but she isn't a kitten

Fake Chats #49
  • Yoongi: what, what, what is that?
  • Hoseok: it's a kitten?
  • Yoongi: where did you get a kitten?
  • Hoseok: it's that noona's! Isn't she cute?
  • Yoongi: I though we were going out
  • Hoseok: she's adorable! Pet her soft ears!
  • Yoongi: so, you're not coming with me to get food, then?
  • Hoseok: *pleading glance*
  • Yoongi: yeah, no biggie, I'm fine to have been replaced with a cat
  • Later, Yoongi: *cuddles the same kitten and kisses its head* you're lucky you're cute, or Hopi would be dead by now
  • Hoseok, from across the room: aw, hyung!