they won’t let it stop them.  He can still transmute.  She can still stand.  And together, they can still fight.  

And of course, the Royai implications.  This side of Mustang must be part of why Riza is so devoted to him (God knows it’s why we’ve fallen for him) - he’s selfless when it matters, resolute in the face of the possibility of death, and, in this moment, every bit as determined as Edward Elric.  

Their expressions are a whole story in themselves.  

Riza is staring resolutely ahead.  You can read, in her gaze, the pain and fatigue from her recent injury, her utter refusal to let that stop her, her steely focus, and her immutable faith that, blind or not, her Colonel can still perform miracles.  

And Mustang’s face - good Lord, the emotions in that expression.  Frustration at his own weakness, rage over his helplessness, guilt, fury, hatred, fear, desperation… and, somehow, despite all that, trust.  He must hate having to lean on someone else, literally, but he’s willing to do it if it means he can still contribute to saving his country.  And he trusts her.  Remember when he unleashed his fire on the ‘inferi’ fighting Ed & co underground, and he made the flames swerve around his allies?  His alchemy is based on control.  That’s how he transmutes, because he knows his alchemy kills.  And he’s done his share of the killing, enough for a lifetime.  But now he can’t see to aim, can’t see to control, can’t see to direct the flames around his friends, his allies, his soldiers.  Can you imagine the terror he must feel, blindly unleashing his fire and knowing that he has to hit one man out of the hundreds on that field?  And if he hits anyone else, their deaths would be on him.  But he’ll still do it, because he trusts her to guide his aim.  

She’s the only one left he trusts enough to be his eyes.

I’d be fine with Mon-El if he was a 12 year old boy. Instead of keeping him from being a gross playboy Kara has to figure out how to be a reporter, superhero, and mom. The whole super squad becomes surrogate parents to him and we can see him playing video games at Winn’s and learning photography from James and Cat gives her advice on raising a pre-teen and let’s Kara call her every other day asking her opinion on things. she even has bonding moments with Clark where she acknowledges just how hard it would have been for him to raise her, and he tries to do better by this alien refugee and be there in ways he wasn’t for Kara. And it can be a plot of family is what you make of it, and real family is there to pull you up when you feel like you’re drowning.

Even the Guardian plot would improve because now Kara would be spread so thin that her superhero work is on the back burner and the baddies of National City are taking notice. Headlines like “where is supergirl?” And after yelling at a reporter: “mixed priorities: can super women really have it all?” And she’s doing her best but she’s just very very tired and James sees his best friend struggling and wants to help so he becomes the Guardian.

“I got a chance to have a small conversation with her.”. She said. “She’s indeed nice. And she’s an interesting person.”. She continued, as she smiled a little. She knew what she has to say. She needed to let him go, and she knew only one person who could take care of him more than anyone else. Of course it will hurt her so much but some things never lasts the way we wanted it to. “I know you weren’t mine anymore. Or maybe you were never even mine from the very start. The moment I saw the two of you together, I knew then that I lost you already even if you haven’t told me about it yet. You know it hurts, but you have no idea how much it would affect me and my damn heart. Because it’s me, who will have to fight these feelings of mine, just to make you happy. Just to see you smile, I need to hide every little tear that’s going to come out. But don’t worry about it, I can do that—for you. Anything for you. I always do that, right? ”. She smiled as if she can’t feel any pain inside her. She wasn’t mad at him. She wasn’t mad at anyone else. She was just so sad she thinks she can’t say any word anymore. But in the end, she told him one thing she hoped he would do. She gently grabbed his hands and said, “Please do me one last favor. Please be happy. This time, please be really happy—do it for me. Will you? ”. Without waiting for an answer, she let go of his hands and walked away—without looking back. But with the acceptance that things between them will never be the same anymore.
—  ma.c.a // Love and Understanding

Molly didn’t have to answer the door with Rosie in her arms. The baby was not upset or sad, there was no reason she couldn’t have put her down (if she was even holding her to begin with) to answer the door.

But this is Molly Hooper.

She had to give Sherlock the most awful message from John. She is loyal to both of them, but she is not heartless. She is compassionate and understanding and above all loves them fiercely.

So she gave Sherlock a moment with his goddaughter. He had to hear that message but she let him see Rosie to soften the blow, to tell him that she didn’t agree with John. She would respect his wishes, but do her best to be there for Sherlock, too.

This is his face the moment that he realizes that this isn’t her letting him down easy again. This isn’t her giving him more reasons why she could never choose him. This is her telling him that all of their differences don’t change the way she feels about him. That she wants to have it all and she wants to have it with him.

2nd redraw is finished!

Personal Thoughts: One of the best Starco moments. EVER. I mean, think about it. Star really didn’t want to leave Marco, so she cast one last spell and something beautiful came out of it. The fact that she wanted to stay with him SO badly, that she was probably thinking “I have to give everything I’ve got. I can’t lose Marco… I won’t let this happen… I’ll do whatever it takes to stay here with him.” just makes me bubbly on the inside and gives me hope that they WILL BE CANON.


Jace X Reader


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“(Y/N) come on, if we don’t hurry we’ll have to explain where we’re going?” Izzy muttered and you rolled your eyes, grabbing your stele as you hurried after her.

“Do you have an outfit for everything?” You chuckled and she twirled for you as you stepped out of the front doors and headed to Brooklyn.

“Sweetie I must look fabulous at all times, also I love the new jacket, very tough chic.” She tugged at the collar of your new jacket and smirked when you shrugged and followed her into a building.

“Oh, trust me Izzy you always do.” You sighed and pushed through the crowd, dropping back when you spotted the vampire you were looking for and let Izzy charm him into following her round the back.

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“Kyle!” Misty yelled as the boy squirmed around in the tub.

“Kyle we have to get you clean please stay still!” Zoe yelled as she gripped his arms forcing him to stay still but to no avail.

“NO!” Kyle screamed as he continued to thrash around getting water everywhere. All over the floor and walls. The two witches tried their best to keep him still but he was acting like a toddler refusing to let them wash him.

There was a knock on the door and the three of them went quiet for a moment. Zoe stood and went to answer it while Misty tried again to bathe Kyle. You stood dumbfounded in the door way from the noise as Zoe stuck her head out but kept the door so you wouldn’t see what’s happening.

“What is going on?” You say, visibly agitated.

“Nothing everything’s fine,” Zoe lied.

Kyle suddenly moved his attention to the door and wailed out to it. He stuck his arm you and pointed at the door. Misty had to hold him steady as he tried to climb out. You forcefully push past Zoe and nearly slipped on the flooded tile. You stared in shock at the naked college student curled up in the bath tub with a soaked Misty crouching next to him.

Kyle kept trying to reach out to you and in that moment you understood. You bent to pick up the discarded washcloth and told the other two they could leave.

“Don’t worry, Kyle,” you said gingerly, “we’ll get you nice and clean and warm.”

Kyle just sat there and grunted in agreement.

(This turned into a one-shot lol. I love Kyle)


Some things that I think went unnoticed:

1. Mare almost slipping the fuck up and saying Cal not Tiberias during her big speech. You can damn well be sure that was not a fuck up, she did that shit on purpose or subconsciously.

2. The mention that Farley is 4 months pregnant. Either time has passed or she was pregnant in the middle of Glass Sword which means she might have known and Shade did as well. 

3. Kilorn putting his arm around Cameron. Cameron is v sensitive, so the fact that she let him do that speaks VOLUMES. 

4.  The fact that people are scared of Julian.

5. The fact that they are not on Tuck anymore. 

6. Sonya Iral’s small moment with Mare and her hesitation after Mare mentions Ara. 

7. The fact that Mare was smart enough to engineer that entire escape. Like she had to know exactly how long the guards would take to notice, where the key was, how many guards would come, and exactly where to go after she got out of her room. (That’s some ocean’s eleven shit there) 

8. The person she’s talking to in the previous except that was released is probably Evangeline. 

9. Mare’s chocking up on Shade’s name during her speech. 

10. The Colonel asking FARLEY for what to do, he doesn’t call all the shots in other words. 

11. Samson probably tortured Mare. Guys he can do some serious ass damage, mare’s description was that she “was a pig on a hook, left to bleed dry.” Like shit fam, this is bad. 

12. Cameron calling Maven brilliant, because she believes there’s no other way he could have pulled something like this off. (Don’t underestimate your enemy in other words)

13. Cal leaving the room because he doesn’t want to think about everything, to have everything solidified in front of him. Also Julian being the one to bring him back in. 

Okay I think I got everything, if I missed anything, feel free to add. 


Klaus x Reader

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“Is Camille here?” Klaus asked you and the jolt of fear that always followed Klaus shook through you.

“Yeah um… maybe let me check.” You mumbled and hurried to the back.

It took you a moment to gather your thoughts and actually look for Camille. You didn’t want Klaus to find out your secret and you had thought living right under his nose would be the perfect way to hide from him. Or it would be if you could just keep your head long enough to find Camille.

“Klaus is looking for you!” You squeaked and she frowned, nodded as she left you alone with Sophie.

“You have to tell him!” She sighed and you franticly shook your head.

“He can hear you from here!” You reminded her and pointed to your own ears.

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For all the hate Sansa gets, I hope GOT gives her a good ending. One with a kind man who loves her. It’s as if because she’s strong, because she’s a survivor, people have forgotten what this girl has been through since leaving Winterfell. That she has been used and abused by every man she has belonged to. That she has never known real love or intimacy. And while she perseveres time and time again, stronger than before, the damage is still there. No clearer than in her painfully beautiful moment with Jon.

Jon: I won’t ever let him touch you again. I will protect you. I promise.
Sansa: No one can protect me. No can protect anyone.

Jon’s vow speaks to his honor, his kindness, the greatness of his character. But Sansa’s response isn’t cold or dismissive. It’s the response of a girl who knows a brutal truth. Who has looked evil in the eye more than once. It’s the answer of a girl who has learned how to only survive and anticipate the worst. A girl riddled with scars that can only be softened by genuine love and kindness. And I hope GOT gives her at least before it ends.

Can we PLEASE talk about that moment when Rhys Told Feyre that she DOESN’T have to give him children. He was so chill about it like despite the fact that someone has to inherit the Night Court some time and his legacy, he told her that she can do whatever the fuck she wants. He let her decide about her body and what to do with it because he knows it’s not HIS decision to make.
If you didn’t worship Rhysand after that I don’t think you are a person


As if I didn’t have any more reasons to love her, that was her I’m really forcing myself trying to be happy for them face 

She tried to leave quietly, reassured Marco when he went to check on her, sent him back to Jackie, and finally left to let them have their moment and the rest of the concert. She’s a good girl.

Shhh…I know she jealously blew up the billboard at the end, but shhh…let me have this until Monday~