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Share (OMGCP Drabble)

For prompt #20 from @checkplease100: share. Should be self-explanatory. :)

At the reception, Bitty pulls Alicia aside and presents a small, flat gift box.

“Eric!” She laughs. “You’re supposed to get these today, not give them.”

“I know, I know. But I didn’t want to wait because you’ve been wanting this for so long.”

With a perplexed smile, Alicia pulls out a folded piece of paper. She gasps when she opens it, revealing the words Moo Maw’s Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

“She said I could share now that we’re all family,” Bitty explains.

“Oh Eric!” Alicia says, pulling him into a teary hug. “I’m so glad Jack met you.”

Bering & Wells: Split Screen #60 Brady Bunch Edition

anonymous asked:

Which character do you think has the thickest accent?

As far as having it be so thick I have a hard time understanding them sometimes - that award goes to Prussia. North Italy as well.

Thick, as in I can hear the effort the actor is putting as far as adjusting their voice in the back of their throat and changing the position of their tongue - that goes to France AND Prussia.

Bettablr help?

Basically, one of my teachers has a betta fish in her class. His bowl is probably 0.5 gallons if even that, of course with no heater or filter.

This fish looks near death. She said he hasn’t come out from behind a small dragon statue for 2 days (he’s alive, though, I know that). It’s very cold in this room, probably around 67 degrees every day.

She’s teaching marine ecology. In this class we’re going to be building tanks for fish.

Since I know a lot about bettas I was considering asking her if she’d let me do a 5 gallon tank for this fish instead of a 50 gallon with a lot of other students with new fish we buy later in the school year. 10 would be better but 5 already is pushing. There’s a chance the school could cover it, but I’m not sure. 

I have an empty 10 gallon with heater and filter I was planning to fill with plants and get cycling, but maybe I could give my filter to her (i need a new one anyway), discuss a plan, then construct it. This is assuming she’d even let me do it. She may get offended or mad.

What should I do? Should I mention to her he might be freezing and that he needs a heater then try to push for a new tank? How would you guys handle this? Since she’s a marine ecology teacher I’m afraid she’ll write me off and let him die, then treat me poorly for the rest of my year.

How do I tell someone that their animal is in poor living conditions, especially someone that is your teacher? How do I go about offering help?


more trash from the street rats au. 
as in a shitty unedited and mostly unexplained comic i scribbled down as soon as i woke up with no references, so sorry in advance lmao. 
like its uglie but im posting it anyway. 

lol that awkward moment when you’re trying to write a fic so you go read fic for inspiration and then you have that realization that nothing will ever hold a candle to the Masterpiece that you just read so you just. don’t. 

it’s ya birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy celebrate with some gangsta rap yo - anonymous anon


things i liked about the defenders

  • excellent title sequence
  • all that matt murdock goodness
  • foggy trying to make amends with matt
  • matt and jessica’s friendship
  • specifically that scene she referred to matt as “my friend” like 6 times 
  • honestly im just a really big fan of the matt/jessica dynamic
  • luke 
  • just any scene with luke in
  • that scene when luke and danny first meet and danny’s tryina beat luke up and luke’s like u srs rn
  • luke and claire’s cuteness
  • claire kicking ass
  • that scene elektra straight up killed alexandra that was p dope
  • stick dying finally

things i did not like about the defenders

  • anything to do with elektra and matt
  • i love ‘em both but fuck em being together
  • i would have preferred her committing to the evil stint rather than that fucking kiss at the end im sorry but nope 
  • honestly i prefer the idea that the elektra he really knew died on that rooftop 
  • honestly most of the stuff with danny why is he basically a child all the time