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Thoughts on the top 6

So i’m procrastinating from going to the gym so here’s my thoughts on the top six from RPDR Season 8, this is going to be a long one so congrats if you read to the end… 

Bob The Drag Queen: Tbh I never really enjoyed Bob from the beginning, I can never stand a comedian that calls themselves “hilarious” constantly, especially one as average as Bob. She had her moments that made me giggle but all in all there’s been way funnier queens that have more under their belt than being “funny”. I Thought her RuCo’s Empire was completely self centred and milked every line to the point where I didn’t find it funny (every comedian knows that there is such a thing as taking a joke too far) and her runway look was cheap and it showed. The same went for her snatch game, in my opinion her switching characters was her: a) Wanting to show off that she could do more than one impression, which I’m sure many other queens could do, and b) Not having enough material to do one character the whole way through. Also she didnt do Uzo Aduba, she did crazy eyes which is a fictional character WHICH ISNT ALLOWED ASK MAX. I did think her outfit was the best due to originality but that was due to #KimoNoSheBetterDontGate. People have been saying she’s the next Bianca but i have seen no heart or humility from her. Michelle is picking up the show boating so I’m hoping Bob gets called out more in future. Prediction: Runner Up.

Chi Chi Devayne: Based on the meet the queens interview I thought Chi Chi was going to go home first (I did also think Naysha was going to win though so lol) she just seemed very fed up with the whole thing. When she first entered the work room in her trashion (Trash Fashion) I again thought that she was going home. However this opinion was changed after Bitch Perfect which she rightfully won hands down, even her snatch game was funny. But slowly we’re being revealed the apathetic side of Chi-Chi that I saw in her meet the queens. Her attitude of “I can’t afford to be Glamorous” is pretty unacceptable, especially considering she made her entire Madonna outfit from scratch. Once she feels challenged she doesn’t try at all which is a killer on Drag Race. Also wearing the same boots THREE TIMES (Bitch Perfect, New Wave Queens x2) THAT IS DIABOLICAL. Prediction: 6th Place

Derrick Barry: Oh Derrick, from the bottom of my broken heart I wanted you to win at least once. Everyone had the same problem with Derrick “You’ve got to be more than Britney” which she’s been trying to do, she’s only gone for a Britney look twice, one of which was when she impersonated her in snatch game but it’s still not been working out for her. I think this is due to the fact that in drag she’s always been impersonating Britney so we’re basically watch her create Derrick Barry’s drag personality throughout the course of the show. The last episode her lip sync was killer and that end speech (”May I please leave the stage now?”) felt very real and heartfelt and I think thats given her a kick that will keep her in the competition… for another episode…. Prediction: 5th Place

Kim Chi: Winning the first challenge always puts you in a good position… being the bottom three the very next week does not. Kim Chi is very aesthetically pleasing and is very sweet… that’s about it tbh. She’s a good soul but I really dont see much else in her, and from what I’ve seen of her lip syncs online I can’t imagine seeing a show of hers. Sorry Kim, as much as I want to like you I think you’ve been overhyped by fans :’( Prediction: Runner Up

Naomi Smalls: Following on from nothing but aesthetics we have Naomi who has had the same outfit 6 weeks in a row but won once she made it actually suit the challenge. Sorry Nomi but how can you expect to win when so far you’ve worn a bikini and satin wrap for the entire season. Yes you have legs up to your asshole we saw that week 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, they’ve all been good looks but its become very boring. Also doesn’t anyone else notice that her scarecrow look was the same as her Pride Floats look but with a fabric boat?? I digress… Prediction: 4th Place

Thorgy Thor: And here comes the unexpected one, I totally did not think I was going to like Thorgy, but much like the rest of my favourites they have totally grown on me. Thorgy is funny without trying or throwing it into your face, multi-talented as fuuuuck and has had stellar looks. Plus a heart of gold. It’s ridiculous that she still hasn’t won a challenge because Bob has been rewarded for being Bobnoxious. Her RuCo’s Empire was perfection, she actually acted as the character not just herself with a script and her roller girl look was way better than Bobs amazon prime $29 jumpsuit. Not to mention her snatch game being spot on and consistent, I feel as though she would have won had there not been #KimoNoSheBetterDontGate. Hopefully once Bob gets called out for his self-centredness justice will be given to Thorgy will be given the justice she deserves. She already has the fan vote so she just needs to make it to top 3 and she has a great chance of winning. Prediction: Winner