but she isn't a kitten

Shortly after walking in and finding this:

I walk into my bedroom and find my Fire tablet open to the first page of the Warrior Cats book. I wondered if she used her familiar powers to broker a deal wherein I feel obligated to read her a story…..


In honor of Pride Month, here’s Panromantic Demisexual Dawn! Maybe I can find a way to mix the colors into one picture…

I should also do one for Trans Dawn, since I know that a lot of people in this fandom adore that headcanon <3 

Fake Chats #49
  • Yoongi: what, what, what is that?
  • Hoseok: it's a kitten?
  • Yoongi: where did you get a kitten?
  • Hoseok: it's that noona's! Isn't she cute?
  • Yoongi: I though we were going out
  • Hoseok: she's adorable! Pet her soft ears!
  • Yoongi: so, you're not coming with me to get food, then?
  • Hoseok: *pleading glance*
  • Yoongi: yeah, no biggie, I'm fine to have been replaced with a cat
  • Later, Yoongi: *cuddles the same kitten and kisses its head* you're lucky you're cute, or Hopi would be dead by now
  • Hoseok, from across the room: aw, hyung!

i-dream-of-space  asked:

(Usual Desdie + Greg relationship one.. I'm thinking it be September in this one) Desdie came back into the apartment after being gone with Casper and she held a small kitten in her arms. "Greg, love look what I found on my way home from shoppin with Casper" she says showing him the tiny Turkish Angora kitten "isn't she pretty?" She says proud of herself for rescuing the little kitten.

He smiled walking over patting it gently on the head. “So what you want to ask me if you can keep it?”