but she is the last of her name

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My crush is a popular sapphic tumblr blogger. She's a cute soft butch and seems like such a wonderful person in her posts. Last night she came up in my OK Cupid search! She has her first name on there & her blog, & some of the selfies r the same as on her tumblr, so it's def her. But idk if I should say anything. I don't think I'm her type at all.

Go for it! You might be exactly her type. 💕

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but can we also talk about the whole last name struggle if supercorp ever had kids? like Lena would be "no way my kid is being a Luthor, i'm not cursing anybody with that," and Kara trying to convince her that she has done so much good and should be embracing her family name and OMG where's the fic/???


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Adzie you owned CHICKENS!? How were they, do you have any cute animal stories? 🐣🐣 I would love to cuddle a chicken

Yes! I did :D but as I was quite young at the time I can’t remember everything about them. 

I do remember out of the 6+ that my family originally had (they looked like this), I named one ‘Freckles’ because it had lots of lighter feathers on dotted about on it’s chest area :3 I was a bit of a grabby curious child though so I can’t imagine it liked me that much :’D

My sisters and I would collect the eggs every morning before going to school and one time my sister forgot to store them away in the house so she ended up keeping one in her pocket the whole school day ahaha. 

Sadly, we had a (presumed) fox attack on our pen one day and that was the last of those batch of chickens :( BUT a year or so later, we got three more! 

One of my sister’s got a really big grey/silvery feathered one that had lost a few of it’s feathers but was still really cute (i think it was this kind but i could be wrong), my other sister got a black one with a feathery afro which was soooo pretty (looked like this!) and then I had a v smol soft grey one that I called ‘Fluffy’ and loved to stroke :’) it kinda looked like this but a lot smaller.

I had a trampoline in the back of my garden and sometimes instead of jumping on it, me and my sisters would just cuddle our chickens and then run around the garden with them :’)) it was a lot of fun.

Sadly their demise was the same as the other batch of chickens despite our efforts to make the pen safer for them :’/ but one day if i ever come to own a lil house with a garden, i’d love to have chickens again :( !!!

Wish i had some actual photos of these chickens and remembered more of them but I hope that was still a fun ramble to read :’) thanks for the message! i hope you get to cuddle a chicken one day!

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So there's this girl and she's rlly cute. I first met her when I transferred last year, tbh, I hated her at first. But then we ended up in all the same classes, and our last names were super close to each other too. We worked together everyday in math. I crushed on her for a while, and then I realized the improbability of her liking me back. (1/2)

Another thing was, her name was Talia. That was my nickname for a my middle name (It’s pretty confusing so most of the time I told people that Talia was my middle name). Well, anyways, I kinda gave up on her. I still like I her I suppose though. Unlikely that the feelings are shared back. (2/2)

aaaaah gosh, it’s good you stopped hating (hate is bad for the livers yooo) but ;-; unrequited crushes suck ;;

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Nicole Kidman is a big name in Hollywood. Whether you like her or not, it's not debatable. I'm sure she wields a lot of clout. I bet she only has to ask for something and people trip over themselves to accomodate her. I'm wondering if she didn't ask someone at the last two events to have Cait in line behind her, just to make her squirm. That is such a Jackass move and if I were Nicole I would sooooo do something like that. I'm a petty bitch, what can I say? Sometimes karma needs a lil help.

It’s a funny thought, but I’m quite certain Karma dealt that one all on her own.

Based on Karma, I predict Outlander S3 will premiere Sept 3rd….. The day I leave to go abroad for 10 days. 😐

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I would love to see your take on #73, “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.” Pick a family you think it fits with. :)

Thank you @annegirl13 for the prompt ^_^

“…. don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those that they care about, Miranda.” Clement York, Earl of Simney, clenched his fists at his side.

“I suppose you must mean the children, Clement?” asked his wife nonchalantly.

“Nothing has ever meant as much to you, not our relationship, our social engagements, nor even my own happiness,” she spat out the last few words, a venomous look on her sharp, beautiful face.

“You want a house in town? You may have it, but mark my words, Miranda, from now on you will be stranger to us. I will give you no money, I will give you no status - not even my name,” He replied, resolutely.

“You would divorce me? I never thought you the type!” Miranda gaped at her estranged husband.

“You do not know my character, Miranda. You never bothered with me after getting that goddamn ring on your finger!”

“Sabrina was originally a lawyer assigned by the state.  Typically I refuse lawyers, preferring to defend myself, but they always overturn my wishes and assign me one.  The first few didn’t last long, something to do with a personality conflict - whatever that was supposed to mean - and then I was assigned Sabrina.  She is the one who sent me to the Asylum in the first place, reasoning that I did not belong at Blackgate - which I didn’t - and she has been my lawyer ever since.   When I asked her why she continued to represent me, she answered that she felt sorry for me.  That’s incredibly ridiculous, but she is an excellent attorney and so I continue to employ her.  Originally she refused to accept my payments on the grounds that they were, in the law’s opinion, illicit, but she changed her mind when she opened the fourth envelope.  I was relieved to see she was not quite so morally grounded as she had appeared to be.” 

That’s the story of the Riddler’s lawyer, if you wanted to know.


It’s pretty great how the exact same action–naming their identification code–has the complete opposite meaning for these characters. 

For Peridot, it’s a sudden sharp reminder that to Homeworld, she isn’t special; she’s one of thousands or millions of Peridots, and her individuality is meaningless. Her time with the Crystal Gems has made her feel unique and welcome, but that won’t last if she goes back to her home planet. She’s not just Peridot, she’s a Peridot. 

For Amethyst, it’s an exciting revelation that she has a place, an identity, in this world and family that she never had the chance to know. Even as a member of the Crystal Gems she’s always felt like an outcast and a misfit, but know she knows EXACTLY where she came from. She’s not just Amethyst, she’s THIS Amethyst!


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

You can see all of my Forduary entries here and all of my Stanuary entries here.


“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”

Reblogging this stuff about FNAF and reading about how people think children shouldn’t be exposed to it made me want to share something–the artwork that my daughter, who is 6, has drawn of it.

Here is the first Five Nights at Freddy’s:

From left to right: Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, her cupcake character named Cakey that she created, and Foxy down below coming out of the curtains.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2:

From left to right: Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location:

From left to right: Fun-Time Freddy, Baby, Bellora, and Fun-Time Foxy.

And probably the most special one of all, something she made me for Mother’s Day last year:

That’s all the original FNAF characters there, with Cakey included.

Notice how all of these images are positive. There’s no blood, the animatronics aren’t hurting anyone–they all look happy and like they’re having a good time. In fact, she views the animatronics as positive entities; one night she told me if she was ever afraid of monsters living under her bed, she would imagine Freddy scaring them away for her. I think that’s pretty awesome, to be honest.

Blog Descriptions of the Homestuck Kids
  • John: No description, frequently changes his header title to different topical memes
  • Rose: "I post about crafts, writing tips, and destroying the patriarchy. Go follow my girlfriend."
  • Dave: "dave."
  • Jade: "jade/16/female (she/her pronouns please! c:) no byf, just be nice, assholes get blocked! check out my art tag!"
  • Jane: "this is the OFFICIAL blog of the heiress jane crocker, all other blogs in my name are FAKES and their recipes are NOT VERY GOOD!"
  • Jake: "if you're here to send me some anon hate, PREPARE TO BE WRECKED!!! *brandishes pistols* >:D"
  • Dirk: "Pro-Logic. Anti-Dumbass. Future Engineering Major. Expert Swordsman. Days since last callout post: 18."
  • Roxy: "roxy's retro gaming blog! im a 16 year old girl and i could kick your gross neckbeard ass at smash bros ;)))"

I’ve had some people get kind of upset/confused over the Morrisong side of the AU so I’ll clarify here;

Hana is Jack’s adopted daughter, I know the whole Dad76 with kid Hana gets a bit of a kneejerk reaction but I wanted to try my own spin on it.

She’s not a gremlin in this AU and Jack isn’t a tyrant dad. She’s still a South Korean citizen and they both speak fluent Korean in their household.

Some people take your breath away from the very start. Loud and wild and incredibly alive. Sometimes you fall hard with on the spot, and it lasts, but here’s the thing about love: mostly it grows. Mostly it’s seeing her in class and wondering what she's thinking. Watching her write her name at the top of her paper in loopy cursive. When you ask her out for the first time, your palms are sweaty. God, you think. Get a grip. But then she says yes, and you stop thinking altogether.
     And it’s quiet, this love. Shimming it’s way into your life. You learn that she’s funny. She likes bad reality TV and drinks coffee by the gallon. When you compliment her, she tucks her chin in embarrassment. She’s kind to people. Generous. And here’s the other thing about love: mostly you don’t see it coming.
     One day in the middle of winter she takes your hand and presses close and says, “You’re so warm. God. I wish I could wear you like a sweater.” And that’s it. The shy girl in English with big eyes. Loopy cursive. This girl. This is it, you think. This is what it’s all about. You tell her that you love her one day, many months later, and maybe she says it back. Maybe she smiles wide with all of her teeth and says, “it took you long enough. ” Maybe you marry her or maybe she starts asking for space. Maybe it’s too much, this love. Or maybe you break her heart and she never forgives you. Maybe love just doesn’t cut it this time. Maybe all of this. None of it. Something else entirely. I mean, that’s the thing about love: mostly it doesn’t make any sense at all.

# she’s so adorable here, bye!