but she is not that young

So Rick used to worry about young Beth coming across a neighbor or a defenseless animal. At her request, he invented tons of creepy things to keep her busy, including Floopyland itself. One of the items he made for her was “a teddy bear with anatomically correct organs” or something along those lines.

Hey, who’s just now realizing Beth didn’t become a surgeon because she’s smart, she became a surgeon because she likes CUTTING THINGS OPEN AND PLAYING WITH THEIR INSIDES?

all offence but i’m tired of 20+ yr old dude bro gamers bitching about the cringe factor whenever chloe price, a 16 yr old girl, complains about something in before the storm. like yes the dialogue is cringy sometimes but you can just tell it goes beyond it being cringy and starts going into how 20+ year old dude bro gamers can’t help but make fun of a 16 yr old girl’s problems bc its become culture to make fun of anything a teenage girl says or does for the sake of being funny bc everything they do is stupid or cringeworthy and everything they like is ridiculous and dumb.

bc no matter what they do they’re either being “fake geek” or “fake edgy” or basic or whatever the hell people want to shit on them for. it’s become so standard that whatever teenage girls do is “stupid” and they obsess over stupid things no matter what they are. it’s so common, that a 16 yr old girl, A 16 YEAR OLD, can’t think the world is out to get them or have any angst or rebel in anyway without it being cringy and stupid and dumb and be compared to fan fiction. it’s to the point where a 16 yr old girl can’t act her age without getting shit for it and it’s fucking gross and it needs to end

  • Jason: I don't think you can handle it.
  • Dick: Handle it? Dude you hit me with your car!
  • Jason: Pfft! I did NOT! I ran over your leg.
  • Dick: And that's supposed to be better?!

I… I really don’t even know where to start. I have not had time to move on from Monday’s episode, and now the “Monster Bash” came and … *Bang*
Both episodes are magnificient in their own way: Monday’s - poured oil into the fire of “Eclipsа’s daughter” theory… And the last one smashed my nerves, “cute-metr” and “inner theoristic” in the nines.
Ok, less words, more questions/theories to consider:
1) It turns out, that this whole “thing” with school, manners and “concealment of identity” happened due to the fact that Heinous (Meteora) had to hide her own “individuality” for a long time just to simply survive. You know, Mina don’t look like a person who will bother to put the criminal in jail… and also there is still Magic Commission, which quietly put the Eclipsa into crystal, because she fell in love with a monster. What would they do with the hybrid baby (who had no magic and no wand to protect herself)?
2) Also there is a possibility that the School - with its fortified walls, barbed wire, tower with the crystal that block teleportation and robot guards (by the way, they look very similar to baby dolls) - was created in order to protect HER from outside world, not only to keep the princesses inside.
3) I wonder if the Commission and Moon know about Meteora? And could it be that it’s not now, but once upon a time last/current MC first put Meteora into “the brainwashing machine”, in order to erase her identity completely? …‘cause I don’t really think Meteora could do that herself.
4) …And the name itself — Heinous. Could it became attached to her because mewnians/the Commission called her so, when she was little, and then she started to think that it was her real name?
5) What happened to her father?
6) (and perhaps most importantly) Does Eclipsa know that her daughter is alive? And what if she doesn’t know? What if she behaves quiet and calm, because she thinks she has nothing left - no husband, no daughter, and even her relatives have turned away from her? (And she makes a plan for revenge)

… too many questions, too few answers, BUT at least Meteora’s music mix is gorgeous)

Waiting to forget most of the drama so you can rewatch it.


1x02 // 1x05