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Utena and Anthy, or as auto correct calls them, utensils and angry

Their ’ship name is Angry Utensils. 

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Okay so please help me out. Every time I draw rose she looks like she has dreads. Any tips on how to make her ringlets look more like actual curls? I'm so sorry to bother you but I love your art and k thought you may have some tips

ah, I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask, since I’ve only ever drawn Rose once and I had trouble getting the hair to look right, too. I could try to offer some advice, though.

If they’re looking like dreadlocks, I’d guess you’re maybe making the ringlets too tight/thin (What you’re going for is to make tubes of hair, noticeably hollow in the middle. Rose’s curls are really wide, like you could stick your whole hand through the middle of them probably.) and having them start further up on the head than you need to. Maybe try drawing a mass of hair, similar to how you would with Amethyst and Jasper (since Rose is also a Quartz), and then instead of the pointed tufts they have, draw the wide tubes of curls Rose has (they’re ‘heavier’ than tufts, so they hang down rather than point up, generally). Try to keep the bulk of the hair toward the top just a mass and add the curls toward the bottom, rather than making tubes of curls from the roots to the tips.

In “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, Rose’s hair is more like full tubes, you also see this a bit in pictures of Rose, like the one with Greg in “Laser Light Cannon” and the big portrait in Steven’s room. But I think after “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, they decided against that for animation, since all subsequent portrayals of Rose have the generally featureless fluffy mass on top with the curls toward the bottom. You can see this in the episodes “Story for Steven”, “We Need to Talk”, and “The Answer”, as well as when Amethyst shapeshifted into her in “Maximum Capacity” and Pearl’s projection of her in “Rose’s Scabbard”. All of these offer great refs for her hair and I’d recommend looking at them for reference when drawing. Also, here’s the ref sheet for her in “Story for Steven”

I’m sure someone more practiced at drawing Rose could give better advice, though

Sometimes I think abt the fact that Jake drunk texted Amy a shirtless pic of himself eating a Chinese chicken salad sandwich on the subway and I just

How often do u think she uses that as blackmail

Listen to Scarlett Johansson Narrate Alice in Wonderland, Directed by Her Sister

Even when reading the immortal words of Lewis Carroll and contorting her voice to sound like playing-card gardeners, Scarlett Johansson’s voice is unmistakable and intoxicating. Above, listen to an exclusive clip from the upcoming audiobook version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, narrated by Johansson and an arsenal of silly voices you might not have known she had.

Her work on the audiobook is a family affair, as well; Johansson’s performance was directed by her sister Vanessa Johansson, a veteran voice actress. You can see the two of them at work in the photo above.

To pre-order the book, which is available as of February 23, go to audible.com/alice.

Listen to a preview here!

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the out of the woods bts vid reminded me taylor fell down 13 times in that video and karlie was the 13th cameo in bad blood . . .

there’s a 1/17 chance karlie would be randomly allocated the 13th position (aka a 94% chance she wouldn’t)…

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All I want is a playable warrior princess Zelda with elaborate hair

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I would love to see a continuation of Hayama and his shy skater guy. Fluff or nsfw is up to you. Thank you, love!

Everyone flinched as the sound of a body crashing to the floor echoed throughout the momentarily quiet scene. A boy, tangled in a mess of leaves, branches, and his own limbs, lay strewn across a bush at the edge of the skate park, eyes set upward toward the sky so he could somehow get his barrings right again. It was difficult, especially with the way those dizzying stars were prancing around his head.

“Hey, you okay?”

Suddenly, there was a hand in front of his face, pushing past those bouncing stars and making its way to the forefront of his vision. The other guy—Hayama was his name, right?—had a worried look on his face as he glanced over the male. Under such intense scrutiny, he felt his cheeks blaze with unwanted heat. It took him a full five seconds before he finally comprehended that he should grasp the hand that had been offered.

“You really ate shit,” Hayama commented rather bluntly, helping the boy to his feet. His words, which were so straight to the point they were embarrassing, made the boy duck his head in shame. “But you’re okay, right?”

“Y-Yeah, fine,” he said lowly, though he felt far from it. He’d just made a fool of himself not only in front of everyone, but also this gorgeous boy he’d just happened to meet. Any chance with him today had instantly vanished the moment his head met the bushes.

“Ah, shit, your forehead is bleeding,” Hayama cursed, pulling the guy off to the side and away from the other skaters at the park that day. The boy touched his left brow and, low and behold, a small drop of blood came back on his fingers; nothing to worry about really. “Come on, I’ll patch you up.”

“W-What? You will?”

“Of course,” Hayama beamed, his usual toothy grin coming back full force. “And while I do so, we can talk about letting me teach you the proper way to skate down a half pipe.”


There was hope after all.

How Not To Deal With Bullying
  • Counselor:Well, maybe if you just stood up for yourself you wouldn't be in this situation.
  • 13 year old girl:*continues to cry and wonders why she came to you for help*