but she is not serena


For fuck’s sake … There should be literally ZERO articles with headlines that have “Serena” and “Beyonce” in the same sentence/title. She’s Serena fucking Williams and was that before Beyonce was Beyonce. So please. Stop with the damn nonsense and show some goddamn respect.

Thank you Tennis Gods, for 2017

1. Serena won AO while pregnant and she had a beautiful baby girl with the initials AO, she married a dude who thinks she’s the GOATest (which is true) and she is amazing

2. I still think of AO and I cry

3. Fedal being the greatest again and splitting slams and being cuties about each other

4. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms, I mean, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????

5. I’m so glad Grisha actually won something relevant, he deserved it


serenawilliams Meet Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. You have to check out link in bio for her amazing journey. Also check out my IG stories 😍😍❤️❤️


“Congratulations Serena on 23. I have been right there with you, some of them I lost right there against you. Your win has always been my win, I think you know that. All the times I couldn’t be there, wouldn’t be there, didn’t get there, you were there. I’m enormously proud of you, you mean the world to me.”

  • Medusa: *Physically throws herself between literal Gods and murderous Monsters*
  • Aurora: *Casually commits extreme theft and ends up in gang shoot out every day*
  • Serena: *Doesnt think twice about jumping into crocodile infested waters*
  • Me a very fragile hearted and weak gay: ...Voltage...please let my wives rest...