but she is such an angel there


Watch: This plus-size dance company is blowing away outdated stereotypes about what kind of body you should have to be a savage dancer

Dancer Akira Armstrong has been featured in two Beyoncé music videos, but when she flew to Los Angeles, she couldn’t find an agent to represent her — due to her size. So she decided to form her own dance company, and they are killing it.

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Ex-'Apprentice' contestant claiming groping, kissing by Trump sues him for defamation
Lawsuit could lead to the release of long-sought outtakes from the president-elect’s reality TV show. By JOSH GERSTEIN

A former contestant on President-elect Donald Trump’s TV show who claims he made unwanted sexual advances on her filed a defamation suit against him Tuesday for publicly denying her claims.

“The Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos appeared alongside her attorney Gloria Allred in Los Angeles to announce the suit. In a brief statement, Zervos said she demanded in mid-November that Trump retract his public statements that she and more than a dozen other female accusers were fabricating allegations that he groped or kissed them.

“Since Mr. Trump has not issued a retraction as I requested, he has therefore left me with no alternative other than to sue him to vindicate my reputation,” Zervos said.

Allred said the case was filed in a New York court Tuesday morning.

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Seat Buddies

“Oh, don’t tell me I’m stuck beside you the entire flight!” Y/N glances to her right to see Joe standing there, a teasing smirk on his lips.

“Of course you would be sat next to me!” She laughs as he tosses his bag into the cargo hold above their seats, slipping into his.

“Meant to be, love.” He winks, settling back in his seat. Caspar and Josh walk past a moment later, sliding into the seats behind them.

Their small group were heading over to Los Angeles, which meant a long flight all stuck together. Y/N was secretly happy to be stuck next to Joe for the time, the connection they had made it easy for her to talk to him. And since they were to be cramped into such a small space for so long, it was important to have someone comfortable there.

“Are you ready for horrible in flight movies, stupid travel games, and shit food?” Joe asks, leaning in close, their arms brushing against each other.

Y/N leans in close as well, “I was born ready, Sugg.”

“As long as you both aren’t too noisy.” Josh pops his head over their seats, Caspar soon joining him. “I want to sleep for this flight off the jet lag.”

“Yes, dad.” Joe rolls his eyes as Caspar and Y/N laugh.

“Don’t make me put you in the corner!” Josh scolds.

“Then who’s going to keep her company?” Joe gestures towards Y/N.

“Just, be quiet.” Josh rolls his eyes, settling back in his seat.

“Don’t worry, he packed ear plugs.” Caspar reassures them, sitting back down as well.

“Good, because Josh will need them if he’s stuck next to Caspar.” Joe says, smiling as Y/N giggles softly.

For the first half of the flight, the two manage to entertain themselves. Chatting softly while playing games, sharing headphones to watch part of a movie, although they quickly get distracted and pulled into a long conversation about a fact brought up in the movie.

Eventually though, the entire cabin calms down, everyone settling in for a nap. Joe decides to do some editing, and so he pulls out his laptop, while Y/N shifts in her seat, blinking tiredly.

“Why don’t you get some sleep?” He asks softly, bringing up his newest video, headphones plugged in already.

“M’not tired.” She mumbles, stifling a yawn.

“Sure you’re not.” He smiles. “I’ll wake you up if you snore.”

“I don’t snore.”

“How would you know? You’re asleep when it happens.”

“Oh be quiet.” Y/N tells him, leaning her head back in her seat as her eyes slide close. Joe watches her for a moment, admiring the peaceful look on her face before he drags his eyes away from her and to the computer screen in front of him.

It isn’t long before he feels her head fall on to her shoulder, her breath blowing softly against his skin.

He pauses in his editing to push the hair out of her face, and then ensures that the blanket is pulled up enough to cover her bare arms before he goes back to editing, a slower process with only one arm.

But he doesn’t complain.

“Well isn’t that just adorable.” Caspar comments quietly from beside Joe. He looks up from his computer to see Caspar stopped in the aisle, smiling down at the two.

“Don’t start, Casp.” Joe shakes his head, closing his computer.

“Like you aren’t enjoying it.” The South African smirks as Joe’s cheeks turn red. “Knew it. Will you just tell her how you feel already? You are both clearly meant to be.”


“She’s sleeping, Joe. Calm down.” Caspar rolls his eyes, grabbing Joe’s computer to stuff it back in the bag.

“Thanks.” Joe tells him, shifting lightly in his seat, stretching his legs out. He freezes though when Y/N over slightly in her sleep, but remains against his side.

“And to think, that was supposed to be me in that seat.” Caspar laughs quietly, and Joe feels his cheeks burn again. “Told you she’d prefer being sat next to you for this flight.”

“I get it, you want us together, can you drop it?”

“Not until you tell her you love her.”

“What?” Joe stares wide eyed at his former roommate. “I don’t love her!”

“So sorry,” Caspar corrects himself, “Not until you tell her you really like her.”

“You’re never going to give this up, are you?”

“Nope. Because you two are meant to be together. And you know I’m right. Night.” Caspar gives Joe a small wave before returning to his seat.

And before Joe closes his eyes, he glances down at the sleeping woman leaning on him.

Maybe Caspar’s right, Joe thinks to himself, letting his head fall gently against Y/N’s, Maybe I do love her.

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angela is playful and sweet in the morning...fareeha is not

It’s nearing noon when Angela finally hears a rustling from the bedroom. She turns in her chair to watch Fareeha stumble blindly into the kitchen, face set in a glower that will remain until her second cup of coffee. Still, Angela smiles at her and gives a wiggle of her fingers. Fareeha nods once and heads to the coffee pot, groaning when she finds it near empty. 

“That’s what you get for sleeping until noon.” 

Another grunt. Tilting her head back, Fareeha closes her weary eyes and reaches up for the cabinet handle. She misses by a foot and Angela’s tinkling chuckle is more grating than pleasing. 

“Here, Liebling, go sit,” Angela says, somehow next to her though Fareeha never heard her move. Fareeha grunts and when she turns, feels a slap on her ass.


“She speaks. Or tries to.”

Fareeha turns her head to stick  her tongue out and catches her toe on the leg of the chair. Letting out a litany of swears, her eyes finally open as she bounces on one foot and tries to examine her throbbing toe. It doesn’t help that Angela’s doubled over by the counter, face red and laughing so hard that her mouth is open soundlessly, eyes clenched and crinkled in the corners. 

When her eyes finally open, it’s to Fareeha’s glare. She stands one one foot, the other sticking straight out in front of her, arms crossed and waiting for an examination. Angela licks her lips to stifle another bout of laughter and steps over, grabbing the foot and gently looking at each toe. 

“I think you’re going to be fine.”

“I could have died, Angela.”

“Are you awake now?”

Fareeha works her brow into several series of glower before huffing and dropping her arms. “I guess so.”

Angela pouts playfully, stepping nearer to wrap her arms around her shoulder. “Aw, is that so bad, Liebling?”

“…My toe still hurts.”

This time when Angela laughs, it’s contagious.

uh my camera is shit but i had an idea for an ep where garnet and lapis fuse for whatever reason and bond and they both talk about feelings (lapis laments abt being trapped in the mirror/malachite and garnet talks about how much she misses rose and how hard it is to lead the CGs without her helping) the fusion is onyx btw, she has icy angel wings and can control weather :0


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Can you please quickly explain who Kiwi is so I'm not all confused with the posts ; w;

Kiwi stands for Kiriel Winchester. She’s a nephilim, but other than usual nephilims she’s born to a human father and an angelic mother so she doesn’t have a human form when she’s born. So when Castiel brings her to earth she manifests not as a newborn human but as a very big ball of fluff. That looks like a kiwi, according to her dad (Dean).

You can read some Kiwi stories here or browse the Freckled Fluff Baby tag for more information.


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, some violence , physical assault (reader), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff

A/N; Hi dears! :D If someone don’t receive the alert from the tag please let me know because some tags are not working, sorry :( I tryed to fix it but, if keeps happening let me know and I’ll try another things. Thank you!! 

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3

Chapter 4

A week pass and you still don’t know nothing about Bucky since your talk in the hospital. You try not to think so much about it, in fact, you should be grateful that he is leaving you alone… Then why do you feel so sad?

- Y/N - you heard your sister downstairs calling your name. Hurriedly you hide the book of Bucky (as you have named it) under the sheets of your bed.

- Yeah? - you scream back

- I’ve made lunch, come eat something, would you? 

- Okay, coming - standing up you put the book on your drawer again. You have found it some days ago under your bed, it should have appeared there the night you trade your soul for Wanda’s. After an exhaustive research you have learnt that demons like Bucky should be invoked, once it they are your owners, so you are fucked, there’s no way to contain them. You had special interest for the chapter where explains that only humans with extreme sadness in their hearts or the ones who had been victims of an horrendous betrayal could amount so much hate to become a demon, once dead. That makes you question a lot of things about Bucky…

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I was wondering if you could do a fic where dean has a daughter (it's not impossible he's had enough one night stands for it to be probable) and they take her back to the bunker and are like "this is-" and she's like "mr. Novak?" and everyone is confused and it turns out that the novaks helped out her mother and her when she was younger before he disappeared and she was friends with claire and has read the supernatural books and when they reveal he's cas she showers him with compliments and yeah

    Dean and Cas had gradually happened. It wasn’t all at once - which was obvious to anyone watching - but rather like a slow, rolling ball that just kept collecting love on the roll down the hill. There wasn’t a need to say it out loud often, because they just… knew. The angel and hunter had an understanding between each other - between the long glances, between the short hugs - that never was breathed out loud. Honestly, Sam probably knew that Dean was in love before Dean knew. 

Now that Dean’s realized it, things are relaxed. There’s a little ‘babe’ that slips out now and then. Cas doesn’t try to hide his glare anymore when a woman approaches Dean. The two spend long nights where Dean can’t sleep and they sit close, arms pressed together and legs stretched, whispering about their days and laughing as they make their way through Dean’s favorite sitcoms. Cas secretly hates Doctor Sexy - the show is so god damn bland and the doctor really, really gets under his skin - but he watches it anyway, just to see the corners of Dean’s lips pull up when a cheesy joke is made. 

No, there was never an official label, or an official “I love you”, but it was just understood. 

So that’s why, when Dean went out on a hunt with Sam and brought back a young girl, Cas was hurt. 

Another witch case - black magic, bad stuff. This coven wasn’t playing with the Little League anymore. 

When they crashed the barn where the coven was, the last thing Dean expected to see was his own eyes peering back at him. His freckles on someone else’s face - his hair grown out and a little messy. His bow legs turned in and his stubborn personality being spouted out of his own soft, pink lips. But there she was - just like Dean, wrapped into a beautiful young woman. 

Sam didn’t notice at first. He was going to capture her. Thoughts raced through his mind, and the most loud, pounding one was that this girl shouldn’t be scared. The thought of him frightening her was a burning stab right in his core. The ache in Dean’s chest was unreal - it was like protecting his soul as he shouted for Sam to stop. His brother halted the chanting, stopped walking towards her, and his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. He stared at Dean, expecting an answer. 

“Don’t… don’t hurt her. Please.” 

The whole coven was running now, except for a few who stayed behind - the truly brave (or truly stupid). 

One of the witches left behind gestured towards the girl. “Anna, let’s go.” 

She stood, staring coldly at the man in front of her in the eyes. “Why should we have to go? This is our place. They go.” 

“Anna’s your name, yeah?” Dean spoke softly, taking a step forward. “What are you doing? You’re what… thirteen, fourteen?” 

“Sixteen,” she retorted, disgusted with his interest. “Not that it’s any of your business.” 

And that - that sentence - was all it took to snap Dean back nearly seventeen years, standing in front of a tall blonde who went by Stacy. Dean had asked her name - which resulted in the answer “Stacy - not that it’s any of your business.” 

Now, standing in front of her, Dean could see pieces of Stacy poking out. Her high cheekbones, her thin figure, her stubby eyelashes. 

“Stacy,” Dean breathed, taken aback. 

“What did you just say?” She was fuming that the hunter knew her mother’s name - what had he done to her? 

“You… your mom is Stacy, isn’t she?” 

Sam put his hands completely down, turning towards Dean. 

“Kill him!” 

“WAIT,” Dean cries, trying not to escalate the situation. “Your dad, do you know him?” 

“Why the fuck do you care?” 

“Because I think I’m him.” 

Sam face reads complete disbelief as he glances between the two, realizing that the faces are almost identical. 

“What? No, he didn’t know my mom. It was a one-time thing.” 

“I know, believe me. My name is Dean.” 

“Dean?” she whispered, barely below her breath. “My name is Deanna… after my father.” 

“Listen, do you want to come with us? Grab a bite to eat or something?” 

“Why should I trust you?” 

“I can’t tell you why you should, other than that I’m a good guy and I really want to get to know you. Where is your mom? I could call her, I’m sure she’d remember me.” 

Anna stared at him a moment, completely quiet. “Okay, I’ll go.” 

“What?! He’s lying! Don’t go!” The two remaining witches are freaking out. 

“It’s my choice.” 

But then, Dean and Sam begin to choke. “Stop it!” They don’t stop, despite Anna’s protest. She looks down at Dean, squeezes her eyes shut, and mutters something. The witches fall to the ground and the boys catch their breath in their burning lungs. 

“Did you knock them out?” 

“No,” she says, and she begins walking - fast. “We need to go now.” 

Sam and Dean exchange glances. “Dude, are you sure you want to do this?” Sam asks. 


And that’s how Anna ended up in the back of the car, laughing at the coincidence of names between her and her paternal grandmother - and that’s how they end up talking about how Anna got into trouble, how she practiced witchcraft after her mother passed because she had no where else to go. The coven took her in when she was thirteen. 

She also mentions how her favorite books growing up were the Supernatural books. Sam and Dean are quiet for a moment before the younger brother bursts out laughing. “What?” She whines. “You don’t like them? Because I gotta say, Dean and an Impala? You’re practically living in the stories.” 

“My name is Sam,” he chuckled. 

“No way. No way there is that many coincidences in your life between you two and the books.” 

“For God’s sake, Anna, you were in a coven. You know what’s out there. Put two and two together.” 

She thinks hard and long for a moment. “I… what?” 

“The books are about us,” Dean finally says, not amused. “Hate those things.” 



She sits back, totally quiet. “So - so the angels, and God - that’s…” 


Completely astounded, she starts asking a million questions. 

“You have plenty of time for my dad stories, okay?” 

Finally, they get back to the bunker. Cas is reading and sipping on tea - something that Sam suggested to him so he’d relax - and he hears footsteps outside. His heart skips in the little pattern that only happens when he knows he’s about to be with Dean. 

“No way,” Anna says, totally quiet. “It’s real?” 

“Totally real.” 

The door opens, and Cas stands up, ready to greet his boys. Instead, he sees a mess of blonde locks step through the door. His heart breaks a little bit. He had misunderstood, of course - how stupid of him to think Dean could return his feelings - he was just being friends with him, not the other way around, and, oh god, thank god Cas hadn’t made his move… 


His heart leaped again, jumping in wild circles and dropping to his stomach, and he hated himself for it. He wanted to cut it out of his chest. 

“This is Deanna.” 

The girl turns around, and Dean’s eyes are peering at him. They’re a little different, in a way Cas can’t quite put his finger on it, but they’re that unmistakable green forest that Cas had never found in anyone else’s eyes. And suddenly, maybe the world isn’t so bad, he thinks, as the sinking feeling eases up and lets go of the death grip it had on his throat. 

“Mr. Novak?” Anna asks, carefully coming down the stairs to greet him.

“Jimmy Novak was my vessel. I am Castiel.” 

“Oh,” she said quietly, clearly a little bit disappointed. 

“You knew Jimmy?” Dean asks. He’s genuinely curious, hungry for knowledge. The girl sitting in front of him is… well, half of him. 

“Yeah, yeah. When I was young, my mom couldn’t afford a lot, and my friend Claire invited me to attend church with her. Once we got there, Mr. Novak - uhm, he was Claire’s dad - he, uh, he could tell we didn’t have a lot, and so he helped my mom out for a while. He became a dear friend of ours.” 

“That sounds like something Jimmy would have done,” Cas says quietly. 

“So - so can Jimmy - is he in there?” 

“I’m afraid not.” Anna’s face looked sad. “He’s in heaven, though.” 

“If there was anyone who deserved to go there, it would’ve been him,” she smiled. “And you’re… wait, you’re really Cas? From the books?” 

“Well, yes.” 

“Oh my god,” she said quietly. “I love you.” 

Cas was taken aback, never having heard the words. “Thank you.” 

Most people would take ‘thank you’ as a poor answer to an ‘I love you’, but Anna knew from the five shades of red that covered his face, and from the look in his eyes - he meant it, he was grateful. 

And, that first day, that was about all the interaction they had. However, everyone noticed that Anna was Cas’ little shadow. When they ate dinner, she took the same things as him, and she refused the same things he did. When they went to get pajamas for Anna, and Cas suggested the ugliest pair of pajamas that the boys had ever seen - Anna smiled and told him they were perfect. When Cas watched a show, Anna plopped down in front of him to watch, too. Suddenly, Dean’s late night arm cuddles were accompanied by his daughter’s laughter and equally cheesy jokes. 

In the following days, Anna brought Cas gifts - small pine cones she found that ‘looked interesting’, a plate of pancakes she made for him, small flowers that she tucked into his hair. Cas let her make flower chains and braids in his hair, and he kept them there all day. He put the pine cones on display on a shelf in Dean’s room that belonged to him. They shared the pancakes. 

Cas had never been treated so kindly. Everything he did was complimented - “That’s a great show!” “I like your tie today.” :Your eyes are gorgeous!” “Wow! You have really great taste.” 

And every time, Cas’ cheeks would turn bright red and he would fumble for words. “I - I, just, uhm - thank - thank you, you also have nice… nice preferences.” 

Cas wasn’t used to being admired. He had been told over and over that he was useless, expendable. So when he became a father figure to the small girl, Cas was flustered all of the time. He got especially flustered when Anna would tell him “love you” so casually - “goodnight, Cas, love you” or “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, love you.” He felt showered with attention. 

At first, it made Cas uncomfortable. The amount of affection jarred him. However, pretty soon, Cas became a little more used to his fumbling about and her compliments - so used to it that he started giving again, too. 

When he walked through the kitchen door one morning, Anna told him how heavenly his pancakes tasted. The next time Dean passed by, Cas told him how lovely he smelled. And when Sam sat beside him that night, Cas didn’t hesitate to tell him how smart he was. 

Still, any time anyone gave Cas affection, it made him turn bright red and fall over his own words - but giving became easier and easier for him. He started looking in mirrors differently, and instead of seeing a tired, broken angel, he saw himself as a hero, as a strong provider, as the man with the “beautiful ocean eyes”, as Anna had put it. 

Dean loved to watch the two together. Anna adored Cas, and Cas protected her fiercely. 

One time, when they were at a restaurant, a man walked up to Anna. He was middle aged. “Hey, you like to play?” He gestured at her violin case. 

“Yeah,” she answered. 

“I’ve got a studio at my place. Want to come check it out? I could hook you up with the business.” 

“I’m only sixteen,” Anna answered him. 

“No problem. Let’s go.” 

Before she could answer, Cas wrapped an arm around her. “She doesn’t want to go.” 

“Oh, come on, what are you, her dad?” 


“Then you don’t get to speak for her.” 

“She isn’t going with you.” 

The man picked up Anna’s violin. “Come on, gorgeous. My car is just outside.” 

“Put down her violin. Now.” 

But he didn’t put it down, and instead, he put his hand on Anna’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze. “Come on, baby, don’t listen to this loser.” 

Dean came back from the restroom just in time to see Cas’ fist land squarely on the guy’s nose. He can’t say he wasn’t thankful for what the angel did, but he didn’t tell anybody that. 


“Hey dad?” 

Dean stopped what he was doing, shocked to hear the word ‘dad’ coming from her mouth. “Yeah?” 

“Why don’t you tell Cas that you love him?” 

Sherlock the babysitter

Sherlock, sitting across from Rosie, stares at her as she cries non stop. “What on earth are you doing to the poor girl,” Mrs. Hudson shouts in a paniced voice as she rushes in. “I’m observing her, to see what’s wrong.” Mrs. Hudson walks over to Rosie picking her up, “For haven’s sake Sherlock,” she holds out little Rosie forcing him to hold her, She immediately stops crying. “You can’t use deduction on a baby, its a baby.” Sherlock narrowing his eyes whispers, “You make absolutely no sense.” She laughs, “It’s a baby Sherlock, if she cries she’s either hungry, needs a change, or just needs a hug.” she says as she walks out the room. A few hours later john finally arrives at baker street to pick up his little angel, only to find Sherlock dead asleep with Rosie wrapped in his arms. John collects Rosie carefully to not wake him, not before of course taking a photo for black mail. Sherlock slowly wakes up, “Don’t worry its me, go back to sleep.” He replies in a slight grunt before falling back sleep. “Thank you for watching her.” John whispers. “Anything for my little girl,” He says unknowingly out loud still half asleep. John leaves trying to hide a smile.

This is for @mittensmorgul‘s Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt, round one.


There’s Only One Bed and Castiel (for whatever reason) wears different clothes.

Set in season seven after Cas takes Sam’s Hell memories. Almost canon compliant but where Dean actually visits Cas at the hospital, plus Cas is a little less comatose and Dean is a little less mean.

He’s asking for you, she says. Even in his sleep.

Dean doesn’t know why he even answered the phone. Maybe because they had dick on Dick and he needed a distraction, but he regrets it as soon as he hears Meg’s jeering voice. Your angel needs you, she says. And I need a break. And just like that he’s on his way to Indiana.

Meg meets him outside of Cas’s room to brief him.

He normally just lies in bed, she says. He’s practically comatose most of the time so even you should be able to handle it. He’s not asleep. You’ll know if he is because if he’s asleep, he’s having nightmares. I mean, I’m pretty sure the nightmare thing is all the time. But when he’s awake he can stop the screaming. When he’s asleep, he can’t.

And that’s not all, of course, because it’s Meg and she likes to hear herself talk.

You better fuckin’ watch him, she continues. I did not sit here on my ass playing nurse for however many weeks just so you could fuck it all up.

And more.

If he wakes up, do what he says, she commands. Because if you don’t he will bolt, and if he bolts, you will not be able to find him. My advice: don’t let him out of your sight. He’s a danger to himself.

Why do I care, Dean mutters.

Meg just laughs. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here, she says, disappearing with a smirk.

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Falling for an Angel #1 OLICITY AU:))

What happens if an angel falls from the sky? Oliver Queen is a respected club owner in his hometown - Starling City. His life abruptly changes when one night he finds a beautiful girl claiming to have fallen from heaven. With her wings tucked into a jacket he helps her navigate her now human life while trying not to fall in love. Nothing can go wrong even if she drinks all of his coffee and cries in the shower, right?

A/N: Hello everyone! :) “Falling for an Angel” is my new Olicity AU fanfic that I’m super excited about (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the Tell me what love is epilogue :)). I hope you’re all well, without unnecassary talking, let’s go to the inetersting part :)

- the wonderful edit by: @pleasantfanandstudent

- corrected by: @loveyoubeyondhope

- written with the help of: @loveyoubeyondhope and @smkkbert

- special ‘thank you’ goes to @miriam1779 and @felicityollies for listening to my crazy ideas :)

Rating: +16  (T/M, can change)

Warnings: Mentions of drugs and mental illness

Read on ao3 or ff

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The Wings of an Angel

Originally posted by winchester--bros-4-life

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 407
Request: Anonymous. For Christmas,the reader has one wish and that is to see Castiel’s wings..He shows her,and she is wowed.

Christmas masterlist

Sitting on the motel bed, you flipped through the few channels that the tv was able to get. If you didn’t get static, it was an infomercial, or Christmas show. You spending your holiday season didn’t matter all that much to you. There was only one thing that you wanted that Christmas, but you doubted it was something you’d be able to get- to see Cas’s wings. Dean had seen them, and from the tiny bit he’d told you, it had your interest.

You had a thing for Cas, not that it was a big secret. Cas was extremely handsome, so you could only imagine how beautiful his wings would be.

“Y/N?” Came the angel’s voice after a flutter of wings. The first few times that happened it had scared the crap of you. Now it was old news. “Was there something you needed?”

Furrowing your brows, you glanced at him, then it hit you. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that whole ‘call out’ thing…” You blushed. “You can go back to whatever angel duty you were doing.”

He smiled softly at you. “I wanted to speak with you anyway.”

“What’s up?” You asked, muting the tv that you weren’t even paying attention to.

“I was wondering what you would like for Christmas. I was informed that females can be difficult to shop for.” He looked adorable.

Smiling, you shrugged. “There’s no need to shop for me.” You told him. “Uh, the only thing I’d like, actually….” You blushed as you spoke. “Is to see your wings…” Your voice was soft.

Cas looked surprised. “That’s all?” His head cocked to the side slightly as you nodded, chewing your lip. He shocked you moments later by giving you exactly what you wanted. Your eyes went wide and you teared up. The sight of them took your breath away, his blue eyes shimmering at the awe on your face.

“They’re…wow…” You breathed, your eyes looking at every little bit you could. “There are no words.” Your voice was soft, a smile forming on his face. “Thank you, Cas.”

“You’re welcome.” He moved closer, his wings vanishing. Cas held out his hand for you, which you took. “There is something that I’d like as well.” You looked at him, curious. “May I kiss you?” He asked nervously.

Instead of answering, you stood in front of him. Closing your eyes, your lips met his softly, both of you smiling.

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i finally got my best friend to watch Supernatural and she’s now on season three and is growing impatient because she “just wants to see luci” and also said “can dean just go to hell already i want to see this gay angel you speak of”