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Does Ryan Ross hate his fans?

So in response to an ask I got, I thought I’d make a detailed post 

First of all I want to stress the fact that Ryan Ross is a shy, awkward guy. Naturally, people tend to compare him to Brendon. But while Brendon is excitable and wild, Ryan’s quiet and introverted. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just their personalities.

Post split, a fan sent him flowers on his birthday. When she met him after a TYV concert and asked him if he got them:

His reaction when a fan gave him a gift basket:

LJ era excerpts showing how he appreciates fans’ art even if they aren’t confident about it. More recently he’s also appreciated fan art on ig 

An Afysco era discussion, basically the same topic

He’s always pretty polite and respectful

  • Recently Z Berg talked about how he’s internet shy. So he’s not too active on social media.(x)
  • Another very important point is that his ex manager, sh**e used to post nasty shit from Ryan’s accounts, posing as Ryan, which confused and hurt fans.(x)
  • Sometimes, his sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but trust me he’s just trying to be sassy
  • Ryan used to feel bad about not being able to sign everyone’s stuff. Even after he’s been musically inactive I’ve never heard of him denying a fan a photo
  • Ryan has said he doesn’t mind fans illegally downloading his music for free.
  • That story about how he had so many stuffed toys in his bunk that he could barely fit but he didn’t want to throw them out cuz they were gifts from fans.
  • He gives good hugs??? jfgjkfkl

In conclusion, my boy is just shy, he’s said it millions of times. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. I’m pretty sure he understands us pretty well. 

Write me a “News Report” about my Muse.

Example: “This just in: The hunt for a young girl has concluded today after she reappeared in her backyard three days after her elder sister reported her missing. Authorities say she may have been drugged by her kidnappers, as she continues to claim she met a talking cat and escaped a murderous queen. More on this at eleven!”


There are so many lovely “mother” moments in the Outlander books. Although bittersweet, my favorite is this conversation between Claire and Mother Hildegarde, when Claire returns to L'Hôpital des Anges while she and Jamie are in Paris to make preparations for setting sail to search for Young Ian:

“It was a small stone, made of a soft white marble. A pair of cherub’s wings spread out across the top, sheltering the single word that was the stone’s only other decoration. “Faith,” it read.
I stood looking down at it until my vision blurred. I had brought a flower; a pink tulip—not the easiest thing to find in Paris in December, but Jared kept a conservatory. I knelt down and laid it on the stone, stroking the soft curve of the petal with a finger, as though it were a baby’s cheek.”

“I thought I wouldn’t cry,” I said a little later.

I felt the weight of Mother Hildegarde’s hand on my head.
“Le Bon Dieu orders things as He thinks best,” she said softly. “But He seldom tells us why.”
I took a deep breath and wiped my cheeks with a corner of my cloak. “It was a long time ago, though.” I rose slowly to my feet and turned to find Mother Hildegarde watching me with an expression of deep sympathy and interest.
“I have noticed,” she said slowly, “that time does not really exist for mothers, with regard to their children. It does not matter greatly how old the child is—in the blink of an eye, the mother can see the child again as it was when it was born, when it learned to walk, as it was at any age—at any time, even when the child is fully grown and a parent itself.”
“Especially when they’re asleep,” I said, looking down again at the little white stone. “You can always see the baby then.”

Excerpt From: Diana Gabaldon. “Voyager.” iBooks.


Steampunk YanSim AU #1 

Megami Saikou and Kizana Sunobu

Megami is a young but successful detective, who solved not a single case. She’s cold-minded, calculating and determinative enough to catch almost any culprit. Only one person could escape her hands of justice (for several reason) - “The Phantom of The Opera”, named by people, - Kizana Sunobu - known by Megami. But will this list be extended with another name - a mysterious serial killer, who appeared in town several months ago? Only time will show. 

Kizana, or as called by people, “The Phantom of The Opera”, is an ingenious thief (in past, an ingenious actress) that never was catched by Justice. Using her acting abilities to deceive others and also being amazing with disguise, she managed to become the most successful robber in town. Even the lack of one leg couldn’t stop her from unrightful deeds - Kizana could find a way (of course, not a fair one)  to get a very well-done prosthesis which made her even faster and smoother. Her witty mind and great unpredictableness makes her a dangerous foe, but simultaneously, a great ally. 

Woah, I was actually surprised no one did this before. Well, I’m very happy to introduce you my steampunk version of YandereSim! Wait for Amai and Asu, ‘cause they are going to be next on my list! I’m really willing to draw all the rivals (and maybe even Ayano itself), so stay tuned! 

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Department: Chartreuse, Bartender/Waitress 

Ray O'Donoghue:

  • Female
  • 21 Years Old
  • 5'6 (167cm)

A confident, plucky, yet incredibly flirty young phoenix, and firm a practitioner of the mantra ‘act first think later’. Whilst she isn’t the brightest of sparks, her precision and finesse in mixing cocktails is nothing to be trifled with. The only thing she enjoys more than making beverages is drinking them. Although, make sure she doesn’t have too much, fire and alcohol is a dangerous combination…

Blog: http://ray-coming-at-ya.tumblr.com/

AoEx Casts’ Top 5 Songs (in no particular order)!

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow ! I hope this is okay!!) 

Rin Okumura! 

  1. If You Only Knew - Shinedown
  2. Still Into You - Natewantstobattle feat. Amalee
  3. Monster Inside - Natewantstobattle
  4. Stronger than You - Steven Universe 
  5. Dawn of the Third Day - Natewantstobattle 

Yukio Okumura!

  1. Evermore - Josh Groban
  2. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  3. My Demons - Starset
  4. Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse 
  5. Wonderwall - Ed Sheeran cover 

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  1. All I Ask of You - Jonathan Young & Malinda K. Reese
  2. We Don’t Have to Dance - Andy Black
  3. In Between - Beartooth
  4. All of The Lights - Kanye West feat. Rihanna
  5. The Night - Disturbed 

Shima Renzo!

  1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco
  2. This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco 
  3. Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco 
  4. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 
  5. Freak Like Me - The Darling Buds 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  1. Home - Phillip Phillips
  2. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
  3. Let It Go - James Bay
  4. Think of You - Chris Young feat. Cassadee Pope
  5. I Will Wait For You - Mumford and Sons

Shiemi Moriyama!

  1. Strong in the Real Way - Steven Universe
  2. Just a Thought - Steven Universe
  3. Give Your Heart a Break - Demi Lovato
  4. Lost Boy - Ruth B
  5. All I Need Is An Angel - Carly Rae Jepsen

Izumo Kamiki!

  1. Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice 
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS
  3. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae
  4. Closer - Halsey feat. The Chainsmokers 
  5. Cake - Melanie Martinez

Shura Kirigakure!

  1. Banana Brain - Die Antwoord
  2. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
  3. Talking Body - Tove Lo
  4. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
  5. Do You Love Me - The Contours 


  1. Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne 
  2. Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne feat. Marilyn Manson
  3. Pillow Talkin’ - Lil Dicky feat. Brain
  4. Wreck Havoc - Skylar Grey 
  5. Immigrant Song - Led Zepplein 

Mephisto Pheles!

  1. Don’t Dream It - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. All That Jazz - Chicago
  3. Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. Cell Block Tango - Chicago
  5. Planet Schmanet Janet - Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Headcanon: Jyn's mom was a Jedi who survived order 66. The last thing she had left from her Jedi days was the crystal she gave Jyn. Jyn is the tiniest bit force sensitive

Her father had been a genius, and her mother, a Jedi.

What did that make her?

“The hero of Scarif,” Cassian whispers into her bare shoulder, pulling her closer in half sleep. His answer is both wry and earnest, and she relishes the way she can feel the upturn of his lips against her skin. “And you are Jyn Erso,” he breathes, which, to him, is the only answered that matters.

“We met once when were young,” Chirrut tells her later, and he speaks with the certainty of men of great faith. “I remember her now, Lyra. She had a different name then. She was young. Younger than even you are now.”

“Before my father?” she asks.

“Before many things.” Chirrut tucks his chin and sadness floods his face. “Before Order 66.”

Jyn knew of the history of it, if only through the way Krennic had taunted her mother after too many drinks back at their tiny apartment on Coruscant in the years before their family had fled to Lah’mu. He’d tried to take the kyber necklace from her neck, but her father had stepped between them, cooling the anger before one blasted the other through the transparisteel.

“I never knew,” Jyn says. “She never said. I knew she was a believer, but I never knew she had been a Jedi. How could she have never have told me?”

“You never sensed it?” Chirrut asks.

“Sensed?” Her mind blanks.

“Have you never wondered, Jyn, why you are able to move so quickly and so fluidly during attacks, how you can anticipate how your enemy will move before they do?”

“I was a child soldier, Chirrut. I’ve had more training than an entire recruiting class combined.”

“And at sixteen the best fighter among a class of warriors,” he says of her time with the Partisans. “Did you ever wonder?”

“What are you saying?” She resists the answer because she knows the answer. There’s already too much for her to handle in her life as it is. How is she supposed to even begin to process this?

“The Force moves through you in the way it did your mother. Perhaps not as strongly, but stronger than it does for me. You should consider what that means.”

They sit for a long while in silence, Chirrut content, Jyn in turmoil.

Cassian drifts in looking for her as it nears the midday meal and touches her chin to ask a silent, What’s wrong? She shakes her head, not ready yet to talk about it, and he is content to wait, resting next to her, letting her hand drift into his.

When Luke Skywalker appears in the entrance way, Chirrut stands up, leans on his staff, and says, “I’ve asked some to speak to you about this. I hope you do not mind.”


As they fall asleep that night, nestled beneath a pile of blankets and skin to skin, Cassian curls a hand around her naked waist and murmurs into her hair as he begins to fall asleep. Jyn is wide awake though, and pulls his arms around her tighter.

The light in their quarters is dim, and Jyn stares at the console and clears her mind. The switch flicks down as she thinks it, and the hush she hears is within herself.

“My mother never told me so many things,” she says in the darkness. “She never even had the time.”

“She would have, if she had,” he says. 

“What if a child of ours has this … gift?” 

“Ours?” he echoes.

She burrows deeper into the blankets and closer to him. “Yes,” she says.

She feels the smile again against her shoulder and he tells her a story of what they would do, how they’d love their child, guide them with their hands, tell them tales, and live for them, and Jyn drifts calmly to sleep, at peace with the Force, at least for now.

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emisonme saying that they're about to leak a camren 'confirmation' to keep the shippers as fans, and then justify it by saying "it was a phase" or “an experiment”, or “just two young lonely girls having fun on the road" or, "she was young and confused” and still keep Mila’s “straight” image is INSANE. Camren is gonna hurt camila one way or another if it gets confirm, definitley Lauren is in a much better position now.

why would they leak any pictures or any sort of confirmation when they have been trying to kill camren for years?

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 6

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.7k


Part 5 <<<

Iris was in her room to change into something a little more comfortable before going to Pop’s when the familiar jingle of her phone interrupted her train of thought. It took her a good thirty seconds to shake the duvet of her bed to find her phone; it hit the floor and she picked it up, looking at the incoming message. It was Jughead’s address, very factual, nothing else. The girl slipped into her shoes and grabbed her laptop before rushing downstairs. She entered the address in her GPS while walking to her car and drove there without thinking much about where the hell it was taking her.

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Brisk Brillance

A little something for the parents in the group. This is inspired by my own son who, although he was the best baby ever, became known as the “sex warden” due to his uncanny ability to hear a zipper drop through three rooms and two closed doors. I am also proud to announce that through discipline and editing, I was able to bring this one in at fighting weight: 698 words!!

Category: Parenting
Rated M

It was partly Rose’s fault, to be perfectly honest. She’d been the kind of baby that made new parents feel invincible-like they’d mastered every problem inferior parents were too inept to solve. She’d slept through the night before she was a month old, switched easily between breast and bottle as her mother’s schedule required, cooed constantly, and could entertain herself indefinitely. As a result, Ron and Hermione laughed at the frustrated tales many young parents relayed: tales of fatigued and sexless days.

Then came Hugo. He was by no means an unhappy baby, just one who required constant attention. He slept little, and while awake, was content to remain forever in his mum or dad’s loving arms. On the rare occasion that he could be coaxed into a charmed baby swing or play yard, the tiniest indication that his parents were enjoying a kiss would bring about a meltdown.

So, to say that Ron Weasley was surprised when he arrived home to his lovely, although slightly frazzled, wife pulling him quickly into the kitchen for a heated snog, would be an epic understatement.

“Now that’s my kind of welcome!”

“Shhh! We have to be quiet!”

“We do?”

“Yes…Rose and Hugo are in her room watching a video,” she continued in answer to his doubtfully cocked eyebrow, “He’s obsessed with her today, for some reason…we should take advantage while we can.”

“Sounds brilliant, but we both know that kid can hear your knickers drop through two closed doors and a silencing charm.”

“Precisely why I’m not wearing any.”

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Manhattan Mistress part 9


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: The devil may care what happens in Brooklyn, but the Manhattan Mistress has lost all her trust in Steve and is getting ready for battle. Song is “Shoot and run” by Josef Salvat.

Word count: 3.051

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of murder, death and rape. Please do not read belong the cut if you’re not comfortable with any of forementioned!

A/N: Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Enjoy sweetie!

Part 6: the white noise

Part 7: the waiting game

Part 8: the heathens

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, credit goes to the rightful owner.

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I'm probably not the only one who's wondering about this, but where is Mymble in your "The Young Gardener" comic? It's just that she is mentioned in one scene by Snufkin/Pipo but doesn't feature in it anywhere else. So I'm a little confused by the plot line, and I do apologise for that. Is it possible you could like give us the plot line so then the story makes a bit more sense? That would be a big help.

Oh, so you want more information about the Mymble? I am glad because the pages I work on will talk about the Mymble actually. It’s normal that you don’t understand all the plot for now. I have so much things to say about the Joxter, the Mymble and Snufkin/Pipo and how they ended like this.

Anyways, I am sorry if it’s confusing for now, but I swear it will be more clear. (And pssst, I didn’t even start publishing my comic in the right order, you are actually in the middle of the story) IT WILL BE MORE CLEAR I SWEAR!! :’^D

captain-pickles-and-pinky-toes  asked:

My mum doesn't believe that I am trans because I came out when i was 15. She believes that you can only transition from a young age. Are there any videos or articles about transitioning at an older age? Also I'm going to be 18 soon so I can go on T. WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

Search “transitioning at an old age” on YouTube and you’ll find several people. You may also wanna check out the lovely Finn who posts regularly.

Out of famous trans people I know there’s Buck Angel (according to Wikipedia he started transitioning medically at age 28) and Laura Jane Grace (born 1980, came out in 2012). 

There’s also my acquaintance Erica Zander who wrote a book called TransActions about her life/realizing she’s trans and transitioning at an older age. 

Since you came out at 15, which is still very young, there are numerous people who came out at your age or older on YouTube and social media in general. I mean, I realized I was trans at 19. 

And yay, that’s so awesome to hear!!

- Emil 

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Hey, so i have a character that doesnt really have a goal or motivation? Like she is young and justs wants to explore her life choices and options and chill, and theres a plot going on around her but i dont know how to write her in an interesting way? idk if im being clear :/

Well I know this is going to sound glib, but from your ask it seems like your character does have some motivation already:

she is young and just wants to explore her life choices and options and chill

I mean, that’s a great starting point for a character whom a plot is happening around. She’s young, she’s got her whole life ahead of her, what’s she thinking of doing with it? Education? Getting a job? Hiking around the world for a year before she decides?

Maybe she just wants to stay home and play video games, or something else, just because it’s not a ‘plot-worthy’ goal doesn’t mean that the character has no goal or motivation.

There’s a section in Campbell’s The Heroes Journey called ‘The Refusal of the Call’; essentially, the protagonist in this case realises that the Plot is happening, and realises that they are in a position to do something about it, but think either that it’s probably better left up to someone else, or that they have better things to do already and they don’t really want to get all mixed up in some stupid Plot, anyway.

A character might be a total homebody with nothing much going on, and they could refuse the call of the plot because they’re worried about how uncomfortable it might be to leave home and have to go on some arduous journey (like Bilbo Baggins at the very start of The Hobbit).

The interest comes with the conflict – the character might not have any clear goals or motivations that they want to carry out, but they also probably don’t appreciate their life being railroaded into dealing with the Plot; just because they didn’t have big plans doesn’t mean they can just have their choices disregarded, right? – conflict comes from the pull of different forces. The Plot needs this character to come solve it, but the character’s just started watching a new series on Netflix, and really couldn’t someone else do that anyway?

Depending on the kind of plot you’re working with, and the kind of character, you’re going to have a lot of different ways that this can work, but consider the following few questions:

  • In your character’s mind, what would the ‘ideal’ plan for the next few days/ weeks/ years be for their life?
  • How does the Plot differ from that ideal?
  • What is your character willing to do/ how far are they willing to go to avoid having to engage with the plot and diverging from their ‘ideal’ path?
  • What has your character got to lose from engaging with the plot?
  • What does your character have to gain from engaging with the plot?
  • Are other people going to be affected by their refusal to engage with the plot?
  • Will other characters know that this character’s refusal to engage with the plot is significant?
  • Would other characters be willing to attempt to intervene to make the character engage with the plot?

Remember, even if your character doesn’t want to do a thing, that’s still motivation. It’s motivation in the negative, but it’s still there and it’s still going to create conflict and interest.

Laughter Lines | The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
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By Organization for Transformative Works

by Lthien

“You need to have more confidence in yourself, Patroclus. I love you; for you.” He pulls away then, his eyes protective in a way that sets my heart aflame. “Was it my mother again? Do not listen to her. She does not know my heart, only my destiny.”

Chapters: 1/1