but she is still so happy

a HUGE change of my theory

the girl represents jimin, so when jimin gets injured when he’s dancing alone, the girl who was dancing with hoseok also gets injured bc they re connected and shit

she could even represent his personality of how he pretends to be bc remember in this video the boys pretend to be all happy and show a good reflection of themself to the rest of the world, because they don’t want to show their true self

so these girls actually dont exist

that also explains why jungkooks girl disappeared when he got better and accepted what happened.

and why we couldnt see who yoongi was trying to shove away when he got mad bc at some points he was alone and at some point you could see him with his girl and trying to get her out of his way.

and thats why the actresses match so well with the boys, bc they represent the boys’ personalities

and thats maybe why everyone stans them bc they remind us of bts lmao

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Head canon: Mary and Luci arrive in the bad world ready to brawl, and he's like "Ha! I took away mommy dearest and his boyfriend" and she's just like "Wait okay so it's not just me? Because those looks." And he's all "Um duh yah everyone knows except him." and she's all "Like I died a while ago and I'm still catching up but I want my son to be happy and I think he's... an angelphile?" And then they sit and have tea and discuss pansexuality.

I’d take it.

One year ago on August 19th, my world ended. The sun around which I revolved was suddenly extinguished far too soon. I find it incredibly fitting that so close to the anniversary of her death, the actual sun will also be darkened, and over the state where she spent her last happy days. Seems the universe is acknowledging how amazing and important she was.

This year has passed too quickly and too slowly. It hurts because each passing day takes me farther from the times spent with her. It helps because each passing day makes the grief a tiny fraction more bearable. Some days the grief roars up in giant inferno, some days it is a quiet little flicker, but it is always there.

Solstice, you were the best dog to ever happen to me. I would give anything to have you back. Living without you is still so hard, but I’m trying.

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Kat is so happy she just won't stop smiling and Jane/Sutton think her face is going to get stuck like that.

“Here’s your coffee,” Jane says in the lobby, meeting up with Kat and walking alongside her. Kat is smiling far too much for 8:30am and Jane squints at her. “The chai’s not that good, I promise.”

She waits for Kat to roll her eyes and drop the smile but it never happens. She’s still smiling when Sutton joins them several seconds later.

“Why’s your face like that?” Sutton says in lieu of hello, then turns to Jane. “Jane, why is Kat’s face like that? It’s 8:30.”

“This is what I’m saying. Kat, —“

“I went on a date last night,” Kat finally cuts in, giddy. “With Adena.”

Jane and Sutton both skid to a halt, turning to face her and block her path.

“Waiiit a second. A date date?” Sutton pries, staring her down.

“Like the kind with food? And talking?” Jane clarifies. Because they all know Kat’s traditional definition of a date, which is basically screening people from apps by meeting them in a public place first, and that’s not exactly…

“Mhmm,” Kat chimes, and Sutton bounces on her feet.

“Ok, we’ve got like four minutes before the staff meeting starts. Spill.”

“And try to adjust your face, because people are gonna think you’re on something,” Jane adds.

“Yeah, on love,” Sutton goads, and Kat swats at her.

“So she took me to this restaurant…”

u kno what’s rlly sad

that basically the point of jeyne as a character was to emphasize that you don’t need to be anyone to be important, or worth saving. her idenity as arya only warrants her pain and danger and it’s theon who saves her regardless of being arya or not. he saves her because he knew her and no one deserves the suffering they both have gone through

by removing her from the overall story and replacing her with sansa, they effectively prove grrm’s point because the audience wouldn’t care when by the end of ADWD everyone had been endeared to jeyne.

it also serves as a stark contrast to arya’s own arc. she’s let go of her identity and has opened her name, her persona to being used. she’s no one, and i think it’s really chilling that she has to forfeit being arya while jeyne is using her identity to survive and i think it’s hella cheap that they lost out on both of these points

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Yume, I'm so utterly sorry for your dog passing away, she looks beautiful and I fell apart the minute I read that, as its something of a heavy pain that I understand well. I had the same thing happen to my big guy, Rocky, earlier this year. He'd been with me since I was young and he means the world to me still, despite his being gone. Keep your head up. <3

Thank you, I really appreciate the sentiment and support. She lived a very long life for a dog of her size and she was well loved and seemed completely normal and happy that morning so it was very unexpected because she didn’t show any signs of illness or trouble at all. She went in her sleep. She’s on her next great adventure. 

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Can Magnus and Julia have a nice happy ending in the AtlA AU along with Taako and Kravitz and Lup and Barry?

duh yes of course endgame is magnus and julia open a carpentry business in a nice lil town and own 7 dogs

taako gets his own restaurant and kravitz is a busy boy in his work for the raven queen but he’s still there all the time helping out and they’re married

lup is busy forever bc she’s the avatar but it’s chill bc she loves it and so does barry he’s learning so much about the world and about the spirit world with her they just travel the world being giant science nerds in love

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I've been feeling sad this entire month because I haven't been having luck in FEH and some other gacha-like game I play. This morning though I finally got summer Leo!! After what felt like three million orbs :)))))))) they say he's not the best unit on that banner but I'm still happy I got my tomato prince

I FEEL YOU SO MUCH ANON. I literally had the same situation with Ninian recently! Luckily, she’s finally home too! <3
And yeah… about Leo… OTL He’s one of the worse units in the game in general. BUT! With some skill inheritance and lots of love our little tomaboii can become a great support/res tank! So be sure to enjoy your cute new brotouto~


Twenty-One: Part Fifteen (the second bit)

Part One | Part Fifteen (the first bit) | Part Fifteen (the second bit) |


Here goes.

I take a deep breath and imagine Emilia, stoney faced and miserable sat in her office as she watches the renovation works take place, I remember the promise I made to her that I had a plan, how happy I know she could be if this all works out, and I conjure back the confidence that so often lands me in trouble.

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IchiHime Week Day 4: laughter / cool colors

AUGUST 17TH: laughter / cool colors

Ichigo stands frozen with Orihime in his arms. He’s held her many times before but always when he’s saving her, when there’s a battle waiting to be fought, when there’s no time to savor.

She begins shaking but before he can ask her what’s wrong a clear, bubbling laugh erupts from her lips. He stares at her uncomprehendingly, wondering if there’s salve in the world strong enough to fill the cracks erupting in his heart.

But a moment later, she heals him herself as she’s always done. “I’m sorry, Kurosaki-kun, I…I’m just so happy!

He’s still staring but his face holds a look of relief now instead of horror. And then, like the blaze of the newly risen sun, he smiles at her. Orihime’s laughter stops momentarily as she takes in the sight, the vision she’s been waiting upon for so long and it’s because of her! She, Inoue Orihime, has made Kurosaki Ichigo smile brighter and wider and warmer than she’s ever seen him do before. 

Her arms are around his neck before she even realizes that she’s moved but the feel of his tight embrace around her waist lets her know this is real, this is happening.

And this time when she laughs, he joins in.

@quidditchteamnet creation event: professional quidditch teams 

Holyhead Harpies

The Holyhead Harpies are the only all-women teams in Britain.Captain, Gwenog Jones has recently spoken of her retirement from the team, although, she still speaks very fondly of them. Rumour has it that chaser, Ginny Weasley, is in talks of becoming the next captain of the team. Jones has spoken out about this, mentioning her happiness for Weasley to become the next captain.

We asked about how the team works and we got a positively suitable answer from chaser Valmai Morgan.

“It’s just like a big hangout with your closest friends. We all enjoy ourselves so much, so it’s not like work at all.”

We’re glad to hear about how well the team’s getting on, and we can’t wait to hear about their future prospects.

Extract from Witch Weekly, November 2010.

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i don't think i've ever mentioned this before, but you and meg are such good friends. whenever i'm scrolling down my dash and i see you two interact with each other, it's honestly so pure. i'm actually kinda jealous because i have no friends and i see you two being cute 'n shit. idk just wanted to drop in and let you know that

I literally took a picture of this and sent it to her and she was really happy, so thank you for sending this!

Meg is something special and interacting with her is honestly the highlight of my day. She’s my best friend and when she interacts with my blog in general i still get so giddy haha.

But please don’t be jealous omg we’re just two dorks. <3

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Hello ^v^ I'm the dancer requester!! Do you remember me? :'D Can I request again? When s/o is on stage but keeps falling because the floor is slippery but!! she continues dancing until the end like a pro!! Can I get hcs on how would they react during the performance and what would they do after? For the same ppl as last time? Thank you so much, you make me so happy!! :D

(How can I forget ya? ;D You’re always welcome to request as many times as you want!

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • The first time she falls on the stage, Katsuki is not very concerned. Everyone makes mistakes and it happens. But while the same thing keeps happening he starts getting concerned.
  • His worries turn into anger as he sees how wet the stage is! These are not conditions for his significant other to dance in. He’s ready to riot if it wasn’t for her still performing.
  • After the show he would roughly embrace her and vocalize his problems, but would be proud that she kept on going, no matter the circumstances. Only the best to come from his partner.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • He gets scared the moment he sees his partner collide with the floor, worrying if she got hurt or injured, but gets calmer when she gets up like it was part of the plan and keeps on dancing.
  • Shouto’s worries only grow as he observes the slipper floor which keep growing as a discomfort for her. He’d want to stop her for her safety, but she continuous her routine like nothing’s wrong.
  • When he meets her after the show, he expresses his concerns and the fact that he was afraid she was going to injure herself if she kept going. In the end he was astonished by how she pulled it off.

Mina Ashido:

  • When her partner falls to the floor, Mina’s eyes grow wide and all she wishes to do is shout “Don’t worry! Keep going!”, thinking it was just a simple mistake in her movements.
  • If she falls again due to the wet floor, Mina would cover her mouth and would want to do something about it. She knows that her partner is a pro dancer though and keeps her faith in her.
  • Tears would be pooling in her eyes after the performance as Ashido runs to strongly hug her significant other. As proud as she was by her kickass dance, she was just as worried. 

Kaminari Denki:

  • Oh noes will be running through Kaminari’s head as he watches his darling colliding with the floor while trying to do a complicated move. He immediately relaxes when she keeps on going though.
  • The floor becomes a nuissance for her and Denki grows more and more nervous. At that point he doesn’t know if he’s more scared of her health or the people talking about her in the audience.
  • Once the performance is over, he’d stand up and make his way to her to make sure nothing grave happened to her. Her pro attitude left him shocked, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have a word with the staff.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • Her name leaves his lips without him even realizing. For Kirishima, his partner’s well-being matters the most and his heart would skip a beat at the sight of her falling.
  • He wants to stop her before they injure herself, but seeing her continue with so much confidence in her eyes makes him the proudest boyfriend. She overcomes the problem and makes it part of her coregraphy.
  • His significant other had such a manly attitude towards the inconvenience that he forgets about his worries and is wildly cheering for her, both during her performance and after.

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The girl I love, used to love me back, and now, I'm not so sure. She pushes people away and says that I no longer make her happy, but she has also told my friend recently that I do in fact make her happy. She makes me so angry and confused, but I can't help but still love her. I'm just hoping that she'll come around and it'll work out again.

I hope it works out for you

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The DA2 gang reacting to the news that Varric has become Viscount? Great blog btw

You know what made me smile for about 529252 years? At the credits of trespasser, you see Varric as the Viscount (and if Hawke is still around) with Hawke helping him, and Aveline being all happy cause’ Varric is so fucking done with his job. I think about that image at least seven times a day.
Thank you!
Aveline thought Varric was pulling her leg… until the coronation where they crowned him to be the Viscount. Donnic had many restless nights after that… poor guy.

Merrill is so happy for Varric, but isn’t quite sure what being the Viscount entails. Varric is always telling her how horrendous the job is, but from the improvements he is making in the city, she believes he is enjoying himself.

Fenris is happy that nosey tax collectors won’t bother him anymore. He’s also happy that being the Viscount hasn’t made the dwarf boring. They still have their weekly sessions of wicked grace in his mansion. This time, with more booze.

Carver is glad Varric has an actual job with a title instead of being a ‘merchant’ with a smart mouth. Carver is gone most of the time anyway, so Varric being Viscount doesn’t do much for him.

Isabela is thrilled she has a friend as the Viscount. She’s always mindful not to take too much advantage of it… but sometimes, she’ll take Varric out on a night of mischief to remind the dwarf how to have fun.

Bethany is so happy for Varric, and to see him doing such an excellent job in Kirkwall has greatly boosted the moral of not only the regular citizens, but the last of the circle mages.

Anders is glad to hear the news, but is saddened he cannot be there in person to witness his friends orientation. He regrets everything, except for the friends he made.

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Say five things that make you happy and then share this with the first ten people in your activity. :)

1. That I’m getting my very important results in less than a week! (well I’m like happy to get it over and done with if you know what I mean 🙃)

2. That it’s my birthday pretty soon! 🎉

3. That I’m (hopefully) going to college in a few weeks time.

4. My sister and I sending weird snaps to each other of random inside jokes we have when she is literally just down the hall from me 😂

5. Talking and making friends on here (which right now is only really @inevitablesims and @vividlore… I really need to start talking to more people! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I guess it’s cos I’m still anonymous so I’m not very approachable… but this should change soon when I get round to posting the tag thing I keep going on about!)

Sorry for ranting a bit there 😅 Anyway, thanks for sending me this! 💖

Thank you 💚

So my friend @antismantii got noticed by @therealjacksepticeye and she didn’t know until I told her, she started crying because she was so happy… as I did when I first got noticed.

I think it’s really nice jack still interacts with us as he doesn’t have to, but he chooses to, and to me that just shows how much of a genuine person he is. He helps a lot of people and I think by him interacting with us as well as making videos it adds that extra “I’m here for u” vibe. And I know a lot of people need it.

It’s almost as if u feel closer to him when he interacts with us, which instead of feeling like he’s higher than us, it feels more like he’s our best friend. 💚

Thank you, Sean.